With The 28th Pick, in the 2011 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

Updated: April 27th


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This draft is going to be another tough Draft to figure out. With Andrew Luck predictably staying in school, there is no clear Number one. 

PICKS 23-33

1st Round

PICKS 1-11

PICKS 12-22

2nd Round

PICKS 33-48

PICKS 49-64

3rd Round

PICKS 65-81

PICKS 82-97



Jimmy Smith- 

CB Colorado

6-2, 211, 4.38-4.44(U), 24 reps, 


Key F.A. Signed:

Michael Vick QB Tagged

Key F.A. Seriously!:

David Akers K (Transition)

Key F.A. in Limbo:

Kevin Kolb QB

Michael Vick QB Tagged

Jerome Harrison RB

Max Jean-Gilles OG

Darryl Tapp DE

Ernie Sims OLB

Stewart Bradley ILB

Quintin Mikell SS

Dimitri Patterson CB

Sheldon Brown CB

The Team: The Eagle will be looking to replace their ORT. The ORT position is more important for the Eagle than it is for other teams, because Vick is a lefty, so his blindside is from the right side. Break downs by the O-Line has cost this team wins in the past two playoffs, and now is the time to start stopping that trend.   They have interest in Carimi. They need Corners, but it would be a reach unless Smith falls to them. Their defense and O-Line really seemed to fall apart last year. They became the worst team in the Redzone in the NFL, and they fired their D-Coordinator as a result. Howard Mudd likes different O-Linemen than the previous coaches who liked the big fat guys. Mudd likes more tall athletic Linemen like are in this Draft. They have to be drooling over Solder, Castonzo, and Carimi. Word coming out of Philly is that they love Carimi, and won’t pass on him if he is on the board.   

The Player: This guy is an amazing athlete. He has the size, speed, and that knack for shadowing receivers. He needs some technique work as he tends to bail on is backpedal a little early and shuffle rather then attack, but is such a great athlete he was able to more than get away with it in college. Is almost as big and fast as Peterson, and some have him rated ahead of Peterson. His problem is that he is one of those guys that trouble just swirls around, like the eye of the storm. What you have to remember though is that he has never crossed into the storm himself and gotten in trouble. His Character Concerns are all blown in from the people around him, which can be just as deadly, but he himself has not crossed that line. From a purely talent perspective he is on pare with Amukamara, and some scouts think Peterson. He has some issues. He has amazing feet, and so can cheat of his technique a little in college and get away with it. he tends to bail on his backpedal to early, and with his speed, hips, and great transition he shouldn't bail so early. he also ahs a tendency to bail and shuffle his feet when the WR cuts to the middle of the field.

The Reason: Solder had a great off season and a great Proday.  

Second Choice: Justin Houston DE/OLB 




*Akeem Akers-


6-2.5, 254, 4.68 (U),

OG, DE, LB, DT, OLB, S, OT, S, DE, LB, WR,  DB, FB, OC

Key F.A. Signed:

Pierre Thomas RB

Shaun Rogers DT

Key F.A. in Limbo:

Julius Jones RB

Joique Bell RB

Heath Evans FB

Marcus Mallei FB

Lance Moore WR $

David Thomas TE

Jerome Bushrod OL

Zack Streif OT

Carl Nicks OG

Jonathan Goodwin OC

Jimmy Wilkerson DE

Scott Shanle OLB

Danny Clark OLB $

Roman Harper SS

Key F.A. Releases:

Jeremy Shockey TE

The Team: They need an OLB and a passrushing D-End. Smith is more of a 3-4 LB, but he is also definitely a 4-3 passrushing D-End. 

The Saints could go in a dozen different direction. They have some serious FA problems: Bushrod (16 Starts), Jonathon Goodwin OC (16 Starts), Remi Ayodele DT (16 Starts), Roman Harper S (15 Starts), Scott Shanle LB (14 Starts), Heath Evans, Lance Moore. They signed Pierre Thomas, but still haven't solved the Bush 12.5 Million dollar problem. They also need a DT and OLB. Saints tend to go for the BAA. They like Ingram. A passrusher would probably help the Saints more than any other player. They are a team that likes to get up, and make other teams offenses try and keep up with them. That means they have a need for speed on defense. Look for them to go fastest defender available.

