KC Vs. Houston

2nd Quarter.

A Little Less Scary.


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Houston comes out in a 4-W Singleback. Houston matches up in a 2-4 Nickel with four guys up on the line. They try to run off tackle but it is stuffed by Poe and Howard. "They have a big impact," BB said. "And I think it's a defense that has good balance with Houston, Hali, Ford on the edges, and then Poe [and Jaye Howard] inside. You just can't get away from them. You've got to deal with all of them. They've kind of got you on both sides and in the middle. They complement each other. They're all good players. And they've all been productive, and they're all tough matchups. Houston and Poe are both really good, but like I said, they complement each other well and make it tough offensively when you've got kind of players everywhere that you have to deal with." 2nd and 10, Houston in a 4-W W-shotgun. KC stays in the 2-4 Nickel like they are the Patriots. Hoyer hits Hopkins on the sideline through nice coverage by Peters.

1st and 10, Houston comes out in a 4-W S-shotgun with a bunch on the left. Which is another formation the Pats will run. KC stays stubbornly with the 2-4 Nickel, like they are the Pats as well. Jaye Howard has a great rush off the blindside. He slaps his away past the outside shoulder of the OLG, bounces off the OLT, and sacks Hoyer.

2nd and 17, Houston in a 3-W W-shotgun, which is one of Brady favorite formations. KC stays in their 2-4 Nickel. They obviously think their front-6 can beat Houston's front-5. But can the Pats front-five handle their Front-6. "They’ve got a pretty good pass rush don’t they?" Josh Kline said. "It’s going to be a challenge. It’s the playoffs so every game’s a challenge. They’ve got a great front seven so it’s going to be a challenge for us." All four rushers get up field quickly, but Hoyer throws fast to Shorts outside. 3rd and 12, and KC stays in their 2-4 Nickel, with Houston in their 3-W W-shotgun. Hoyer throws on target to Washington on a deep out, but he just doesn't have the arm to hit it.

Brady has the arm. "[There are] not many places on their defense where you look at them and say, 'Boy, they're really struggling,'" BB said. "Like I said, they have a very physical, aggressive front that creates a lot of negative plays. They rush the passer well. Their linebackers are very good, both in stopping the run and in pass defense. Their secondary has been incredibly productive relative to getting their hands on the ball and taking it away from the offense, so this is, like I said, this is as good of a defense from front to back that we've played, and we would expect our greatest challenge to be on Saturday afternoon." He was open and would have caught it if it was up a little. Houston has to punt.

1st and 10, KC in a 3-W Weak-shotgun Twin WR-L- Pass 1 for 1. Smith drops, and hits Maclin outside short. "He’s a great player, deep threat," Butler said. "He can catch the ball and run with it. [We’ve] just got to go out there and try to limit the success of the other opponents and just go out there and play good football." 2nd and 4, Twin-Twin Singleback, with the WRs stacked on the right. Houston brings two guys up inside the box. Smith runs play action, but doesn't turn as much as when he hands it off. You could see he was doing something a little different on this play. He waits and hits Kelce on a deep cross for a First over midfield.

1st and 10, twin-twin Singleback, with WRs stacked on the left this time. The WR takes off towards Smith in jet-Sweep motion, which is usually a fake the second time. Smith receives the snap, and they run a Dive. "I think they do a little bit of everything," McCourty said about all the fakes and tricks KC does on offense. "When you first watch them, you think of them just trying to control the game with the passing game and then you see a series of plays that are shots down the field. Even the Houston game, the one they just missed by a yard route, the guy runs a good route and gets open, so you definitely have to cover in space, whether it be a running back, Kelce, the tight end, a receiver, they do a good job of spreading the ball around and getting I think guys in positions to be successful. I think when you play an offense like that it’s not as easy to say, ‘This is what they did against Houston or this is what they did against this team so this is who they are, this is what they do.’ They have that ability of this is a weakness of a defense, let’s attack this, this is our strength, let’s use that, so defensively it’s going to definitely be you’ve got to put a lot of hard work and time I think in preparation but you also have to be ready to adapt within the game. I think we talk about that a lot of being able to adjust within the game and see how everything plays out and what exactly they’re trying to do to beat us rather than what they’ve done all season against teams that might not be like us or they might have been at different stages of the season." If the Pats stop the Dive, though all the tricks, fakes, and misdirection's, they win. Example:

2nd and 9, 3-Wide Strong-shotgun. They run an option. Smith gives it to West on a Dive. 3rd and 3, Twin-Twin Singleback, the WR Jet-Sweeps motions to the left. Smith gives it to him, #12 Wilson. Houston is all over it and gets a TFL to force the field goal. KC-13. Houston-Zip.

