Jarvis Jones

Passrusher Georgia

6-3, 245, 33" Arms (U 4.9), 20 Reps,

30.5" Vert, 9'3" B, SS 4.69, 7.43 3-C




The Quickest Hands in the West


He is as field fast any rusher in this Draft. Small guy who takes on blocks well and is so quick that it is hard for blockers to latch onto him. He has that knack for making people miss him. He can blast off the line and get to the QB in a flash. Nice speed across the field. He can line up at LOLB and make a play across the field. Led the SEC in Sacks in 2011 and 2012. If that is not impressive than I don't know what is.

He just gets up the field so fast. He is lighting off the snap. He does such a nice job of using his hands to bounce off blockers. The more I watch him the more I like him. Very susceptible to the cut blocks as a Junior. That seems to be about his only weakness so far. Plays with amazing leverage. He get under the OT’s Pads and Bull rushes them up. It is amazing how he can knock down guys \ who look a hundred pounds bigger than he is, onto their butts. He is just a pure freak athlete. Team player and leader. Team Captain. It is amazing how he can Bull the OT onto his butt on one play, and then blast off past him like he is standing still on the next. That is a rare mix of talent.

He does play with power, and such great natural leverage that he can make much bigger players looks foolish. Plus, he plays so fast, quick, and explosive that he always seems to be putting the bigger guys in awkward situations. Switches sides a lot, and even lines up at ILB. He is just as fast up field from either side. Does a good job setting the edge. Ironically, he often doesn’t look his best against smaller blockers. He looks like he should destroy RBs and FBs picking him up, but often doesn’t. Tight Ends can also give him trouble on the edge. He plays with such natural leverage that he doesn’t look comfortable when the little blockers can get under him. When he stops moving on the field he can get overpowered. He just can’t defend himself on cut blocks. It is amazing how he can leap frog his way in and out and around three blockers and still get his hands on the QB.

His biggest flaw is that you can run at him. When he can move to the ball he is effective in the running game, but at the point of attack, if the O-Linemen latch on than he is in trouble. He is so quick off the snap he can make the more athletic TE whiff. It is remarkable. Underrated hitter. He can really can crack the shoulder pads on the ball carrier. Amazing angle flying around the Corner. He can Turn the Corner as well as Von Miller. 

He missed two games this past season with an ankle injury (no lasting effects), and played against two option teams that rarely throw; Yet he still set Georgia’s record for Sacks in a season at 14.5. He has an incredible knack for playing behind the LOS. He set the Georgia career mark in Sacks at 28 in only two season! He has also had 44 TFL over the past two seasons. 

Okay, that 's a lot of information, but doesn't really tell you anything new. However, rest assured, I finally figured out how he does it. He has two wonderful moves that he does better than anyone I have ever seen. The first move he does is so special that I hate to reveal his secret. He gets to the outside shoulder of O-Tackles and the then turns past them like he has suddenly turned into a ghosts. He Dips and Rips around the Corner, and O-Tackles seem to ole' him like he is a charging bull. Why don't they grab him, punch him, or shove him down. They seem to be in position, as he whips right past them like the wind. It always troubled me how he did it. I mean, 28 Sacks in two seasons in the SEC is beyond amazing. Then I finally saw one of his tricks in the Bowl Game. I also spotted his second trick at Georgia's Proday.

His first trick is startling simplistic, and also explains why he often struggles against the smaller blockers. The smaller RBs and squat FBs, and sometimes TEs, give him more trouble when he is rushing the QB than the top OLTs in the SEC. I wrote about this a lot in the Brandon Graham Tape (I'll try and find it online, and put up a link here). Graham was so great at attacking the O-Tackles forearms. He never let them get their big mitts on him. What Jones does that is similar in that he attacks O-Tackles elbows better than anyone I've seen. Plus, he does it a little different. He blast off the LOS so low that O-Tackles have to reach down to try and grab him, and when Jones is leaning and bending around the Corner he is a foot or two off the ground. What he does is he grabs the O-Tackle's elbow, and instep of slapping them off, he shoves them up. I call this the Jarvis Power-Under move. I have never seen anyone do that before. 

