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Finding a QB: Part I.


First off I just want to thank all the fans of this site. I have been promoting my books for sale primarily on this site. As a result, I have sold almost 500 books in the past year. Thank you for your support and patronage, both are greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you how happy it made me when I read that report. So thank you Draft fans and Patriot fans alike, and mostly thank you to all the fans of my books and website worldwide.

Too Many Things Going On: Part II.


I was a little disappoint with Nick Stevens, but there was a QB that reminded me of Jimmy-G. Only he didn't play in the Shrine Game (which is the premise of this piece;). However, he did play at the Senior Bowl, and he was spectacular. He reminded me of the 2014 Jimmy-G that lit up the Shrine game at the end of the 1st Half like a rocket exploding high in the sky. His is also a small school QB. 

Kyle Lauletta of Richmond has a chance. "We knew that we were underdogs coming into the game for whatever reason," Lauletta said, but was then named MVP. "I guess that kind of motivated us. We knew that those quarterbacks on the other side were getting all the attention. So we just went out there and played our game. We did what we know how to do." His release was like lightning at the Senior Bowl.

His accuracy looked like Jimmy-G at the Shrine game four years ago. "Jimmy Garoppolo [was] an FCS guy, [and] a guy I've been compared to a few times throughout the process," Lauletta said. "He's a great guy to be compared to. He's doing really-really well. That whole system they have, the success speaks for itself." It seems I'm not the only one who put two and two, and two, together.

He got better and better as the week went on. "I made some strides [this week]," Lauletta said. "That was a rough start to the week, but I feel great now." Could BB make lighting strike thrice in the 2nd with the second Jimmy-G, with Kyle-L (sorry, that nickname just doesn't work;)? 

The Pats will be looking for a QB in this Draft, and Lauletta played Lacrosse in high school. "I was a big lacrosse guy, absolutely," Lauletta said at the Senior Bowl. "For a while I thought I might enjoy playing that in college. I just enjoy football more. I think it's a better team sport. But I've always grown up a lacrosse guy. My dad was an All-American in high school. My uncle played in college." Plus, Kyle's dad was a QB for the Naval Academy (and Mr. Naval Academy/Lacrosse coach has an extra 2nd;). 

Hey Bill, do I have your attention yet? Lauletta got his third TD in the Senior Bowl throwing to OK ST WR Marcell Ateman. But what turned my head was his quick release, and the great accuracy of his throws. Just like Jimmy-G at the 2014 Shrine Game. Heck, even the 49ers interviewed Lauletta at the Senior Bowl.

He went from lacrosse guy to Senior Bowl MVP in four years. "But I’ve been blessed with so many great coaches," Lauletta said. "Any time you have to learn so many different systems, it’s kind of a pain, but I think there’s so many advantages to doing so. I’ve learned so many different perspectives and so many different offensive schemes. I think at this point, I don’t know if there’s a play that even the NFL could show me or anybody could really show me that I’ve seen or at least a variation of." That takes a lot of work, study, and smarts.

Combine: #11 Kyle Lauletta- 6-2 5/8, 222, 9 3/4" Hand, (U 4.85, 4.77), 6.95 3-Cone! 4.07 Short Shuttle. 9'5" Broad Jump, 31" Vertical Leap, - The reason I compared him to Garoppolo is because he did at the Senior Bowl this year what Garoppolo did at the Shrine game four years ago. That's it. I never saw either play a snap in college. After the shrine I watched tape of both. Both Tapes I found pretty much useless. Garoppolo played in a wacky spread system, but he called all the plays. Cerebrally he was the most interest prospect in that Draft.

Lauletta played at a lower level, so his tape is tough as well. But he played well on 3rd down, which is one of the first test for me. He showed he could take a hit and complete the next pass. But when he stepped up a few levels. He  was the best player at the Senior Bowl. The way Garoppolo stepped up at the Shrine, Under all that immense pressure, and be the best QB down there. It was amazing.

He also has similar size. In fact, it may be exact. Garoppolo was listed at 6-3, 222 at the Shrine, and 6-2 4/8" 226 at the Combine. Lauletta was listed at 6-2 5/8", 222-pounds at the Combine. he showed a similar arm, similar athleticism, and a similar great job throwing on the move at the Senior Bowl. I have only broken down to games of his, and was a similar player, on a small school level, as Garoppolo. 

