With The 22nd Pick, in the 2010 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

Updated: April 22nd


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This years Draft is strong and deep. As much as I dislike the talent in last years Draft, I love the talent in this years Draft. The main problem for Draftnics is that the better the talent the harder it is to predict the pick, because teams will fall in love with a player and take him despite team needs or any indication to us. This looks to be true at pick number two, Detroit has fallen in love Russell Okung, and the question is can they really take him over the Ndominator?  



My Picks: 

(U)- Unofficial

Key Needs:

Team Moves:



*Sam Bradford

QB Oklahoma

6-4.5, 238, 


Key F.A. Signings:

AJ Feeley QB

Marc Bulger QB

Hank Fraley OC

James Hall DE

Fred Robbins DT

Na'il Diggs LB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Rich Incognito OL

The Team: Word coming out of St Louis is that they want a QB, and Bradford is their guy. In the past two years the have passed on Matt Ryan and Mark Sanchez. Bill Devaney has put himself in this situation, where he is going to have to pass on the best college football player I have ever seen, Suh, for a QB. He is up at the plate with two strikes, and if he swings and misses again he is out, and he knows it. The good news is that if Bradford had come last season he would have gone ahead of Stafford and Sanchez. So taking him first overall is not as bad as it sounds. On Thu. 2.25.10, Bill Delaney Was on the Van Pelt show, "We've got a ways to go. We're building from the ground up," he said then stumbled a little as if he was giving something away, and continued. "We're basically starting from scratch like two years ago, and it's going to take a little bit." When you starting from the ground up, the ground is a Quarterback.      

This pick is pretty pretty easy it should come down to Suh, the best player in the Draft, or Clausen or Bradford, whichever they think is the best QBs in the draft. Marc Bulger will be 33 in June, and has never proven he could win in the NFL. However, if you gave him a good defense, and some decent targets to throw to, he could be a winner. So I am starting to move more and more towards Suh, who would improve their defense right off the bat, and than they could take a WR in the 2nd, where there is a lot of depth in this Draft, and a TE in the 3rd, where there is a lot of depth in this Draft. 

The Player: A lot of fuss was made over Bradford Throwday, which I didn't really buy into. The main question answered at his Throwday was not how he threw the ball, but between his shoulder injury and his gain in weight could he continue to throw the ball with the same precision and accuracy as he did in 2008. He certainly showed he make all the throws with the same precision and accuracy as he did in 2008, when he had the best season a college QB ever had. After all the only other QB I ever heard of throwing for 50 Touchdowns in a single season was Tom Brady;-)

Sam Bradford: I'm a man!  

I like him as a thrower more than Clausen. However, his shoulder injury and slight frame making Clausen the bet right now. He looked as good as any QB I've watched in college football in 2008, even though he was a third-year-Sophomore (a phrase I love;-). His throws are consistently accurate, even when he is not set or on the move. He has the super quick computer mind that all NFL QBs must have. He can make the adjust instant adjustments to the blitz, read what the defense to trying to do, and find 3rd and 4th receivers consistently. His smarts, accurate arm, and quick release make him my top QB in the Draft, if his shoulder is sound. 

The Reason: Delaney has a momentary lapse of incompetence and finally take the QB that can reboot this sad franchise. 

The Rams will have a 2007 Giants like Defensive Line if they make Suh this pick. However, in the long run a QB is the best choice to try and reboot this franchise.

Second Choice: Ndamukong Suh DT



Ndamukong Suh-

DT Nebraska

6-3 7/8, 307, 4.98,

32 Reps, 33.5" Arms

DT, Irrelevant... 

F.A. Signings:

Shaun Hill QB

Nate Burleson WR

Brian Clark WR

Will Heller WR

Rob Sims OG

Corey Williams 3T-DT

Kyle Vanden Bosch DE

Chris Houston CB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Dewayne White DE

Grady Jackson DT

Larry Foote LB

Phillip Buchanon CB

The Team: It looks to me that relatively minor trade of Rob Sims for a 5th Round pick will stop any talk of moving Jeff Backus inside to OG, which is a sign to me that they will not take their first love Russell Okung, but take the best player in the Draft instead. Plus, Schwartz has said that Backus deserved to be in the Pro Bowl last year, so why is everyone so interested in moving him to OLG? Schwartz has said that he needs big thick D-Tackles to make his defense work. He scored big in last years Draft with 4th Round pick Sammie Hill. Swartz is a defensive coach who got this job using his defensive philosophy. Sometimes it just comes down to the biggest hole in the roster, and can anybody leave a bigger hole than DT Grady Jackson? So riddle me this batman, how can he resist adding an even better big thick D-Tackle in this years Draft?    

Word coming out of Detroit is that they love Okung. They watched their franchise Mathew Stafford get the crap beat of him last year, and they want to rectify that situation right here with Okung. However, if they stay here and Suh is on the board, they can't pass on him. 

This team has locked into the top pick and locked into Suh or McCoy, easy pickens. 

The Player: Ndamukong Suh: The best college football player I have ever seen. 

The best college DT I have ever seen. Just a joy to watch. I have page written on this guy! He is a wrecking ball swinging through the middle of an offense. His combination of leg strength, quickness, hands, and smarts is unprecedented in the past ten years or so. He cannot be blocked one-on-one, and when allow to just attack a gap he cannot be stopped. 

The Reason: This is the worst projection I have ever made. Passing on Suh here would be horrible. Just like Johnny Cash told us, "life ain't easy for a boy named" Suh. I just can't see them passing on a once in a generation Ndominator like Suh. They will be trying desperately to trade down and Okung, but nobody is going to trade up because of the money.    

Second Choice: Russell Okung OT 



*Gerald McCoy- 

DT Oklahoma

6-4 1/8, 295, 4.96,

23 Reps, 

DT, DE, S, WR, OG, LB, OT, DE, LB, DE, LB, WR, CB,

F.A. Signings:

Reggie Brown WR

Jon Alston LB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Antonio Bryant WR

The Team: If McCoy falls to them they will be ecstatic. I actually liked the drafting of Roy Miller and Kyle Moore. However, that D-Line was is such a mess that they had better hope McCoy falls to them. Offensive Tackle is really there top need right now, as both Donald Penn, a surprisingly good OLT, and Jeremy Trueblood are both FA. However, there is no reason to believe that both won't be resigned. 

The Player: Has a great hop-step to the left and right, and then explodes out of it like no one I’ve seen since Barry Sanders. Nobody in this years Draft can match his lateral motion and multiple cutting burst. In 3008 he carried the ball almost 200 times and averaged over 8 YPC. Great receiver out of the back field. Natural hands. Reminds me of Marshal Faulk in college at San Diego State, I always have said Faulk was the best college RBs I ever saw. He still needs to add about twenty pounds like Marshall did his first few years in the NFL. Best was the best RB in college football the end of the 2008 season and the first half of the 2009 season. Now, after his injury, who knows where he falls too? I watched him play in the 2008 Emerald Bowl, where he ran for 186 yards and 2 TDs and almost averaged 10 YPC. It was one of the best performances I've seen out of a RB. He continues that Marshal Faulk like excellence during this past season, playing at a spectacular and all most unprecedented level before he bashed his little head. I thought he was the best back I saw this season and he 2008, and I was a big fan of Moreno and Wells. I would have taken him over both those backs in last year's Draft.   

Reminds me of Marshal Faulk in college, and at San Diego State, I always have said Faulk was the best college RBs I ever saw. Best was the best RB in college football the end of the 2008 season and the first half of the 2009 season. Now, after his injury, who knows where he falls too? I watched him play in the 2008 Emerald Bowl, where he ran for 186 yards and 2 TDs and almost averaged 10 YPC. It was one of the best performances I've seen out of a RB. He continues that Marshal Faulk like excellence during this past season, playing at a spectacular and all most unprecedented level before he bashed his little head. I thought he was the best back I saw last season, and I was a big fan of Moreno and Wells. I would have taken him over both those backs in last year's Draft.      

The Reason: Who else? If McCoy falls he's their man.   

Second Choice: Eric Berry FS 



Trent Williams-

OLT Oklahoma ST

6-4.5, 315, 4.82-4.91, 

34.25" Arms, 4.4 SS, 


F.A. Signings:

Rex Grossman QB

Larry Johnson RB

Willie Parker RB

Artis Hicks OL

Casey Rabach OC

Maake Kemoeatu NT

Phillip Buchanon CB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Todd Collins QB

Ladell Betts RB

Rock Cartwright RB/ST

Antwaan Randle El WR

Randy Thomas OG

Chris Samuels OLT

Cornelius Griffin DT

Fred Smoot CB

The Team: I have been saying for week the Williams is a better fit for Shanahan's Zone Blocking scheme which emphasis more athletic O-Linemen who can run around and hit guys on the move. Okung does not do a good job hitting guys on the move. This would be an easy pick if not for some Character Concerns on Williams. Still, word coming out of Washington is that they have Williams rated over Okung.

Damn Redskins! I spent the past two days trying to finish my 3rd Round. Do you have any idea how many picks this trade changes;-) The only question here is which OLT do they take. I think Trent Williams fits Shanahan's system better. Okung is overrated by some I heard one pundit call Okung a flawless prospect, which is just ridicules. I think Suh is the best prospect I ever seen, and he is not flawless. Okung has foot issues and tends to drag his right foot, and some scouts think he is a Right Tackle. I love this trade for the Redskins. they were in that horrible limbo world where they need two players to really make any kind of transition to a winning team. They needed an OLT and a QB. In other worlds they needed Okung and Jimmy Clausen. The problem was that there was no real way to achieve that goal. SO they did one better. Shanahan traded for a proven winning veteran QB, and kept the 4th pick in the Draft so he could take the OLT of his heart's desire. With that being said, I'm not so sure they take Okung. Shanahan uses a Zone blocking scheme that favors smaller more athletic O-linemen like Williams over big brooding O-Linemen like Okung, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  

The Player: Trent Williams is the most versatile O-Lineman in the Draft. he can play all 5 OL positions. He has nice feet, and a nice Kickslide. When he plays with excellent technique, and keeps his elbows and hands in he has an awesome Kickslide, both from right and left side. Definitely has the hips and feet to play OLT in the NFL, his question is consistency. Played most ORT his first 3 years at Oklahoma. Started at OLT most of his Senior year. Moved over to OC do to injuries at the end of 2009. Has amazing versatility. Another Super athlete with athletic skills that can't be taught. He is a big beefy guy with long arms, and does a nice job of keeping his arms out in front of him. Played O-Center in the Sun Bowl, and did a good job. Was very consistent with the Shotgun snap. Has excellent quick hands, and is quick enough to snap the ball, and still get out on the Middle Linebacker. He still kicksteps like a OLT, and that is where he will make his money in the NFL. Has a great punch, and knows how to chip on the D-Tackle on his way to another defender. When he plays and stays low he is very effective. When he stops sinking his hips is when his inconsistencies start to show. Moved over to Left Tackle last season, and was really inconsistent. However, he was injured all season, and in the Sun Bowl, when he was finally healthy, he really did a good job of bending his knees and staying and playing low. He still suffered some inconsistencies and missed some blocks in the running game, but over all had a great game. he really showed his great athleticism, and besides the super freak, Bruce Campbell, he is the best athlete at the OT position. He really knows how to use his arms to keep Passrusher off. Plus, my favorite aspect of OL blocking, he looks to block multiple defenders whenever he can.

The Reason: Williams is more of a fit than Okung. Okung is good prospect who is not flawless. He doesn't have the niftiest feet, and some scouts see him as an ORT. The signing of McNabb was nice, but he won't around for long if they don't get someone who can block his blindside;-). 

Second Choice: Russell Okung OLT 



Russell Okung-

OLT Oklahoma ST

6-5, 307, 36" Arms,

38 Reps, 10.5" Hand, 5.17-5.19 (U)  


Key F.A. Signings:

Chris Chambers WR

Jerheme Urban WR

Thomas Jones RB

Casey Weigmann OC/OG

Ryan Lilja OL

Key F.A.  Loses:


The Team: I think the Chiefs are ready to take Bulaga here, but the Draft is an enigma, wrapped inside a riddle surrounded by bad decisions. When a top guy falls to you at your biggest need position, you just take him and smile. 