It seems so simple, but in practice is so impossible at the same time. He gets under to the O-Tackles pads, and shoves their arms up with impossible balance and violence. He has the quickest hands I have every seen on a passrusher. Shoving their arms up, also drives him down and further under them. Then he is turning, sometimes with his arms up still shoving their arms up or Ripping past, and he is gone like a gust wind you weren't sure you even felt. If he keeps his balance, it has proven to be an unstoppable move. Watch how many times he crosses right in front of blockers who should have their hands extended right through him like he is a ghost, and yet don't seem to even touch him, mysteriously. That is the reason. He shoves their elbows up with truly amazing balance, power, and violence. 

Another thing that makes him so special, and makes his two tricks so special is that he doesn't punch, chop, or just shove the arms up or off him, he grabs them and pulls himself past the blockers, while pulling them behind him. So he is using the weight and size of the blockers against them, better than anyone I have ever seen. It is the most common move in rushing the QB. The whole point of the old Push-Pull is that you pull the blocker to the side, by hold his shirt and you pull your body to the opposite side. So by pulling him left, you are propelling yourself to the right at the same time. He does that, only he pushes up and himself down and past the O-Tackle. That is as difficult to do as anything I have ever seen on the football field.  

The other thing he does, is he grabs both elbows on the side (on his Power-Under move he grabs the bottom of the elbows). It is a variation of the old Push-Pull. Only he pushes and pulls on the O-Tackles arms. He shoves the O-Tackles arms to his left or inside. Only he is holding onto his arms not just chopping, and he pulls his body forward while exploding the O-Tackles arms back. Then he is at the OLT's outside shoulder, turning, and the OLT's arms are on the wrong side of his body. It is sensationally difficult to do. And sensationally effect when he is successful. That is why you keep seeing him crisscross right in the face of blockers, when they should have no trouble grabbing his shirt. He out draws blockers with his quick hands 90% of the time. He has the quickest hands I have ever seen. 

Jones VS Alabama:

The first you will notice is that he plays a whole hell of a lot faster than 4.9. Georgia plays a lot of 3-4, and he will line up all over the formation. Here he is at ROLB. One thing about Jones is that he is a terrific hand fighter. Between his explosion, quickness, and slipperiness he is near impossible for O-Linemen to block. Watch how he heads up field and looks to slap off the OLT's hands as he cut inside. He sees the swing pass to Lacy, and crosses right in front of the OLT's face, again. Neither time did Alabama's great OLT get a hand on him, and he will be a 1st Round pick next year. He gets outside in the Flat in a flash. Lacy cuts back against his momentum very nicely (one of the reason I like the Pats taking him, he has such great feet and vision;-). Jones grabs him and takes him down (0:01). He is so slippery out in space that it is hard to quantify. How do you say O-Tackles just can't see to touch him. He has that knack for bursting to open green. It seems silly and lucky, but he does it play after play after play. He uses his quick feet to keep the O-Tackle off balance, and uses his quick hands to keep their big mitts off of him (was that just the first play of the game;-). 

Here he is setting the edge against the TE Williams, who is an excellent blocker. He allows Williams to hold his shirt until Lacy is charging straight up field then just disengages so naturally (0:11). LOLB, he stops his momentum because he sees the play action. You can see how slippery he is as he works his way towards the QB. Williams just can't seem to get a hand on him (0:15). That was excellent shadow boxing by Williams. He is such a good pass blocker. 

Here he is Twisting inside. He turns speed to power. He knocks the ORT back who has hundred pounds on him. But, once Jones latches on the rush is over (0:26). ROLB, tries to slide inside to get in front of Lacy, but gets caught by Williams. Williams is rising in my eyes. But Jones bursts up field, pushes off the long armed Fluker, and beats him to the Corner. That is not 4.9 speed. He TTC, and gets punched down by Fluker's massive size and strength. He sticks his hand in the turf and holds his balance with remarkable agility (0:42). He finds a lane to the QB, but the ball is gone. That is a great finesse rush against the best power blocker in this Draft. His hands are so quick that you often miss it. His first shove off of Fluker is such a lightning flash of brilliant hands that you can't even see it. He has the quickest hands in the West. 

