KC Vs. Houston

1st Quarter.

A Little Scary.


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Okay, troubling worry number one. KC opens the game with a kick return for a touchdown, which worries me right away. "Certainly, certainly, and they do a great job in the kicking game," ST captain Slater said. "They always have, and their special teams coach has a tremendous history working with Devin Hester during the prime of his career. So they know what they're doing. They do it well, and I think that game, in all three phases, they really had their way. So this is going to be a tough football team, as I said, and we're going to have to do everything we can and be ready for a fight on Saturday." Knile Davis heads up field, found a lane to the right. He cut behind a block, got into the lane, and no one got within 20-yards of him the rest of the way. My balls just shrunk a little.

Houston comes out 1st and 10 to start the game in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. KC matches up in a 3-4 with a Safety playing way Off on the slot WR. Edelman and Amendola can crush that coverage underneath. They run a Dive, and the D-line holds the point but not much else. The two ILBs Derrick Johnson and Josh Mauga swoop in to make the tackle. 2nd and 6, Houston goes 4-Wide Weak-shotgun. KC match up in a 2-3 Dime. Only this time they press the two Slot WRs a little, and the outside Corner plays off. "They have a lot of great athletes," Amendola said. "They're well-coached. They play hard. They have a lot of guys with a lot of experience, too. They’re a good club." They bring four. Hoyer tries to go to outside to the WR crossing over the slot guy, but he throws it behind him. The play was open for both WRs. 

3rd and 6, 4-Wide Weak shotgun and they motion into Trips right. KC matches up in a 3-3 Nickel, and crowd the line with six guys. "This whole defense is excellent," Josh said. "Like I said, it's not just one or two guys. They've got a lot of really tremendous players, and that's why they're where they're at. That's why they've accumulated all the statistics that they, I mean, any statistic you look at, they're really, really ranked highly in the league and deservedly so because they play really good defense. They do all the things a great defense needs to do to help their team win, so we've got our hands full. We're looking forward to getting started today on our preparation." That really is a Patriot's scheme. Andy Reid has clearly been watching some film of the Patriots. In a very shocking development, KC bring six and drops five. The RB has to stay in and block, and Johnson loops behind the DTs, and goes unblocked. Hoyer gets hit as he throws, as Tamba Hali bulls the ORG straight back and his feet hit Hoyer's feet. Which caused the incompletion. That was a scary aggrieve scheme by KC.

Then the punt returner Branch has a  27-yard return which is called back for holding. "It's just a reminder of, like you said, how important the hidden yardage is," ST captain Slater said. "Every yard counts, and a lot of times these games come down to yards and it's a game of inches. You hear that all the time, but as you watched the playoffs this weekend, it was very evident that that's the case. You look at Kansas City, and I think they're one or two in the league in field position where their defense starts and their offense starts, and I think a lot of that can be attributed to the way they play in the kicking game. So it's a reminder that the 20-25 [special teams] snaps that we get on Saturday are going to be very important, and I think we need to have a heightened sense of urgency as we prepare this week, understanding that our role in the game is going to be vital." The Pats special teams is going to play a big role in this game.

KC comes out in a 4-W Strong shotgun. They line up two WRs outside of Kelce on the left, and then Kelce runs a little Out in the slot underneath them. They are going to need Chung to do a good job on Kelce. "Kelce’s good, Kelce’s good," Chung said. "He's explosive, good hands, good run-after-the-catch. [That is the] key with him. He's good. He wouldn’t be in the playoffs, that team wouldn’t be in the playoffs, if he wasn’t good, so he's a good player and we’ve just got to try to limit his production as best we can." 2nd and 2. I-formation. Smith gives a little play action to Ware, and Albert Wilson runs a dig on the left for the First.