The Chief's can no longer play Brandon Albert at OLT, he gave up 9 Sacks in 14 games. They need someone who can protect my boy Cassel's back better. If they take Okung here, they can shuffle Albert over to OLG, and stick Weigman in at OC, they will have completely rebuilt the Left side of their line. They have a valuable valuable young QB, and need to continue investing in their future. However, like I said in the Washington section, f the think Brown or Ducasse can step in at OLT next season, they can take a chance here. In my opinion both of their Safeties are overrated, and now on the wrong side of 30. Getting a player like Eric Berry would be huge this secondary, I just don't know if they can afford it. With needs at all 4 Linebacker positions, and a TE and WR would hurt. The good news is the the TE crop is one of the deepest I've seen. Teams will be able to get a starting TE in the 3rd and 4th Round (Like the Pats getting Tony Moeaki at pick 118;-). So I think teams will let Tight End slip a little in this draft as starting TE prospects will be available in the 3rd and 4th Rounds: Aaron Hernandez, Ed Dickson, the amazing Dennis Pita, Anthony McCoy, Colin Peek, Jimmy Graham, and for some crazy reason my boy Tony Moeaki (who should be a 2nd Round pick, number 53 to be exact;-)

The Player: Big brooding OT, with a hitch in his step. Looks like a lumber jack in a glass factory sometimes, and other times he just shuts down the DE. He is a very good athlete, with nice longs arms, but he drags his right foot in his kickstep, and it causes him to look awkward and he gets himself off balance sometimes. If he can fix this one technique flaw, he has the size, athletic ability, and long arms to be an All-Pro Left Tackle. He has some buyer beware feet in him, so he is not a sure thing. Plays his best on the big stages. Really made a lots of money at the Combine, where he showed he was not only the best OLT prospect, but the second best physical freak at O-Linemen, behind the freakish athletic Bruce Campbell. Sometimes drags his right foot. Not the niftiest feet, but he did have 47 starts at Oklahoma ST at OLT.   

The Reason: Top player at top need position.  

Second Choice: Brian Bulaga OLT  



CJ Spiller-

RB/KR Clemson

5-9, 199, 4.28 (U), 

18 Reps, 36", 10'6"

OLT, S, OG, RB, DE/PassR, WR, QB, DB, WR, DE, OL,

Key F.A. Signings:

Chris Baker TE

Chris Clemens DE

Key F.A.  Loses:

Nate Burleson WR

Seneca Wallace QB

Rob Sims OG

Cory Redding DT

Darryl Tapp DE

Deon Grant S

The Team: Carroll takes a big chance here. Hoping Bulaga or Davis drop down to 14. If Williams and Okung are gone they will be choosing between Eric Berry, Brian Bulaga, and Spiller.   

This pick is going to be tough decision for Pete Carroll. He has to get an OLT in this Draft. The Seahawks can no longer continue to pretend that Walter Jones is a viable option. He was a great warrior for them for a long time, but his knees are shot and he hasn't started a game in over a year.  They cannot continue to depend on Sean Locklear at OLT and Ray Willis at ORT either. Plus, they just trade OG Rob Sims. The O-Line really was playing better in the 2nd half of the season and started to run the ball with more efficiency under the guidance of super O-Line coach Alex Gibbs. However, they never seemed to improve in pass protection, and Pete wants Hasselbeck make it through next season he needs a viable option at OLT so Locklear can more back to ORT where he doesn't do as much damage in the passing game. The problem is that they traded out of the 40th spot, which removes any chance they have at Charles Brown, so they have to get an OLT in the 1st Round. Washington is going to take Okung, and we know the Raiders are going to take an OLT prospect, most likely Campbell, although Williams has the prerequisite Forty-time for the Raiders to take him. So what if KC takes Bulaga, and all signs are pointing to them taking Bulaga. If KC takes Bulaga, here is no way Williams drops all the way down to pick 14. Plus, word out of Seattle is that they Love CJ Spiller, and if they pass on him here they will not pass on him at 14. It looks like the Seahawks will be right in the middle of a run on OLT.      

The Player: CJ Spiller is tough prospect for me to judge. He clearly isn't the best runner in this Draft. Both Ryan Mathews and Jahvid best are better runners than he is, and I might argue that even Gerhart is a better pure runner out of the backfield than CJ Spiller. The problems is that he is so dynamic in so many other ways then just as a RB being handed the ball by the QB. His production as a pure runner is not worthy of a top ten pick. Last season, his only season rushing for over 1,000 yards, he garnered 1,212 and 12 TDs on 216 carries. Not bad, but not nearly the production of Mathews and Gerhart. However, when you add in his receiving stats, 36 catches for 503 yards and 4 TDs, he starts to look more like a top ten pick. He also lined up out wide as a WR, something only Best did last season. Than there is his special teams stats. He garnered 755 yards and 4 TDs on 23 Kick Returns, for a impressive 32.8 yard average. He also garnered 210 yards and 1 TD on only 8 Punt returns for a whopping 26.3 yards average. All very impressive, but the final piece of the puzzle is the remarkable regularity he garners big play Touch Downs. He garnered 21 TDs in four different ways last season. He has started 51 games and scored a TD in each of them. Of course that stat that is the most impressive is that he has 21 TDs of over 50 yards. He seems to have redefined big play RB. Also in his spare time he decided to run track. He is three time All-American track star. He ran the 100-meter dash in 10.22, and the 60-meter dash in 6.58. He is the type of player who will go to a team and not start a game as a rookie, and still come off the season with 2,000+ All-Purpose Yards. He is a dynamic 3rd Down Back. He can line up outside and be a dynamic WR. He is probably the most dynamic as a KR, might be even more impressive as a PR. I still haven't even gotten to his potential as a pure runner out of the backfield next season. 

Super speed RB. Who is one of the safest picks in the Draft, because if can't be a fulltime starter, he is guaranteed to be a great 3rd-Down Back, and Kick Returner. He is one of those strong small guys, and plays with more strength then his size would indicate. Plus, he runs so low to the ground it is hard to tackle under him. Plus, he has great balance and feet and can take a hit and keep on shuffling. Not a super shake-n'-bake make you miss guy, but more of a speed slasher guy, who puts defenders out of position with his speed, and lightning quick cuts. 

The Reason: Word out of Seattle is that they love Spiller.

Second Choice: Eric Berry FS 



*Eric Berry -

S Tennessee

5-11, 211, 4.40-4.46  43", 10'6", 19 Reps, 33.5" Arms


F.A. Signings:

Seneca Wallace QB

Jake Delhomme QB

Eric Ghiaciuc OC

Ben Watson TE

Peyton Hillis FB

Tony Pashos OT

Scott Fujita LB

Chris Gocong OLB

Sheldon Brown CB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Derek Anderson QB

Brady Quinn QB

Hank Fraley OL

Kamerion Wimbley OLB

Alex Hall LB

The Team: The player they should take is Jimmy Clausen, but word coming out of Cleveland is that they love Eric Berry, and if he is on the board they won't pass. 

The Browns are attempting to reboot their franchise. This always start with a QB. I get why Holmgren is ready to take Eric berry over Jimmy Clausen. Berry is a great player, and Holmgren said he didn't like Clausen, and I almost believed him, until I heard the rest of his little speech. "But, here's the dilemma," he said. "There are areas of the football team that we really have to help -- the secondary, offensive line -- to get the team better. This year it would be pretty hard to use the second [round] pick to get a quarterback. It would be pretty hard for me. Next year might be easier. We've got [three picks in the third round and four in the fifth round] going for us. But I'd have to have another second-round pick [to take a quarterback in the second round]"  So he wouldn't take Clausen in the 2nd Round, because he has three picks in the 3rd Round and four picks in the 5th? Damn, if only there was a team the had three 2nd Round picks and no 3rd or 5th Round picks, and want to fill the giant gaps they have between the 2nd and 6th Round. Oh wait, I think I know a team! Okay, so his O-Line is falling apart at the seams, and without using 3 or 4 picks in the 3rd and 4th Round they won't be able to compete. They need an OLT. Oh wait, they Joe Thomas, one of the best tin the game. They need an OLG. Oh wait, Eric Steinbach seemed to be just fine last season. So they must need an OC? Oh wait, Alex Mack was 1st Round pick last year and started every game, and it seemed he improved game by game as well. So the right side of the O-Line must be a real mess. Oh crap, Rex Hadnot and Floyd Womack both step into the starting line up last season and did not embarrass themselves. So maybe they could use upgrades at ORG and ORT, but it is certainly not pressing, and any rookie )-Linemen they take in the 3rd or 5th Round isn't likely to unseat either player. Virtually nothing Holmgren said about Clausen made since. He doesn't like Clausen? Then why is he pretending he is set at QB this year? But not next year? He wouldn't take Clausen in the 2nd Round? Nobody was asking you if you would take Clausen in the 2nd Round, he's not going to be available? You can't take a QB until next year, because you have too many picks this year? Isn't having too many picks the best reason to take a chance early? You can't take a QB because you have too many picks in the 3rd and 5th round? I'm not even going to respond to that;-) In case you haven't noticed, the games have begun! And anything you hear GM's say in March and the beginning of April is BS;-) I'm putting Clausen here specifically because Holmgren said in March "I wish I liked him more". Well, if he Drafts him, I can guarantee you he'll get his wish;-) 

The Player: Berry is a pumped up CB who plays safety with the balance and agility of an All-Pro CB, and can play and make big plays in Centerfield. He played Corner in high school. A lots of scouts think he can play Corner, which is huge for defenses, because he can play Free Safety in base defense, and step up and play Corner in nickel situations, and the defense doesn’t have to bring in another DB. This is a nice option for D-Coordinators to have. Especially, with so many teams using a Three-WR Set as their base offense. A defense with Berry as their FS, can stay in their Base defense and move him up to Slot Corner, when they see a run coming or want to show the QB something different, and bring in a Nickel DB when think a pass is coming. Plus, they could bring in a Nickel Safety, to help in run support and keep Berry at Slot CB, or bring in  a Nickel CB when they see a pass coming and keep Berry at FS. This gives them three distinctly different looks for their defense when the offence goes into a 3-WR Set. Brings the kind of versatility to defense's that make D-Coordinators stop eating donuts when they watch his film. He brings value at all 5 positions in the secondary, including Nickel Corner. Has that knack for making big plays when the ball is in the air, and the team that wins the turnover battle wins about 90% of the time in the NFL. He is a player that can win that battle for you from multiple positions. 7 INTs as a sophomore. Nice backpedal, and transitions smoothly out of backpedal, but I just don’t see enough snap in his hips for a Corner. He can really flip his hips though. Some think he was more productive as a Sophomore when he garnered: 72 T, 6 PD. However, as a Junior he was moved around a lot, was mentoring a terrific Freshman Free Safety, and was asked to play out of position more and step up into the box. Still, he garnered: 87 T, 7 PD, 2 INTs, Recovered 2 Fumbles, and Forced 1 Fumble.   

Amazing football player. Not the biggest, fastest, and strongest prospect in this Draft, but if ask him to do something on the football field, he will do it! The first time I watched him play he played SS, FS, Nickel Corner, Nickel LB, he lined up all over the field and made plays where they positioned him. He has been consistently productive, and consistently spectacular since he became a starter three seasons ago, after he left high school as one of the top rated CBs. Has played all over the Secondary, and even started at SS his Sophomore year. Has the athletic gifts to play CB in college, but I'm not sure about his ability to play Corner in the NFL. however, as a FS, he is a super kinetic leader who never stops hustling on the field.        

The Reason: Seneca Wallace? When Seneca Wallace is your starting QB, and a young franchise-type QB appears before you in the Draft, you take him. And please don't even pretend to tell me Jake Delhomme is a viable option at QB here.  

Second Choice: Eric Berry FS 



Anthony Davis- OLT Rutgers

6-5, 328, 34" Arms, 


F.A. Signings:

Richard Seymour Tag

Kamerion Wimbley DE

Quentin Groves DE

Key F.A.  Loses:

Javon Walker WR

Justin Fargas RB

Greg Ellis DE

Gerald Warren DT

Jon Alston LB

The Team: If Spiller is gone they will happily take the most athletic OLT left. If they were smart you could pencil in Jimmy Clausen here, and Bruce Campbell in the 2nd Round, but age is horrible thing that steals the best of us from everyone. Davis is immature and has some lazy eating issues. However he is only 20, and will be the youngest guy take in the 1st Round, and maybe the entire Draft. So if you'll pardon the pun, his growth potential is as big as anybody in this Draft.   

This is another stab in the dark, a stab in the darkness big Al's brain that is. He loves speed, but not only speed, but guys who run the 100 meters. There didn't seem to be any player that fit that bill? They are stacked at the Running Back position. Although, Justin Fargas is gone. They don't seem to want to use Darren McFadden the way that would suite this team best. Even though Michael Bush led the team in rushing, they refuse to make him a starter. The player they should really draft is Jimmy Clausen. However, I have seen it one hundred times, a team drafts a player who turns into a complete bust, but the coach, GM, or owner who took him just can't let him go. They already have Russell typed in as the starter, even though the team was nearly successful with Gradkowski as the starter. If they plan on starting Russell next season, as stupid as it sounds, they will not take a QB here.  