Here he is going for Fluker again. The way he can stop and start right in the O-Tackle's face, while knocking his arms off his shirt is nothing short of remarkable (0:54). How did this guy run a 4.9? Watch this explosion off the snap that puts Fluker on his butt. Lacy comes over and doubles him. He hits Lacy back, and splits two of the best college football players, to hit the QB (1:01). You have to see this to believe it. He is lines up outside of Williams, and still blasts off past Fluker who has to dive at his legs. It doesn't even slow him down as he lowers his head into Lacy, which knocks him back. He uses the impact to turns into McCarron. Watch the second burst as he regains his balance, spots the QB, and pounces on him to Force the Fumble (1:08). Good golly Ms. Molly that is a phenomenal play. You have to be careful sometimes with who the prospect is playing against. He is playing against the best here. Fluker has him by a hundred pounds (240 to 340, LOL), and Lacy has the Corner shut off. You can see right here, Lacy sticks his shoulder pad right into Jones' face. He takes the uppercut and still makes the big play. You can see him punch the ball out from this angle (1:19). This is going to take a while. I get genuinely giddy when I watch this kid play. 

LOLB, here he is Setting the Edge perfectly, and making the tackle. He does not allow blocker to latch onto him (1:31). They snap the ball, and he is 4-yards upfield before anyone else can do anything. Then he stays to the side of he RB perfectly, getting into position to tackle him, without giving up the edge. BB could not have taught that better (1:40). Watch this perfect play out in space (1:48). Right there, you see it all the time. Rushers get stuck in the middle. He is in no man's land and Lacy is looking to rush past him. Not only does he recover, he punches off Mr. Warmack like he is Ms Warmack, and hits Lacy in the side (1:49). Most think Warmack is a top ten pick (I don't), but he couldn't even touch him here. He is the best I've ever seen at attacking a blocker's arms and not letting anyone latch onto him. He crossed right in front of the guy that most think is the best Guard in this Draft, twice. 

You can see him give a nice subtle inside shoulder shimmy, but it doesn't work (1:57). Watch how quickly he works his way through traffic to get in front of the RB (2:04). He beats the OLT to the Corner with explosion and speed, but just can't turn it (2:12). Watch the nice first step as he blast off the line. You can see him attack the arms with perfect form, and then slip to the ground  (2:20). I call him a finesse rusher, but he is tough as nails and stronger than he looks. He takes a lot of big hits, and keeps on coming. 

He gets stoned by Williams. That is not easy to do. A team like the Bills is going to see this Tape and convert Williams into a Tackle like Jason Peters (2:25). LOLB, this is not a finesse play. Watch him get under Williams and power him up and out. That is a great power play from the best finesse rusher in this draft. He stays to the side of the RB perfectly, and dives on him for the Tackle (2:36). His ability, or lack there of, to play the run has been greatly exaggerated. You can run at him. He is not the best right at the point of attack. He showed that in a few games. Otherwise, he is pure quickness and speed finding the ball carrier with amazing tenacity. He is the best OLB at Setting the Edge in this Draft. He slices through blocker to get in on tackles all the time. 

The OLT is able to latch onto him, which is not easy to do. He punches his way out of it, and spins down field after Lacy (2:41). Here, they lined up three blockers right in front of him so they can surround him. They have set up a posse to cut him off at the pass, LOL. Calling him a finesse rusher sometimes implies that is soft. He is not soft at all. Two of the blockers attack him instantly. He still slices inside and gets in front of Lacy, and forces him to try and bounce it outside (2:52). That is a great run play!  He doesn't make the play, but he beats two blocker to force the RB to slow and cut when he wanted to lower his head and hit the hole. That is just great. 

Fu... um forget finesse, watch this assault on the OLT. Lacy tries to chip him on the edge, so he has to turn into the OLT. Watch him jolt one of the top prospects in the 2014 Draft back on his butt. That is just another great display of power from the best no longer finesse rusher in the Draft (3:04). You can see him staring to the inside. He knows Lacy is going up the gut. He runs right to where Lacy went. I hate to call it a knack, but he seems to know. He too consistently seems to know what is going to happen before it happens (3:12). He gets doubled by the OLT and the TE Williams, and gets knocked to the ground (3:22). However, he is able to hop up and also recover the fumble. That is another reason I don't like to the word finesse. He takes a beating and jumps up and attacks over and over again.

Notice Alabama is lining up two TEs on Jones side consistently now. Williams isn't even taking his eyes off of Jones at all. He Sets the Edge nicely with his long arms, and forces the RB inside. That is what he is suppose to do (3:41). Williams lines up right in front of Jones again. Saban is not dumb. He is not going to let an OLB take this win away from him. That is nice call, have Williams slip out of the block into the Flat (3:50). TE inline in front of Jones again. Jones get real low, Sets the Edge perfectly. Then slips the block and chases the RB (3:59). You can't coach it any better than that. 

