Jaire Alexander

Corner Louisville

5-11, 195, (U) 4.32, 

Reminds Me Of Logan Ryan. 


He was great in the 2016 season. "The thought of (all his success) is pretty exciting, the hype, the publicity, but that's not where I started," Alexander said. "I started here, the publicity brings me here, but I would rather stay on this level and stay grounded and stay humble so I can continue to grind." Then he started spraining his ankles.

He has declared for the Draft already. "I know it was a very difficult decision for Jaire," coach Petrino said. "I appreciate the contributions he made to the program over the last three seasons, and I wish him all the best in the future." I think he has a shot to go in the 1st. 

He can also play Off with great quick feet. "I'm just trying to make him get in a great stance every play," Petrino said, "and utilize his footwork so he can be more consistent." He was lot more mentally mature this past season. 

He can run down the sideline with speed WRs, without being completely turned. "Alexander returned from injury to play his fourth game of the season Saturday," Petrino said. "He came out great. He feels really good. His legs feel great and fast, and he didn’t have any issues at all with his hands. So go through and have another great week of practice." He has great swivel hips in coverage.

He allegedly ran a 4.32 in spring practice last year. "I feel like I could have gone faster," Alexander said. "No, that was my fastest time. But it could have been faster." 4.32 is pretty fast, but you can't trust school timed Forties. 

He uses different techniques at the line. "Especially on the line of scrimmage, he gives us a bunch of tools we can use," Alexander said. "He always tells us, 'use your toolbox. You have to switch it up and give them something different.' That’s going to allow me to expand my horizons and ultimately be more aggressive." He is just as good in Press as in Off.

He consistently makes plays on the ball. "He offers terrific ball skills and athleticism and competes to break up throws," Pauline wrote. "Alexander lacks great size and is often overmatched by opponents but has next-level ability." That is a lot of speed.

He is a great special teams player. He has had ankle issues, as you saw in the first Tape, and players went after his ankle. A great locked on Man defender. He will blitz the edge, and run around the OLT, and make him look helpless. Great burst moving forward when they throw the ball underneath him. He is very good against the run on the Boundary. 

He has great eyes and smarts, and has great instincts reading patterns. "He runs our receivers’ routes sometimes and that's bad," Lamar Jackson said. "You can't go at him head on. You got to bait him up and come back to him." To me that is what separates him from most other CBs in this Draft.

Alexander is a smallish CB, but one of my favorites. "I’m just nonstop," Jaire said. "Normally we’re quiet during our pregame meal, but once we hit that field it’s nonstop. I’m probably the loudest one. I just make sure my guys are right there with me. No man left behind. If I’ve got the energy, you’ve got to bring it as well." He plays strong, and is not afraid to stick his nose into run defense.

He might be the top mover in the Draft. "What Lamar gives to offense, Jaire gives to the defense." Petrino said, "He came out great. He feels really good. His legs feel great and fast, and he didn’t have any issues at all with his hands. So go through and have another great week of practice." He was listed on the Pre-season All-American team before the injury took him out of the 1st half of the season.

He looks great moving backwards in coverage. "A lot of guys can do it once or twice or in all the big games, but can he go out there and be a consistent player?," Louisville DC Sirmon said. " He’s got some great cover ability. He’s got a chance to take some players out of the game. But will he have the maturity to do that every week? That’s where he needs to take that next step." He looked very smart and aware in coverage. 

I think he has it mentally. "Especially on the line of scrimmage, he gives us a bunch of tools we can use," Alexander said. "He always tells us, 'use your toolbox. You have to switch it up and give them something different.' That’s going to allow me to expand my horizons and ultimately be more aggressive." He is a little small, like Cyrus and Jonathan Jones, but I think he is an NFL starter. 

Additional Notes: 

NC ST: He finally got in to play against NC ST. Physical Corner. Twitchy. Read the ball in the air very well. Knows when to leave his man to chase the ball. Terrific returner. He is so dynamic with the ball in his hands, and he really shows his speed in the open field. 

FLA ST: Nice job using his long arms to jam the WR at the line. He plays some of that Off 3/4ering, so he can see the QB and the WR. Great feet moving half backwards with his eyes locked on the QB. He has the feet, hips, and athleticism to play in the NFL. They do switch things up, and he will drop into a zone. He is small, but I like this kid. He is very tough, and reminds me of Asante Samuel.

BC: Got in a little bit against NC State, and then stepped in and played a lot against BC. They had him dropping into Zone early. They have been playing him on the QB's left. He has some twitch to him. Plays well moving backwards while watching the QB. He can react to the pass a little slow sometimes. He has some nice snap in his hips, when he turns inside it is as quick as you want. He is not big, but I love the way he moves on the field, even before he was completely healthy. Plays a lot of off as well. I like how low and aggressive he plays in Press. He looks like he can play in any offense. He does a great job protecting the sideline. He can burst upfield and send the RB inside, and then spin back off the blocker and go tackle the RB. Very impressive coming off his injury.  

Alexander Vs Purdue 2017: 

I love the way he turns and runs with the WR down the sideline while 3/4ering him. He doesn't have to turn and sprint down the sideline to stay with the outside WR (:05). They give him the freedom, like the Patriots do with their CBs, to decide how they get their assignment done in coverage. If they are in man, they can play Press, off, or somewhere in between. He steps up in Press, and then back offs. Then decides to go back up into Press. Watch the hips turn back, and how he moves almost backwards down the sideline, staying with the WR going deep. 

