Geneo Grissom

OLB/DL Oklahoma, 

6-3, 262, 33 3/8" Arms, 20 Reps, 

37" Vert! (O 4.81), S-1.65,

7.24 3-Cone, 4.22 SS, 9'10" Broad, 

Just Doing His Job.


Grissom is a unique player. He lined up at every position in the front seven of Oklahoma's 3-4 except ILB and NT. He made plays in the rush and run game both inside and outside. When he lined up outside he showed some interesting speed and burst. When he lined up inside he showed some interesting quickness and power. He has a lot of flash in the rush. While Richards was the model of consistency, Grissom got lost a little with all the moving around and dropping back into coverage last season.

I think after watching more film of him that he was the best 3-4 OLB in coverage last season. When you watch his Tape it is easy to understand why BB took him. "I think when you look at New England it’s a defense that offers multiple looks, and Geneo gives you a little bit of that, in that he can contribute at different positions," the DC of OK Mick Stoops said. "With us at Oklahoma, he played with his hand on the ground and standing up, and he did both real well. He can also drop into coverage, and help work against tight ends. I don’t even see him being an inside guy, but you never know. I mean, [the Pats] did some of that with Collins last year, moving him around a little. To me, Geneo had his best success outside." He does so many things that BB likes in players, like playing tight end and special teams, setting the edge, and dropping in coverage. 

He had a great INT against Texas. He was rushing inside on the OG, and broke free on a screen. The QB threw it and he leaped up and snagged it out of the air, and ran it in for a pick six. He is still more promise than production, but if he can put it all together he could be a great one. "He’s a laid-back guy who really came into his own the last couple of years,” the DC of the OK said. “He’s someone who matured and realized his talents, and that was really helpful for us. He can take coaching. At the next level, he’s going to be able to play the edge and set the edge for them, and do a good job with that. Geneo is just a really good person who wants to do well, and I believe his best football is in front of him." He has all the physical talent to be as good as he wants to be. 

They lined him up all over the place. He will line up between the OT and the TE and slip through that crack to the quarterback. He can also line up at 5-Tech and 4-Tech, and hit the quarterback. "In 2013, they played 3-4 defense," BB said. "He's played under two different coordinators. But when Mike Stoops came back, his 3-4 defense and they didn't have enough depth there at defensive end. So he played 4-technique [shaded inside the OLT], actually four-high technique in 2013 at 260 pounds. So he was way undersized, but he competed well. They didn't knock him off the line of scrimmage. He didn't look like a linebacker." He does an excellent job rushing inside. 

He will line up on the OG in two man fronts and beat him with quickness or power. He uses his long arms well to bull the OG backwards. "You wouldn't probably think he was that light, if you didn't know it, not by the way he played," BB said. "He has good playing strength. He runs well. Then this year, it looked like they had more depth on the defensive line, they moved him to outside linebacker. So both last year and this year on third down he played end and then also bumped inside to an inside rusher position. They had pretty good edge guys, you know [Eric] Striker and the other kid, the underclassman. He was kind of the guy that would move down inside at times. He was productive there; the Alabama game for example. He's rushed inside, he's rushed outside. He's played anywhere from the end of the line, five-technique, defensive end in a 4-3, outside linebacker in a 3-4." He is strong in the run game both inside and outside.

BB likes his versatility and Grissom is one of the few players in this Draft who player on both sides of the line in college. He got on the field as a tight end in 2012. It also helps to explain why he is so exceptional moving around the field in coverage. "Then Geneo Grissom is a player that has played a couple different spots," BB said. "Converted from tight end to linebacker or defensive end, whatever you want to call it. He played defensive end in '13, played outside linebacker; he's also played inside in some passing situations. [Geneo is a] pretty athletic, versatile guy in Oklahoma's defense over the last couple of years." So before the 2013 season he was bounced back and forth for three seasons between tight end and D-end. He is a 5th year senior that redshirted the 2010 season.