Both TEs to Jones side. They both instantly put their hands up and attack Jones. He powers and fights his way upfield to Set the Edge. He turns Lacy upfield and doesn't allow him outside (4:14). Watch the double team attack him. He bounces out, but turns perpendicular to the LOS and Sets the Edge. That is what he is suppose to do. 35 misses the tackle and that is somehow Jones fault. That is just wrong (4:23). He Twists inside, and gets in front of the runner, and then gets beat by the stop and start move (4:48). Here he is in coverage, and you can't do it any better than that. He chucks the TE up, and gets position on him as he cuts outside (4:59). Tough series for Jones, but he still plays it just the way it is coached. You can't Set the Edge and make the tackle every time. 

Two TEs lined up in front of him again. Saban is not letting Jones go one on one with one of his great O-Tackles again. If you won't take my word for it that he is the best rusher in the Draft, take Saban's. Jones is the only player I ever saw Saban double so relentlessly. When a coach goes to those length to try and stop a defender, that is the ultimate compliment. The inside TE takes him on. He pushes him back, but he reaches out for RB. The TE knocks him down. That was a good example of him not standing up when they run right at him (5:06). He twists inside and scares the crap out of McCarron. Jones locks onto the QB and doesn't see Yeldon coming over to block him. He gets crushed. However, He scared McCarron out of the pocket and stopped the play (5:15). Only McCarron is very good on his feet and gets outside and turns the corner. McCarron has amazingly underrated feet, and is a heck of a scrambler. I wasn't really paying attention to him much he wasn't draft eligible. But after doing a couple of Tapes I am very impresses with his athleticism and feet in the pocket. 

One on One with Fluker. He beats him around the Corner and flushes McCarron out of the pocket again (5:23). Watch how badly he beats Fluker off the snap. Fluker makes a great recovery, but that is explosion off the snap by Jones (5:35). Both TEs in front of Jones again. He Set the Edge, and Lacy cuts back (5:44).  I thought he was going to get Lacy here. That was a nice run by Lacy. 

This is another nice rush. He as been getting doubled to death by the TE. They finally single him. Williams makes a real nice block protecting the Corner. However, he can't get back into position when Jarvis stops and starts (5:53). You can see McCarron actually turn away from his receivers and look back to were Jones is trapped behind him. He sees Jones breaks free, and tries to get away. You know you are the top passrusher in the Draft, when the two time Champion QB stops looking down field because he is so scared that you are behind him. A coverage Sack is still a Sack.

I don't know how or why he ran a 4.9, other then he is obviously not a track guy, but that is some serious speed around the first ORT to be talked about in the 1st Round for a while (6:05). They bring the TE over and he Sets the Edge (6:12). They line up the two TEs right in front of him again. He might get pushed back when they run right at him, but he can be surprisingly stout when they run inside him. He splits the Double, and then drags them both inside to make the tackle (6:22). He gets caught up between the FB and the TE. Catches Lacy flying inside. Watch the will of a great player as he drags two bigger blockers to where he wants to go (6:29). I know he got a lot of criticism for his run defense in this game, but that was impressive. Although, he did abandon the Edge there. 

Another play that belies his track speed. He curves around Fluker, spots Yeldon. Then curves to the opposite side of the line to get in on the tackle (6:34). Maybe he doesn't run in a straight line as fast as you'd like, but he can run an arc faster than Saban likes (6:41). You see this a lot with Jones. One thing he does that I think is brilliant is that he knocks the O-Tackle's arms up, rather than down. This puts the O-Linemen in a little unfamiliar territory. It also allows him to then duck under their arms and dig out a path to the QB (6:48). He doesn't duck their, but watch how high up he shoves Fluker's massive arms. That is what really makes him so special in the SEC. 

Keeps his shoulder square as he shuffles down the line, and his arms extended to hold off the TE with his hands. Nobody plays better with their hands and feet in combination in this Draft than Jones (7:04). Alabama sets up the double team with Williams and Yeldon (7:11). You can really see his heavy hands here. He pushes Williams up and off balance as he Set the Edge. Then he Pulls him down and to the outside, as he sees the RB go inside. He shrugs him off, uses his weight against him (7:18). That is as good as it gets when it comes to using your hands, hips, and feet together for power, leverage, and balance. He completely controlled the much bigger Williams with his hands on that play.

