Johnathan Allen-

 DE/5-T/DT/NT Alabama

6-3, 291, #93

The Most Versatile Rusher In The Draft. 


He is the most versatile rusher in College football. He is such a good rusher that you forget that he is also terrific against the run. They can line him up at 5-Tech or DT and he can stuff the run. Huge fumble recovery in the 1st quarter against Wash. Smart guy, who got beat by the screen. Then on the next drive read it right and got a TFL on the second screen to his side. He is so good using his hands as he turns inside, and then running straight to the QB.

They like to bring him in on 3rd downs and passing downs. "You know, this might not be the position for him," Alabama Under coach Mickey Thompson. "He was good, but he wasn't great like he is now. He would have had to wait his turn for a while if he had played that position. So we started trying him in a 3-point stance and trying to get him on the edge a little bit, and it grew from there." He has a nice power move up field. He can pop the pulling guard, and then drive him back into the backfield. 

He is very stout when teams try to run right at him.  "Like Coach Saban says, 'If you want to have success, there's a formula,'" Allen said. "There are very few places that are like that. If you want to be successful, this is exactly what you have to do to get there." When he breaks free towards the QB waggling outside, they throw the ball away as quick as they can. He is so strong rushing inside. He explodes off the snap and uses his great strength to pop the OG back and then rips past him into the QB.

He has a great power rush when he gets low. He has such nice power. "It became like folklore," Thompson said. "What are we going to do with this guy? How are we going to block him? Everybody in their heads said, 'We're going to run away from him.' But that was a mistake because he was going to run you down. You can't have somebody totally take over a game on defensive line. That's unheard of. And that happened a lot." He can shove the OG back onto his butt in the passrush. He is also slippery. He seems to get up field to the QB more than the other big Alabama linemen. Great hands in the rush. 

Gets outside to make the tackle better than you'd think. "I feel like we're the best," Allen said, "but we have to go out there and prove it every week. We have the mentality we have to go out there and suffocate and dominate the offense." He is so strong. 

He can hold off the O-linemen with one hand and grab the RB with the other. He has a nice club on the outside shoulder of the OLT. He has such a pumped up thick body that it is difficult to believe he can move on the field like he does. When he breaks free at the QB they panic fast. He can push the tight end up, who is trying to block him, and then pull him down to the ground and pull himself to the QB to disrupt the play. Great strong hands. 

He can be an interesting inside rusher sometimes. "Jonathan Allen is a fantastic player for us, and even a better person and leader," Saban said. "Sometimes a lot of players lose sight of how football is a developmental game, how they improve, how they can improve their value by continuing to grow and develop as players in college. Jonathan Allen is a great example of that." Played in a controlled read and react system, and isn’t allowed to just blast off as often as I'd like. 

Elite inside rusher. He can put blast off to power and shove the OLG right off his feet, and then rip outside of him to the QB in a flash. "You have to be a tough guy," Allen said. "You have to be a dog, as we say around here, to go through what we go through. You have to have that nasty, mean edge about you." He just keeps finding more ways to hit the QB. Nobody in this Draft has more ways to hit the quarterback than Allen. 

Holds the point so well outside that you cannot run smashes into him. "Saban can be intimidating to some people," Thompson explained. "It's no-nonsense. To some people who are more off-the-wall or fun-loving, it's a little intimidating. For him, I think he likes it. He's serious about his craft, and he wants someone who is serious about it." Then he will line up inside. 

He won the Lombardi award as the nations best Linemen. "I was just in shock," Allen said. "Whenever you receive an award of this magnitude, it's obviously a blessing," He garnered 10.5 Sacks (which gave him 28.5 career sacks), 16 TFL, and 3 FF on 69 tackle this season, including the two Playoff games. 

He made himself the leader of the defense. "[He is] just the type of guy you win with," an anonymous scouting director said. "Tough, great hands, instinctive, a really good athlete, motor, balance, bend, everything. The only thing he lacks is size. [He's] a 1st-rounder all the way" Terrific rusher from the edge and from the inside. He had a easy sack against USC. He is so smart. Reads the play and can make the adjustments on the fly. He can cover the screen, like he is going out for the pass. He is so fast upfield to the QB that you forget that he is 295 pounds. He had two sacks against USC in the 1st half.

