Jarran ReedDT/NT Alabama

6-3, 307, (O) 5.21,  

7.77 3-Cone, 4.75 Short Shuttle! 

33.3" Arms, 31 Reps!

8'10" Broad! 31" Vert,

The Alabama Three: Part III.


I think one of the reasons Reed and Robinson fell is because they played for such a talented defense. It makes them seem less attractive as they seem to make less plays on tape. They were subbed in and out a lot. Because there were so many guys making plays around them, it is harder for the two to make plays. They play in a team oriented defense. A schemed up defense like the Pats. The Players do their job and that is it, and their job was to stuff the run and occupy blockers first.

Ten years ago they both would have been top ten picks. Both guys remind me a lot of Marcellus Darius. Huge run stuffers who will get bigger as they get in an NFL weight room. Like Darius, neither are elite inside rushers. But they all have sudden and surprising inside bursts every game where they hit the QB, and when these two guys hit the QB they hurt him more them most. These two guys scare the crap out of QBs when they burst up the middle. 

They were the force in the middle of the only defense you could say might be better than Ohio State's over the past two years. "We push each other day in, day put." Robinson said about Reed. "Coach Bo [Davis] took nothing less from us. Us two being side-by-side, we've been the two best players in the country since he [Jarran] came in before my sophomore year. We always push each other to be the best in the country." They were the best in the country inside.

They work together so well, even in the predraft process. "It's a blessing, honestly," Robinson said. "Being able to come out here in front of all of these NFL teams, and showing what we can do. Showing we're not just gap fillers, we actually can move and stuff. It was great to be able to show those guys, and it's just a blessing to be out here." It's funny how close they went to each other in the Draft. They only went three picks apart. 

They really were competing against each other for Draft position. But they didn't let it bother them. "It's nothing competitive," Robinson said. "It's about pushing each other and getting each other better. It doesn't matter who goes first. We want the best for each other." Robinson went 46, and Reed went 49. 

They may not hit the QB at the rate to make them great, but they will play in the NFL for a long time. "I love 'em," Mayock said. "Theyíre both in my top five. It's the best interior line class Iíve ever seen, and both of those kids are going to play early and often and play for 10 years." They both will be successful in the NFL.

They will be successful in the NFL because they occupy blockers. "They played on one of the best defenses in the country, and they were both bell- cows." Saban said. "And great leaders and affected other guys on the team in a positive way. I think they have tremendous size, tremendous ability. I think whoever gets them, wherever they get picked, they are going to have a great career." You had to have three if not four blockers hit them every play or you couldn't run your offense.

One of the reason the Alabama defense worked is because Reed and Robinson were able to consistently occupy three blockers inside. "I love them," Mayock said. "Theyíre both in my top five. Itís the best interior line class Iíve ever seen, and both of those kids are going to play early and often and play for 10 years" This freed things up for other guys like Ragland and the other Reed. Jonathan Reed was the real treasure at Alabama. He would have been a top ten in this years Draft. But all the outside rushers would not have been as effective as they were without Jarran and A'Shawn inside. They pushed the interior blockers back, and made QBs take their eyes off everything else. 

Ragland became a viable option in the rush, because Reed and Robinson occupied three guys inside, and Ragland was able to get pressure off the edge, because the O-line didn't have enough guys left to block him. Johnathan Reed, Robinson, and Reed often occupied four or five blockers in the rush. This allowed the little speed rushers and Ragland to go unblocked often enough to hit the quarterback. 

But make no mistake, Robinson and Reed gave the push inside and occupied the blockers enough to make all the little rushers around them better. Robinson is the better athlete, and has more sudden and dynamic rushes to hit the QB than Reed, but Reed is the more dynamic against the run. He was Alabama's nose tackle, and he played that run stuffing position extremely well.  

Post Draft

LSU: He uses his hands, feet, and eyes so much better against the run. It is amazing how athlete he can look holding off two OLs, and redirecting to the RB. When the OC doubles Robinson, he has a knack for finding a way to disrupt the quarterback. He can power the ORG right back into the QB and force the bad throw. Power tackler who destroys RBs who run inside. Plays through the whistle. He is the prototype 3-4 DL. "Jarran Reed was a third- or fourth-round pick last year," Saban said. "I donít know what his draft status is exactly but I think itís way, way higher than that. Possibly a first-round guy." He played primarily NT, but he also played some D-tackle and 5-Tech. Great hip torque. 