Plays his position well on the backside. Consistently setting the edge. He can set the edge, power off the ORT, and make the tackle on the RB running inside. Another reason he was undervalued is because 4-3 teams didn't know what to do with him. He was playing D-Tackle at the Senior Bowl in Whisenhunt's 4-3 defense. He was a D-Linemen in 2013. So he has only been an ultra versatile 3-4 OLB for one season. It is also why his stats were not what they should have been last season:

2014: Named All-Big 12 Honorable Mention at linebacker by the league's coaches ... made the transition from defensive end to linebacker ... played in 10 of 13 games with starts at linebacker in all 10 of those contests except Texas Tech, Baylor and Kansas State ... missed the final three games of the season due to injury ... assisted on a tackle at Texas Tech (11/15) ... made two tackles against Baylor (11/8) ... recorded four tackles, including one tackle for loss, at Iowa State (11/1) ... made four tackles, including a season-high 2.0 sacks, against Kansas State (10/18) ... set career high with seven tackles and had 1.0 tackles for loss with 0.5 sacks against Texas (10/11) ... tied season high with five tackles, broke up a pass, forced a fumble and recovered another fumble at TCU (10/4) ... broke up two passes, forced a fumble, and recorded four tackles, including a sack, at West Virginia (9/20) ... recorded 1.5 tackles for loss, part of four-tackle day against Tennessee (9/13) ... returned an interception 38 yards for a touchdown and posted a season-high five tackles at Tulsa (9/6) ... made first start of career at linebacker against Louisiana Tech (8/30) and posted three tackles and a pass breakup

He went a little higher than he should have, but he was undervalued in this Draft. He was the consistent player and rusher for this defense, but got overshadowed early by Striker's great start to the season. So he was lost in the shadows early, but he was consistent all season and played better as the season went on, and played better than Striker at the end of the season.

He will line up in the slot as the walked-off linebacker, and cover the inside slot receiver a ton. "Yeah, I'd say he's very instinctive as a pass rusher," BB said. "He's in coverage a decent amount of the time as a walked-off linebacker. So you see a guy play out in space, out over the slot. He does a lot of that. So for a guy to play from three-technique, to end-of-the-line, to a walked-out linebacker [is so impressive that it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling like when I'm scratching Mr. Brady (1:27)]. At the Senior Bowl, they actually played him off the line, like in the tackle bubble. He's a pretty athletic, versatile guy." Drops back into the short zone a lot. He is quick and alert in the zone in the flat.

Does a nice job using shoulder fakes in the rush. Terrific inside burst to get inside the ORT and hit the QB. I really like him as an inside rusher. He doesn’t have the long speed to consistently turn the corner. But he kills O-linemen inside with burst and quickness. He has excellent hands. He rushes with great eyes. He keeps one eye on the QB and makes quick adjustments when he takes off. His burst and power rushing inside the tackles is as good as it gets.

Tight End:

Part of what makes him so versatile is that he played on both sides of the ball at Oklahoma. "He can play tight end now in the NFL physically,” Stoops said of Grissom. “There’s no question that right now he could help the Patriots in goal-line situations as a third or fourth tight end, and he would be a valuable asset in that area. But to be successful in the NFL on one side of the ball takes a lot more training. I think he could do it physically. There’s no question about that. But it might take away, at least early in his career, what he needs to focus on defensively. He could be really valuable to them on offense, but right now that’s a personnel decision they have to make with him and how much they want to put on his plate at the start of his career. But there’s no question with his ability." I think one of the big reasons he was so effective in coverage is that he ran those patterns. He knows what patterns guys in the slot are trying to run. You can see him curling inside with the tight end in coverage, and sometimes  he is leading the tight end, and running the pattern over the middle.

He switched back and forth between tight end and D-end in the 2012 off season. Then he moved to D-End during the season, but they still put him in as a tight end in goal line situations. BB seemed to like him more as a tight end than an OLB in the presser after he drafted him. "He played tight end," BB said. "He came to them as a defensive end. Then he went back to tight end, then they had some injuries, then he went back to defense. Then he played defense the last two-plus years. I think he had a whole spring at tight end. He did work out as a tight end." So he could play some tight end for the Pats.

