Jordan Mathews WR Vandy-

6-3.1, 212, 33" Arms! 21 Reps!

(U 4.4), 35.5" Vert, 10" Broad!

(O 4.46), 4.18 SS! 6.95 3-C!

Get Someone To Help Brady, Please!

  Part IV.


He is so an elite Slot WR. He has no trouble outfighting bigger Corners. He didn’t face a lot of Corners bigger than he is, but he faced a few. One of the reasons he is so productive is that they move him all over the Line. He lines up in the Slot, then inside the bunch on other side. Then Outside as the Flanker. Then as the X. All game he runs elite patterns from different positions. So good and smart. Always knows what he is doing on the field, and always appears to be so calm about it.

I really like how he can extend his arms and reach out for the over thrown ball on the deep throw. He tracks those deep ball so well, and once he see it he goes and gets it. He has no trouble catching the ball in drills. Runs nice routes. Nice head and shoulder fakes. Knows when to make a move and accelerating. Nice Swim move over smaller DB, and he practices that without the DB.

I like how he runs patterns. I also like the speed he runs patterns with. He has a reputation for be a slow runner, but he doesn’t have to make a precise break. He runs his patterns as fast as anyone. He has a terrific release off the LOS. He can use his shoulders and feet to get inside and outside position on the Corner whenever he wants.

He is so good at adjusting to the ball in the air. He gets on the outside, and uses his shoulders and feet to get open deep, and then can slice in, through, and past the CB adjusting to the ball in the air. Then as the CB looks completely lost, he just reaches up and grabs it. Usually guys who can adjust to ball as well as he can are small. He is 6-3 and 215 pounds, and he hurts CBs when they try and tackle him. He comes up with the big plays on 3rd down when his QB needs him the most.

One of the reasons people don’t see his speed is because he lines up in the Slot a lot. His quickness really shows in the Slot. He is such a Patriots-type WR. He understands the little variance of patterns, and can read the defense and run the same route three different ways. A hitch and In, a hitch and go, and then he runs a hitch and Cross. He will be able to read defenses like Brady want his WR to read defenses. He could be Brady’s Marvin Harrison.

He might be the top WR in this Draft at catching the ball through contact. You have to be able to catch the ball through contact in the NFL. You have to be able to win the hand fight, and still get your hand or hands on the ball. He excels at both. He is such an interesting big receiver in the Slot. I picture him as a rookie coming in and playing in the Slot immediately as he learns the ropes. He really does a nice job of making himself a big target for the QB right over the middle.

Mathews not only emulates Jerry Rice, but he is his cousin as well. He has such a nice burst out of his Break. That is how he gets open. He is so good at catching the ball through contact. He can get open deep down the sideline, but he also is an elite slot receiver.

Mathews is one of my favorite players in this Draft. There are so many big WRs in this Draft it is unbelievable. In another year he could be the top big WR in this class. However, this year he is the third, forth, or fifth down the list. He dominated the SEC on a team that really had no other weapons this year. Defenses knew he was coming, and if they stopped him, they stopped Vanderbilt.

Smooth routes He runs routes so well. He can make CBs look foolish with his routes. Nice release. Runs through the contact nicely. Really uses his size nicely in routes. Such nice hands reaching back to grab the ball thrown behind him. Out physicals CBs for the ball consistently. His size and hands translated to Senior Bowl. He is a tough and smart kid who knows how to get open, and catches through contact as well as anyone. He looked bad the first Day at the Senior Bowl, but he kept getting better and better. He out sized and powered the big DBs for the ball so nicely. He has elite length and leap make for an elite catching radius that his QB will love.

Knows how to find the hole in the zone. He cuts up field and then breaks right in the middle of the zone. You can see he really studies his craft. He has no trouble lowering his big shoulders and hitting the DB when he is going for the 1st. He has elite hands. I think he has the best hands in the Draft, though Mikes Evans and Sammy Watkins hands are elite as well. He has big strong hands that just reach up and engulf the ball. Plus, he catches so many balls while using his other hand to hold off the DB.