Additional Notes:

Ohio State 2015: Lined up at D-end against Ohio St, but he is real big to play D-End. He probably is a better as a 5-Tech. Needs to extend his arms. Plays on the Strong side a lot. Pass rushed a lot like he was setting the edge against Ohio St. Then he would show some burst going up field, and get the outside shoulder of the ORT. Nice shoulder club to get the outside shoulder of the OLT. Elite hand fighter who is so adept at grabbing the hands and arms of blockers that they can't touch him never mind block him.

Clemson: He can chase the RB down from behind on the edge, which is remarkable when you consider his size. It is amazing how he takes hits from blockers in pass pro, and it doesn't seem to even slow him down. He can twist his body to absorb the hit, and it seems the other side of his body doesn’t slow at all. He is a remarkable athlete. He can chase the RB down from behind on the edge, which is remarkable when you consider his size. Great at grabbing the forearms of blockers and pulling himself past them like he is unblocked.

LSU: He will line up inside at 4-tech. And not blast off, but turn and set the edge in run defense, so the speedster outside of him can take off in the rush. He gets off the snap late sometimes, and can oddly find a lane to the QB off the delay. But he can get wiped out when he gets off the snap late against the run. Nice job clubbing and pulling the shoulder of the OC and gaining either shoulder. He is such a beast as a rusher. He can line-up outside and beat the OLT for the Sack. He can line up at 4-Tech and beat the OLT inside for the Sack. He can line up at DT and beat the OG for a Sack.

Miss: He can line up as the inside rusher. Spin inside off the OLG, and force the double by the OC. Nice power rusher inside. He can drag the OLG four yards into the backfield, and spin back inside to make the play. It is amazing how he can make the OLT miss, with a short area burst, and tackle the RB behind him. Great ability to make the OLT miss, and hit the RB on a Dive inside.

Miss ST 2015: Nice shoulder club into a rip inside. He is such a freak. He has a huge, square, pumped up build. He is a big squat run stuffer. But he has the speed and hands to turn the corner on the OLT. Against Miss ST he had a huge Sack on Prescott. He jammed the OLT back with a powerful punch, and then turned like he was setting the edge. Prescott took off, and he sliced back inside and tackled him. Then on the next play he blasted off, slapped the OLT hands down, and then ripped past him, and sacked Prescott so hard the ball bounced out. That is amazing speed and power for an edgerusher. 

Jonathan Allen Vs USC:

He put burst to power and shoved off the OLT to create a lane to the QB with power (:12). Watch this quick Ole' move. He attacked the OLT's hands and kept them off his shirt, and used his quick feet to make the OLT miss, got into great position, and made the tackle (:22). Watch this quick move inside, and his hands. He has great quick hands. When he catches the O-linemen's hands they can't grab his shirt (:31). But then the OC picked him up and slid with him. He showed a nice spin back move to get out of the OC's grip, but the QB was throwing by then.

His biggest negative is that he gets off the slow late. It hurt him in the rush, but it can kill him if they are running at him (:42). He' a little slow off the snap sometimes, but you get a good look at his knack for slapping the OL's hands off of him, and that he knows when he is out of the rush and spies the QB to try and slap the ball down (:58). You get a good look at his great short area burst when he wanted to (1:09). Then he swarmed over the RB and literally knocked him back 3-yards with a little help from his friends.

He's a 5-tech here, but shifted outside the TE to 9-tech. He used his hands to try and shed the OLT. When the QB took off, he changed direction and shed the OLT instantly (1:09). Now he was suddenly in at 3-Tech. This is why he is the most versatile D-Linemen in this Draft. He can rush from any position in a 3-4 and a 4-3 (1:31). He got a ton of attention. He shoved off the ORG. Then got shoved by the OC. He tried to shift past him. Then got shoved hard by ORG, and almost slipped backwards into a Sack with Ryan Anderson. Relentlessness is so important in the rush.

