Josh RosenQB UCLA

6-4, 226, (O) 4.92

9'3" Broad, 31" Vert,

7.09 3-Cone! 4.28 Short Shuttle!

The Most Ready QB. 

Though None Are Really Ready. 


Well it looks like Rosen is going to be traded, and the Cards are going to burn another top 10 pick on a QB. "Klatt added that the Chargers, Giants and Patriots have emerged as his top suitors and that one of the three has already offered up a second-round pick. The Cardinals are still seeking a first-rounder for Rosen, but Klatt doesn't see that happening," Undisputed. "All signs point to Arizona drafting Kyler Murray first overall, making Rosen expendable. Despite a sluggish rookie campaign in 2018, the former UCLA Bruin hasn't hurt for interest on the trade market. Los Angeles, New England and New York remain his most likely destinations, but don't be surprised if other quarterback-needy teams enter the Rosen Sweepstakes ahead of next month's draft." It looks like the Pats have the ammo to get him. 

This would be the most bizarre QB trade in a long time. "Those three teams are the Chargers, Giants and Patriots. It makes sense as Philip Rivers, Tom Brady and Eli Manning are all nearing the finish line and Rosen would be an ideal successor for any of the three. Per Klatt, one team has already offered Arizona a second-round pick for Rosen, though the Cardinals are apparently holding out for a first-rounder," Roto. "With newly-minted coach Kliff Kingsbury making no effort to hide his infatuation with reigning Heisman-winner Kyler Murray, the Cardinals may not have much leverage in trade discussions. Rosen labored through a difficult rookie season in 2018, though coaching turnover and a weak supporting cast were at least partially to blame for his struggles. The 22-year-old should benefit from a change of scenery." This is how coaches and GM get fired quick. 

You need QBs who crave knowledge. "[Rosen] needs to be challenged intellectually so he doesn't get bored," the HC of UCLA Jim Mora said. "He's a millennial. He wants to know why. Millennials, once they know why, they're good. Josh has a lot of interests in life. If you can hold his concentration level and focus only on football for a few years, he will set the world on fire. He has so much ability, and he's a really good kid." He has that thirst for knowledge that forces him to learn every minutia of an Offense. 


Rosen is the smartest QB in this Draft. He is known for knowing everything everyone is doing on every play. "He wasn't the guy everyone rallied around in college and you don't have to dig around for too long to find people who said he was hard to coach," a Exec said. "He's definitely talented. Nobody questions that. But he's going to have to get grown men to buy into him as their leader. That is not a given." That puts him much higher up on my list than I though he would ever reach before the season. 

He is tough prospect for me. I didn't think he was good after he was hit in his first two seasons. "Arizona gave up pick Nos. 15, 79, and 152 to get their quarterback of the (very near) future. Sam Bradford will likely start Week 1 but obviously has a laundry-list injury history," Roto. "Rosen (6’4/226) made 30 starts as a Bruin, going 17-13 and completing 60.9% of his passes at 8.0 yards per attempt with a 59:26 TD-to-INT ratio. UCLA ran a pro-style offense wherein Rosen made anticipation throws and ran traditional play-action plays, so he is advanced conceptually." In his first two seasons he couldn't take the hits. He would throw incompletions and interceptions after a big hit.

He got better at taking hits. "We’ve had good years, we’ve had average years, we’ve had disappointing years, we’ve had injured years, we’ve had healthy years, and then some in between," Rosen said. "So all of this is a learning process of how to deal with adversity." I believe that he has learned. 

He was very good at getting up after getting hit, and throwing the next pass accurately this season. "I've tried since he was in high school, [to] kind of guide him in a way that is going to prepare him to be a great NFL quarterback. And I've been lucky to be around guys like Joe Montana, and Dan Fouts, and Steve Young, and Matt Hasselbeck, and guys like that," Mora said. "And I've coached 20 NFL Hall of Famers in my career. 

And they all have certain traits. [I was] just trying to guide Josh in the right direction in terms of the emotional part that it takes to be a great player, as you know, at that level." He has also shown a knack for making the big play in the clutch this season. He has taken his game to another level that I didn't think he had. 

He might have the best arm talent in this Draft. "The best pure thrower, best pure passer I've seen in several years," Mayock said. "I mean he's on balance on every throw. He's accurate short, intermediate and deep. The problem I have with him is there's a durability issue, a shoulder issue in '16, two concussions in '17, and when you combine that with an inability to escape from the pocket, I'm concerned. I'm concerned whether or not he can play enough games to make a significant dent in the NFL. So I love his talent, but I'm very worried about his ability to survive.'' People seem to be worried about his political leanings. 