Teams know he is the only dynamic option that Vandy has, so they will line him up and try and crush him whenever they can. You can tell Safeties are told to hurt this guy, not injury, but make him remember them when he has the ball in his hands. But he is tough as nails. His QB always tries to go to him when he is in trouble, and on the most important downs, and in the 4th Quarter. You know the ball is coming to him on 3rd down. Everyone knows he is getting the ball, and he just keeps getting open.

Takes blocking seriously. He can get over to the middle and Seal the CB on plays away. Very nice blocker on tosses to his side. He gets up field and bends his knees as he gains position on the CB. Then he waits and attacks with his hands as the CB reads run. He gets his hands into his shirt, and doesn’t give an inch. Excellent blocker on Screens. Does a nice job getting to the middle of the field to get his hands on the Safety on run plays. He does a real nice job getting open, and turning back to the QB to see he has taken off, and turning back to the WR and blocking him on the second and third level.

Jordan Mathews Vs Florida and Arkansas 2012:

Looks like he missed the block there (:14). This is why he is so good. He gets the outside shoulder of the Corner so subtly, smoothly, and with such nice precision. Then he holds off Roberson with one hand and catches it (:17). Wow, you can see him push off with his inside hand, and then Roberson grabs it and holds on as he catches the ball. That is a great catch against one of the top Corners in this Draft (:24). He runs this Post from the Slot, and runs underneath the outside receiver. He goes right down the Seam, and then breaks out and is wide open (:42). I think his speed is underrated, but so is his burst out of cuts.

Again this is against Roberson. He uses his subtle moves to get a quarter of a step behind him, and then his size and hands take over (:55). He gives a long jab-step inside, and then gains Roberson’s outside shoulder. You can see him push Roberson’s inside shoulder, and he is around him. That is the move that breaks him free. Roberson is able to push him out of bounds, but that is a great catch. He is so good catching the ball through contact (1:00). You can really see the fight Roberson put into this play. You can see him straight arming Mathews out of bounds, pushing on his arm. He still gets his hands up and makes that catch through the arm-bar of Roberson (1:08). I just love this catch, even though it wasn’t a catch.

Just a simple comeback, but he holds onto the ball through the big hit (1:12). Uses his release to look like he is going deep again, and then cutting it off short. Not a great pattern, but subtle and efficient (1:21). They like to line him up in the Slot a lot, and he can get open deep (1:31). Again, nothing fancy. Just a nice subtle pattern straight down field. He runs by the Corner, and cuts out on the Corner. But the QB throws it badly, and he adjusts to the ball with no problem (1:39). I see him as a nice outside receiver. His ability to play in the Slot is extremely interesting, especially as a rookie (1:47). He runs 5-yards right down the middle and turns Out, and then spins up field for a nice quick gain. That is nice pattern to help the QB.

He is lined up in the middle of the Trips. He heads down the Seam and then works his way back out after the QB bails (2:05). That is pass interference (2:44). Slot receiver. He makes a great move selling the stop, and then goes. The CB burst himself right out of the play. But the QB makes a bad throw (3:08). Slot receiver. Watch how he uses his whole body to sell the fake. Then he catches in from of the ILB, who jumps on his back as he holds on. He is (3:14). He is lined up in the Slot again. This is just great. He lines up in the Slot and runs a kind of Jerk-In (3:22). Then boom, he is running down the Seam and battling the Safeties deep over the middle. You can see his speed and fight there as he runs over one Safety, and almost splits two DBs for a long TD.

Back in the Slot. Watch the little hitch and go. This is another variation of the Hitch and In he ran twice inside the LB. Only this time he Hitches, and head up field in a crossing route. You can see the LB just in front of him and he is 10-yard open. He is the best route runner in this Draft. Then he uses his underrated speed to get into the endzone (3:32). Watch this route. I like how he fakes with his feet in the route. Then he breaks behind the LB and neither defender eyeing him can stay close to him (3:43). Then the stumbles, and watch the acceleration as he burst between the DBs and scores.

He is in the left Slot. He just breaks inside and uses his speed in the crossing route. He is open from start to finish (3:54). He gets the inside shoulder of the DB right off the snap, and never gives it back (4:12). Watch how he jumps up and grabs the tough throw behind his shoulder, and never slows.