In fact, they could be growing him as an emergency 3rd string tight end in case their backups get injured. "No, we're not trying to make him a tight end," BB said. "But I'd say that his workout as a tight end is probably as good of a tight end workout as we saw all year. This guy can run, he can catch. If you didn't know he didn't play tight end, you would look at the workout and say, ‘That's a pretty good looking tight end.'" Oh crap! Well, just forget I mentioned it.

Additional Game Notes:

Kansas ST: He is good in the short zone. Consistently sets the edge. He covers the RB out of the backfield very well. He bounces in and out of the rush and coverage flawlessly. Lined up on the blindside a lot and fakes the rush and drops down the seam a lot. Gets chipped by the RB more than Striker in the rush. He does not take on the double team blocks well in the run game. He can get to the QB when they let him rush. He got him twice against Kansas ST.

Baylor- He does a nice job using his long arms to set the edge. He can be a bit of a read and react rusher, but he is good at getting the OLT to stop, and then running past him. This guy can really rush the QB. He is a DE who converted to 3/4 OLB, but man what a conversion. He is not near the college football player Striker is, but he could go ahead of him in the Draft. He drops into coverage a lot. He doesn’t always pedal backwards. Likes to run backwards with his head on a swivel looking for receivers.


Geneo Grissom #85 (Jordan Phillips) vs Tennessee 2014

When you get to the lower round guys you have take what you can get. When you take a 5th round linebacker in the 3rd than you definitely have to take what you can get. This is a Phillips Tape so you have find #85, who is not the circled guy. He is lined up here as the right OLB. They run the ball to the opposite side. He give good but not great backside pursuit. He is not going all out  (:01). But he is hunting the RB. This is one of the reason they took him. Oops, the RB gets stuffed. He turns back, and his eyes explode wide open as he sees Grissom has great position. The the RB makes a great move to try and shimmy-shimmy-shake poor Geneo. But Grissom gets low, bends, and explodes up field and grabs hold of his legs. Great play by Grissom.

Here he is as the Slot-LB on the blindside, or what Belichick called the "walked-off linebacker". Yes, that is #85 lined up on the Slot guy (:12). Left OLB on 3rd and long. He uses a little inside-out shoulder shake to get outside the ORT (:21). Left OLB again. He plays his position perfectly. Uses his shoulder and base to stuff the ORT, and then shuffles in front of the RB. That is excellent run defense for a 3-4 OLB (:29). This is how I remembered him. He played mostly on the strong side. I think that will be his position in the NFL. He could eventually be Ninkovich's replacement in four or five years (:38). He uses his hands and feet to run himself past the ORT. 

Left OLB. He gets lost outside a lot because of his long speed. But watch this great burst inside to hit the quarterback (:49). Right OLB. He gets stuck hand fighting outside. He doesn't have the speed to turn it, but he has the quickness to burst back up field and pressure the QB (1:14). This is a great look at his quick strong hands. He loses his first move, and then fights off his hands and stops (1:25). Then his third and fourth moves with his hands are a shoulder club and a double hand slap to work his way free inside. He sees the QB under pressure and breaks inside to the middle and hits him. That was a great rush.

Left D-End. He backs off and drops into the flat in the zone. He is going to have to do that for the Pats (1:56). I like this. He set the edge, shoves off the OLT, and then swims over him to the RB (2:07). Right OLB. You get some nice looks at him dropping back into the short zone. He is a little twitchy, but keeps his head on a swivel (3:01). He does a nice job pushing off the blocker and then hunting the RB down. That was nice run defense (3:08). Left OLB. Watch the nice power club on the ORT's arms (3:27). Left OLB. He uses his long arms very well to set the edge (3:38). He is lined up right in the middle in front of the Bunch (3:56). He does a nice job slicing through the two receivers to get outside and cut off the pass on the WR screen.

