Lamar Jackson- QB Louisville

6-2, 216, 

33.1" Arms, 9 1/8" Hand, 

A Little Birdie Told Me. 


Not a fan of running QBs, but he is Randall Cunningham-like with the ball in his hands. Then he can throw that perfect touch pass 50-yards downfield. His problem is that he throws better on the run than in the pocket of the offense. Then he throws a perfect touch pass from the pocket over 50-yards downfield. He is a better pocket throw on Tape than I remembered, as we tend to remember the spectacular not the the 3-step drop throw in rhythm to the slot guy.

He can use his elite feet to avoid the rush and throw on the move to his WR on the 3rd level for the 1st. Terrific arm strength. He can make all the throws. He has a bit of an odd release, but he just flicks the ball with his wrist 50-yards down field. Proven and consistent winner. He is a terrific leader, who leads his team to victories. He is the QB on 3rd down continuing drives.

He is not going to run a conventional NFL offense. "Look, there is no getting around it, the question with [Lamar] is intelligence," a scout said. "We all know what a remarkable athlete he is. And that Petrino’s offense asks the quarterback to do some tough things. But you’re making quite a commitment with (him). The entire offense is going to be built around him. So the owner, coaches and players already on the roster are going to have to buy in." He will run an Offense more like Philly's heavy RPO-Offense they ran against us in the Super Bowl. 

He has that knack for coming through in the clutch. He will run on 3rd down more than I like, but he will make the big throw on 3rd down as well. He is thin, but doesn't get injured. He gets hit as hard as anyone, but is pliable enough to not get injured. He can take the big hit, and complete the next pass fearlessly. He got much better last season at dumping the ball off to his RB sneaking outside. He will raise up on his toes to try and throw over the line, because of his low release. He has to get his release higher, which he does show he can do sometimes with a hop-hook shot high over his head. 

He fires it on a line to the 3rd level as quick as anyone. Great explosive burst forward when he decides to take off. He has that knack for playing better in the 2nd half and 4th quarter. He was better in 2016 than 2017. But he had better guys around him, and his accuracy seemed to improve in 2017. He does have a low release, and often tilts his head back, to give it a higher projectory. He will some time hook it over his head for a higher release with a rusher in his face.

He is the only QB to rush for 1,500-yards, pass for over 3,500-yards, and throw for 30 TDs. Which he did in 2016. Then he was the only QB to pass for over 3,600-yards, run for 1,600-yard, and throw for 27 TDs. Which he did in 2017. Those are some amazing stats. He was incredibly productive in college. 

He can three step drop and throw to the slot guy as quick as anyone. He can fire it fast between two defenders, where only his WR can catch it. Steps up nicely to throw short over the middle. He is more than just a deep arm. Great at keeping the ball on 3rd down, and running for it. He can look to his third option in the pocket, with it shrinking around him. He did a much better job stepping up in the pocket to keep the play alive, and can then continue his eyes across the field and throw it to the opposite side his progression started. Better eyes in pocket in 2017.

He has to learn to throw with more touch. Runs the ball too much. Needs to give up the ball more on option, holds it and runs into the line way too much. In the first game of the season he accounted for 93% of the Offense. That is not an NFL QB. An NFL QB has to be able to get the ball to his play makers. But there are times when he places the ball as perfect as you want him too. He is the best at RPOs. Which seemed to enter the NFL last season in Philly. Which instantly made Jackson one of the top four QBs in this Draft. 

He plays better in the pocket in the 2nd half than in the 1st, but he still has to learn to play even better in the pocket. Looses his feet too much in the pocket. Learning behind a pocket passer like Brady would help create a Jimmy-G type transformation over a few years. Only he is more athletic and has a stronger arm than Garoppolo. If he can learn to throw as quick and as accurately as Garoppolo, watch out NFL. He also has to work on his footwork. He will let his feet get parallel to the LOS and throw INTs and lose his accuracy. 

Previously Released:

Lamar Jackson is a great unique talent. "To me he’s like Michael Jordan. It’s the Jordan rules. Lamar is going to get his," Syracuse coach Dino Babers said. "You just have to make sure you don’t have two other running backs going for a hundred yards or a wide receiver goes for a hundred yards, because I just think that guy is so dynamic, he’s hard to stop by himself. They are not a one-man team, but you’d better try to stop everything else so you can have an opportunity to win against those guys, because Lamar is going to get his." He is the best running QB in this Draft.

I usually see that mostly as a negative. "At worst, (an NFL team says), 'Okay, if he can't get this done, if we put something in schematically that will fit him and it doesn’t work, look, this guy is a blur,'" UNC DC Chizik said. "He’s fast. He’s athletic. We’ve seen what he does to people in space making people miss. Guys look like they’re almost breaking their ankles trying to tackle this dude. There’s some place that he can play at the next level just because of his ability. But if he does become a difference maker at quarterback and, schematically they can make it fit, this guy can take a team a long way." He was the best player in college football over the past two seasons. 

