De'Aaron Fox- 6-4, 210,

PF, Duke, 50.4% 2-P, 2.1 APG

6-11" WS, 34.2% 3-P, 6-10.5 SR,

16.8 PPG, 7.3 RPG,  1.3 SPG, and 1.1 BPG

As Fast As Wall.

By Tom Mahoney

Fox is a guy who isn't the most dynamic PG in this Draft, but might be the best at running a team. "But again, the biggest thing with De’Aaron was the leadership that he [developed]," Calipari said. "Early on he didn’t try to come in and say, 'This is my program.' But about two months in, we’re playing games and I look at him and I said, 'Hey, kid, this is your team. You’re my point guard. You’re it. Go do your thing.' And I think he became more challenged and more challenged and more comfortable taking over." His leadership was paramount to Kentucky winning last season.

He ran a very talented, but very young Kentucky offense into the top 12. He has great length for a PG, and is a tremendous defender. He is a lefty, which helps him on defense. He is a very herky jerky dribbler. It is often difficult to anticipate where he is going. Terrific passer on the break. He is at his best in pace passing to his teammates. 

He is a great defender. "Here’s what I love about Fox," a scout said. "That dude can flat-out defend, and loves to defend. Undoubtedly one of the fastest guys in the draft. I just love the way he defends the ball. He’s capable of defending with his eyes." He is a one man press on the opponent PG to slow thing down for his teammates. 

He will turn the wrong way sometimes and lose the smaller quicker PG on defense. "De’Aaron came in here focused from day one, and to see his improvement from the beginning of the season to the end was special," Calipari said. "What you saw from De’Aaron over the last month and a half of the season I think is what NBA teams will get for the future." He will leave his man to go down into the Paint and rebound. He is a nice rebounder. He slips down into the paint to rebound consistently. He can grab the rebound, take off down court, and throw the long pass for an open shot. He likes to sneak down into the Paint for the D-rebound early. 

"John Wall uses his speed as a weapon. [He] wasn’t as good with the ball scoring-wise at that age like De’Aaron," Calipari said. "[Fox], who has floaters, not a great 3-point shooter, but good. Neither was John. But John’s thing was 'I'm getting that run and dunk on you.' This kid [De'Aaron] didn’t use it as a weapon. My whole thing all season [was telling him to] sprint the ball for layups. Rebound it, get the outlet and try to get a layup. When he did it, it was, 'Oh my God.' But he doesn’t use it as a weapon yet. When he uses it as a weapon, it’s a wrap. I want him to use his speed as a weapon, use it like John Wall."

Made be the best thing about Fox is that while he's a firecracker on the court, he is a dud off the court. "He has a buzz about him," Calipari said. "He has a spirit about him. Yet like Karl Towns, he never left his room. Karl Towns never left his room and neither did this kid." You don't have to worry about him when he leaves the facility, and that is bigger than you think.

Doesn't shoot a lot, but he will shoot it with the shoot clock running down, and makes the clutch jumper with the shot clock expiring. He is always aware and always in control. Takes guys inside with a shoulder fake, and then burst back outside for the easy left side layup. He is terrific harassing the PG trying to bring the ball up and making him work it over half court. 

He has such great speed that he can use all over the Court. "He’s like so fast he’ll beat the lights out," a personnel guy said. "But I don’t think he passes the ball as well as Ball, and Smith, and Fultz. I don’t think his instincts are as good as those guys. He’s got them little, small hands. He’ll get stronger, but he’s got that KD frame. He won’t put on a lot of mass, but he’ll get stronger. He’s got freak athleticism" He might just be as fast as Wall.

He can crossover to the right and get past the guard, and then glide forward for a lefty floater past the Elbow. Gets to the right side of rim easy, but has to shoot it into the defender lefty. He can scoop it up righty when he has no defenders near him, but he has to slow and shot it low. He can cross over to his right, and pull up and hit the midrange. 

If you try to cover him like a righty, with your left hand extended, he will eat you up alive. When he gets to the left side of the hoop he has ten ways to score. He often dribbles righty when setting up the offense, and then crosses over to his left to attack. He can sky up to the hoop lefty, and draw the foul consistently. His give away is that he likes to cross over from his right to his left, and then almost always attacks past the defender lefty.

He can catch the pass, and dribble with his left, and then flick the ball with his right hand for a perfect alley-oop pass to his Big. It is just as impressed for a lefty to pass with his right hand, as it is for a righty to pass with his left, and you do not see that very often. Big hands that he uses to palm and control the ball, and actually tosses a righty finger roll pass to his Big. No trouble attacking the hoop on a righty drive, but tends to go back to his left to shoot it. Lefties are usually more reliant on their left hand to shot, because righties get forced to their weak hand much more than Lefties. 

He is great slashing left. He too often gets a free ride to the hoop left, which is his strength. Elite speed in the open court. He flies by guys dribble lefty, like they are, huh, me. Then he can go up and power jam lefty. Great hops and long arms to sky up and dunk at full speed. He has become an important scorer for Kentucky. Nice jumper from the foul line extended. He doesn't push his offense as much as he should. But he is not a good 3-point shooter. In fact, he sucks.

