KC Vs. Houston

3rd Quarter.

Not Even A Little Scared.


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Houston comes out to start the 3rd quarter in big trouble, because of TOs. Brady is going to have to be a great game manager, and take care of the football. "I think every quarterback has to manage the game, regardless of what team he plays for or which opponent he's facing," Josh said. "That's the first thing I would ask of our guys here. And I don't know how it's taken nationally or publicly, but look a quarterback's job first and foremost is to run the offense. And sometimes that means taking what the defense gives you. Sometimes it means being very aggressive and throwing the ball down the field, but most importantly, what it means is trying to do the right thing on every snap as many times as you can during the course of the game. And there are a lot of games where teams may not give you great opportunities to try to throw it over their heads or do those other things, and so if the way the game is going determines that the quarterback's main focus is to complete passes, get first downs, take care of the football, I mean that's pretty much what we ask our guys to do every week. And I would imagine that most of the guys who are still playing in the playoffs would agree that their number one goal every week is to run the offense and execute it at a high level, and however that's taken outside of the building, that's for other people." KC will exploit every opportunity you give them to get their hands on the ball. Pats protect the ball, they win.

1st and 10, Houston in a Weak formation. KC brings Chung, I mean Berry up into the box and forms into a 5-3, with three Down and two up on the line. Berry sneaks up to within two yards of the OLB as the Sam. They are showing absolutely no respect for the pass. Blue dives forward for four, as Berry takes his feet out. 2nd and 6, 4-W S-shotgun. KC lines up in a 3-3 Nickel. They do not respect Hoyer's arm, and that is allowing them to get extra aggressive. They bring four. Both tackles chop the edgerushers, which is a sign they are throwing short outside. "I think they're both tremendous players," Josh said. "I mean, obviously they've been tremendously disruptive. And Ford has come on this year. You know, the guy they drafted last year from Auburn. He's had a better year. Zombo, who makes plays in there, he played a lot last week. Moses has played some, too. So I mean, to me, we're going to prepare for them to be out there on every single snap. It's the postseason, and I'm sure whatever their guys can do, they're going to try to do. It's the same thing as our guys. If they can be out there, they'll be out there. And we have a tremendous amount of respect for their entire defense, and those to edge guys that you mentioned, I'm not sure that there's a better combination in the league. So we're going to have to be prepared for them to be at their best, just like we're going to prepare for the rest of their defensive group. And whatever we're going to need to do as the game goes on, then we'll try to adjust and make sure we make smart decisions. It's going to take a great collective group effort for us to play our best football on Saturday, which is what it's going to take in order to score points and try to do the things that we're going to need to do offensively to help our football team win." Hoyer hits the TE curling out to the flat, but Sean Smith is all over it and knocks the ball out.

3rd and 6. Okay, Houston comes out in a Strong-shotgun, with Trips on the right, and the TE standing up on the left. Sound familiar. KC brings eight men up to the line. Six guys lined up right on the LOS like they are all coming, two with their hands down and four up. They bring five. But, two of the six guys on the LOS drop out of the rush, and they blitz the safety from the second level behind the four guys rushing who were on the LOS.

That is a very difficult scheme to handle for the O-line. "We always need to do a better job," Kline said. "Even if it’s good, it needs to be perfect every time. And that’s what we strive for. So we need to do better but we’re working on it this week." The O-line will have to protect Brady against some very tricky and aggressive fronts.

KC's front isn't just talented, they scheme to confuse the O-line as well as any team we've faced this season. So the O-line has to be consistently perfect. "Practice," Vollmer said when asked about consistency on the O-line. "It’s hard to tell. Preparation. Knowing what to do and maybe anticipating what’s going on out there and reacting and really falling back on your technique. We’ve been doing this for a few months now this year. So I don't think you make too many adjustments now. So I think it's just practice and getting on the same page." Being on the same page on offense wins this game for the Pats.

Hoyer is able to swing the ball out to White/Grimes swinging out to the Flat. They are vulnerable outside if you can get the ball to the RB outside. Grimes catches the ball, gets past the marker, and fights for a few more yards, for an easier 1st down than it should have been. KC overloaded the right side of the line, like the DC was Sexy Rexy, and Hoyer high lobbed the ball over the blitzers to Grimes, and he was all alone in the flat. Hello James White!