The Player: Davis is a big strong mauler who has more experience as an ORT than OLT. he sometimes looks inconsistent with his effort. He is a good run blocker who sometimes tries to lock multiple defenders on one running play. Inconsistent in run blocking. Looks good moving backwards. He can get to the edge and stone the passrusher. He is very tough to beat on the outside in Pass Protection. He can be beat inside by quickness. He uses his long arms with vicious efficiency. He will put his down sometimes when firing off the line, and this will cause more problems in the NFL. Although he can look a little heavy legged sometimes, he does a nice job getting out to the 2nd level. However, he is inconsistent with his power hitting moving targets. he does his best run blocking against the big guys. He is inconsistent with technique, and I don't think he is ready for the NFL yet. He looks much more consistent moving backwards than moving forward. Davis's biggest problem is that he is inconsistent in life, and it shows on the field. He has been suspended a game each of the past two season for team issues, and was benched for one game last year as well. He came into training camp so fat last year that he was taken out of the starting lineup. He can dance with any bear, except himself. He is one of the top Boom or Bust players in this years Draft. Notes from Bowl Game: He has a good kick step. He is a beefy kid who has a nice punch and a two-handed shove. He likes to use his long arms to get his strong hands into the D-End, and push into them with a nice head butt. He looked better pulling in Bowl game than earlier in the season, as he uses the season to get into shape. He is big guy with good feet. He got into better shape as the season worn on, and looked lighter on his feet and better able to hit a moving target, which is good, because when he gets a running start and hit someone on the 2nd level he will wipe them out. He will use his quick feet more to seal than for power. Will sometimes stand up on run plays instead of firing off the Line, he still showed good power in college, but this won't work in the NFL. As he gets tired his first move is up rather and out more consistently. When he gets tired he does bend his knees consistently. He has to play lower and with more consistent knee bend. When he gets his big mitts on the passrusher he is dead. He does a great job on play action. he fires off the line and impacts the D-End, and then reverse direction into a smooth kickstep easily. Sometimes he looks like such a great athlete. He really does a great job sealing the DT.  He missed his first Proday, and showed his inconsistency in life has not changed.  

Super athlete with great feet and long arms. I thought he should have stayed in school, and really could have used another year of seasoning. However, he has all the physical tools needed to play OLT in the NFL. He has nice machinegun feet in his kickstep, and is a very big guy with unusual athleticism.

The Reason: Word out of Oakland is that they still think JaMarcus Russell is a QB and not a bazooka with legs. 

Second Choice: Jimmy Clausen QB 



*Dan Williams- 

DT/NT Tennessee

6-1 7/8, 327, 33.5" Arms, 27 Reps, 5.17,


F.A. Signings:

Cornell Green ORT

Anrda Davis LB 

Dwan Edwards DE

Marlon Favorite DT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Terrell Owens WR

Josh Reed WR

Brad Butler ORT

Ryan Denney DE

The Team: If one of the big 4 OLT prospects drop to them I think they will gladly take him. However I don't think they will take Clausen. Word out of Buffalo is that they love Tebow. They can't take Tebow here, can they? in 2006 they pulled a massive reach by take Donte Whitner at pick number 8, he was projected by most Draftnics to go in the twenties. Tebow is also projected to go in twenties, by a team trading up in the 2nd Round. Which Buffalo also did in 2006, they traded up into the 1st Round for the overrated DT John Cargo. So if Tebow goes in the 1st Round, you have to figure Buffalo to be the number offender. If Buffalo is really planning on taking Tebow in the 2nd ROund, then they will have to take a bog OLT prospect here. They have shown in the past that they are willing to reach for a player they can lock onto who they know will be available before the Draft, so they know who they are going to get ahead of time. 

Buffalo ’s GM was at Clausen Throwday. 

The only other likelihood is OLT. The question for this pick is do they like Clausen here, and an OLT like Charles Brown from USC or Vlad Ducasse from UMass at 37, or do they like Williams here, and Colt McCoy or Tony Pike at 37? I always say one of the biggest factors in deciding a 1st Round pick, that draftnics are not privy to, is who a team likes in the 2nd and 3rd Rounds. If they think Charles Brown from USC can step in and start at OLT for him next season, and thinks Clausen has what it takes, they will take Clausen here.  

The Player: I struggle evaluating him this year, because he was completely unimpressive every time I watched him play before this season. In fact, in his first four years (he was Redshirted in 2005), he garnered less tackles than last season. His totals over his fist four years are not good 68 Tackles, 16 TFL, and 4.5 Sacks. Plus, he always appeared more disruptive in Pass defense than in Run defense. Last season he garnered 70 Tackles, 9 TFL, and 3.5 Sacks. So the only question with him, is he a One-Hit Wonder, or did he finally put it all together? The good news he was dominate at the Senior Bowl, and looked like the best DT Prospect there, and he was dominate against in Run Defense as well, and looked like he had a chance to be a good Nose Tackle, something I didn't think watching him before the Senior Bowl. He looks like a NT now, but I never liked him on the Nose. I saw him as a pure DT, who despite how he looks, and I know I’m not suppose to be saying this, but when I watched him play he was more effective passrushing than against he run. He looked like he could be run at. He is a big physical fat guy, who can move more than you would think looking at him. However, at the Senior Bowl he was stout and stubborn and really did a nice job at the POA. Good hand fighter. Not a lot of finesse. Likes to use leverage and power to push the pocket. The other good news is that Tennessee has a history of One Hit Wonders working out, just look at the past three drafts: Robert Meachem, Jerod Mayo, and Robert Ayers. However, he had conditioning, motivational, and desire problems early in career. Often asked out of games do to conditioning. Looks like he put it all together as a Senior. He seemed not only to be in good condition, but looked like he wanted to compete. Looked lighter and more in shape at Proday than he did at Combine. He is flying up the charts, and has surpassed Terrence Cody as the top NT prospect in the Draft. If he has the fire in his heart caused by love of football, he will succeed in the NFL. His only real question now is once he gets the money does he fall back into his bad habits, or has he turned his life around and become a man? He showed some surprising nimble feet. Had a great Senior Bowl. One year wonder. I was completely unimpressed with him when I watch Tennessee before this season, and as unimpressed as I have been with him for two years, I have been impressed with him this year. Every time I see him play or work out he looks better and better; Gulp, I now think he is a top 15 pick. Especially if you a team thinks he can play NT, because Nose Tackles are scarce in this years Draft.

Williams was an average college DT, and I think he'll be an average DT in the NFL. However, a lot of scouts really like this kid, and he has flown up the charts and he will be in the First Round come April. I can't wait to watch him at the Senior Bowl. Showed excellent power inside at Senior Bowl. Showed excellent burst on shortage run situations. Good stubbornness. I liked how he stepped up on running downs at the Senior Bowl. Took on double teams all day and didn’t back down. Looks like a solid NT prospect to me. He was a force inside during SBG. Just kept driving everyone they put in front of him backwards. Played o the Nose, in the 3-4. Smart player who can read the screen quickly and disrupt RB. Displayed a much better ability to split double-team than I remembered. Really made a lot of money at Senior Bowl.  

The Reason: The need at NT is almost as bad as the need at OLT, and Williams is a better prospect than Bulaga.  

Second Choice: Jimmy Clausen QB



Earl Thomas- 

FS Texas

5-11.25, 208, 4.44, 

21 Reps, 


Key F.A. Signings:

Aaron Kampman DE

Key F.A.  Loses:


The Team: Not a big fan of their Defensive Ends. However Thomas is looking more and more like a top ten pick. 

The Player: Thomas is a phenomenal athlete, who also played Corner in multiple situation last season, and not just in the slot but also outside wide. He had 77 T, and 5 TFL last season. In the new NFL pass first and ask questions later NFL, you can’t have too many guys in the secondary who can cover. He has that knack for knowing where the ball is going to be thrown, and has great instincts. He may have the best ball instincts of any DB in this Draft. he has garnered 149 T, 10 INTs, 5 FF, and 8 TFL in only two season, he is a Redshirt sophomore. He was a little heavier at the Combine than he played at Texas and looked a little stiff, but still looked like one of the fastest guys on the field. He might be a little better than Berry in coverage, but he is no where near as good against the run as Berry. He doesn’t tackle with good form and gets caught diving at the ball carriers legs a little to much.

He is battling Eric Berry as the top Centerfielder in the Draft. He is a good tacklers, and made more plays in the running game than I remembered. However, his money is going to be made in the passing game. I never thought I would be able to say this about anybody in this years Draft, but he might have as good ball skills, play making, and big play ability in the passing game as Berry. He is only 20. I had him rated a 3rd Round pick, before I saw nobody else had him rated. Every time I watched him he was able to stay deep on the play, and never seemed to allow anybody to get between him and the endzone. And in the new pass happy NFL, a player who can protect the endzone form the deep pass is getting more and more valuable every week. He always seems to be in the right spot in coverage. Very smart player who is constantly aware in coverage. Has excellent snap in his hips. The more I watch him the more I like him. One of those guys that just looks quicker on the field than everyone else. Has a nice sudden transition, and can plant his foot and burst off it instantly. Was Redshirted as Freshman, and came on to have two great seasons. After a great Sophomore seasons, where he garnered 72 T, 4 FF, 17 PD, and 2 INTs, he turned into maybe the best playmaking Safety in 2009, where he garnered: 77 T, 1 FF, 16 PD, 8 INTs, and scored 2 TDs. A super Centerfielder with amazing instincts and ball skills. Changes games with his speed and play making abilities. Great competitor.     

Had a tremendous 2009 seasons. Ball hawk who garnered 8 INTs last season. Has the speed and the instincts to make a big impact as a rookie. Plus, he is clearly a player who wants to win. Seems just the opposite of Mays. He is not built like a Greek god, but built like a CB. He attacks the ball in the air, and makes big plays consistently.  

The Reason: Their biggest hole in the roster is at FS. It is nice when need and value line up;-) Although, I still don't like their D-Ends, and I would take Derrick Morgan here in a second.  

Second Choice: Derrick Morgan DE 




Maurkice Pouncey-

OC/OG Florida

6-4.5, 304, 


F.A. Signings:

Brady Quinn QB

Jarvis Green DE

Jamal Williams NT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Peyton Hillis FB

Casey Wiegmann OC

Andra Davis LB

The Team: Word out of Denver is that they love Pouncey. The Broncos should be the team most likely to trade down from here, and the Titans really are desperate for a D-End. 

There top three needs would all be reaches here, and the best talent available is at their most stocked positions, Defensive Backs and Outside Linebacker/passrushers. The player who most likely help the team the most is Maukice Pouncey OC. They should be able to drop down 5 or 6 spots without a lot of worry. The Giants, Steelers, and Houston could use a legit number one CB. The Titans and the Falcons could really use a D-End like Derrick Morgan. Right now their starting OC in Russ Hochstein, whose value is as multipurpose back up, not a starter. Plus, McDaniels got rid of the O-Line coach and wants to move into a more power blocking scheme, in which case he will need to replace all three interior O-Linemen. However, getting some big OC and OG later in the Draft is not usually a problem. However, the only other hole in the roster as big as OC is at ILB where Andra Davis had a surprisingly productive season.

The Players: Pouncey has the size, quickness, and smarts to be a great player for a long time. He has a huge lower body. He stays low and uses his legs power to great effectiveness. he had 40 starts at Florida over three seasons. Played both OG and OC. He is a great athlete. Plays with good technique, but some scouts think he needs a little refinement. Very physical in the trenches. He gets of the snap Quickly and Seal anybody to either side. Has the speed and quickness to pull. A mature player, who is very young. He is still only 20. Comes with a lot of versatility as he can play all three interior O-Line positions. Whenever I watched him play he was impressive. plays with nice aggressive power. One of the few OC who can easily pull. Plus, he has plenty of experience in the shotgun;-) Terrific athlete. I have said repeatedly Pouncey, Iupati, and Tenant are the three best interior O-Linemen in this Draft, and I think all three will be starting as rookies. Huge lower body. Stays low and uses his legs power to great effectiveness.  

The Reason: I think McClain my be dropping because of concerns over Crohn's disease, which he did admit effected in a couple of games. However, he has everything else you want in an ILB and defensive leader, and he will bring some nasty to the defense.  

Second Choice: Rolando McClain ILB  



Sergio Kindle- 

DE/OLB Texas

6-2 5/8, 250, 4.65, 

25 Reps, 36.5", 33.24" Arms,


F.A. Signings:

Brandon Marshall WR

Rich Incognito OL

Karlos Dansby ILB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Joey Porter OLB

The Team: The last time Bill Parcells was in a similar situation was back in 2005. He was the GM of the Cowboys and they really had no OLB who could play in a 3-4, so they took DeMarcus Ware with pick number 11. Don't be shocked if he does it again and takes Kindle at pick Number 12. If he doesn't think Derrick Morgan can play OLB in a 3-4, and a lot of scouts don't, then he will take Kindle. The loss of Jason Taylor has really exacerbated the situation. Word out of Miami is that he is desperately trying to trade down, which is another sign he likes Kindle. 

The Player: 4/21 Sergio Kindle: A Tale of Two Players.

The Reason: A lot of scouts think Kindle is the top 3-4 OLB in the Draft. The lost both their starting OLB this off season. In a 3-4 defense you have to have a stout NT, and you have to have passrushing OLB. They have one young kid Cameron Wake who had 5.5 Sacks last season, otherwise the cupboard is bare. At least at NT they have Sollai at NT who is not a complete disaster. 

Second Choice: Derrick Morgan DE



Joe Haden- 

CB Florida   

5-10 3/4, 193, 4.41,

10'5", 18 Reps,


F.A. Signings:

Aubrayo Franklin Tag

David Carr QB 

Ahmad Brooks LB

Karl Paymah CB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Tony Pashos OT

Shaun Hill QB

The Team: The 49ers have said they want to add more speed in the secondary. Dre Bly is 32 and losing speed. Nate Clements was benched last season and may be cut do to a 6 Mil salary this season. Shawntae Spencer had a nice season and looks like he will be starting for a while, but he is not a blazer. This is not the biggest need on the team.    

