Dion Jordan

OLB/DE Oregon

6-6.25, 248, 33 7/8" Arms, (U 4.53),

4.6 (O), 32.5" Vert, 10'2" Broad!

SS 4.35, 3-C 7.02!




Elite Heart and Hustle.


Jordan is first and foremost and amazing super athlete. He came to Oregon as a TE. My favorite play he made last season was on an extra point in the bowl game. He caught a pass on the outside and then ran in the two-point conversion like a TE. 

He doesn’t just play in the Slot sometimes, he consistently plays Slot Corner. He plays it very well. It is truly amazing. There is no one in college football who can do what this kid can do. I have never seen a DE/OLB who can cover a Slot WR as well as he does, and then line up at OLB or DE and rush the QB as well as he does. I have seen him line up at ILB. I have seen him line up in the Slot and cover the little Wes Welker like WR, and knock the pass down on an Out cut when he had inside leverage. He out quicked the quick little Slot guy to the outside. He has elite COD.

Sometimes rushes too high. However, he can also get so low in his Dip and Rip that it is amazing. Uses his long arm nicely. When he uses his long arms, hands, and feet together he is elite. Elite burst off the snap on the edge. He sure gets up field fast. He can win the rush right off his blast off the line. He does a real nice job lining up on the Slot WR like he is covering him, and then blitzing from the Slot; It might his best looking rush. He will even extend those long arms and shove off blockers. 

Sets the edge nicely. He is also excellent out on the edge and turning the RB inside. He is a good form tackler. He can slash inside and take out the RB on the Dive. 

Great feet. His problem is going to be strength, because of his bad shoulder. However, it also has given him the long lean look of Jason Taylor. He might be the best pure athlete in this Draft. Great feet shuffle sideways. His key to his NFL potential are how well he can use his long arms and hands. Anytime I see extending his arms to punch, jab, and chop I raise his grade. When he can attack the O-Tackle's arms and elbows, he is elite.

He has a nice, but quick, little hop outside move on the Rush. He Sacked the Washington St QB with that move in the 2nd Quarter. Gets more aggressive in the blitz in the final two-minutes. After his Sack, he shoved off three blockers with his hands and leverage to get to the ball carrier. Then on the next play he used a textbook Swim move to burst past OLT, but slipped down. However, it was a surprising great move. I don’t know if I’m more impressed with the great aggressiveness in the two-minute drill, or his hustle moving around the field during rest of the game. 

He tends to rush most of the time when he lines up on the blindside, and drop most of the time when he lines up on the Strongside. He tends to lean forward a little more when he is rushing. Uses his long arms with elite efficiency to chuck guys in the Slot. That is another thing he does better than anyone in this Draft; He gives a punch, jam, chuck, or Jab to the receiver he is covering in the Slot right off the snap. He consistently shocks the body of the WR or TE he covers in the Slot. I wish he would show those heavy hands more in the rush, because it is a nice weapon in coverage  (Although I suppose, when you are chucking the WR he is going to show it a lot more in his body than when you are punching the 300 pound O-Tackle;-). 

Needs to use his hands better, and more consistently. Doesn’t turn speed to power enough (but he does he is something to see;-). When he can slap down the outside hand of the OLT, he gets to the QB quickly. Needs to slap and chop more when trying to TTC. Runs past the QB a little too much with his great speed. Moves a little far laterally on inside moves sometime. Allows OG and even OC to get a punch on him. This kid really has all the talent in the world, but he just doesn’t use all his vast skills consistently yet. Might be do to lack of strength in upper body because of his shoulder. He needs more weight room work.

I still say he drops into coverage too much. They really need to unleash this kid. He really has a nice Blast off the Line. He is more of a finesse rusher, but he has the speed to TTC, I just don’t know if he has the agility. Nice speed rush from the 11-technique. He has a great quick-twitch spin that almost looks too quick. He had six Sack as JR, mostly because of his relentless motor. His Sacks stat are more impressive when you realize he drops into coverage so much.

This Passrusher has amazing versatility. I have never, and I ever, seen such a versatile player, ever. He not only covers kicks, he makes the tackles. On the opening Kick off against Washington ST, he made the tackle. Then on the first play of the game, he lines up and picks up the Slot receiver. He doesn't just pick him up like a lot of OLBs covering WR. He punishes him with a jab, and then blankets him. On the second play, he switches sides and lines up as a D-End in an their Odd front, and rushes the QB. He gets doubled by the OG and doesn’t get a good rush. On the next play he lines up as an OLB on the Blindside. He pushed the OLT into the feet of the QB to cause the incompletion. Then he comes out on 4th down and tries to block the Punt. This was just the greatest display of BB versatility if ever I saw. Plus, he played TE. He will line on on extra point block team, and has caught the fake, and run it in for a two-point conversion. 