But what makes him unique is what made Vick unique. "You’re a little misinformed because last year, he ran all over us, and he threw all over us," Babers said. "He got both parts in last year. And hopefully he doesn’t get both parts in this year to the degree he did last year. Because I think it was like a school record, and people were taking pictures out on the stadium and stuff after the game." While he is an elite runner with the ball in his hands, he is also a very skilled passer who can win a game with his arm. 

I think Darnold is the most clutch thrower in this Draft, but you cannot say that he is more clutch than Jackson. "For somebody to take him and draft him, they have to have a specific plan for this guy," Chizik said. "Sometimes, you have to take your offense and tweak it to really fit his skill set. I think somebody will probably be willing to do that." He can win a game with his feet and arm. 

Additional Notes:

UNCHe ran a play action with his back to the defense, got hit, and then turned and found Jaylen Smith 50-yards down field. Terrific arm. He is the best running QB I have ever seen. When he looses his feet in the pocket he looses his accuracy. When he looses control of his feet, he looses control of his throws. He has to keep his feet perpendicular to the LOS. He also lets his feet get too hyper sometimes, and can get hoppy in the pocket. He will lower the ball as he moves up in the pocket sometimes. 

BC: My main problem with him is that he is better using his feet than his arm. His job as QB is to get the ball into his play makers hands, and he is not good at doing that. He is the most dynamic offensive player in the Draft. But when a QB accounts for 91% of your teams offense, then he is not getting his ball into his play makers hands. He doesn't always get a lot of help from his weapons. 

He will throw some wacky passes to nowhere. He should stay in school if he can. Great cutch player who killed us at the end. He threw for a 1 TD, and ran for 2 in the 4th to tie the game with 5:00 to go. The last one a 41-yard option run. But as Louisville was driving down field with two minutes to go, his receiver fumbled the ball. BC picked up it and returned it over mid field to get into position to score the winning field goal with 2-second left.

Jackson Vs NC ST:

This is what we want to see. He got sacked by Chubb. Then he completed the next pass (:05). He rolled away from pressure and zinged it to his WR for the First (:12). One-two steps in the Redzone, and hit the slot guy. That is an NFL throw (:49). He dropped, and lost his feet a little (:56). Then he panicked out of the pocket, but recovered his feet, and found his slot guy. That is an NFL throw.

Nice job climbing the pocket, but over threw his guy (1:04). He let his feet turn sideways, which naturally makes QBs lose control of his body and the ball. Nobody keeps his feet perpendicular to the LOS than Brady (1:11). He took a big shot to the helmet on 1st down. This is the next play. Right over the middle to his slot guy (1:33). That is an NFL throw.

He completed the big pass on 3rd and 3, but threw it to the wrong shoulder (1:38). He stood in the pocket nicely and hit his WR in the hands (1:49). Great throw. He three stepped and was hit as he threw, but completed it to his slot guy (1:55). 3rd and 5, he has to learn when to duck out of bounds (2:01). Looked left, and then right to his second option (2:14). Then dropped it in perfectly, on the opposite shoulder as the defender on the fade. That was an NFL throw.

Next play after he fought off five guys and was sacked. Great throw after the hit. He went to the second option, double pumped, and hit his WR over the middle. Great accuracy gave his WR a chance to run for the 1st (2:22). 3rd and 3, he went across the field and missed his slot guy (2:40). 3rd and 10, he lost his feet. But he regained them, and this his balance and accuracy. He threw for the 1st (3:19). That is an NFL throw.

21-second left in the Half. He threw it away in the face of pressure, which is a good play when your in field goal range (3:26). 17-seconds. Waggled outside and threw it away. Good clock management (3:32). 10-seconds. He got it to his guy on the sideline, so he could run and step out of bounds. But he dropped it (3:40). Then he did it again on the other side (3:45). Very nice throw.

He hit his slot guy crossing, and led him so he could run (3:50). 3rd and 8, he hit the WR in the hands, and as he fell over the magic yellow line he dropped it (4:12). How the hell did he get out of there (4:17). 1st and Goal from the 4, he couldn't find anyone to throw too (4:24). 3rd and 14, after bouncing his head off the turf (5:14). He took off to his right, and threw it too far to the right.

Late in the 4th, down two scores. Threw it to his outside WR with great placement so he could run with it (5:50). Stupid option run to get to within seven (6:02). He had to score anyway he could.