And do you know whose offense this looks like as well. This looks like the Pats offense. "Alex Smith's very smart," Patricia said. "He's a very bright guy. He does a good job of getting the pre-snap read and trying to understand what you're in defensively. He's trying to get into the right play when he has the opportunity to do that. He's going to try to take advantage of the leverage or the players or the matchup that he sees and he will try to distribute the ball accordingly. When you have skill players in a system like that that are really good and you feel you've got a good matchup or a good alignment, or whatever the case may be that you're seeing, then you're going to try to get the ball into their hands and then that could be the run or the pass game, just kind of depends on how you're lined up defensively. Certainly, you've just got to make sure that he can't just see what you're in and obviously get the ideal play every time, and hopefully we can just line up and play good football. We're going to have to play fundamentally sound, we're going to have to play with good technique and really in the end that's what it's going to come down to for us is just doing a good job of doing the basics and the things that we talk about all the time. They're going to obviously have a situation where they're going to get into some plays or a particular run that they may have a favorable matchup in, and we've just got to make sure we step up to that challenge and handle it." Smith goes under center and runs a conventional offense as much as any QB in the League, and maybe as much as Brady.

1st and 10, Singleback with Twin WRs on the right. They run a bubble screen to the inside receiver Kelce. 2nd and 6, Bunched-L Weak shotgun. They will likely pass, but they can also run the RB outside to the left behind the bunch. They run the option right up the gut. Smith play actions to West, and then follows him through the A-gap. That is another troubling play for the Pats. "I mean Alex is good," Chung said. "He gets the ball out quick, he makes good decisions. He can run the ball just like Tannehill. They’re kind of the same guys in a different offense. If you can see it that way, but they’re not the same. It’s kind of hard to say, ‘Oh Tannehill’s just like Smith,’ because they’re not, but as far as having a running quarterback that can extend the plays when no one’s open then yeah, if you put it in that aspect then yeah, they’re definitely the same." The D-ends are really going to have to maintain discipline, which also slows down the rush a little.

3rd and 1, 3-TE Singleback with 2-TEs on the left. They run a Dive right up the gut for a first. You have to stop the Dive to beat KC. "That is correct. It's definitely a philosophy. Andy Reid and his system, to keep giving the ball and find different ways to run the ball," Patricia said. "They do a good job of changing the run plays up week-in, week-out so a particular set of runs that you might see one week on film, you might get a different set the next week. You're going to see an element of the read-option obviously with the quarterback who is very dangerous, who can get the ball out in space. With that offense and with that run play, they create an extra gap in the front and then force you to really try and defend that with one less player defensively. I think that's evident in their rushing yards this year and how well they average in the run game, along with the production on early downs and along with their production on big plays in the run game when you see the ball get outside on the edge or break through the middle and it's a big gain, large gain, where the balls going downfield. I think they're just steady and consistent with it. I think he sticks with it. He stays with the run game. He understands that that's going to set up the rest of his offense and it's really just the system as far as him calling the plays. Kansas City's one of the most balanced offenses that we face. They just do a great job of understanding the run-pass tendencies that they have and keeping it very balanced so it's a conscious effort by them to put a point of emphasis on the run game and make sure they are running the ball." On the read-option the RB is running a Dive over 90% of the time. And Houston is not a light defense up front, to say the least, and they struggled to stop that Dive right up the gut all game.

1st and 10, and KC lines up in a Twins-Twins Singleback. The WRs are on the left, and Maclin motions to the right. You could see this one coming. Smith hikes the ball with the timing a little off, but still is able to hand the ball to Maclin on a Jet-Sweep behind the Twin TEs on the right.

They didn't bother to block JJ Watts, and he flubbed the play. "He’s a quick guy," Ninkovich said about Smith. "He’s fast. He’s definitely one of those guys that can be in the pocket and be out of the pocket in a flash so you have to do a great job on the edge. Not just the guys on the edge, but everyone on the front has to be aware and understand that this quarterback can run for first downs on any given play." Ninkovich is going to have to be ready make the play against the read-option when he is unblocked. Which is very difficult for a D-end to make that read that quick, and not be fooled. 2nd and 1, Twin-Twin Singleback again. They run West on a Dive and the O-line wins again.

1st and 10, 3-Wide W-shotgun. They run play action and Smith gets sacked. 2nd and 13, 3-Wide Weak-shotgun Twin TEs outside on the right. They run play action and Smith throws a quick bubble screen to Kelce with the TE Parker lined up inside of him to block. Kelce drops the ball. 3rd and 13, 3-Wide Strong shotgun Twins left. The outside WR motions inside on the left. Albert Wilson goes deep and beats the CB with a subtle double move. Smith over throws him by a foot or two to force the punt.

