Kolton MillerOLT UCLA

6-8 5/8", 309, (U 4.91), (O) 4.95 

34.1" Arms, 24 Reps, 10'1" Br,

31.5" Vert, 7.34 3-Cone, 4.49 SS, 

Moving Backwards: Part I.  


He can get to the second level with nice speed and take out the LB to spring the RB to the 3rd level. He is a great blocker inside. He can hit two guys consistently when he blocks down. He know how to just hold his position in pass pro, and make the rusher come to him. 

Great recovery off speed to power. He does not get overpowered very often. Great speed to get to the opposite side of the line, and seal the DT inside. Terrific smooth feet. Great ability to recover once his hands have been club, slapped, or slammed off. They will stop rushing his lane sometimes. 

He only played OLT for one season. "I thought I had a really good year. I thought I was pretty productive this season. It was my first year starting at left tackle," Miller said. "Previously, I was at right tackle. I now have experience playing both sides. I just saw myself getting better and better with each passing game. There were some media outlets that had me as one of the top producing tackles in the draft. I think the style of our offense at UCLA showed my abilities. I also think there’s a really big need for tackles in this draft so I decided to take advantage of that. Now I’m just looking to continue my momentum heading into the combine and my pro day." He is an elite athlete.

He tested top five in five of the six drills he did at the Combine. "His tape tells you exactly who he is," a scout said. "He's big and he's got decent length but he's an average athlete and he will always be up and down depending on the guy across from him. I think he'll start but I don't see anything special. Some scouts like him a lot more than me. So I don’t know." His Tape is pretty damn good.

He jumped an impossible 10'1" Broad, which was a record for OLs at the Combine. "I think I should put up some pretty good numbers," Miller said. "I'm working hard every day to make a statement at the combine." They say he squatted an impossible 520-pounds at UCLA.

He is very tall, and will get a little too tall sometimes. He is an elite athlete who reminds me of Solder. Great recovery skills. He will loose the rusher sometimes, as he doesn't grab shirt enough, but then recovers and pushes him out of rush. He is extremely strong. He may get out of position sometimes, but his strength and size help he recover and protect his QB.

Additional Notes:

USC: Nice power blocker on short yardage. He can give the 3rd, 4th, and 5th effort to get the DE out of the play. He can absorb the big hit moving backwards, and maintain position with his feet and balance. He has great feet. Smooth and quick moving backwards. It is very difficult to get his outside shoulder and turn to the QB. Gets a little high when he blocks the ILB in the run game, but he sure has some quick feet to stick with him, and dance around him. 

Kansas State: He is great at playing at arms length. He has some quick feet, but doesn't always control them. He is a  great athlete, who caught a Screen pass against Kansas State, and he almost gained a yard He does a great job keeping his hands moving and shoving the DE outside. He can shove the DE in play action at the line, and then move backwards nicely. He uses his long arms well. He doesn't always kickslide. He shuffles backwards sometimes, so the Combine is going to be huge to determine were he goes. 

A&M: Nice heavy hands. When no one rushes his lane he can shove down on the DT the OLG is blocking, and knock him sidewards off his feet. Very quick dashing back to protect his QB's blind side against speed. He can catch the OLB, on the play action, and hold him under him at the line for the whole play, like he is a kid. He has great size and strength. He looks like the player we thought Conner Williams was going to be this season.

Combine: I thought he was the best OT on Tape in this Draft. Great athlete, who played with great strength. Great feet moving laterally. He was much smoother and quicker than McGlinchey moving laterally. He has some suddenness in his shoulders. Terrific hitter on pull block, he gets really low, and pushes up with some power. He moves back so smoothly. He was so smooth and in control in mirror drill. Hands up, and always balanced and with good technique. Loved his kickslide. He is the best OLT in this Draft. 

Previously Released: Miller is a giant powerful man. He has great power on the goal line. He can shove the DE five yards onto his butt into the Endzone. He still needs to control his feet more, and slide-slide-slide. But I love how he always move backwards with his hands up ready to jab and grab. It's funny when he gets to the second level and hits a Box Safety, to watch him fly backwards. 

He can drive block through the DT, and drive him back past the marker on short yardage. You'd like him to stay and play lower, but he is so strong that it doesn't seem to matter. He can stand and wait for the DT stunting outside, and just catch and shove him to the ground with his hands. Best blend of size, strength, and agility in the Draft. 

He will get shoved back when a rusher gets inside his long arms, and shoves him back by his neck. He can run outside with the DE, with one hand in his chest, pushing him down field to the sideline on the sweep. He has great size and agility. When he turns and seals the OLB, his hands clamp on shirt and will not let go. He is so strong it is very impressive.

Miller Vs Stanford:

One of the reasons I like him is? Watch the burst back off the snap that takes the rush away from the edge guy in one step (:12). Elite blocking down on the DT. He is strong as an ox (:22). Watch the power with his arms extended on the back side (:28). He still needs some work on technique (:12). I saw that a lot in college last year. The OTs shuffling back instead of kicksliding.

