Eric Fisher

OLT Oklahoma

6-7 1/2, 306, 34.5” Arms, 27 Reps,

S-1.7, 5.01 (O), 

9'8" Broad! 28.5" Vert, 

4.44 SS! 7.59 3-C,




Fighting for Respect.


He has stunning quickness to redirect OG blocking down to outside blitzer. Terrific drive blocker. Of the three big OLT he is the best power blocker. When he blocks down and lowers his head, he can drive block the smaller D-Ends 5 to 10-yards backwards until the whistle blows. When he blocks down, he can power the D-Tackle 7-yards sideways. He can collapse the line with the D-linemen. When he blocks down on the DT on the double, he wipes him out with nice violence. 

Keeps his hands up nicely in kickstep. Focuses on rusher with great intensity. Punches up and latches onto shirt nicely in kickstep. Stay low and under D-Ends on the Corner. Shoves D-End inside to OG, and picks up outside blitzer or twists so effortlessly. He sometimes looks a little chopping in his kickstep early, but once he settles down he makes shutting down the edge look so easy. 

He is so impressive with his hands, feet, and smarts in stunts, twists, and with outside blitzers. Pops outside of TE on sweeps and locates DBs in Flat was well as any O-linemen I’ve seen. Shows nice patience in kickstep. He lets the rusher come to him, and then stones him. He will sometimes shove up with the double upper cut technique, and add a helmet butt for impact. 

Shuffles his feet nicely when he has to pass protects to the left, after the O-Line slants tot he right on play action, to pick up the OLB. He does let the outside blitz run by him sometimes, when he gets stuck on the D-End. He is so impressive chipping on the OLB as the TE grabs him, and then flashes down field to hit the Safety. Great at picking up the D-End stunting to the outside, after the OLB has twisted into him. Has no trouble with the smaller quicker guys. I would like to see him against more speed. Very smooth letting the D-End rush up field and then Sealing him on the edge on Draws.

Played ORT and OLG before he was moved to OLT. Likes to lower his head when he blocks down on the D-Tackle. Sometimes slides off when he ducks his head too much. He can be a little too inconsistent early in games. Sometimes drops hands when rusher gets reluctant. Stops before the whistle sometimes. Level of competition has to be a concern. A bit of a catcher sometimes, rather than a puncher in pass protection. I’d like to see him use him heavy hands more consistently. However, when he latches on the rush is over. So that is more of a nit than a real negative.

Nice form in kickslide. Spread his legs real wide, and really shuffles his feet nicely. At his best when he keeps his hands up. Plays with nice balance in kickstep and has nice power in his arms when he is dropping back. Does a good job latching on in pass protection. Does a good job hitting the OLB when pulling forward. Doesn’t look the smoothest getting out there, but does a good job grabbing and keeping his feet moving once he does. When his hands are down, he does a nice job coming up with his hands and pushing the rusher up. TMIWTMIL

Terrific hoping outside to his left to hit the OLB. So far the best thing I’ve seen him do is pop to the outside around the TE, like a Left Guard Pulling on a Sweep to his side. He finds the defender, gets low, pops him, and kept his feet moving. When he gets low, he can crush the D-Tackle. He is very adept at blocking down on the D-Tackle. He could slide inside to OG easily. Does a nice job sliding off the D-End on the double, and crushing the ILB filling the hole. I love how he keeps his feet moving on run plays. He can block two defenders in the play action pass blocking. Very impressive. When he gets real low, he can crack the pads when he hits the D-End.

Will head butt in pass protection as well. He really does have dancer’s feet. However, I haven’t really seen him tested. I really can’t wait to see him at the Senior Bowl. See him face some more speed. Slides out wide to the wide-9 rusher smoothly. I like how he tracks down LBs on the second level. Terrific job hitting DBs when he pulls outside to the left. He really does a nice job when he locks onto a single defender. He stalks him like coyote in the woods, and uses his feet to get into position to hit him. Likes to use the underhand push up technique in Pass Protection. Likes to underhand shove and head butt, when he has to wait for the rusher to get there. Rusher tend to lose a lot of incentive when he starts shoving them around.

