Jeremy Hill RB LSU

6' 3/4, 234, 32.5" Arms, 20 Reps,

(PD 4.53), 4.59 SS, (U 4.63)

(O 4.66),  31" Vert,  9'5" Broad!

You Must have Balance. Part I.


Hill is a more agile and faster than Ridley and Hyde in the open field. Hyde and Ridley run with better pad level, but when Hill gets out in space he is much tough to take down. Hill has much better feet than Hyde and Ridley. Hill and Hyde also have much better hands than Ridley, and neither has a history of fumbling. Hill runs with great eyes. He has shown some shiftiness in the hole and a nice lateral burst. Loves to cutback. He wants to cutback all day and night. He cuts back in ways that make you say, "what?" He is tailor made for a Zone-Blocking scheme. Zone blocking teams have to be drooling of this guy. Then he is chug-a-lugging down field. His eyes and run instincts make him the top Runningback in this Draft with the ball in his hands. He is such a beast on the goal line. He can run right over the linebacker for a tough TD. He is a big slasher who might not get you 60, but he breaks it for 30 or 40 pretty regularly.

Struggled to get on the field do to lack a history of shenanigans that turned serious at least twice. Didn't play football in 2011 do to serious legal concerns. But when he did he dominated. He is still on probation do to multiple assaults, that seem to stem from drinking. He likes to follow guys out of clubs and punch them, LOL.  He cleaned up his act and hasn't been in trouble for over a year. But was still suspended for the first game plus a quarter to start the 2013 season. not likely to be drafted by the Pats. 

When they got him on the field he was a great runner. Only played two years of college football, but he did have 28 rushing touchdowns in 16 starts in those two years. He was their best RB, but they couldn't keep him on the field because he kept breaking the rules and getting in trouble. Last year he averaged 6.9 yards on 208 carries in the SEC. I thought he was the best pure runner I saw last year. But teams have to worry about once he is free from the restraints they put on him at LSU, and has money in his pocket, is he going to go back to club and follow men outside so he can punch them (I don't know why I find that funny;-)?

He doesn’t fumble and he has very soft hands catching the ball out of the backfield. He is a terrific receiver out of the backfield. They did throw to him a lot, 26 catches in two seasons, but he caught everything I saw them throw him naturally and smoothly. Freak athlete. He also showed some ability to pick up the blitzer. He keeps his arms extended and uses his hands and feet nicely when blocking. He shows nice instincts when getting position on blitzers. However, he does get too high, and loses position a little too easily after the first jam. But he gives good effort and shows some nice instincts. He just needs a little technique work to learn to sustain a little, but getting lower and grabbing some shirt. He has terrific hands catching the ball out of the backfield. He can turn back and catch the ball naturally from awkward positions.

He has vastly underrated balance. A RB has to have elite balance to be great in the NFL. He has that elite balance to take ungodly hits and keep going. Or take a vicious shot in the legs and keep going. Or run through a guy who is wrapped around his foot and leap into the air to escape him and keeps his balance and keeps running. He does that over and over in the open field. A DB dives at his feet and wraps up his shoelace, and he jumps through the tackle and somehow keeps his balance. He is a terrific blend of balance and power in a 233 pound body. I wasn't the only one who thought he was the best runner in college last year. He was voted the best runner in the best Conference last year. He was voted 1st Team all SEC after garnering 1,401 yards and 16 TDs. In 2012 he rushed for almost 800 yards with a 5.3 YPC, and an impressive 12 TDs in a limited role. When they put him on the field he produced. But he was too often forced off the field do to his lack of maturity.

He breaks more tackles with defender in his feet and legs and with quick cut backs than any RB I've seen in a while. He makes guys miss just enough in the open field to keep getting yards. He has elite instincts in the open field. He is always cutting in the opposite direction the defenders are running. Plays faster than he times. But is still too much of an upright runner. He has to learn to get those pads lower, like Ridley and Hyde, or he not going to last long in the NFL.

He is so fun to watch. No one has the blend of power and competitive speed that Hill has. Hyde has the power, but is nowhere near as fast and dynamic as Hill is on the second level. Plus, he is an excellent receiver out of the backfield. He ran from the I a lot. LSU also likes to run those odd Tosses to the inside a lot. He has character concerns. Got in trouble a lot at LSU. Teams will worry about giving him a lot of money. Some question his ego and work ethic as well. The words lack maturity keeps coming up in regards to him.

