With The 27th Pick, in the 2012 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

Updated: Feb. 8th


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This draft is going to be another tough Draft to figure out. With Andrew Luck predictably staying in school, there is no clear Number one.  

PICKS 1-11  

1st Round

PICKS 12-22



My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:



Andrew Luck

QB Stanford

6-5, 225


Key F.A.:

Jeff Saturday OC

Mike Pollack OC

Reggie Wayne WR

Pierre Garcon WR

Anthony Gonzalez WR

Robert Mathis DE/OLB

Tyler Brayton DE

Ryan Diem OG

Phillip Wheeler LB

Jacob Tamme H-B

Dan Orlovsky QB

The Team: It's amazing how the Colts fall apart right at the perfect time. Actually Drafting Elway, Payton Manning, and now Andrew Luck. Unfortunately it looks like the Inheritor from Indy has taken over the team, and that is not a good sign for Colt fans. I think it's funny that he doesn't approve of nepotism, so he fired the Po-Lyins.  

The Player: Luck is just as good as it gets. From the second he stepped on the field as a Freshman you could see he was something special. He is a bit of goofy Elmer Fudd looking dude off the field (Sorry about that Andrew. I've been singing, "kill the Wabbit!: to my kids the past couple of weeks and have Elmer Fudd on my mind. I know that's an unfair thing to say. But it is funny;-). However, that is one of the things I like the most about him. On the field his persona changes completely to a cold stone killer. And in this over-media-ized, camera phone welding, and twittering-twit's world, you want a guy who is a killer on the field and dud off the field, and can handle the media in the most boring way possible. 

The Team: Why take a mere mortal when you can get a smart Elmer Fudd on steroids with a shotgun arm;-) 

Second Choice: Do something amazingly stupid



*Robert Griffin III-

QB Baylor

6-2, 220,  

WR, WR, OT, RB, OL, OL, DB, LB, DT, WR,  OG, DT, LB, CB, DE, 

Key F.A. in Limbo:

Brandon Lloyd WR

Danny Amendola WR

Chris Chamberlian WLB

Jacob Bell OLG

Tony Wragge OC

Adam Goldberg OT

The Team: The Rams are in the the best position in the Draft. They have Sam Bradford and RGIII stuck in their greedy grasp. Plus, a silly internet rumor (that is really not really believable;-) persists that the Inheritor in Indy likes RGIII better than Luck. So they could sit here and take Luck. Plus, don't rule out them taking RGIII here, and trading Bradford. The only thing Bradford has proved is that he can really sling the ball, and can't stay healthy. I admit I'm torn. What Bradford did this season with those crappy WRs was extremely impressive. However, two season ending injuries in three years makes the idea of a healthy RGIII a viable option. They should have no trouble trading Bradford. You would have to think he bidding would start with Cleveland two Firsts for RGIII or Bradford, and then go from there. The bidding War began the instant RGIII declared. 

The Player: This guy is amazing. I know that's not news. However, his ability to put the ball so softly right in Kendall Wright's hands 50-yards down field over and over again is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen (and yes, I am weeping;-). He is who we thought Michael Vick was suppose to be, without the psychotic need for self-destruction. In fact, you could argue he leads the Draft in character this year, or any year.  

The Reason: RGIII or Andrew Luck will be the 2nd choice in the Draft.    

Second Choice: Trade



Ryan Kalil-


6-6, 331,

OLT, OC, LB, RB, DT,  LB, OG, CB, DT, WR, DB, LB, DB, DB,  

Key F.A. in Limbo:

EJ Henderson LB

Erin Henderson LB

Husain Abdullah FS

Shiancoe Visanthe TE

Fred Evans DT

Leroy Guion DT

Devin Aromashodu WR

Greg Camarillo WR

The Team: Third straight team in the Catbird's seat. By taking Ponder, who played a lot better than I thought he would, they open themselves up to be able to take the top rated non-QB in the Draft (okay, so I have Kalil tied with Richardson, but that doesn't matter;-). They got the QB last year, and now it's time to get him his body guard. Charlie Johnson is not a legit starting OLT in the NFL

The Player: Big tough and mean. you know the old adage, If you have two Tackles you like you take the guy USC.     

The Reason: It's not rocket science. They don't have a legit OLT on the roster, and now they do.      