This is the kind of play BB likes. Just do your job. Set the edge, and then get inside the OLT and get in front of the RB (4:15). He jukes up field, and gets a late start in coverage. But watch the recovery as he gets perfect position in low coverage on the Slot WR. Watch the agility as he turns to the wrong side, and then spins and curls inside to maintain the position. That is great coverage for a 3-4 OLB (4:33). Lined up as a walked-off linebacker on the Slot WR on the Blindside (4:40). He steps up as the slot guy drags inside, and then bails back into the zone.

This is what makes him special. He drops back in coverage, and then lines up to rush. This is excellent. Watch the great outside shoulder club to pull himself to the corner. Then the dip and rip, and he is on the QB. That was a great rush that never made the stat sheet because the QB got lucky. However, that is why he got drafted by the Pats (4:49). Then he goes back in coverage on the Slot WR (4:59). I like how he slaps off the WR and gets in front of the RB. This is likely one of the biggest reason BB fell in love with Grissom's Tape. He bounces into the coverage, then rushes and hits the QB for what should have been a sack. Then he walks-off in coverage on the slot guy.

Geneo Grissom #85 vs Tennessee 2014


Geneo Grissom #85 (Jordan Phillips) vs TCU 2014

This was such a different game for him. He dropped into coverage like fifty times in this game. "I'd say he's pretty disruptive in every game," BB said. "He has plays in every game. It's not like you have to watch four games to find him making a play. He's been a hard guy to block in that league. There are a lot of teams that throw the ball. You watch Texas Tech, TCU, games like that, there are 50 passes in the first half." So after all the flash and dash moving forward, you look at him in this game moving backwards as the walked-off linebacker and he was great in coverage. In this game he looked like the best cover linebacker in this Draft.

Here he is in the right slot. He is in off coverage on the slot WR. He moves his feet to get into great position, and jams the WR to a dead stop. Then he bolts outside when he sees the QB throw (:01). Left OLB. I like how he finds his way in front of the RB and curls around the traffic (:04). Left OLB. He sets the edge nicely to turn the RB inside, but gets cut (:12). Out in the Slot as the walked-off linebacker, this time on the left side. He lines up between the middle and inside slot guy (:38). He dances a little in space, but does get position to force the QB inside so the ILB can get him.

Left OLB. He does a great job putting speed to power to knock the TE back and get a lane to the QB, but the QB handed it off. That is another example of him just doing his job (1:07). Left OLB. He does a good job powering inside, but gets taken out by the double team block. He will struggle against double team blocks in run defense (1:15). Right OLB. He blasts inside with his nice burst, and is just a split second behind getting in on the TFL (1:37). Left OLB. He shows some explosion as he leaps up to block the pass (1:47). Left OLB. He really moves back well in coverage (2:04). I'd like to see him defend a pass, but he seems to move into well enough position that the QB doesn't go his way. Plus, we see why his sack numbers where so underwhelming last season, as he drops into coverage more than he rushes. 

Left OLB. I really like the strength of hands. You get a good look at him grabbing the ORT and torques him aside with his hands (2:16). Here he is coverage again on the slot WR. I must admit I would like to see him move forward more often (2:25). Left OLB. He gets up field and stops, and you can see a lane open up inside. He is about to hit the QB as he throws. So he leaps up to try and block the pass again (2:44). Left OLB. He really has a great inside power move (2:57). He powers the ORT back and inside. When the RB tries to bounce it around him, he is able to spin back outside and get in on the tackle. That is a great blend of power and agility.

You can see him moving backwards to cover the Slot WR as the walked-off linebacker on the blindside. Then he keeps moving backwards as he reads the QB's eyes. The QB tries to throw three times, but Grissom keeps hoping around in front of him. He finally throws it around Grissom and it bolts out of bounds. That is great coverage by Grissom (3:12). Left OLB. He has been leaping up to block the pass all game (3:46). Left OLB. I really like the way he moves in space and backwards in coverage. He makes the blockers miss with his hands and feet, and quickness moving backwards in coverage (3:53). You can really see why BB like this guy. He really moves backwards in coverage as well as any 3-4 OLB in this Draft. When BB says versatility for an OLB, his first love is the ability to move backwards in coverage and set the edge. Grissom is excellent at both. Plus, he has BB favorite knack. That knack for hitting the quarterback.