He grasps all the concepts at the Combine. He turned his back to the defense, and ran NFL play action in college. It sounds simple, but it takes years for spread QBs to learn how to do it. He throws a nice deep ball to let his WR run under it, like Garoppolo. Terrific accuracy, he throws it consistently on the opposite shoulder as the DB. 

Senior Bowl Notes: He was able to go under center, turn, and hand the ball off, which was amazingly difficult for the QBs at the Senior Bowl! He was spectacular at the SB. He ran an NFL play action (turned his back to the defense, and then found the safeties), and threw a rocket outside that was broken up. 

He was able to get his first TD pass of the game on a 70-yard TD pass to Chark in the 3rd. Chark was wide open. But Lauletta was able to throw a great touch pass, and make it an easy catch. We have seen a lot of QBs choke that wide open throw. But he took a little off and made it an easy catch for Chark. 

He has some strength in the pocket to shrug off rushers. He kept throwing those deep passes into the buckets sprinting down the sideline. He hit a 47-yarder in the two-minute drill in the 3rd to make it 1st and 10 at the 15. He really was the best QB at the Senior Bowl, and was named MVP of the game.

I like how was able to go under center, and run NFL play action. He threw his second TD into a tiny window to the TE crossing, while the LB in coverage was grabbing him from behind. So he threw it way out in front of him. Where only his TE would reach out and snag it for the 1-yard TD, or no one was going to touch it.

Struggled in goal line drills. He came back a little with a nice Corner throw to 16. Made a nice throw on a crossing pattern on 7 on 7s, but it would have made it over the lines if the OLs and DLs were in. He showed some juice on throws in 11 vs. 11. Hit the RB over the middle and then spiked the ball in two-minute drill. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders Though he did keep going over the middle. He threw for three TDs, and was named MVP of the Senior Bowl.

Lauletta Senior Bowl Highlights:

He ran an NFL playaction. Turned back to find the Safety. Climbed the pocket perfectly. Than lofted the easiest balloon Chark has ever caught deep down field. That is an NFL throw that most QBs in this Draft, like Mayfield, never made in college. That was a TD by the two most underrated players in this Draft (:09). He showed nice patience. Uses his feet to buy a little time, as the three receivers ran their picks/patterns (:41). Watch the ball placement on the opposite side of his TE's body as the defender.

Went to his third option. He lost his feet a little. But recovered, and threw to Chark going over the middle on a line. That was a terrific throw (1:31). 5 for 8 159-yard and 2 TDs. That is an epic Senior Bowl for a small school QB, and he is not done (1:41). He went across the field with his eyes. Then dumped it to his RB sneaking out of the backfield (1:59). He threw it with some zip, high over the D-end.

He ran the play action, and then threw to the tight end with perfect timing, right off his break inside. That was a great NFL throw (2:08). Nice quick feet. Then he threw it quick, with perfect timing and accuracy (2:15). He looked like Garoppolo throwing in the Shrine game four short years ago.

Lauletta Senior Bowl:

Lauletta VS Villanova:

Now this is Tape against a small school team that is nothing to do with NFL Tape. "I notice that," Ferguson said. "But I’m more focused on the team. If we go out and handle our business, and I go out and play the way I know I can play, those rankings will work themselves out." But that is all we had for Jimmy-G as well. 

Watch how quick he goes from catch to throw. That is as quick a release as you will to see (:21). You can see the arm strength there, as he stepped into the throw (:30). Like a lot of Spread QBs, he gets lazy feet sometimes. But you can see that he is slippery in the pocket like Garoppolo (:57). He saw the free blitzer coming to hit him, and dumped it off to the RB (1:09). That is a big play for an NFL QB. He has some quick twitch in him. 

You would be shocked at how many College QBs in this Draft never went under center, ran a play action with their back to the defense, turned to find the Safeties, and then make the correct and accurate throw on the move (2:26). He took a big hit to his head, because his idiot coach called a QB draw (2:33). This was the next play after he got his bell wrung by the safety, as the LB was tackling him (2:42). Damn, the edge guy tipped it, so we don't know if it was a good throw. 

He can throw into the tightest of windows on the move with Jimmy-G like accuracy (2:59). It looked like he was a little shaken when they took the TD away, and lost his accuracy (4:02). He does such a great job moving to his right and left and throwing the ball on the move (4:24). He took the hit on the sack (6:31). This is the next play (7:07). It was a short throw, but he did complete it. 

