Josh Allen- QB Wyoming

6-4.7, 237, (O) 4.75! 

33.5"Vert! 9'11" Broad!

6.9 3-Cone! 4.4 Short Shuttle.

Fighting For Respect. 


Allen has the highest upside physically of any QB in this Draft. "It’s like a big boy playing with little kids out there," CSU HC Mike Bobo said. "He is about impossible to tackle. He makes play after play with his legs and his arm. When he scrambles, he scrambles to throw the ball downfield, and I’m not talking about in the flat. I’m talking about deep shots, 40-, 45 plus ropes to backside receivers. Countless times over and over the last two years, this guy has made plays to win ballgames. He’s a truly, truly impressive kid." Ultra talent, but small school prospect.

Which could help him, because he will more likely be given time to develop, before he is thrown into the deep end, than the other two top QBs. He ran NFL play action passes from under Center. He was running the same NFL offense that Wentz ran. Very right handed QB, who doesn't throw as well to the left. When he leaves the pocket he is going to the right. And when he is running to the right his throws are amazingly accurate on the move. When he is running to the left the accuracy is not as good. 

He is a terrific athlete for a QB. He has the fast ball, and he can also take the heat off and hit the TE short, or throw a touch pass every now and again. Elite arm for going deep. He can run the NFL play action, and then slip it outside to the WR moving down the line fast enough so he can make a move. 

He will look to his third option, and then take off. Nice job stepping up into the pocket to get away from edge pressure. Then he can redirect outside when the inside rushers step up. I love how he keeps his head up and eyes down field when he is running to his right. He can look right, duck to avoid a rusher, and spot a WR on the left and hit him. 

Allen has a good head on his shoulders. "What I've been trying to do this offseason is, one, go to the Senior Bowl, build some momentum, carry it on through Pro Day and private visits," Allen said. "We're almost halfway there now and we got some more work to do. Obviously, I'm still going to be working in California, trying to improve and so when we get to Pro Day, hopefully we'll have a better showing there." He is a tough kid who can take a hit can complete the next pass.

Physically he has everything you want in a QB. "He's got the best arm of anyone in this draft,'' Mel said. "He has tremendous size, he has tremendous athleticism for a big man. You saw his mobility. You go back to that Iowa game earlier in the year. You go look at the Senior Bowl, in that first half, that second quarter, his mobility there. He's just got all the physical traits you want. Athletic-prowess, he's got the will to learn, he's got great competitive desire on the football field, (his HC) Craig Bohl raves about him.'' It is all mental for him. 

He got smarter and smarter as the week went on Mobile at the SB. "He didn't have to go down to the Senior Bowl," Mel said. "But he went down there and the first day he struggled, then he kept getting better and better, was lights out late in the week. Senior Bowl game he had a decent second quarter then he comes out in the second half when he didn't have to and he lit it up. He makes throws that nobody else can make." He has a near Elway arm and athleticism. 

Additional Notes:

Great on his feet. He can break the sack/tackle of a DT, and scramble back to the other side with his eyes downfield looking for a WR. He will stare down a single WR, until he is sacked. He looses sense of time in the pocket sometimes. He can stare down a WR for too long, and then snap his head to another and throw a perfect pass, when he is bouncy on his feet. 

He plays mostly against more talented team. He will stare at the RB curling out of the backfield, and then pump fake. Then he can turn to the other side, and go back to his third option and find him. 

Allen has great size and speed and really looks the part. He is a nice pocket passer, but is often at his best running away from pressure to his right. When he gets flat footed he looses control of his arm. When he one or three steps out of the shotgun is when his form and accuracy is at his best. But like a lot of Spread QBs, when he does move his feet he looses control of the ball. He was great, and then stood flat footed twice in a row and riffled two bullets into the dirt. When he gets lazy with his feet he sucks. 

He is one of those strong armed QBs, who can struggle when he has to take some heat off the throw. You cannot throw a laser to RB short and in screens. He has a good sense when to throw the ball away. He does a nice job dancing behind his blockers to frustrate a rusher.

