Why Kansas City Might Take Crabtree.


Crabtree March 2009




The Team:

The Chiefs have the best GM in the game, period. Scott Pioli stepped up to the plate and knocked out a homerun. While the Broncos, Lions, and Buccs whined like stockbrokers trying to save their jobs, "Gee boss I knew his stock was that high, that's why I offered a 1st after the deal was done!" Please! What a load of crap! For all you Chiefs fans out there, Matt Cassel was a steal. He will solidify this offense. His biggest concern is that he played in a great offense, so maybe the caliber of players around him made him better then he is, or was, or whatever, like Scott Mitchell. Again, for you Chief fans, that's a load of crap. First off, the only had three NFL receivers on the roster, and yes Wes Welker had an All-Pro season. However, Moss hurt his back in the preseason, his hamstring in the first game or two, and Brady broke his heart when hurt his knee, and he wasn't himself until the second half of the season. Plus, Gaffney is an average receiver who dropped some key passes this season, including what should have been a winning bomb against the Colts. Second, their top Running Back were all knocked out: Maroney, Morris, and Jordan. Faulk is great change of pace back, but you really don't want him starting and getting 20 carries a game. BenJarvis Green-Ellis started 3 or 4 games, and, as well as he played, he was an undrafted rookie free agent who they plucked off their practice squad to start! And, there was also 3 or 4 games where BenJarvis and Kevin Faulk where the only RBs on the active roster. Plus, Billy Yates started 5 games, and he sucks. The O-Line did not start playing well until Neal came back. The offense was great in the second half of the season, but it was not a smooth easy ride for Cassel, and he certainly didn't coast on the backs of his All-Pros. He is a legit starting QB, who carried the Offense the second half of the season, and improved noticeably all most every week. Okay, so he had two great receivers to throw to last season. Pioli has the change to do just that. Michael Crabtree is a great receiver, period. He has his warts, yes, but he is a great WR. Hhmm, Todd Haley. How did he become Head Coach. Was it because he schemed the offense that used two big WRs, and a fast slot receiver, just like in New England. Pioli spent the pick and the money on Cassel, and here is a chance to really help him. With Bowe on one side, and Bradley in the slot, Drafting Crabtree could give Cassel and Haley very similar offenses to the ones they used to get promotions and big money in Kansas City.   

The Reason:

The reason is simple, Todd Haley and Matt Cassel made their bones playing in a very specific Spread Offense. They both came from similar schools and have had success in a similarly schemed offenses. If Crabtree is as good as I think he is! I have been comparing him to the great Larry Fitzgerald while other have been comparing him to Anquan Bolden (And just ask Haley if he'd like to coach another Fitzgerald or Bolden), the Chiefs have a unique opportunity to recreate the Patriots, and more exactly the Cardinals offense from last season. With Bowe, Crabtree, and Mark Bradley in a three wide offense with Gonzalez at Tight End, yikes! That is how you give your new young inexperienced QB the best chance to succeed. Plus, in my opinion there are three super stars in the making in this Draft, and Crabtree is the third.