He apparently also has that knack for leaping up in front of the quarterback as the blindside rusher (4:01). Here he is lined up as a Sam in the 3-3 Nickel, in front of the Slot WR. Watch the awareness as he literally steps in front of the little Slot WR running a quick Out and shuts the pattern down. Then watch the great awareness and COD as he sees the QB looking outside and he shows a little suddenness in his shoulder snapping around to drop down the sideline (4:07). The more you study his film the more you see all the little things he does that we know BB loves. And the more you understand why he valued his talents more than other talent evaluators. He just does his job wherever they put him on the field.

Left OLB. You can see him moving back in coverage in the flat again (4:01). Left OLB. Dropping back and hopping in front of the wall of blockers forming like a screen (4:14). Left OLB. He sees the RB heading up field and shuffles inside to get in front of him, which gives up his job to protect the edge. He sees the RB bounce it outside, and watch the speed and aggression to go and get him. Unfortunately he missed the tackle on the little RB who made the great cut back (4:21). Blindside OLB, and they drop him again. They just won't let him rush in this game (4:48). Here he is lined up like an ILB on the strongside in the nickel (4:56). Watch the nice feet as he pedals and hops backwards. He really is such a great smooth athlete moving backwards.

Right OLB, and he drops into the short zone again. He just does his job (5:05). Walked-off linebacker on the blindside. Watch him toss the pesky Slot WR aside, and go and get the QB. Remember Boykin was the most dynamic QB in college football last year. That is a nice job of getting a super slick dynamic runner in space (5:12). Then he is back at walked-off linebacker. He moves up when they motion away from him. Then he drops into the short zone again (5:22). You have to remember this is a big guy. He is 6-3 and 262-pounds. That is almost McGinest size. Now no one loved McGinest on the field more than me, but he was a little clunky and tight in coverage. But Grissom is smooth as ice gliding backwards in coverage. He looks like a natural safety moving back in zone coverage. That is very impressive a guy his size.

Right OLB, and looks like they are finally going to let him move forward. Nope (5:39). He hops inside and rushes from the blindside. he heads up field a little tentatively, as they are trying to contain Boykin (6:22). Here he is just doing his job against the Option run on the blindside (6:29). Here we go. He finally gets to rush (6:42). Watch the great speed to power as he charges up field and knocks the OLT on his butt with an inside shoulder punch. That is a great play.

Then he is back out wide as the walked-off linebacker. Watch the nice jams that ends it for the slot guy (6:52). Right OLB looking like he is going to rush (7:12). Left OLB. They finally let him rush. But he doesn't use his hands to club off the ORT and gets stuck (7:24). Here he is playing Safety. He is the big guy coming flying in from over the top after the catch, like a safety (7:36). They really did have no idea what to do with him at Oklahoma. But he really did just do his job no matter where they put him.

Walked-off linebacker protecting the edge on the blindside (7:52). Here we go. Right OLB moving up to blitz. He moves up field tentatively, because you have to play contain on Boykin first. Then he dashes inside as he sees him taking off the other way. I don't care what his forty was, watch the COD, acceleration, and speed he has to get to the sideline and get a hand on the ultra-dynamic Boykin (he might be my top player in my 2016 Player Ratings;-).  Now he missed the tackle (7:59), but he slowed him enough to allow him to only get two yards

Right OLB. He shuffles sideways in coverage more of a spy than in a zone (8:18). Walked-off linebacker on the Blindside (8:26). Walked-off linebacker on strongside (8:32). Walked-off linebacker on strongside. Watch the feet as he shuffles at an angle backwards. Then the read and explosion to the inside. He goes all the way across the field to hit the WR and force the fumble, and it looked to me like he recovered that fumble as well. He has that knack for making the big play. That is another great play by Grissom. I thought he looked a little like Jamie Collins there (8:48). Slot-LB on the strongside. Watch the great feet again in coverage on the slot tight end, and then the explosion inside when he sees run (9:00). Right OLB. Talk about just doing your job. He sets the edge here, and makes the tackle on Boykin. That is just doing your job (9:06). That was not the best Tape for him.