Sets the Edge, and Lacy steaks past him (7:28). Here he pops the TE up and off his body. He sees Lacy burst inside. He loops or Arcs around the end of the line and pops Lacy. Unfortunately Lacy sneaks out of his tackle (7:43). Watch Lacy use his helmet here as a weapon (inside the tackle box? 7:57;-). This is not an indictment of Jones. There are four defenders with their hands on Lacy. This is a stunningly great play by Lacy. That is why I would have no problem with him at 27. 

He Sets the Edge and Lacy cuts back inside (8:06). He Sets the Edge, and Lacy Smashes through the line (8:12). You can keep focusing in on it, but his job is to Set the Edge (8:23). That is called Setting the Edge. He has outside responsibility. He jams him inside and then grabs him outside (8:32). It's funny because that is as much a bad play as a great play. He gives up the Edge to stop Lacy bulling inside again. When he does that he gives up his position. Lacy sees it and hops outside (8:42). Unfortunately for Lacy, nobody hops outside quicker than Jones. That was a truly great play stopping him at the point and hopping back to the edge. The only nit worth picking is that he gave up the edge to stop him from Smashing through the line again. No coach would complain about his giving up position there (only a jerk-balls like me would;-).

He does a nice job Setting the Edge. He powers Williams up and back with his great burst off the line, and forces Yeldon inside. But he just can't reach him (8:50). You really get a good look here. He powers Williams back. Then hops to the outside. Yeldon is staring at Jones the whole way to read his block. He is able to turn him inside. Then shrug off Williams, but Yeldon cutback inside further than he thought (9:03). That is a great run by Yeldon. This kid is going to be great. He might end up better than Richardson. Maybe?

He does a nice job using his shoulder pads to get inside position on the TE, but it is a Dive (9:10). Here he is forcing the RB inside again. He shrugs off the TE nicely once Yeldon commits to the cutback. But he can't catch him. It looks like he was blocked out by his teammate (9:17). He hustle down the line in backside pursuit, but just can't reach him again (9:25). He looks a lot faster than 4.9 here. He flies by Shawn Williams (9:34). Gets trapped outside by the big guy (9:40). He gets blown off the line here. He doesn't Set the Edge. The two TEs give him the corner (9:46). He knocks Williams up, but in doing so he gets high himself. This allows the H-Back to get under his pads. Then they grab his shirt, outside the shoulder pads, and pull him out of bounds. Upon further review, that was a clear Hold (9:58). He got a lot of heat for this game. But they didn't run at him, they ran inside of him. Until that play. That was clearly his worst play of the game. 

He Sets the Edge here. However, you can see he is tired or hurt, as he doesn't really pursue for the first time.  (10:04). Sets the Edge nicely, and gets in on the tackle. That was a terrific play (10:12). He is such a tough guy. You can see when the two TEs knocked out of bounds they clearly hurt him somewhere. He struggled on the next play, but then shrugged off the injury and made a great play on the next. 

Watch him hop outside of Williams. Punch his outside shoulder to turn him, and get up field. Watch him use his hands, hips, and feet here with terrific torque as he tosses Williams aside, and jumps into Lacy for the big tackle (10:23). You can see in slow motion from the back angle that Jones makes first contact and grabs his legs, not Jenkins (10:27). That is a truly great play for a power passrusher. 

He tries to slice between Fluker and the Fullback. He gets chipped anyway at a bad angle, and it takes him out (10:31). He hops around the TE outside of Fluker. Then he pounds him into the line like he's a nail. But that lets Yeldon outside and he gets the 1st down (10:39). Watch the burst into the FB/H-B (10:48). Then he punches his arms up, and gives a great uppercut (10:50). That is a great physical play, but he abandons the Edge, and lets Yeldon bounce outside. 

He fights Fluker tooth and nail. But if you let Fluker grab shirt, he is too big to power through (11:02). Sets the Edge nicely this time, and gets in on the tackle when Yeldon cuts inside. That is not easy to do. (11:12). Too much traffic for backside pursuit (11:20). Gets caught not Setting the Edge again. That is a bad play (11:27). You can see he has the outside shoulder of Williams, but he thinks Yeldon is going to cut back inside. So he pushes off and gets the inside shoulder. Then Williams does a nice job of catching him and not letting him get back to his outside shoulder again (11:36). That is a tiny difference between playing it right and not getting in on the play, and playing it wrong and maybe making the play on the inside (I think I just confused myself;-).

Jarvis Jones Vs Alabama


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