Back at 5-tech, but this time nose to nose on the OLT. He got inside the OLT with his burst, and then shed the OLG with his hands, and tripped on his foot (1:43). This would be his most valuable position if the Pats draft him. Playing inside rusher in a two-man front on 3rd and long (1:53). Watch this blast off. That is what he will have to do on every snap in the NFL. The OLG tried to wash him out of the play but he spun back nicely to the middle, and got in on the tackle.

You could see he did a good job stacking and shedding and you can see they were going to double him on a run away, until he got tripped up from behind (2:02). He is sometimes late off the snap. But then he can somehow burst past the OLT, like he was standing still (2:12). Only the OLT was standing still (2:26). They slanted the O-line away from Allen for some reason, and he took advantage. That was also a great rush by Tomlinson, who I think is a Day Two pick.

He has been primarily playing on the blindside, but he plays a ton on the Weakside as well. Great job stunting to outside, reading the O-line going outside, and blowing up the screen (2:38). When he is on he can play with elite strength. Watch the power at the point as he takes on the double of the OLT and OLG (2:48). Then he sheds them as he moves outside, and has the speed to get out to the RB at the Numbers. That is such a great blend of strength and power, and speed and athleticism.

He fell for the play action as he grabbed the TE and stacked him up. Then he rag-dolled him as he shed him and attacked the QB. Then got in on his second sack of the game (2:58). Dude! Watch the violence in his hands as he absorbed the double. He grabbed the TE's shirt. Then the OLT left him again (3:17). Watch the hands pulling the TE down to the ground, and Allen past him like a slingshot. Then he knew he had a clean shot at the QB. So he ran a little cautiously towards him, so he wouldn't get juked.

Lined up at 4-3 D-end (3:55). He can be surprisingly quick. He faked outside, and then burst inside into the path of the RB to blow the play up (4:06). Lined up on the Nose on 3rd and long. This is where he is going to make him money. He just burst past the OC to jump up and hit the QB (4:15). That was beautiful (4:24). He tried to beat the OLT inside, but he was zone blocking inside. So he use his hands, leverage, and hip torque to throw the OLT inside, dance around him, and tackle the RB. 

Here he is as a 4-3 D-end lined up at 9-Tech. Watch the hands as he grabbed the OLT's hands and made the OLT helpless. Then he turned the corner into the QB (4:24). He is on the other side of the OC at 3-Tech. He was late off the snap, but stunted behind to the other DT (4:48). You get a nice look at his nice short area burst (4:57). Then watch the hand fight as he moves inside, and sees the QB going outside. So he continued the hand fight back outside the OG. Excellent hands on that play.

Back outside at 9-Tech. He stunted inside and knocked back the OLG and the OC, with his eyes on the QB. Then he hopped up and knocked the ball down. He just does a little bit of everything (5:09). He held the double at the point. Then tired to shed, but got stuck. Then they drove him back. Which will happen to him when he loses the hand fight (5:55). He just rarely looses a hand fight.

Lined up outside the OLT in an Odd front. Watch the blast off and the speed to power, as he powered the TE up into the air like a giant parade balloon. Also check out Eddie Jackson's speed there (6:04). He split the double inside, and pressured the QB into a bad throw (6:18). He worked his way inside the OLT, and almost got the RB inside (6:28). I think you're starting to see why I like him so much as a 5-Tech. He kept fighting inside and almost got the RB (6:37). Then he popped the OLT backwards right off the snap (6:47). Watch him shed the OLT with power and relentlessness, and get in on the tackle out in the Flat.

Allen Vs USC

Jonathon Allen Vs A&M 2016:

He is so strong in the rush that he can make a top OLT look weak when he turns the corner on them. He is great at grabbing the blockers hands and arms, and dipping past him. He has the best hands of any rusher in this Draft.