Then he was put in another tight situation. He read it wrong (7:18). He had the TE crossing wide open in front of him (7:29). He went to his second option here (8:04). He had to take off, and got his head slammed to the turf when he was tackled. That was a big hit on his head (8:44). This was not the next play (8:56). Unfortunately he kept it and ran it in. 

He took off, and then slid down and almost landed on his head (10:22). Then he finally completed the next pass (10:33). That is the difference between a bum and an NFL QB.

(1:54). This is why team will draft him. He is one of the best in finesse press I have ever seen (2:05). Watch the great feet, hips, and speed to turn and run with the Auburn WR down the sideline. He got himself in better position to get the ball than the WR. He turned the WR into the CB, and he had to foul Hughes to stop him from intercepting the ball.

Lauletta Vs Villanova:

Lauletta Vs William & Mary: 

He really showed the great escapability that Jimmy-G showed as a Patriot. But then he was finally sacked (1:18). This was not the next play, but two plays later. He lost his feet for a second. Got them back, and threw a terrific pass over the middle to his receiver (1:27). Watch how fast he threw it outside off the NFL play action (1:41). He moved around the pocket a little, and then got sacked from behind (1:45). NFL QBs have to get up after getting hit, and complete the next pass.

I think this was the next play. He got the bad snap, and then zipped it quick to his WR outside. He has as quick a catch and release as Jimmy-G (1:41). Watch the great NFL play action, with his back to the defense, and the head bob. Then he rolled out to his right, and threw to his outside receiver (2:07). I dare you to tell me that didn't look like Jimmy-G.

It seems so strange to have to stress that he went under center, unlike most of the other QBs at the Senior Bowl. Mayfield, Falk, Mike White, Benkert, and Brandon Silvers never went under center and ran an NFL play action in college (2:33). That was his third this game. Then the speed to escape the DL. Watch how he squared his shoulder and hit his WR on the second level. That is an NFL throw.

Nice three step, and then he climbed into the pocket a little and lofted it 42-yards downfield. Like Jimmy-G, he doesn't have an elite arm, but it is good enough. Though Jimmy does have a bit of a stronger arm (3:25). Unlike most Air Raid and spread QBs, he always moves his feet in the pocket, even if it is just a one step drop (3:41). He turned nicely with his feet, and hit the WR in the head.

A weak NFL play action. Then went to his third option, who dropped another one into the DB's hands (3:57). Near NFL playaction, and then the pass outside the numbers (4:12). Like Jimmy-G, he has great feet and escapability. Notice how he didn't lose form, and kept the ball up high (4:25). He took the big hit off the play action or option, I don't know (4:49). This is the next play. NFL play action. He waggled outside and misfired (4:55). Two next plays, after the big hit (5:01). He dribbled the ball, and missed his power forward on the flag route. But then he did comeback to get the go ahead TD on 3rd and Goal. I'm not really happy how he ended that game.

Lauletta VS William & Mary

Lauletta VS James Madison:

NFL play action. Then waggled outside, and threw up a bad one with a rusher in his face (3:35). He was forced to call timeout, as the he lost sight of the clock (4:15). But he took a big hit on his lower legs and ankle that had to hurt (4:28). This was the next play (4:25). Great job hobbling outside and his hitting his middle WR on the next level. 

He took a cheap shot that staggered him a little, and clearly pissed him off (5:25). This was the next play. He had to reload with the edgerusher leaping between him and the RB, and the others being released by his OLs. He held for a while, and threw with perfect timing to the RB (5:36). Then he threw a perfect pass behind the edge guy to his RB. That was a great pass after the cheapshot. 

I like how he throws on the move with a rusher in the face (7:01). Vicious pile drive on 1st and goal (7:27). This was the next play. This is an NFL throw after the big hit. He zinging it to his slot guy with a rusher in his face (7:48). Nice rocket into the endzone on the goal line play (7:55). He got slammed out of bounds as he threw (8:11). This is the next play (8:44). He threw the nice back shoulder to the third level after the big hit. 

Sacked again (11:07). This is the next play. Great throw after the play action. He threw over the edge guy, as he was getting hit, and threw a perfect pass. That is a great NFL throw (11:47). NFL play action into the deep throw. He has to hit that pass (12:11). He got hammered down to the ground by two big DLs (14:11). This is the next play (14:14). He got sacked again, holding onto the ball for too long to run some play action. 

He found a nice alley to throw into in the Redzone, and his WR dropped it. Then two straight bubble screens, yuck (15:36). He got them down there again, and the bubble screens started again (16:08). Perfect throw for the game winning TD: in the face of a blitzer, in the Redzone, and the WR dropped it again. He has some clutch in him, but his guys have to hang on.