Houston comes out in an I-formation. KC matches up in an aggressive 3-4 with a Berry in the Box. He steps up into a 5-3 like Chung so often does. The O-line has to be ready for their aggressive fronts with midseason form communication. "Yeah, I think it's something to preach all the time," Vollmer said. "I don't think it's changed in the playoffs for anything. Obviously they throw a lot of stuff at you and if you’re not on the same page with the other four guys, it's not going to be a good result. Again it goes back to practice. The scout team gives me a good look at it, so it’s something we work on every day and continue to get better and hopefully peak on Saturday." Hoyer runs play action and the KC defense is in disarray. Hopkins makes a great catch on a deep out for a First.

1st and 10 Houston in a Weak formation. KC stays 3-4, only this time Berry is back a little further, behind the ILB. Houston runs, and the front seven is all over it. 2nd and 8, Houston in a Singleback. KC stays 3-4 with Berry creeping up again. Then he backs out. They run Blue off tackle on a stretch play. He gets outside, finds a crease, and cuts back for 50-yards.

It seemed if you could get to the corner on KC they're vulnerable. If Brady can hit White outside on some swing passes, it could be a very good thing. "He's always focused," White said about TB12. "He's our leader. We follow his lead, and we also want to play well for him. So like I said, we just want to play our best when Saturday gets here." And KC seems to have some vulnerability where White has been dynamic since Dion went down, out in the flats.

1st and 10, and Houston runs a Wildcat. KC goes into a 5-3 again. Grimes has a nice run. 2nd and 2, Houston in a 3-W S-shotgun. KC goes into the 2-4 nickel at the 5-yard line. They throw a fade to Hopkins, but it is way out of bound and the coverage was good. 2nd and goal from the five, Houston in a bunched up shotgun. KC matches up in an odd front, with two linebackers and four DBs in front of the bunch on the left. They run. Blue gets the First but not a TD.

Then Houston runs that wacky play with the Mighty Vince and Watts in on offense. KC goes goal line without any fear of a pass. 2nd and goal from the three, Houston comes out in a Double stacked Weak-shotgun. KC is forced into a 3-3 Nickel with five guys on the line. Poe breaks free right in front of Hoyer. He charges Hoyer like a runaway rhino, and Hoyer never saw Mauga, who makes the interception. "They cause a lot of turnovers," White said. [They have a] great front seven, good secondary, good overall defense. So we don’t want to give them any opportunities to take the ball away from us." Protect the ball, protect the victory.

KC comes out in a 3-W Weak-shotgun Twin WR-L- Pass 2 for 2. Smith gets sacked. 2nd and 14, 4-Wide Bunch-L W-shotgun. They run to work the clock down. That is one of the conservative calls that Reid will make. "You have to understand that if you don’t play your best football you won’t play another game," Ninkovich said. "So that’s doing everything you can during the week. To be the best prepared team you can be when you walk on the field." 3rd and 12, 3-W Weak-shotgun Twin WR-L- Pass 3 for 3. Smith hits Wilson on a deep Out. It looks like it is caught, but it is challenged. The refs ruled it is not a catch to force the punt.

Houston comes out in a 4-W W-shotgun. KC matches up in their 4-2 Nickel. They rush four, but it is a run. They stuff the run without a problem at the two-minute warning. 2nd and 9, Houston in a 4-W W-shotgun. KC stays 2-4 Nickel. Hoyer goes deep and Marcus Peters intercepts it inside the five.