Monster power back, with surprising speed. It always shocks when he starts running away from defenders. Shockingly great runner. Great balance and power, and is super dynamic in the open field. I love how this kid plays. Great slasher who flies though the hole, and when he turns up field and turns on the jets he is something to see. How does a guy his size run so fast, and looks so athletic. If he comes out he is right at the top of my list. He looks like Ridley slashing through the hole on the typical LSU Power-Toss. He is as fast as Ridley through the hole, and than faster after that. Plus he has much niftier feet to in his herky-jerky style. Runs over around and through defenders.

He hits the hole hard, and then just keeps going. Elite feet. He never stops jugging those feet. Excellent one cut when he is heading outside. He really gets his pads down low when a defender is coming. Keeps his pads too hide when running, but can get them real lower to show power. That’s how he keeps running through contact. He does a nice little skip jump laterally to make guys miss in the open field. It is a vicious weapon for a guy with his size and strength. He just keeps getting better and better as the game wears on. He was monstrous against Iowa in the 4th quarter. That is the kind of big back who has nifty feet teams want. I think he is a niftier faster Ridley. It is amazing how he can jam up the DT and power him back for a few yards. He does a nice job finding the hole in the Zone. He heads to the LB, and pops outside him with a little suddenness in his shoulders. Steady hands, and can catch smoothly and head up field quickly. Does a nice job weaving behind blockers. He is so good at following his blockers to the edge, and then cutting up field for a nice gain.

Character Concerns might drop him into Day Three. However, I think a lot of teams will have trouble passing him in the 3rd. If he isn’t a Day Two pick, than he will be a steal. He had some bad arrests in his past, but walked the line this past season. He will go later than he should for obvious reasons. When you try and tackle him high, he just keeps those feet moving and keeps on chuggin’.

Hill Vs Mississippi ST:

I thought Hill was the best runner in college football last year. It sometimes seemed the first guy could never take him down. Like right here. He is caught dead to rights on the edge. But he ducks under the block and gets to the LOS (:01). He gets swarmed over as he tries to cut back (:12). Running from the Power I again, with little or no blocking (:26). There we go. There's that little inside Toss they run. He finds a little hole and slices through it quicker than his forty. Then he shows what makes him special. He burst past the pile and breaks a tackle with his legs. The Safety flies up and dives on his feet. He cuts back and leaps into the air as the Safety hits him in the legs. Then he cuts back again, as half the defense runs past him the wrong way. He has such great instincts on the second level. Then watch him put on the jets (:32). He just ran over two defenders, showed his great quickness and COD as he cut back twice, and then at 233 pounds he burst away from the entire defense as they looked tired chasing him (:48). I don't know what people are watching sometimes when they say he doesn't have the speed.

Back in the I. This is what I want to see. He stays in to block and gets great position on the blitzer. But he stops blitzing and drops into coverage. So we don't see a block. But we do see the play action and the blocking position of Hill gave Mettenberger enough time to find Beckham for a nice reception (1:04). Back in the Power I. Look familiar Pats' Fans? This is another big thing that Hill does. The whole defense is coming up to stop him. and they just keep powering him into the line until the defense is punched so much in the gut that they wear down (1:12). They run play action. Watch the nice block by Hill. He sets up nicely. He stays a little high, but he gets his hands out and blocks the blitzer like an O-Lineman with his feet moving. Which gives Mettenberger time to hit Beckham again.

Back in the Power I. He follows the FB into the hole. He cuts back just enough to slip by the linebacker and he is through the LOS. Then his shoelace is tackled for a power four (1:24). Back in the Power I. The Pats need a guy who can run out of the Power I when everyone knows they are running. He breaks back off the FB hitting the hole, and burst through the hole on the other side of the Center for the tough 1st down (1:31). You can see how subtle his moves often are. He doesn't look like he does much, but he moves to his left, and then cuts back to the right just a little (1:38). Then he remarkably maintains his balance as he flips over the defender and blocker (1:47). That is just incredible.

This is an LSU special that Ridley used to his advantage so well. This time he takes the little Toss and goes outside instead of cutting back inside. Watch the nifty feet as he tries to shimmy past the blitzing Corner (1:56). Strong formation. they run the play action to set up the Center Screen but the ball is tipped (2:02). Back in the I. He sneaks out of the backfield and catches the ball. You can see his nice natural hands there as he grabs it looking back with no problem at all. That is not an easy catch for a Power RB, and he made it look like a hand off. He is such a great natural athlete for a guy his size (2:11). Back in the I. This might be the most important play of the game (2:20). They run play action and Hill scoots into the hole. Watch him hit the blitzer up in the hole with a vicious block. If you want to play as a rookie and be a three down back, you have to be able to block. That was a great block by a college RB.