Last chance saloon. Nice throw over the middle to get them near midfield (16:59). He did have a full progression at Richmond, and did not just half field reads like Ferguson. You can see he went all the way across the field there: 1-2-3-4. He hit his 4th option in the hands, but his receiver couldn't hold on as he was getting slammed (17:16). Another Seam throw to get them to midfield (17:39). Great throw (18:01). He fought off two rushers, as he climbed the pocket and winged it outside, but time expired.

Lauletta VS James Madison


Lauletta Official Bio:

• Participated in NFL Draft Combine
• Second Team All-American (Phil Steele)
• Third Team All-American (STATS FCS)
• Dudley Award Finalist
• Played in the Reese's Senior Bowl, winning Most Outstanding Player honors. 
• CAA Offensive Player of the Year
• First Team All-CAA
• Athlon Top-10 QBs to Watch List
• CFPA National Player of the Year Watch List
• Walter Payton Award Watch List
• Team Captain
• Two-Time CAA Offensive Player of the Week
• National Player of the Week
• Set the single-season record for total offense, finishing the season with 3,827 yards, including 3,737 through the air, the second-highest single-season total in program history.
• Finished the year with 31 total touchdowns.
• Threw for over 300 yards for the eighth time in 2017 at James Madison and 16th of his career. He finished 27-of-44 on the day with 304 yards and a TD.
• He became just the fourth player in CAA history to reach 10,000 career passing yards and set the program's all-time record for total offense with 10,422 yards in his career.
• Season and career-high 46 yards rushing with a score at Villanova
• Finished with 259 yards through the air without a passing score at Villanova
• Threw for 310 yards on 33 of 52 passing to go with three touchdowns vs. Stony Brook
• Threw for four scores and ran for another at Delaware
• Threw for 325 yards at Towson and moved past Eric Ward (8,969 yards) to become the program's all-time leader in passing yards as well as the first 9,000-yard passer (9,076). This was his sixth; 300-yard effort of the season and 14th of his career.
• Not only threw for 353 yards and three touchdowns against Albany but he also nearly led the team in rushing, gaining 19 yards on seven carries to go with a rushing score.
• His three passing touchdowns against Albany gave him 62 for his career, leaving him atop the all-time program record book in that category.
• The Albany game marked his fifth-straight 300-yard passing game and 13th for his career; both program records.
• Moved into second on the all-time passing yardage and passing touchdown lists with 497 yards and three touchdowns to his name vs. Elon.
• 26 of 29 for 321 yards and 6 touchdowns in just two quarters plus one drive in the third quarter vs. Howard
• 25-38 for 306 yards at Colgate
• Put up video game numbers on the SHSU Bearkats, throwing for 546 yards, easily a career-high, smashing his previous top mark of 435. That's a Richmond single-game record and fifth most in a single game in CAA football history. He also becomes the first 500+ yard passer in a game for the Spiders since Michael Strauss (543) did it against Delaware on Nov. 16, 2013. The Spider QB also pitched in five TDs, matching a career-best he set just last season.

• CAA Preseason Offensive Player of the Year
• National Offensive Player of the Year Watch List
• All-CAA Second Team
• Team Captain
• Passed for the third-most yards ever with 3,022 yards and the second-most TDs with 24
• Season was cut short with season-ending ACL injury in the regular season finale at William & Mary
• Currently ranks fourth in Richmond history with 6,728 yards passing, fifth in total offense (6,824 yards) and fourth in passing TDs (45)
• All-CAA Preseason Team
• Team Captain

• All-CAA Second Team
• Started every game under center for the Spiders, finishing the year ranked third in the country with 3,598 yards passing, which was the second highest total ever in program history
• Threw for over 300 yards on four different occassions, including a 415-yard day in a thrilling victory at James Madison (10/24/15)
• One of just five QBs in Spider history to lead his team to double-digit victories

• Redshirted

• CAA All-Academic Team
• Appeared in four games
• One of six true freshman to earn playing time 
• Tallied 108 yards and two touchdowns as he went 16-for-21 as a true freshman
• Picked up 16 yards off two completions in the win against Albany
• Connected on 8-of-10 passes for 44 yards and a touchdown, while rushing for 15 yards off two attempts against No. 6 Towson
• Saw his first collegiate appearance in the season opener against VMI, going 6-for-9 for 48 yards with one touchdown


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