Joey BosaDE Ohio State

6-5, 269, (O) 4.77, 

6.89 3-Cone! 4.21 SS!

10"1' Broad! 32" Vert, 

33.3" Arms, 28 Reps!

Can't Touch This: Part II.


Bosa is not always the easiest guy to quantify. "Some people will say he's not an elite player," Casserly said. "[He] shouldn't be taken that high. To me he's better than Ziggy Ansah, who [number Five overall] around that point. He's better than Leonard Williams, who should've gone by that point in the draft. And guess what? He's a safer pick and will be more productive than Jadeveon Clowney has been. That answers that question to me." But he is not a 5-tech or a speed rusher. He is somewhere in between. 

He put on some nice weight. I like the comparison to Watt. Watt was 290 at the Combine, which puts Bosa only 20-pounds behind him. I think a 3-4 Team could add 10 to 20 pounds and make him a Watt-type 5-tech. Not JJ exactly, obviously, but the next best thing in the NFL. Which is probably his ceiling. 

But what also makes him so special it that some think he could drop a few pounds and move outside to 3-4 OLB. He was terrific in coverage drills at the Combine. He caught the ball, and I was surprised by how well he moved out in space. He dropped into the flat a few times every time I watched him this year. He also lined up as a Wide-9 sometimes, and attacked up field like a 3-4 OLB. He is a beast as an inside rusher. When they lined up on the OG, no OG could deal with his lateral burst inside.

Also, I don't think any 4-3 DC would complain if they had to play him as the Strongside D-end. That is likely his best position. Plus, you can line him up inside in a two or three man fronts to rush the passer. Phenomenal talent, versatility, and scheme fits. 24 reps, which I though was a little disappointing. But, he did get 28 Reps at his Proday. Speed to power freak. A freak athlete who could do a standing back flip in high school. He moved like a cat in the bag drill at combine. Heavy hands. Great first strike with his hands. Great smooth hips in coverage drill. Great feet moving backwards in coverage.

He takes on more doubles and triples than any other D-linemen in this Draft, which opens up so much for his teammates. If he can do that in the NFL, his teammates are going to love him. "Joey is kind of a silly guy," Tyvis Powell said. "He does goofy things, but at the end of the day when you put the helmet on, I still to this day say I've never seen Joey get blocked. It's the most amazing thing I've ever seen. It's to the point where like in practice they would have to pretend that he wasn't there because he would not get blocked. Joey, he was silly, but on game day he would get serious. He's a totally different monster. And that's what I love about him." Because they sure loved him at Ohio State.

Bosa got busted with the weed by Ohio State. So has some CC. "We’ve had great visits with Joey and one of the things that we really appreciate about this process is you have a lot of opportunity to get to know these players," Jason Garrett said. "Now you’re not going to know them to the extent that you would if they are in your building and you are living with them day after day. But we got a chance to visit with Joey at the combine. We got a chance to visit with him here. We went to Ohio State and worked him out. So we’ve gotten to know him as a football player and to the extent that we can as a guy. He’s a young guy. He’s 20 or so years old. He’s had a couple of issues in his life up to this point. That’s not unique to Joey Bosa. What we try to do is we try to determine what the circumstances are around those incidents and talk to a lot of people who know him well, all the way back to high school and college. People we think we can trust. And again we try to make our best evaluations as a player and as a person we make those determinations do we want to bring that guy to our team." He had to move out of the apartment he shared with his buddies, and live on his own so he wouldn't be around the weed.

But it was s few years ago, and most don't see it as the slightest issue. "His character issue would not be a factor in us drafting him," Jerry Jones said. "Would not be a factor in us drafting him." So he could go as high (get it) as Five to the Jags.

Additional Notes:

ND: He had to play inside as the DT and 5-T in the Bowl game, and had a great game. He plays as well as anyone in this Draft with his arm extended into the blocker. He moves blockers, and just tosses them aside, sometimes with one hand. But he also lined up at D-end, and he drops as well. He made a play in coverage. Then he gets punched down moving outside side by the ORT, bounces up, and hits the QB as he throws to cause the INT. But of course that was the play he got targeted for targeting and thrown out of the game (when I was planning on focusing in on him all game). He can do anything the coaches ask him to do. Smart teams run to the other side. When he isn't blocked: he will stop, square his shoulders, and read the option. 

Alabama: Elite blast off and lateral burst make him a great inside rusher. Great hand placement makes him a menace. Relentless after the QB. Plays with his hands and feet together in balance as well as anyone I've seen. When he stays and plays low he is trouble. He had a great season that helped lead Ohio State to the Championship.