I think they will be looking to improve their front seven here. they will be looking intently at D-Ends and LB. Depending on the new rules of the CBA , they could have as many as 26 unrestricted free Agents this off seasons. With the depth at D-Line in this Draft they have to be looking at them. Caron Hayward's dad played in NO. They also have shown interest in Clayborn, because they like to move their D-Ends inside on passing downs. The signed Pierre Thomas, so they will probably pass on a RB in the 1st.. Three of their starting O-Linemen could be FA this off season. The like to run to the right side, so Carimi could be a nice pick for them. 

The Player: Akeem Ayers is an overrated athlete. However, he is still a little more promise than production, but that is more a testament to his vast potential than an indictment of his play. His best asset is that he really fills up a stat line, but he is so quick, fast, and explosive that he always leaves me wanting more. He is more of a run-around-blockers Linebacker, and if he can't learn to shed blockers better I don't think he fits the Pats system. The lure of size makes you think 3-4 OLB, but he plays more like a 4-3 OLB. He uses his arms well to keep blockers off his body, but when he in that split second when he needs to shed them he can't consistently do it. he does a nice job dropping and reading, and once he sees the Draw, he can stop and get to the RB as fast as anyone in this Draft. His game is speed and finesse. However, the end of last season he was shedding blockers better. A TE could no longer stalemate him consistently. Sometimes it's the fact that he seems to be improving his deficiencies is more important than what he can't do. Man he can cover a lot of field going backwards in coverage. He actually does a nice job Setting the Edge. He doesn't get perpendicular to the LOS like the BB likes his OLB to do, but he uses his speed and long arms to keep blockers off him, and doesn't allow the RB to get outside of him. he actually has nice strong hands that he can use to pull blockers off him, he just doesn't seem to do is quick enough. For Tampa Two teams, he lines up at MLB sometimes on passing downs, and can cover a lot of ground moving backwards. It's rare to have a guy his size with the ability to get straight down the middle of the field like a TT defense has to have its' MLB do. Didn't blitz a lot, but when he did all his speed and athleticism. he has that knack for bending and turning the corner. He is a bit of a cautious player, but a terrific open field tackler. 3rd team All-American. He looks like a drag down tackler. He plays faster than he times. He has great quickness. In 5 to 10 yards burst he is very good. But he doesn’t have long speed. He makes a lot of plays when he goes unblocked. He seems I loved his feet and change of direction at the Combine. He tends to get lost in space. He looks at his best when he can just attack. 3 rd team All-American. He looks like a drag down tackler. He plays faster than he times. He has great quickness. In 5 to 10 yards burst he is very good. But he doesn’t have long speed. He makes a lot of plays when he goes unblocked. He seems I loved his feet and change of direction at the Combine. He tends to get lost in space. He looks at his best when he can just attack.  

The Reason: Adding to the passrush is a big priority for this team. PLus, if they get desperate they can move Smith to OLB. This is one of those picks that is too perfect too happen.      

Second Choice: Marvin Austin DT 



Marvin Austin-

DT North Carolina

6-1 5/8, 309, 4.9! 

38 Reps, 34.5", 9'4", 7.33 3-C,


Key F.A. in Limbo:

Matt Hasselbeck QB

JP Losman QB

Leon Washington RB

Brandon Stokley WR

Ray Willis ORT

Sean Locklear ORT

Chris Spencer OC

Brandon Mebane DT

Raheem Brock DE

Leroy Hill OLB

Kelly Jennings CB

Lawyer Milloy SS

The Team: The Seahawks needed a D-Tackle before Brandon Mebane hit free agency. Austin tested out as maybe the most athletic D-Tackle in this Draft. he placed or showed in every drill at the Combine.  

Hesselback can't really be trusted to stay healthy any more, and they are saying he want a LOT of money. You cannot pay this guy a LOT of money. He has barely been on the field in the past three years or more! What is he thinking? The worst news for Seahawk fan's is that they gave up a 3rd for Charles Whitehurst last year, and he is the only QB currently on the roster. However, Pete just can't place his final shot at the NFL in his hands. He needs to draft a guy he can build his NFL legacy with. while Whitehurst played well last year, I just don't see him developing into a top ten QB. I know this time of year potential is a GM's deathnel, but I believe that Locker has the potential to become a top 10-12 QB in the NFL.    

