William Jackson III

CB Houston

6', 189, (O) 4.37, 9'8 Broad, 

31.3" Arms, 10 Reps, 

The Player the Pats Need: Part I.


Jackson the III is the guy I had penciled in for the Pats at 60. He was clearly the most underrated player coming into the Combine. "Long, rangy cover corners with speed and ball skills are valued commodities on draft day," Bucky Brooks said. "Thus, Jackson could become one of the draft's biggest risers following a spectacular performance that shocked many in the scouting community. The Houston standout blazed a 4.37 40 and showed terrific quickness as he crushed the position drills. Jackson's combination of fluid movement skills, sticky hands and physical dimensions makes him the big specimen most teams seek as a potential CB1." Unfortunately for the Pats to many eyes from the Scouting Community saw him run that 4.37. 

The Pats have to get another CB. They cannot go through another season with four Corners on the roster. He needs to get stronger, and his Broad jump is a little frightening. But QBs Only completed 40% of the passes that they threw to his man in 2014 and 2015 when he become a fulltime starter. That is as impressive as it gets. Luckily, he has had some troubles and deficiencies that could still drop him into the 2nd Round. 

He is a tall CB, but has short arms and a terrible Broad jump. But then he ran a 4.37 at the Combine. "A lot of guys think I'll run a 4.5," Jackson said before he ran at the Combine. "I want to prove them wrong. The teams like my size. They want to see how well I'm going to run." He also grabs guys in coverage too much. He has to learn to use his feet more, and his hands less.

He got in trouble as a sophomore in high school, and almost failed out of school. "I was a knucklehead in high school," Jackson said. "I was hanging with the wrong crowd. I was being a follower, not a leader. My sophomore year, I kind of failed all of my classes. Guys I was close to were going to jail. I didn't want that for myself. I wanted to play ball. I knew I needed to get on the right track." He was sinking fast. 

Then his father stepped in and and set him straight. "I stepped up to that," his Dad said. "I intervened when I noticed. I got in his face big time. That's why he had to go to junior college. Now, Will is one of the most self-disciplined kids. He's a real coachable kid. He listens and uses his mind. He's always been a hard worker and loved football. He's an all-around great player. He's ready for the NFL. I'm big on confidence." Jackson II owns his own air conditioning business that Jackson III works in.

He has to be a little more subtle with his hands. He will arm bar guys for too long down field. He also still leads with the crown of his helmet sometimes. "I have to stop trying to go for the big hit all the time," Jackson said. "Kind of learn to wrap up. I need to get that habit out." He could have been thrown out of the FLA ST game that is his claim to fame, for targeting.

They love to move him in and out of Press and Off, just like the Pats like to do. They will also play a sort of Quarters Zone when they are up big in the 4th, but you can see his instincts still want him to stick to a man.

He is a fierce hitter when he is in a Zone, and a WR catches it in front of him. He is terrific against the run in off coverage, and can look like a Safety filling the hole and tackling the RB. He still does get soft against the run sometimes, and is consistently a run-around blockers guy. But when he has a free lane to the ball carrier, he can be a vicious hitter, and nice tackler. But he has a lot of strength and technique work to do in order to take on blockers like the Pats expect their Corners to do.

He will often hop backwards, or skip backwards to adjust his coverage in Off. "William Jackson is going to climb," Mayock said. "His tape is good and now he's a sub 4.4 (40) guy. He had seven passes broken up versus Temple and also had five interceptions on the year. So, you want to talk about ball production and being around and making plays, this kid did it." He lead the NCAA with 28 Passes Defended. Set a single season record for the U of Houston with 23 PBU. 

He has terrific ball skills. He tracks the ball very well, and has the speed and athleticism to go up and get the ball all over the field. "I've got great ball skills," Jackson said. "I've got great cover skills. I don't like to brag on myself, but I feel like I'm a great ball player." He has great eyes. He is able to see the QB and the WR, and make elite breaks on the ball. Even when the ball is not thrown to his man, he can read it, break off his man, and get into position to help his teammate.