The 49ers have said they want an ORT in this Draft, and if one of the 4 big OT somehow slides down to them they will job all over him. Adam Snyder has been a bust, and Staley missed half the season with knee injuries.  

The Player: Haden is a super quick super athlete who has everything you want in a CB, especially great snap in his hips. What this guy has that makes him the top CB prospect in the Daft is his ability to physically dominate a WR. he is so physical and strong in Press Coverage that he takes the WR right out of his game. Plus, he can turn and sprint deep quicker than and CB in this Draft. What separates him from the other CBs is his amazing COD, his instincts allow him to change direction like lightning. The two physical skills a CB has to have is speed, and sometimes more importantly, the ability to stop and start, and change direction quicker than fast. Corner is a Reaction position. WR know where their going, and the CB don't. So CBs have to read the WRs breaks and get to the ball after the WR has already cut. My favorite clip of him, which they show on the NFL channel all the time, is when a WR catches the ball right at the LOS Haden dives into him shoulder first knocking him back, but Haden falls to the ground, the WR doesn't. However, Haden jumps up from the ground and gets back into the plays quicker then the WR who was just knocked back a bit, and Haden makes the tackle. Simply amazing quickness, toughness, and determination. My second favorite clip, is against Cincinnati when he is beat by the trick play by about ten yards, and he snaps his hips around, and sprints after the WR and somehow makes a play on the ball. His on field speed, or what I call competitive speed is great. What sets CBs apart, is what they do when they turn and know they are beat? How fast do they get back into the play? Can they get back to the WR and make a [lay on the ball. That is the speed and quickness that matters. All CBs get beat, especially in the NFL. The greats have the speed, quickness, and desire to fight back into the play and run their fastest when they know they are beat. Haden's reaction and instincts are amazing, especially when you consider he was a QB in high school. As good as he is in coverage, he is also tough and physical in run defense. He can really hit a QB. He ran into some trouble however, you cannot Draft a CB in the top ten that runs a 4.57. But again, when he knew he was beat, how did he react? He ran a great time at his Proday. He propelled himself back into the top ten by running under 4.5 on grass. I know forty times don’t matter (yeah right;-), but you can’t drafted a CB in the top ten who runs a 4.57. He also has value as a FS. He garnered 68 Tackles, 4 INTs, 5 TFL, and 3 Sacks. He is a great hitter, who can really knock guys back on their butts. He is a super quick twitch Press Corner. Has amazing quickness, feet, and athleticism. Never seems look bad or unnatural on the field, but he sure looked unnatural on the track;-) When I looked at him on film, he is extremely tough for WRs to shake off their hips. Can stop and turn quicker than any player in the Draft. Strong, strong willed, and well built. Good snap in his hips, but can get off balance sometimes in transition. Sometimes takes an extra step, but mostly has excellent footwork. His great feet, and change of  direction are better than anybody in this Draft. Very strong and smart player, who understands what QBs are trying to do. Played QB in high school. So his progress in three years at CB is even more astounding. He is a special teams Maven, and an excellent Gunner already. Played on multiple Special Teams units.

Small fierce Corner, who you just have to like when you watch him play. Great feet, great speed, and great smarts. Despite all the talk of a lack of Corners in the Draft, this guy is deserving a top ten pick, and though I hate this word, he could be a Shut-Down CB in the NFL. He may have to quickest feet I have ever seen. His changes direction quicker than a schizophrenic off his meds. His ability to stop, change direction, and explode to full speed is astonishing. His not the tallest CB, but is chiseled in granite. Has world class dexterity and body control.  He played a lot in the slot, and even moved back to Free Safety some last season, especially against LSU. Plays Off and Press with equal aplomb. Loves football, and works out all the time. Is known to be as good a conditioned athlete as there is in college, and a gym rat. The more I watch him the more I like him. Knows how to play the ball in the air. Always turns his head back to find the ball and can track the ball in the air like a skeet shooter. Has the speed that makes everyone else on the field look as slow as me, a 250 pound recliner scout;-) 

The Reason: Haden is just to good to pass up. He is a legit number one Corner prospect Haden ran a 4.57, and knocks himself out of the top ten. He later said he had a slight strain in his back and that is why he ran so badly. So I took him out of the top ten. If Clausen goes to Cleveland, Haden could drop all the way down here. In a blitzing 3-4 defense you need Press Corners. Just ask Rex Ryan, who had the Defensive MVP in the NFL last season, the great Darrelle Revis. What do you mean he didn't win D-MVP? He held the best WRs in the game to less than 35 yards receiving: Moss twice, TO twice,  He played CB better than anybody since Deion in his prime. He destroyed Randy Moss twice (24 and 34 yards ), André Johnson (35 yards), Marques Colston (33 yards), Steve Smith (5 yards),  Roddy White (33), and Ochocinco (28 Yards in Play Offs). He actually had a better year that Deion Sanders ever had. The reason I go over this is because I think Haden could be as good as Revis. 

Second Choice: CJ Spiller RB  



*Brian Bulaga

OT Iowa

6-5 3/8, 314, 26 Reps,

33" Arms, 33.25", 


CJ Spiller-

RB/KR Clemson

OLT, RB, DE/PassR, S, WR, QB, DB, WR, DE, OL,

Key F.A. Signings:

Chris Baker TE

Chris Clemens DE

Key F.A.  Loses:

Nate Burleson WR

Seneca Wallace QB

Cory Redding DT

Darryl Tapp DE

The Team: They simply do not have an OLT on their roster. 

Seattle's three biggest holes in their roster is OLT, RB, and Defensive End. Patrick Kerney has retired and they traded Away Darryl Tapp. So both starting D-Ends from last season are gone. That leaves them with Chris Clemens and Lawrence Jackson as their two starters, yikes! Sometimes it's just a matter of where the biggest hole in the roster is.          

The Player: Bulaga is a big physical O-Tackle who brings more nasty than fits within the rules. Every time I watch him play he is still fighting after the whistle blows. He has very strong hands. He can be a monster in the running game. Does a good job Sealing the D-End on the outside run. He has trouble sealing to the inside for some reason. The worst I have seen him look on the football field is when the OG pulls to the right and he has to seal the D-Tackle to the inside, he misses that block consistently. He does a better job sealing the D-End on the inside run. He can be out-quicked in the running game, but when he can just drive block he can be a force. . When he gets his hands on a D-End in the running game he does a good job keeping his feet motoring, and can pancake the DE with his relentlessness. He is at his best when allowed to just put his head down, and fire off the line right into defenders. He has excellent feet moving backwards. Smooth and quick kickstep. I think he looks the best moving backwards of all the O-Tackles in this years Draft. he plays in perfect balance when moving backwards. Has problems with long armed defenders, and when he gets into his extra curricular activities after the whistle blows, it is usually with a longer armed defender who has his hands inside on his shoulder pads and neck. A pure technician in Pass Protection who might have more problems in the NFL against longer armed opponents. However, he likes the contact, and loves the fight. This is the guy you want at your back, when you need to walk down a dark alley. High motor player who is always pushing, shoving , and fighting with defenders. He was injured early in the season and played through the injury. Looked better in November than September. When he gets his big mitts on defenders they are done, and he will fight them until after the whistle. His two biggest deficiencies are his short arms that allow too many defenders to get into his shirt, and he does not move as well to his right, which I think limits his potential on the right side. 

Maybe the most interesting aspect about the potential of Brian Bulaga is that he is still only 20 years old. Great feet. Every time I watch him play, his feet impress me more-and-more. He might have the best feet of any OL in this Draft moving backwards. I think he looks the smoothest of all the OLT prospects moving backwards. However, he looks like he has short arms, and I question if he can keep passrushers off his body on the NFL level. 

The Reason: If one of the big four OLT prospects makes it down to here they have to take him. It is amazing how many teams have no OLT on their roster?  

Second Choice: Derrick Morgan DE 



*Rolando McClain- 

LB Alabama

6-4, 260, 4.69, 35", 9'1", 4.41 SS, 

7.29 3-Cone 


Key F.A. Signings:

Jim Sorgi QB

Antrel Rolle S

Deon Grant S

Key F.A.  Loses:

David Carr QB 

Fred Robbins DT

Antonio Pierce LB

Danny Clark LB

The Team: I don't like their Linebackers and Corners. However, they are looking for help along the O-Line, and Iupati is the best that is still available. 

The Player: Mike Mayock has reported that NFL teams have done extensive test, and found that he doesn't have Crohn's disease. So is it possible to have Crohn's disease, and that not have Crohn's disease, and then take medication for multiple years for Crohn's disease, and then not have Crohn's disease?      

I didn't think he took on blockers as well as he did last season, but as the season wore on he took on blocks better and played more physical. Despite is great size he still has the speed and athleticism to run around blockers. He runs the Alabama defense, which I thought slowed him down a little earlier in the season as he was also mentoring a freshman Linebacker. As he had to help the Freshman less and less, and got more and more used to setting up the defense he played faster and meaner. Mentally he has grown leaps and bounds and is such a great cerebral player now. He can read offenses and close on the RB better than any MLB in college. When he keeps his hands up and extends arms into the blockers, he shed blocks faster than a hooker shed her cloths on Saturday night. For such a huge MLB, he really has the speed to get anywhere he needs to be on the field. By the time the Championship Bowl was upon us, he completely dominated the running game, seemingly in on every tackle. he read every single thing Texas was trying to do, and just hit the ball carrier every play. I thought he was the clear cut MVP of the game, until about midway through the 3rd quarter when Texas start throwing the ball every single play. I always though his biggest weakness was as a blitzer, but by the end of the season he had become Alabama's best blitzing LB. I have rarely seen such a combinations of physical gifts and mental acumen. The only thing I can compare him to is a 6-4 260 pound Ray Lewis.   

The Reason: If McClain is still on the board the Giants can't pass. There is nothing better in the NFL Draft when the top player on the board fits the top need of the team.  

Second Choice: Sean Weatherspoon MLB 




Derrick Morgan

DE/OLB Georgia Tech

6-4, 268, 21 Reps, 34.5" Arms,

4.72 (bad start), 

7.12 3-Cone, 9'4"


F.A. Signings:

Jason Babin DE

Will Witherspoon LB

Rod Hood CB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Kyle Vanden Bosch DE

Jevon Kearse DE

The Team: The Titans need serious help at multiple positions. They have to get new starters at FS and DE. However, the signing of Babin and the hope the Griffins play last year was do to a bad shoulder makes them slightly less desperate at DE and FS. Which still leaves giant holes right in the middle of their O-Line. If the 39 year old Mawae isn't signed than they may go for the big guy at OC.

The Player: Morgan is a big guy who is a great passrusher who can string together more moves than any DE in this Draft. He has a terrific burst off the line. For a guy his size, he can really run the Horn. Plus, he is tough enough in the running game to play Left D-End and still get to the QB, and any passrush you get from the Left side is worth its' weight in gold. He can be ran at, but when he gets low he can really power under ORT. Great mixture of size, speed, strength, quickness, and skill. He has dropped 15 pounds since the end of the season, and was playing D-End at over 285 pound last season and still had the speed to get 12.5 Sacks. He has than knack for hitting the quarterback. He is terrific with his long arms that he uses with great effectiveness in passrushing as he relentlessly attacks the edge. Great hand fighter. Just an amazing blast off the line. He will sometimes switch sides and line up at RDE in passing situations, but he is primarily a LDE. He will stand up and play the LOLB in GT hybrid 3-4. He will drop into coverage as well from his standing position, and even line up in coverage against Jacoby Ford when they played Clemson. He didn't look out of place as a 3-4 Linebacker. However, what he does best is relentless attack the edge, and I like him more as a passrushing DE who will keep pressuring the QB all day. He is smart and can use his long arms to hold off the big OTs as he read and reacts. He was the ACC Defensive Player of the Year last season when he garnered 12.5 Sacks, 18.5 TFL, 2 FF, 1 PBU, and 55 T.  Notes from Bowl Game: He is just a force with his hands. He has heavy hands, and punch that just hurts OT. Great hand placement. He is so big ad strong. Big thick strong legs, which is where he derives all his power form. Always plays with his long arms extended, and consistently gets his hands on the OT's shirt before he can get him. Plays with great balance and power in combination with his hands and feet. he is great at keeping his feet moving and his hands attacking. He is just a pure football player. He has a great inside move which can just stun an OT, because he is such a force to the outside that anytime he attacks inside he is all but unstoppable. His size and strength also make him a force against the run. He can really anchor and play low on short yardage situations, and can off the line at the snap and dig into the OT and drive him back. Does a good job Setting the Edge, and might have more promise as an OLB than I thought. He will sometimes slow his passrush when he smells a delay, Screen, or Draw. he also has a great bullrush which gets the OT off balance because if his outside speed. He can take the big impact by the big ORT, and still find the ball carrier when they run right at him. Has a good but not great swim. Does a great job comboing multiple moves off his Slap: Rip, Swim, Bull, Under, Push Pull. He is amazing at stringing together multiple moves. he is high motor guy who is always hustling. He is the kind of player everyone wants on their defense.  