The Player:  4/18 Coming Back, Low and Strong- Austin. 

The Reason: if Locker is still on the board it will be hard for Carroll to pass him, especially since Locker's coming out party was against Pete's USC team two years ago, and probably coast him anther Championship. However, if he is gone look for Seattle to take the best D-Tackle available.  

Second Choice: *Cameron Heyward DE/DT 



Cameron Heyward


6-5, 294, 4.95 (U),

34.25" Arms, 

35" Vert,

DE!!! OLT, OC, CB, ILB, S, WR, DE, FB, WR, WR, CB, DB$, DB$,  


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Key F.A. in Limbo:

Marc Bulger QB

Derrick Mason WR $

T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR$

Donte' Stallworth WR

Le'Ron McClain

Jared Gaither OLT

Matt Birk OC

Chris Chester OG

Haloti Ngata DE (Tagged)

Fabian Washington CB

Chris Carr CB

Josh Wilson CB

Ed Reed FS $

Dawan Landry SS $

The Team: Word coming out of Baltimore is that they won't pass on Heyward. 

The Player:  The Other Guy.

The Reason: Heyward brings attitude toughness and power to the D-Line.   

Second Choice: *Torrey Smith WR 



Danny Watkins

OG Baylor

6-3 3/8, 310, 5.28

34.5" arms, 29 Reps, 


Key F.A. in Limbo:

Jerious Norwood RB

Brian Finneran WR

Tony Gonzalez TE

Justin Blalock OG

Tyson Clabo OG

Harvey Dahl OG

Mike Peterson OLB

Stephen Nicholas LB

Brian Williams CB $

Brent Grimes CB

The Team: They have serious issue free agency issue at OG. They have to protect the franchise and get Ryan some O-linemen to help him run the ball and protect him when he throws. Watkins looks like a guaranteed 1st Round pick at this point. Atlanta is a franchise, like the Pats and KC, that values character. You can say waht you want about his talent, but he has the character every team is looking for on the O-Line.  

They have a great power RB in Michael Turner. However, he has taken a beating over the past few years. Getting a young star who can help him out would go a long way to prolonging both players career. They like to power run the ball over the defense. That is the defense first, run second, and pass last philosophy. 

The Player: 4/26 All Heavy Hands Team- Danny Watkins.

The Reason: A free agency emergency! With three of their starting O-Linemen UFA, including both of their starting Guards, if Watkins is on the board I just don't see how they can pass on him.  

Second Choice: Mark Ingram RB




Ryan Kerrigan

OLB/DE Purdue 

PassR, RB, RB, DE, WR, OT, OG, RB, OG, CB, DE, QB? 

Key F.A. in Limbo:

Benny Green-Ellis RB RFA

Kevin Faulk RB

Thomas Clayton RB

Sammy Morris RB

Logan Mankins OG Tagged

Quinn Ojinnake OG RFA

Matt Light OT

Gerard Warren DE

Tracy White ST/LB

Kyle Arrington CB ERFA

Josh Barrett S RFA

Brandon McGowan S

Stephen Gostkowski K

Shane Graham K

The Team: Word coming out of Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, and Green Bay is that they all want to trade down and pay 2nd round money for a 1st Round prospect. This is not good news, and will make it much more difficult for the Pats to pick up a 1st Round pick in next years Draft. I really like Ingram here, and the consensus seems to be Danny Watkins, but if Heyward is still somehow on the board they have to take him.  He is such a strong powerful D-End, and he is still growing. In a year or two he will easily be over 300 pounds. He has as good a combination of lower base and strong hands as there is in this Draft. He could start at RDE fo a long time on this defense. He had a 35" vertical leap which is an amzing number for a 6-5 294 pound D-End, it really shows the explosion this guy has on tape. 