Easily turns outsides guy outside, on inside runs. He can make it look unfair. Short legs and long trunk. Makes it look like he plays a little high sometimes. But he never seems to be out of balance. Very strong upper and lower body. I love how he latches onto PR and then just stops. 

He does a nice job pulling to the right as well. His experience at O-Guard is really showing. Came to school at 240, and has gain over 60 pounds of muscle in the past four years. I like how he always seems to keep his feet moving, even when a D-End gets leverage and jacks him up. Likes to Seal on third level. Likes to get perpendicular to the line and keep defenders on the wrong side of the play. My problem is that I haven’t really seen him challenged. He makes his kickstep look so easy, but how easy is it going to look when he is facing elite speed. I can’t what to see him at the Senior Bowl.

Quick sharp feet. Really does a nice job holding his ground, even when his back get bent back. That is such an important trait to maintain in those stalemate situations, where the defender get under your pads a little. He is such a good athlete. Very light on his feet. He is going to test better than people think. He has to stop lowering his head on power runs. He can sometimes lack patience in his kickslide.

He stepped onto the field at the Senior Bowl and dominated from snap one. That is what the small school prospects have to do. He will be a top ten pick in this draft devoid of skill players. He seems to use his feet to mirror rushers so effortlessly. It is so impressive. He might be the best OLT in the Draft. Nice physical blocker as well. Nice hands. He grabs shirt with one hand and the rusher is done. Very impressive re-anchoring against power. He will get too high sometimes. Excellent power step. He just powers forward on inside moves with great feet and hands. Very smart kids. He went on Utube and scouted the D-Linemen he was going to play against in the Senior Bowl. Another thing to like about Fisher, he got jacked by Okafor, and on the next play he did a nice job getting his hands under his pads, and pushing him up with that scoop-technique. He can dominate the little speed guys. When he gets on top on them he can crumble their legs. He has such nice feet going around the corner. He can dance a full circle around the QB.

Eric Fisher Vs Michigan ST:

He is a nice physical run blocker. Watch him block down on the D-Tackle here (0:01). He can sometimes get a little choppy in his kickstep. But he meets him at the pass and stones him easy (0:09). He tries to Cut block here, but the LB slips past it (0:17). It looks like he is the only one who makes a block on the left side of the line (0:25). He comes off a little high, and Seals the D-Tackle to the inside. The DT gets tripped and falls down (0:33). Okay, not the best start to the game. 

Tough to see here, but he stones Gholston almost right off the snap (0:37). He gets low into the 5-Technique DE, and fights him tooth and nail backwards until the QB throws (0:46). He shows nice patience waiting for the OLB to rush. Then he shoves up and helmet butts in one nice violent motion. Then he is latched onto him moving his great feet (0:56). Then, he powers the D-End down to the ground with amazing torque in his upper body (1:05). Is there a better example of heavy hands than that left cross.

This is so nice. Watch how he shuffles outside staying so low in his stance. Then he powers up and into the OLB, and turns him easily. I love how the OLB tries to chops his hands off of him and shuffle away from the block. But Fisher keeps moving his feet and powers him to the ground again (1:11). He gets beat to the outside here, but turns and runs and uses his great feet and long arms to wash the little fellah down stream (1:18). He sometimes takes a few plays to warm up, but once he is loose he is a beast. 

Now we switch to the closer side so we get a better angle. He slides through the traffic nicely, but can't stop the ILB. He did not look good there (1:25). He plays this with perfect form. Nice kickstep, hand up and inside, and wait for the speed rusher to get to him. He lets him rush himself out of the play. Then he takes him out (1:34). He is so strong and physical that he stops the rush and then drives them into the turf (1:45). This is one of the reason I see Andy Reid taking a shine to him. That play reminds me of Jason Peters. He uses his great feet to get himself into position to use his extraordinary size and strength to pound the defender. 

He pops outside the TE nicely, and Cuts the D-End easily (1:51). Nice angle here. He fires into the DT, and gets him moving the wrong way. However, that is a big man. He spins out of Fisher grip, and somehow finds his a path to the QB (1:56).  Watch this nice power as he powers into the low DT. He tries to shove him up, but the DT won't budge. Then he spins and finds his way to the QB (2:06). However, Fisher recovers brilliantly and shoves him off his rush and almost into the turf again. That is not just great second effort, but third effort as well. 