Auburn: Nice job setting the edge. "You canít be nervous," Reed said. "You have to come out here and play your game, just listen to the coaches, be coachable and give effort. Everythingís not going to be perfect. Itís the best of the best out here. Youíre going to win some, lose some." He will play 5-Tech in odd fronts sometimes. He is almost always in on short yardage. Holds the point so well, and grabs the RB as he slices through. He was 3rd on the team in tackles in 2014, and garnered 55 tackles, 6.5 TFL, and 5 PBU.

Mississippi State: He holds the point very well inside at DT. And he can shed and make the tackle right at the point. He was the best run stuffer inside against Miss ST. Great hand placement. When he gets his mitts on the OC he controls him with his hands. Great quickness inside against the run. I'd like to see him bring that lateral burst to the passrush more. Plays with great natural leverage. Even when it looks like he is out of the play, he sheds and hits the RB.

Georgia: Nice nose tackle for Alabama. He can power into the OC and ORG, shove off and make the tackle. He is a big bruising inside brawler, but not a lot of up field rush. He seemed to be getting to the QB a little better this year. You cannot block him with an RB or TE in the rush. He will kill you. Shows nice quickness on twists inside with the other DT. Great hands to grab the OG's shoulders and push him up, read, and toss him aside. Plays with great violence. Great lateral explosion hitting inside.

Senior Bowl: He is a beast against the run inside. "Reed goes to the Senior Bowl and every day, every snap he plays his tail off," Mayock said. "You donít really have to worry about the ups and downs of guys that come out of this process of Nick Saban." He was primarily a NT at Alabama, but he did play some DT in even fronts. "I think he can play in either front quite honestly," Phil Savage said at the Senior Bowl. "He's a junior college transfer, I thought he got better and better from his junior year to his senior year. He was very consistent this year. Thereís a reason heís seen as a potential first rounder." He really is a freakish athlete. He ran down Wentz from the side, all the way out on the sideline at the end of the 1st quarter. 

Great speed for a 315 pound guy. "I thought both Jarran Reed and A'Shawn Robinson showed the potential to give you something as a pass rusher even though they don't have the numbers to support it in terms of sack production," Savage said. "I thought Jarran had a really good position workout. And with A'Shawn, you have to remember that he's 20 years old, and he's a man-child at almost 6-4, 315 to 320 pounds. People see an upside potential in him, especially if they can draw some pass rush out of him." He has some speed to the outside.

You have to get your hands on him or you are done. "Wherever a team needs me to play," Reed said. "Iím willing to play anywhere." In the first practice at the Senior Bowl he was playing on the Nose and shaded as a 3-Tech. He can use his hands to get to either side. I think he is the best inside run stuffer of the Alabama guys.

Combine: Jarran Reed- 6-2.7, 307, (U) 5.21 -5.21, Split-1.8-1.8,   (DT), Alabama- I donít think will ever be a star, but a solid player from day one. Very nice feet in bag drill. He has some explosion in his hips that he can use to give a heavy hit.


It was crucial for this team to get a run stuffer to replace Mebane. "It's just such a crucial pick for us," Seattle coach Pete Carroll said during a Sunday press conference. "Jarran can really jump right in and give us the stout play. He's just got great savvy for the running game. So wherever we put him in there, and he'll play both spots for sure. Which one we feature him at we'll determine later when we get back to camp and as we get into game planning and all of that. But he gives us really good flexibility, and he's a terrific football player." He can play in odd and even fronts for them.

He is a big game player. "He's been in such critical situations, tough games, great matchups," Carroll said. "The best players in the country, he's played against and he's always dominated. So we know that's likely to happen if he looked good here. He moved well. He understands the game. He just has a way about him. I can see why he was such a leader at the Alabama program." He will not wilt under the pressure of big games.

He is already in Seattle working with the team. "It's definitely motivation," Reed said. "But things happen. I just stay humble and stay focused. That's all I can do. I'm in a great spot. I got a great coach, great organization, great teammates, great facility. I can't be mad with this." He has such a great opportunity here.

He has some big shoes to fill, but they need him to be as strong at the point as Mebane was. "Heís the best run-stuffer Iíve seen in a long time," Seattle area scout Jim Nagy said, then went on to compare him to Mebane. "Different body types, but similar skill sets. The way they play their front there [at Alabama] they donít ask him to really get up the field. But what you did see on tape was his ability to push the pocket and get pressure that way." They will not ask him to get up field as a rookie.

Though he doesn't like be classified as a run defender only. "Iím not worried about that. Iíll for sure show them the capabilities that Iíve got, what I can do. The seasonís up ahead. Thatís all I can say. Itís definitely motivation. But things happen." He will have to earn his reps in the rush as he gets experience.