He was on the Kick off coverage team against Arizona. He does a nice job using his long arms to keep off blocker when they run at him. He looks a light, but he can hold up at the point. Quick twitch athlete. He will also line up on the Slot receiver when a team goes Spread, which allows Oregon to stay in their Base more than they should. Does a lot of drops into a short Zone, especially on Seam and Flat on the QB's right. He is aware in coverage, and can make a play on the ball in the air. He move as quickly backwards as any LB I've ever seen. Plays a little high in the rush sometimes. Needs to get lower. When blocker get under him he has to retreat. Redirects with elite quickness. Elite change of direction. 

He has all the physical tools that you look for except upper body strength. He has a nice elbows on his high spin move. Hustles down field to help his teammates. Plays a lot in coverage. Seems to drop about 25% of the time. I like to see him unleashed a little more.  Looks like more of the type of OLB/PR that BB wants. We have to get someone who can get Ninkovich out of the D-End position on passing downs. Jordan might just be that guy. Reads and Sets the edge nicely. 

Dion Jordan Vs Arizona ST-

Watch this. He keeps his technique, and keeps his shoulders squared against the Option. Then turns and bolts to the RB like lighting. That is an impressive burst (0:01). Second position, Slot Corner. Watch the nice jam with the long arms. Then the Zone drop (0:09). Another nice Jam again. But, he reads it to late and gets Sealed. However, you have to like how he jams the blocker into the RB and knocks both of them down (0:16). This is why he is a top five pick. His dropping in coverage is a nice diversion, but it is moving forwards in the passrush that is going to get him drafted early. Watch the explosion off the snap. He gets the outside shoulder of the OLT easily. Then the Dip and Rip into the QB (0:23). Watch the lean, angle, and Dip around the corner. He gets the OLT off balance right off the snap. The turn is unbelievable for such a tall guy (0:30). Tell me that doesn't look like the dreaded (for Pats fans;-) Jason Taylor right there.

Back in the sprinter stance where he should be most of the time. Then he drops. Watch the feet moving backwards. He signals the defense as he reads the QB. One thing about Jordan that you don't hear a lot is that he is an all-out, all-time-guy. Watch the hustle as he comes up, drops a little, and then takes out the QB (0:40). Watch him fight off the block with repeated jabs. One thing about Jordan you don't hear enough is that he maximizes his long arms. He is always playing with punch, jams, chucks, jabs, and shoves with his hands. Then he hustle back around in front of the RB (0:53). He usually doesn't line on this side as much. They must have some match up they like (OLT doesn't look so good;-).

This is equally as impressive as it is frustrating. 3rd position Slot Corner. He blitzes out of the Slot. He reads it perfect. Remember the Option is designed to confuse the OLB/DE. He reads that Option as well as I've seen. Then see how excited he gets for his teammate who made the tackle. That matters. It's not the end all be all some make it out to be; But being a team guy matters (1:02). Watch him beat the ORT with his burst right off the snap (1:10). I talk a lot about Turning The Corner. Those who have the best Dip, angle, and ankle flexion around the Corner hit the QB (1:22). Watch the burst up field from the stand up position. Then he uses his hands to grab the ORT's arm, and he is around the Corner in a flash. When you talk about a team player. He could have complained that Kelly kept dropping him into coverage, when Sacks were what was going to get him drafted early. But he didn't. He did everything his coaches asked him to do with passion, and without complaint. 

Lined up on the TE. It looks like coverage, not a rush to me. That is a straight up bum and run stance. See how he uses his long arm to Set the Edge. Then he gives it up, but he slows the RB enough for his teammates to come in and make the play (1:35). Lined up outside the TE. That is a sprinter stance. He burst up field. Sees the play action and hops back. Then goes after the QB too late (1:43). He fakes up field, tries a Spin move, but the OLT is ready for it (1:50). Coverage stance. Then he shifts out to Sprinters (1:59). He does a nice job setting the edge against two blockers.

ROLB sprinters stance. He is so good with his hands when he uses them. Watch the punch inside. Then the Dip and Rip around the Corner (2:05). Sprinters stance. He drops and they run the play away from him (2:18). Sprinters stance. Watch the speed to power. He bulls the OLT back and panics the QB (2:27). Okay, I hate watching the blow outs. That was a nice example of the kind of player he can be if they let him rush more than drop. 

