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It bugs me when Draftnics talk about Landry sometimes. Especially when they say he can't stop the run (over three solo stops per game in 2015). He lead the NCAA in TFLs in 2015 (okay so maybe 15.5 TFL didn't led the FBS, but you know what I mean;-). Or when they say he is just a speed rusher. Even though he lead the NCAA in Sacks in 2016. 

2015 (SOPHOMORE): Appeared in all 12 games, making 11 starts, including the final nine games of the season … recorded 60 tackles, including 37 solo stops, to go along with 15.5 tackles for a loss, 4.5 sacks, three forced fumbles and a fumble recovery.

Then he exploded into the 2016 season, and was stuffing the run and sacking the QB, like he was the best player in this Draft. "Last offseason was the hardest I’d worked," Landry said. "I knew I wanted to have a big season, and I knew what it took. It’s common sense. If you want to be the best you’ve got to work to be the best." Then he got the dreaded high ankle sprain. 

2016 (JUNIOR): Walter Camp All-America Second Team ... AP All-America Second Team … Phil Steele All-America Fourth Team … voted to the All-ACC Second Team by the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association (ACSMA) and league’s head coaches… AP and Phil Steele All-ACC First Team … recipient of the Division I Gold Helmet of the Year and the George “Bulger” Lowe awards ... named to the Division I All-New England Team … Ted Hendricks Award finalist … played in all 13 games, making 12 starts … led the nation with seven forced fumbles and 16.5 sacks … fifth in the nation and second in the ACC with 22.0 tackles for loss … notched 51 tackles on the year, including 24 solo stops … also recorded four pass breakups, seven quarterback hurries and an interception.

He is a great football player. "Landry is a natural pass rusher. He has an explosive first step and can really bend at the top of his pass rush," Jeremiah wrote. "He's very loose and fluid, which allows him to flatten to the quarterback once he turns the corner. He also has an explosive up-and-under move to create pressure. His ability to finish is special. He can adjust his path as the result of quarterback movement in the pocket, and he's always attempting to swipe the ball away on contact." He has elite arc agility turning the corner. 

He has that knack for running past the OT's outside shoulder with incomparable consistency. "The best of the best get drafted in the 1st round," Landry said. "And I want to make sure my name is in that category." He has been playing injured all season, but when he got on the field he just kept hitting the QB. 

He learned how to work at BC, like a pro athlete. "Coach, I’m sick and tired of getting my ass kicked by these big boys," the HC of BC in 2012 Sochovka said. "That’s when he committed to the weight room. During the summertime, we would work out in the morning as a team. Then he would come back around four o’clock and he would do another workout, mostly lifting. He was always there." He has gotten much stronger and tougher the past two seasons. 

Plus, he still had his elite smarts and first step. "The big thing is his [first step]," Sochovka said. "He’s in the backfield before some of the offensive linemen have even taken their first step. It’s almost not fair." Hardest working man in passrush business, because he had to actually go to class.

He was one of the few guys who can close the angle down on Lamarr Jackson. "This obsession with greatness, he has that," BC HC Steve Addazio said. "Harold is a great example of that development guy that popped in his third [year], and has a chance in his fourth to really and clearly become one of the nation’s elite players." He does a great job in the short zone, and when the great running QB takes off he can charge forward and take him down.

He has been compared to Jason Taylor, and I buy it. "I'd like to probably say Jason Taylor. You know, he's a guy that can get off the football, that uses his hands well," BC DC Jim Reid, who coach Taylor at Miami, said. "The one thing that Harold has developed very well, I think that Coach Pasqualoni will tell you this, is a great understanding of how to study film, you know. And how to practice. And the intensity of it and the environment and the awareness. Jason Taylor had a long reach. I coached him. Coach Pasqualoni was the defensive coordinator, and I coached the rush ends on the outside and the linebackers. He's that type of guy." Elite speed to power guy. In fact, he can use speed to power better with just his inside arm than most with both. 

