Gerald EverettTE S. Alabama

6-3, 239, 6.99 3-Cone! 4.33 SS!

(O) 4.62, 10'6" Br! 37.5" Vert!

 22 Reps! 33" Arms, 8.5" Hands!

Surprising Talent. 


I was shocked by how good was when I first saw him play. I still think you have to take Engram first because of his speed. But Everett is the second best H-back prospect, ahead of Bucky Hodges. He has some snap in this shoulders running patterns that he can use to get open. He ran patterns with speed to get open. Great job running patterns through contact to get open. He looks too thin for the NFL, but he played a lot strong than he looks. 

He had to go to South Alabama because he struggled with test scores and grades in high school. He is a JuCo kid, who also went to the ill fated UAB program. "There is question about whether he can handle a full playbook, but I think that is overblown," a scout said. "Cut him loose and let him make a bunch of plays." He garnered 12 TD receptions over the past two seasons at S. Alabama.

He caught 44-passes in 2015 and 49 last season. "The coaches and the scheme," Everett said. "The type of offense they run here and the way they use the tight end. I looked at the whole Conference USA, looked hard at Western Kentucky. But I really didn't want to go anywhere else. Once the coaches told me, South Alabama was it." LBs struggled to keep up with him in pattern.  

Lined up all over like a WR sometimes. But he clearly blocks like a TE. "To be part of the best tight end class in a while is cool," Everett said. "It’s so talented." I really liked the way he ran patterns. He has great quick feet and hands. He has to get frustrated with his QB sometimes. Nice speed down the Seam. He can catch the high pass over his head deep down the seam. He caught the ball smoothly with his hands. But he has small hands, and sometimes the fast ball zing right through his hands.

I am extremely late to the party on this guy, but he can play. "Everett from South Alabama," a scout said. "I know teams that absolutely love this kid. But this will be my first look at him." He looked like a 1st Round pick to me in a normal Draft. Knows how to run patterns to get open. In fact, he is more elusive running patterns than running with the ball in his hands. He knows how to change speeds in pattern. He can go up and get the ball, and take the big hit from behind as he drops back to Earth, and hold on. Elite natural hands catching the ball. He never seemed to fight the ball. 

He is a very light TE, but he has some heavy hands. "Just being a complete tight end, showing my willingness to block and also showing the vertical threat that I am," Everett said. "By being able to blow past safeties and linebackers at any given time in the game. I feel like it gives myself more opportunity and more benefit than the rest of the tight ends in this class." He can be a great blocker. He gives great effort, and can outfight bigger guys on blocks. He really worked hard to block for his teammates. He can be a fighter when blocking most of the time.

The QB doesn't seem to throw to him enough. He is a great route runner, who gets himself open in pattern, and the QB throws it too another guy who is well covered. It made me suspicious, but when he did throw it to Everett, he caught the ball every time. Great smooth and natural hands. He doesn't fight the ball at all. 

He is a great quick twitch player. "He's got all the [physical] tools," a scout said. "He could end up being one of the top pass catching tight ends in the league." Tall and skinny, but he moves quicker and faster than everyone else on the field. 

You have to be able to block, and he has shown the past two seasons that he can block. He can get low, and shove the big DE up, and stone him. Remarkable hands blocking. He is not the biggest and strongest tight end in the Draft, but he is a fighter when he is blocking. He is terrific in pass pro. 

He is a 1st round physical talent, but he has some flaws that hurt him as well. He only played football for one year in high school. He couldn't get the grades and numbers on the entrance exams to get into Division I. So a lot team won't take him in the 1st because of the Playbook. However, when I saw him talk he didn't sound dumb. So he probably has some learning disabilities (like me, yay;). Then he bounced around three colleges, before he was finally productive at South Alabama. So his production was only for two seasons at a Division II college. He has small hands for TE, and you can see fast ball zip through his hands sometimes. That is not a lot of issues, but just enough questions to keep him out of the 1st. 

Gerald Everett Vs NC State 2015:

When I first watch him I was shocked at how good a blocker he is. But you have to be careful with small schools guys. However, this is against NC ST. This is not a small school. Watch how he gets low, and stones the big D-end in pass pro. You can see him digging in, fighting, and shoving the DE as the QB looked around (:01). That was great pass pro to help give his QB time to throw over the top of the more talented defense.

Here he was as the H-back. He cut to the left to lead the RB on the off tackle run like a FB. Watch the great block on the much bigger DE. He got low and popped him up, and used his hands. Watch as the RB scoot around him as he continued to fight until the DE was on the ground (:14). He slipped past the DE and went down the seam (:24). Watch the suddenness in his shoulders as he snapped out side on the short Out. Then the hands flashed up, and naturally caught the pass thrown behind his head. He has great hands. 

Watch as he turned inside to the DE as the two OLs pull. Then watch the impact he made on the DE with his heavy hands. Then he shoved him to the ground. He was a much better blocker than Engram (:41). Watch this nice seam route. He got down field through the traffic in a hurry, but it looked like he was going to run into the LB (:51). But watch how he turned and spotted the ball high and outside. He snapped his hands up, leaped up, and caught it through the tackle of the big LB. That is a great catch.