Dion Jordan Vs Arizona ST-


Dion Jordan Vs Stanford

LOLB, he reads the run. Cuts back in front of the Tackle, and gets tackled (0:01). Second position Right 5-Tech. He burst up field and gains the ORT outside shoulder. Then he sees the QB take off and spins around (0:09). Third position ROLB. Burst up field quick. Taylor cuts under him on the Draw (0:23). He stuffs TE, but falls down. However, he still blew up the play (0:32). Here he is dropping into coverage. He does a good job keeping his eye on the QB. Sees the run (0:38). He is so good at changing direction. Gets back into the play. 

Sprinters stance on the edge. Watch the speed to power. He goes right into the chest of the OLT, and powers him back and makes the QB panic. This is what makes him special. He pressures the QB out of the pocket. Almost gets punched to the ground from behind. Regains his feet. Watch this hustle to the QB (0:48). You can really see him panic the QB here (0:59). He powers into the OLT with his shoulder, and knocks him back into the QB. You can see the OLT almost knock him down. Look at how far he is behind the QB (1:05). Watch this burst and hustle. He gets a perfect angle to get back in front of the QB. You can see he has the angle on the QB here (1:08). If he doesn't get tackled, the QB doesn't get past Jordan. 

Coverage stance. He plays his technique nicely. Shuffles down the line, and then explodes backwards to get in front of the RB (1:12). Slot Corner. He reads the throw. Watch him turn the corner like he is rushing. He curls around Ertz and takes him out (1:22). LOLB, and he's coming. He gets up field nicely, but reads it badly. The FB is able to give him a good pop (1:31). He falls down as he tries to turn back to the RB to quickly. 

Slot Corner on Ertz. He comes off Ertz and gets washed by the OLT (1:39). He comes off a little early and the OLT plays it perfectly. The OLT uses his long arms to jam him into the worst place on the field (1:46). This is as good as it gets (1:52). Watch him read the blockers. Set the edge. Shed and tackle the RB. You can't coach it any better than that (and remember, that is against Stanford's wacky 5-TE offense;-). 

He is in more of a sprinters stance, but it looks like he is dropping to me. He is back on his heels a little. Ertz runs the Slant with the QB eyeing him all the way. Jordan gets a great Jam, as he is wont to do, and stuffs that play dead (2:01). Watch the hustle as he gets tripped three time trying to get back into the play (Ertz tries to get him twice 2:07;-). He is coming here. Watch the nice hand placement. He grabs both shoulder outside, and tries to pull himself past the Tackle. Then he Spins himself out of the play for some reason (2:13). That was not his best rush of the season.

This is nice. He reads the play action and sets the edge. Then he reads the pass. Just watch how quick he drops into coverage. That is elite (2:22). LOLB. Watch him play his technique. He keeps his shoulders square, and stays with the QB on the backside until he is certain he handed the ball off. Then watch how quick he gets into the backfield. That is an elite burst. (2:33). Then he changes direction again, and get in on the tackle. That is a great hustle play. 

He keeps his position. Reads the ball while using his long arms to keep off the TE. Sheds and attacks, with great burst (2:43). Here we go (Position four? I forget;-), 4-3 right D-End. He reads the handoff. Watch his remarkable burst into the RB. Unfortunately it was a play action and he misread the play (2:53). Stepping outside in sprinters stance. He goes all out for the ball (3:01). This is what the Option is designed to do. When the DE/OLB plays the RB, the QB keeps it. When he gets over aggressive and charges the QB, the QB hands if off, and makes the D-End look dumb. 

Sprinter stance. When he starts shuffling his feet, he is coming. He just goes right at the QB and forces the handoff. That is a good play (3:09). Left out on the blindside by himself on 3rd and 7. He reads it perfectly. He doesn't get over aggressive and blows up the play. The fact that the QB kept the ball is irrelevant. That is how you play the Option on defense (3:17). People don't talk enough about how much he hustles. Watch him, somehow, hustle back into the play. He flies like superman at the QB. That is the type of hustle that wins games. Is there a replay I want to see that again. No. Crap (well click on 3:17 and see if you can see the great hustle;-). How the hell does he get all the way over there. That is impressive. 

He just runs by Ertz like he is a piñata (you know, tied to a string. No;-). He had the QB contained on that play. Against the Option that is nice play. That's right! That's him hustling into the play at the top of the screen (3:28). He switches sides as they are running away from him too much (3:38). He does a nice job hustling to the inside as it looks like a Sweep to the opposite side. Then he changes direction and gets in on the TFL. That is a great play.