With a bum ankle against Louisville, they were dropping him a lot into coverage. "Jason Taylor was also the NFL Man of the Year, I think, like three or four times, maybe five," Reid said. "So I would also include that as part of the evaluation of what you just asked me to do because Harold Landry I think is a really great man. Great, great, great young man." They manned him up against the tight end to start the 2nd quarter. Excellent job jammed the TE right at the line, to take him out of his route.

Plays the option well. "He’s a pretty elite pass rusher," V-Tech coach Justin Fuente said. "He seems to have a great mix of both speed and power, in terms of being able to run around you and also being able to mix in a bull rush or up and under. We’ll certainly have our hands full with him." He knows when to hold his position on the backside, and not give a player like Lamarr Jackson a chance to bounce it back to his side.

He does a good job covering the RB on the screen to make the QB go the other side. "He’s definitely an elite pass rusher. We have to know where he is on every snap, either run or pass," V-Tech OL coach Vance Vice said. "They’ve got different packages where he’s sort of the roam-around linebacker. They’re utilizing him in every way possible." Even playing hurt, he has elite hands to shove the ORT off and find a lane to the QB.

He has become unstoppable in rushes when no one helps the tackle. "I think it’s definitely harder with teams game-planning," Landry said. "When I get presented with the opportunity of a one-on-one, I have to make sure I come through on my end and produce." He is an elite speed rusher already.

2017 (SENIOR): Played in eight games before a season-ending ankle injury ended his year … was injured in the Virginia Tech game … 38 tackles and five sacks on the season … tied a career-high with three sacks against No. 16 Virginia Tech (10/7/17) … named to the All-ACC third team (despite miss half the season).

Other Notes:

He gets lower in his stance than any rusher I have ever seen. He can blast outside the OLT, cat quick, and stop instantly after two steps as he reads run and set the edge. Switches sides almost every play sometimes. He blasts off so fast that he can make the ORT miss, and force the QB to throw it into the dirt with two WR wide open, or get killed. 

I like how he likes to clap for his teammates. He blasts off so low that he hits the ORT in the gut with his pads, and rips through with consistency. He heads up field so naturally with his arms extended that he sometimes lets the RB slip under him. He does a great job on his initial burst moving forward lower than everyone else with his arms extended, and impacting the OLT as he reads, and is turning and setting the edge.

He can jam the ORT's inside shoulder, pop him back, and cut inside in the rush. He is mostly an outside speed rusher, but he does have the power to rush inside. He will move laterally down the line on inside runs, protecting the cutback with perfect form and technique. He will line up inside the OLT on the goal line, and jam the OLT inside and back to trap the RB in the backfield. 

He can hold the bigger ORT right at the line, and reach out and grab the RB and pull him back with one hand. He plays so low with elite leverage against the run. He is an elite edge rusher against the run. 

Additional Notes:

Wake Forest 2017: If you give him a crack, he is at the QB. He plays the option so well. When he sees the QB keep it, he can crack him down in a flash. He is so good finding the QB, even on keepers. He just has that radar that helps him find the QB. 

Excellent job setting the edge. It is amazing how consistently he gets to the QB or RB in the backfield, with virtually no help. Nice job jamming the ORT into the QB with speed to power to make him take off. Plays the edge with excellent technique, but I'd like to see him bust it a little more. He is showing some power on the edge to throw the OLT to the ground setting the edge.

NC State 2016: He showed it all to start the 3rd quarter against NC ST. He started off lining up outside the OLT. He shot forward low and level, and nobody blocked him. The OLT blocked down on the DT. The coach who chose to not block Harold Landry on any play, in any game this year, should be fired. He angled forward into the backfield. He saw the handoff to the RB, and altered his course straight down the line behind the OLT. He dipped all the way around the OLT, who was being pushed back by the DT, and dived into the RB a yard deep in the backfield. He fell forward for a yard.

On the next play, he lined up at 9-Tech outside the ORT. The last play he was a little more smooth and in control as he read the RB. This time he blasted off on 3rd and 4, in two strides he was at the ORT's outside shoulder. He got low and dipped under him. He took a big hit as he tried to rip past, and was tackled to the ground. But as he was being tackled he reached up with one hand and grabbed the back of the QB's shirt, at the bottom. He pulled him down backwards as he threw, and pulled him to the ground. The QB completed the pass for 25-yards and the 1st, but the ref called holding on the ORT for Landry.

