With The 7th Pick, in the 2012 NFL Draft, The Jacksonville Jaguars Select ... ?

Updated: April 26th


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This draft is going to be another tough Draft to figure out. With Andrew Luck predictably staying in school, there is no clear Number one.

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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:



Andrew Luck

QB Stanford

6-4, 234, 10” Hands, (4.66-4.59), 


Key F.A. Signed:

Robert Mathis DE/OLB

Reggie Wayne WR

Winston Justice OT

Samson Satele OC

Key F.A.:

Jeff Saturday OC

Mike Pollack OC

Anthony Gonzalez WR

Tyler Brayton DE

Ryan Diem OG

Phillip Wheeler LB

Jacob Tamme H-B

Key F.A. Lost:

Payton Manning QB

Dan Orlovsky QB

Curtis Painter QB

Joseph Addai RB

Pierre Garcon WR

Dallas Clark TE

Gary Brackett LB

Melvin Bullitt S

The Team: I had this Pick:

The obvious pick. Luck has it all and should be a seen as the 2nd Manning for Indianapolis. He will guide this Franchise into the Playoffs for the next 15-Years or so. He might no make it every year, but he will get there more years than not. Plus, it's always nice to start off 1 for 1. “You’re talking about a guy who, when there is a busted play or he throws an interception, he runs down and hits like a linebacker,” Ryan Grigson said. “On a trick play, he shows the ball skills of an elite receiver.”

The Player: He makes the best decisions. He never looks rattled. He had to stop doing interviews a month before the Draft, because he went back to class to try and get his. He is amazingly Brady like when it comes to moving his feet and stepping up in the pocket and finding guys down field. Looks and throws like Manning, but reminds me more of Brady in the pocket than Manning. Amazing at finding his 3rd and 4th options, while scrambling out of the pocket do to pressure. He runs a very complicated and innovated offense at Stanford and not only have I never seen him struggle mentally, he makes it look easy. He has been calling his owns plays at the line since he was a Freshman. In the pocket sliding , moving, and stepping up like Brady. Hw throws so well on the run. “We did our due diligence and studied them like heck,” Chuck Pagano said. “Everybody thought that this was a foregone conclusion. And really on behalf of (Andrew Luck) we tried to make things a little bit easier on his part. Go ahead and make the decision, go ahead and get it out there officially that he’s our guy. The intangibles are off the chart. You know (his) skill set, you’ve seen his body of work and he’s a gym rat. He’s a football junkie. He’s big, strong, and physical and he can make every throw out there. He’s a great leader in his own way. We all know the story about the USC game and him coming out at half-time and him doing what he did. We’ve got a great one for years to come. It’s another piece of the puzzle that we feel really good about obviously.”

The Reason: He has been the best prospect in college over the past three seasons. He has everything you want in a QB and more. Now we will see if he can put all that vast potential into victories. “You’ve got to protect the kid, you’ve got to put enough pieces and enough playmakers around him,” Pagano said. “You can add a piece here and you can add a piece there to make sure that everything doesn’t rely on Andrew making plays with his arm, and running around making plays with his feet outside the pocket, and extending plays and things like that. We’ve got to play great defense, too, I’m not going to slight that.”



*Robert Griffin III-

QB Baylor

6-2 3/8, 223, 

9.5” Hands, (4.41-4.38 )

QB, OC, LB, OG, DB, RB, DB, OL, LB, LB, RB, WR, Owner, 

Key F.A. Semi-Signed:

Fred Davis TE

Key F.A. Signed:

Pierre Garcon WR

Kory Lichtensteiger OL

Adam Carriker DE/DT

Cedric Griffin CB

Brandon Meriweather S

Key F.A.:

Will Montgomery OC

Phillip Buchanon CB

London Fletcher ILB

Rocky McIntosh ILB

Keyard Fox ILB

Fred Davis TE

Tim Hightower RB

Rex Grossman QB

Key Cap Space Lost:

18 Million Bucks

LaRon Laundry S

The Team: I had this Pick:

This is one of those moves that sends a Franchise to the Super Bowl. Washington has struggled under the mismanagement of Snyder for years. It now looks like Shanahan has been able to put the crazy on hold. RGIII has a little more bust factor in him than Luck. I don't trust grown men who wear children's cartoon character cloths. It's time put away the Mickey Mouse crap and be a grown man. However, it that is his biggest criticism, that is pretty damn good. Plus, the Washington Franchise holds more bust factor in its' Owner than RGIII, and that is always worrisome. In the end however, just Ryan Leaf who went behind Manning, I just don't see who he can be a bust (just kidding 'Skins fans;-). “Everybody knows that any time you get a quarterback like Robert with the second pick in the draft, and give up two No. 1’s and a No. 2, that he’s your franchise quarterback" Shanahan said. "He’s going to be your quarterback for the next decade. He has everything I look for in a quarterback and in a person. I’ve always enjoyed an offense when you can move a quarterback around. With the exceptional speed that he has, to be able to drop back as well as throw on the move, that just doesn’t happen very often. That’s why we did what we did. In that, in the fourth round today, your third day, you’re trying to find people that can make your football team. We have a little bit more depth than we did in the past, and you got to do what you can do to give your team the best chance to have players and depth at each position. I got a chance to be around Kirk, and I got a chance to know him at the Senior Bowl. He’s a quality young man and he’ll come in here and have a chance to show us what we can do.”

The Player: RGIII is the real deal. There are so many things to like about RGIII. My favorite was in the Bowl game. The offense seemed to be falling apart around him, and he was as calm as could be. He had about four bad snaps, and made a positive play on all of them. His O-Linemen jumped off sides a few time in key situations, and he just kept making plays to bail them out. Terrific arm. Throws so well on the run. So smart and smooth in the pocket. He gives defenses fits. The last thing you want form him it flee the pocket and run. However, if you let him sit in the pocket, he’ll tare you apart. But if you flush him from the pocket, that’s often when he makes the big play down field with the ball. There is no panic in this kid. When gets flushed to the right or left, he doesn't just take off like Vick. he moves so well laterally will looking down field and finds receivers on every level. When everything is breaking down he just scrambles to the edge and calmly makes the right decision over and over. Amazing accuracy throwing when he is getting hit. He just tears teams up short in the Spread. Excellent teammate, and will run down field and make a block. I see this more as a negative though, the last thing I want my 100 million dollar QB doing is running 30-yards down field and blocking. Wow! He is the best QB in this Draft. Wow! He is the best QB in the world! Okay, I’m getting a little over excited. I’m deep into the Forth Quarter of the Baylor Bowl game. Holy-moly! That might be the most impressive QB I’ve seen in a Bowl game, since Vince Young vs USC. I always said he had to play a perfect game to beat USC in that game, and he did. RGIII might have been even more impressive. He was the eye of the storm in that game. He was so impressive in that offense. He was so calm and in control, while the chaos was swirling around him. His offense was doing all kinds of trickeration with his teammates running all over the place all around him, and he just stood there calm as can be. Even when his teammates screwed up and it looked like disaster would strike he never panicked. I panicked a few times when it looked like disaster had struck, but he didn’t. I know you can't judge a guy solely on his best game or his worst game, but it wasn’t just the terrific skills he put on display in that game, it was the mental acumen he showed in that game. He was the eye of the hurricane, calmly facing the enemy.

The Reason: He will need to be the Eye of the Storm again for this Franchise in Washington with its' wack-a-doo Owners. However, he has the smart, hardworking habits, and quick-twitch brain that all QB need to survive the NFL. 




Browns trade up one spot. for 4th, 5th, and 7th.pot.


Trent Richardson

RB Alabama

5-9.25, 228,  



Key F.A. Signed:

D'Qwell Jackson ILB

Oniel Cousins OL

Alex Smith TE

Key F.A.:

Mike Adams FS

Johns Greco OL

Steve Vallos OL

Artis Hicks OL

Key F.A. Lost:

Tony Pashos ORT

Peyton Hillis RB

Frostee Rucker DE

Eric Wright CB

The Team: I had this Pick:

The Browns had to give Colt a chance to survive in the NFL. Getting a RB who can be the best player in the offense, so they don't have to. The old school way of thinking is to have the RB take the load off the QB. Now, Colt McCoy and/or Weeden do not have to be the best player in the offense. He can take that role, and they can compliment him. Before the Owners turned the NFL into the National Fantasy League, you ran the ball to set up the pass.. Now, it's the opposite. However, that doesn't mean that old school football doesn't still work. Just look at the Houston Texans last year. Run game and defense made them one of the top teams in the NFL. Cleveland will be following that model with, and make a run for the playoffs behind Richardson great talents. 