V-Tech: Nice instincts out in the flat in coverage. He can put speed to power right off the snap. Very strong hands to dominate with push pull. Nice power in the Bullrush. He will lineup in a wide-9 on the goal line sometimes. Nice job benching off ORT, and hopping to his other shoulder to get a hand on the RB. He can be such an explosive tackler. Plays like he hates the QB. Great hands and power against the double team. He has some speed to the corner, but is more fighter than speed rusher.

MichiganHe somehow became underrated this past season. He has great instincts. He always plays with his hands up. Never seems to stay blocked for long. He reads the option well. He can hop inside the ORT. It is his leverage and suddenness off the snap that give most of his wins. Plays low and with his his arms extended and his is impossible to move back in run game. Plays with great natural leverage. Explosive off the snap. He has such great instincts.

Penn State: He started off slow, but he had a great Sack against Penn ST. He lined up inside at DT, and popped the ORG back and cut inside for the Sack. He doesn't have the speed to consistently turn the corner, so he is always at his best when he uses an inside move. Nice little hesitation move which he then tries to rip around the corner. Elite at putting speed to power. He is at his best when he uses his explosion to put Tackles off balance just a little, and then use his hands and lateral to burst to embarrass them. 

Previously Released:

Bosa has been having a great off season. He placed top five at the Combine in quickness and explosion numbers for a D-End, which he clearly showed on Tape. Then he improved his Broad jump to 10'1" at his Proday. "Bosa worked out very well," Bryant said about his Proday. "He's very smooth, can quickly change directions, and was very competitive in his workout. Bosa's parents were in attendance; his father, John Bosa, was a first-round draft choice of the Miami Dolphins in 1987." But I still have him drifting down the boards. If Dallas takes a QB, and the Jags take a CB or Jack, he could slide down more than people think.

Bosa has all the moves with his hands: chop swipe. arm over. slap rip. No one plays better with heavy-hands and quick-feet in balance and violence than Bosa, since Watts. He is a pure technician with his hands. He has a: one-arm bull, arm over hand, one and two hand swipe, spin, slap rip, dip and rip, pure dip, head fake and dip inside, and inside counter. You can see him make every move you want on Tape, and making plays though those moves.

Bosa is the best defender the Draft, but he is not an elite speed guy. He can stop the run, and is fierce going after the QB. "There are going to be comparisons to J.J. Watt because they are both athletic white guys from the Big Ten, but Bosa isn't in that same league no matter how hard people will try to push that come draft time," an NFL Scout said. "They both have good motors but Watt was much bigger and much stronger. Bosa doesn't overwhelm guys with pure strength like Watt does." He happily absorbs the double teams to help his teammate. I love how he uses his hands to control the ORT. He had a much better year statistically in 2014, when he had Michael Bennett next to him. Which made it much tougher to double him. 


Joey Bosa Vs Oregon 2014:

He start off the game getting quadrupled teamed in the rush. That might have been a little obsessive even for me. He has a nice little Swim move over the outside shoulder of the ORT. Sets the edge nicely. He does a nice job Of crossing the OLT's face into the OLG, so the OLB can blitz past the OLT looking at Him. Nice arm slap and grab move to pull himself past the ORT by his arm. I thought he used his instinct much better in 2014.

He can get bullied by the TE when he under estimates him. He will get triple teamed on runs to his side (1:19). Drops into the flat like a 3-4 OLB in coverage sometimes. By the way, he looked great at the Combine when they had him drop in hybrid drills. Nice initial burst right off the snap. He can force his way inside and ram into three blockers to disrupt things. 

He got lost fighting inside more this season than in 2014. He looked like he was thinking instead of playing sometimes. He is at his best when he is playing instinctually and not thinking, He can fight off the double inside with one hand in the chest of the OC and the other in the chest of the OG, and get to the QB. Nice job turning the short corner on the OG. He can slap off the OLT on an inside move, and ram the OG into the QB. When he guess right, he has great inside explosion that makes the ORT whiff, and he is on the RB before he can reach the line. 

He is so quick inside it can make ORT's look silly as he gets a TFL (6:15). I like that burst up field. He slaps the outside arm down, and swims into the QB move (6:42). He is so good at bursting inside the OLT (7:01). Watch this great inside move. He explodes inside, but watch the hands grab both the ORT's arms, and pull himself past him (7:17). Elite hands and feet in the rush. Watch him burst inside to the RB (7:24). Then he reads the option. Watch him uses his great hands and feet to cross the ORT again. Then the burst outside to not only force Mariota to throw the ball away, but he hits him to the ground as well.