He can play the ball high in the air very well down the sidelines, when he gets his head around quickly enough. When he turns his head going down the sideline, he can leap up and snag the ball in the air. Very dynamic with the ball in his hands returning INTs. He has some suddenness in his shoulders when he has the ball in his hands. He is very good at turning around in deep coverage and go up and getting the ball.

He was the defensive MVP of the Chick-filet Bowl against FLA ST. "William's long, and his wingspan allows him to be very physical in press coverage," Houston HC Tom Herman said. "He probably needs to put on 10 pounds of muscle, but he's not shy about throwing his body around. He's a very aggressive, competitive dude. He can catch the ball well. He's very good mentally at refocusing. He's a really good kid. Once he learns a new technique or assignment, he doesn't bust it. I've heard a lot of good things from NFL people about his size and length and ability. He's got a knack. He's got great instincts. What he did in the Florida State game, that was crazy. The only downside is he's a hair thin, but he'll gain weight." He had as spectacular a 2015 as any CB in college.

2015: Started 12 games while appearing in 13 at cornerback ... led the nation and set a Houston single-season record with 23 pass breakups ... also led the nation in passes defended with 28, finishing 20th with five interceptions ... finished his career third on the UH career passes broken up chart with 40 despite only playing three seasons ... named the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Defensive MVP after recording a career-high 10 tackles, two interceptions and two pass breakups in Houston’s win over Florida State ... set a Houston single game record with seven pass breakups in the American Athletic Conference Championship game.

Ultra aggressive CB, but he can get a little too physical in coverage. Nice hitter with his shoulder. He has great instinct timing hits to knock the ball out. He really excels at attacking the arms, hands, and ball a split second after it hits the WR's hands.

I really like him as a Press corner in the Pats' system. "I have great ball skills, so I feel I can match with any tall receiver on the outside," Jackson said. "I'm a tall corner. I can match up with any big receiver on the outside. I'm a press corner. I feel like that's my strength." He can really move his feet backwards, sidewards, and 3/4ing like Josh Norman.

He has nice timing when to dive forward and grab the WR when he is beat over the top. He has the speed to get back into the play and knock the ball out. He does have nice recovery speed, and uses his long arms to slap the ball out while trailing behind the WR.

He can turn and see the ball late, and whip his hand behind him and knock the ball down. Doesn't always look like he has good ball skills. Plays the man more than the ball in the air. He has nice timing when to attack the WR's arms, but he needs to play the ball in the air a little better. He can really move going sideways and 3/4ing. Great movement skills.

Will Jackosn Vs FLA ST 2015:

Jackson was the most underrated CB coming into the Combine. I thought the Pats had to come out of the 2nd with Jackson or Sterling Shepard. Now he is rising up charts as teams watch his film. He ran in the 4.3s, so scouts who didn't see it are now suddenly seeing it, and that sucks for the Pats. "I'm not getting the recognition a big-school corner would get," Jackson said. "But I feel like it's coming along." He won't be around when the Pats pick at 60, which ruins my 2nd Round I am desperately trying to complete (though Shepard is a most excellent consolation prize).

Here he is as a Slot CB against the run (:01). Here he is up on the line in Press. He does a good job moving his feet back and getting a Jam in on the WR (:09). In Off coverage where he usually plays. He gets beat in coverage, and then gets his ankle broken (:17). If you want to play CB you are going to get beat. The great ones have amnesia. Part of what makes him so special is that he didn't go into a shell when he embarrassed himself on national TV. In fact, he was named MVP of this game.

On the next play he gets two jams in at the line (really, he gets in the way of the 1st guy in the Stack to slow him down, and jams the 2nd). He forces the QB into a bad throw by breaking up the timing of both WRs. That was a great play (:38). You get a great look at his change of direction covering the Jerk route (:46). This is a great example of his movement skills (:54). He gets one hand on the inside shoulder of the WR. Then he moves sideways, and 3/4s, but never really turns completely up field. He runs side to side with him. CBs have to be able to move at full speed at every angle.