The Player: Richardson is the best Runningback I've seen in college in a long time. He has power speed, and the balance. Amazing power. Almost impossible to tackle. I haven’t seen anybody play wit such power and grace since Earl Campbell. It’s shocking how impossible he is to bring down, and then he jukes the guys out of their jocks. He looks like the Hulk on one play, and then Jukes like a dancer to the sideline. “I hope he does what Shaun did for us, that would be nice. But they are really quite different backs," Holmgren Said about Richardson and Shaun Alexander. "I love Shaun, if I could adopt Shaun I would, but he wouldn’t block anybody, nobody and I still love him. He was one of the great runners I’ve ever seen, Shaun Alexander. As a running back, fabulous runner, but the difference is Trent is an excellent pass receiver, not just a willing blocker but a very, very good blocker so when Pat’s calling the game and we’re running our offense you don’t have to be thinking, ‘Okay now how do we protect him in the passing game?’ You don’t have to do that so that’s different. But, again I have great affection for Shaun Alexander and what he did for Seattle and what he did for me. This young man, different player, and there is no reason he can’t do the same for us here.”

The Reason: The Browns are offensively challenged, and suddenly they have a guy they can build the offense around" Holmgren said.. “I liked (Justin) Blackmon a lot. I thought he was a great player. The young cornerback, (Morris) Claiborne was a great player. Personality wise I liked them all. They were special young men. Honest to goodness, I’d like to grab them all. I think the number one thing was we needed to get a player, that we felt we could establish the run in this league and in this city with the weather and all that kind of stuff. The other thing was I think the gap between Trent (Richardson) and the other running backs even though there were other good running backs, the gap was larger at running back than it was at some of the other positions. We were going to get a great football player at four. We had these discussions prior to the other day and then once we decided on Trent like I said, that’s when the trade stuff, we said what do we have to do, how much are we willing to do. Then, at that point we had all agreed that that was the guy we wanted.”



Ryan Kalil-


6-5 5/8, 306, 34.5” Arms, 

30 Reps (4.96-5.0) S-1.70, 

OLT, OC, OG, OG, LB, RB, DT,  LB, OG, CB, DT, WR, DB, LB, DB, DB,  

Key F.A. Signed:

Erin Henderson LB

Geoff Schwarts OL (R)

Key F.A.:

EJ Henderson LB

Husain Abdullah FS

Shiancoe Visanthe TE

Fred Evans DT

Leroy Guion DT

Devin Aromashodu WR

Greg Camarillo WR

Key F.A. Lost:

Steve Hutchinson OG

Anthony Herrera OG

Cedric Griffen S

The Team: I had this Pick:

Spielman pulled off the buff of the decade. He swindled three picks out of Cleveland for a player they didn't want. Kalil was a must get for this Franchise. He will help Ponder reach his potential more than any other player in this Draft. He is so smooth in pass protection. He has the size, the pedigree, the long arms, the feet, the hips, the smarts. If he can live up to his vast potential, he will make everyone in the Vikings offense better. This is a game of trench warfare, and he is the top soldier in this Draft. The game in won when they O-Line makes holes and protects passers, period. The big uglies make the little guys pretty. This isn't just a Ponder pick. Peterson is coming off knee surgery and some heavy beatings over the years. He will be a better back, and hopefully a healthier Back with Kalil making some holes for him and blocking downfield as well.  

The Player: He is such a great athlete. Just does everything smooth. Terrific pulling to his right. Comes in low and push up nicely. Terrific blocking down on DT. A nightmare pulling to his right to left. He can get out into the Boundary and take out the CB. Terrific Tommy gun feet on kickstep. “Out of all the visits I took, Minnesota was the only place I could really see myself living and spending the next 10 years there while finishing out my football career,” Kalil said. “I knew some people that went to Minnesota and a lot of players that played there. They all said there is no other place like it. Especially the fan base that Minnesota has. It is probably the best in the NFL. As soon as I was picked, I knew I was going to a great place and a great team as well.”

The Reason: It's not rocket science. They don't have a legit OLT on the roster, and now they do. There is nothing better than when Best availble athlete meets top need.



