Fabian MoreauCB UCLA

6', 203, (O) 4.35! 6.94 3-Cone,

11'6" Br! 38"Vert! 31.3" Arms,

 4.12 SS, (U) 4.35-4.38,

The Forgotten Man. 


He is so physical that he reminds me of Logan Ryan. And like Ryan he is terrific against the run. He just ran himself in the 1st with a 4.35. Ryan was the best CB in the NFL in the run game last season, and Moreau has some of the same physicality and aggressiveness in the run game. Only he runs a 4.35, and I think Ryan ran a 4.55 (but I'm not looking that up;). I just don't see how this guy gets by BB, who also likes to Draft Shrine guys as well, at pick 32.

I couldn't wait to put him on the Pats, and then he exploded a chest muscle benching at his Proday. "It's being evaluated. I don't think it's anything serious," UCLA HC Mora said. "I know he's back out here now. He's not working out. He did everything at the combine and had good numbers. A lot of guys decide to stand on what they did at the combine. Some guys come out and try to improve it. Fabian, I think his numbers were good enough at the combine that for him to come out here and work out today isn't that important. And all these teams that are really interested in him will be back to see him in an individual workout as well. So anything that happened to him I believe is minor and nothing to worry about." Something popped after his 9th rep, and he had to have surgery to repair what popped.

He is the most underrated CB in this Draft, and will drop into the 2nd because of the chest injury. "I don't think we're talking about him enough," Mayock said. "He ran 4.35 in the 40. How about 38" vert, 11'4" broad. His game tape is really good. And then you get out here in the drill section, and he was just smooth. Everything's under control. He catches the football. I think Fabian Moreau is gonna be a tremendous value for some team." He will pick up the TE and cover him when he runs a pattern on his side of the field. 

He is one of the elite CBs at understanding his position on the field and in coverage in this Draft. "Former running back with a thick frame and great speed," Mayock said. "Showed off his ability to jam and reroute receivers at Shrine Game practices." He is terrific at knocking WRs backwards when they catch the ball in front of him. Nice hitter in the Flat. He had a great 2016 season:

2016: Named to the watch list for the Nagurski Award ... Starter in all 12 games ... Led the team with 10 pass defenses ... Ranked tied for sixth in the Pac-12 in passes defended with a 1.0 mark ... Named honorable mention All-Pac-12 by the coaches ... Recorded 32 tackles and made two interceptions (USC, Arizona State) ... Also credited with a forced fumble ... Part of a Bruin secondary which gave up a Pac-12 low 12 scoring passes during the season ... Secondary ranked 22nd in the nation in passes intercepted (15) and 7th in team passing efficiency (105.85).Secondary ranked second in the Pac-12 in pass defense efficiency (105.8).

Excellent job reading the run, and gets past the WR and into position to get in on the tackle. He does a nice job moving through traffic to get in front of the RB. He can get aggressive and run through the WR to get to the RB in the backfield. He does a nice job setting the edge, and not letting the RB scoot past him outside. He can also take on the block of the FB to turn the RB inside.

You can see that he studies a ton of tape and can translate it to the field. He has a way of blocking the WRs pattern, or running the pattern with him that is too consistent to be a mistake. He plays coverage very well while watching the QB. Great feet. He can make a break on the ball and knock it down. 

He plays with his eyes up in the backfield a lot. He will lose a little position while he eyes the QB sometimes, but he is also excellent at using his foot speed and quickness to get that position back. 
He's more of a hitter than a pure physical player. He can be so physical in the first five yards that he ends up in a heap with the WR. He hits the WRs as the ball arrives so hard that they end up in a heap more than any other CB. 

Turns and runs off the snap with some interesting speed and burst. I love the way this guy moves on the field. Fluid hips moving sideways while turning back to see the QB. He turns back to the middle of the field fast when he reads run. They will line him up in the slot on short yardage and he is a very good run defender. He beats the WR to his inside shoulder like it is nothing. Loves the quick spin move. He really has a ton of spin moves to both sides, both finesse and with power to beat blockers on the edge. 