Previously Released:

He is such a versatile D-linemen. "Real physical run stopper, improvement of my pass rush, I'm getting better as I go," Reed said. "I'm a hard worker, love playing with intensity and my mental focus. To me, theyíre all projections and you canít go just off the he said, she said. Iím just in here really focused, trying to grind and get better each and every day." He is all about working to get better.

It worked, as he got better this past season. "Jarran Reed was a third or fourth round pick guy last year," Saban said. "I donít know what his draft status is exactly, but I think it's way-way higher, and possibly even a first-round guy." So it looks like it was the right decision returning this past season, and becoming a Champ.

Hard work and talent go a long way in the NFL. "It paid off a lot," Reed said. "Just to come back to get my degree, first and foremost, because weíre all student-athletes in college. That was a great opportunity because I improved myself as a player and as a person. And just getting more coaching by the best coaches in the country. I was real thankful for that opportunity." He certainly did get better as well.

Reed and Robinson look like the two best Nose tackles in this Draft. "If [Robinson] comes out, it will be interesting to see who goes first; him or Reed," an NFC Exec said. "[He] is big and talented but raw. Reed, man that guy can go. He's not the specimen that [Robinson] is but he's got the best hands of anyone I've studied so far." He looks like a plug and play NT to me.

Reed is a big NFL Nose Tackle. "He doesn't thrill me," a scout said. "He's a nose tackle. Maybe somebody will get fired up on him. Not a pass-rush guy." He can hold up the middle, and allow linebackers to run to the ball.

He lost 12-pounds this past season. "I [needed] play faster and stay in the game longer," Reed said. "The game is changing a lot. Weight is a real big issue. At a smaller weight, it's really better because you're faster, you're lighter, you're more mobile." He showed flashes of getting up field last season.

He looked like a plug and play nose tackler at the Senior Bowl. "I didn't realize how well he ran until he chased down Wentz in the Senior Bowl," another scout said. "I'd take him and not look back. You don't see his pass rush but I think he can. I think he can play nose, too." He is a nose tackle, who has a knack for finding a seam to the quarterback every now and again.

SENIOR (2015): The backbone of the Crimson Tideís run-stuffing defensive front ... selected as a second team All-SEC honoree by the Associated Press ... made 28 career starts in Tuscaloosa, including all 15 games in 2015 ... fourth on the team in tackles with 57 total, including 56 rushing stops ... had 4.5 tackles for a loss (-8 yards), including one sack (-3 yards), two pass breakups, eight quarterback hurries and one fumble recovery ... earned defensive player of the week honors from the UA coaching staff for his efforts against Wisconsin, Middle Tennessee, Ole Miss, ULM, Arkansas and Tennessee.


Reed, Robinson, and Ragland Vs Tennessee:

Reed is right on the Nose. He takes on the double, and gets overwhelmed by a wave of blockers. But he holds up, and somehow comes up with the tackle. That is an unbelievable play (:01). Robinson pushes off the OLT, and slides over behind Reed, and helps him stop the wave. Ragland dances around outside the traffic as he tries to find the RB, and then just tries to push the pile back.

Watch Reed slip inside the block of the ORT, and then punch off the ORG with his inside arm. He gets pressure on the QB (:12). Robinson tries to hop through the double and is stopped. So he punch it off to free himself. Ragland is the right ILB. He shuffles inside, and then sees the QB's eyes and heads back the other way.

Reed stays at NT, with Robinson as the Blindside 5-tech. Both stack their blockers, but can't shed. Ragland gets trapped inside as well (:20). Reed gets trapped by the double, and swims over it too late (:42). Ragland is lined up as the left ILB. Watch him slide to the right. Then give a shake and avoid a blocker. Then he goes and makes the tackle. 

Reed gets stuck fighting the double. Robinson gets stuck on the OLT. Ragland shuffles outside to cover the RB (:51). Reed uses some nice technique. He uses the shoulder slap to get into the Rip, and starts to get up field so the OC doubles him (:59). Robinson gets in a nice shoulder punch, and watch how he grabs the OLT's arm and shoves it off. He needs to do more with that. You get a good look at Ragland coming in late to pick up #1.

Ragland shows some speed getting outside to hit the RB but can't bring him down (1:08). Watch this great push by Robinson and Reed. This is why they will help their teams in the NFL. Reed gets doubled by the OG, and Robinson by the RB. That is four blockers they occupied in that rush, and Robinson still got up in the QB's face. Ragland reads the play action. Then Zone drops, and gives a chuck to the TE flying by (1:20). This is a nice play. Watch Robinson slice inside to the RB. He has him in his sights, and then is chop blocked by the double team (1:36). Watch Reed use his hands to hold off the double team and keep his feet free to go find the RB. That is four blockers they occupied again, and this leaves Ragland free destroy the RB at the LOS, and tackle him straight back on his butt.