*Justin Blackmon

WR Oklahoma ST

6’- 7/8, 207, 

9.25" Hands, 


Key F.A.:

Laurent Robinson WR

Chad Henne QB

Jeremy Mincy DE

Aaron Ross CB

Key F.A.:

Rashean Mathis CB

Dwight Lowery S

William Middleton CB (R)

Matt Roth DE

Guy Whimper OT

CJ Mosley DT

Allen Russell WLB (R)

Leger Douzable DT (R)

The Team: The Jags make a great move for a great player at their biggest need position, helping Gabbert become an NFL QB. He was a mess last year. He wasn't ready to play, and then when they threw him in, he had nobody to throw to. It was a disgrace. Now, he has someone to throw to and all the trash left on the roster at WR, doesn't look as bad behind a true Number One receiver. This is a great pick. Now Gabbert has a guy he can throw the ball to when he is trouble and Blackmon can go get it. "He's a competitor," general manager Gene Smith said. "He attacks the ball. He's strong to the ball and he's strong with the ball." Gabbert is a better QB now than he was just a couple of day sago. If he can improve naturally from the disastrous experience he has last season. With the addition on two legit Receivers, he will might be just good enough to win a few games. 

The Player: "With that mindset, you're always thinking about scoring," Blackmon said.  "I'm very excited and anxious to get up there and start working and try to earn a way to the playing field," Blackmon said. What makes Blackmon special is the suddenness in his shoulders. His burst out of breaks is elite. I've seen CBs on his hip, and he makes a cut and is three yards to the left or right before the Corner can move laterally at all.  He was a great Basketball player in High school, not a great football player. He made himself a great football player at OK ST. To me the main difference between him and Alshon Jeffery is speed. They are very different players, but I think which ever runs the fastest will be picked first. He is so strong and can run TE patterns where he uses his body to box out corners and make the reception. The reason I think he is such a sure bet is that he makes it look effortless on the field. Runs great routes. Smooth effortless hands. He has the best burst out of breaks of any WR in this Draft. Plus, he is tough, physical, and bullies DBs; and takes the ball away from them. "He's got an edge to him," Mularkey said. "He's one of these guys who doesn't think he can be covered. That's pretty important at that position with that kind of confidence, that you can line up and dare somebody to try to stop you and believe that you can't be. I like that edge." Plus, he has such great hands. He consistent catch the ball when he has to pull it through the DB's hands, and when they get a hand on the ball. He goes up and gets those bad throws by the QBs when the Corners get their hands on the ball. It is amazing. 

Plus, he also helps everyone on offense. the NFL has changed, and the safeties have to stay back and help the Corners against legit Number One receivers. "If we're productive in the passing game, it will help in a lot of areas - the run game, other receivers, tight ends, backs," Blackmon was a great Basketball player in High school, not a great football player. He made himself a great football player at OK ST. To me the main difference between him and Alshon Jeffrey is speed. They are very different players, but I think whichever runs the fastest will be picked first. He is so strong and can run TE patterns where he uses his body to box out corners and make the reception. Great college WR who possess everything you want in a WR except pure speed. But he plays fast and has no problem getting open. His amazing season in 2010 were he broke all kinds of records was actually surpassed in 2011. Two-Time Biletnikoff winner.  He is just so big and physically dominate you almost feel sorry for Corners. So much of the OK ST offense is built around him. He has the best hands this side of AJ Green. What he did as a Junior was spectacular. Especially when you remember that while he was breaking all kinds of records in 2010, he was playing on a bum ankle. He started off a little slow as a Senior, but by the end of the year he was clearly the best WR in college football again.

The Reason: This is another great move for a franchise that finally seems to have learned how to work the Draft. Plus, Gabbert's failing last year was not a matter of his failings. It was a failing of the QM and organization. To put a young QB out there who doesn't really know what he is doing, and you don't give him anybody the throw to? That is just crimminal what they did to him last year. 