They run a Smash and he weaves his way forward for a cloud of dust (2:32). 3-Wide Singleback, another formation that should look familiar to Pats' Fans. They run a little off tackle. He follows his blockers nicely for nine (2:39). Shotgun. He heads out to the left, and then turns back. He catches the pass so smoothly that you can't even see it. He doesn't stop or slow or react at all. The ball is just in his hands and he is charging up field with no one in sight (2:47). There is no DB watching film that liked to see that play. Now watch the agility and balance as he leap-cutbacks and then tries to cut back a second time. He is such an unbelievable athlete. How does he stay on his feet after he leaps like that and the defenders grabs his foot as he is 26" inches off the ground. I would have smashed face first into the turf, LOL.

Here are his running skills. Watch him cut outside the FB's block. With his nifty feet. Then he heads to the LOS. He sees two defenders coming, and uses an aggressive jump cut to get between the two defenders and lowers his head for a cloud of dust or two (2:57). Mettenberger puts him in a tough position here. But again, he grabs the ball with his great hands, in traffic, as he is about to get hit, and holds on (3:04). He is such an underrated receiver out of the backfield.

Of course, all that is irrelevant if he can't do this. He slash nicely through the line with impressive speed and burst. Turns up field for the 1st Down, and makes multiple defenders tackling him without fumbling the ball. Did you see the Safety puss-out. Runner who can make defenders puss-out are worth their weight in gold (3:11). I know he doesn't have the speed to be a lead in the NFL. But watch this cutback and burst to the second level (3:16). That is what the great ones do. They find yards where no one else in the whole world could possible see them.

Now we see the power back on the goal line. He burst into the hole, and follows the OG's hip. He takes a huge shot that should have knocked him down. But he some how keeps his balance with great agility, and slips effortless into the endzone. Some one sign me up, I'm a fan (3:25). You can see him read the hole to the Blindside. He is suppose to follow the FB, but his eyes and instincts tell him different. He flashes into the hole where he is met low by #42. BOOM. But he lowers his shoulder and pops 42 to the ground. He almost goes down from the impressive impact, but scoops his hand down with great agility and regains his great balance for the great Goal line run (3:34). Now it's time to run the clock out (3:50). Watch the speed he flies through the line with. Then another great cutback. He is so good at using those great little cutbacks for extra yards (3:58). He slash through the hole again (4:06). Then he knocks two defenders backwards on their butts with such nice power. Okay that's my case for Hill in the 2nd or 3rd by the Pats. I think it's a pretty good case. Although, I don't think the Pats will be able to look past his shenanigans.

Hill VS Mississippi ST:


Jeremy Hill's Official Stats:

2013 First Team All-SEC (AP)
2013 Second Team All-SEC (Coaches)
2013 All-Bowl Team (
2013 Maxwell National Player of the Week (vs. Auburn)
2013 SEC Offensive Player of the Week (vs. Auburn)
2012 SEC Co-Freshman Player of the Week (vs. South Carolina)

Spent two years with the Tigers, playing in 23 games with 16 starts … Opted to forgo final two years of eligibility and entered 2014 NFL Draft following sophomore season … Eligible for 2014 NFL Draft due to the fact that he is three years removed from high school … Sat out the 2011 season after graduating from high school in May of that year … Enrolled at LSU in January of 2012 and took part in spring drills with the Tigers … Ended up becoming one of the top running backs in school history with 2,156 yards and 18 TDs on 345 carries … Averaged a staggering 6.3 yards per carry for his career … Finished career ranked No. 7 in school history in rushing TDs (28) and No. 11 in LSU history in rushing yards (2,156) … His 1,401 rushing yards in 2013 ranks No. 2 in LSU history for a single-season, while the 16 rushing TDs rank No. 4 in school history for a season … Tied LSU season record with seven 100-yard rushing games in 2013, including career-best 216 yards in Outback Bowl win over Iowa … For career, had 11 100-yard rushing games, which ranks fourth in school history.