Houston comes out in a Singleback. KC goes into a tight 3-4 with the ILB up closer to the line and Sean Smith up in the box in front of the TE. They play run all the way and the D-line stops it. 2nd and 10, Houston goes 3-W Singleback. KC matches up with a 3-4 Nickel and Eric Berry up in the box like Chung. They run and Poe takes down Blue at the line. 3rd and 8, Empty. Houston mulls a round a little in a 2-3 Dime. They bring four. The two OLBs and the two DTs. Hoyer throws an interception to Eric Berry in a zone in front of the WR Washington.

They are one of the best teams at turning turnovers into points. "Well Coach talks about the turnover margin that’s been heavily in their favor, especially in their wins down the stretch," TB12 said. "I think they do a great job of complementary football. I think we’ve always tried to play complementary football. When they get turnovers they turn them into points, and when you turn them into points, they’re good in the kicking game and when they’re good in the kicking game, the defense can tee off. Like I said the other day, it kind of creates this snowball effect and the game is out of hand and just what happened last week to Houston. Before you know it, they have a seven-point lead on the opening kickoff and then you already feel like, ‘Man we’ve got to start getting back into this game.’ You don’t want to be down 14-0 in the middle of the second quarter. That’s not the way to play this team." Brady and ball carriers have to be careful with the ball this week, because they will take it and put points on the board.

1st and 10, 3-Wide W-shotgun. Kelce motions to the strongside. He curls back inside to the left, and the RB cuts to the right crossing behind Kelce. 2nd and 5, 2-Wide Weak shotgun Twin WRs left and Twin TEs right. Smith throws into very tight coverage, and the CB knocks the ball up and it is intercepted by Cushing.

1st and 10, Houston in a 3-Wide Singleback. KC matches up in a 2-4 Nickel with Berry sneaking up into the box like Chung. They run play action, but Mauga is excellent in coverage on the TE. 2nd and 9, Empty. KC crowds the line with six guys. They finally go into a 3-3 Nickel. Houston runs and Dee Ford and Derrick Johnson take him down. 3rd and 7, 4-W Strong-shotgun. KC crowds the line with six guys. Two drop out and the safety blitzes bringing three guys on the strongside side, and one up the middle. Hoyer throws quickly to Watkins.

KC will overload one side of the O-line, like Sexy Rexy likes to do. "There are definitely some things that both teams do that are similar, and I think Bob's got his own style," Josh said about the KC/DC. "Each coordinator that you coach against is going to have their own style in terms of what they do from one week to the next and the things that they tend to lean on in critical situations, but Bob is an excellent coach. He's done a tremendous job wherever he's been. They have a really good, experienced staff. They've created a lot of issues for a lot of teams this year, and that would go all the way back to last year when we struggled against them. They really kicked our butt last year, too, so they create a lot of issues, not only with what they do, but the fact that they have a lot of great players on the field and they play well together. They play really well as a unit. They don't give you many things that are easy throughout the entire game. They force you to earn everything you get. And I think it's an extremely well coached defense, an extremely well coached team, and we're going to have to do everything we can to prepare hard and play our best game on Saturday because that's what it's going to take." Like that last play, they had three rushers attacking the right side of the O-line, like Rexy like to do.

1st and 10 Houston in a 3-W W-shotgun. KC in a 3-3 Nickel, with Berry sneaking into the box again. Houston runs right. 2nd and 6, Houston in a 4-W Strong-shotgun. Houston stays 2-4 Nickel. They bring four. Hoyer overthrows they WR, but Peters is called for pass interference.

1st and 10 with Houston in the I. KC goes into the 3-4 with Berry sneaking up again. The WR goes in motion, and two DBs drop back. Hoyer throws to Hopkins almost uncovered by Sean Smith in a zone.