Watch the burst, leverage, and agility. He bursts to the outside shoulder of the ORT, senses the over set, and spins inside with a nice elbow. Then he trips, uses his hands to keep moving towards the QB low, and flushes Mariota. Which leads to him being wiped out by a teammate (7:31). Watch the hands as he puts speed to power and rocks Taylor Decker's shoulders with his hands. Then the Swim inside (7:38). The speed rush is not really his thing (7:47). But watch him get the ORT's outside shoulder, and pull himself past him to flush Mariota. That should have been a Hold.

He gets fooled by the screen. That's why teams run screens behind the rushers they fear, to try and slow him down a little (7:56). The great inside move to hit the OG, and draw the OT inside. So the OLB gets a free lane to the QB. He will  do that from both sides (8:04). He uses that arm slap and pull move, but falls down (8:10). But he gets back up, and put some pressure on Mariota to help force the bad pass.

Bosa Vs Oregon 2014:


Joey Bosa Vs Michigan Sate 2015:

Gets doubled on runs to his side a lot. He primarily lines up on the strongside, but he will line up on the blindside sometimes. He spent too much time reading last season, and not enough reacting and attacking. He can make the pulling OLT miss. He is so good at getting through traffic to find the RB running up the middle. He has freakish instincts. I don't see how you can complain if he is the first non-QB taken. He was causing so much trouble on the right side that Mich ST started to pull their OLT Jack Conklin over to the right to block Bosa on runs in the 2nd half.

He has some great power in his hands. He can helmet butt the ORT, and then shove him violently sideways two or three yards. The lower he gets the better he looks. He uses his hands to seal and turn the corner on the ORT. Great job working his way down the line with power, even as he gets hit on the side by the double team. 

Mich ST not only lined up a TE on his side in obvious passing down, but an RB as well. When he gets his hands up and knocks the ORT's arms down, he can run past him to the QB. He has the best hands of any rusher in this Draft. Man he is quick. He can split the double, almost untouched, and smash into the QB rolling to his side. He can take the QB on the option, and then turn and tackle the RB from behind. Great instincts. Great inside punch that he can use to get to the RB on the other side of the line. 

He ran around the ORT and took out the RB inside (6:05). So watch the adjustment. They pull Conklin over to his side to Seal him, but Bosa uses his hands and lateral burst to brush him off and go and get the RB (6:15). He just dominated Michigan State on that Draw (6:24). They bring Conklin over again to block him, because the ORT can't touch him never mind block him (6:33). Which is what I called my JJ Watt Tape, "Can't Touch This." I might have go there again.

Wide-9. The QB tries the shovel pass and Watts, I mean Bosa, blows it up so he has to keep it. So Bosa just goes and gets him. That is elite instincts and change of direction to cover the Shovel pass, and then go and get the QB's foot (6:41). Then they double him with the TE, but watch him throw the ORT to the ground (6:49). Then they just keep running away from him. Because he destroyed every gimmick the OC came up with to block him. If you want an example of one player getting into the Offensive coordinator's head, that is it. That is like five straight plays running to the left. Then they run up the middle, and Bosa gets to the RB again. This is Bosa at his absolute best.

Bosa Vs Oregon 2014:

Bosa Vs Rutgers 2015:

He drops into coverage more than you'd think. Nice feet moving in space.  Nice instinct getting to the QB. Gets doubled in the rush a lot. He can extend his arms, bench off the ORT, and get the RB. Great burst to get up field and put the ORT out of balance. Then he can shove him, and break inside to the QB and scare the crap out of him. 

He has a great burst that he can use to push the ORT up, and then hold him off with one arm as he reads the play. He can push off the chop block with his hands, and make a break for the QB. Nice job splitting the double to flush the QB. He will line up on the blindside sometimes, and set the edge against the run. Great inside shoulder club, off an explosive blast off that stuns the OLT. He will line up at DT and rush inside sometimes. His great blast off and lateral burst is too much for most Guards. He can make a lot of money in the NFL as an inside rusher on 3rd downs. 

Nice suddenness on blast off that allows him to slap the outside arm down of the ORT, and swim over him at full speed. It is always his initial burst that puts blockers in trouble right away. Teams eventually have to start doubling him or they are in trouble. I liked how he rushed inside on the blindside against Rutgers. I was not expecting that for some reason.