Why could he be a Patriot? He is not just a great leader, he is also an elite special teams player. He is a great punt returner. Watch the speed as he heads up field (:16). He can get physical in Press (:34). Sometimes too physical in press (:50). He is a small corner, but he is strong and tough, and not afraid of the rough stuff.

He gets fooled by the play action. But watch the hips, feet, and speed as he tries to recover. You can see his long speed going down field (:58). Zone covering the Slot (1:06). He bails right before the snap, with some great quick feet (1:14). He gets a nice physical jam, and then realizes it was a run (1:24). Then he flies down the line, and takes out the RB bouncing it outside. Like Logan Ryan, he can cover and is great against the run.

He was a terrific special teams player at Louisville. Smart and aware, and usually did the smart thing. (:01). But he did suffer from some ankle problems. That was a bad sprain he had there. If his ankle issues are over than he could be a real steal late Day One, or early Day Two.

Alexander Vs Purdue:


Alexander Vs Syracuse:

He reminds me so much of Logan Ryan. He is a great tackler, and that cannot be underestimated. (:01).Watch the quick feet as he dances backwards in front of the RB (:11). Watch the hips snap back right off the snap that made the WR look like he was standing still on the release (:20). He zone drops down the sideline, sees the crossing patterns. Then snaps back to the slot guy, as the other WR fell down.

He confused himself. Then read the screen, and bolted up and made the tackle on the edge in space (:26). What makes him a 1st Round CB in my eyes is that he has all the physical traits, but he can also make plays on the ball (:33). He came off his receiver when the saw the bad throw by the QB, and intercepted the ball.

Watch the movement skills. First the elite hip snap. Then the ability to move downfield without turning his back to the WR and/or QB. Then the smarts. He reads the QB, and shifts over to the open WR on the Seam, and almost defends the pass (:42). He steps inside the WRs on the odd run (:52). Then shadows the RB as he says outside protecting the edge. 

Watch the feet as he 3/4ers down field with his eyes on the WR and QB. Then the stutter step reaction, which cost him a step, but he recovered enough to defend the pass a little (:57). Heads down the sideline, and got beat inside. But he recovered quickly and made the tackle (1:24). He got a great jam to disrupt the pattern, and then turned and ran like a shadow (1:32). He defended the pass, as he turned back to look at the RB sneaking out behind him. Then he attacked the WR and punched the ball out (1:38). He does not give up a lot of space for the QB to throw into.

He lined up protecting the sideline. Watch how he shuffled down field with his eyes on the WR and QB. The QB saw it as an opening, and it wasn't. That was another pass defended (1:57). He got in a great jam. Then he went and zoned the flat (2:11). He lined up protecting the sideline, and then did a nice job helping in the run game (2:28). Lined up in the slot (2:36). When I say mover, I mean he can run with the speed of the WR without turning and sprinting. This is a great example. He didn't give up an inch. 

Jammed the WR with his eyes in the backfield, and stopped the run. Just tell me that doesn't remind you of Logan Ryan (2:43). Watch how low he gets in Press (3:05). Again, does his job outside, and then gets inside to get in on the tackle (3:11). He comes up so fast the WR can't touch him, and the blocker can't stop him (3:28). He missed the jam, but it put him into position to make the tackle (3:48). Positively Logan like.

Alexander Vs Syracuse:


Alexander's Official Bio:

2016: One of the top cornerbacks in the country ... earned second team all-ACC accolades ... has developed into one of the top cover corners in the nation ... explosive punt returner ... started all 13 games ... leads the team with five interceptions ... started and made an impact of defense, recording five tackles and one tackle for loss in the opener versus Charlotte ... totaled four tackles and recorded his first interception in a win at Syracuse ... returned three punts for 13 yards — including an 18-yard return ... made an impact on the game with his play as a punt returner, returning two punts for 130 yards, including a 69-yard return for a touchdown versus Florida State ... credited with four tackles and a pair of break-ups versus Marshall ... played a career game versus nationally ranked Clemson, recording his first two interception game and forced a fumble ... made three tackles in the win over the Blue Devils ... registered a season-high six tackles and a pair of interceptions versus Virginia, returning them for a total of 37 yards ... totaled three tackles as the Cards limited the Eagles to 207 yards of offense ... credited with a stop as Cards dominated on defense — holding Wake Forest to 214 yards of offense ... picked up three tackles versus Houston.

2015: Appeared in 12 games, making one start ... missed Wake Forest contest due to injury ... started at cornerback versus Boston College ... credited with 19 tackles and one interception ... team’s top punt returner ... returned 23 punts for 223 yards for a 9.7 average ... had five punt returns of over 20 or more yards ... returned a punt 24 yards against Houston ... tallied career-high two tackles versus Clemson, NC State and Florida State ... intercepted his first pass and returned it five yards in a win over Samford ... returned a punt for a career-long 33 yards versus Kentucky ... totaled a career-best 10 tackles in the Music City Bowl win over Texas A&M ... returned a punt 32 yards versus the Aggies, the second-longest of the season.

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