Second choice: None



*Justin Blackmon

WR Oklahoma ST

6-2, 220, 

QB, WR,  DE, DB, QB,  

Key F.A. Seriously?:


Key F.A. in Limbo:


The Team: This is what I said last year, "The Browns have a new coach and a new offense. The HC of the CBs Pat Shurmer is a full out West Coast guy who loves big tall West Coast WR. That is Julio Jones. They drafted two WRs I really like (Sub in Little here) and Massaquoi, but they have not work out as well as expected. They both look like nice complimentary receivers, but not number one guys. They both are very skilled WR who lack a little speed, but I think they both will fit better in the West Coast Offense. If the Browns got a Number One West Coast WR that would improve their entire receiving Crew, as both (Sub in Little here) and Massaquoi are big guys who can battle it out for the 2nd and 3rd receivers." Same hold true. You stick Blackmon into the mix at WR and suddenly they got something special. Plus, I think Blackmon becomes a lot more valuable if you have extra picks and can snag Weeden in the 2nd Round. You take Blackmon here, a D-End at twenty-two, and Weeden in the 2nd. 

The Player: Great college WR who possess everything you want in a WR except pure speed. But he plays fast and has no problem getting open. His amazing season in 2010 were he broke all kinds of records was actually surpassed in 2011. Two-Time Biletnikoff winner.   

The Reason: Rams get their man? 

Second Choice: *Trent Richardson RB 



Morris Claiborne- 


6', 200,  

CB, WR, LB, S, CB, OT, RB,

Key F.A. in Limbo:


Key F.A. Releases:


The Team: Their Secondary is really a mess. If Claiborne is available they won't pass on him. Talib has worn out his welcome, and Barber may have reached the end. Sticking Trent Richardson in the backfield behind Josh Freeman is going to be a huge temptation. However, they will be able to get a nice compliment to Blount, say Doug Martin or Isaiah Pead, in the 3rd Round. Finding a shutdown Corner in this Draft is going to be a lot tougher. 

The Player: Claiborne is the prototype NFL CB. Big and fast. He has great feet and hips. He can attack the ball in the air. He is also dynamic with the ball in his hands and one of the top Kick Returner in this Draft.  

The Reason: He comes right in and starts as a rookie, and they don't have to worry about Talib again.  

Second Choice: *Trent Richardson RB 



Reilly Reif-  

OT Iowa

6-5, 300

QB, RB, OLB/PR,  OG, DB, DB, OL, RB, WR, Owner, 

Key F.A. in Limbo:


Key F.A. Releases:

The Team: The Redskins are in the second most interesting position in the Draft. The first of course are the Rams. If the first three picks of the Draft are a lock, or as much of a lock as you can have in the Draft, then the forth lock of the Draft is that the Redskins are not going to be picking here. It's funny to say that I would shocked if the Redskins picked here (as I am shocked multiple times in every Draft;-). Unfortunately I was roaming through some Redskins Blogs trying to get some insight into their needs. That didn't last long, as I stumbled across some of the most horrid analysis I've ever read, like they won't have to give up this pick to get RGIII or Peyton. I was shocked. If they want RGIII or Bradford, the price starts at this pick, next years 1st, and the 1st after that. Don't forget Skin's fan that the Browns have 4 and 22, just in this years Draft. The bidding war begins by outbidding the Browns two 1st Round picks. It starts at three Firsts Plus, and RGIII is worth it. The good news is that all three teams need D-Line and O-Line. So the pick right now appears to be between Brockers and Reif, but Coples, Still, Poe, Martin, and Adams will all get consideration. This is probably the best info you'll get on this Draft in a while. Their are six player who are clearly above the rest, but one is a RB. After that there are about a dozens guys who are so similarly rated that they can go in any order over the next fifteen picks or so. Which is another reason the Redskins won't pick here. Shanahan has put a super new emphasis on draft picks. This is not three years ago when they traded every pick like they were a waste of space. Shanahan has really gone out of his way the past couple of years to trade down and acquire extra picks. The good news and the bad news is that he could trade down and still get just as good a player as Martin, Kirkpatrick, Worthy, or Adams will be available at 16-20. The bad news is that you have to have a partner to trade up or down, and other teams know that. However, trading up for RGIII is option one, Peyton is option two, and trading down for more picks and one of the four guys is option three. Reif fits the needs of Washington, who wants a Right Tackle, and insurance for the troublesome urine tests of Trent Williams. The Rams need a OLT to help out Bradford.  