Robinson takes on the double, which allows Reed to power through the outside shoulder of the ORG, and knock his feet back into the QB's feet as he throws to cause the bad pass. It also allows the DE next Robinson to find an inside lane to the QB. Ragland takes away the RB sneaking out of the backfield in coverage (1:46). Robinson faces one blocker and makes the tackle (1:55). Reed faces one blocker and slides over behind Robinson and catches the RB. Ragland uses his hands and feet nicely to hold off the blocker and slides in front of the RB.

Ragland shows his speed to the outside, makes the TE miss his block, and takes the QB down at the LOS (2:02). Ragland shifts outside a little as the RB options behind the QB. Then watch the jolt forward as he goes and gets the little scatback (2:21). You have to attack the edges when Robinson and Reed are in the middle together. 

Robinson has a sudden blast off sometimes, but mostly he is slow and steady to the QB. He needs to get to the QB more to be great in the NFL. You get a good look at Ragland's nice feet and COD zone dropping in coverage, as he dances around the box eyeing the QB (2:28). Watch the quick swim by Robinson. That is a great little move that forces the OC to double. Notice how he keeps his eye on the QB and when the QB bails he goes and gets a hit on him (2:37). Watch Ragland move around spying the QB. He keeps his eyes on him, and he shows some suddenness changing direction twice.

Watch Robinson split the triple team (2:48). Reed and Robinson look like twins taking on the blockers at the point with their hands. Shoving them up and going and getting the RB (2:58). Robinson on the Nose. He gets outside and sets the edge, as the Alabama rushers are over loading the other side. But when the QB takes off the other way he looses the edge by just a fingernail (3:33). Again, Ragland shows more quicks and COD than you'd think he has spying the QB. But he gets tricked by the QB as well. However, he gets all the way across the field and forces the QB out of bounds.

Robinson and Reed take on three blockers to stuff the middle of the field again. Watch Reed stack the ORG inside, and shed him as he goes back outside to catch the RB. That is great run defense at the point. And of course Ragland plays his position perfectly. Uses his feet to hop around in front of the RB, and gets in on the tackle (3:58). Just watch this tackle by Robinson. A stack and shed DL cannot play it any better than that. Reed also does a great job absorbing the double team hit and falling onto the QBs legs (4:08). I mean, that is what those guys do. They do it quarter after quarter, and game after game. They will bring that consistency to the NFL.

Watch Robinson use his great hands and feet to fight the OLG back into the QB (4:31). Ragland uses his quicks to get outside (4:51). Ragland is one of those guys who seems to play better in the 2nd half. Watch him use his feet to move around the OG, find the RB and knock him down (5:09). Robinson, two or three times a game, shows some burst going up field. Watch his great hands and feet and he skips inside and shoves the OLG away from his shirt with great hand placement and heaviness (5:43). Then he just misses that rascally rabbit again.

Okay this is a great pay by Robinson. He takes on the double, but watch how he subtle moves away from the OC to open up a hole inside. The OC realizes he is too far out of position and abandons the double. But Robinson has his eye on the QB the whole time. So when he team mate slaps the ball out he is able to scoop it up with one hand, and almost score. He is a freakish athlete who played basketball in high school (6:46). Ragland, Robinson and Reed are all olde tyme football players who still have to have a place in the NFL. They are better against the run than the pass, but that doesn't mean they can't be used on passing downs.

Robinson Vs Tennessee :



Reed's Official Bio:

SENIOR (2015): The backbone of the Crimson Tideís run-stuffing defensive front ... selected as a second team All-SEC honoree by the Associated Press ... made 28 career starts in Tuscaloosa, including all 15 games in 2015 ... fourth on the team in tackles with 57 total, including 56 rushing stops ... had 4.5 tackles for a loss (-8 yards), including one sack (-3 yards), two pass breakups, eight quarterback hurries and one fumble recovery ... earned defensive player of the week honors from the UA coaching staff for his efforts against Wisconsin, Middle Tennessee, Ole Miss, ULM, Arkansas and Tennessee. Wisconsin: Was a force on the Crimson Tide defensive front, putting together five tackles including one unassisted and four assisted stops ... helped plug up the middle to limit the Badgers to just 40 yards rushing on 21 total attempts. Middle Tennessee: Stuffed up the middle and helped limit the Blue Raiders to 275 yards of total offense, only 86 on the ground ... recorded five tackles, including three unassisted stops ... also notched a quarterback hurry, pass breakup and one fumble recovery. Ole Miss: Recorded five stops once again for the third consecutive game while also hurrying the quarterback once ... was a key part of the Alabama defensive front that limited the Rebels to just 92 yards rushing. ULM: Put pressure on the Warhawk quarterback all afternoon, recording one sack (-3 yards), a quarterback hurry and a pass breakup ... finished with five total tackles with two going for a loss (-4 yards). Georgia: Showed his consistency along the line once again, collecting eight tackles to tie for the team lead in stops ... helped limit the Bulldogs to 299 yards on offense, nearly 200 yards below their season average. Arkansas: Finished his night with four tackles, including half a tackle for a loss (-1 yard) ... was key to clogging up the middle and limiting the Razorbacks to only 44 yards rushing, 160 yards below their season average entering the night. Texas A&M: Made two stops along the defensive front, including 0.5 tackle for a loss (-1 yard), while adding one quarterback hurry ... helped limit the Aggies to a season-low 23 points. Tennessee: Recorded five stops, including half a tackle for a loss (-1 yard) ... helped anchor an Alabama front seven that recorded five sacks and eight quarterback hurries by dayís end. LSU: Continued his consistent ways, collecting five tackles and one quarterback hurry against the Tigers ... was key in limiting the nationís leading rusher, Leonard Fournette, to only 31 yards on 19 carries. Mississippi State: Recorded one assisted tackle ... helped limit the Bulldogs to only 89 yards rushing. Charleston Southern: Added three tackles to the Tideís total in less than one half of play ... left the game in the second quarter as the Crimson Tide took a 49-0 lead into halftime ... helped limit the Bucs to 134 yards of total offense. Auburn: Recorded two tackles with a solo stop Ö helped limit the Tigers to just 91 rushing yards and only 265 total yards. Florida: Helped limit the Gators to just 15 yards rushing and 180 total yards Ö had three tackles with one tackle for loss (-1 yard) Ö added two quarterback hurries. Michigan State: Totaled three tackles against the Spartans ... played a key role in limiting MSU to 239 yards of total offense, 158 yards below their season average ... also helped hold the Spartan rushing attack to only 29 yards on the ground. Clemson: Made one solo tackle as the Crimson Tide won the programís 16th national championship with a 45-40 win over the Tigers.

JUNIOR (2014): Earned All-SEC honorable mention from the Associated Press ... played in all 14 games with 13 starts ... finished with 55 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss (-14 yards), one sack (-1 yard) and five pass breakups ... had the most tackles by a defensive lineman since Wallace Gilberry in 2007 ... had 23 combined tackles against LSU and Mississippi State after 20 stops in the first eight contests ... earned Alabama Defensive Player of the Week honors following the Florida game. West Virginia: Made two tackles and batted down one Clint Trickett pass. FAU: Made one assisted tackle. Southern Miss: Had one solo stop against the Golden Eagles. Florida: Recorded a career-best five tackles with a tackle for loss (-2 yards) and broke up a pass. Ole Miss: Started and made two assisted tackles while breaking up one pass. Arkansas: Registered his first career sack while making a career-high five tackles -- all solo ... also batted down a career-best two passes at the line of scrimmage. Texas A&M: Started and made one assisted tackle as the Tide limited the SEC's top-ranked offense to just 172 total yards and a mere 31 yards rushing. Tennessee: Notched three tackles with a solo stop. LSU: Recorded a game- and career-high 15 tackles against the Tigers in Death Valley ... helped limit the nation's No. 14 team to just 3.3 yards per rush. Mississippi State: Made eight tackles against the top-ranked Bulldogs ... had seven assisted stops and half of a tackle for loss as the Tide held MSU to 117 rushing yards below its season average. Western Carolina: Had one solo tackle and helped limit the Catamounts to minus-eight yards rushing. Auburn: Recorded four total tackles in a 55-44 win over the No. 15 Tigers, including three solo stops and one tackle for loss (-2 yards). Missouri: Made four tackles with two solo stops while helping the Tide limit the Tigers to just 41 yards rushing ... made a career-best two tackles for loss (-7 yards). Ohio State: Registered three solo tackles against the Buckeyes.

2014 14 22 33 55 1 / 1 6.5 / 14 -- -- 5 --
2015 15 17 40 57 1 / 3 4.5 / 8 -- 1 2 --
TOTAL 29 39 73 112 2 / 4 11 / 22 -- 1 7 --



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