On 3rd and 14, he lined up at 9-Tech outside the ORT. He blasted off, and the ORT stepped outside this time instead of kicksliding back, and shoved him back. Landry grabbed his arms and clubbed them down. He was way outside now, and the ORG turned back in a panic to double him. He shed the ORT with his hands and dipped under him, and he was even with the QB. He turned with elite agility, leverage, and COD, and burst forward in a straight line past the ORG. He dived on the QB and knocked the ball out for a game changing strip sack. The QB ducked a little and jammed the ball into his gut. Landry grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around and the ball dropped out on the turf, and the DT who rushed up the middle jumped on it. 

That is three straight elite plays, of not just getting into the backfield, but making game changing plays in the backfield. If he is available when the Pats pick, they have to take him to replace Mr. Jones as their Number One Rusher that other teams have to adjust their blocking schemes for (please note this is a note from 2016;). 

He is not just unstoppable bursting up field, he finds the ball in the backfield and makes plays. He got beat inside in the 3rd by the run, and started rushing inside on 1st and 2nd down. He drew another hold dipping under the ORT, and he tackled him from behind again. 

He blasted off into the backfield on the goal line, when they choose not to block him, and burst to the QB. Then redirect to the RB off the hand, off and hit the RB for a crushing TFL from behind. On the next play, he burst inside the OLT untouched, pressured the QB, and helped cause the INT in the endzone. 

Notre Dame 2017: Great blast off. He is at the QB before he can set up the throw. He makes OTs look like blocking sleds. He kept running by the ND ORT, like he nailed his feet to the turf. They had to roll the QB away from his side, and double him with the OG. They were bringing him in as a 3rd down rusher against ND almost exclusively. 

He started off a little slow. But they were taking him out a lot early. Great hands to take either shoulder of the ORT when he wants. Then he explodes off the snap, he finds his way to the QB in a flash. He just blasted off and dipped under the ORT like he was a tackling dummy.

Landry Vs Clemson 2016: 

He has that knack for getting into the backfield, but didn't show that knack for hitting the quarterback, until the 2016 season (:01). He had 15.5 TFL in 2015, but only 4.5 Sacks, which also mean she had 11 tackle for loss in the run game against RBs. He has to prove he can hit the QB to be a Top pick. 

He can dance with the elite running QB out in space, and still drag him in (:57). He just runs by TE in pass pro (1:16). Elite power Rip to make the ORT fall down and then strip sack the QB, past the ORG (1:41). Great blast off. He can blast off and get the ORT off balance. Then dip under the vicious head butt, get doubled by the ORG, and still get the strip sack. His sack against Watson was one of the best I've seen this season. Lines up as a Wide-9 a lot. 

He can get doubled at the point by the OLT and TE, shed the OLT, and spin outside off the tight end, and tackle the RB (2:28 and 2:35). Great inside move when the OLT over protects the edge (2:46). He is a force against the run. 

Clemson had to double him with the ORG whenever he rushed from the right side (2:56). Plays the Option well. Amazing bend and arc agility (3:01). He can dip around the ORT, and turn almost a complete 360 to tackle the RB trying to run underneath him. Amazing.

He has nice strong hands that he can use to pull the TE right out of his way, and go and get the RB (3:47). He consistently beats the ORT to the corner. Nice dip and rip around the corner. His initial burst consistently gets the ORT in trouble (4:21). He will set the edge nicely (4:32), and can slice inside to get the RB. He can blast off to the outside shoulder of the OLT, see the QB take off, and then use his hands to dance back inside the OLT and make the tackle.

He struggles rushing from the blindside a little more (4:58). He can set the edge with some power movement inside, and shed the OLT with his hands when he thinks he has a shot at the ball carrier (5:29). Very nice job playing the Option. He gets in the middle and reads the keeper as quick as anyone. Then gets in front of the QB and stops him. Great initial burst. Then he can long stride outside when he thinks he has the corner. Great speed to power and heavy hands to turn inside after he tests the outside shoulder.