Put together one of the best seasons for a running back in school history with 1,401 yards (No. 2 in school history) and 16 touchdowns (No. 4 in school history) in helping LSU to a 10-3 overall record … Ranked second in the SEC in rushing yards, rushing TDs, and rushing yards per game (116.8) … The 116.8 yards per game ranks second in LSU history, trailing only Charles Alexander’s mark of 153.3 set in 1977 … Set school record for yards per rush at 6.9 yards with a 200-carry minimum, which broke previous mark of 5.6 set back Kevin Faulk in 1998 … His 6.9 yards per rush is an SEC record for a running back with at least 200 carries, bettering the previous mark of 6.79 held by Garrison Hearst of Georgia in 1992 … First team All-SEC from the Associated Press and second team All-SEC as voted on by the league’s coaches … Rushed for 100 yards a school-record tying seven times, including career-best 216 yards in 21-14 win over Iowa in Outback Bowl … Iowa went into Outback Bowl allowing just 120.8 yards per game … Earned National and SEC Player of the Week honors in 35-21 win over Auburn when he rushed for 184 yards and three TDs … Sat out TCU game and the first quarter vs. UAB for disciplinary reasons … Got first start of in week 3 vs. Kent State and responded with 117 yards and a pair of TDs in LSU win … Had 157 yards and two TDs in road win over Mississippi State and followed that with 121 yards in victory over Florida …. Had 143 yards and two scores in win over Furman and capped the regular season with 145 yards and a score in win over Arkansas … Ranked third on team in receptions with 18 for 181 yards … Scored at least one TD in 11 of LSU’s 13 games and have two or more touchdowns in five games … Only games without a TD were against Florida and Texas A&M … Had six rushes of 50 yards or longer …

Had one of the best true freshman seasons in LSU history with 755 yards rushing with 12 TDs … Added eight receptions for 73 yards … Did all of that despite playing in just four of LSU’s first six games … Carried the ball just 13 times thru first six weeks of the season before taking advantage of an opportunity against South Carolina … Became the first true freshman to lead LSU in rushing since 2003 when Justin Vincent did it with 1,001 yards … The 755 yards rank as the fourth-highest single-season total for a true freshman in school history, trailing only Justin Vincent (1,001 yards in 2003), Dalton Hilliard (901 in 1982) and Kevin Faulk (852 in 1995) … Set the LSU true freshman record for rushing TDs in a season with 12, breaking the mark of 11 held by Dalton Hilliard in 1982 … Rushed for at least one TD in seven of 10 games … Had multiple rushing TDs in four games, including career-best 3 in win over Ole Miss … Earned SEC Co-Freshman of the Week honors after he set a career high with 124 rushing yards, including 118 in the second half, and scored two touchdowns on 17 carries in LSU’s 23-21 win over third-ranked South Carolina … It was the first of three straight 100-yard games for Hill … Followed that with 127 yards, including 101 yards in the second half, and 1 TD in win over Texas A&M … Scored on a 47-yard run in the fourth quarter against Texas A&M in what proved to be the game-winning points against the Aggies … Followed A&M game with 107 yards and a score in near upset of Alabama in what was his first career start … Became the first LSU true freshman running back in school history to rush for more than 100 yards against Alabama and he became the first LSU running back to rush for 100 yards or more in three consecutive games since Charles Scott did it in the first four games of the 2008 season ... His 29 carries against Alabama were most in a game by an LSU running back since Joseph Addai rushed 32 times against Florida in 2005 ... Closed year with his fourth 100-yard effort with 124 yards and a pair of TDs vs. Clemson in the Chick-fil-A Bowl … Other top rushing outings came against Ole Miss (77 yards, 3 TDs on 20 carries), Arkansas (77 yards, 1 TD on 18 carries) and Idaho (61 yards, 2 TDs on 10 carries) … Scored six TDs in LSU’s last three games … Against Ole Miss, became the first LSU true freshman running back to run for three TDs in a game since Kevin Faulk did it against North Texas in 1995.

Attempts: 29 vs. Alabama, 2012
Yards: 216 vs. Iowa, 2013 (Outback Bowl)
Touchdowns: 3 vs. Ole Miss, 2012
Long: 69 vs. Mississippi State, 2013


LSU (Season)
100-yard games: 7 (tied with Kevin Faulk (‘96), Charles Alexander (‘77), Steve Van Buren ‘94)
Yards per rush (min. 200 carries): 6.9; broke mark of 5.6 held by Kevin Faulk, ‘98

SEC (Season)
Yard per rush by running back (min. 200 carries): 6.9; broke mark of 6.79 held by Garrison Hearst (Georgia, ’92)


50 (TD)
2013 12-11 203 1,401 16 69 (TD)
69 (TD)


2013 12-11 18 181 0 30



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