Senior Bowl:

Great footwork in the pocket. He has the best footwork of all the top QBs at the Senior Bowl. Nice job hitting the TE on the 2nd level, while a DE is diving on his feet. It is amazing how he can throw on the run, with a big DT nipping at his heels. It is all mental with him. He has all the physical traits you want in a QB. His ability to throw the ball with his body out of position is one of the best I've seen. His ability to climb the pocket and throw to the 3rd level, is positively Wentz like. 

Nice touch throwing to the corner of the endzone. He struggled a little with accuracy, but not as much as the haters said. One problems is that he throws so hard that a lot of catchable balls were dropped, because of his arm. Gallop just dropped one on the sideline. He threw it so hard it went through his hands and bounced off his shoulder pads like a bottle rocket. He threw a beauty to Gesicki crossing the goal line. 

Combine: Terrific athlete. He is a Carson Wentz clone. The similarities are astonishing. They were coached by the same guy in the same pro style offense. They measured as nearly identical at the Combine. He turned his back to the defense. Those guys always translate better. Allen is an elite athlete with an elite arm. It is really almost all mental for college QBs who had success in the NFL like Allen, Darnold, Rosen, Jackson, etc. 

Can they not just run an NFL offense, but can they lead their teammates as well? Which is one reason why rookie QBs suck-suck-suck, because a rookie is not going to lead an offense or a defense. But do they have the presence to become leaders, like Darnold has. Do they have the smarts to be a leader, like Rosen, or the self awareness like some say Rosen might not have. So the physical testing for the QBs is the least important aspect of the Combine for the QBs. 

Senior Bowl

He was very accurate when it mattered, at the end of the 1st (for those who don't know they end each quarter like a Half at the Senior Bowl when the clock ends. Then restart the next quarter like it is the 2nd Half. Which I think is the best idea I've ever seen in an all-star game to create pressure on QBs, because there are four two-minute warning drives. But his accuracy took a nose dive to start the 2nd quarter. 

He got to run the two-minute drill to end the 1st quarter at the SB. The biggest difference between Mayfield and Allen was that Allen ran a Prostyle offense at Wyoming, so he went under center when he took the two-warning away from Mayfield. Mayfield had to play in a shotgun exclusive offense. So Allen was able to run the ball in his first three snaps to set up the play action, like an NFL QB. Then of course his dumbass Broncos coaches didn't call for a Play action, which should have been the point of the runs. That is what happens when you have a DC-HC who doesn't understand how to build an Offense.

His accuracy just kept getting better every day, and every quarter in the Senior bowl Game. And of course, they lined up in an I and ran play action, and he threw a TD to the TE crossing into the endzone. The other QBs at the Senior Bowl couldn't do a basic NFL play action. Then he had a quick drive which started with a play action pass out of the I. He hit Gallop crossing for 30 to get over midfield. Then hit Smythe on another beautiful touch pass in the back of the Endzone. But then he under threw to Gesicki on the 2-point conversion. He will be the number one pick to Cleveland in this Draft. 

They were also able to go into a Strong formation, which is a run formation with Allen under center and the RB n the Strong side, and ran play action. Which froze the entire front seven in the rush. Not only were the DLs stuffed at the line, as they were looking to grab shirt, but the LB rushed up to the line to hit the RB. Allen had a too much time in the pocket, and finally threw to Hamilton outside the numbers, he didn’t catch it, but a PI was called. All these plays are a direct result of him being able to play skillfully under center, which the seven other QBs could not do. It amazes me that half the QBs at the Senior Bowl had never taken a snap under center. 

He continue taking good reps in the 3rd. He even took off once for the side line. He threw a great touch pass into the corner of the endzone in the 3rd quarter. With Allen in, with his experience in the pro style offense, they were able to line up in the I-formation in the 3rd again, and run, pass, run play action, and drive them down the field for a TD. Which ended with a great play action touch pass to the TE in the corner of the endzone, just over the DB.