He can stunt inside with enough speed to wipe out the OC and RB trying to pick him up. He has a great one hand club to get the outside shoulder of the OLG, (:36). Then dived over the RB trying to pick him up, and land on the QB. That is one of the best defensive plays I have ever seen on a football field. He is such a freak athlete. There have not been a lot of guys as big and strong as he is who can fly through the air in a single bound like he does. Amazing.

They kept lining him up inside and he kept making plays against A&M. He hopped around Tomlinson on 3rd and 2, and slammed the RB down in the backfield. It is amazing that he has the size and strength to play inside on 3rd and short, and is also one of the top edge rushers in the Draft. You simply don't see that combination in humans. They lined him up at NT against A&M as well.

He can blast off, read the QB throwing quick and slow, and then leap up and tip the pass. Then on the next play he will line up at DT on 3rd and 3, and bash the big RB down inside. I have never seen a player who can dominate in the edge-rush and the inside run like he does.

Elite inside rusher. He can put blast off to power and shove the OLG right off his feet, and then rip outside of him to the QB in a flash. He just kept finding more and more ways to hit the QB. Nobody in this Draft has more ways to hit the quarterback than Allen. It is amazing how he can burst past the OLG and OLT inside, and find the RB. He scooped up a fumble caused by Anderson and scored (6:29). That is a 293-pound guy on a scoop and score. He finds more ways to hurt the QB than any other D-lineman. in this Draft.

Allen Vs A&M 2016:

Jonathon Allen Vs Wisconsin 2015:

Here he is rushing the OLT outside. He tried to get his outside shoulder and the ball is thrown (:01). What makes him such a great prospect is that he can be a great inside rusher in the NFL. Here he is at 5-Tech, but shifted over to 4-tech in front of the ORG  (:09). But he can also stack and shed inside and take the RB down. That is a very valuable combination for NFL teams. 

He was in at DT as a pure inside rusher on 3rd and 6. He rushed cautiously like he was spying a little, and then got his hand up as the QB threw (:19). Back in the odd front, but lined up outside of OLT. He got a late start again. He uses his hands well, and almost won by getting his outside shoulder (:29). He lined up outside of the OLT (:38). He got off the snap late again, and absorbed the double team. 

Back in a 4-tech in an even front. He stunted inside, but got caught in traffic (:46). His late start helped him as the ORT jumped past him,. He used his hands to shove him off. Then he got a lane to the QB (:58). He shaded the OC. He burst past the OC, got chopped or clipped depending on how you look at it (1:06). Then he burst to the opposite side and almost got to the RB. I just thought that was odd how he kept getting off the snap late.

Stack and shed inside on an Odd front. Can you imagine what BB and Patricia could do with a guys like this (2:06)? Yes, that was the 293-pound DT/5-Tech lined up as the on the line Sam. Yes that was Allen absorbing the hit of the FB and making the tackle (2:23). 3-Tech. watch the quick little steps as he stunts outside (2:41). He can be just as sweet as you want him to be (2:49).  5-Tech. Watch the burst outside. Then the hands flashed as he grabbed the inside arm with a punch to the ORT's outside shoulder. That my friends is turning elite hand usage into a Sack.

I mean, just watch the elite hands on the replay (3:11). I though he was a better rusher in 2015, but he did garner more attention in 2016. Watch the shoulder club on the OLG to the QB, to cause the bad throw (3:36). You get another nice look at his ole' move (4:12). It doesn't look like much, but you can see that he grabbed and shoved off the blockers hands and arms, and they can't grab the front of his shirt.

Allen Vs Wisconsin 2015:

Allen's Official Bio:

2016 (Senior): Passed on early entry into the NFL Draft and returned for his senior season and the move appears to have paid off ... one of the nation’s best defensive players and most feared pass rushers ... selected as one of the Crimson Tide’s permanent team captains for the 2016 season ... finished his career ranked second in Alabama history for career sacks with 28.5 (-205 yards) behind College and Pro Football Hall of Famer Derrick Thomas ... winner of the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, Chuck Bednarik Award and Ted Hendricks Award ... finalist for the Walter Camp Player of the Year and Lott IMPACT Trophy ... finalist for the Lombardi Award ... semifinalist for the Maxwell Player of the Year ... finished seventh in the Heisman Trophy voting ... unanimous first team All-America selection ... also chosen as a first team All-American by Pro Football Focus and Sports Illustrated ... named the Southeastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year ... earned first team All-SEC honors by both the coaches and the Associated Press ... midseason All-American by USA Today, Sporting News and Pro Football Focus ... named the FWAA/Bronko Nagurski National Player of the Week and the Lott Trophy Player of the Week following his performance against No. 6 Texas A&M ... recorded 69 tackles on the season to rank third on the team ... added a team-high 15 quarterback hurries ... has three fumble recoveries for 115 yards, two of which went for touchdowns of 75 and 30 yards ... accumulated a team-high 10.5 sacks (-82 yards) ... totaled 16 tackles for loss (-94 yards) to tie for second on the Tide ... has also batted down two passes and blocked a field goal ... selected as the SEC Defensive Player of the Week for his performances against USC and Texas A&M ... named one of the UA coaching staff’s players of the week on defense for his performances against USC, Western Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas A&M, LSU, Chattanooga and Auburn. USC: Finished the season-opener with four unassisted tackles, including a team-high 2.0 sacks (-15 yards) ... also broke up two passes from the line ... the multi-sack game was the sixth such instance of his career ... helped limit the Trojan offense to only 194 yards of total offense. Western Kentucky: Wrapped up the game with three tackles, including one sack (-13 yards) ... also blocked a field goal for the Crimson Tide ... helped limit WKU to only 239 yards and only 23 on the ground. Ole Miss: Totaled four tackles with a quarterback hurry ... also recovered a fumble from the Rebel quarterback that he returned 75 yards for a score ... his score was Alabama’s final of the day and set the Tide at 48 points, enough to secure the victory in Oxford ... the fumble return was one of the Tide’s three non-offensive touchdowns on the afternoon. Kent State: Collected three tackles in a half of play ... helped limit the Golden Flashes to only 166 yards of total offense, including 82 yards rushing. Kentucky: Set a career-high mark for tackles with eight, six of which were unassisted, while adding his fourth sack of the season (-7 yards) ... played a key role in holding the Wildcat offense to only 161 yards of total offense on the night. Arkansas: Totaled three tackles, including half a tackle for a loss ... also added two quarterback hurries to tie for the team lead as part of the Tide’s season-high 12 quarterback hurries ... the 12 quarterback pressures by the Alabama defense doubled the team’s previous season high of six. Tennessee: Totaled four stops including his team-leading fifth sack of the season (-10 yards) ... brought pressure off the end all afternoon to help limit the high-powered Volunteer offense to only 163 total yards. Texas A&M: Earned national honors from the Nagurski and Lott Trophies for his play against the Aggies ... also named the SEC Defensive Player of the Week ... returned his second fumble for a touchdown this season, as he scooped up a fumble caused by Ryan Anderson and sprinted 30 yards for a touchdown ... added his sixth sack of the season, shedding a block and laying out over the running back to bring down Trevor Knight ... recorded a career-high four quarterback hurries ... finished with six total tackles including three solo stops. LSU: Helped lead a Tide defense that was named the Walter Camp National Defensive Player of the Week as a complete unit ... recorded his seventh sack of the season and three total tackles ... added a quarterback hurry ... helped limit Tigers’ running back Leonard Fournette to just 35 yards on 17 carries and the LSU offense as a whole to just 33 yards rushing and 125 total yards, including just 25 total yards in the second half. Mississippi State: Harassed the Bulldogs quarterback into a 61.15 collegiate passer rating and a 33.02 NFL mark ... recorded two more quarterback hurries and made two assisted tackles ... helped limit the Bulldogs to just 94 yards rushing. Chattanooga: Recorded six total tackles with two tackles for loss (-5 yards) and four solo stops ... earned Alabama Defensive Player of the Week accolades for his efforts in holding the Mocs to 184 total yards, including just 70 yards rushing. Auburn: Accounted for two tackles for loss (-4 yards) and six total tackles ... the Tide coaching staff credited him with two hurries and earned UA’s Defensive