He is as relentless as death and taxes. Keeps going after QBs like their dating his sister. Strings together moves like Casanova. Terrific lateral quickness. Can play with knees bent. Plays with a great blend of balance, power, and quickness. Looked great in the Stack and Shed Drill at Combine. Nice feet, keeps them move down the line. Looked like he could play out in space like a 3-4 OLB at the Combine, something I did not think he could watching him at GT. He is a smoother athlete moving backwards and laterally than I remembered. 

Morgan is a monster. I watch that game against Clemson when he had 2.5 Sacks in the first half, and looked unblockable. It seemed like he was hitting the QB every other play. He is the largest of the great passrushers in this Draft. He has a terrific burst off the line, and can really get around the horn. Has very long arms which he use very well. Plus, he can get low and power under OTs. Great mixture of size, speed, strength, and quickness. Just has that knack for getting around the edge. He has huge long arms that he uses with great effectiveness while rushing the passer. Relentlessly attacks the edge.    

The Reason: Titans need to trade up and get the best D-End in the entire Draft.  

Second Choice: Jason Pierre-Paul DE



Jason Pierre-Paul-

DE/OLB Florida

6-4.75, 270, 4.59, 

19 Reps


F.A. Signings:

Aubrayo Franklin Tag

David Carr QB 

Key F.A.  Loses:

Tony Pashos OT

Shaun Hill QB

The Team: I don't watch the 49ers as much as a lot of you, but I just don't like Parys Harlson or Manny Lawson. If one of the big OTs falls this far they would gladly take one, but if they don't and Pierre-Paul is on the board I don't see how they can pass on him. 

The more I study the 49ers Roster, the more I like it, except at QB and the Safeties. If I were Drafting for this team I would take Tony Pike right here.        

The Player: Paul is a super athlete. One of the top physical specimens in the Draft. However, He is still learning the game. He was born in Africa, and started playing football later than most prospects. He has nice long arms which he is still learning to use consistently. Very effective when he extends his arms and keeps O-Linemen off his body. Lined up mostly on the Left side. Reminds me a little of the long limbed and slightly gawky McGinest, he has similar long legs and high knee pumping when running. Good bull rusher when he gets his long arms in the OT pads. He can be very disruptive when he is allowed to just attack and not have to think. Trying to read and react to the play still slows him down a little. He did get better and better through the season at hand fighting and taking advantage of his long arms. Super athlete who is still learning how to play the game, and if you include height, weigh, and flips into the equation he is the best athlete in this Draft. Doesn’t play low enough. Needs a lot of technique work. Leverage will be the deciding factor in his NFL career. Still more promise than production. Long arms and heavy hands point to his potential. Tall and long limbed, so staying low will be his biggest test on the next level. Looked terrible in LB drills at the Combine. I don’t think he can play OLB in a 3-4. His biggest problem is not that he is a one hit wonder, his problem is that he is a no hit wonder. Only had 6.5 Sacks last season in only 7 Starts, and that was his entire college career. A team is going to draft him completely on potential, and the promise he should during half a season.  

Had up and down season, but he is a super physical marvel. I don't think he is an OLB, and he still is learning the game. I thought he should have stayed in school. Needs technique work.   

The Reason: The good news is that Pierre-Paul may be lacking in experience, but he may also be the best athlete in the Draft. Plus, he plays hard, and you can see on the field being successful is important to him. His biggest problem is that he runs past the QB too much.  

Second Choice: Mike Iupati OG   



*Jimmy Clausen-

QB Notre Dame

6-3, 225


Key F.A. Signings:

Antwaan Randle-El WR

Arnaz Battle WR

Will Allen CB/S

Casey Hampton Signed

Key F.A.  Loses:

Limas Sweed WR

Santonio Holmes WR

Joey Porter OLB

The Team: What do you do when your franchise QB is a sexual predator? I would love to rag on Steelers' fans, but the situation is not funny. Roethliscumbagger is ruining the lives of innocent young women. "I went to the first door I saw, which happened to be a bathroom and shut the door," the victim said. "I still said no, this is not OK, and he then had sex with me. He said it 'was OK'. He then left without saying anything." The count of Roethliscumbagger's victims has reached FOUR and is growing. Of course that doesn't really matter does it. What is important is to protect what is ours! “'He had sex with me and meanwhile his body guards [scumbag cops] told my friends they couldn’t pass them to get to me,' ... Roethlisberger's bodyguard [scumbag cop] took her by the arm and led her down a hallway and placed her atop a stool. The bodyguard [scumbag cop] left, Roethlisberger approached and exposed himself, the woman said. She said this was 'not OK' and went to a bathroom, where Roethlisberger pursued her [into the fucking Ladies room] and forced her to have sex,". When tapes are erased to protect the police, then guilt of one kind or another is assured. "Another friend, Ann Marie Lubatti, said she approached the other security guard [scumbag cop] and "told him that she [the victim] was in no shape to be back there with Ben Roethlisberger. He couldn't look me in the eye, and told me he didn't know what was going on." When the guys who erased the video tapes then go into the bathroom and un-DNA the Ladies bathroom, then every one present, especially the alleged police officers, know damn well Roethliscumbagger sexually assaulted that woman. "Nicole Biancofiore told police she asked the owner of the Capital City Club to 'unlock the door but he told me that "Ben was not going to do anything to ruin his reputation for the Steelers'." The ... [victim] 'came out of the back room and told [another friend] that he had sex with her without her consent,' Biancotiore said." Sign for the record, there is a difference between police officers and scumbags cope who drag young women into bathroom, two are completely separate. 

This whole situation is a lesson in scumbaggery. And not just from Roethliscumbagger, sexual predators are sexual predators, they are sociopaths who crave nonconsensual sex with those who can't protect themselves, without regard for their victims, morals, or honor. The real lessons come from the lengths those around him will go to protect themselves, and enable Roethliscumbagger to continue ruining the lives of young woman. All the police officers in that night club that night relinquished their honor on the alter of Roethliscumbagger's scumbaggery. If they still had their souls they'd be ashamed.  

And then came the press. The disgusting despicable soulless corporate press. I love ESPN! Are pundits really worried about the integrity of the Steelers' franchise, or the stupid fucking shield of the NFL? If you said that, then you are an idiot. Roethliscumbagger is ruining the live of young women all across the country? The only question is how many women has he sexually assaulted? And why the f#@! (my wife said I had to take out the F-Bombs) were State Police helping him sexual assault a 20-year old girl in a fucking Ladies Room in Georgia? Have the cops who have now joined the ranks of the honorless been place under charges? Where the f#@!are all the reporters going after those scumbags? They actually helped to drag this poor girl into the bathroom and blocked off the door and the hallway entrances to the bathrooms so Roethliscumbagger could sexually assault her? What a gaggle of soulless cowards! And the cop that took the complaint from the victim was so abusive to the poor girl that he was forced to resign. Gee, I wonder why she decided to stop the complaint? F-ing cowards. If playing in the NFL were a privilege (yeah right! either your good enough or you not), then what the f#@! is this scumbag sexual predator still doing in the NFL? The Rooney's are Frauds and so is the impotent Commissioner. Shame on you Clayton for taking about protecting the shield. Shame on you Mort for making the story about protecting the Rooney's. Shame on all of you who talked about this scumbag as a matter of embarrassment. The only question is who is going to protect the next young girl Roethliscumbagger gets drunk and drags her into a bathroom.  

I remember the rage, outrage, and out and out attacks on the NFL when the Fraudcommissioner was dealing with Pacman and Vick situations. If you jumped for joy when the Fraudcommissioner suspended those two scumbags indefinitely, then you are a fraud if you don't call for the immediate indefinite suspension of Roethliscumbagger. As much of a scumbag as Vick is, and this pains me to say, it was only dogs. And as much as Pacman is a scumbag addict, addicted to go to strip clubs and playing the big shot, his victim was not actually assaulted by him. Now maybe, he did call a hit like some kind of NFL Don, but maybe is was just a drunken fight at a strip club, I don't know. What I do know is that Roethliscumbagger is ruining the lives of innocent young woman across the country, and using his money, fame, and power to continue to be a sexual predator. If you were glad when the NFL Fraudcommissioner suspended Pacman and Vick, then you now have to stand up and call for the immediate indefinite suspension of Roethliscumbagger. Especially if you were one of those Fraud-reporters who talked about "embarrassing" the poor Fraudrooney/victims, or to "protect" the ridiculous NFL Brand or Shield. 

The only solution is to suspend Roethliscumbagger without pay for the length of his contact, and never allow him to play in the NFL again, yeah right! The impotent Fraudcommissioner had to get permission from the Fraudrooneys just to suspend him for a game or two. And now the Fraudrooneys are talking about going all Catholic Church on Roethliscumbagger's ass and transferring his sexual deviance to another parish, like he was just another pedophile priest (ouch, that ridicule hurt even me). I am a proud recovering catholic, but I will never step another foot into a Catholic church again. As for all you practicing  Pittsburgh Steelers fans, I don't understand how you take can another step in the soulless church of Three Rivers Stadium and sacrifice your honor at the alter of Roethliscumbagger. 

Okay, Steelers fans I get it. This is absolutely soul-suckingly horrible for you guys as well. I am really not trying to ridicule you guys, as you are a victim Roethliscumbagger's scumbaggery as well. I understand that for Steelers fans it is a dirty, disgusting, and despicable mess. I get it. I don't know what I would do it this was happening to the Pats. But you have to stop pretending that Roethliscumbagger is just a jerk. You have to stop pretending that Roethliscumbagger is only as bad as Pacman and Vick, he is much worse, and he is continuing his remorseless behavior. When one woman comes forward and accuses your Franchise QB, you can dismiss it. When another woman comes forward and gets bullied, assaulted, and humiliated by the police for coming forward, because other honorless cops are involved, then it is time to take a good look at your allegiances. When two more woman come forward, it is time to take a good look at yourself. 

I hate when life gets in the way of football. But in life, either you believe in honor or you don't. Either you believe in protecting the innocent or you don't. Either you believe in doing the right thing no matter what the cost or you don't. And don't believe what people tell you, it is always more difficult to do the right thing. It is always more difficult to step and help the innocent rather than to turn away. And believe when I tell you, it is always more difficult to act with honor than without honor. 

Sometimes honor has to come before football. Does the NFL stand for National Fraud League, or does honor still exist in the NFL? It is time for the Commissioner to step up and be a man. A real man who treats others with honor. A real man who protects those who can't protect themselves. A real man who puts the interests of innocent women above his own. Are you a real man Goodell. I just wanted to apologize to Roger for the bitch comment, and the bitch comment only. Calling you what I did was unacceptable behavior. I was trying to add a little shock value to the proceedings, because the discourse has become so off course. The story has been so wronging interpreted, and the problem has been so disgustingly wrongly reported, and the solutions so wrongly shallow, that I had to say something. The story is not about the NFL Shield, the phony "integrity of the game", or Roethliscumbagger and his embarrassing everybody and everything that he comes in contact with. The story, and the problem, are his victims! The story are the woman he is forcing to have unconsensual sex with and whose lives he is ruining; the problem is the police officers he turned into scumbag cops, and the story is the Steelers fans who now have to side with a Sexual Predator or stop enjoying to their favorite sport.  

The Player: 4/12 Jimmy Clausen: Coming Back, Again.

Clausen solidified his spot in the top ten with a great Throwday. 

The Reason: Because it's the right thing to do. I take great pride in supply accurate and up to date information on my website, and I know leaving this pick will destroy the integrity and accuracy of my mock draft. However, sometimes honor has to come before football. 

Second Choice: eternal damnation



Brandon Graham- 

DE/OLB Michigan

6-1 5/8, 268, 4.69, 32.25" Arms, 

31  Reps, 

LB, OC, DE, OG, CB, LB, OL, WR, RB, 

F.A. Signings

Dunta Robinson CB

Matt Giordano CB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Chris Houston CB

Tye Hill CB

The Team: The Falcons have to address their concerns at D-End.   

The Player: Brandon Graham: Doesn't Fit Our System, or, He Can Rush the QB.  

Quickest burst of any passrusher in this Draft in the first five yards. He Garnered 58 T, 11.5 Sacks, 16.5 TFL. 26 Sacks in the past two years. Explosive off the edge. Can bend his knees and really sink his hips. Great no quit hustling kid. Great football player. Great hand fighter. When I watched him play at the Senior Bowl, I didn’t see Woodley, I saw Freeney. Doesn’t have the measurables, but his speed, strength, and hands make him a constant threat against the QB. Also he is excellent against the run. For a short PR he can be a force against the run as well. At Michigan , when I watched him play, I was more impressed with his run defense than his PR, like Freeney was at Syracuse . At Senior Bowl, where they just unleashed him, he was a revelation in the PR. Excellent at setting the edge. During the Senior Bowl he was left out in space on the edge multiple times with a quick RB coming to make him look foolish, and he made the play every time. Explosive t the line, and can really get the OT in trouble instantly. Led the NCAAs in TFL. Besides Suh, he has the best hands in the Draft. Smart player who will toast OT to the outside, and then torch them with an inside Spin. He has a great inside Spin move.  

The Reason: Falcons need passrusher, and John Abrams is not getting any younger. 