1st and 10, Houston in a Singleback. KC goes 3-4 with three OLB up on the line in a six man front with one ILB behind them. They get penetration, but the RB cuts back for a few. 2nd and 8, Houston in a 3-W Singleback. KC matches up in a 3-4 Nickel. They run. KC holds up the line well, but they can't get their hands on the RB. He is able to cut back and dive down for five. 2nd and 5, 4-W W-shotgun. KC goes 3-4 nickel with four guys up on the line. They bring four and the two ILBs zone drop. Hoyer hits the TE finding a crease in the zone.

1st and 10, Houston goes 4-Wide Singleback. KC comes out in a 3-3 Nickel with both Safeties over the Bunch on the left. They run a toss to the Bunch side. KC swarms over it like they were in the huddle. One guy misses a tackle, and then three guys jump on him. 2nd and 10, Houston in a 4-W S-shotgun. KC matches up in a very Patriot like 2-4 Nickel, with four guys up on the line. They run a dive. KC takes down the RB a little late. 3rd and 7, Houston in a 4-W W-shotgun. KC in a spread out 2-3 Dime with two up and two down on the line. They get great penetration by three rushers. The third rusher knocks the OLT into Hoyer as he brings his arm back to force a fumble, and they recover it.

What KC has done the best over the past 11 games is get turnovers. "Like you pointed out, I think it's something you always try to do and every team tries to do," BB said.." I don't think that will be any different. Again, a lot of the Chiefs' points are also a function of their defense. I mean it's definitely stopping their offense, but it's also field position. They're right at the top of the league in field position, which that's a function of their kicking game and defensive turnovers. Creating good field position. Not putting them on a short field and then doing a good job in those areas. I mean all of that is a part of starting fast and having control of the game." The offense has to be efficient with the ball. Because KC's defense makes the offense make mistakes, and then capitalizes.

1st and 10 Singleback. They run play action. Smith hits Kelce  over midfield on a Slugo like he is Gronk to end the 1st quarter. 1st and 10, Singleback with trips right. WR motions to the left like it is a Jet-Sweep and they run a dive to West for three. 2nd and 7, 3-Wide W-shotgun. They run West on another Dive. You have to stop the dive against KC. 3rd and 4, KC in a 4-Wide Strong-shotgun. Smith looks like he wants to check out of it, but doesn't. Smith drops. He hits Kelce dragging outside. Kelce catches it, turns up field, but the safety takes him down. He is short to force the FG. KC-10. Houston-Zero.

4-W Shotgun S-shotgun- PA Pass- 1 for 1

3-W Bunch-L Weak shotgun- Option run 1 for 1

3-W Weak-shotgun Twin WR-L- Pass 1 for 1

3-W Weak-shotgun Twin WR-R- Run 1 for 1

3-W W-shotgun Twin TE-R- Screen 1 for 1

3-W W-shotgun Twin TE-R- Screen 1 for 1

3-W W-Shotgun TE Motion R- Run 1 for 1

2-W W-shotgun Twins-Twins- Pass 1 for 1

I-formation- Play action 1 for 1

Singleback- Play action 1 for 1

Singleback Twin WRs R- Pass 1 for 1

Singleback Trips-R Motion fake J-S- Run 1 for 1

Twin-Twin Singleback Motion-R: Jet-Sweep 1 for 1

Twin-Twin Singleback- run 1 for 1

3-TE Singleback- Run 1 for 1 Dive


J-S- Jet Sweep

Twins-Twins Singleback- Twin-WRs on one side and Twin-TEs on the other. With a single RB behind the QB who is under center.

3-W or 4-W- three Wides or four wides, which can include a TE, H-B, or FB standing up outside the tackles like WR.

I-Shotgun- RB lined up behind QB.

S-Shotgun- RB lined up next to QB on Strong side (right of QB).

W-Shotgun- RB lined up next to QB on Weak side (left of QB).

SB- Singleback- two TE, and two WR with QB under center.

Unbalanced SB- Unbalanced means they move one O-linemen to the opposite side of the line so there are three O-Linemen on one side of the center and one on the other. Usually the OLT moves over to the right side either inside or outside the ORT.

Pass- Means he drops to throw. If he scrambles or is Sacked the intent is still to pass.

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