Player of the Week honors ... helped limit the high-powered Auburn offense to 182 total yards ... Alabama also held the Tigers -- who entered the game leading the SEC in rushing -- to just 66 yards rushing or 232 yards less than its season average. Florida: Came off the edge to cause problems for the Gator quarterback ... registered 1.5 sacks (-17 yards) and a team-high tying two quarterback hurries ... totaled four tackles on the afternoon ... played a key role on a defensive unit that forced three interceptions and limited the UF rushing attack to 0 total yards. Washington: Fought off double teams to accumulate six tackles, including two for loss (-8 yards) ... added one sack (-5 yards) while recovering a Husky fumble and returning the ball 10 yards before being taken down ... helped limit the high-powered UW offense to only 194 total yards made up of just 44 yards rushing and 150 through the air resulting in only seven points. Clemson: Finished with seven total tackles on the evening to tie for fourth on the team ... added one sack and a tackle for loss (-5 yards) ... played a key role in limiting the CU rushing attack to only 91 yards on the ground.
2015 (Junior): One of the most productive defenders and best pass rushers along the Tide’s vaunted defensive front ... named to the All-SEC First Team defense by the conference coaches and the Associated Press ... ranked 17th nationally and second in the SEC in sacks with .80 per game (12.0 sacks) ... recorded 36 tackles on the season with a team-leading 14.5 tackles for loss (-92 yards) ... added four pass breakups and six quarterback hurries ... all 12 of his sacks came against Power 5 competition with 11 coming against ranked teams ... named SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week following the Mississippi State game ... named one of the Alabama coaching staff’s defensive players of the week for his efforts against Wisconsin in the season opener, at Texas A&M, at Mississippi State, at Auburn and against Michigan State. Wisconsin: Was a force on the defensive line, finishing the season opener with three total tackles, including a career-high two sacks for -15 yards, and one pass breakup ... helped limit the Badger offense to just 268 yards of total offense and 17 points. Middle Tennessee: Made his first start of the season at defensive end and finished with two tackles and a quarterback hurry as the Tide allowed 275 yards of total offense. Ole Miss: Was a disruptive force along the defensive front in his second start of the season ... recorded a sack for a loss of eight yards while also breaking up a pass at the line ... helped limit the Rebels to just 92 yards rushing. ULM: Broke up one pass against the Warhawks ... day was shortened by a shoulder injury before halftime. Georgia: A presence on the defensive front, had two total tackles and one pass breakup ... helped limit the Bulldogs to 299 yards on offense, nearly 200 yards below their season average. Arkansas: Notched another pass breakup to go with his one tackle against the Razorbacks ... was key in limiting the Razorback rushing attack to just 44 yards, 160 yards below their season average entering the night. Texas A&M: Recorded a monster day in College Station, finishing with five tackles, including a team-leading four for a loss (-17 yards) ... also notched a team-high two sacks (-14 yards) while forcing one fumble ... his pressure on the quarterback helped force four Aggie interceptions, including three that went for scores. Tennessee: Notched two tackles, including a key sack (-9 yards) on the Volunteers’ final drive that helped seal the victory for Alabama ... his sack put the Vols in a second-and-long situation deep in their own territory, leading to a timeout. LSU: Spent the night in the Tiger backfield, notching half a tackle for a loss (-1 yard) and two quarterback hurries ... helped limit Leonard Fournette - the nation’s leading rusher - to only 31 yards on 19 carries after he entered the game averaging 200-plus yards rushing per game. Mississippi State: Recorded a career performance with three sacks and seven total tackles while forcing a fumble and notching a quarterback hurry ... named the SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week for his efforts ... first Alabama player with three sacks in a game since Courtney Upshaw against Auburn in 2010. Charleston Southern: Started and made one solo tackle … starters played less than a half in the Crimson Tide’s 56-6 win … helped limit the Buccaneers to just 134 total yards of offense. Auburn: Made five tackles with two solo stops in a 29-13 win at Auburn … helped limit the Tigers to just 91 rushing yards and 260 total yards … his efforts earned him Defensive Player of the Week honors by the Tide coaches. Florida: Helped limit the Gators to just 15 yards rushing and 165 total yards … registered his 10th sack of the season (-10 yards) and made three tackles – two solo – along with a quarterback hurry. Michigan State: Recorded two of the Crimson Tide’s four sacks for a loss of -15 yards ... helped force the Spartan quarterback into two interceptions and a 19-for-32 day with his pressure in the backfield ... played a major part in limiting MSU to 239 yards of total offense, 158 yards below their season average. Clemson: Earned the start against the Tigers but did not record any stats.