I love his speed with the dribble. Great job driving to the hoop lefty and going high off the glass left handed. Great length, and is very twitchy as well. He is an odd player that we haven’t seen very often, a PG with his length and twitchiness. Terrific effort on defense. He can look, physically, like a thinner taller lefty Rondo sometimes. He controls the offense very well, but he is not near the natural passer that Rondo is. He also turns the ball over too much.

He can be a little loose with his dribble sometimes, and get it taken away from him. Nice job tossing up the loop to his Big. He has some great COD moving off the ball. He is much quicker than given credit. He is not a good 3-Point shooter. But that is the easiest flaw to fix, it just takes work and repetition. But he does play his best when he is on the move and shooting on the move, which is not good when you have to stop and shoot a Three.

Great length and speed. Amazing long arms that let him play taller than he is. I like this kid. He is a little wild sometimes, but he is tough. He can drive into the Paint, stop, and hook it lefty. Great job at the top of the Press harassing the PG into turnovers. Great first step going to the hoop. He is not a natural shooter. But he is a good scorer.

He has a nice step forward jumper. He is a better scorer than I remembered. He is a nice traffic cop on offence. He has a great dipsy do handle with his left in traffic. He can get three defenders moving three different ways with his tricky dribbles, and then explode to the basket all alone. You'd think the coach would tell them he is lefty, and they have to cover him the exact opposite way they cover righties. 

Fox Vs UNC:

He took over this game in the 2nd half. "Now, I’ll tell you with UCLA he’s really playing. At halftime, I walk in and I look at the team and I go, 'Are you all watching this game?'" Calipari said. "And they look at me like, What? 'Are you watching what he’s doing? How about we just play through him this half?' And the first guy to speak up and laugh was Malik Monk, and said, 'Put it in his hands! We’ll play off him. Go do your thing.' That’s from Malik Monk to De’Aaron, because Malik knew De’Aaron led the right way. He led for his teammates more than he led himself. But he learned that, and he learned it over five months." Great point guard get that great trust from their head coach.

He is so good at shooting on the move. That Elbow floater while floating down the Lane is an elite shot (:04). He is one of those guys who shoots and plays better off the dribble. He one-dribbles right and into Ball to shoot the Jumper out of Three range. Not a smart shoot, but he hit it (:14). He dribbles righty to get the defender to relax just a little, and as soon as he crosses over to his left he attacks past the right shoulder of the smaller defender (:21). Watch how he slows and gets low in the middle of traffic, which makes them relax and look around to where he is going to pass it. Then he sneaks up and shots the floater.

When he gets nice and low in his stance he can cause some trouble (:28). Love that little twist dribble. He is so adept at those tricky quick dribbles that sends defenders the wrong way. He knows how to set up Picks with the dribble. He is so herky jerky and has some great quick twitch, but his best move on the play was when he lost the ball (:32). Then once he is in the Paint he has that great floater that he can hit on the move anywhere from 15 and in.

Smart, he saw that Ball was looking for him to go left. So he come off the tendency to crossover with his right and explode left, by crossing back over to his right, and slowed just a bit for the pick to be set (:42). He will scoop it in righty when he is all alone in the Paint. Otherwise he is a pure lefty shooter.

I love that slick east-west dribble that he uses to set up the pick from either side. He beat guys with that dribble. Then he stops and look right. Watch the suddenness in the dribble and his hips as he explodes back left for the quick hook (:48). Entry pass, and then quick cut. He gets the ball back and leaps up the hole instantly (:58). He knew he should have shot it righty, but has to draw it back and shot it lefty.

Great burst and anticipation to jump into the passing Lane to steal the ball and turn it into a basket. But did you see that Monk was on Ball. Monk is a much better man defender than I remembered. Fox has elite speed in the open court. He is a great quick twitch athlete (1:19). He is just unstoppable it you left him drive left (1:28). He can play off the ball, and get himself open on the left side (1:38). Great leap. He hangs in the air for the double clutch layup over Welsh.

But in the end you draft him to be a point guard. Can he make passes that make his teammates better. This is an example of a pass that made his teammate better (1:45). They try and trap him with the two PGs, and he just takes Ball's right shoulder, which should never happen when you are covering a lefty (1:54). Watch the great slashing attack on the basket, and the double clutch to end the game.