Peters has shown he has that knack for getting his hands on the ball in coverage. "I mean he's an instinctive player and you're right, he does get his hands on a lot of balls," BB said. "They have a good defense so there are a lot of guys that really benefit from each other, complement each other. The pass rush helps the coverage and the coverage helps the pass rush and the running game helps the passing game and the quarterback helps the coverage because of his ability to run and so forth. Defensively they get a lot of pressure on the quarterback. They force a lot of errant throws or throws under duress. The secondary does a nice job of playing the ball and they play good team defense. Peters has done a good job for them, and he's also been opportunistic, been able to take advantage of some plays that have come his way as have other guys in the secondary. Collectively, it's a good defense, not predicated on any one guy, but they all play well together and they have a lot of good players. They're all problems really." He is having a remarkable rookie season.

1st and 10, KC comes out in a 3-W S-shotgun, which they ran an option out of last time. They run the option and Smith gives the ball to West on a Dive. KC comes  out in a Trips-L Singleback, and Wilson runs the Jet-Sweep motion to the right. They fake the Jet-Sweep, and give it to Ware on a Dive, with the OLG hopping behind the OC to lead the RB. He runs all the way to the 38 yard line.

1st and 10 with 1:29 to go. KC in a 4-W W-shotgun with Trips-L. They like to run play action passes when they go 4-Wide. Smith play actions, and then throws quickly to Wilson on little screen outside. He was the outside WR on the Trips. 2nd and 4, Trips-R Singleback, with J-S motion run 1 for 1. They run a Dive to Ware. Though it might have been a Smash, and Ware cut back up the middle. 3rd and 1 with 1:16 left. KC comes out in a 2-TE I-formation. They run a toss, and get stuffed to make it 4th down. They punt and Houston kneels on the ball to end the half. KC-13. Houston-Zip.

2nd Quarter:

4-W Bunch-L W-shotgun- 1 fro 1 run

3-W Weak-shotgun Twin WR-L- Pass 3 for 3

Twin-Twin Singleback- run 1 for 1

Twin-Twin Singleback Motion-R: J-S 0 for 1

Twin-Twin Singleback Motion-L- J-S 1 for 1

3-W Strong-shotgun- Option 2 for 2

3-W Trips-R Singleback, J-S Motion- Run 2 for 2

4-W W-shotgun with Trips-L- PA Pass 1 for 1

2-TE I-formation- Run 1 for 1


Game Totals:

4-W S-shotgun- Play Action Pass- 1 for 1

4-W W-shotgun with Trips-L- PA Pass 1 for 1

3-W Bunch-L Weak shotgun- Option run 1 for 1

3-W Weak-shotgun Twin WR-L- Pass 4 for 4

3-W Weak-shotgun Twin WR-R- Run 1 for 1

3-W W-shotgun Twin TE-R- Screen 1 for 1

3-W W-shotgun Twin TE-R- Screen 1 for 1

3-W W-Shotgun TE Motion R- Run 1 for 1

2-W W-shotgun Twins-Twins- Pass 1 for 1

3-W Strong-shotgun- 2 for 2 run

I-formation- Play action 1 for 1

2-TE I-formation- Run 1 for 1

Singleback- Play action 1 for 1

Singleback Twin WRs R- Pass 1 for 1

Singleback Trips-R Motion fake J-S- Run 1 for 1

Twin-Twin Singleback Motion-R: J-S 1 for 2

Twin-Twin Singleback Motion-R- J-S 1 for 1

Twin-Twin Singleback- run 2 for 2

3-TE Singleback- Run 1 for 1 Dive

3-W Trips-R Singleback, J-S Motion- Run 2 for 2

J-S- Jet Sweep

Twins-Twins Singleback- Twin-WRs on one side and Twin-TEs on the other. With a single RB behind the QB who is under center.

3-W or 4-W- three Wides or four wides, which can include a TE, H-B, or FB standing up outside the tackles like WR.

I-Shotgun- RB lined up behind QB.

S-Shotgun- RB lined up next to QB on Strong side (right of QB).

W-Shotgun- RB lined up next to QB on Weak side (left of QB).

SB- Singleback- two TE, and two WR with QB under center.

Unbalanced SB- Unbalanced means they move one O-linemen to the opposite side of the line so there are three O-Linemen on one side of the center and one on the other. Usually the OLT moves over to the right side either inside or outside the ORT.

Pass- Means he drops to throw. If he scrambles or is Sacked the intent is still to pass.

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