In the end however, the most likely scenario for this pick, and pick 33 for that matter, is a team trading up for a QB. Picking at 34 (Bills), 35 (Cincy), 38 (Cards), 39 (Tenn), 41 (Skins), 43 (Vikes), 45 (49ers), and even 48 (Oak) are teams that will have trouble moving forward as a Franchise without a change at QB. You could argue some of these teams are in better shape than the others (34, 35, 41, 48), and some (38, 39, 43, and 45) are complete disasters whose black holes at QB are straggling the life out of their franchise. If Gabbert and Newton go at picks 1 and 3 as I predict, that leaves 38 (Cards), 39 (Tenn), 43 (Vikes), 45 (49ers), four teams that if they pass on Locker in the 1st do not have viable Franchise without a QB. With Ponder, Mallet, and maybe even Locker still on the board, you could easily see those bottom four, and/or the Bills (if they pass on Newton) and Cincy (if they really believe Palmer won't be back), fighting for three guys. I can easily see the Pats trading down from picks 28 and 33 to teams that need QBs, and recouping some serious picks for those picks. Earlier I saw the Pats coming away with maybe a 1st next year or two, but the NFL put the kibosh on that swindle. In my crackpot conspiracy theory I believe the league suddenly changed that rule when the Pats started talking deals with BB's victims. They probably foresaw what I foresaw, BB swindling two teams desperate for QBs for their 2nd this year and their 1st next year, for Ponder and Mallet. What a shame Pats fans.    

The Player: His ability to play the 3-technique and then step outside in the 7-technique is a testament to his terrific feet and quickness. In notes from over 7 games in the past two years the word that keeps coming up is Power. He can slam the puny TE into the earth, and dance to the edge like a bear, and slip and slide his way his way through two other blockers and annihilate the RB. Because he hits like the Hulk, and when he squares his shoulder pads on the puny RB he hits the ground with earth shaking force. Not the niftiest Stunter. But once he stops and starts again he gets moving in the opposite direction he can get inside with force, finding the RB, and drive him into the turf. Heyward in a nutshell has the strength, lower body power, great hands, and technique that can make him near impossible to block. However, he seems to lack a closing burst to Sack the QB. He might be better an an interior rusher where his closing speed hurts him less. However, he is relentless going after the QB. He seemed to have about ten pressures in the 1st half against Mallet, and didn't Sack him until the 4th quarter. I like him as a 5-technique, but his best position in the NFL might be as a 3-technique. It sometimes seem he can get anywhere he wants on the field because of his unbelievable feet and hands. He just looks like the kind of D-End BB could turn into a beast. I just think BB will have trouble passing on him, he has a lot of Richard Seymour in him. He is so strong in the power body like Seymour, and can really power O-Linemen backwards like Carimi, Love, and Bulaga. He looked like a top ten pick to me last two years, and it looks like he can add some passrush to a 3-4 D-Line. He has a terrific burst off the line. He comes off the snap low and with arms extended and has heavy hands and a great punch. He played a lot of 3-4 D-End at Ohio, and played with amazing power in the running and passing game. He made Love look like one of the worst run blockers in the Draft, and when I looked at my notes from other games, I did not have Love rated so low against the run. When he gets low and extends his arms you cannot run the ball near him. He is the real deal. He looks like a power 5-tchnique two-gapper, but mostly played 4-3 D-End. Although, he play more of  read and react than normal 4-3 D-Ends. He has terrific hands. he plays with his long arms extended and sometimes appears to shed OLT at will. He might lack some instincts as he attacks the wrong side of the OT a lot. He is double teamed on passing down consistently. Not so much on running downs. But a lot of teams, like Wisconson, do a nice job running away from him, because he does such a great job when teams are dumb enough to run right at him. He has a great inside burst when he lines up at D-Tackle. When he get doubled inside he does a good job holding his ground, but has a lot of trouble getting off the double. He has a vicious Bullrush where the lower power in his legs really shows. When he keeps his arms extended he can play with amazing power. He has a terrific inside Swim move, which startles OLT as they try and protect the edge. He sets the edge with power. He can work his way through trash and turn the RB inside. I love watching this guy play, he plays with such consistent power. He pushes the OG backwards consistently. He comes off the snap low with arms extended and grabs shirt, and just uses his great lower base to power O-Linemen backwards and knife inside on short yardage. Arkansas consistently ran away from him, and he still was able to power down the line and get his hands on the RB. Great hands. His  punches, slaps, and shoves openly knock the O-Linemen backwards. It is just foolish to run to his side. He is so strong at the point of attack. He can shove of the OL and crush RB consistently. He made some stops against the run against Wisconsin that were so impressive. He was fighting off maybe the best O-Line in college, and certain the best Left side O-Line in college. He plays so strong with his legs it’s scary. He has terrific hands, and when he uses them in combination with his feet he can shrug the best OTs aside. His inside move against the inside run is as good as I’ve ever seen in a D-End. He has a really nice inside Swim move. His lack of speed might limit him to 5-Technique D-End and DT. What is going to make him a lot of money is his ability to play in balance with amazing strength and power in his hands, legs and feet. He reminds me of Strahan without that final closing burst.   Besides Von Miller he was my favorite player to watch last year. I still have pages on note form 2009 I haven't even gotten to. Like against Iowa in 2009 when he face Brain Bulaga who was the starting ORT for the Super Bowl champion Packers: He has amazing power. Great strength in hands and hips. Does an amazing job playing in balance with his hands, hips, and feet to throw O-Tackles (Bulaga) aside. Great hands to Shrug off O-Tackles (Bulaga). Plays mainly a Power Right D-End, but amazingly will sill stand up at OLB sometimes in Ohio ST's hybrid 3-4, and not just as stand up rusher. Sets the edge with power and ferocity that belies other OLBs. He also will line up as a 5-Technique, which is were he will play in the NFL, in their hybrid 3-4. Best combo of strength and athleticism east of Emerson Griffin. He does a nice job getting under the OG's pads, extending his arms and using his great lower base to Bull the OG back into the QB. he can flash inside on Dive nd Draw and destroy the RB from the side. He odes a great job impacting the O-Tackle with a vicious punch or two-handed shove, and then shedding him with his great hands, which he uses to just Shrug the O-Tackle (Bulaga) aside with amazing consistency. The more I watch him the more I like him. He can be fooled by play action, as he always thinks run first. Lines up a D-Tackle as well. It is amazing how he physically dominates the OLT who looks much bigger that he is (Bulaga), like on runs to the outside he just destroys everything in his way to crush any mere mortal running to his side like the Hulk. I'm tempted to do a Tape of this game, but I'd like him to slide to the Pats at 28.