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Fox Vs UCLA:


Fox's Official Bio:


2016-17 Freshman: Developed into one of the nation’s best point guards by season’s end … Produced a number of prolific individual performances, including a freshman NCAA Tournament record 39-point game vs. No. 8/6 UCLA in the NCAA Tournament and a triple-double vs. Arizona State, just the program’s second ever and its first since Chris Mills in December 1988 … Was tabbed a third-team All-America selection by CBS Sports USA Today and ESPN … Also picked up Associated Press All-America Honorable Mention honors … Picked for the All-Southeastern Conference First Team by both the AP and league’s coaches in addition to making the coaches’ SEC All-Freshman Team … Made the U.S. Basketball Writers Association All-District IV Team and the National Association of Basketball Coaches District 21 First Team … Earned SEC Tournament MVP honors after averaging 22.0 points per game en route to the title … Made the 2017 NCAA Tournament All-South Region Team … 2017 Bob Cousy Point Guard of the Year finalist … Led the SEC in assists per game with a 4.6 average … Finished fourth in the league with a 1.9 assist-to-turnover ratio and sixth in scoring average at 16.7 points per game … Scored in double figures in 32 of 36 games he played in and 12 straight to close the season … Led UK in scoring in all seven postseason games and averaged 21.6 points during that span … Posted 10 20-point games on the season, second most on the team … Recorded 17 games with five assists or more … Four-time SEC Freshman of the Week honoree (Nov. 21, Dec. 5, Dec. 19, Jan. 9) … Averaged 16.7 points, 4.6 assists, 4.0 rebounds and 1.5 steals per game, one of only four freshmen in the country to average at least those numbers in all four categories … Led the Wildcats in assists a team-high 18 times … Also led the team in steals a team-high 15 times … Just one of six players to score 600 or more points in a single season under Calipari … Dished out the third-most assists (165) by a UK freshman in program history … Considered one of UK’s late-game closers, making 27 of 34 free throws in single-digit games with five minutes or less to go …. Scored 39 points on 13-of-20 shooting vs. No. 8/6 UCLA in the Sweet 16 game, an NCAA Tournament record by a freshman … It was the most by any player in the NCAA Tournament this year … It was also the fourth-most points ever by a Wildcat in an NCAA Tournament game … The 39 points are the second most by a John Calipari player at Kentucky … Scored a then-career-high 28 points vs. Alabama in the SEC Tournament semifinals, including nine straight points and 12 of UK’s final 17 points when Alabama had closed within one point … The 28 points were the most for a freshman in UK history in the SEC Tournament … Scored 14 of his 16 points in the final 4:36 of the win at Georgia … Scored 21 points in the win at Mississippi State, including a run of nine straight in the final three minutes … Followed a then-career high 27 points at home vs. Arkansas with a 22-point game at Vanderbilt, making a then-career-high 11 field goals … Stepped up big in games vs. nationally ranked North Carolina and Louisville, recording 24 points and 10 assists vs. the Tar Heels and 21 points at U of L … Nearly posted a double-double vs. No. 11/9 UCLA at home with 20 points and nine assists … Recorded the program’s first triple-double since Chris Mills in 1988 and just the school’s second all-time with 14 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists in the Bahamas vs. Arizona State … Notched his first career double-double with 16 points and 11 assists vs. Cleveland State … Debuted with 12 points and 12 assists, setting a school record for the most assists in a college debut and the most of any Wildcat in a season-opening game since assists began being kept in 1971-72. 

Named to the All-USA Boys Basketball team as a first-team selection … Also made the Naismith All-America First Team … Naismith High School Player of the Year finalist … Also a McDonald’s All-American and participated in both the Jordan Brand Classic game and the Nike Hoop Summit … Shared MVP honors at the Jordan Brand Classic with fellow UK signee Malik Monk after scoring a game-high 23 points on 8-of-16 shooting to go along with five rebounds … Led Cypress Lakes (Katy, Texas) with a pair of back-to-back 40-point performances in the Texas high school state playoffs before falling in the regional finals … During the regular season he scored 30 or more points in 20 games, 40 or more eight times and even hit the 50-point mark in February …Three-time all-state performer … Tabbed the Texas Gatorade High School Player of the Year in 2016 … Three-time all-region selection and twice was tabbed the district’s most valuable player … Named his district’s newcomer of the year in 2013 … Led Cypress Lakes to three consecutive district championships … Ranked as the No. 6 overall player by Scout, Rivals, ESPN and 247Sports … Ranked No. 6 overall in the Recruiting Services Consensus Index … Participated in the 2015 USA Basketball Junior National Team minicamp … Made the 2015-16 USA Basketball Men’s Junior National Team in September 2015 … Competed with the Houston Hoops on the AAU circuit … Earned academic all-district accolades.yer … Named his district’s Newcomer of the Year in 2013 … Led Cypress Lakes to three consecutive district championships … Rated as high as No. 2 overall in the rankings by 247Sports … Scout ranked him at No. 4, Rivals had him at No. 5 and ESPN tabbed him No. 7 … Scout and 247Sports both ranedk the five-star prospect as the No. 1 point guard in the talented 2016 group … Ranked No. 6 overall in the Recruiting Services Consensus Index … Participated in the 2015 USA Basketball Junior National Team minicamp … Made the 2015-16 USA Basketball Men’s Junior National Team in September 2015 … Competed with the Houston Hoops on the AAU circuit … Earned Academic All-District accolades.


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