He kickslides back a little too far. So the speed rusher burst inside. He was able to flush the QB, but Miller held on and didn't allow the sack (:40). He stopped to protect inside. He absorbed the big hit, and stoned the big rusher (:55). He had to turn and bail as he got a late start, and the speed rusher got a great one (1:00). But he meet him at the Corner with power, and stopped him cold.

Watch the quick feet moving back. Then the speed to power impact he absorbed. Then the recovery to protect the QB (1:05). Great run blocker (1:11). Smooth and easy pass pro against the big 5-tech. He does not get over powered very often (1:18). Terrific athlete who can get to the second level and take out the ILB (1:36). Terrific quicks inside (1:58). He burst past Harrison so fast that he forgot to lock on with his hands. 

He needs a little work on technique, but you can see how quick he moves back against speed (2:07). He stopped the rusher with his long arms. Then the rusher tried to break inside, and he stopped him (2:12). Balance, long arms, and power (2:26). Smooth kickslide (2:35). He needs to use his kickslide more consistently. 

His first step made the speed rusher break inside, but watch the power punch there. When he used his heavy hands, he has a great punch (2:40). When he steps inside he dominates, and that was two blocks (3:01). Smooth and easy kickslide as he moved outside, and jammed the 5-Tech with his inside hand (3:08). Watch his fight on the goal line run (3:25). He absorbed the hit, pushed him back, and turned him. He is the most powerful of the OLTs.

Watch the heavy hands on the stunt inside. He almost knocked him off his feet. Then watch his feet as he kickslides back to pick up the DT stunting outside (3:29). He will sometimes hug instead of grab shirt. He had the rusher stoned, and didn't grab hold (3:40). Nice kickslide to outside speed (3:55). That is why the Pats take him at 31. 

Switches off to the 5-tech effortlessly (4:03). Let the outside blitzer go? (4:10). Stoned the stunter, even though it looked like he saw him late (4:14). Smoothly washed the DE past the QB (4:37). Terrific slide to meet the DE at the pass. The only thing he can do is try to spin inside (4:52). But watch the smooth feet as he shuffled in front of the QB. 

Great run blocker blocking down on the big inside guy. It is amazing how many times he put those guys on the ground (5:00). He powered the 5-Tech back to the 2nd level, and then switched off onto the speedy Safety. That is a great run block (5:08). He power the 5-Tech past the magic yellow line (5:16). Then into the endzone.

Watch the great hands of the rusher club Miller's hands off. But then Miller recovered with his nice quick hands, power, and leverage (5:26). He had to switch off to the speedy outside blitzer. The blitzer ping-ponged off him, but he still recovered behind the QB. Then shoved him to the ground (5:26). Elite power driving the outside rusher inside (5:39). I love how he bends DLs back with his hands (6:05). The scary part is that he is a little light, and is going to get bigger and stronger.

Watch the pop inside, with his eyes outside, and how far he had to go to hit the CB blitzer (6:30). Eats up the outside spin like cake (6:40). Watch the feet and then the heavy slam of the DE upfield (6:52). The inside rusher hit him on the stunt, and he turned and pancaked him (7:17). He turned and sealed the OLB outside (7:25). Then watch the great hand fight as he moved the OLB out to the flat. That was a great block.

He knows how to hold his position in pass pro (7:31-38). Easy kickslide to cut off the corner (7:44). He is so good at fighting the bigger stronger rushers on the edge (7:56). Watch the great feet and strength as he absorbed the big inside rusher. Then the feet and power to kickslide outside and shove off the speed rusher (8:07). He makes it look easy against the speed guy on the corner (8:15).The longer the game goes on the better he looks. 

Love how he switched rushers as smooth as icing on a cake (8:33). He made the last few plays in pass pro look like he was picking on high school kids (9:00). He gives up nothing in the 4th (9:09). Kickslides back like he is on skates, and then punched the Edge guy back behind the QB (9:15). Kickslides back, and then just stopped the rusher with his hands, power, and position (9:23). Effortlessly moves inside (9:30). The Pats are going to have to trade up to get this guy. 

Miller Vs UCLA:


Miller's Official Bio:

2017: Starter in all 13 games at left tackle ... Named second-team All-Pac-12 Conference by the league coaches ... The offensive line group improved its rushing output by almost a full yard per carry from 2016 ... Rushing yardage, rushing touchdowns and rushing first downs all went up for the Bruins ... UCLA ranked third in the conference in total offense in 2017.

2016: Starter at right tackle in the first five games of the season ... Missed the balance of the season due to injury suffered in week five Arizona game.

2015: Starter at tackle in five games ... Also saw action on special teams ... Team surrendered just 14 quarterback sacks, the second-lowest-total in school history ... Helped pave the way on the ground for running back Paul Perkins, the third-leading rusher in school history, who posted a 1,000 yard season. 

2014: Did not see game action in his first season in the program..

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