My Introduction from April 1st where I rant about how crappy this Draft is.





April 1st:

This was the worst showing at the Combine ever. However, rumors are flying around that the laser machine that clocks the 40 was malfunctioning. I usually post 40 times on all the players, but I won't use the fraudulent 40 times of the Combine. I usually write down all the Unofficial times, but this year I was lazy. My bad! The average 40 time for CBs at the Combine last year was 4.46, and that was the top 40 time for CBs this year. 3 CBs ran a 4.46: Darius Butler, Bruce Johnson, and Lardarius Webb. The now are saying it was a SLOOOOOOW track. Yeah, I believe that as much as I believe  let the propaganda begin. The talent in this years Draft is so average, that moron's are not proudly proclaiming that speed is overrated. That's just stupid. Speed is never overrated. You can't have speed only, granted, but speed can make up for a lot of deficiencies in a player. If you don't have speed, you better have a lot of other exceptional traits to make up for it. This is not College football this is the NFL Where speed is astonishing at every position. Where 250 pound men can run below 4.5 on every team. 

 Just because the talent between the players rated between 20 and 50 is not that different, doesn't mean it is a good draft. when the 2nd Round talent starts at 20, it is not a good draft. The Pats could take Eben Britton at 23 and Larry English at 34, or they could take Larry English at 23 and Eben Britton at 34, and that is not because they are both super blue chip 1st round picks, it is because they have flaws and could go anywhere between 20 and 50. Even the top picks have fatal flaws that they have to overcome. Stafford is shorter than ideal and doesn't have the charisma you like a QB to have. Jason Smith has stiff hips and played in a spread offense where he lined up in a Two-Point stance 90% of the time. Brain Orakpo has injury issues, whispers of steroids, and some worry about his speed (4.7) around the edge. Eugene Monroe doesn't play with enough force, and can doesn't drive off the play on run plays, and has rumors of a bad knee. Curry does everything well, but nothing great, plus he hardly ever blitzed at Wake, and has some stiffness in his hips. Even the perfect WR prospect Crabtree, showed up at the Combine at 6-1 not 6-1, can't run because of foot surgery, and the only forty time on record is a 4.7. Maclin the top speed guy in the Draft, couldn't run under a 4.41! Vernon Davis the super-athlete/super-jerk could run under a 4.4 as well. Andre Smith, the best run blocking Lineman in this Draft, doesn't look as natural moving backward, and has done everything in his power to destroy his reputation and career over the past 3 or 4 months. The best CB in this Draft by far, Malcolm Jenkins, couldn't run under a 4.5, in four tries the best he could manage was a 4.55? And the second best QB in this Draft. Sanchez, has only 16 starts under his belt. And these are arguable the Best Available Athlete in this Draft? And all of them have serious bust potential. I am calling this the Shakespeare Draft, because all the top prospects in this years Draft are good player, and maybe even great players, but they all have a fatal flaw or two that could led to their ultimate destruction. 








Intro from March 1st:

Well, so little known and so much to say. It must be draft time. 

THIS DRAFT STINKS. This is one of the worst Drafts I have ever covered. The top player in the Draft, a wondrous 6-3 Wide Receiver, who seems to be able to separate from DBs at will with his great feet and sharp cuts, shows up at the Combine at 6-1 and with a stress fracture in his foot. You have 3 of the top 4 Corner who can't run under a 4.5, never mind a 4.4, and the forth Corner, Davis, whose claim to fame is that he is a numb nut but is an athletic Super Freak, shows up at the Combine looking stiff and can't run under 4.4? The top O-Tackle, and some had as the top player in the Draft for a while, had a nervous break down at the Combine? The difference between player 13 (Michael Oher) and player 45 (William Beatty) is not that much. In fact, Beatty and Britton could end up being the top tackles from this Draft, while Oher and André Smith look like their destined to be busts. The three superstar, super- fast, super-speed receivers, all had unacceptable forty times, which where they were suppose to be making their money? The top passrushers all look like different people at the Combine: Everette Brown is 6-1, Maybin shows up at 249 and without his explosive athleticism, and Robert Ayers looked slow? The Passrusher who looked like the best bet at the Combine, Clay Mathews, will play Linebacker in the NFL, and he had only 5.5 career sacks! What do you do with that? I Don't know!?!








Intro from January 1st:

The Perfect Draft for the Pats would be: in the First- Aaron Curry OLB from Wake Forest; with their first Second CB Alphonso Smith from Wake forest, and with their second Second SS Chip Vaughn, from, Wake Forest;-)

And this is a good year to need DBs and OLB/DE/Passrushers. The first three round will be loaded up with CBs, Safeties, and D-Ends converting to OLB. So it should be a good year for the Pat's Defense.