1st and 10, Houston in a Weak formation. KC matches up in a more standard 3-4. They run a dive, and Howard and Poe take him down. 2nd and 7, Houston in a Singleback. KC stays in the regular 3-4. They try to run off tackle, Hali Sets the edge, and sends the RB inside. Then he sheds the TE, and dives down and grabs his foot. 3rd and 2, Houston  in a 3-W W-shotgun. KC goes into their 2-4, but brings the Safety up to give it a 4-3 look. They rush four. Ford gets a good rush, but Hoyer is able to swing the ball out to the right flat to the WR for a First.

1st and 10, I-formation. KC goes into the regular 3-4. They run play action on a fake sweep. Hoyer has time in the pocket. He gets some pressure and panics, and throws it into the hands of a Sean Smith, who drops it. 2nd and 10, 4-W S-shotgun. KC matches up in a 3-3 Nickel. They run Blue, and he bursts through the line. He runs for a First.

1st and 10, 3-W S-shotgun. KC puts five guys on the line again in a 3-3 Nickel. They run the same play. The D-line stuffs it, and the safety Branch comes up and makes the tackle. 2nd and 10, Houston in a 3-W S-shotgun. KC brings in Houston to rush in a 2-4 Nickel. But one ILB might be a Safety. Houston gets some push, but Hoyer throws quickly to the WR outside on a short Out, but he drops it. 3rd and 10, Empty. KC matches up in a 3-2 Dime with all five guys up on the LOS. They bring all five. Hoyer throws quickly to the outside WR on a screen. KC was playing way Off, but the DBs charged up quickly and stopped Watkins quickly. 4th down and Houston punts.

Houston jumps off sides to give KC a 1st and 5. They comes out aggressively in a 4-W W-shotgun, with Trips-R. Smith looks like he is going deep to the right. Doesn't like the coverage, and takes off left, and runs for 64-yards. "He's another one of the quarterbacks throughout the NFL that are just dangerous to play from a standpoint of he’s very smart in reading coverages and understanding," McCourty said. "So that’s where you can see his physical ability of being able to scramble and run and make plays with his legs. He’s not always just dropping back and trying to run. He kind of knows what coverage when he can run, when he should just stay in the pocket and get the ball to the open guy, so he’s definitely going to be a tough challenge to go along with all the other quarterbacks we’ve faced this season. He creates that challenge of understanding what defenses are thrown at him, where to get the ball to and then also understanding when he can affect the game by being a runner." The refs call a 63-yard holding penalty on KC.

1st and 4, KC in a Twins-twins Singleback, run 2 for 2. They run Ware on a Smash to the left. 2nd and 3, 4-W Bunch-R Weak shotgun. Smith swings the ball out to West swinging out of the backfield on the weakside this time for an easy First.

1st and 10, Twin-Twin Singleback 3 for 3 run. They run play action and Smith has to take off outside and hits Maclin on the move. "You’ve got to prepare as if he’s going to be there and if he’s not there," Chung said about Maclin's injury. "Then you make your adjustments. Because he’s a great player, and they’re not going to have a guy. This could be the last game, could be the second- or third-to-last game. But you’ve got to play with the guys that you have, and you’ve got to go out there and try to compete. So we’ve got to practice as if he’s going to be playing in the game and just go from there." He makes the First easily. That was a nice throw by Smith. Maclin sat in the zone and was wide open.

1st and 10, 2-W W-shotgun. They passed the last time they were in this formation, but they had Twin-Twins. This time they have twin TEs, but the WRs are in their normal positions. Kelce motions to the left and stacks behind the WR. Smith throws, but he has nothing. 2nd and 10, KC comes out in 4-W W-shotgun with Trips-R Play Action Pass 1 for 1. He throws to Maclin, but he can't get the first. Watts goes down with an injury. This was also the play that Maclin hurt his ankle, and he did not look like he was going to come back in one week. He put a towel over his head, like he knew. Plus, he was crying as he was carted off the field. I would be shocked if he plays on Saturday. That is a devastating blow for their undermanned offense.

3rd and 3, 3-W Strong-shotgun. Smith riffles it to Kelce, the only consistent receiver he has left. The Pats will double and triple Kelce to death, and take him out of the game. He is really the only viable option left on the offense for Smith to throw to, if Maclin wasn't faking it. They are reporting it was a high ankle sprain, and he was acting like his leg was just shot off. They are also saying that he is probable for the game, after getting carted off the field in tears. I have never seen a guy carted off the field in tears play the next week. If Maclin is out, and the Pats remove Kelce from the equation, KC is toast. And we all know BB loves to take away that number one option. The Option he will attempt to take away Saturday is Kelce.