Another seam route. Watch the quick twitch in his shoulders as he flashed back to the QB and got his hands up, but the ball was so ridiculously high and outside that it looked like a miscommunication pass (1:16). He puts his hand down in the dirt like TE (1:32). Just watch the pass pro. He made it look easy. He got his hands out on the DE and moved his feet, but he didn't just ride him. You can see that he controls the DE with his hands.

Watch how smooth he slipped to the 2nd level and hit the LB (1:42). He picked up the blitzer nicely, but he was able to put speed to power and twisted around him. Notice he didn't use his hands this time (1:51). Watch him go low on the crack back block (2:18). He went in motion to the right, and cut the DE (2:29). Watch him shadow box the DE on the backside to keep him out of the play (2:39). Watch how he let the DE burst inside, and then used his great hands to hold him inside (2:58). Watch how smooth he turned back and catches the ball (3:08). Then he turned up field and fought for extra yards. I love the fight in this kid. 

Everett Vs NC ST:

Gerald Everett Vs Georgia Southern:

He got physical and ran through the hit of the LB to get open over the middle (:01). He slid inside and jammed the DE, and missed two blitzers. That was not a good play at all (:10). He ran patterns with some nice speed (:20). He got himself wide open running in pattern and the QB had to throw it away (:50). He got caught in traffic trying to escape the backfield (:59). They liked to line him up primarily at H-back (1:07). Here he was pass pro. This is why I like him so much. Watch him stalk the big rusher, and then watch the heavy hands as he shoved the big DE to a dead stop. The DE looked like he had about 40-pounds on Everett.

Back in the slot. He got pulled down as he ran over the bigger LB. He played so much stronger than he looked (1:15). He dived at the DE's feet on the cut block, The DE jumped over him, it still allowed the RB to sneak by (1:22). He broke wide open over the middle in pattern again. LBs couldn't cover this guy when he was running patterns (1:37). Watch the sudden burst outside in pattern that got him wide open (1:44). An H-back who can run patterns with that burst and agility is going to catch a lot of passes in the NFL.

He burst forward. Then watch the agility, COD, and technique blocking. He had to run and ride the blitzer out of the play with his arms extended (1:50). He missed the lead block on the WR-screen the first time (1:57). Again, he broke open over the middle on a curl and no throw (2:02). He cut the DE on one leg and sent him twisting out of the play (2:08). Here he is in pass pro. He looked around for someone to block, and then spotted the DE shedding the ORT. Watch the great reaction and burst as he turned and slammed into the DE. He didn't stop him, but he stopped him enough for the QB to get away (2:15). But this is why I like him. Watch him gather himself, and then go and crack back the DT with a devastating second block. When he doesn't stops fighting he looks like a 1st round pick.

He went low with his shoulder, and trapped the blitzer outside (2:46). He got himself open in pattern again, and the QB never looked his way (2:53). Watch the great diving cut block that flipped the LB (2:58). He just has that knack for running patterns to get open. Plus, the ball just melts into his hands from all angles (3:16). Nice job doubling the DE with multiple hits on the double team block (3:31). Watch the great burst outside in pattern with the suddenness (3:38). I love the way this kid runs patterns. 

He can run patterns at different speed. See how he ran slower underneath the clear-out pattern. He turned and caught it effortlessly. Then he was very dynamic with the ball in his hands. He ran over through and around four DBs (3:44). He gave a little shimmy-shimmy-shake, and then watch the sudden burst inside that broke him wide open. That is a huge win in the NFL (4:21). He is very sound in pass pro (4:40). He broke inside through triple coverage, but couldn't catch the high one (4:48). He will let the fast ball get through his hands when he spots it late.

Watch the great seam route. He is going to make a lot of money running this run. You can see him angling ever so slightly outside as he ran by the LB. Then curled subtly back inside wide open. He strangled the ball as he knew he was going to get the big hit. But he held his balance, and fought for 10 more yards (4:58). He blocked on the second level, but thought the play was over and stopped blocking (5:35). He was usually such a tenacious blocker that you can say it was just a mistake.

You can see the speed in pattern as he runs by the LB (5:51). He did a nice job picking up the blitzer on the edge (5:59). He ran a physical pattern to chop past the LB to get open (6:34). I watched another game of his were he looked like a 1st round lock. But not so much in this blow out. I think someone takes a chance on him in the 2nd.

Everett Vs Georgia Southern:

Everett's Official Bio:

Jaguar Highlights: Expected to contribute at tight end in the fall, ending the spring season as the backup on the depth chart ... His 13-yard touchdown catch with just over four minutes to go in the third quarter of the annual spring game gave the Blue team a 21-14 lead at the time; finished the contest with three catches for 59 yards ... Also had a reception for a gain of 18 yards in the opening scrimmage of the spring.

Alabama-Birmingham Highlights (2014): In his only season at UAB, caught 17 passes for 292 yards and a score while playing in all 12 games with one start ... In his lone start for the Blazers, posted career high with eight receptions for 93 yards against Conference USA West Division champion Louisiana Tech ... Had career-best 94 yards on three catches in win over Alabama A&M, following up with two receptions for 64 yards including a touchdown against Florida International.

Junior College Highlights (2012-13): Attended Hutchinson (Kan.) CC after signing with Bethune-Cookman.

High School Highlights: Only played football his senior season at Columbia High — earning all-conference honors — but was a three-year letterwinner in basketball and was also a member of the Eagle track and field team.

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