Morris Claiborne


5-11, 188, 33.25" Arms, (4.54-4.47) S-1.60,

CB, S, OL, WR, DE, WR,  DL 

Key F.A. Semi-Signed:

Anthony Spencer OLB

Brandon Carr CB

Nate Linings OG

Mackenzy Bernadeau OG

Kyle Orton

Brodney Pool S

Lawrence Vicker FB

Dan Connor LB

Key F.A.:

Montrae Holland OG

Derrick Dockery OG

James Bradie ILB

Keith Brooking ILB

Abram Elam SS

Alan Ball CB

Frank Walker CB

Kevin Ogletree WR (R)

Tont Fiammetta FB (R)

Key Players Lost:

Laurent Robinson WR

Kyle Kozier OL

Terrence Newman CB

5 Million Bucks

The Team: The Cowboys make the biggest move in the Draft. They trade up a ton of spots and get the best CB in the Draft. You can't blame them, their Secondary was worse then the pats last year. If you can believe that. Now the have the Corner who was the best in the Draft at Dominating at the end of the route. However, they still need more help in that Secondary. They have to get more help for that defense if they want to be as good as everyone seems to think they are. They have been the most over rated team in the NFL since the Raiders fell apart. Now, they spent a ton of picks in D-Players, and they have a chance to really tunr that defense around.      

The Player: Claiborne Plays off as well as press. He finds the ball in the air and foes and gets it. He seems to naturally get position for the ball against WR. Plays the ball in the air better than any other DB in this Draft. Real nice hands. Come out of high school as a WR. He plays with such natural balance. To high in pedal. Not thrilled with his pedal. Amazing break on the ball. A little Long legged. I really like his feet. Flash terrific quickness in his feet and hands. Need to get lower in pedal. Smooth hips. Terrific in transition. He has such natural balance, they he plays little to high, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I’d like to see him get lower, but he doesn’t look out of balance or has to jerk in transition. Real nice transition. He has a real nice burst coming out of his transition. Real nice hips when opening up to his left. He has such a nice burst when he transitions out of his pedal, you can see the sudenness in his shoulders. Much better hips opening to his left than his right. Explosive hips opening to his left. He looks like a Left CB to me at the Combine, which is traditionally the Number One CB, protecting the rightside line of the QB. Great hands. Soft hand. When the ball is in the air, I trust him to catch it more than another CB in this Draft. He looks so smooth and natural when he has to turn his back to the QB, and burst deep after the ball. Very impressive. He plays off so smoothly. Locates the QB, WR, and ball without concern. When he is in Press man he has such great instincts when to turn and look for the ball. He will never be caught not looking for the ball. He has the suddenness in his shoulders when he turns that you look for as well. 
Shut down Corner. He can leap up and catch the ball like a WR. Terrific burst on the ball. Terrific speed running 3-quarters, while watching the QB. Great size. He has no problem covering H-Back and TE.  Great hands. He snags that ball from awkward positions. He easily has the smoothest hips I’ve seen in a while. He turns, swivels, and changes direction so smoothly it sometimes looks like hips aren’t even moving. I am so impressed with his COD. Peterson was move explosive, but Claiborne has smoother hips and COD. Plus, he has that competitive speed that allow him to run stride for stride with anyone.

"This is something I'm always doing, and I'm pretty good at it. So why don't I try to push myself even harder and see where it can get me," Claiborne said. “And after that it was just working out, taking it seriously and not letting anything stop me; going out and giving it my all. That's what I'm trying to teach my son right now: If you're going to do it, you're going to do it, and you're going to go all the way with it. You're not going to half-do it. And that's one of the things that I have done. I didn't settle for anything, any of that. I keep working, and I work hard.”

The Reason: They had to do something  to stop the bleeding in the Secondary. They picked up Brandon Carr, and now they have two legit Corners who can make plays on the ball in the air. Something it didn't seem they have had for years. He is so good at getting the ball when it is in the air. He played WR in high school and it shows when he runs the end of the patterns for the WR. He knows what WR's are trying to do, because he did it. 2011 Thorpe Award winner as the best DB in college football. 



Mark Barron-

S Alabama

6', 200, 4.5, 

CB,  FB, RB, WR, SS,  LB, S, CB, OT, QB, RB,

Key F.A. Signed:

Vincent Jackson WR

Jeremy Zutah OG

Carl Nicks OG

Dan Orlovsky QB

Kendall Langford DE

Eric Wright CB

Ronde Barber CB

Key F.A.:

Sean Jones SS

Earnest Graham FB

Josh Johnson QB

The Team: As much as I like Barron this has to be a disappointment. They have to get some CBs. Barron will help everyone on this defense. But Talib won't be back next year. The old???? has one year left at most. They can't field tow legit NFL Corners right now. Barron helps instantly. He is a terrific hitter, but he is also great in coverage. He can play deep center field. He has a ton of experience in Cover Two. He has a ton of experience covering the RB out of the back field. He has less experience covering TEs, but he did cover TE in the Slot, and covered them well. They still have to focus on some Corners as well. If they add some young talent at CB to this pick they could be a very interesting team next year. Barron is as sure a pick as there is in this Draft. I'm starting to get scared because I just don't see the bust factor is so many players in the top ten, and a big time bust is coming. Tampa had to improve their secondary, because the NFC South doesn't have a team with a weak QB in it. The QB's in their division chewed them up last year. This is a great place to start. “Well, character was one of the reasons," Schiano said. "Obviously Mark Barron was a two-time captain at the University of Alabama, a two-year National Champion, and a very productive player at a very important position in the National Football League now. Safety has become a very important position and a position we value. We felt like we got an extremely productive guy, who has a lot of leadership intangibles to him that we think are needed on this defence to continue to build this defence into what Coach Schiano wants it to be.”

The Player: 3/21 Mark Barron- Leader.- “Coming from the program I come from it is just kind of the mindset we have,” Barron said. “We want to be the best at everything we do. You just go out and work for it and everyday at practice we work at being the best at what we do. I think that will carry over with that mindset. The way we did things at Alabama I think will make it an easy transition for me to come in and make an impact early. I think I will be able to bring the mindset of winning and wanting to be the best.”

The Reason: They had to get help for their beleaguered Corners. Barron was a great college player, and he showed he could be a great Pro as well. He can or orchestrate the secondary. he can play everywhere from Box Safety, to Center field, to Slot Corner. Coverage starts in the NFL with the leader of the Secondary, and that will be Barron. Plus, this pick screws the Bills. “I think you will see an athletic range, speed, up to physical" Schiano saif. "I think if you saw highlights of him, that is just a clip. You put on any football game of Mark Barron playing in Alabama this year you are going to see a guy that is a physical football player, has range, wraps up—I love the way he tackles. He is force. He has great size to him [and] a smart football player. All those things as people that…know him know him as the captain and why he is the leader on that football team. See the toughness. The dedication that he brings to the football team [and] that is really important to us.”



*Ryan Tannehill

QB Texas A&M

6-4, 234, 


Key F.A. Signed:

David Garrard LOL

Key F.A.:

Paul Soliai NT

Vernon Carey OL

Marc Colombo OL

Phillip Marlow DE (R)

Ryan Baker NT (R)

Will Allen CB

Ikaika Alama-Francis OLB

Marvin Mitchell OLB

Jason Taylor OLB

Key Players Lost:

Bradon Marshall WR

Payton Manning LOL

Kendall Langford DE

Matt Flynn LOL

The Team: I had this Pick:

Miami really didn't have a choice. They got nothing at QB. Acquiring two old average QBs is not what a team needs to reboot. Tannehill is most similar to Gabbert. He is not ready yet. So suddenly the signing of the old QBs makes a ton of sense. You let Moore secure next season as Tannehill sits behind the two guys and learns how to be a professional. Tannehill has some busts ins. He couldn't beat out Johnson who was so terrible he finally had to be benched and cost Tannehill's new O-Coordinator his job. He lost way to many games in the 4th Quarter last year. His accuracy is inconsistent. He has a low release. He doesn't always make sound QB decisions. However, he is smart and hard working. He understands the game, sometimes more form a WR's perspective than the QB's perspective. Tannehill is the first player, beside RGIII, who has some visible bust factor in him in this Draft, and he has a lot more bust in him then RGIII. He has been stunningly terrible in the clutch for Texas A&M. 

