Frank Ntilikina- 6-6, 195,

PG, France, 7' Wingspan,

He Could Be A Celtic, Part III.

By Tom Mahoney

Nice kick out passer when he draws in the defense driving to the hole. He can really see the whole court on the drive. He is a great pick and roll point guard. He played in a pick and roll offense. Against Italy he had 3 Assist and was 4 of 5 on shots off the Pick and Roll. Those are some numbers that Brad Stevens really digs.

Terrific job boxing out his man, and rebounding on the weakside. He will play shooting guard when they bring in their veteran PG. He is still bigger than any SG he faced. He gets terrific position on the weakside rebound, and will draw fouls boxing out the Wings on the rebound. Goes and gets the rebound when it drops in a crowd, and no one else reacts. 

Dribbles equally well with either hand. He can dribble hard left, and pull up for the jumper. Great job playing off the Pick to get to the hole and leaping over the defender for the high kiss off the glass. Nice job dragging both defenders off the pick, and then passing back to the roller for the layup. He will sometimes jump up to pass over the defender to his Big in the Paint. Great Pick and Roll Point Guard.

Nice free throw shooter. He has the height to receive the pass in the paint, up fake, and shoot the layup between two Bigs. He can juke the smaller quicker PG right, and explode lefty to the hoop. He has some fancy passing skills as well. He can zip a pass out to a wing shooter behind his head as he draws in two Bigs. 

Very herky jerky dribbles who stops a little too much sometimes. He is so young. So obviously he needs to be more decisive with the ball in his hands. Nice lefty handle, and he can go to left and pass to his open wing. Nice job hopping around a defender, going left, and snapping a pass to a cutter for the layup. Still making rookie turnovers. 

He shoots the Three well running off the screen to his right. Likes to slow a little, when he has time, to shoot the Three. "Schroeder had those issues when he came out," a scout said. "And now he’s a damn good player." Doesn't always explode up and use his legs well on his Three.  Plays the traffic cop well, and directs the offensive set. 

He is so quick leaving his man to go to the shooter and leap into his face that he causes a lot of missed shots. Such great length and leap that he can get beat by the crossover badly, and still leap back and up, to get a hand in the shooters face to cause the miss. Nice recovery speed when he gets out of position on defense, especially off picks. He doesn't have to have great position to cause the miss because of his length. He is also terrific at rebounding his man's misses. 

He can work through multiple picks to force his man to miss, and then grab the rebound off the miss and lead the break. He can rebound over a guard who is boxing him out. Excellent feet pressing the PG, but he will get a little too reachy sometime. He has such great length that they have him cover small forwards sometimes. Very nice job forcing the PG to his left into a teammate, and getting around his teammate and using his long arms to get a hand in the PG's face to help cause the miss. 

He is a great high riser and easily power dunks with a thunder two hand slam. "I love the kid," an NBA coach said. "He’s strong, shoots it. He was one of my favorites there. He’s a point guard, with Mudiay size, with a better shot now." Great elevation and long arms to play over the rim. 

He is a young kid playing in one of the top leagues in the world. He can harass smaller older and quick point guards into panicking and falling to the floor and whipping the ball at a teammate. Terrific feet, and his 7-foot wingspan destroys smaller twitchier PGs. Nice job squeezing through big picks, and getting back in front of his man. 

He has top defensive anticipation and burst. "People don’t know him," an exec said. "In the junior level, he dominates. Our USA [Under 18] team couldn’t play against him. At the junior level, the kid just dominates, and that’s where you have to factor in. He plays in a pro league, so he’s not really getting the minutes right now. He’s starting to play a little more and he’s putting up numbers over there now." He can explode in front of the other PG, and steal the pass. Once he is in the open court he is always a threat to score. 

Ntilikina Vs Italy:

He was very much improved this past season. He is bigger and heavy. But still can make those odd passes that make his teammates better. Not a fan of the crosscourt pass, but he got the ball into his shooter's hands in great position at the Angle (:05). Nice crossover to both sides, off the Pick, to get an easy foul line jumper (:20). And remember he is playing against grown men and not kids.

He plays great defense behind his eyes with great anticipation. Watch the great leap and extension to block the shot of the smaller PG (:27). Nice inbounds passer. He can make the passes that make his teammates look better (:37). Great quicks and feet on defense. Watch how he cuts off the smaller PG's drive, first to the left and then the right. Then he uses his long arms to steal the ball (:42). Not only is that great defense, but then he transitions into offense right away. He makes the pass in the break to give his teammate a freebie. 

Great shooter cutting off picks (:50). He also has the size and length to be a good rebounder. Then watch him advance the ball beautiful to give his lesser shooting teammate an open Three (1:00). Anther great inbounds pass to a teammate cutting to the hoop (1:10). He makes the passes that make his teammates look better (1:17). Here is a simple slip pass when a defender reaches in on him.

He is a great Pick and Roll PG. He was near perfect on the Pick and Roll in this game. That might be Brad Stevens favorite Shot: the Three off the Pick and Roll. Which is a Euro Three. Which is further from the hoop than the college Three. He shot that from NBA range (1:23). He shoots it a little slow sometimes. But is a good Euro 3-pont shooter.

He leaps laterally to snag the rebound, and you know the defense is in trouble right away. He dribbles past two defenders, a little out of control. But he realizes it and kicks it out (1:31). He is a great pace point guard. As soon as he gets a rebound he is attacking down court (1:44). Then the nice dish to the wing.

He plays with great anticipation on defense, and knows how to stick his long arms in the passing lanes. Then he uses his steal to make his teammate look better rather than himself. Very unselfish player (2:00). Catch and shoot Three (2:11). No trouble taking the ball up lefty under pressure. Then into the Pick and Roll. He draws in both defenders and instantly looks back at the Roller, and lobs him the ball softly for the easy open jumper (2:21). That has to get Stevens excited. He showed so many things you have to understand in the Pick and Roll right there. Including which Bigs you have to soften the pass for.

Then he comes right back and shows another pass to make his roller look better (2:33). You can see he really wanted to score there. Someone must have said something to him. He gets fancy with the dribble and finally finds a lane, but that was a little out of control for a PG, but really his first mental mistake on this Tape (2:49). And he drew a foul for his trouble. 

Nice easy Three off the give and go pick (3:05). You could see him reading that pass from seven feet away. He snaps his long arms into the passing lane and he is gone. Do you wonder if he is a great explosive athlete? Not anymore (3:17). He sneaks into position for the long rebound. Then turns it into a break. He dribbled too much (3:37). But then finds the guy he knows can create his own shot.

He is so good at using his long arms to find the ball on D. Then he is leading the break. Watch the nice finger-roll alley-oop pass (3:50). Off balance pull up jump. It looked more under control on replay (4:00). Pick and Roll, and he swung it back to his Wing instead of his Big (4:14). He uses the pick to slide in for a Three (4:27). He is so patient waiting for the pick, and he knows how to set it up. And what to do once he is by the pick. That is a great pick and roll play right there. And one. (4:40). Great lay down to his Big. That is a PG pass right there (5:04). That is how a point guard makes his Bigs look better.

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Ntilikina  Vs Italy:



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