This is so great. We just watched him dominate the defense inside with two or three defenders watching his every move. He finally lines up outside and catches the high thrown deep pass (4:16). Watch the terrific inside shoulder fake, and then he takes off. The pass is badly thrown and he is able to adjust to it in the air. He is on the outside of the WR, and the ball is thrown inside. Watch his burst inside to catch the ball on the wrong side of the Corner (4:31). That is just amazing. Then he almost fights his way into the endzone. He is not a small WR.

Watch this Cross and in outside the Slot receiver. When I watched him run patterns I never saw a slow guy. I kept hearing how he is slow. Watch the speed he runs this pattern with. It is not fancy or using precise quickness. This is all speed (4:42). You can really see how he uses his speed here to get open (4:49). He zips right in between three defenders and catches it smoothly. Then he is absolutely crushed by the LB, and he holds on for the big 1st Down.

Miscommunication pass (5:00). However, watch the release, and the CB has outside contain. Mathews turns him around and gets the sideline. That is a great move right at the LOS (5:07). Here he is showing his speed against SEC DBs on the double team (5:14). He works his up field from the Slot as the CB Holds him. Then he gives a little juke inside, and then burst over the top of him and is gone. The throw is closer to the sideline then it should be, but he uses his speed and burst to go and get it (5:29). That is another great catch using his size and speed to get open. You can see the nice extension of the hands as he smoothly catches it way over his head and in front of him.

Watch this catch in the clutch. 3rd and 8, with a minute left, down three. He breaks down the sideline and the QB tries to throw a back shoulder. He somehow goes and gets to keep his teams hope alive (5:45). Watch the jab step to the inside that he uses to get the corner's outside shoulder. Then he uses his hands to stop the Corner from grabbing his shirt Then it is just a race to the sideline (5:31). He beats him to the Corner, and then turns up field and looks back. You can really see how badly this ball is thrown. He has a step on the CB and could have gone all the way. Instead it is about 5-yard short and to the inside. He slows, spins, and reach out with one hand to grab the ball. That is his best catch of the day.

Jordan Mathews Vs Uab 2013: 

Mathews Vs UAB 2013:

He he is starting off inside. He runs a real nice jerk route that leaves the CB in the dust, and catches it between three defenders. If he wasn’t so good outside he would make an elite Slot WR (:02). Lined up outside. He he uses his shoulders and feet to fake the big Corner, and he just beats him down field deep. You can just see his inside hand holding the CB off. Then he leaps up with both hands and grabs it (:21). You can see him running the Out and Up, watch the hand fighting as he turns up field. He doesn't back down from anyone. You get a real nice shot of the inside hand creating just enough separation to go up and get that ball (:43). You can really see the Big Corner Jimmie Jean grab shirt to try and slow him down, but he powers through it. You also get a great look at the great arm extension as he reaches way out, after being Held, and snagging that ball out of the air (1:05). That is like catching a ball on a Seattle WR (1:15). And that folks is a big Corner. He can be just as physical against big corners as smaller guys. That CB is every bit 6-3.

He pops back on the WR Screen (1:27). Here he is in the Slot. I love how he does that little hitch move with his feet that stun linebackers in the box. It is awesome to watch (1:40). Inside the Bunch. Just a little Curl In (1:56). But he knows he has defenders on each side of him and he is going to take a hit. But it doesn’t bother him at all.

He is lined up outside, and runs a In. He does a ice job catching through contact again (2.29). Bottom of the screen. He gets doubled right at the LOS. The QB makes a bad throw. He makes a great adjustment, but has to slow down just enough, as the Corner pulls his arm away from his body trying to stop him (2.46). He somehow grabs that deep pass over the big Corner (3.05). He has outside position, and the ball is thrown inside a bit. He tracks it so smoothly and just goes up at the right time. He not only grabs it, but makes it look easy (3.23). That was a perfectly thrown ball over the top of the Corner.

Here we go! In the Slot in the Redzone, 1st and Goal. That is a great pattern. Watch the feet as he shows the Corner the outside, and then snaps his shoulder inside. That is some nice suddenness in his shoulders. That is an awesome move inside the goal line. Then he sees his QB in trouble and scrambling to the blindside, so he takes off. He gives him an out so he can throw the ball, and turns it into a touchdown (3:44). That is an elite playmaker right there. Watch the suddenness in his shoulders as he snaps inside. He is wide open in the middle of the double team (4.14). You can see him stop. Then see his QB is in trouble. So he takes off like a hunting coyote and parallels his QB down the LOS (4.16). Then his speed and smarts turns it into an easy pitch and catch for the QB.