Slot Corner. You can't teach it any better than this. He gets a nice jam on Ertz. Turns into the Zone. Sees the throw to Taylor trying to turn the corner. He puts on the jets again, protects the edge, and takes Taylor down (3:47). It looks like he is coming, but he is lined up right on Ertz. He shuffles his feet so you know he is coming (3:59). He gets fooled by the snap count. So he drifts inside and plays the QB Spy. 

He is definitively on his heels a little. He is not coming. I love this play. Watch him play with his hands and feet in balance. He keeps his hands up and shoves as he shuffles his feet. Then he sheds and attacks. He gets spun around on the Hold, and still gets to the RB (4:10). Gets a little over aggressive here, and gets run under. However, he sheds, as he uses his elite COD, hear, and hustle and gets in on the tackle again (4:20). This is so nice we get to see it twice (4:28). Watch how low he gets taking on the Pulling FB. Hands extended with a nice defensive helmet butt (you know that is coming when you are playing Stanford;-). Then he shoves the FB off with his inside hand. He gets Held. Punches off. And attack the RB from behind. 

That is his Sprinter's Stance. See how his head is in front of his knees (he is either coming, or that is a great fake;-). Another great play. He starts to go, but reads the run. He reads the blockers, and uses his great hands and feet to allude the blocker. Then he attacks the RB. You can really see his elite COD, when he bounces off Taylor, and is behind him. He bounces himself back into the play. Makes the TFL (4:47). I love this replay here. Check out the long arms spread out like a spider to the fly. One hand in the chest of the blocker, and the other protecting the edge. It doesn't get any better that that (4:57). Taylor just has no to go. Watch how low he sinks his hips here. Taylor makes a nice straight arm, as the O-Linemen Holds Jordan. Then Jordan pounds him to the ground. 

He reads it right from the start, but gets doubled outside. That is a tough play when you have to protect the edge (5:07). Is there any doubt he is coming here. Takes out the big FB and looses his feet (5:20). You want to see cat quick. Watch him use his hands and feet in combination to explode past the ORT. He has his feet moving at elite speed, and his hands chopping with elite precision (5:36). Taylor doesn't know what the hell to do. So he lowers his head for a cloud of dust. 

His responsibility is to hit the QB on the Option. He does it well (5:45). He does a nice job shuffling in front of the RB, and then jumping on top (5:55). This is so nice. He sets the edge. Then he uses his leverage and his hands to toss the OLT to the ground (6:07). He gets himself offside. Then overruns the QB (6:15). That is just protecting the edge nicely with his hands (6:23). He burst his way to even with the QB. Watch the stop and punch. That is just great. Then he is hitting the QB in the legs (6:31). Short yardage. RDE in Odd formation (five is odd;-). Watch him spring past Toilolo (6:40). Then he turns the corner with remarkable agility and leaps at the RB. That is elite quickness and agility to get a little shot on a RB who is running to the opposite side, in short yardage. 

He gets a little late burst off the snap, but watch the nice punch to the chest as he tries to get to the Corner (6:48). They run a Dive, and double him on the edge. He still somehow gets in on the tackle (6:57). He sets the edge on the play action. Watch the second burst up field as they double him out of the play (7:07). Set the edge nicely (7:18). Then works his way back to the ball, again. 

Dion Jordan Vs Stanford

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= JMoel8E3HaE

Dion Jordan Official Stats:

2012 — Named to watch lists for Bednarik Award (defense), Rotary Lombardi Award (lineman), Bronko Nagurski Trophy (defense) and Ted Hendricks Award (defensive end) … Recorded a pair of solo tackles in win at Oregon State  … Made six tackles, including 2.0 tackles for a five-yard loss in loss vs. Stanford … Credited with three tackles, including 1.0 TFLs for an eight-yard loss and forced a fumble in win at USC … Recorded a trio of tackles and 0.5 TFL in win over Colorado … Made five solo tackles, including 2.0 sacks for a seven-yard loss in victory at Arizona State … Had two tackles, 1.0 for a one-yard loss and forced a fumble and was credited with a quarterback hurry in win vs. Washington … Recorded four tackles, including 1.0 sacks for an eight-yard loss in victory over Washington State … Forced one fumble, had one pass breakup and made four tackles in win vs. Arizona … Made a big impact in the win, recording five tackles with 2.0 tackles for a nine-yard loss, including 1.0 sacks for a seven-yard loss in victory over Tennessee Tech … Recorded eight tackles and one sack for a one-yard loss in win vs. Fresno State … Made one solo stop in victory vs. Arkansas State.