The Player: Tannehill is not ready, and shows some signs of being a bust. He doesn't always make good decisions, and he throws to many INTs. He threw 42 TD in less than two than two seasons, but also threw for 21 INTs. He shows a lot of signs he could be good one in the NFL. However, he is as inconsistent as a yo-yo. I like how he throws the ball, tight compact quick release, but it is low. He has a reputation as a leader that guys follow, but he turns the ball over way too much. He has that ultimate competitive drive that NFL QBs have to have, but A&M lost a lot of game where they had big leads in the 2nd half. Smart kid who played WR for a couple of years, while still do all the film and study work with the QBs, but has a tendency to make dumb throws into way to tight places. to me, Tannehill is going to be a Franchise QB or a coach killer. You can easily see the boom when you watch him play, and you have no problem seeing the bust as well I don't care what anybody tell you, you cannot say whether this guy is going to be a good NFL QB or not. He is about equal good as he is bad. He has to find some consistency in his play and decisions, or will kill his coach. Even his stats are as great as the are troublesome. He goes from 13 TDs as a Junior to 29 TDs as Senior. That is the terrific kind of improvement that you want. He goes from 1,638 yards passing as a Junior, to 3,744 that is traffic improvement. However, his INTs rise from 6 to 15, a shade under 2 to 1 TD to INT ratio, to a shade over; that is troublesome. Plus, his completion percentage went from 65% down to 61.6%; that is troublesome. And I'm not saying he sucks. There are times when I watch him throw he looks as good as any QB in the Draft. But even when he is at best, he sometimes makes you "huh?" Now I hope (if Miami doesn't take him;-) that it is just a matter of inexperience and maturity. And as he matures and gets more experience that the natural inconsistency of youth is forged out of him. Because he can throw. I like his arm and his quick release. He has the tools, he just needs well, consistently better decisions. He reminds me of Rex Grossman. He has all the tools to be a Franchise QB, but can't seem to make consistent good decision on the field. 

Tannehill is a top athlete playing QB. He was a WR right up to a year and half ago. He has a terrific arm, and when he is on he looks like a legit NFL QB. He didn't have a lot of help at Texas A&M, as I think Fuller is the most overrated player in the Draft. He has the talent to be a starting QB in the NFL. However, he is very inconsistent (which is hopefully just inexperience) and clearly not ready for primetime just yet.    

The Reason: This isn't necessarily a good or bad move, this is a must move. They have destroyed the future of this Franchise by refusing to draft a QB for some bizarre inexplicable reason. I was a joy to watch up here in the Pat Cave, but it finally lead to a Fan Revolt, which was even funnier up here than the QB chaos of the past ten years or so down in Dolphin-land. So now all their jobs rest on the inconsistent shoulder of this young man. They now need to get him an ORT, a Thunder for Bush, and some Receivers, or he will out last them all in Miami. 



Luke Kuechly-


6-2, 240, 4.58, 

38" Vert,

4.53 SS,  (4.79-4.85),


Key F.A. Signed:

Haruki Nakamura S

Mike Tolbert RB

Key F.A.

Geoff Hangartner OL

Jeremy Shockey TE

Legedu Maanee WR

Antwan Applewhite DE

Omar Gaither LB

Senn Jordan LB

Key F.A. Lost

Dan Connor LB

Geoff Schwarts OL (R)

Mackenzy Bernadeau OG

The Team: I had this Pick:


This is a great pick. Kuechly was a great college Linebacker, who will be a great Pro. he is so good in coverage that I was shocked when all the Pundits were saying he couldn't cover. He is the type of kid that comes into a defense and changes everything. He will be the leader, make the reads and checks.

The Player: 4/10  Kuechly- Rainman.

The Reason: Panthers look like they are in great shape with this pick. Coach Rivera is going to love this kid. He instantly becomes his favorite player. Is there a better situation between an HC and a Draft pick?  Kuechly is going to do everything Rivera wants and more. Some guys are fast. Some guys are field fast. Some guys play faster than other players because of instincts and smarts. Every once in a while, a player is plays faster than everyone else on the field because of all the reasons above. 



*Stephon Gilmore-

CB/FS S. Carolina

6'-1/2, 190,  31" Arms, (4.44-4.47), S-1.50,

6.61 3-C! 3.94 SS!


OLT, TE, LB,  WR, TE, S, CB. QB, LB, S CB, and an F-ing QB, 

Key F.A. Signed:

Steve Johnson WR

Mario Williams DE/OLB

Eric Winston OT

Mark Anderson DE Crap!!

Key F.A.:

Roscoe Parrish WR

Derek Hagan WR

Demetrius Bell OT

Kraig Urbik OG (R)

Chad Rinehart OG (R)

Scott Chandler TE

Reggie Torbor LB

Kirk Morrison LB

Andra Davis LB

The Team: This is a great pick/ Gilmore can play. He is a true pure athlete who can play. He was covering the top receivers in the top conference straight up. He was covering Green and Jolio and Jeffery in practice. He has played against. The Bills have to have some guys who can cover. They look like they are going to be fighting the Pats for first in the AFC East, and if you can't cover WRs Brady will chew you up. They have four good DBs on their roster, and now they have five. With the way the Pats can go power and five wide, you have to have DBs who can get stuck on the field and cover and play the run. Gilmore can do that.