Allen Vs Senior Bowl:

Josh Allen Vs Boise:

He took the big hit on the Option run. On the next play, he had a nice smooth drop. His feet were perfect, and the threw to his first option in the slot (:43). Good feet in the pocket, as he waited for his WR to get open. Then threw into double coverage, with no one on the RB sneaking out of the backfield (1:04). QBs have to be able to come through in 3rd down. That is their primary job, to keep drives alive (1:20). He completed the pass, but the WR couldn't pick up the 1st (1:40). Nice job keeping the drive alive, with a fake toss and half a helicopter for the first.

He almost got helicoptered. Double play fake, and then hit the WR going down the numbers with a nice pass that allowed him to run, after the big hit on the Option run (1:59). He hit the RB out in the flat again (2:44). He took a couple of hits (3:18). This was not the next play, but the next series. He flung that about 50-yards outside and hit him in the bread basket. That is a beautiful throw (3:34). 3rd down (3:50). He didn't convert.

Nice feet in the pocket, But he didn't step into the throw and over threw his WR for the INT (4:05). He faked/hopped, he didn't reset his feet, But at least he made the tackle (4:23). Lost his feet again. He hopped back and threw as his right foot did the hokey pokey, and turned himself about (4:38). He make the check at the line (5:10). He went to the third guy there.

He turned his back to defense on an NFL play action, but didn't throw it (5:23). When he can three step and throw it he throws a great ball: feet, balance, accuracy. It looked like he went to his fourth option there (5:39). When he steps into a throw, it is an impressive rocket (6:18). Easy pass with rushers in his face (6:32). Looked at two receivers, and took off the right (6:55). He found his third option on the right.

He got sacked (7:11). This is the next play after the big sack. Great play. He took off, shook off the rusher, and threw a dart, with three other rusher in his face, on the run to his WR. That is an NFL QB throw right there (7:38). He got hit as he threw. This is the next play, and he got a huge hit. He held on too long and got hit again (8:20). He ran an NFL play action (8:47). He threw into tight coverage, and gave his outside guy a chance to catch it. 

He can make the big TD throw under pressure, after getting sacked the play before. He has a great TD pass to end the 3rd Quarter against Boise, after he was sacked. Unfortunately this Tape only has the 1st Half. 

He can turn and look to a third option over the middle. He can complete a pass after taking a big hit. He has a long way to go to be a Pro, but the potential is obvious. He can flee the pocket do to pressure, and turn back up field, and hit the WR instead of just panicking out of the pocket. He has some great speed and shiftiness when he takes off. Holds onto the ball too long sometimes as the pocket collapses around him, but he is not afraid of the hit. 

He will throw wildly to start the Half sometimes. He has good feet in the pocket, even though he runs a wacky shotgun offense. He is a one man band when the running game is stuffed. Great speed taking off forward when the edgerushers run past him, and is smart enough to head to the sidelines. The O-Coordinator is not good, he keeps calling QB draws for him. 

Allen Vs Boise:

Allen Vs Iowa:

Iowa was so overwhelmingly more talented than his team that is was a beating. He started off with an easy throw that was overwhelmed by the LB (:01). He can turn, off the college play action, and throw quick. That is nice form and quicks. But Jackson destroyed his WR (:07). Nice feet getting outside. He showed the arm that everyone is raving about (:13). But he can't get it past the defender.

NFL play action from under center. He threw that about 70-yards down field while falling back (:26). Great throw with a rusher in his face between two defenders on 3rd down (:59). He is more slippery and athletic than you think. 

He completed the next pass on a line outside (1:37). He is the most athletic and elusive in the pocket of the top three QBs. But he was finally taken out by four rushers (1:44). This was the next play, but from the next series, after the brutal sack (including a vicious helmet butt). He ran an NFL play action, turned back to the defense, and hit his little slot guy outside (2:00). That was an NFL throw.

2 for 2 after big hit.

He gets absolutely crushed on the stupid option run. I usually don't count Option runs, but that TFL was particularly brutal (2:08). He has to run away from the blitzing LB, and gets call for grounding (2:22). Another NFL throw that few of the other QBs in this Draft ever made. Great NFL play action, turns to find the Safety, then throws it outside on a line (2:44). Terrific NFL play action that fooled the better team (2:51). Then he rolled out, and threw a beautiful pass on the move. 