Jordan Mathews Vs UAB 2013:


Mathews has drawn some mild comparisons to Jerry Rice (be careful now;-), in regards to his obsessive work ethic, preparation, and smarts, but not necessarily his production, polish, and potential. Although, he is the SEC's all time leading receiver. "The guy I like to emulate is Jerry Rice," Mathews said. "If you watched me you'd  compare me to a poor man's jerry Rice. [or] There's the poorest man's Jerry Rice, when it come to how polished he was and how great a receiver he was. That's definitely a guy I emulate. His work ethic. The way he finishes out his routes. The way he approaches the game, before the game even happens. And then the humility going about it. That's really the guy I try to model my game after." Are you telling me that BB isn't interested in that? He has great big hands that he uses to snatch the ball out of the air. He knows how to wall off the elite SEC CBs with his body, and then reaches out and snag the ball. Not a pure speed guy, but fast enough. He excels at using his size, quickness, and smarts to get open. He will be the perfect intellectual compliment to Brady. He will be the only player on the roster who can compete with Brady in preparedness before the game even happens. "It definitely feels good, but at the same time it doesn't really sink in," Mathews said when asked about reaching his dream of the NFL. "Because whether your a top or bottom prospect, it all depends on about how you go about the next day. And that's what I'm focused on. That next day. The trying to get better, and trying to improve." Remember the Pats are a game plan team, which means they change everything each week. So they not only need athletes, they need players who are intellectually able to handle the preparedness required to do that. 

He is so good at using his hands, not just to catch the ball, but to keep the CB at bay. It is truly amazing how he can hold off the CB with one hand, and catch the ball with the other. He is elite at catching the ball through contact. I don't think their is a WR with better hands. "Ended career as SEC's all-time leader in career receptions (262) and receiving yards (3,759). Also set school records for receptions, receiving yards and touchdown receptions (24). 2013: Third-team AP All-America and first-team All-SEC selection. 2012: First-team All-SEC pick after starting in all 13 games. 2011: Played in all 13 games and made 10 starts. Had three consecutive games with 100-plus yards and a touchdown. 2010: Played in all 12 games as a true freshman." After watching him destroy the best Corner in the best conference, I just wonder how anyone can have him slipping out of the 1st Round. He is the smartest WR. He is the hardest working WR. He showed his elite athleticism at the Combine. He has one of the top pair of hands in the Draft. He is a top character guy, and a top football character guy. We trade the pick to San Fran that they used to draft Jerry Rice, let's not do it again!


Official Stats:


• 2013 First Team All-America WR (USA Today & Athlons)
• 2013 2nd or 3rd Team All-America WR (Associated Press,,, & Phil Steele)
• 2013 Consensus First Team All-SEC WR
• 2013 Biletnikoff Award Semifinalist
• 2013 SEC Offensive Player of the Week (Nov. 16)
• 2013 Maxwell Award Watch List
• 2013 CFPA Wide Receiver Trophy Watch List
• 2012 First Team All-SEC (AP and Coaches)
• 2012 Third Team All-America (Phil Steele, CBSSportsline)
• 2012 Biletnikoff Award Watch List
Receiving G Rec Yards Yds/Rec Long TD Yds/G
2010 12 15 181 12.1 35 4 15.1
2011 13 41 778 19.0 49 5 59.8
2012 13 94 1323 14.1 78 8 101.8
2013 13 112 1477 13.2 55 7 113.6
TOTAL 51 262 3759 14.3 78 24 73.7