However, everyone has seen how explosive he can be moving forward in the highlight Tapes. He can look like Jamie Collins on the field. I think he plays similar to Ninkovich as the strong side OLB/DE. What makes him so special on this Tape is his elite ability to move backwards in coverage for a big 3-4 OLB. However, his versatility has been the bane of his stats. He needs to find a position and learn how to play it. He will likely get moved around a ton as a rookie and play special teams. So you can see that he was well trained to be moved around as a rookie. However, the best thing for him is to find one position and just play that position for a while. 

I think he settles into the strong side OLB/DE, and can play it like Ninkovich. "I think there are some similarities," BB said about comparing Geneo to Ninkovich. "I would say that Grissom has just done more than Rob. Similar to Rob, but he's played a lot of three-technique. Which, I don't think, Rob just hasn't done a lot of that. Rob's been on the end of the line, he's been a linebacker. Rob's played more linebacker than Grissom has. Grissom's played in the inside part of the defensive line. Not just on passing downs, he's played there on their base defense in '13. He's an interesting player." That is what they will try to do with him. See if he can develop into Ninkovich's eventual replacement. 

Grissom vs, TCU


Geneo Grissom #85 Oklahoma vs Alabama 2013

I hate to waste my time doing this crap, but I can't help myself. Here he is in the best game of his career moving forward as a pure down linemen in the 2013 Sugar Bowl. Mike Stoops had no idea what to do with him last season. "When I heard about the pick, it just kind of made sense, because he can do so much and he’s going to a team that asks their players to do a lot," the DC of OK said. "I think that there wasn’t one thing or one game that really stood out. With Geneo, it’s a combination of things that he does that enthralls you. That’s what I ultimately think attracted the Patriots to him." As we saw above he is so elite in coverage that they kept moving him outside to cover WRs and TEs. 

Neither Tape really showed what he could do moving forward, and playing the inside rusher. His versatility is not just his great ability to cover. It is much more amazing when you see him rushing as a: D-End, 5-Tech, 4-Tech, and DT. He is one of the top inside rushers in this Draft. "Their defensive staff probably saw him rush and play well against Alabama and what he did in the Sugar Bowl as a 4 and a 3-technique against some of the best players in the country," Stoops said about the 2013 Sugar Bowl when he garnered 2.5 sacks and recovered two fumble, including one for a score. "They saw him stand up this past season. That’s really where his value is, and I know that’s what important to the Patriots, more so than most teams. Just the versatility that he brings." When BB spoke of his versatile it is also because he sees him as a great change of pace inside rusher who can hit the QB quickly with his quickness and burst off the snap inside.

Here he is a the blindside D-End in 4-point stance. You can see his quickness and long arms as he fights off Kouandjio and gets in front of the RB to get in on the tackle. You are going to see a completely different player than the Tape above. Which makes it so much more impressive (53:53). It's nice to see him play the same position twice when it isn't the Walked-off linebacker. He gets cut by #71, and remember that is the 2nd Round pick of the Bills a couple years ago he is playing against, not some scrub. Then he gets up and uses his great competitive speed to get in front of the RB again (54:29). Third play in a row in at D-End. Here it is. Watch the great blast off as he is more of an inside rusher than an edgerusher. He loops around the OLG with his great burst and speed. and slices into the QB (53:53). This is what I remember him looking like as a football player. Watch the agility and burst as he slants outside, and is too quick for the ORG to grab. He won the rush right there (55:38). Then he gives a quick Rip, and slices around the OG, and he is on the QB in a flash.

Here he is lined up as a 4-Tech on the Blindside with a OLB lined up outside of him. He is allowed to just attack up field (56:46). Left 4-tech. He just gets under the ORT and bulls him straight backwards (57:53). Watching him drop into coverage every play like he did against TCU, it is easy to forget that he is a 262-pound power player.