Second Choice: Maurkice Pouncey OC 



Kyle Wilson-

CB Boise ST

5-10, 194, 4.41, 

25 Reps, 

CB, WR, CB, OG, LB, RB, OT, DB, LB, TE, 

Key F.A. Signings:

Demarco Ryan MLB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Rex Grossman QB

Dunta Robinson CB

The Team: Their secondary actually wasn't to bad last season. However, I just don't trust Jacques Reeves. I liked rookie CB Antwaun Molden in last years Draft, but they are taking it real slow with him and he never got on the field in defensive situations, but he was a special teams maven by the end of the season.   

The Player: He can take the ball to the house any time he gets it in his hands. A playmaker who gets his hands on the ball. He plays with such great balance that it hard to believe he won’t succeed in the NFL. Does a great job bending his knees and staying low. He doesn’t waste and steps and has consistent great footwork this entire off season. Reads WR patterns. Breaks on the ball like a WR. Has great closing speed. He makes plays on the ball in the air. Transitions out of backpedal laterally with explosion. Plays Press and Off man with equal pinash. Has that knack for turn back to find the ball just at the right time. Non stop motor, and is one of those small guys who is tough and plays with “grit”. He can stick to a WR hip and run his pattern with him. Great anticipation. The more I watch him the more I like him. He can play in the slot as well. He is also a dynamic PR.

Small body/big heart player. Terrific blitzer, knows how to time his attack with great deception when blitzing from the slot. Terrific punt returner who will bring immediate value to Special Teams. He has good hands, and can catch the ball over his head while running at full speed. Sometimes plays way off, I like him as a Press Corner, but he has a lot of experience in playing Off-Man as well. Played a lot in the slot in the Fiesta Bowl, and brings instant value as a Nickel Corner if h is not starting as a rookie. Excellent ball Skills. He can play the QB and locate the ball when it is in the air. Great competitive speed and quickness. Great closing speed, and burst on the ball. Strong hands and he can destroy a WR who is trying to block him. Good run supporter when the ball is run to his edge. Attacks the WR when catches the ball in front of him. He is small, but very tough. Has the natural ability that all DB's need, the ability to stop and cut on a dime, and change direction instantly. Excellent in Press coverage. He can take away the inside leverage, and is much stronger than he looks. He can really fight WR for position. Understands routes and where a WR wants to go. Doesn’t give up leverage without a fight. Stays and plays low. Quick hands and will jam WR on his inside shoulder when he knows he wants to go inside. Turns quickly back to the QB when WR makes cut. Understands position and where to be to make a play on the ball. Nice smooth backpedal in off man. Does a good job watching both WR and QB. Excellent route recognition. Knows how to run a route on WR’s hip, and can step in front of WR on route. Smart-smart player. Great quickness and feet recovery. Can read run fast, and isn’t afraid to step into the hole and take on the RB. Has excellent feet in Zone coverage. Understand where he should be in relation to the QBs eyes. He can snaps his hips back to opposite side when he is going in wrong direction. Has excellent snap in his hips. He, Haden, and Patrick Robinson has the most snap in their hips of all the Corners in this Draft.

Wilson is a guy who is really flying up the charts, after a great career at Boise, a great Senior Bowl, and a Great Combine. Not as explosive in off coverage. I really like this guy in press coverage. Excellent machine gun feet. Great feet. Great snap in his hips. Reminds me of Darius Butler. Played the slot in some passing downs for Boise . Will get lazy in technique sometimes, and “open the gate”, turn to 3/4 shuffle instead of a straight backpedal.

The Reason: I just think it they could get another Corner their defense would improve on all levels. However, I just can't help picture Thomas running opposite Andre Johnson! What a nightmare for the AFC South. However, with Dunta Robinson gone their CB situation looks terrifying!  

Second Choice: Demaryius Thomas WR   



Mike Iupati-

OG Idaho

6-5, 331, 35" Arms,  

DT, OG, WR, TE, LB, DB, OL, 

Key F.A. Signings: 

Antonio Bryant WR

Key F.A.  Loses:

Larry Johnson RB

Laveranues Coles WR

The Team: The Bengals need need to continue getting players to help Carson Palmer. The biggest hole in the Bengals roster is at ORG.  

The Player: Mike Iupati: Almost John Hannah.

Started at ORG at Senior Bowl, which is good for the Pats, because that is where they need the most help on the Right side of the line. However, he did struggle a little blocking on the Right side, and I see him mainly as a Left OG, which is were Logan Mankins plays. He is so quick and powerful, that his ability to chip on DT or DE, and still get to second level in front of the RB, which a joy to watch. Just dominated DTs at Senior Bowl, and really dispelled my worry about level of competition, because he was so dominate at Idaho. They ran behind him on every shortage run. Still needs to work on technique, as he still reaches outside the Defenders shoulder pads, and that is an automatic call in the NFL. The bad news for Pats fans is that he played much better in Senior Bowl game at OLG.  

The Reason: Nate livings has to be replaced, and there is nothing better in the NFL Draft when the top player on the board fits the top need of the team. 

Second Choice: *Dez Bryant WR  



Jerry Hughes-


6-2.25, 255, 4.59 (U), 26 Reps, 33" Arms, 6.99 3-Cone,

PassR, TE, ILB, TE, RB, TE, ILB, CB, WR, OG, RB, DE, 

Key F.A. Signings:

Kevin Faulk -RB

Leigh Bodden, -CB

David Patton WR

Tory Holt -WR

Alge Crumpler -TE

Stephen Neal -OG

Vince Wilfork -NT

Damione Lewis -DE

Amon Gordon DL

Tully Banta-Cain -OLB

Marques Murrell ST/LB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Chris Baker TE

Ben Watson -TE

Jarvis Green -DE

The Team: The Draft is tomorrow and I've finally reach the point where I have no idea what is going to happen. I was getting the feeling that Kindle was their guy, but now I'm starting to think that both Graham and Kindle might be gone by pick 22. if Kindle or Graham are on the board I have no doubt BB will pounce all over them. But wiht those two off the board, this pick keeps coming down to Hughes, Jared Odrick, and Jermaine Gresham. I would love Ryan Mathews, but I don't think they take a RB in the 1st again. 

This is a strange Draft for offensive players. I cannot remember the last time the top offensive players at nearly every position did play. Bradford is going to be the top pick in the Draft, and did play last season because of injury. You have to go and remember what you saw in 2008 to judge him, and in 2008 he had the best season a college QB ever had. I mean, the only other QB I ever heard of throwing 50 TDs in one season was Brady. 

Dez Bryant didn't play last season because of stupidity, or rather a stupid mix of his stupidity and the institutionalized stupidity of the NCAA. In 2008, he was more dynamic than Michael Crabtree. I loved watching him play in 2008, when he garnered 1,480 yards and 19 TD on 87 catches. Plus he averaged a remarkable 17.9 yards on 17 punts and brought two to the house. I liked Crabtree a little better as a WR, because I thought he played smarter, but Bryant was clearly more dynamic on the field. However, ever since 2008 he has done nothing but sabotage himself, and the final straw for me was showing up at his private Proday, without Zak Robinson (who said in an interview on ESPN he would love to go help him on his personal Proday if he called him, and he didn't) and with his cleats, and he was slip sliding all other the field. That is like showing up to the most important job interview of your life without a résumé or cloths. 

Then of course there is the super speedster Jahvid Best, who is a better pure runner than CJ Spiller. He jumped and was pushed about ten feet in the air and crashed down onto his head, ending the day and the season for they best pure running in college football at the time. Just like that three of the most amazing offensive talents in college football are gone. 

Of course there was another player who ranked up in dynamic offensive abilities, and that was Jermaine Gresham. He was as good an offensive talent on the field in 2008 as anybody. He caught passes from Bradford all over the field. He can open short, intermediate and long. He can test the seam, and test the defense all over the field. He has great smooth hands and catch the ball running in full stride and just fly down the field, which most 260 pound Tight Ends cannot do. I think BB would have a very hard time passing on Gresham, only they seemed to have taken the tight End out of the Two Tight End Offense? 

If you go with the Pats history it looks like Odrick or Gresham will be the choice. However, this is when need comes into conflict with value. If they go by pure value than they have to take Gresham. If his knee is sound, and by all reports it is, then he is an absolute steal at 22. If he had come out last year, he was a much higher rated prospect than Brandon Pettigrew, and Pettigrew went 11th to Detroit. Gresham is a top ten talent who slipped because of his knee and missing the 2008 season. 

If they go with need, value, and BB's history it will probably be Odrick, who fits every criteria they are looking for at D-End. Finding a 3-4 D-End is a difficult evaluation, because they are not going to be doing in college what they do in BB's 3-4 defense. I think Odrick has a chance to be almost as good as Seymour, but he will have to get a lot stronger. You cannot talk about Seymour without talking about his amazing strength. He had such a freakish blend of upper and lower body power. Odrick is a little quicker than Seymour, and will never be as strong, but he could get close. Odrick garnered 7 Sacks and 3 Hurries last season despite being constantly double teamed. 

However, I really don't care who they take! As long as he can rush the passer. You cannot win in the NFL if you cannot hit the QB. I don't care if they Odrick, if they think he can get them double digit Sacks, I say take him. Odrick can do a lot of things, and he can take some of the passrusher pressure off of the outside guys, but saying he is a great passrusher is pushing it. 

If the Pats want to go the Super Bowl they have to rush the QB a lot better than last season. I don't care if they take Harry Colemen the SS prospect from LSU. He had to play OLB last season because they only had one viable OLB on the roster (sound familiar;-), and was named LSU's Defensive MVP. If BB think he can line him up on the outside and he can rush the QB opposite TB-C, then I say take him at 22! 

Hell! I don't care if they draft Jermaine Gresham and convert him OLB as long as he can hit the damn QB! Instead of letting some crappy QB stand in the pocket for 10 second and tear the secondary apart! I don't care if they have to draft a bull to charge around the horn at ROLB, as long as he can crush, kill, and destroy any QB the Pats pathetic opponents dare to put back there! Okay, calm. 7 Pressures

Sometimes in the Draft it just comes down to filling the biggest hole in the Roster, and then grabbing other players later. Of the 5 big OLB prospects the Pats might take in the first two Rounds, Jerry Hughes is the best pure passrusher. He has that knack for playing on the other side of the LOS. Some of his stats are outstanding. He led the NCAA's in Sacks in 2008 with 15. Last season he won the Ted Hendricks as the Nations best Defensive, "Hughes beat out finalists Jeremy Beal (Oklahoma), Sergio Kindle (Texas) and Von Miller (Texas A&M), as well as Michigan's Brandon Graham, Georgia Tech's Derrick Morgan and Pittsburgh's Greg Romelus". He also won the Ronnie Lott Trophy, which is for on field performance and Character, "Hughes won over finalists Eric Berry of Tennessee, Rolando McClain of Alabama and Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska." In the past two season he has garnered 26.5 Sacks and 36 TFL. he is not as strong against the run as Graham and Kindle, but he is not bad. He can Set the Edge as well as either of them. He is a fighter. He is a tough who has played through multiple injuries. He has a great work ethic and is kinetic energy all over the field. plus, he is a super competitive guy who also plays special teams. He has a nonstop motor and you can see him hustle all over the field. He has very good feet and nice hips, and has the athleticism to be able to drop in coverage. However, where he is at his best is moving forward. He has that special burst off the line that makes QB nervous. He can run the horn better then any of the other guys. When it's 3rd and long and you have TB-C at ROLB, this is the guy you want rushing on the other side at LOLB. They can pick up a DE and a TE later, and they can certainly pick up a RB and a WR later. Give me the best guy on the board who can get to the QB the quickest. I say that is Jerry Hughes. 

The Player: Jerry Hughes: If Doesn't Fit Our System, Part II.

Quickest burst of any passrusher in this Draft in the first five yards. Tackle, 11.5 Sacks, 16.5 TFL. 26 Sacks in the past two years. Explosive off the edge. Can bend his knees and really sink his hips. Great no quit hustling kid.

The Reason: The pats need a passrusher or two if they want to win the Super Bowl before Tom Brady retires, period!

For more Info on Pats, check out my: Patriots Draft Blog.

Second Choice: Golden Tate WR/PR   

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*Ryan Mathews- 

RB Fresno

5-11 5/8, 218, 4.41,

36", 10'1", 19 Reps


Key F.A. Signings:

Chad Clifton OLT

Mark Tauscher ORT

Ryan Pickett NT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Matt Giordano CB

Aaron Kampman DE

The Team: Ryan Grant needs help. He cannot continue to be a productive RB much longer with out some help. 

I thought the top need they did not address in last year's Draft was at OLT, so I'm sticking with that. As it turns out they should be looking at an irresistible prospect at that position come April anyway. Both their old starting O-Tackles played okay, at best. Getting a young guy to push them would not hurt. I thought that Chad Clifton need a replacement last year, and his is an UFA now. Also both Colledge and Spitz are FA as well. So  O-Guard is a position they will need to address in FA or the Draft. Also both starting Safeties are FA.

