Jake Ingram-

Long Snapper, Hawaii

6-2 3/4, 232, 5.09, 15 Reps 

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My Review Of Jake Ingram:


The Good: The great Mel Kiper JR, "Ingram is the best Long Snapper in the Draft." Good enough for me. He has a good chance to make the team. If can add 20 or 30 pounds he could be a good Long Snapper for a long time. Spins the ball well and has great accuracy on his snap. He has one NFL skill, and one NFL skill only, but that specialized skill is very important in clutch game winning situations. He excels at getting the ball quickly to the Punter and holder, "ball consistently reaches punter in less than 0.7 seconds, can be as quick as 0.65 seconds". Ingram was a walk on at Hawaii as a high school D-End. His college coach said he refused to play Ingram on defense, D-End, because he was far to valuable on Special Teams to risk an injury on Defense. You have to love that! Ingram reportedly wasn't thrilled about being taken off the defense, but conceded to his coaches wishes. Because he was a D-End and is smaller and more athletic than most other Long Snappers, you'd think he would be better in Punt Coverage, and while he can usually get down field faster than most Long Snappers he does not make a lot of Special Team Tackles. A surfer dude who plays with great balance as a result of all his training on the surfboard, which is all about strength and balance in the feet.   

The Bad: He is not much more on the football field than "the best Long Snapper in the Draft". He will have to increase his kick coverage skills just to become any kind of all-around player. 

and the Ugly: May too small and slow to be a Long Snapper this season. His best bet is to get injured so the Pats can Stash him on the IR. The main problem is that he will be battling Nathan Hodel LS for the one and only LS roster spot on the team. He most likely won't make it onto the Practice Squad, as some team desperate for a Long Snapper will most likely grab him off waivers before he can reach the Practice Squad. He has to beat out Hodel or get injured in Training Camp, or won't make the roster, because he won't reach the Practice Squad. So it sounds funny to say, but he has to beat out veteran free agent Nathan Hodel or he won't make the roster. The goods news is that I think he could do it, and more important BB thinks he could do it, or he wouldn't have drafted him.      

BB Sunday night after Day Two:

"Also moved into the sixth round as part of that trade and ended up picking up Jake Ingram, a long snapper from Hawaii."

You donít normally see a long snapper drafted. What was it about Jake Ingram that you really liked?

"We thought that Ingram would be in competition for the position with Nathan. Heís an athletic guy, a little bit smaller than some of the snappers in the league, but a little bit more athletic than most of the snappers in the league. I think his athleticism versus his size is kind of the comparison or where the competition will be. An experienced guy. Heís done that. He can block. He can cover pretty well. His snaps are accurate; they had good velocity. So I think that he will be competitive for that position. I felt like he was a top player for his position in the draft."

The Globe Post-Draft:

LS Jake Ingram, Hawaii
6th round (198th overall)
Height: 6-2 1/2; Weight: 232.  40 time: 4.98

Considered the best long snapper in the draft . . . Another walk-on who started as a defensive end but became the full-time long snapper (punts and field goals) in 2006 . . . Hard worker who offers hard, tight spirals . . . With Lonie Paxton gone, could challenge for playing time right away . . . Strictly a specialist in NFL . . . Born Feb. 23, 1985.