The more I watch him the more I like him. He has some quick twitch in his game. Moreau got injured at his Proday benching for some reason. "He once played three games in 2015 with a foot injury," Daniel Jeremiah said. "So you combine two pretty major injuries. I think the 3rd round is the highest he would go at this point. Even if he's ready to go next year, there is legitimate injury concern when you talk to people around the league." He should end up being the steal of this Draft. 

He was timed in a 4.29 at UCLA last summer. Every time I watched he didn't give up space for the QB to throw into. He made plays as the gunner at the Shrine. He is another guy who always seems to make plays and no one seems to notice. Known for his great character.

USC: He does a great job cutting the route off as the WR turns up field. He can anticipate the rush and get in front of the WR and cut off the route. When he locks onto a WR, without looking back for the ball, he shadows him perfectly. When he sees the QB dump it off to the RB he will charge forward, shove the WR off, and tackle the RB. He doesn't quit. He will chase the RB 60-yards down field and try to tackle the speed back. 

Washington: He is one tough cookie. He reminds me of Logan Ryan. He can run with speed down the sideline. He has some twitch in this shoulder when he presses. When he has position he can go and get the ball in the air. He can read the pattern, and jump the route. He is so smart in coverage. He not only looks the part, he plays the part. Tough CB, who played a lot of man at UCLA. 

Moreau Vs Stanford:

This is just a great defensive play. He waited for him five yards down field, and hit him hard. I love the way he hits WRs. Then he was all over, and even on top of, the WR. But the WR somehow caught it. You cannot cover better than that, but sometimes they catch it anyway. He smashed that guy to the ground in a heap, and he just caught it (:04). He does a great job cutting off the WR (:10). He read the run a little late. Then tried to get in front of the RB, while making sure the WR didn't cheap shot him. 

Watch the snap in his hips as he turned a little late and ran with the WR. He has such great burst and speed that he can stay in front of the WR longer than most (:18). He turned his hips a little late, as he peeked into the back field on the fake double screens. But he maintained his position over the top. 

I love when he gets locked in on press. That is how I see him in the NFL. He has that knack for standing in the path of the pattern, and then absorbing the WR with his hands (:25). He tried to get over and grab McCaffrey, but he was being Held from behind by the WR. That should have been a Hold, but he got in on the tackle anyway (:33). Here he is in Off, peeking into the backfield. He can play that 3/4 technique where he eyes the QB threateningly (:41). He read the hand off to McCaffrey, almost as instantly as Logan Ryan, and got past the WRs block almost as quickly.

Back in Off. He zoned the flat (:47). They didn't line up a WR on his side. So he was essentially a FS. He did a nice job of moving around the traffic to stay in front of the RB and stop him if he broke free (:53). He was playing way over the top. They knew Stanford was going to take a shot there (1:01). Really playing like a FS with no one on his side (1:15). He picked up the TE and ran with him down the seam. 

When he wanted to he could play the run like Logan Ryan. He got aggressive moving forward. You can see he read run and was looking for the run all the way. He turned the WR's block into a Hold, and got in on the tackle (1:24). Stanford did not want to lineup a WR on his side (1:33). He protected the edge nicely. The last thing they wanted was McCaffrey getting out to the edge. Then he got in on the tackle. 

Watch the great suddenness in his hips as he snapped outside to run with the WR (1:40). A lot of DCs are going to like this play. He took on the block of the FB to set the edge, and turned McCaffrey inside (1:48). He did such a great job of staying in front of the WR and not letting him run his route. Only it was a run (1:55). But once he saw it, he twisted those great hips back, and got his hands on the RB enough to slow him down for his teammates.

Watch the bail technique as he turned to watch the QB. He read run a little late (2:17). He stayed over focused on the WR, until he could jam him. Then he saw the run, shuffled over smoothly, and made the tackle (2:24). He got beat a little, but then ran stride for stride with the WR when it mattered (2:32). Played over the top of the Bunch (2:41). He played it like a FS there. He gave up the underneath pattern, and then made the tackle.