Bosa Vs Rutgers 2015:



Bosa's Official Stats:

Ohio State Overview: That "D" in defensive end actually stood for "disruptive" because that's what Bosa was while earning consensus All-America honors twice and also earning a Big Ten defensive player of the year award and two Big Ten defensive linemen of the year awards in his three seasons. He played in 41 games, started 37 times and ranks in Ohio State's Top 5 in four marquee defensive categories: quarterback sacks (3rd with 26), sack yardage (4th with 177), tackles-for-loss (4th with 50.5) and TFL yardage (4th with 247). Bosa had more TFLs the past three years than any player in the nation. His five forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries led to 44 Ohio State points.

2015 Season (Junior):,, Walter Camp, AFCA and CBS Sports First Team All-American ... First Team All-Big Ten and Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year for the second straight year ... ... Lombardi Award finalist for the second consecutive year ... Bednarik and Hendricks Award semifinalist ... battled numerous double, and sometimes triple teams, from opposing blockers ... still led the Big Ten with 13.5 TFL in Big Ten play and ranked fourth in the Big Ten with 16.0 TFL in all games ... part of a defensive unit that held four opponents to less than 100 yards rushing ... held Michigan to a mere 57 yards on the ground, more than 100 yards below its season average ... part of a defense that ranked second in the FBS in fewest points allowed (15.1) ... had 3 tackles, 1.0 sack, 1 forced fumble, a QBH and his first career INT in the win at No. 10 Michigan in the season finale, returning it 28 yards ... tied a career high with 3.0 TFL and a half sack in the win at Illinois ... had 1.0 TFL, 1 PBU and 2 QBH in the win over Minnesota ... recorded 7.0 tackles, including a career-high tying 3.0 TFL and 1.0 sack in the win over Penn State ... six tackles, including three QBH, 2.5 TFL and a half sack in the win over NIU ... 2.0 TFL and 1.0 sack at Rutgers ... six tackles and 2.5 TFL in the win at IU ... had two tackles in the win over Hawai'i ... 5 tackles, 1 pass BrUp and a QBH vs. WMU.

2014 Season (Sophomore): Dominant play and spectacular plays earned Bosa unanimous All-America honors, distinction as the Big Ten's Nagurski-Woodson Defensive Player of the Year and its Smith-Brown Defensive Lineman of the Year, and "finalist" honors by three of the major national awards: the Rotary Lombardi Award, the Outland Trophy and the Ted Hendricks Award ... he led the Big Ten in tackles-for-loss (21.0 for 116 yards in losses), quarterback sacks (13.5) and "shrugs" ... ranked 14th nationally in TFLs and 10th in sacks ... tied an Ohio State record held by linebackers Ryan Shazier and Andy Katzenmoyer with a TFL in 14 consecutive games ... recorded possibly the first "walk-off" sack in the history of the game -- has there been another one? -- when he overpowered a Penn State back on a fourth-and-5 play in the second overtime, knocking him backward and toppling quarterback Christian Hackenberg for a game-ending sack to clinch Ohio State's 31-24 double overtime victory ... it was part of a six-tackle and 2.5-sack game for Bosa, who was named Athlon's national defensive player of the week as well as the Big Ten's defensive player of the week for his efforts ... had sacks in five consecutive games at one point and multi-sack games six times ... had a personal best 3.0 TFLs vs. Illinois ... tied for Big Ten lead with four forced fumbles which, coupled with his fumble recovery in the Big Ten title game vs. Wisconsin, led directly or indirectly, but mostly directly, to 37 Ohio State points:

2013 Season: (Freshman) Bosa earned freshman All-America honors by The Sporting News and College Football News after registering 44 tackles for the Buckeyes, including 13.5 tackles-for-losses totaling 71 yards ... he ranked third on the team in TFLs and quarterback sacks (7.5), and he had a team-high total of six quarterback hurries ... he ranked sixth in the Big Ten in sacks and 11th in TFLs ... he was tied for third with 5.5 quarterback sacks in Big Ten Conference games ... was named the Big Ten freshman of the week after his two-quarterback sack (-14 yards) game vs. Northwestern that included his recovering a fumble for a touchdown in the end zone on the last play of the game (a 40-30 Ohio State win) ... he had two TFLs, including a quarterback sack, and three quarterback pressures in the loss to Michigan State in the Big Ten championship game ... named honorable mention all-Big Ten Conference..


Tackles 7 (4x) last at Illinois (11/14/15)
Solo Tackles 6 at Minnesota (11/15/14)
TFL 3.0 (3x) last at Illinois (11/14/15)
Sacks 2.5 (3x) last at Penn State (10/25/14)


2013 14-10 29 15 44 13.5 71 7.5 6 0
2014 15-15 39 16 55 21.0 116 13.5 4 4
2015 12-12 35 16 51 16.0 60 5.0 14 1
TOT 41-37 103 47 150 50.5 247 26 24 5


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