The Player: Reif is slightly over rated as he doesn't have the best feet in this Draft, and can get beat by speed. What he has however, is the best O-Line coaching in college football. He keeps his hands up and understands position. He also has a lot of experience run blocking. A lot of scouts like him a lot more than me and the consensus seems to be he will be the second O-Linemen taken off the board. I don't think he is a top ten pick, but I think he has a very high floor, second only to Kalil. While some Draftnics have him going as high as Two. 

The Reason: Rams get their man here? 

Second Choice: *Michael Brockers DT/DE



Quinton Coples

OLB/DE Purdue 

6-5, 290, 34 Reps, 


Key F.A. Signed:


Key F.A. Signed:

The Team: Jags need to address some serious deficits in talent. WR is a disaster. CB is not much further behind. You could argue they no longer have a legit NFL D-End on their roster besides Mincey. This Draft is rife with WRs and CBs. There also will be some opportunities to address WR and CB in Free Agency. So getting a top ten talent at D-End to play opposite Mincey would be a real boon for this team. They will have an interesting choice if Blackmon drops to this position, and that is a distinct possibility. 

The Player: Coples is a freak of nature, who can also be frustrating. He was so good as a LDT in 2010 that I thought he was going to be a top ten pick in last years Draft. As a Senior he struggled with the switch in sides and position. However, he was a force again at the Senior Bowl, and regained a lot of faith in his talent as a result. He should be the first D-End taken in this Draft. Though Poe and Brockers could certainly pass over him. 

The Reason: Jags go with top defense talent at one of their top need positions.   

Second Choice: Dre Kirkpatrick CB



*Michael Bockers- 


6-6, 310, 


Key F.A. Signed:


Key F.A. in Limbo:


The Team: Their top need is at D-Tackle. They took two last year and it looks like they hit on Fua and missed on McClain. There will be four guys to choose from at this point. Brockers, Still, Poe, and Worthy, which opens up another team looking to trade down.

The Player: Brockers is a physical freak. He was D-End in high school and grew into a monster D-Tackle at LSU. Everybody is still behind on this guy, as nobody saw him coming out as a third year Sophomore.   

The Reason: Panthers look like they are in great shape with this pick.     

Second Choice: Dontari Poe DT



Ryan Mallett

QB Arkansas

6-6 7/8, 253, 


Key F.A. Signed:


Key F.A. in Limbo:


The Team: I see Mallet as a 1st round pick. If you are comfortable with his character you have to take him. Remember a QB a few years ago dropped to Miami due to drug rumors that may or may not have been true, Dan Marino. Now I'm not saying the Mallet or the Marino rumors were true or not, but sneaky little internet rumors tend to have very little truth. He had a lot of trouble at Michigan, but he has not had any trouble in his two seasons at Arkansas, and did not fail a drug test there or at the Combine. So if he drops because of internet rumors I find that ridiculous. If they trade down and pick up an extra pick or two I think that gives them the opportunity to take a chance on a QB. Both Locker and Mallet fit their system better than Ponder and Dalton. My problem is that once the QB steps onto the field, right no, Mallet is the best prospect in this Draft. He doesn't have the upside of Newton, or the character of Locker and Gabbert, but with what he did the past two years at Arkansas in a prostyle offense (including audibles- which I saw none of the other QBs do), he is more pro ready than the other guys. Plus, he has that beautiful arm of his! It is the best in the Draft, and only Kaepernick can give him a run for his money in strength. What I'm trying to say is that if you team needed a QB from this draft next month to come in a start he is the guy; He is the most advanced mentally, preparation-wise, and practice-wise from what he actually did on the field and working with Coach Petrino off the field (did I finally say that clearly yet?). The only question is how much of  jerk is he, or was it just normal teenage immaturity that caused problems at Michigan and early at Arkansas. He was named team captain and he got into trouble once when eh first arrived at Arkansas, and has had no trouble since. But he does carry a lot of risks. He could stupid himself out of the League in 2 or 3 years, or have a long productive career like Drew Bledsoe. Ironically, he was a freshman when Henne was the starter at Michigan, and actually sub in for him for a few games when Henne got injured. I believe if they stay at 17 they will take Pouncey, as Sparano got his start in the NFL an an O-Line coach, and he has to be drooling over Pouncey. However, if they trade down I think they will take a 3rd and take a QB here. They can get OG/OC and a RB in the 3rd no problem. When Miami comes up in the 3rd and with the Chargers first pick in the 3rd (pick 82) I still have: Ryan Williams RB, Demarco Murray RB, Kendal Hunter, Will Rackley OG/OC, Mike Moffett OG/OC.   Plus, they don't really need a WR. They have a very good core of WRs. What they need is a speed WR, and they can get that in the 4th or 5th. So if they can trade down at all, look for them to pass on Pouncey and take a QB. Then grab say Rackley (who should go in the 2nd) or Moffett and Ryan Williams (who has to go in the 2nd, right?), or Demarco Murray in the 3rd. Okay, so in my absolutely unhumble opinion, the number one player in this Draft who can help the Dolphins get back to respectability is Ryan Mallet. Now he won't do it next season, as there is no way a rookie QB is going to play next season if the owners drag their Lockout into July, August, or somebody-kill-me-September. However, right here right now, there is no player in this Draft who will be more important to the Dolphins winning future than Mallet. So I think everybody should laugh at this pick, call me stupid, and hope Miami takes Pouncey. Nothing would make me happier than watching the Dolphins play the next few years with Henne at QB;-)