 — All-Pac-12 first team (Pac-12 coaches, Phil Steele) … 42 tackles over 14 games, 12 starts … Led Ducks, tied for fifth in Pac-12 with 13.0 tackles for loss … Team-high 7.5 sacks … Recorded two stops in win over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl … Had one sack for a seven-yard loss in victory over UCLA in the Pac-12 Championship Game … Three tackles, including a career-high two sacks for a loss of 18 yards in win vs. Oregon State … Had two tackles and 0.5 TFL for a 3-yard loss in win at Stanford … Second consecutive game with at least one sack, had 1.5 sacks for a 10 yard loss to go along with five tackles in victory at Washington … Career-high seven tackles, including six solo stops and a sack for a 4-yard loss in win vs. Washington State … First career forced fumble to go along with one quarterback hurry and three solo tackles, including 1.0 TFL for a 7-yard loss in victory over Arizona State… Six tackles and 2.0 TFL for a total loss of eight yards vs. California … Recorded five tackles, 1.5 sacks for a 15-yard loss and added another TFL for a 1-yard loss in win at Arizona … Two tackles in win vs. Missouri State … Made three stops, including 1.0 TFL for a 4-yard loss vs. Nevada … Had a trio of tackles and 0.5 TFL in loss against LSU … Notched a 33.5-inch vertical leap, a 1.71-second electronic 10-yard, a 2.79 second electronic 20-yard, a 4.08-second shuttle and a 7.23-second “L” run to lead all defensive linemen in winter conditioning … recorded six tackles and a game-high two sacks for the White Team in the spring game.

2010 —   Switched from tight end to defensive end during the spring … Top reserve on the defensive line and key special teams performer started one game at defensive end … Recorded multiple tackles in all but one game … Made four solo tackles, including one for a 2-yard loss in BCS National Championship Game vs. Auburn … Two stops in win at OSU … 1.0 TFL among two stops, one pass breakup and quarterback hurry vs. Arizona … Scored his first collegiate points on a 2-point PAT rush in win at Cal … Four tackles, including a sack for a 9-yard loss in win vs. Washington … Two solo tackles and 1.0 TFL at USC … Started at defensive end, making three tackles vs. UCLA … Had a pair of tackles at Washington State … Recorded first sack as a collegian in win at Arizona State … Had a pair of tackles and was credited with a quarterback hurry in win vs. Portland State … Recorded three stops, including two solo tackles in win at Tennessee … Made an impressive defensive debut, recording a team-high (tie) five tackles and 1.0 TFL for a loss of six yards vs. New Mexico … Equaled the fastest electronic 20-yard dash among defensive linemen at 1.71 seconds and ranked second in the electronic 40-yard dash after clocking 4.77.

2009 — The reserve tight end stepped onto the field for a season-high 20 snaps against Washington State but proved to be a bigger factor as the season wore on playing special teams … Made appearances in three of the final four games of the year, including seven plays in the Rose Bowl vs. Ohio State … Finished the year with both of his tackles against Arizona State.

2008 — Performed scout team duties during his redshirt season.

BEFORE OREGON — The four-star prospect was ranked as the 10th overall tight end in the country by Scout.com … Also included on the website’s Arizona Top 85 (4th) as one of the best prospects in the state, as well as one of only seven tight ends on the Tacoma News Tribune’s Western 100 elite ledger … The PrepStar All-American and first-team all-region and all-state choice caught 13 passes for 292 yards and three touchdowns in six games his senior year before the remainder of his season was curtailed while recovering from a serious off-the-field accident … Averaged 9.2 tackles per game and 0.8 sacks per game in 2007 … Blocked two kicks and forced two fumbles while returning one 59 yards against Ironwood HS … Posted 15 tackles against Yuma and 13 vs. Chavez during his senior campaign … Caught 54 passes for 804 yards and 13 touchdowns as a junior.

PERSONAL — Parent: Sherrita Jordan. Family: One brother, one sister. High School (Coach): Chandler (Jim Ewan), 2008. Major: Sociology.



g td rush rcv ret pat 2pat fg total avg/g
2009 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
2010 13 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 4 0.3
2011 14 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
2012 12 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 4 0.3
TOTAL 45 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 8 0.2
TACKLES g ua a total tfl pd ff fr blk
2009 6 1 1 2 0.0 0 0 0 0
2010 13 21 12 33 5.5 1 0 0 0
2011 14 25 17 42 13.0 0 1 0 0
2012 12 26 18 44 10.5 1 3 0 0
TOTAL 45 73 48 121 29.0 2 4 0 0
SACKS g ua a total yards
2009 6 0 0 0.0 0
2010 13 2 0 2.0 16
2011 14 6 3 7.5 57
2012 12 5 0 5.0 23
TOTAL 45 13 3 14.5 96


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