Here he is as the DT in the 2-3 Dime on the blindside. Watch the nice violent hands as uses a power-rip that looks like he punches Kouandjio in the face, as he take his inside shoulder. Then you can see him hustle into the play at the end (1:10:09). Right 4-Tech. He gets washed aside by the double. His biggest problem is that he doesn't hold up to the double team on run downs (1:10:09). Right D-End. He uses his a great burst and his hands to get inside the OLT (1:11:45). Left OLB. He gets wiped out by the FB Fowler (1:13:18). Left OLB. Watch the speed as he cuts across the formation (1:15:30). He follows Yeldon into the hole (1:16:11). The ball squirts out, and he sees it. Then he scoops it up and tries to score.

Left 4-Tech. He loops inside and puts speed to power to push #77 backwards (1:28:17). When there was trouble with players doing the wrong thing, it was Grissom who did something about it (1:29:56). Here is Grissom as the inside rusher I think he can be for the Pats. He is line up as the NT, but really at the 3-Tech. watch the nice lean in his blast off. Then the the great quick hands fighting off the hands of the ORG. He then breaks out a nice Swim move, and he is running free to the QB. He almost gets him twice, but McCarron somehow dances out of it (1:30:55). That is the kind of rusher the Pats are going to need, because they have no veteran CBs.

Left 4-Tech. He does a nice job fighting off the ORT three times to get in front of the QB to force him to throw the ball away. Sometimes rushing is just relentlessness (1:31:55). Right D-end. He loops inside the OLG but runs into the OC, who he then powers back into the QB to force him to throw it away again (1:38:15). Right DT/5-Tech. He holds off the ORG, slashes his hands off, and then stunts around the outside and almost gets to the QB (1:38:55). Right 5-tech/DT. He does a nice job powering inside and up into the QB's face, but gets stuck in traffic (1:40:41). Right 5-tech (1:41:07). Right DT. He makes a great move to punch the ORG's hands off his shirt, and slips (1:43:33). Which allows the double to come in and stuff him.

Left 4-Tech. He elbows his way inside, but can't reach Yeldon (1:53:00). Right 4-Tech. He slice inside the ORG, and forces Yeldon to redirect outside. Then he dosey-dos with #77 (1:54:07). Right 4-Tech. Watch this great play. He shoves the ORG back twice and then leaps up to block the pass by McCarron. He has been the best player in this game (1:54:49). There is Grissom lined up in front of the punter in max protection (2:20:26). Left 4-tech. He gets up field and sheds the OG. Then he dances through traffic as he hunts McCarron. He reaches out with his big mitt and brings him down (2:23:41). You can see him lined up just outside the ORG (2:24:23). He turns his nice initial burst into a vicious punch that stuns the ORG. The OC has to come over and double. Watch this great power as he has one hand in the chest of the ORG and one in the shoulder of the OC and bulls them both back a yard or two. He has the inside shoulder of the OC and continues up field. He sees the QB take off. So he shed, retreats, and redirects to McCarron. Then McCarron stops and retreats, and Grissom is the only one with the agility to redirect and hit him. That is a great play by Grissom.

Left OLB. He cuts inside to free up the blitzer who comes up late and lines up outside of him (2:37:17). Left 5-Tech. Well they took him out of the game again and it was a disaster. They finally put him back in and all he does is get a scoop and score to seal the game, and all's the announcer can do talk about is Striker. I told you he got overshadowed by Striker (3:04:42). He gets the outside shoulder of the ORG, and rams into the ORT on the Stunt. He tries to shove him off but can't (3:05:19). He sees McCarron go down to his right, and then sees the ball squirt out to his left. He goes and scoops it up, and then scores with the Superman to win the game.

