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Myron Pryor-

Defensive Tackle, Kentucky

6', 304, 5.05 

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My Review Of Myron Pryor:


The Good: Has good quickness off the ball, and has had some success as a one-gap penetrater. He played well at the East West practices, and that is why he was given a look by BB.   

The Bad: First off Pryor is an a 3-Technique Under Tackle, and not really a Nose Tackle. I just don't see how he plays in the Pats defense. Doesn't do a good job of shedding blockers. Gets stalemated by O-Linemen with too much consistency. Squat, short, does not have long arms, and doesn't use natural leverage to make up for it.     

and The Ugly: Has a reputation for not playing hard all the time. Gets out of shape and injured with consistence. He doesn't have the skills to play in this defense, and there isn't a roster spot for him on the Patriots even if he did. If he gets injured I'm not sure they would even put him on the IR.  

BB Sunday night after Day Two:

"And then we added a couple more big guys along the way with Pryor and (Darryl) Richard and Bussey."

Without having practiced them, do you have a feel for the three defensive linemen? Do they have position flexibility? Are they inside guys?

"Well, I think they are all big – 300 pounds plus. I think (Darryl) Richard and Pryor are quick guys that run pretty well for their size. Brace is a bigger player, very powerful and explosive, different playing style, a little bit taller. So I think there is some degree of flexibility between playing on the center, playing on the guard, and playing between the tackle and the guard, or on the tackle in varying degrees with all three players. How that actually manifests itself, we’ll see. But I think there is some degree of versatility with all those players in doing that as there is with some of the other players we have on our roster. Vince (Redd) played end as a rookie. Mike Wright’s played inside and has played outside. Jarvis and Richard (Seymour) have played outside and moved inside in some sub situations. Ty has also done that, actually played nose his rookie year. I don’t think that’s uncommon. We’ve had players like Ted Washington who were exclusively interior players and then some other guys that were exclusively on the perimeter. Le Kevin has played inside and outside. I think there is an element of that to all these players and we’ll see how that works out when we get them out there. I think the big thing about all these guys are the techniques they used in college and the way they actually played is probably going to be a little different here than what they did in college. It’s going to be a learning curve. There is going to be some teaching, but from a physical standpoint and a talent standpoint they have the ability to do that, and they’ll have to adapt to the techniques we use"

The Sporting News Draft Preview:

14 Myron Pryor Kentucky

6-0 1/4 304 4.96           FINAL GRADE> 5.4 (out of 10, B.J Raji was top rated D-Tackle at 8.5)

Strengths: Displays a good combination of size and quickness that makes him disruptive along the line. Does a nice job tying up blockers and gaining leverage to hold his ground at the point of attack. Can rush the quarterback and collapse the pocket.

Weaknesses: Lacks agility. Seems to take some plays off and rarely chases the play once it gets by him. Will need to improve his upper-body strength. Can get overpowered by big guards because of his poor technique.

Bottom Line: Pryor is one of the more athletic defensive tackles in the draft. At one time, he was considered to be among the top prospects in the country. However, his stats dropped off after his sophomore season, and doubts now surround him. Overall, Pryor could prove to be a huge steal as a mid- to late-round selection if a team can get him to play up to his potential. 


The Globe Post-Draft:

DT Myron Pryor, Kentucky
6th round (207th overall)
Height: 6-0; Weight: 319.  40 time: 5.10

Started 10 of 12 games as a senior and was named to the All-SEC second team . . . Did not lift at combine because of pectoral injury but has benched up to 390 pounds . . . Quick first move, he gets to the quarterback quicker than you'd expect for someone his size; he had 4 1/2 sacks and 11 tackles for losses last season . . . Took plays off in college . . . Born June 13, 1986.


Julian Edelman-

Wide Receiver, Kent St.

5-11 3/8, 199, 4.6 


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My Review Of Julian Edelman:


The Good: He was moved to Wide Receiver in Minicamp.   

The Bad: A short, slow, weak-armed QB, who couldn't really play QB in college, never mind the NFL..  

and The Ugly: He is a "Wildcat" Quarterback? Is there anything dumber than a "Wildcat" Quarterback? Yeah! Let's take out Tom Brady, two-time Super Bowl MVP, to put in a short, slow, weak-armed Quarterback to run the option!! Yeah!!!  

BB Sunday night after Day Two:

"And [Julian] Edelman, of course, is another non combine guy who played quarterback at Kent State. A very good runner. We see him as a player who has some versatility, probably as a receiver, maybe a running back. We’ll see how that goes. He also played in the kicking game, so we kind of took him as an athlete and we’ll just see how all that works out. That’s kind of where we are here at the end of the day today. A big day of team building. We’re looking forward to bringing everybody in this weekend and seeing how that crop looks. Sorry for the long-winded recap, but I think that’s most of it."

You don’t normally see a long snapper drafted. What was it about Jake Ingram that you really liked?

"We thought that Ingram would be in competition for the position with Nathan. He’s an athletic guy, a little bit smaller than some of the snappers in the league, but a little bit more athletic than most of the snappers in the league. I think his athleticism versus his size is kind of the comparison or where the competition will be. An experienced guy. He’s done that. He can block. He can cover pretty well. His snaps are accurate; they had good velocity. So I think that he will be competitive for that position. I felt like he was a top player for his position in the draft."

The Globe Post-Draft:

WR Julian Edelman, Kent St.
7th round (232d overall)
Height: 5-11; Weight: 195.  40 time: 4.51

A quarterback in college, but his best chance to play in the pros would be away from center; could be a Wildcat option . . . Second in Mid-American Conference in rushing last season with 1,370 yards, with a 6.4-yard average and 13 TDs . . . Passed for just 1,820 yards with 13 TDs and 11 INTs; two INTs came against BC in the season opener . . . Junior season was cut short by a broken arm . . . Born May 22, 1986.


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