Landry Vs Clemson 2016:


Landry Vs Maryland 2016:

He covers a ton of ground. He can get fooled by the play action, and then when the QB whips the ball outside on the bubble screen. He just tears down the line and tackles the WR outside the numbers a yard or two past the line. Great movement skills. Great job bursting up field and getting the ORT moving backwards, and then ripping inside and panicking the QB.

He can get completely fooled by the screen, and turn around and charge down field and tackle the RB from behind. He is elite at finding the RB through trash and traffic and tackling him (1:51). Nice job moving inside dragging the ORT and getting in front of the RB. He is so great at grabbing the ORT and reading the play, then shedding and breaking inside to find the RB.

He is so smart and aware. He reads everything and reacts quicker than anyone else. Against Maryland the ORT tried to stop him, but he used his long arms to shove the ORT off, and hop his feet back. Then the QB tried to throw short behind him, and he leaped up and snag the ball for a big INT that swung the momentum back to BC (3:11). Elite Athletic play.

It is amazing how he can slash inside right into the QB handing the ball off. Terrific job setting the edge on the play action, and when the sees the QB hold onto the ball, he can shed the ORT easily and sack the QB. Terrific stunting inside, and shedding the OC instantly. Then turning up field to panic the QB out of the pocket as he smacks the ball (4:20). Elite lateral burst inside.

Elite initial burst off the snap. He can get to the QB so fast that he can hit him as he's handing off the ball (5:22). Plays the Option very well. He can cover the QB in the middle, where a lot of DEs get lost, and then attack the RB inside once the QB stops (5:40). When teams leave him unblocked on trickeration, he runs right to the QB and will leap up and knock the pass down (6:54). When the OLT grabs him, he will eye the QB and leap up and knock the pass down on the edge (7:03). Great job of grabbing the ORT shoulders, and then stopping an redirecting. 

It amazes me how well he redirects while engaged with the Tackle. Nice job picking up the RB sneaking out of the backfield. He doesn't do it a lot, but he can run with the RB out of the backfield. He had the game ending Sack against Maryland to end the Bowl game. They put a tight end on him, and he just ran right through him like he was a little girl, and right into the QB.

Landry Vs Maryland 2016:


Landry Vs Clemson 2017:

It is amazing how he can set the edge, and still get out in front of the RB on the inside run (:01). He has shown he can drop back into coverage (:20). I heard how he couldn't play with power. But watch him almost pull the OLT to the ground, as he propels himself to the QB (:43). He gets slowed by the play action (:52). But then watch the punch with the inside hand, the chop, and then he has a free lane to the QB.

He uses his hands and long arms, with power, to shove off the OLT, and then bursts to the QB (1:00). Watch the power in his inside hand to punch the OLT up twice, and the pull him out of the way (1:01). That is a great push pull on the much bigger OLT with one hand. 

He ran into the ORT. Then he countered with a great dip and rip to the QB (1:20). Works inside right into the path of the Dive left, takes on the swarm of blockers, and makes the tackle (1:45). Watch the great strength and power to take on the pulling guard, and then hip torques him aside at the point (2:21). Watch how low he gets at the point to pop the pulling guard up and off power (2:28). Then get his hands in the shirt, and has the power to toss him aside. That is elite run defense.

Then the scary part. The reason he is a top ten player is speed to power. Watch the elite blast off. Then the Dip, and he jams his inside hand into the ORT's neck (2:33). Watch the ORT get lift right off his feet as Landry punches him aside, and into the QB's feet (2:41). Seriously, what other edge guy in this Draft can do that?

Watch the push pull that springs Landry past the ORT like he is Wile E. Coyote in a giant slingshot (2:46). He has that knack for sniffing out the quarterback (2:53). When he sees it he gets to the QB, and loves to leap into the passing lane (3:10). Relentless! Again it all starts with the great blast off (3:17). Then the dance around the ORT. He finds a lane, and sacks the QB.