I dare anyone to find another player who had a game like Grissom had against TCU where he was in coverage for about 50 snaps, and a game like he had against Alabama where he was rushing inside all game and had 2.5 Sacks. There is no other player in college football who had the versatility to do that. When I saw him in that game it was so easy to see him as a move forward player only, which he might be in the NFL. Then you see him in the TCU game he is a completely different player playing a completely different position, and you have to wonder what the hell the coaches were thinking. Let's hope BB doesn't make that mistake as well.

Grissom vs. Alabama



Grissom's Official Stats:


Named All-Big 12 Honorable Mention at linebacker by the league's coaches ... made the transition from defensive end to linebacker ... played in 10 of 13 games with starts at linebacker in all 10 of those contests except Texas Tech, Baylor and Kansas State ... missed the final three games of the season due to injury ... assisted on a tackle at Texas Tech (11/15) ... made two tackles against Baylor (11/8) ... recorded four tackles, including one tackle for loss, at Iowa State (11/1) ... made four tackles, including a season-high 2.0 sacks, against Kansas State (10/18) ... set career high with seven tackles and had 1.0 tackles for loss with 0.5 sacks against Texas (10/11) ... tied season high with five tackles, broke up a pass, forced a fumble and recovered another fumble at TCU (10/4) ... broke up two passes, forced a fumble, and recorded four tackles, including a sack, at West Virginia (9/20) ... recorded 1.5 tackles for loss, part of four-tackle day against Tennessee (9/13) ... returned an interception 38 yards for a touchdown and posted a season-high five tackles at Tulsa (9/6) ... made first start of career at linebacker against Louisiana Tech (8/30) and posted three tackles and a pass breakup

Season GP-GS UT AT Total TFL Sacks INT FF FR PBU
2011 5-0 3 2 5 1.5-2 0.0-0 0 0 0 0
2012 12-0 3 1 4 0.0-0 0.0-0 0 0 0 0
2013 13-5 22 18 40 9.0-48 4.5-36 1-54 0 2-34 4
2014 10-7 27 12 39 6.5-38 3.5-27 1-38 2 1-0 4
Career 39-11 55 33 88 17.0-88 8.0-63 2-92 2 3-34 8

In the Sugar Bowl vs. Alabama (1/2), recorded a career-high 2.5 sacks, returned two fumbles 34 yards, including an eight-yard touchdown return, and broke up a pass ... assisted on a tackle at Oklahoma State (12/7) ... recorded 1.0 sack at Kansas State (11/23) ... started and finished with five tackles, including 0.5 sacks, against Iowa State (11/16) ... tied season high with six tackles and had 1.0 TFL at Baylor (11/7) ... recorded four tackles, including 0.5 TFL, and broke up a pass against Texas Tech (10/26) ... broke up a pass and made four tackles with 0.5 TFL at Kansas (10/19) ... intercepted the first pass of his career and returned it 54 yards for a touchdown against Texas (10/12), also had two tackles and 1.0 TFL ... recorded one tackle against TCU (10/5) ... started and had a season-high six tackles with 0.5 tackles for loss at Notre Dame (9/28) ... started and recorded two tackles and had 0.5 TFL vs. Tulsa (9/14) ... started and made three tackles with a pass breakup against West Virginia (9/7) ... made two tackles in first career start against ULM (8/31)

Played in 12 games ... made the switch from defensive end to tight end during the offseason ... eventually moved back to defensive end during the season and also saw duty as a short-yardage tight end.

Third-string defensive end saw action in five games ... had a total of five tackles including three vs. Ball State ... had a tackle for loss at Kansas State.

Redshirted after suffering preseason injury.

High School

A four-star recruit by and ... a three-star recruit by ESPN ... PrepStar All-American ... recorded 76 tackles, 24 tackles for loss, 20 quarterback hits, 7.5 sacks, eight pass breakups, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery in 2009 ... AVCTL Defensive Player of the Year and first team AVCTL defensive end in 2009 ... all-Class, all-state Top 22 in 2009 ... first team 5A Defensive End in 2009.

No. 3 player in Kansas (
No. 3 player in Kansas (
No. 13 defensive end (
No. 27 defensive end (
No. 239 overall player (


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