The Reason: Heyward could start at RDE, or could play LDE on obvious passing down and get some of the oversized D-Linemen the Pats currently have off the field on passing downs and let him do what he does best, hit the QB on passing downs. Plus, he can move outside on passing downs, which could be something special to see, watching the three W's, Stroud, and Heyward causing havoc and unleashing the dogs of war on running downs. Remember BB like to rotate the D-Linemen, a lot. So even if the Pats resign Gerald Warren, and he can't beat him out for the RDE spot, eh will be in the rotation and playing a lot. He can rush the passer from the RDE spot and is a force against the run.    

TOM's Tape:

4/27 Pure Power and Leverage- Paea.  

4/27 Half-Gronk, Half-WR?- Rudolph.  

4/27 McCouty Part Two?- Aaron Williams.

4/26 Pure Power and Leverage- Paea.  

4/26 Half-Gronk, Half-WR?- Rudolph.  

4/26 McCouty Part Two?- Aaron Williams.

4/26 All Heavy Hands Team- Watkins.

4/25 It's Not Pretty Until He's Throwing- Mallet.

4/23 All Arm Team- Clayborn.

4/23 All Hands Team- Tandon Doss.

4/21 Smart, Instinctual, and Steady- Sturdivant.

4/18 Coming Back, Low and Strong- Austin.  

4/14 Trying To Catch On- Little.

4/12 Relatively Speaking, Einstein Would Be Proud- My Von Miller Opus.

4/11 Moch Vs Gabbert.

4/11 Character Smarts, and Versatility- Acho.

4/11 My Middle Name Is Relentless- Chris Carter.

4/10 Speed and Smarts, but... Torrey Smith.

4/10 Power, Speed, and Balance- Williams

4/10 Switching Sides- Gilbert.

4/10 Make or Break Your Heart- Ellis.

4/9   Everything But The Hands- Burton.

4/8   Hey, Remember Me- Quinn.

4/8   Everything But The Knee- Bowers.

4/8   Dancing On The Edge Of The World- Wilkerson.

4/9   I'm Legit Like My Brother- Mathews. 

4/9   I am Legit- Jenkins.

4/7   I'm Not Legit- Liuget.

4/6   Versatility Is My Thing- Foster.

4/5   Tough To See, Dowling.

4/4   Tough To See Big Ben.