2 for 3 after big hit.

NFL play action. Then he throws a rocket deep into the endzone that just scrapped off his WR's hands, who was being pulled down before the ball arrived. That was a TD or a PI. The ref saw neither (2:58). NFL play action into quick roll out throw. He is so good doing that play. Though he did rush the play action a little (3:09). Terrible throw (3:16). Easy throw into drop (3:28). Threw to the wrong shoulder (3:35). That is one of my biggest pet peeves. He still throws much better to his right than his left. That is his biggest flaw on Tape.

He went to the second option, and let the rusher rush his throw (3:50). Whose the best QB in this Draft? N-F-L-Play-Ac-tion. He climbs up into the pocket with perfect form and great feet past the rush, and threw a beautiful touch pass for the TD. It doesn't get any better than that (4:00). And his WR dropped that ab-so-lute-ly perfect pass. Wow.

He will misfire a little more than I like (4:22). Nice throw with the pocket closing in on him (4:28). NFL play action. Looked at his first target, then his second, and went back to his first. His biggest flaw is that he stares down his first target too much and for too long (4:35). Only Rosen could make that throw, but not on that line (4:44). He ran more NFL play action than the other top three QBs in this game, than those two did all last year (4:51). He got tripped up from behind by the blitzer. Not a brutal hit, but had to hurt his leg, ankle, or both.

This was two plays later. Oh! He threw the INT to Jackson (4:45). Lost some control with some confidence (5:26). Then he hit the next one (5:30). He took a little off the pass to let his WR grab it easier (5:38). He is so good throw outside on the 2nd and 3rd levels (5:44). That was that odd snap-back throw (5:52). He lost his composure in the pocket a little (5:58). He climbed up the pocket nicely. He escaped outside. Looked to three different receivers, and then scooped out of bounds for the 1st (6:06). Kept moving them down field (6:16). Set up the screen to end the game.  

2 for 5 after big hit 1 INT.

Please Note: This was the game he was most criticized for, and was the reason many say he is not an NFL QB. But he did more NFL things in this game than either of the other top three QBs. Granted he fell apart a bit at the end of the game, but he held in there for most of the game against the much better team. 

Allen Vs Iowa:

Previously Released:

I am all in on Josh Allen, and so are the Browns. He played on a team that had an exodus of Seniors leave after last season. He was incredible at the Senior Bowl when he finally had some talented guys to throw to. He threw in pace and rhythm, and the longer the game went on the better he got. The Browns are setting things up for Allen. The only question is do they take him at Four or One.

Allen is a phenomenal athlete. "It’s like a big boy playing with little kids out there," CSU HC Mike Bobo said. "Countless times over and over the last two years, this guy has made plays to win ballgames. He’s a truly, truly impressive kid." He really looks the part.

He played on a team that was usually overwhelmed at every other position on offense. "We had an exodus. Every player who touched the football last year was on an NFL roster, and that’s not typical of what we usually have at the University of Wyoming," his HC Bohl said. "Whenever we make a good play now, more of it’s on him. And we appreciate the guys around him, but the easy throws, plays that were made, they’re not there. It forces you to play better. And he’s done that." He had one of the worst receiving corps I've ever seen.

He has a great gun on the run. "Everybody looks at the physical gifts that he has the arm strength, the size, the speed," Bobo said. "But he’s got a lot of mental toughness of what he’s gone through. Statistics aren’t everything. It’s how you lead, how you handle adversity, how you respond. And that kid? I’ve been very impressed with him this year." He habitually takes off to the right, when the clock goes off in this head, and can throw all over the field moving to his right, looks... like... huh... Elway (was that hyperbole too far)?

He will unleash some wild throws sometimes. "It was really about learning how to be a quarterback," Bohl said. "There’s more to playing quarterback than what he did last year. And I’d venture to say there’s no college quarterback in the country that has a stronger arm or possesses more athletic ability. But there’s more to playing quarterback than those things." He runs NFL play action from under Center, and turns his back to the defense. 