Final drive, down seven. Back to the Endzone. Smartly threw it away. That is an NFL throw (6:08). Went to his second option who was double covered (6:14). Last chance saloon, with an onside kick as well. Nice dump off (6:27). 3rd and 4, he ran with it to keep the drive alive (6:39). Stared down the left side, and never took his eyes off those two WRs (6:45). He has to be able to go to the other side, and then throw it away.

Great throw right on the sideline, where all's his WR could do was get out of bounds (6:52). Got it to his RB heading out of bounds (6:58). He avoided a rusher, and then threw too high (7:05). He hit his outside guy crossing, for the 1st on 3rd and 9 (7:12). He hit the RB sneaking after the Hold (7:22). Damn, he just couldn't push it into the Redzone. 

Jackson Vs NC ST:

Lamar Jackson VS FLA ST:

What's the difference between Tebow and Jackson. Jackson is a QB, and not just a guy who is big and can run. Now this is unfortunately in the shotgun, but watch the quick 3-step drop, and then he is on his toes stepping up to throw to the slant (:05). He riffled that ball into his WR's gut, between two DBs about to hit him. That is a great NFL throw.

Yes, he runs the Option. But he is the best I've seen running the Option. Better than even Tebow (:22). He is as slippery, fast, and explosive as any runner I have ever seen. Check out the lateral bursts (:32). When he looses his feet he looses his accuracy (1:04). You could see his feet get hoppy. And then he hopped back to his toes and throw it over the DL. He placed it between two slot guys.

One-two-three, and his feet got hoppy again. Brady personifies controlling his feet in the pocket (1:09). I hate-hate-hate the stupid Option run and shotgun draw, but he has some speed outside, which helps his RBs run inside (1:18). 3-Step, steps up as he reads, and controls his feet (1:38). Great view of his odd, and straight line release. Most QBs arms naturally curve as they go over the head. He snaps it back by his ear, and just flicks it without a curve, and not over his head. But it is a rocket. 

He still has a lot of work to do. One-step, then the flat footed throw that got tipped (2:22). He is such a great athlete. Watch the quick spin away from pressure to waggle outside and hit his WR (2:39). He went to about his fifth option there, but lost his feet in the process, and over threw his WR (3:03). Nice job trying to climb the pocket and throw (3:36). Stupid option (3:44). He has to throw to be a QB in the NFL.

Great job drawing in the DLs. Nice high release on the screen throw. He will release the ball high over his head sometimes, almost like a hook shot (4:11). 3-step, turn, and give it to the RB sneaking out of the backfield. Nice play (4:21). He looked to his third option and took off. He did a nice job heading outside to keep the play going, and watching his WRs (4:31). Then the chest pass for the 1st. That was an excellent play. 

One-step. Gathered his feet. Hit the crosser for the 1st (4:41). Crossed his feet in drop, and misfired (5:21). He kept his feet, and threw a beautiful floater for his WR to run under. Great placement were only his guy can get it (5:28). 3rd and 1 after two big hits on the stupid Option (6:03). He has to learn to step out of bounds when he gets the chance.

Great placement. He throws it so easy (7:02). He was slammed on his head on 1st down, and sacked on 2nd. This is the next throw on 3rd and long. great throw after two big hits. Watch how smooth his arm moves forward, like he is throwing it to a kid. But it goes on a line to the outside WR (7:57). That was as good an NFL throw as you will see in college. He is one of those guys who gets better as the game goes on, like he needs to get hit.

One-step. Then he goes up on his toes, and throws it into the Endzone. If he can learn NFL footwork in an NFL offense, he has all the "traits" McDaniels is looking for. That was a drop. You can't place that in the breadbasket any better (8:32). Low and outside, but he got it between two DBs (8:55). He often has to move his feet to get to his third option, but he gets there (9:02). He flicks it so effortlessly, and drops it into the basket 44-yards downfield (9:11). He went through his progression all the way across the field, and hit his third or forth option for the 1st to set up the game winning FG (9:44). That is an NFL throw. 

Jackson Vs FLA ST:

Lamar Jackson VS Mississippi ST:

He does tend to go up on his toes a lot, even handing off the ball. When he twists his body outside, without moving his feet, the ball can get away from him. When he lifts his front foot as he throws, he will throw the INT. He has to keep his feet on the ground when he throws. When he looses control of his feet, he looses control of the pass.

It is amazing how he can run 20-yards backwards with two DLs arms length away from him, and then throw it past the LOS in full retreat. He will stand in the pocket in perfect form, and over throw his WR for the INT. It is a mystery, because his feet where perfect. When he misses he misses high, and it is not his feet or form as he steps into the throw. It sails on him sometimes. When he gets too high, and throws off his toes, his arm zings it too high. 

You'd like him to be more of a pocket passer, but he is dynamic when he runs outside out of the pocket. I hate running QBs, but he is so much fun to watch running with the ball in his hands that it makes me laugh, as he runs up down and all around five defenders to score a TD.