4/4   Everything But The Hands- Burton.

4/3   Everything But The Basket- Ballard.

4/2   Short People Got... Hudson,

4/1   Can't Touch This- JJ Watts.

4/1   Low...ri...der, Get A Little Lower-Wilson.

3/30 I Get No Respect- Hankerson. Updated 4/8

3/29 My Names not Corey, But... Leshoure.

3/28 The Other Guy- Carimi.

3/27 Hard to Judge Him Accurately- Locker.

3/26 Some Guy Named Mark- Ingram.

For more Info on Pats, check out my: Patriots Draft Blog.

Second Choice: Christian Ponder QB  




Nate Solder-

OLT Colorado

6-7, 320, 


Key F.A. in Limbo:

Todd Collins QB

Eddie Williams FB

Olin Kreutz OC

Josh Beekman OG

Anthony Adams DT

Pisa Tinoisamoa OLB

Danieal Manning S $

Key F.A. Releases:

Tommie Harris DT

Kevin Shaffer OL

The Team: The Bears need reinforcements on the O-Line and the D-Line. Okay Bears fans you asked for it you got it;-)        

The Player: Solder is huge. He has nice feet and long arms. He showed he can really get low and fight at the Senior Bowl practices. He is a converted tight end who is still developing, and will go lower than he should as a result. In two or three years he could be considered one of the steals of the Draft. I was a little troubled with his play at the Senior Bowl. he stayed and played too high. He is still a little raw and inconsistent, but he is so physically dominate. I think he might have played himself out of the 1st Round with his Senior Bowl play. His biggest question is his ability to bend his knees and get low. He showed in SB practice that that is still a bit of a problem. He has terrific feet, and as a former tight end, he really uses that skill to get to the second level quickly and block moving targets with seeming ease. He will be taken in the top 15, and when all is said and done he will be a top ten pick. He has great feet moving backwards. He can get beat inside in the drills, but in the game it is much more difficult to take that inside move. I was really impressed with his physicality in the running game. He is not a physical in the running as Carimi and Castonzo, but I wasn’t sure how low he could get and drive out the shorter guys. He really showed me he could bend and get low and drive out the D-End during the Senior Bowl practices. Although, he and Castonzo kept giving up the inside rush all week at the Senior Bowl, which really worried me.

The Reason: It is never a bad thing to get an athletic OLT to protect your Franchise QB. This is will give them 3 options at OLT, and should help three positions, especially if Chris Williams can reclaim the OLT spot, and Sherrod can start out at ORT, with Omiyale moving inside to OLG. Or in the worst case scenario, Williams can't hold the OLT and Sherrod has to start there as a rookie.  

Second Choice: Jonathon Baldwin WR 



Phil Taylor-

NT Baylor

6-3, 334,


Key F.A. in Limbo:

Kellen Clemens QB

Braylon Edwards WR

Santonio Holmes WR

Brad Smith WR

Laveranues Coles WR

Tony Richardson FB $

Nick Mangold OC

Shaun Ellis DE

David Harris ILB (Tagged)

Antonio Cromartie CB

Brodney Pool S

Key F.A. Releases:

Damien Woody OL

Ben Hartsock TE

Kris Jenkins DT

Jason Taylor OLB/DE

Vernon Gholston DE

The Team: The Jets have some issues in Free Agency. They could lose tow or three of their top WRs. I just can't see Ryan passing on a NT prospect with Taylor's potential.  However, with the cold hearted release of Shaun Ellis (who liked the Pats every year, thank you Rex;-) they have to find a D-End to fill that gap. The problem is that Ellis played on the left side, and Clayborn cannot play on the left side because of his arm.    

The Player: 

4/8  Dancing On The Edge Of The World- Wilkerson.

Wilkerson is an all out all the time hustler. He played great last season. He showed he was a terrific  armed 5-technique prospect. My problem with him is that he ends up on the ground a lot. Now he may put himself on the ground a lot as he likes to dive at the ball carrier, but you have to question how well he plays in balance. He is big guy who looks really athletic. He hustle all over the field, but too often makes tackles down field. Partly because he hustles down field, and partly because he has trouble disengaging from blockers, and more often than not on running plays is getting knocked backwards. He played a lot of 5-technigue in college, and he bounced inside a lot especially on passing downs. Temple ran a two-man line on passing downs sometimes, and he was the RDT in that set. A lot of scout didn’t like his workout at his Proday. He looked a little fat and  lacked some conditioning.  