You can see he was trapped between McCaffrey going down the Seam, and the outside WR. So he played it perfectly by staying between them. Then when the ball was thrown, he snapped away from McCaffrey and made the tackle (3:00). He just turned and ran easily with Rector (3:04). He stays in his pedal longer than anyone else in this Draft. I love how he moves backwards in coverage. He had that ball all the way (3:09). Watch the hips as he twisted inside and then outside (3:16). Then he got his hands on Rector, cut him off, and ended the pattern. He is great at understanding position.

Moreau Vs Stanford:


Moreau Vs USC:

You can see in the first three plays that USC went away from him. So they put him in man, and motioned him away from the play again. That is a lot of respect for Moreau (:33). You just get to see his snap outside. Then he blanketed the WR as he ran down the sideline (:43). Watch how he was running inside right in the WR's armpit. When the WR went up he could only bring the ball down right into Moreau waiting for it. I don't know how he held onto that ball.

He is so good at shadowing the WR in front of him, to slow him down just enough to disrupt the pattern. He stayed in his pedal going backwards longer than any other CB in this Draft. That incompletion was all feet and technique (1:11). Watch the eyes on this play. He was in off watching the QB. Watch the elite break on the ball from 5 to 7 yards back, as he read the pass and pattern. Again his position is perfect (1:20). Then it was just a matter of holding on and turning the INT into a punt return.

Watch the great hips, feet, and position to cut off the deep route (2:01). He set the edge nicely to turn the RB inside, but then just got Held enough to miss the tackle. Then he gave chase (2:11). He gave the signal to move into a zone, and then zoned the flat (2:45). I like how locked on he is in Press. Even when he screws up (3:12). You can see him cut the the WR's pattern off easily (3:24). He understands what he is doing more than most.

Watch the suddenness in his hips and shoulders as he snapped outside. That was the best view of his quicks so far (3:37). He learns. He took position on the WR more in front this time, to protect the inside lane that the RB took to the house last time. He dominated the WR physically and made the tackle (3:45). He picked up the TE going down the seam (4:05). He gave up the inside, stumbled a little, and couldn't recover (4:26). Nice job protecting the sideline (4:48). Zoning the Flat (4:57). You can see he had a very up and down game. But even though he gave up the big play early he kept fighting. When you play CB in the NFL you will get beat. The best ones are the ones who forget about their mistakes, but learn, and continue to play hard.

Moreau Vs USC:


Moreau's Official Bio:

2016: Named to the watch list for the Nagurski Award ... Starter in all 12 games ... Led the team with 10 pass defenses ... Ranked tied for sixth in the Pac-12 in passes defended with a 1.0 mark ... Named honorable mention All-Pac-12 by the coaches ... Recorded 32 tackles and made two interceptions (USC, Arizona State) ... Also credited with a forced fumble ... Part of a Bruin secondary which gave up a Pac-12 low 12 scoring passes during the season ... Secondary ranked 22nd in the nation in passes intercepted (15) and 7th in team passing efficiency (105.85).Secondary ranked second in the Pac-12 in pass defense efficiency (105.8).

2015: Started the first three games of the season ... Team co-captain... Injured and sat out the balance of the season ... Registered eight tackles and a pass breakup… Named to the UCLA Athletic Director’s Honor Roll for the winter quarter.

2014: Starter in all 13 games ... Second-team all-conference selection ... Ranked seventh on the team in tackles (53) and tied for the team lead with eight passes defensed ... Made his first interception at Washington ... Had seven games with at least four tackles ... Recorded a season-best nine stops in the bowl win over K-State ... Credited with seven tackles at Colorado ... Had a tackle for loss in games at Virginia, vs. Utah and at Colorado.

2013: Starter in all 12 games he played in ... Honorable mention all-conference ... Ranked ninth on the team with 51 tackles ... Had a high of eight tackles at Oregon ... Made at least five tackles in six games.

2012: Saw action in 11 games as a reserve in the secondary and on special teams ... Credited with five tackles and a fumble recovery ... Made one stop in the game at Colorado ... One tackle in win at Arizona State ... Recorded a tackle and a fumble recovery at Washington State ... Had one stop vs. USC.

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