Just before halftime of their Bowl game, they were too close to the endzone, so they ran a Draw, and I thought how are they going to score with only 41 seconds left. But Jackson took off for 75-yards to get them in scoring position. Then he flicked the ball to Jaylen Smith for the TD before the half ended. 

Jackson Vs Miss ST:


Jackson's 2017:


2016 SOPHOMORE SEASON: 2016 Heisman Trophy winner ... became the youngest player ever to win the Heisman Trophy ... won the Davey O’Brien Award for the nation’s top quarterback ... also won the Maxwell Award as the nation’s top football player ... voted the ACC Player and Offensive of the Year ... first offensive player to be named a finalist for the Lombardi Award ... set ACC records for the most rushing yards by a quarterback (1,571) and rushing touchdowns by a quarterback (21) ... his rushing yards broke the school’s single-season rushing mark ... set a school record and equaled an ACC record by accounting for eight touchdowns (6 passing and two rushing) ... tied a school record with six touchdown throws ... passed for 286 yards and six touchdowns ... ran for 119 yards and a pair of scores in a 70-14 win over Charlotte ... set an ACC and school record with 610 yards of total offense ... recorded his first 400-yard passing game with 411 yards on 20-of-39 passing ... rushed for 199 yards, which was the second-highest of his career ... rushed for a 72-yard touchdown and hit James Quick with a 72-yard touchdown throw on the first play of the game against Syracuse ... rushed for 146 yards and a career-high four touchdowns in a win over nationally ranked Florida State ... acccounted for six touchdowns, including a career-best five passing scores ... threw for a career-high 417 yards ... ran for a pair of touchdowns ... found James Quick with a 71-yard touchdown strike versus Marshall ... totaled 457 yards of total offense against Clemson ... passed for 295 yards and one score and rushed for 162 yards and a pair of touchdowns ... completed 13-of-26 passes for 181 yards and one touchdown, while running for 144 yards and one score versus Duke ... threw for 355 yards and three touchdowns and ran for 76 yards and one touchdown versus NC State ... connected with Jaylen Smith on a season-long 74-yard touchdown throw ... hit Jaylen Smith with a 29-yard touchdown pass in the final minute to beat Virginia ... threw for 361 yards and four touchdowns ... totaled seven touchdowns versus Boston College ... passed for 231 yards and four touchdowns and rushed for 185 yards and three touchdowns ... scored on a 69-yard touchdown run ... rushed for 153 yards and passed for 145 yards and one touchdown versus Wake Forest ... passed for 211 yards and one touchdown pass to Cole Hikutini versus Houston ... accounted for five scores, while setting a school record with his eighth 100-yard rushing game in a loss to Kentucky ... passed for 281 yards and three touchdowns ... tied the game at 38-38 with a one-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter ... finished as the school’s single-season rushing leader and recorded a school record eighth 100-yard running game with 1,538 yards and set an ACC record with his 21st rushing touchdown by a quarterback.

2015 FRESHMAN SEASON: Received an award for the “Best Championship Performance” at the school’s Louie Awards ... finished second in the voting for the ACC Offensive Rookie of the Year... named the ACC Rookie of the Week three times ... appeared in 12 games, making eight starts at the quarterback position ... did start as a running back in the backfield versus Auburn ... holds the school record for rushing yards by a quarterback in a season and a career with 960 ... made collegiate debut against Auburn and had 100 yards passing along with 106 rushing for one touchdown ... scored on a 10-yard run... made his first start at quarterback versus Houston, going 17-of-27 for 168 yards and one touchdown, while tossing a pair of interceptions ... scored on a one-yard run ... recorded a career-long 73-yard run versus Samford ... set a Louisville record for rushing yards in a game by a quarterback with 184 against Samford... became the third freshman in Louisville history to throw for over 300 yards after he tossed a career high 307 against Florida State in the 41-21 loss ... tallied his first multi-touchdown game through the air against Florida State ... achieved his best completion percentage of the season against Wake Forest after throwing 19-for-26 (73.1 percent) through the air for 207 yards and two touchdowns ... broke off a 45-yard run in the second quarter against Virginia, his third rush of 40+ yards on the season... broke his previous record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in Louisville history when he rushed 17 times for 186 yards and two scores in the regular season finale against Kentucky ... named the Howard Schnellenberger MVP for his performance in the win over the Wildcats ... set the Music City Bowl record by rushing for 226 yards and a pair of touchdowns versus Texas A&M ... became only the third quarterback in bowl history to rush and pass for 200 yards in a bowl game ... had a 61-yard touchdown run in the win over the Aggies ... named the game’s Most Valuable Player. 

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