The Player:  

4/25 It's Not Pretty Until He's Throwing- Mallet.

The Reason: Mallet wasn't terrific as a rookie, but after  year in their system, how much do you think the Dolphins want him now? They are all but locked out of the RGIII sweepstakes with two teams ahead of them with lower picks and more ammo. So now the Franchise is stuck in neutral until they find a QB. The last coach was fired and the new coach's job apparently hinges on Matt Flynn. The other options is Trent Richardson who would help this helpless offence more than any non-QB in this Draft. 

Second Choice: Trent Richardson RB



*Courtney Upshaw-

OLB Alabama

6-1.5, 273, 

OLT, QB, S, CB. OLB, TE, S CB, and an F-ing QB, 

Key F.A. in Limbo:


Key F.A. Releases:


The Team: With Jonathon Martin and Michael Adams still on the board I find it hard to believe the Bills could be looking in another direction. Especially with passrushers like Vinny Curry, Nick Perry and Alan Branch likely available in the 2nd Round.

The Player: Upshaw is a very unique 3-4 player. He is short but as physical anybody in this Draft. He reminds me of Yards After Contact. No D-End in this Draft gets up field better after contact with an O-Tackle than Upshaw. It is really quiet amazing sometimes. He plays with such great violence in his hands that he seems to slip blockers after they have him dead to rights, at will. It is amazing. He rushes up field sideways like Terrell Suggs and plays like he is setting the edge first. Nobody plays perpendicular to the LOS better than he does. He reminds me of a cross between Woodley and Suggs. He has similar size and looks like Woodley on the field. But he rushes sideways like Suggs. 

The Reason: Everybody and his brother has Upshaw going here since the Bills announced they wanted a Passrusher. 

Second Choice: Michael Adams OLT



Michael Adams-

OT Ohio ST

6-7, 319,  


Key F.A. in Limbo:


The Team: The Chiefs Offense fell apart last season, and while there are some needs, like OLB, helping out Cassel and the offense is the top priority. Many people have opined for them to take an OLT and move Brandon Albert to OLG or ORT. However, Richardson might be the worst ORT in the NFL. If Adam or Martin are still on the board they have to take him. 

The Player: Adams is a huge OLT who was the most consistent O-Tackle in this Draft at stopping pass rushers. He was a force on the edge with his nice feet and long arms. He dominated at the Senior Bowl and looks like he worked his way into a top ten selection.  .    

The Reason: KC has to draft an O-Tackle who can play ORT, and maybe someday take over for Albert at OLT. Adams look like the perfect choice. The only caveat is that if they lose Bowe to FA. 

Second Choice: *Alshon Jefferies WR

 PICKS 1-11  

1st Round

PICKS 12-22

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