They also are worried that he is a rich kid, and didn't have to fight his way out of anything. "A very intelligent kid, so that's not an issue. He can process information. He's really good understanding the playbook," Mayock said. "I think what they want to get to know is what's his passion for the game. Does he love it? Is he committed for the next 10 years to be the best he can be? With Josh Rosen, no different than any of the guys, they're going to dig deep." I thought he struggled with toughness earlier at UCLA, but not last season. 

Additional Notes:

A&M: He continues to struggle when he get knocked down a lot. He got knocked down 3 or 4 times in the 1st half against A&M, and he fell apart in the 1st half. He held onto the ball way too long, and didn't throw to open receivers..

Combine: Great natural athlete. Great natural thrower. He has the best arm talent in the Draft. He can throw the beautiful perfect pass more than anyone else in this Draft. He has everything you want in a QB. He seems to have the brains to play in the NFL. But he needs to get physically stronger. His biggest negative was that he couldn't stay healthy. 

He has had to play injured a lot in college, because he couldn't stay healthy. So he has to learn how to move in the pocket to avoid rushers better, and throw the ball away quicker. He might also want to get on the TB12 method.

Rosen Vs USC:

He can really sell the play action, while staring down a WR. Throws to his first option most of the time. Slides over to his second option smoother than Darnold. Run a lot of WR screens. He has a stronger arm than Darnold. He can throw it on a rope 2-yards downfield. He is doing a better job dumping it off to the RB when everyone is covered..

Zips the ball outside on the run pass option with some nice touch and speed. He really runs that offense with some intense pace. He's gets the call while the refs are still spotting the ball, and gets his guts to the line with 20 second still on the clock. He can complete the pass with the ILB blitz right into his face, and he knows he is going to get taken out. Looses ball security looking downfield sometimes. He always seems to give up a big TO when I watch him.

Great job dumping it off to the RB when he has nothing down field. He often does better when they slow things down a little, and he has a little time. He tends to struggle when he goes to his third or forth receiver. He can swing it outside to the RB, after looking down field at three other options. He will loose track of time in the huddle sometimes.

He gets into his receivers hands fast. Great job through the ball down the middle of the field to the tight end on the 2nd to 3rd level. He can hit his third option going across the field. He will throw it a little short when he tries to touch the deep ball. He is better when he just lets it rip. 

When he has room and steps into the throw, he can put some velocity on it. He is much cooler in the pocket late in the 4th when his team is down. He can stand in the pocket with rushers coming at him, and throw with accuracy this season. Smart enough to throw the ball at his WR who got pulled down by a USC CB, and force the ref to throw the flag late in the 4th. Then he lofted a perfect 27 yard TD pass to get them within five with less than 3-minutes to go. But then he got hit as he threw for the 2-point conversion.

Rosen Vs USC:

Rosen Vs Arizona ST:

Text book footwork and shoulder fake (:09). Air Raid play action. He will lose control of ball when he has rushers in his face. He got much better at that this past season (:15). He can throw the dart, and take some off and throw the beautiful touch pass (:38). He knows when to throw the ball away (:45). NFL play action (:50). Knows when to dump it off, and can throw around the rusher.

That was a bad pass after he threw an INT. You have to be able to put bad plays behind you, and complete the next pass (1:36). Second bad pass after in the INT, but I'm mostly waiting to see him get hit (1:51). NFL play action (1:58). Then he put it in the bread basket 45-yards down field.

It is never a bad play to dump it off to your play maker (2:11). NFL play action, and another beautiful pass 52-yards down field. That is an NFL throw (2:25). Lost his feet moving to the left, and threw it into the dirt (2:41). Great job avoiding he blitzer, resetting his feet and balance, and completing the pass (2:55). That was an NFL throw.

NFL play action. He is the most NFL ready (whatever that means) of the top three QBs (and don't even pretend Mayfield is in the top three). His feet get hyper sometimes and he starts to hop. He lost control of his feet, and thus the pass (3:05). He has to learn to calm his feet in the pocket. 

Terrific feet and form in the pocket, but it helps to look before you launch (3:14). He had the best projection of the top three QBs. His O-line, and especially Kolton have been great in this game. Another NFL. He climbed the pocket like Brady and shot his TE in the chest (3:21). He is the most like Brady of all the QBs I have see in a while. Only he doesn't have Brady's spoiled brat obsession with winning. He can seem like he doesn't care less sometimes. But he did get better and better late in games in the NFL. 

He threw just a hair late (3:34). The reason Air Raid QBs don't succeed in the NFL, is because they too often don't move their feet. Rosen will move his feet in the shotgun all the time. One step drop in the shotgun can be the difference between between bust and Cutler (3:39). He also reminds me of Cuter sometimes. He is lost somewhere between Brady and Cutler. How obsessed he is to win is what will define whose side he lands on. 