The Player: Had a great Combine and is now the only RB option who can match Spiller. He is a better pure runner than Spiller. I personally would take him over Spiller. He is a big power back, who can break open the long run. He can go straight up the middle, take multiple hits, and then break outside for 60 yard TD runs, like he did against Boise State, not once, not twice, but three times (69, 60, and 68). Super big play play RB who two 60+ yard runs in Second Quarter against Boise, and showed his superior conditioning by running for a third 60+ TD run in the Forth Quarter.  If you watched him play against Boise you would rate him above Spiller too, his stats against Boise, 19 Rushes for 234 yards and 3 TDs. His ability to cut laterally is unmatched in any of the big backs in this Draft. He goes through the line as low as an ant on valium,. He can cut with his shoulder pads two feet off the ground. He can break multiple tackles in the hole. Stole starting role from a legit NFL prospect and Senior Lonyae Miller and never looked back. Part of his amazing story is that he was a Wildcat/Option QB in college, and ran for over 3,000 yards as a Senior. However, he cannot throw the ball! I saw him try a RB option throw, and he missed the WR by ten yards. He has amazing vision, but what really separates him is his unmatched balance. He can take hit after hit, and not only maintain his balance, but cut off the hit and break into the open field. He reminds me of LT. He has LT's great ability to maintain balance while he is being crushed by a defender, and he might not have the best speed, but he does not get caught from behind in the open field. He did one RB drill at the Combine where you cut left, then up field and high step of 5 or 6 pads on the ground. He burst up field and exploded over those pads with such smoothness and incredible acceleration that I was stunned, because that was how he looked on his three 60+ yard TD runs against Boise . Explosive lateral quickness. Great feet. He can raise his knees and run like Roger Craig the old 49ers RB. Is excellent in blitz pick up, where he was really well coached at Fresno St. Good hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield.

The Reason: Needs on defense look like their top needs, and with Griffin and Kindle still on the Board, and OLB/Passrusher would not be a mistake. However, Aaron Rogers is their ticket to the promise land, so getting help on Offense is never a wrong choice. Ryan Grant is not the biggest Back in the league, and has no one behind him to help. Mathews is a big fast back who will take carries off of Grant and pressure off if Rogers.   

Second Choice: Emerson Griffin OLB/DE 



*Kareem Jackson-

CB Alabama

5-10.5, 196, 4.41,


F.A. Signings :

Mike Bell RB Offer Sheet

Marlin Jackson CB/FS

Ernie Sims OLB

Darrly Tapp DE/PassR

Key F.A.  Loses:

Donovan McNabb -QB

Reggie Brown WR

Kevin Curtis WR

Brian Westbrook RB

Shawn Andrews OG 

Will Witherspoon LB

Jason Babin DE

Darren Howard DE

Chris Clemens DE

Chris Gocong DE

Sheldon Brown CB

The Team: The Eagles have to get help for their  beleaguered secondary. 

The Player:

Kareem Jackson is flying up the boards, and looks like he is going to a 2nd Round pick for a blitzing team that need Corner who can cover man-on-man. His value is as a Press Corner. Played opposite Arenas and had an excellent season. Tough kid who didn’t back down to anyone in the Championship game. Saban really coached him well, and has learned NFL technique. Great cover Corner with great instincts. He just has that knack for sticking on a WR hips. He has great feet, and plays with low and with great balance. He can stop and go and cut in an instant as he reacts to a WR's pattern. He has excellent Change of Direction. He is a fierce competitor who get visibly upset when he gives up a reception. He is a very physical CB, who can harass WRs all day. He uses his hands well to chunk, grab, and shove receivers off their patterns right at the LOS. He has good hips, and can transition out of his back pedal and close on the ball with good quickness. However, he doesn't appear real explosive on the field, and lacks a little snap in his hips. My only question with him was his speed, and when he ran a 4.41 (Unofficial) at the Combine, I was sold. He doesn't necessarily look spectacular on the field, but he is consistent and always around and annoying his man. Gets in and out of his break well. Looks better moving forward. Really shows some explosiveness when he burst forward, and looks more explosive moving forward than moving backwards. He was been a very important and productive player at Alabama for the past 3 seasons. He has started 40 games in the past three seasons, and he has produced. In the past three years playing in Nick Saban's aggressive Patriots-style defense, where he was singled up on a WR a lot, he has garnered: 159 T, 29 PBU, and 5 INTs.   

Jackson is a great athlete who is sudden and has phenomenal COD. He can stick to the WR hip. Has been coached by Nick Saban and is Pro ready. A team that needs a Press Corner and a guy who can come in and cover a WR next season is going to take him in the first. 159 T, 8 TFL, and 5 INTs. He plays with great balance.  He has NFL instincts already. Last season he garnered 3 TFL and 1 INT on 49 Tackles. 

The Reason: The Eagles have to get someone to play opposite Assante. .    

Second Choice: Emerson Griffin DE  



Jermaine Gresham-

TE Oklahoma

6-5 260

4.76-4.73, 20 Reps,


Key F.A. Signings:

Donte Stallworth WR  

Anquan Boldin WR

Derrick Mason WR

Cory Redding DT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Dwan Edwards DE

The Team: The Ravens are in the perfect spot to capture the highest rising player in the Draft at a need position. I'm not sure Jackson will be a start, but he is one of the most Pro ready DB's in this Draft and should easily make the transition to Nickel Corner as a rookie.  

I had WR as their top four needs. Now after signing three WRs, they only have one left to go.

The Player: Gresham is a great pass catching Tight End. His size and competitive speed are both top of the line. He catch the ball and run down field. He can get open deep and snag the ball out of the air with his hands. He is a great hand catcher. He is great running after the catch. He also a good blocker. He uses his size and strength well to hold off defenders. Is more of a hold, position, and seal blocker than a drive blocker. You would like to see him get a little low and dig more, but as far as pure pass catching Tight End's go, he is a top blocker. He also comes up big in the biggest games, “In the two biggest games of Oklahoma 2008 season he caught 13 for 152 and 3 TDs”. Show great quickness in and out of his cuts. At 6-5 256 pounds he just has the knack for getting open, and running after the catch. 

The Reason: A Tight End wrapped neatly in a bow for a QB, from a TE.  

Second Choice: Golden Tate WR



Sean Weatherspoon-

LB Missouri 

6'-1/4, 239, 4.52, 

35 Reps,


F.A. Trades:

Derek Anderson QB

Kerry Rhodes S

Joey Porter OLB

Paris Lennon ILB

Rex Hadnot OG

Key F.A.  Loses:

Kurt Wrner QB (R)

Anquan Boldin WR

Jerheme Urban WR

Karlos Dansby ILB

Bertrand Berry OLB (R)

Antrel Rolle FS

The Team: They have to get some one who can step into the middle of their defense and become a leader.  

The Player: Weather spoon has great hips, and is a great leader. Great Change Of Direction. Has a great Senior Bowl. He can get low and really punish a RB who dares to get in his way. Keeps his head up and feet moving, and really flows down the line nicely from the Mike. Not a good take on block, but is really nifty in traffic and knows how to get by the big guys. Bam, then stick his shoulder pads right in the RB’s legs. Form tackler. Does a good job wrapping up. Not my cup of tea, but I have to admit the more I watch him the more I like him. Played watches the QBs eyes, and can 3/4 down the field as fast as anyone. Excellent athlete who can leap up, like he did at the Senior Bowl, and grab the INT. My favorite defensive play from the Senior Bowl was when he ran through traffic to pick up McCluster on a wheel route and defend the Pass. Like to use quick shoulder fakes when he knows he can’t get around the blocker. Not good at taking on OL, but crushes anyone smaller. Is a little slow to read sometimes, but he explodes to where he is suppose to be once he sees it. Played great inside at MLB at the Senior Bowl. Dominated at OLB for three years at Missouri . I love him out in space as an OLB, and I also like him inside at MLB. Brings a lot of leadership, intensity, and athleticism to any team. Had great Combine. Has great cover skills, and really displays his athleticism out in coverage.  

Weatherspoon is a super fast super productive WLB. I'm not his biggest fan, as I don't think he would stand up well in Pats system. However, if you put him in a 4-3 and allow him to run around and use his great speed, smarts, and instincts, he could be an impact player for a lot of years. I really liked how he played at the Senior Bowl. Where he showed his excellence in coverage, and actually went one-on-one with Dexter McCluster in Senior Bowl and ran on his hip and slapped the ball away in the end zone. Team leader. Looks like a Will to me, and might be able to play ILB in a 3-4. He is just the type of leader the Pats need on defense to help overcome the veteran leaders we lost last season that really hurt the 2009 defense.  

The Reason: With Dansby gone the biggest hole in their roster is at ILB. 

Second Choice: Brandon Spikes ILB    



Dez Bryant-

WR/PR Oklahoma ST 

6-2, 220, 4.55, 38", 11'1"!, 

OLT, QB, S, DE, OL, WR, S, OL, LB, DE, DL 

F.A. Signings:

Greg Ellis DE/OLB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Flozell Adams OT

Ken Hamlin S

The Team: Not the biggest need, is at OLT and their secondary seems to have trouble every year. However, they also have a giant hole opposite Miles Austin called Roy Williams. How much would the Cowboys like to tak ehim out of the starting lineup. 

The Player: Dez Bryant definitely looks the part. He make quick cuts. Boom or bust player, who is going to single-handedly raise the stock of Pepto-Bismol. Explosive player who makes DB’s look foolish and frustrated. He is a big, strong player who is as tough on the field as any player in this Draft. Not the smartest kid though. He needs to grow up. Sometimes he looses balance when he tries to cut too fast, but I’m not worried because he usually plays with such great balance. 2008 Consensus All-American. 2008 Big 12 Special Teams At his Proday he ran a Forty in: 4.47, 4.55, or 4.63- scouts can’t even come to a consensus on what Forty times he runs, which again illustrates that through no fault of his own, he just lives, walks, and breaths controversy. On the field his is as good as Michael Crabtree, But he is one of those guys that trouble just follows. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy, and it’s getting in any real trouble with the law or anything, but he keeps putting himself in places and positions that make people scratch their heads, and what do you think is going to happen when he gets millions of dollars? Still has his great quickness. Looked a little out of shape at his Proday. he had 147 Catches for 2,425, and 29 TDs. He needs a disciplined environment with strong veteran leaders around him. If Denver drafts him they have to get rid of Brandon Marshal, if these two guy ever hung out it would a natural disaster for Bryant, who is one momentary lapse of reason away from being a Brandon Marshal like Criminal/WR. Some scout had red flags flying all around his workout. He just didn’t quite finish all the drill, and then celebrated what a great job he did. Didn’t have a great Short Shuttle, and slipped through his first attempt and had to start over, and then pulled up right before the finish line at his second. Again, not really doing anything wrong, but by not doing everything right, trouble follows, and I feel like a DB criticizing him for pulling up just a little short of the finish line, but this is a pattern that has followed him his whole life. He was suspend once, not for doing anything really wrong, but for not doing everything right. After this workout, I would recommend Denver stays away from him, and I see him dropping in the Draft. 87 Catches for 1,450 yards and 19 TDs in 2008.      

One Tuesday he had his Proday. He was 13 pounds over his weight in Oklahoma’s Bowl Game of two years ago (212-225), when he looked untouchable. Rumors are also swirling that he showed up late for a game this season, which isn’t a big deal, accept trouble just keeps following this guy. He needs to keep his speed. He can track the ball over his head and still make adjustments to the ball. He catches everything. Amazing quickness. His lateral cut with the ball in his hands can devastate tacklers. He is a wonder with the ball in his hands. He makes moves usually only the small guys can make, and he can shake and bake with the smallest of ‘em. Plus, he also runs with some power his size would suggest, and can run though DBs when he lowers his head. Does a good job with his hands to keep CB’s from getting their hands on him. He can jump up and power over DBs who have position on him and grab the ball over and through them. To me, the most amazing part of his game is that he might be the most dynamic PR in this Draft. Again that is a talent usually reserved for the small guys, and at 6-2 218, he can return punts with the smallest, quickest, fastest guys in this Draft. He brings so many small man skills in a large receivers body.

Great talent. Is a bit miscast as a size receiver, what separates him from the rest is his underrated speed. Has it all, size, speed, skills, and hands. He is easily the best WR in this Draft. He ability to leap up, muscle through CBs, and still grab the badly thrown passes are legendary. When I watched him in 2008, he was flying down the field and catching deep pass after deep pass. His ability to get open deep is remarkable for a player with his size and strength. He also has excellent hands and rarely drops the ball. He can also return punts with amazing big play ability. Like I said, he is miscast a little as a big receiver, because what makes him great is that he does the big things the little speed receivers usually do.

The Reason: Just too good a player to pass at a need position.    

Second Choice: Jared Odrick DE 



Terrence Cody- 

NT/DT Alabama

6-2 7/8, 348, 5.64


Key F.A. Signings:

Donald Strickland CB

Key F.A.  Loses:

LaDainian Tomlinson RB

Kassim Osgood WR

Jamal Williams NT

Antonio Cromartie CB

The Team: The only question sitting right here with San Diego is, can Cody keep his weight under control? He showed up at his Proday at 248 pounds, which was the weight Saban wanted him to play at last season. So is he making a contract push, or is he learning about how to eat properly. He said at his Proday that he has stopped having his midnight snacks, and is eating better foods.   

