Jayson Tatum- 6-8, 210,

PF, Duke, 50.4% 2-P, 2.1 APG

6-11" WS, 34.2% 3-P, 6-10.5 SR,

16.8 PPG, 7.3 RPG,  1.3 SPG, and 1.1 BPG

Tatum: Part V: WTF.

By Tom Mahoney

OMG! What Happened? I was rock climbing, and failed. Gravity won, and I fell and bashed my head on a boulder, bounced, and cracked a rib (luckily I'm Irish so a cinnamon bun sized lump on the top of my head didn't bother me;). However, after a well time Emergency Room perk, I finally escaped and went home. Only to find George was traded for significantly less that the Celtics were offering, and Griffin took the Max with the Clippers.

Now I admit I shouldn't have been rock climbing with: my green sunglasses, shamrock underpants, and giant green foam fingers on my hands. But what the hell? 

"I can go on and on with pics and comments but INDIANA," George Tweeted. "THANK YOU for all that you've been for my family and I! I've met and worked with some of the most unbelievable human beings I think I will ever meet! You all know who you are.. Indy you'll be in great hands with the future! Love you all."

I'm flabbergast. How do they make that trade for nothing near what the Celtics were offering. Oladipo and Sabonis were less than a bag of Magic Beans. Bradley and Crowder are a much better pair, and would have made Myles Turner a star. Plus, no 1sts for the  Future? They desperately needed the THREE 1st Round picks the Celtics where throwing in (according to some;). Simply stupid.

NBA trades are always about who gets the best player. Bradley was by far the best player in those two proposed deals, and while you can argue between Oladipo and Crowder, Sabonis is clearly fourth. Oladipo is just a scorer and does little else to help a team win. Crowder does a lot more to help a team win. It just doesn't make sense.

But don't worry, it gets worse. "Oladipo is scheduled to make a guaranteed $21 million in each of the next four years," Bulpett wrote. "Sabonis, who averaged 5.9 points and 3.6 rebounds in 20.1 minutes in his first season, is still obviously on his rookie contract." 84-Mil over four years for a guy that doesn't affect wins?

And worse. "I can see what OKC is doing," Bulpett got an exec to say. "But I really canít believe this from Indianaís standpoint. Thereís no way you canít get more than that. And youíve got to get at least something in the way of draft picks." But wait...

It gets worse. Pritchard knew that they... "still donít think Indiana can get the combination of young players who can help them now." the exec finished. "And maybe picks from anyone other than Boston." And didn't come close!

This is a case where the Owner has to step in and say "no". This is a top ten dumb deal in the history of the NBA. Because Pritchard, unequivocally, has a far far superior deal done with Danny. Amazing?


Then Blake signs for the Max with the Clippers, and I'm sure that I am concussed (and I broke one of me foam fingers.). "League source: Celtics waiting to hear back from Indy's Pritchard, but consider his current demand for George unrealistic," Mark Murphy tweets. "Source added that Pritchard's last demand was for next year's Nets and Lakers picks, plus starting player(s)." Which I don't buy. 

Why would Pritchard ask for the world from the Celtics, and except a bag of magic beans from OKC? No wonder he was fired from Portland. Because if he had a hissy-fit and handed over George to OKC for significantly less than the Celtics had on the table, because Ainge wanted him to wait few days? Than he should be fired again. He has to do everything he can to build a winner. Bradley and Crowder showed that they could affect wins last season, and Oladipo and Sabonis have not shown the same thing.

I thought Bradley turned into a Star in the Playoffs. "I'm told #Celtics offer to IND for George is LAL/SAC pick from PHI, '19 MEM OR LAC pick, Crowder, $$ filler (Zeller pop name, Bradley poss)." Kaufman tweets. "Many asking about Avery Bradley potentially being in #Pacers trade. Regardless, virtually no financial way to keep him on #Celtics roster." Bradley didn't just affect winning, he won Playoff games for the Celtics.

So the biggest piece in those two trade scenarios is the Bradley pick and the Sixers/Lakers/Kings Lottery Ticket. We can have a debate over who affects winning more Crowder or Oladipo. Even if I concede that Oladipo is the third best chip in the deal? Bradley is first, and not getting the pick the Sixers traded to the Celtics (which could be pick 2 through 5 next year, in an even better Draft than this years) is simply a crime against the Pacers.

If it wasn't so stupid I would think he was purposely trying to stick it to Ainge, rather than do his job. He has to be fired for that decision. That trade is just so clearly not in the best interest of the Pacers. OKC not only got George, but they also got Oladipo's terrible 84-Mil contract off their Cap. They not only got the best piece, but getting that terrible contact off their Cap was the 2nd best piece in this Babe Ruth like deal.

To be continued...

The good news is that I think that Bradley turned into a star in the Playoffs last season. I have no trouble with him being the 3rd best player in the Eastern Conference. Especially as another top 15 player heads west young man. The only reason I didn't mind Danny trading Bradley, was that everybody said he was set to leave Boston after next season to sign an Oladipo like contract.

George is also making a mistake agreeing to go out West, where depending on how you look at it, ten of the top fifteen players in the NBA are in the Western Conference. Besides LaBron and Antetokounmpo, I'm not sure there's another lock for the top ten. I find it offensive that Isaiah Thomas was left out of all the top ten lists. So I'll put him in the top ten. So that's 7 of 10 best players in NBA in the West, and maybe five or six of the top fifteen in the East.

Now I may have read this with a nicely timed perk running through my system "Paul George has been traded to OKC, per sources." But that doesn't mean that it still makes sense. The clearest losers in this deal are the Pacers.

If they pick up Gordon, the Celtics still have Isaiah, Bradley, Hayward, Crowder/Brown, Tatum, and Horford to go with him. That gives them a starting lineup of Isaiah, Bradley, Hayward,  Crowder/Brown/Zizic/Guerschon, and Horford. They will have trouble finding a power forward. They have extended a 4.3-Mil offer the Olynyk. He could be a power forward for them, but it seems that it is more a Cap move with neither side having interesting in him staying in Boston. 


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