He is much slipperier in the pocket than given credit, and I remembered. That is an NFL throw. He did too any good things to count on that play (3:50). He throws well waggling outside (4:09). He still locks onto his first option for too long (4:16). NFL play action into a screen (4:23). He looked like Brady there.

Bubble screens suck (4:33). Hoppy feet again (4:39). Second option, but threw into triple coverage (4:47). His pocket clock went off, and he dumped the ball off. Nice play (4:56). Beautiful. He climbed up into the pocket, and fired another NFL throw to his second or third option (5:05). Nice job dumping the ball out of bounds (5:12). He turned disaster into a gain (5:25). Another opportunity to not move his feet like an Air raid QB (5:38). But he one stepped, and stepped into the throw nicely.

Just a little skip to step into the throw, instead of flat-footing it (5:46). Three step, and fires a perfect pass between two DBs (5:53). He has great instinct when to take off, and the rushers are closing in on him. That was his best trait in this game (6:24). He cheats the five step with a hop at the end, but steps in enough to make it a perfect pass (6:34). He will still stare down his first option, just way too much (6:42). All three QBs could use some serious time on the bench learning to play QB. None of them are ready to play in the NFL. Rosen is there readiest, but even he could be ruined if they force him to start right away.

Rosen Vs Arizona ST:

Rosen's Official Bio:

Starter in all 11 games in which he saw action ... Named second-team All-Pac-12 by the coaches ... Helped to engineer the largest comeback in UCLA history in a 45-44 win over Texas A&M after trailing 44-10 in the third quarter ... Led the Pac-12 in passing yards per game average (341.5) and total offense per game average (332.6) ... Set school records for highest passing yards average per game (341.5), most games passing for 350 yards or more in a season (6), most games passing for 300 yards or more in a season (7), most consecutive games of 300-plus yards in total offense in a season (5), most consecutive game passing for at least 300 yards in a season (5) and most games with 350 yards or more of total offense in a season (6) ... Rosen tied the school record with 40 completions against Stanford ... He finished his Bruin career with the school marks for most games passing for 350 yards or more (10), most games passing for 300 yards or more (17), most games with 350 or more yards of total offense (11) and most consecutive games throwing a touchdown pass (14) ... Threw for at least 400 yards in games vs. Texas A&M (491), Memphis (463), Stanford (480), Arizona State (420), USC (421) ... Honorable mention All-Pac-12 Academic team.

Starter in first six games of the season … Injured in game six at Arizona State, where he threw for career-best 400 yards … Missed the balance of the season … Has risen to sixth on the all-time school lists for passing yardage (5,583), total offense (5,527) and completions (429) … The 400 yards passing at ASU tied for the sixth-best total ever by a UCLA player … It was 10th 300-yard passing game of his career, which is tied for second on all-time school list (one behind Cade McNown, 1995-98) … Threw for 350 yards and three scores in win over Arizona … Passed for 307 yards in win at BYU … Named to Davey O'Brien, Walter Camp, Rotary Lombardi and Maxwell Award watch lists … Honorable mention Pac-12 Conference Football All-Academic team selection.

Starter in all 13 games … Became first Bruin true freshman to start a season-opener at quarterback … Set numerous school marks - most consecutive passing attempts without an interception (245); most passes attempted in a game (57 v. Wash. St.); most passing yards by a true freshman in a game (399 v. Cal); most passing yards in a season by a true freshman (3,670); most 300-yard passing games in a season (tied-6); most touchdown passes thrown by a true freshman (23); most touchdown passes thrown by a true freshman in a game (3-tied); longest pass play by a true freshman (70 yds); most completions in a game (34 v. Cal); most passing attempts in a season (487); most passing yards per game in a season by a true freshman (282.3) … Threw for 300-yards in games v. Nebraska (319), Wash. St. (340), Oregon St. (333), Cal (399), Stanford (326) and Virginia (351) … Had three scoring passes in games against Nebraska, Cal, Stanford and Virginia … His 410 yards of total offense v. Washington State ranked No. 9 on all-time school list … The Sporting News' Freshman of the Year … USA Today 1st team Freshman All-America selection … The Sporting News' 1st team Freshman All-America selection … FWAA 1st team Freshman All-America selection … Pac-12 Conference Offensive Freshman of the Year (coaches) … Pac-12 Newcomer of the Year (AP) … Honored in New York after being selected as one of five recipients of the 2015 NFF National HS Scholar-Athlete award … Presented John Boncheff, Jr. Memorial Award for Rookie of the Year and the Captain Don Brown Memorial Award for Most Improved Player at the annual team banquet … Enrolled in January of 2015 and participated in spring practice.

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