2014 (Sophomore): Established himself as a playmaker at defensive end and one of the Crimson Tide’s top pass rushers ... first team All-SEC by the Associated Press ... second on the team with 11.5 tackles for loss (-44 yards) and had 5.5 sacks (-30 yards) ... finished with 33 total tackles including 16 solo stops and seven quarterback hurries ... blocked the decisive extra point at Arkansas ... played in all 14 games and made 12 starts ... earned Defensive Player of the Week honors from the Alabama coaching staff against West Virginia, FAU and Tennessee ... also earned Special Teams Player of the Week honors for his blocked PAT at Arkansas. West Virginia: Registered five tackles with two tackles for loss (-12 yards) and one sack (-11 yards) ... helped limit the Mountaineers to 28 rushing yards on 24 carries ... earned Defensive Player of the Week honors from the coaches. FAU: Recorded a tackle for a loss of three yards as the Crimson Tide limited the Owls to 145 total yards, including 57 rushing ... added an assisted tackle in just over one half of play ... earned Defensive Player of the Week honors. Southern Miss: Made at least one tackle for loss for the third straight game and picked up two quarterback hurries ... added one solo and one assisted tackle as the Tide limited the Eagles to 56 yards rushing and a lowly 263 total yards. Florida: Registered one assisted tackle as the Tide held the Gators to only 200 total yards. Ole Miss: Recorded five tackles with two solo stops ... had 1.5 tackles for loss (-3 yards) and a quarterback hurry. Arkansas: Blocked the deciding extra point to give the Tide a 14-13 win in Fayetteville ... added a quarterback hurry. Texas A&M: Recorded three half sacks for a loss of four yards ... batted down passes as UA limited the SEC’s top-ranked offense to just 172 yards. Tennessee: Earned Defensive Player of the Week honors versus the Vols with three tackles and half of a tackle for loss. LSU: Sacked LSU quarterback Anthony Jennings on the first drive of the game ... finished with two tackles as the Tide limited LSU to 76 total yards passing. Mississippi State: Recorded three assisted tackles in a 25-20 win over the No. 1 team in the nation. Western Carolina: Had a game-high two quarterback hurries with two tackles ...helped limit the Catamounts to minus-eight yards rushing. Auburn: Dropped Tigers’ quarterback Nick Marshall for a sack and finished with three solo tackles. Missouri: Helped hold the Tigers to just 41 rushing yards and had one quarterback hurry. Ohio State: Both tackles in the Sugar Bowl came behind the line of scrimmage for a loss of nine yards ... had one sack for a loss of four yards
2013 (Freshman): A backup defensive end who played his way into the rotation along the defensive line … appeared in 13 games, with 16 total stops and 10 solo tackles … had half of a sack, a forced fumble and one quarterback hurry. Virginia Tech: Registered two solo tackles in the 35-10 victory over the Hokies in Atlanta. Ole Miss: Had one tackle as a reserve defensive end as the Tide shut out the Rebels. Arkansas: Notched one solo stop and a QB hurry in the shutout win. Tennessee: Came off the bench to make a season-high three tackles with two solo stops. Mississippi State: Assisted on two tackles, one for loss, against the Bulldogs. Chattanooga: Named one of Alabama’s Defensive Players of the Week ... totaled four tackles with two solo stops and a forced fumble. Auburn: Recorded three total tackles with two solo stops … added half of a sack (-5 yards).

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