The Player: "I think I like being physical," Gilmore said. "I think that’s the strongest part of my game. I love the physical part, the hard nose part of playing football. I just love playing the game. I’ve been playing this since I was seven years old and I enjoy playing it."

The Reason: The Bills have gone all out to rebuild there pass defense. If you wan to beat the NEP, you have to be able to play pass defense. This guy has terrific feet and hips. I don't know how people can say he doesn't make plays. He is terrific at dominating at the end of the pattern. When he makes a mistake in coverage, his recovery quickness is top of the line. I thought he was the second best Corner in this Draft at dominating the end of the pattern. Even when he gets beat, he sees to get back on the Receiver by the time the ball arrives. This guy looks big time to me. 



Dontari Poe-

DT Memphis

6-3.5, 346, 32” Arms, 

44 Reps! S-1.68,




Key F.A. Signed:

Dwayne Bowe WR

Stanford Rout CB

Kevin Boss TE

Peyton Hillis RB

Key F.A.:

Barry Richardson ORT

Ryan O'Callaghan ORT

Casey Wiegmann OC

Kelly Greg NT

Amon Gordon NT

Brandon Carr CB

Travis Daniels CB

Jon McGraw FS

Sabby Piscitelli S

Thomas Jones RB

Jackie Battle RB

Leonard Pope TE

Anthony Becht TE

Kyle Orton TE

F.A. Lost:

Demorrio Williams LB

The Team: I had this Pick:

It seemed obvious. Pioli drafted Vince Wilfork. Romeo coached Wilfork. He was a vastly miscast defender. He has freakish size and strength. he played hard. He could hustle from sideline to sideline. Big 350 pound D-Tackles don't get 100 Tackles a year. He had similar stats to Ngata and Wilfork. He took on doubles and triple teams consistently. He has great quick feet, and he really moves like Wilfork. I don't know if he has Wilfork's Meanness, but he has his feet and power. This is just a great pick. Some have said they should foolish take Cox, but they have two very good 3-4 D-Ends, and desperately needed a Nose Tackle. Poe was the top Nose Tackle prospect in the Draft. He is going to step in and dominate the OC and take on the double and triple teams and give his Linebacker the room they need to get to the ball. There is nothing better than when the top prospect at, not just your biggest need, but the position where you have no viable options drops to you. The KC defense just became a Playoff defense. 

The Chiefs really need a Nose Tackle. They can sit here and take a giant NT who reminds me of Vince Wilfork. Wilfork was taken by Pioli in New England. When a GM hit it big with a pick, when they see a guy who reminds them of that player, they pounce. Plus, this kid id the perfect fit for this defense. He has very limited bust factor in this defense. His main problem was finding the ball. In this defense he doesn't have to find the ball. he was double teamed relentlessly at Memphis. Whenever he holds up the double, or better pushes it back like he did almost without fail at Memphis, it is a win for the defense. Plus, whenever he was tripled, which was more than any other player I saw in college last year, his teammates swarmed over the ball career. That will also be a consistent at KC. For those those who think he wasn't productive enough just don' t know what they were watching on TV. He didn't garner enough tackles to make you comfortable, but garnered more double and triple teams than any D-Linemen in this Draft, and that is a ton of production for a defense. 

The Player: 3/16 Poe, Ever Envision a Rhino Running.

The Reason: They have two excellent 3-4 D-Ends. Now they have the guy who has the highest ceiling in the Draft for D-Linemen and in particular NT. This is a huge pick up for the Chiefs (pun intended). This guy is 350 pounds, and is said to bench over 600 pound, That is a thousand pounds in leg strength he brings to every play right in the middle of the opponents O-Line. Plus, he benched 225 pounds 44 times. You can say what you want, but the two measurables that define how well a Linemen will realize his potential is Squat and Bench numbers. It show work ethic, and power in the two area's were a linemen has to have power. Burst off the snap, and playing with his arms extended. Being an NFL Lineman inside, physically, is all size, squats, and benching. I have never seen a better combination of those three factors in a draft pick before.

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