The Reason: Wilkerson is moving up the charts, and is as athletic a 5-technique as there is in this Draft. 

Second Choice: Adrian Clayborn DL



Aaron Williams-

CB/FS Texas

6' 204, 4.42

37.5" Vert, 10'7" Broad!

4.07 SS! 6.72 3-C!

18 Reps,   


Key F.A. in Limbo:

LaMarr Woodley (Signed)

Key F.A. in Limbo:

Mewelde Moore RB

Willie Colon OT

Trai Essex OL $

Chris Hoke DL

LaMarr Woodley Tagged

Ike Taylor CB

William Gay CB

The Team: I have been saying fo ryears they need to take a CB high.  

The Player: 4/23 McCouty Part Two?- Aaron Williams.

The Reason: This is finally the year they pull the trigger on a CB.   

Second Choice: Aaron Williams CB



Derek Sherrod

OT Miss ST

6-5 3/8, 321, 35.5" Arms, 23 Reps, 28", 8'1", 4.63 SS, 5.2,



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Key F.A. Signed:

Charlie Peprah S

Key F.A. in Limbo:

James Jones WR

Brandon Jackson RB

Daryn Colledge OL

Cullen Jenkins DE

Johnny Jolly DE $

Justin Herrell DE

The Team: They might have more Depth on the team than anyone in football, because of all their injuries they have has some many guys step up that they are overloaded at a number of positions. However, they could use an OLB opposite Mathews who can rush a little. 

The Player:  Moving Backwards.  

Sherrod pulls outside around the TE quickly and impacts the DB. Nice quickness, and will literally hop inside to seal the DE in front of him. It looks like that move would get him in trouble on the next level, but it is very effective on the college level. Nice feet moving backwards. He will backpedal like a DB when QB waggles to opposite side. He can meet the DE at the line of scrimmage on a passing down and stone him. I’d like to see him kickstep more. Huge things and excellent lower body strength. Long arms that he extends much to the detriment of defenders. His quick lateral burst inside is a nice weapon. He can burst inside and chip on the DE, and once the OG gets position, hop back the other way and stone the blitzing OLB, two of the quickest lateral moves I’ve seen by an OL this year in one play. Great lateral quickness, I’m sold on him being an OLT in the NFL. He can go straight forward and impact the DE with nice violence. He can hop to the edge, and be a menace to the OLB with that odd hop move to the outside, which looks like trouble, but he stays in balance, and once he hops out he lands softly and get real low. However, he is vulnerable for a split second unit he gets his butt low again. Gets good movement on DE, and sustains his blocks well. Once he gains position and Seals the DE or OLB it is tough to get around him. He will sometimes lower his head as he tries for a knock out blow on the DE, and get off balance. He will sometimes attack and lunge in pass protection and that’s when he gets beat. Needs some technique work, good coaching, and most importantly more patience in pass protection. Terrific feet on running plays. He can uses his quickness to get inside and the DT (opposite side) on runs to the other side, which I think is the hardest block for a OT in the running game. I like how he chips on defenders and can still use his quickness to stone the blitzing outside guy. Terrific aggression jetting forward on goal line situations and can really give a nice smack down to the DT. His biggest problem is that he is rarely asked to kickstep, and that is what he will be doing in the NFL most of the time. Does a good job using his feet to gain position on defenders on running plays, but has trouble sustaining blocks for a long time. However, he has that knack for sustaining the block and fighting just long enough to keep the defender out of the play. Nice quick kickstep. Keeps his hands up nice, and has nice form. Able to stay in balance even when he is hit hard and you see the impact on his whole body, he can continue his kickstep and get his long arms back on the passrusher. He can gets his legs a little wide in his kickstep sometimes.    

The Reason: If Ayers is still somehow on the board,  I just don't see any conceivable way the Pack can pass on him. You could place Ayers opposite Mathews and see what happens. 

Second Choice: Allen Bailey DE 

1st Round

PICKS 1-11

PICKS 12-22

2nd Round

PICKS 33-48

PICKS 49-64

3rd Round

PICKS 65-81

PICKS 82-97


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