I thought the biggest need for the Chargers they didn't address in last year's Draft was a big Michael Turner-type back to take some weight off Tomlinson's old injured legs. Now I think they need to draft the heir apparent. It appears that the Chargers will release Tomlinson. Another scary situation that will need to be addressed in the off season, is WR. Vincent Jackson, Malcolm Floyd, and Kassim Osgood are all FA. However, Smith has a history of taking CBs in the 1st Round, so don't be surprised is they go Corner here.      .   

The Player: Cody is the top 3-4 Nose Tackle prospect in the Draft. Actually bigger than Vince Wilfork. Conditioning will be a concern. Looked like a complete disaster in Alabama's first two games, then got in better shape as the season continued. Not working out properly in the off season, like he did last off season, will destroy his NFL career. Alabama's defensive coach were said to look like "Geniuses" because of the way they kept him rested, and how he barely played on 3rd Down in the Championship Game. I don't that is a compliment to Cody. It is tough to draft a pure two-down D-Lineman in the 1st Round, especially if the reason he is not playing on 3rd Down is conditioning. However, he is such a force in the middle of the line against run plays, and he is absolutely the top NT prospect in this Draft. Great feet for five yards or so. He can control his body and bulk with amazing skill and violence for about five yards, then his feet slow a little and his weight starts to show. Showed up at the Combine 18 pounds lighter, and showed a lot of self awareness about his top concern by NFL evaluators. Has a surprisingly quick burst when moving forward for a few yards.

The Reason: If Mathews or Terrance Cody are still on the board they will happily grab one or the other. I just don't see how they can possibly pass on Mathews. They need a big back to go with Sproles. 

Second Choice: Ryan Mathews RB  



Taylor Mays-  


6-2, 230, 4.31


Key F.A. Signings:


Key Loses:

Chester Taylor RB

Greg Lewis WR

Artis Hicks OT

Karl Payman CB

The Team: Taylor Mays is the best athlete available.  

The Vikings have to looking to upgrade their beleaguered Secondary. Cedric Griffin could miss most if not all of next season. While Winfield broke his foot last season and look like he was getting old when he returned. They have two good young CBs in Sapp and Allen, but I think another starting type CB is a big need here.  

Okay, just for the record I said in last years mock Draft that if the Vikings got a descent QB, and Sage Rosenthal is not a decent QB, they would be in the NFC championship game fighting to be in the Super Bowl. That's right, I'm the man. Despite the miraculous season by Favre, their top need is still a QB. Ray Edwards is a FA.  

The Player: There is also his controversial 40 time. He clearly didn’t run a 4.24, and he absolutely ran less than a 4.41. The NFL Channel put him running in the same screen with Jacoby Ford running. Ford ran a 4.28, and Mays was half a length behind him. Seems too lack a little knee bend. Can sometimes looks tight in the hips, and lacks snap in his hips. Straight-lineish player, who can get to the ball faster than any safety in this Draft, when he can take a straight line to Ballcarrier. Huge physical specimen that can do things athletically that is impressive even to professional athletes. Mays has everything you want in a SS, except ball skills. When he stays low, he has a nice backpedal and quick feet moving backwards. He also showed some nice swivel in his hips. I was a little surprised by that because I thought his hips would be tighter. Only 5 INTs in career. Only Forced a single fumble in his entire career. He has very underrated intelligence. Might be moved to WLB in a TT. Better playing the man than the ball. Super physical. Plays with great strength and power. Can physical dominate any WR put in front of him, when he wants too. Doesn’t trust his cover skills. Plays way off, and will back off even more. Has some tightness in his hips. 

He looks like a Greek God on and off the track. I was always disappointed in his football skills and ability to read the play. However, before he hurt his ankle, he was a force. He displayed the cerebral talents that he always seemed to lacking. So while he had a crappy Senior Season due to the infamous high ankle sprain, I have him rated higher than last season because of the progress I saw in him, in the first couple games of the season. He is a guided missile, who when he sees it, constantly is making explosive hits all over the field. When he gets his 230 pound body moving at what is reported to be sub-4.4 speed, he never slows down as he annihilates his intended target. Plus, he plays deep Safety well: he can get to the sideline on both sides of the field, does a good job help CBs over the top, and closes on WRs who dare to catch the ball in front of him with underrated quickness and exploding violence. He is one in by his own great physical gifts. Doesn’t make plays on the ball like he looks like he should, and in caparison to Berry, who is always making big plays, makes him look worse. He had only 5 INTs in his career. Sometimes looks like he can make plays anywhere on the field, but still seems to be able to make plays on the man, and not the ball. Huge hitter, but doesn’t always breakdown well. Has as much range as any Safety in this draft, but his lack of ball skills will limit him to SS. 

The Reason: I have been trying to stick a QB in here for three years, I give up. 

This could be the perfect place for Tebow. With Favre and Rosenthal on the roster he could sit for 2 or 3 years and work on his feet and Throw. However, the secondary needs help immediately. McCourty is a physical aggressive CB who is also strong against the run and holds some value as a FS. Plus, he is the best Special Teams player in the Draft, and will immediately upgrade a team ST.     

Second choice: Colt McCoy QB  



Jared Odrick-

DE/DT Penn ST 

6-5, 298, 4.95, 

29", 4.44 SS,

26 Reps, 34" Arms, 

9.75" Hands,  


Key F.A. Signings:

LaDainian Tomlinson RB

Santonio Holmes -WR

Braylon Edwards WR

Brad Smith WR

Jason Taylor OLB

Antonio Cromartie CB

Brodney Pool S

Key F.A.  Loses:

Thomas Jones RB

Donald Strickland CB

Lito Sheppard CB

Kerry Rhodes S

The Team: The Jets have some issues on Defense. their two biggest holes in the entire roster are an OLB/Passrusher and a 5-technique D-End, as both their starting with the age of their two starting D-Ends   

The Player: I have Odrick as my top 3-4 D-End prospect in the Draft. He is a good interior passrusher. Has the knack for harassing the Quarterback. A big thumper who loves collisions. He is a fighter who loves to smash around with O-Linemen. Excellent at the POA, and received more than his fair share of double-teams. Plays a little high sometimes. When he plays and stays low, he can be as disruptive as anybody in this Draft. Consistent leverage will be the key to his NFL career. I like him as a Richard Seymour-type Right D-End in a 3-4. Smooth moving laterally, like he is hand gliding on the wind. Light hands, I’d like to see a little more punch in his hands, but so far watching him all year that’s my biggest criticism of him. Has a nice push-Pull move, and though his punch isn't heavy, he has strong hands which he uses well to grab O-Lineman's shirt and control him. Great interior quickness. Has a little PR in him. Big Ten Player of the Year. Not the prettiest player, but a guy who just keeps fighting. he will lineup at NT sometimes in Penn ST's 3-4. Lined up a lot at 3-4 D-End. Tall DT with long arms that he uses well. Plays with great interior quickness. Has a nice little burst inside. He is used to battle guys coming form inside on every play. Has to play and stay low, when he does he can be very disruptive. Busts OC-OG gap with great strength when he is allowed to just attack. He is a very violent player who I like to watch play. The more I watch him the more I like him. With all the highly rated talent on Penn St's defense he was easily the player garnering the most double teams from the offense. Played every D-Line position in Penn ST's Bowl Game this year. 

Big tall D-Linemen who has amazing versatility. Played all 7 D-Line positions in Penn ST's 4-3 and 3-4 alignments in their Bowl game. Don't be surprised if a 3/4 team grabs much earlier than expected as he may be the top 3/4 D-End prospect in the draft. Has an excellent Swim Move. Great hand fighter. He is always hand fighting, and using his long arms to keep blockers off his body. Never surrender-type warrior.  

The Reason: If Odrick is off the board, then it will be the top rated OLB/Passrusher available. Their D-Ends are getting old, and adding a young thumper to the D-Line isn't going to hurt any 3-4 defense.  

Second Choice: Golden Tate WR/PR  



*Brian Price


6-1 1/8, 303, 34 Reps, 5.13-5.16 (U),

S, DE/PassR, OT, CB, MLB, S, OLB, DB, CB, DT, DE, DB

Key F.A. Signings:

Andy Alleman OL

Key F.A.  Loses:

Jim Sorgi QB

Ryan Lilja OG

Raheem Brock DE

Tyjuan Hagler LB

Tim Jennings CB

Marlin Jackson CB/FS

The Team: With pressing needs at OLB and Safety I think Polian will have a hard time passing on Mayes. However, they have needs at DT, and part of what make Polian so good is that he has security. He can take a talented player who dropped for whatever reason and let him develop. Over the long haul, Price is just too good to pass up. 

The Player: Price was an All-Pac Ten DT. He is not an immovable object. He can be powered backwards when he gets lazy and doesn't stay low. He is a hot and cold player who can get destroyed at the point of attack on one play and then burst through the line the next. I thought he was going to be a legit NT prospect, but he looks his best when he can just be a one-gap penetrater. He can be a monster when he is allowed to just shot the OG OC gap. He has a nice low burst off the snap when he is on. Conditioning is going to be his top concern on the next level. Does a good job pushing the OL backwards with a strong Bull rush on passing downs. He does a nice job shedding blockers. He can be run at. He can use his hands to shed blocks. He needs to work on his conditioning, and will need to be taken out to rest when he starts standing  up at the snap of the ball. He looked better as the season wore on, and like a lot of big fatties he uses the season to get into shape. He can look like bulldozer in a dirt field when he is on, an he garnered 23.5 TFL 7 Sacks, Forced 2 Fumbles, on 48 Tackles. When he plays and stays low he has great power and push the double team backwards. He like to line up the ORG-Center gap and sometimes line ups in a 3-4 stance like Joe Klecko. He has a nice burst off the LOS, and can get O-Linemen in trouble with his quickness off the line. When he gets stalemated he tries to spin out of it. When he extends his arms first he has a punch that generates a lot of force. When beats the OG to the pads with his hands, he has nice power and can manipulate him while he reads the play, and toss him aside once he see the ball carrier. He can really collapse the pocket, and blow up the running play. He was constantly double teamed. He has a great punch that he does use enough. He is the definition of a hot and cold player. He ends up on the ground too much, and doesn't always play in balance. He can collapse the pocket, blow up a running play, and then end up on the ground for the straight plays. I blame it on conditioning. If if he can get in shape, and play in balance, he will be the steal of the Draft. 

Big run stuffing monster in the middle, with enough finesse and quickness to get to the QB. He can look unblockable on five plays, but than end up on the ground on the next three. Doesn't always play in balance, and is dropping because of it.  He will lose his feet more than I like, but when he is on, he is something to see.


The Reason: Indy has said they are looking for a D-tackle. They picked a couple of guys in last years Draft, but Price has the kind of talent that can make everyone on that D-Line better, and thus the entire Defense. 

Second Choice: Jerry Hughes DE  



Lamarr Houston

DT Texas

6-2, 302


F.A. Signings:

Alex Brown DE

Key F.A.  Loses:

Jamar Nesbit OL

Charles Grant DE

Scott Fujita LB

Mark Simoneau LB

The Team: Am I crazy to think they need a Linebacker? I'm not the biggest fan of Fujita and Shanle. Both Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell as FA. However, I don't see much trouble signing them. Shockey is the only TE who is still under contract. Jermon Bushrod, who did a fantastic job in the Super Bowl is a RFA, you might want to sign him New Orleans;-) Right now, Sedrick Ellis is the only DT under contract. Safety also looks like a giant problem area as Darren Sharper and Roman Harper are FA. 

The Player: A pure Three-Technique Undertackle. Smart player, and a hustling player who really gives it his all. Ultra-quick off the snap. Wins instantly with burst and hands. If big O-Linemen get there mitts on him he is easily stalemated. However since he's added the weight it is much harder to stalemate him, as he will never stop fighting you. He can fly laterally down the line when he read outside run. Tough prospect to judge because he is so undersized. However, he has put on weight and looked bigger and stronger at the Senior Bowl.  Does a nice job reading the flow of the O-Line. Works hard to play with his arms extended to blockers off his body. Has a great swim move. Stronger inside than given credit. When gets real low, he does a better job against the Double team, but still looks best when he can split it with quickness. A much better job than most 3-technique DTs who use quickness over strength. Has a reputation as a Leader, and teammates listen to him. Had a very good season last season where he garnered 68 Tackles and 8 Sacks. He also had a very respectable 22 TFL, 4 PBU, and recovered 2 fumbles. Does an excellent job of using he height to his advantage, by playing and staying low. Plays with such great natural leverage. Does a good job finding the ball in the backfield. I was not a big a fan of his, until the Championship Game. I thought he was spectacular in that game. Then he piggybacked that with a Nice performance at the Senior Bowl, and an excellent Combine. Don't be surprised to see him slip into the 1st Round. He is the second best pure Undertackle in this Draft, behind Gerald McCoy.   

The Reason: They need a 3-Technique Tackle to help Sed Ellis. If one of the top D-Ends falls don't be surprised if they go that route as well.     

Second Choice: Jason Pierre-Paul DE/PassR 

Second Round

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