1st and 10, 3-W Weak-shotgun Twin WR-R- Run 1 for 1. They run Ware inside again. He flies through the defeated Houston defense, which seems to have lost its fight since Watt went out. This game is over.

1st and 10. Okay, Houston comes out in a Twins-Twins Singleback, but because they have nothing left at WR, Kelce is out wide stacked up behind Wilson like he is Maclin. Is it too early to declare the Pats have won? With no depth behind Maclin that loss just seems impossible to overcome. Oh, by the way, when Maclin was in they ran 3 out of 4 times. Smith turns and throws a bubble screen to Kelce behind a blocking Wilson. That is how sad the options are around Kelce. He fights like hell for six-yard, and a personal foul after the play sends them halfway to the Endzone to about the Ten.

Houston comes out with a Bunch on the left, in a 4-W W-shotgun. They are 2 for 2 passing with a bunch on the right. They run a Dive, and both teams are giving cheap shots. I thought that would have been a good spot to swing the RB into the left Flat behind the bunch. 2nd and 8, Twins-Twins Singleback- 3 for 5 run. They run play action and Smith hits Conley in the back of the endzone for a TD. I loved Conley in the Draft. So with the Twin-twins Singleback, they ran three straight times, and then passed three straight times. KC-20. Houston-Zip. Game-Set-Match. Houston really had quite at this point and it was just a matter of both teams running out the clock.

3rd Quarter:

4-W W-shotgun with Trips-R- PA Pass 2 for 2

Twin-Twin Singleback- run 1 for 4

4-W Bunch-R Weak shotgun- Pass 1 for 1

4-W Bunch-L Weak shotgun- Run 1 for 1

2-W W-shotgun- Pass 1 for 1

3-W Weak-shotgun Twin WR-R- Run 1 for 1

Game Totals:

4-W S-shotgun- Play Action Pass- 1 for 1

4-W W-shotgun with Trips-L- PA Pass 1 for 1

4-W W-shotgun with Trips-R- PA Pass 1 for 1

4-W Bunch-R Weak shotgun- Pass 2 for 2

4-W Bunch-L Weak shotgun- Run 1 for 1

3-W Bunch-L Weak shotgun- Option run 1 for 1

3-W Weak-shotgun Twin WR-L- Pass 4 for 4

3-W Weak-shotgun Twin WR-R- Run 2 for 2

3-W W-shotgun Twin TE-R- Screen 1 for 1

3-W W-shotgun Twin TE-R- Screen 1 for 1

3-W W-Shotgun TE Motion R- Run 1 for 1

2-W W-shotgun Twins-Twins- Pass 1 for 1

2-W W-shotgun- Pass 1 for 1

3-W Strong-shotgun- 2 for 2 run

I-formation- Play action 1 for 1

2-TE I-formation- Run 1 for 1

Singleback- Play action 1 for 1

Singleback Twin WRs R- Pass 1 for 1

Singleback Trips-R Motion fake J-S- Run 1 for 1

Twin-Twin Singleback Motion-R: J-S 1 for 2

Twin-Twin Singleback Motion-R- J-S 1 for 1

Twin-Twin Singleback- run 3 for 6

3-TE Singleback- Run 1 for 1 Dive

3-W Trips-R Singleback, J-S Motion- Run 2 for 2


J-S- Jet Sweep

Twins-Twins Singleback- Twin-WRs on one side and Twin-TEs on the other. With a single RB behind the QB who is under center.

3-W or 4-W- three Wides or four wides, which can include a TE, H-B, or FB standing up outside the tackles like WR.

I-Shotgun- RB lined up behind QB.

S-Shotgun- RB lined up next to QB on Strong side (right of QB).

W-Shotgun- RB lined up next to QB on Weak side (left of QB).

SB- Singleback- two TE, and two WR with QB under center.

Unbalanced SB- Unbalanced means they move one O-linemen to the opposite side of the line so there are three O-Linemen on one side of the center and one on the other. Usually the OLT moves over to the right side either inside or outside the ORT.

Pass- Means he drops to throw. If he scrambles or is Sacked the intent is still to pass.

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