He kicksteps back softly. Then he stops and hammers Gholston as he sees the Stunt. Then he pops out and pops the big D-Tackle. That is as good an OLT can do in pass protection (2:15). Notice how the OG misses the Stunt. If Fisher doesn't jam Gholston up and back with his great heavy hands, that is a Sack. If he doesn't then dance outside with his great feet to latch onto the big D-Tackle, then he gets a Sack. With smaller school guys you have to worry about level of competition sometimes, but that is two great blocks against two great college players on one play. 

Watch this amazing blend of quickness, agility, and feet. He pops outside the D-End, and then swings back in around him and Seals him. That is electrifying agility for a power blocker his size (2:24). That block was against the OLB. He hops with starling quickness outside the TE, and gains the OLB's outside shoulder. Then he powers him inside with his arms extended (2:32). Guys with his size and strength should not have such nimble feet. 

He stalemates the OLB for a second, and then powers him back 7-yards (2:45). He takes a step back and tries to Cut Gholston, who is a freak athlete himself (2:54). He makes meeting Gholston at the pass look easy (3:00). Gets under the smaller rusher, and latches on (3:08). Plays the wide-9 rusher perfectly (3:16). He is starting to make it look easy against some very good players in a better division (3:25). Look how smooth and easy he is in his pedal. His hands are down to low. But you have to love how he drives the D-End back-asswards over the pile behind him. That was not an accident. 

Watch this Seal block. He gets himself a little overextended, but by then the OLB was driven back about 5-yards (3:33). He is so good at blocking down on the D-Tackle (3:47). Watch how quickly be burst backwards in his quickstep. That is phenomenal (3:54). He takes him him right to the Corner, and then just stops (4:04). He shuffles inside, and stones the D-End. He is making it look too easy again (4:12). He drives the little blitzer inside, and actually jams him into two other rushers (4:20). That is an indescribably great block. 

He lets the D-End rush himself out of the play, and then latches on and won't let him go, as the DE has position on him (4:28). He blocks down on the DT and stones him completely. That is a tough block. You can see him shuffle to the opposite shoulder of the DT, showing his great blend of nimble feet and power (4:35). Seals the D-End effortlessly, and then punches him backwards (4:46). Doubles Gholston nicely (4:53). I like how he pushes him up and into the OG, so he can get a clean shot at Gholson's ribs (5:02). Gholston does a nice job splitting the double, but it is too late. 

He shadows the D-End, who slashes inside on the late stunt. Then he just has to put his hands up and the DT's rush is done (5:09). Here, he shuffles nicely out wide, and then kicksteps back. He meets the D-End at the pass, and almost beats him into the turf again with a single punch (5:16). Just sit and watch this terrific blend of feet, size, and power (5:26). He gets a punch in with his outside hand. Then he grabs his inside shoulder, and uses all the torque in his hips to land a haymaker that nearly stuns the D-End to the ground. What do you think Andy Reid is thinking when he watches that block.  

He gets out to the second level nicely, and latches onto the ILB (5:34). He gets his long arms into the chest of the long armed rusher, and then stones him (5:42). I like how he shadows the little speed rusher as the Back swings out of the backfield between them (5:48). Watch how he gets a little extra low for Gholson here. Then he pops his helmet up and Gholston is long out of the play (5:55). Comes off low, and catches the D-End inside. He slowly starts to move him outside, but the RB cuts back right into him (6:07). That was not a bad block, but turned into maybe his worst block of the game. 

He lets up a little here as it is a blowout and they are running out the clock. I'd like to see him finish this game better, but I get it. He powers the D-End sideways and up with amazing power. Then the RB runs right into him (6:14). Great power Seal on the DT. Driving down (6:19). Powers the DT up and to the inside. But the DT gets back under him, and sheds him (6:26). Picks up the outside speed blitzer effortlessly (6:34). Another effortlessly stalemate (6:42). Well that was a interesting tape. It showed his great combination of power, size, nimble feet, and agility. It also showed some flaws. He sometimes struggles to get out on LB out wide. He also can struggle with powerful squat D-Tackles who don't give up. 

Eric Fisher Vs Michigan ST:


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