Back in Off. He waits. He waits. He waits. Then shows a panther like hop in front of the WR, as he stops and turns. Then he chases down the WR who is behind him, and hits him out of bounds. That was a great display of his suddenness and hustle (1:03). He is not timid in run support. He fills the lane, and helps the LB rip the RB straight back on his back (1:24). There are a ton of DCs who are going to love that Tape.

Watch the focus as he hops back a little to meet the WR at the goal line. Then the feet as he jams, turns, and runs with him (1:42). Up in Press on 3rd and Goal. This is where the money is made. He does not let him off the line, pressing him with his feet. This forces the QB to hold onto the ball, and he uses his feet to not let the WR get a good release (1:52). He only leaves a Comeback for zero-yards. So his hustle play and great coverage took an important Touchdown away from Florida State. That was a 4-point series for Williams.

Back in Off. He cuts him off at the pass, and the QB can't even look his way (2:02). I love when he gets two jams in on one play. He gets his hands up and slows the first WR, and then took the second receiver in the Stack (who is the H-back) out of the play. You can see the timing was off on the throw to the first WR he jammed (2:10). You can decide how much his first jam hurt that play.

Here he is way off in Off coverage. You can just see him turn and 3/4 like Norman where he can keep one eye on the QB and the one on the WR. Then you can just see his smooth hips as he turns and runs with the WR. He forces the WR to comeback, and is all over the pass when the QB finally throws it (2:20). Even after that last play I still like him best in Press. He has a couple of quick hops. Then he turns, snaps his hips instantly, and runs effortlessly with the WR (2:35). The WR gets a little ahead of him as he slows a little thinking the play is over, as happens in Press. But he has elite closing speed. He looks up and sees the ball coming. He closes on the WR, as he finds the ball, tracks the ball, and then goes up and gets the ball with his hands. For another TD saving play. That was a 7-point play by Jackson. Plus, you want a CB who can make a QB make a Manning face like that.

He is a fierce tackler. He has all the attributes you want in a top CB (3:14). He takes the second receiver in the stack and shuts him down again (3:20). Here he is in Off. The WR runs a short dig, and watch how quick Jackson stops and attacks forward. He crashes into the WR almost as fast as the ball, but with a lot more thud (3:33). He takes the first guy in the Stack this time, which seems to confuse the QB (3:41). He closes, and then leaps up and knocks the ball down (3:53). He has terrific balls skills.

He looks like he is in a deep Zone, or playing over the top. Either way, he uses his feet to stay in perfect position behind the WR (4:07). He takes the first WR going deep. He uses his great eyes to see the QB is throwing outside to the second receiver in the stack, and breaks off his man, and goes and helps his teammate (4:18). Check out the end of this play. He leaped up over the WR, and if his teammate didn't pick it off, he might have.

He can play the run like a FS sometimes. Watch him spot the ball, fill the lane, and then charge into the hole and make the tackle. The Patriots expect their CBs to make plays in the run game. Butler was very good against the run last season, and Logan Ryan might have been the best Corner against the run in the NFL (4:36). He has to cross the field do to motion. He is in Off, but is right on the WR as the ball arrives. He makes routine catches difficult (4:52). Quick outside shake and then he is on the WR at his break (5:01). He has some cleaning up of technique to do. He is a little handsy for the NFL. That is really his worst flaw, and all Press Corners coming out of college have that flaw.

With the big lead he is back in off again. He likes to hop back in Off a lot (5:11). Still up 14, they stay in Off. He lets the WR curl under him, and despite his instincts, he starts to slide outside into a quarters Zone. But watch how quickly he snaps back to the WR when he sees the ball is thrown (5:20). The second technique issue he needs to clean up is lowering his head (5:28). You cannot, under any circumstance, lead with the crown of your helmet into a defenseless receiver, unless it is Julian Edelman, or one of the other Patriot WRs.