Produced one of the most productive receiving seasons in Southeastern Conference and Vanderbilt history... Concluded career as the most prolific receiver in SEC history... Named First Team All-America WR by USA Today and Athlons as a senior... Also earned All-America honors from the Associated Press, and, and consensus First Team All-SEC recognition from coaches and writers for second straight year... Holds virtually every Vanderbilt career and single-season receiving mark... A... Ended career as the SEC's all-time leader with 262 career receptions and 3,759 receiving yards... As a senior, the Biletnikoff Award semifinalist established a new SEC record with 112 catches... His receiving yardage total of 1,477 yards is the third highest total ever by an SEC receiver... Also registered seven TDs, including a pair against Houston in 41-24 BBVA Compass Bowl victory... His career total of 24 TD catches is a school record and ranks T-14 in the SEC... He also set a new SEC record by surpassing 100 receiving yards in nine games... Had at least five receptions in every game... Amassed 74 catches and 904 receiving yards vs. SEC competition...Opened the year with a gutsy performance vs. Ole Miss - 10 catches, 178 yards and 1 TD - that included a remarkable, over-the-shoulder catch that helped 'Dores to a late lead... Posted 8-catch, 123-yard effort vs. Missouri, then catching 11 passes in win over nationally ranked Georgia... Closed the season in superb fashion, totalling 36 receptions and 399 receiving yards in wins over Kentucky (12 catches, 141 yards), Tennessee (13 catches, 133 yards) and Wake Forest (11 catches, 125 yards) ... Capped a regular season of incredible catches by hauling in a deep pass in heavy traffic on 4th & 12 to keep eventual game-winning drive alive vs. Wake Forest... In bowl game, had five catches for 143 yards and 2 TDs, all coming in the first half.

Matthews has had a record-setting junior season for the Commodores, arguably the greatest season ever by a Vanderbilt wide receiver... Unanimous First Team All-SEC WR by sportswriters and coaches... Also named Third Team All-America by Phil Steele and Matthews started all 13 games, finishing the year as the Commodores' all-time single-season leader with 1,323 receiving yards... Also posted second highest receptions total in team history with 94 catches, who also ties LSU's Josh Reed for No. 2 all-time among SEC players... Eight of his receptions went for touchdowns... Set a third team mark by surpassing 100 receiving yards in seven different games... Receiving total and yardage total both are tops among SEC's wideouts... Opened the year with eight-catch, 147-yard performance against South Carolina... Also had eight-catches, 119 yards against Georgia and eight receptions, 131 yards against Florida... Closed the season with remarkable three-game stretch against Ole Miss, Tennessee and Wake Forest: 26 catches, 415 receiving yards, four TDs... Produced the highest receiving average in SEC games (109.6 ypg) than any league player... Posted a season-high 153 yards on nine receptions in 27-26 win at Ole Miss... Caught at least three passes in every game... Matched career high with 10 catches against UMass and Wake Forest... Concluded year with 7-catch, 1-TD effort in Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl victory over North Carolina State.

Matthews emerged to lead the team in catches and receiving yards... Became one of SEC's most productive receivers during second half of season... After posting just five catches for 63 yards and no TDs through first five games, Matthews caught fire down the stretch reeling in 36 passes for 715 yards and five TDs... Finished year with 41 catches, good for 783 yards (most by Vandy WR since Earl Bennett in 2007 and five TDs... Ranked among SEC leaders with 19.1-yard receiving avg... Enjoyed a three-game stretch against Arkansas, Florida and Kentucky that saw him go over 100 yards with a TD in each game... His 151 yards against the Razorbacks made him the first Commodore WR to have over 100 yards receiving since John Cole in 2010... Matthews followed up with a career-high 171 yards against the Gators, the most by a Vandy WR since Earl Bennett's 223 against Richmond in 2007... He also became the first Commodore to post back-to-back 100-yard receiving games since Bennett in 2006... Matthews' nine receptions vs. Florida matched Jonathan Krause's team season-high and established a new career mark for Matthews... His 131-yard game against Kentucky made him the first Vanderbilt player to record three straight 100-yard receiving games since Dan Stricker in 2000... Had team-high four catches for 56 yards vs. Cincinnati in AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

One of four true freshmen receivers on preseason roster, Matthews worked his way into the starting lineup by season's end, proving himself as a top aerial target for Commodore QBs... Saw action in every game at WR, though playing time increased substantially by end of year... Started in finale vs. Wake Forest... Concluded year with team's fourth leading receiver (15 catches), good for 184 yards and four TDs, which topped the receiving corps... Registered a TD catch in each of last four games... Named team's Offensive Player of the Week after five-reception effort vs. Tennessee... Concluded year with seven-catch, 74-yard effort vs. Wake Forest.


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