Just watch his great hands in this clip. First the old push pull. Then the slap arm over outside. Then the inside hand in the gut to run around the ORT and flush the QB. And of course, the cat quick attack to get the QB (3:32). He takes on the pulling Guard with his hands again, and then sheds him aside (3:54). First they chip on him with the TE (4:19). Then they try to double him with the ORG. But his blast off created too much space between the ORT and the ORG. So he was able to swing back inside and get into the QB's face as he threw.

Stack. Shed. Tackle inside (4:26). Watch him fight through the ORT inside, and almost get to the RB on the opposite side (4:47). He reads the option right, but just misses the QB by an inch, twice (4:53). The speed Dip to flush the QB (5:05). He slides inside on the play action, and then watch the great push in a Rip around the corner (5:25). Watch him dodge two blockers in traffic, and get the RB (5:41). That is great run defense.

They double him with the OLT and the OLG, and he almost got past them (5:46). Speed to power into the Sack (5:55). He got into position to hit the RB, but was fooled by the play action. Watch how he tossed the TE to the ground and took off outside (6:01). Then the offense started running plays to the opposite side of the line from where he lined up. That is the ultimate sign of respect.

Teams that like Wide-9s and Wide-11s will love Landry (6:24). They continue to only run plays away from Landry (6:40). Stand up, get into the backfield, and find the ball. Simple (7:06). Watch him run the short arc and take out the RB on the goal line again (7:11). La-De-Dah, I know he stinks at defending the run (7:16). So they line him up on the other side on 4th down, and he makes the 3rd consecutive tackle on a goal line run to almost single-handedly prevent the touchdown on the goal line stand. 

Yup. He sucks against the run (7:22). Two straight late inside moves that almost got him a sack, twice (7:36). The great Dip move to sack the QB again, with one hand (7:50). Then the F-ing disaster. The dreaded high ankle strain to end the season of the best passrusher in the Draft (7:06). Oooww! He got that one-handed Sack, after the dreaded high ankle sprain. That was unbelievable. (8:25). And that wasn't just a twist. That was a twist with a giant OL slamming down on it and snapping the ankle with weight and force.  

Landry Vs V-Tech:


Landry's Official Bio:

Tackles: 11 vs. Florida State, Sept. 18, 2015
Tackles for loss: 5 vs. Wagner, Sept 24, 2016
Sacks: 3 (3x) last vs. Virginia Tech, Oct. 7, 2017
Forced Fumbles: 2 vs Maine, Sept. 5, 2015
Fumbles Recovered: 1 at Louisville, Oct. 24, 2015
Interceptions: 1 vs. Maryland, Dec. 26, 2016
Long Interception Return: 20 yards vs. Maryland, Dec. 26, 2016

NOTES: Set the Boston College single-season record with 16.5 sacks in 2016 ... second in the BC record book with 26.0 career sacks ... 47.5 career tackles for a loss rank second in BC history while his 22.0 in 2016 were second all-time in a single season.

2017 (SENIOR): Played in eight games before a season-ending ankle injury ended his year … was injured in the Virginia Tech game … 38 tackles and five sacks on the season … tied a career-high with three sacks against No. 16 Virginia Tech (10/7/17) … named to the All-ACC third team … SBNation.com honorable mention All-America selection … second on the team with five sacks in 2017 … five tackles, two TFLs, one sack and one pass breakup against Wake Forest (9/9/17) … season-high eight tackles and one TFL at No. 2 Clemson (9/23/17) … five tackles, two TFLs and a sack in the Central Michigan victory (9/30/17) … tied a career-high with three sacks against No. 16 Virginia Tech (10/7/17) … just the third player in college football since 2014 to have three, three sack games (Myles Garrett, Texas A&M; Derek Barnett, Tennessee) … moved into sole possession of second place in BC career history in sacks and TFLs after the Virginia Tech game.