He stays with the WR flashing over the middle. Again, he makes a routine catch difficult (5:14). Just solid coverage. He won’t let them throw underneath when FLA ST is down 14 with a minute to go in the game. That is a competitor (5:58). "I love Jackson's athleticism, size and length, and competitiveness," a director of scouting said. "This kid can high-point the football with the best of them. I like him a lot. He's going to do very well in our league."

I love his movement skills. You can see him skipping sideways down the field like Norman again, and giving up nothing with one eye on the QB and one eye in the WR (6:07). Then, ho-hum, he picks off the game ending INT (6:17). Okay, you have to be careful, because that was the best game of his career. But that Tape is incredible. DCs like to talk about plays that take points off the board. In that game he made: two plays in one series that took 4-points off the board. a 7-point play, and the game ending play.

Jackson Vs FLA ST 2015:





Jackson's Official Bio:


• 2016 Reese's Senior Bowl Invitee
• 2015 SI's All-Bowl Team
• 2015 Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Defensive MVP
• 2015 Phil Steele's AAC First Team
• 2015 The American Athletic Conference's Second Team

• American Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the Week (Sept. 28, 2015)
• 2015 Jim Thorpe Award Watch List
• 2015 Nagurski Trophy Watch List
• 2015 Bednarik Award Watch List
• 2015 Athlon Sports Preseason AAC First Team
• 2015 Phil Steele's Preseason All-American Third Team
• 2015 Phil Steele's Preseason AAC First Team
• 2014 American Athletic Conference Second Team

• 2013 American Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the Week (Sept. 30)

2015: Started 12 games while appearing in 13 at cornerback ... led the nation and set a Houston single-season record with 23 pass breakups ... also led the nation in passes defended with 28, finishing 20th with five interceptions ... finished his career third on the UH career passes broken up chart with 40 despite only playing three seasons ... named the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Defensive MVP after recording a career-high 10 tackles, two interceptions and two pass breakups in Houston’s win over Florida State ... set a Houston single game record with seven pass breakups in the American Athletic Conference Championship game, while also setting a Houston single season record for pass breakups with 23 ... also tallied five tackles including one for a six-yard loss against the Owls ... tallied three tackles at UConn ... had four tackles and a 0.5 tackle for a loss of two yards in win over Cincinnati ... recorded an interception and ran it back for a 55-yard pick six in win over Vanderbilt ... also had a PBU and a tackle vs. Commodores ... had an interception, four tackles and a PBU in win at UCF ... notched a career-high four pass breakups in win at Tulane ... had two pass breakups and three tackles in win over SMU ... totaled four tackles and three pass breakups in win at Tulsa ... recorded his second pick six of his career, folllowing an interception returm of 35 yards, while also tallying two tackles and a fumble recovery in win over Texas State ... collected a pair of pass breakups and a tackle while starting the season opening game at cornerback against Tennessee Tech.

2014: Considered the `lockdown corner' for the Cougars ... appeared in all 13 games in the 2014 season, making 12 starts at corner ... was second in the league with 10 breakups ... had two interceptions ... tallied 37 tackles, one fumble recovery and a forced fumble ... registered one tackle in Houston's Armed Forces Bowl win ... racked up four tackles and two pass breakups at Cincinnati ... tallied four tackles and a half tackle for loss in win over Tulsa ... had five tackles and two pass breakups vs. Tulane ... recorded an interception in win over Temple ... forced and recovered a fumble at Memphis to accompany five tackles ... was man-to-man on UNLV's top receiver, holding him one reception for no gain ... also tallied three tackles and a pass breakup ... had an interception vs. Grambling ... started the 2014 season opener vs. UTSA ... finished with seven tackles ... one of the seven tackles was for a loss of three yards. 

2013: Part of Houston's cornerback group ... played in all 13 games with four starts in the second half of the season ... second on the team with seven pass breakups ... had six tackles at UTSA and also returned his lone interception of the year 96 yards for a touchdown and forced a fumble that was recovered by Houston in the same game ... named The American Athletic Conference's Defensive Player of the Week following his performance at UTSA ... had a career-best two breakups vs. Cincinnati ... recovered his first career fumble vs. Vanderbilt in the BBVA Compass Bowl.



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