He was running more and more of the NFL offense, like Wentz ran, this season. "So it was taking his next steps of improvement in learning how to be a quarterback," Bohl said. "How to read coverages. How to lead an offense. How to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different defenses, and how to attack. And we’re pleased with his progress." Very right handed QB, who doesn't throw as well moving to the left. 

When he leaves the pocket he is going to the right. "He’s been ultra-competitive, and it’s been whatever we’ve needed him to do," Bohl said. "You look at our margins of victory, within our conference, on the Mountain [division] side, they’ve been pretty slim. And he’s been very resourceful, whether it’s running it or throwing it. And he’s done a really good job taking care of the football." When he is running to the right, his throws are amazingly accurate on the move. 

But when he is running to the left the accuracy is not as good. "He is about impossible to tackle," Bobo said. "He makes play after play with his legs and his arm. When he scrambles, he scrambles to throw the ball downfield, and I’m not talking about in the flat; I’m talking about deep shots, 40-45 plus ropes to backside receivers." He is not Wentz, but he can take a beating and keep on ticking. 

Allen's Official Bio:

UW This Season: Josh Allen is one of college football’s top returning quarterbacks. He was named to the Maxwell Award Watch List in the summer of 2017. The Maxwell Award has been presented to the College Player of the Year since 1937. Numerous NFL scouts have rated Allen as a potential first round draft pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. He considered entering last year’s NFL Draft, but decided to return to Wyoming for his junior season. Since the conclusion of the 2016 season, Allen was invited to and attended the Manning Passing Academy in June 2017. He also attended a special program approved by the NCAA for underclassmen at this past year’s NFL Draft Combine in Indianapolis, Ind.
2016: Allen helped lead Wyoming to the 2016 Mountain Division title and a spot in the Mountain West Conference Championship Game. Wyoming hosted that championship game as the highest ranked team in the conference. The Cowboys went on to earn a berth in the 2016 San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. He was a key player in Wyoming’s win over two Top 25 ranked teams in 2016, as the Cowboys also earned votes in the national polls. The Cowboy offense ranked No. 2 in the MW and No. 25 in the nation in scoring offense, averaging 35.9 points per game. Wyoming led the conference and ranked 22nd nationally in first downs (312). As a team, UW averaged 15.27 yards per pass completion to rank No. 3 in the MW and No. 8 in the NCAA. The Cowboys converted 90.6 percent of their red-zone opportunities into points to rank No. 2 in the league and No. 14 in the country. As a sophomore, Allen ranked No. 1 in the Mountain West and No. 6 nationally in passing yards per completion (15.33 yards). He also led the MW and was No. 16 in the country in points responsible for (218). Allen threw28 touchdown passes in 2016, placing him No. 1 in the conference and No. 20 in the NCAA.He was second in the MW and 32nd in the nation in passing yards (3,203). Allen was also No. 2 in conference and No. 40 in the nation in total offense (266.1 yards per game). His 3,203 passing yards in 2016 are the fifth best single-season total in Wyoming school history, and his 3,726 yards of total offense in a single season rank No. 3 in school history. His 36 touchdowns responsible for -- passing (28), rushing (7) and receiving (1) -- rank No. 2 in Wyoming history. Allen’s 28 passing TDs rank as the third best single season at Wyoming. He had five games of 300+ yards of total offense: 315 vs. Northern Illinois; 327 vs. Boise State; 327 vs. Utah State; 366 at UNLV; and 338 vs. San Diego State in the regular-season meeting between the two schools. His high passing game was a 334-yard effort at UNLV, his high rushing game was 74 yards vs. Air Force and his high total offense game was 366 at UNLV (334 passing and 32 rushing).
2015: Allen saw action in two contests for the Pokes before suffering a season-ending injury. He earned his first career start against Eastern Michigan. Against Eastern Michigan, he was 3-of-4 passing for 32 yards. He also rushed for 40 yards on three carries with a career-long 24 yard rush. He also appeared in the season opener against North Dakota going 1-of-2 passing for 19 yards. For the season, Allen was 4-of-6 passing for 51 yards with three carries for 40 yards. 


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