2016 (JUNIOR): Walter Camp All-America Second Team ... AP All-America Second Team … Phil Steele All-America Fourth Team … voted to the All-ACC Second Team by the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association (ACSMA) and league’s head coaches… AP and Phil Steele All-ACC First Team … recipient of the Division I Gold Helmet of the Year and the George “Bulger” Lowe awards ... named to the Division I All-New England Team … Ted Hendricks Award finalist … played in all 13 games, making 12 starts … led the nation with seven forced fumbles and 16.5 sacks … fifth in the nation and second in the ACC with 22.0 tackles for loss … notched 51 tackles on the year, including 24 solo stops … also recorded four pass breakups, seven quarterback hurries and an interception … part of the defense that ranked in the top 10 in the country in eight categories, including ninth in total defense (314.2 yards/game), second in sacks (3.62 sacks/game) sixth in tackles for loss (8.2 TFL/game) and seventh in rushing defense (108.5 yards/game) ... BC defense tied the school record with eight sacks twice, at Massachusetts (Sept. 10) and vs. Maryland (Dec. 26), and recorded at least 10 tackles for loss four times … BC’s 47 sacks on the season tied the school record set in 1994 … notched 1.5 sacks in the victory at Massachusetts (Sept. 10) while recording three total tackles and a forced fumble ... set a career high with three sacks and five tackles for loss in the win over Wagner (Sept. 24) ... recorded third forced fumble of the season against Buffalo (Oct. 1) … recorded a sack and fourth forced fumble with six total tackles against Clemson (Oct. 7) ... recorded a sack and forced fumble in the win at NC State (Oct. 29) ... named Co-ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week for efforts against the Wolfpack … tallied six solo tackles, including four TFLs and two sacks, with a forced fumble at Florida State (Nov. 11) ... tallied a sack and forced seventh fumble against Connecticut (Nov. 19) ... recorded a season-high seven tackles, including 4.5 tackles for loss and three sacks, in the victory at Wake Forest (Nov. 26 ), breaking the Eagles’ single-season sack record ... earned ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week for efforts in win over the Demon Deacons … notched four tackles, including 1.5 tackles for loss and first career interception with a return of 20 yards in the Quick Lane Bowl victory over Maryland (Dec. 26) … part of the defensive line that was voted bowl MVP.

2015 (SOPHOMORE): Appeared in all 12 games, making 11 starts, including the final nine games of the season … recorded 60 tackles, including 37 solo stops, to go along with 15.5 tackles for a loss, 4.5 sacks, three forced fumbles and a fumble recovery … earned All-ACC honorable mention honors from the league’s coaches … a member of the BC defense that was ranked No. 1 nationally in total defense (254.3 yards per game) … was tied for 27th nationally with three forced fumbles … in the ACC, was tied for fourth in forced fumbles and tied for eighth with 15.5 tackles for a loss … recorded his first career sack, part of 1.5 tackles for a loss (12 yards), and forced two fumbles against Maine (Sept. 5) … notched a career-high 11 tackles (seven solo), including 4.5 tackles for a loss (27 yards) and 1.5 sacks, against No. 9/6 Florida State (Sept. 18), earning ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week honors … added five tackles against Northern Illinois (Sept. 26) and six tackles at Duke (Oct. 3) … in addition to his five tackles at Louisville (Oct. 24), he also forced a fumble and recovered a fumble with a 34-yard return … two of his seven tackles against Virginia Tech (Oct. 31) were for a loss … added five tackles vs. NC State (Nov. 7) and six tackles at Syracuse (Nov. 28) ... tallied six solo tackles, including four TFLs and two sacks, against Florida State (Nov. 11) ... also added his sixth forced fumble of the season at FSU.

2014 (FRESHMAN): Appeared in all 13 games … recorded 11 tackles, including six solo stops, and 1.5 tackles for a loss of four yards … registered first career tackles - two solo – against Pittsburgh (Sept. 5) … tallied a season-high three stops (two solo) against Southern California (Sept. 13) … notched one tackle against Maine (Sept. 20), at NC State (Oct. 11), Clemson (Oct. 18) and Syracuse (Nov. 29) … assisted on a tackle for a loss of a yard against the Black Bears … registered first career solo tackle for a loss of three yards against Clemson … had two tackles (one solo) against Louisville (Nov. 8).

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