Dalton Schultz- TE Stanford

 6-5.3, 244, 10" Broad! 32" Vert! 

31 1/4" Arms, 15 Reps, (O) 4.75,

7.0 3-Cone, 4.4 Short Shuttle

Testing The Seam. Part V. 


Great goal line blocker. Great hand placement on blocks. Elite natural hands. He can snag the pass with LBs on both side ready to kill him, and the ball just melts in his hands like a chocolate egg (and yes I was watching film on Easter;). Great heavy hands. He is the best blocking tight end in this Draft. He is a true tight end, and not an H-back in any sense of the word.

What makes him great are his explosive legs from an inline position. He explodes off the line like a wrecking ball in the run game, and is fastest in pattern in the first five yards on his release from an inline position. Otherwise he is not nearly as explosive, fast, or has a great burst with his leg once they straighten out. 

But he has more explosion off the inline position than any TE in this Draft. He might be a number two TE only. He gets ignored by defenses in the passing game sometimes. Runs good patterns, but just doesn't have the speed to consistently make trouble for the defense in the passing game. Pats should be able to get him in the 3rd. 

Mean and nasty road grader who takes his blocking assignment to heart, and visibly panics when he misses his assignment. If the Pats don't take TE in the 1st, I'd like them take Ian Thomas in the 2nd, or Shultz at the end of the 3rd. He is a do everything kind of tight end that BB loves. And especially because he is best blocker of the TEs, and obsessive about his assignments on every play. He is the elite inline blocker in this Draft. 

Phenomenal explosion off the snap allows him to crash the DE inside, and trip up other defenders trying to get outside to Love. Not sure he'll ever be a true number one, because of speed, but he will make a top number two TE. Excellent burst off the line blocking and running patterns, but he doesn't have great long speed, and even seems to quickly slow down after initial burst off the line. 

Great physical blocker. He pancaked more DLs and LBs inline than any tight end I ever saw. He is one of the rare TEs who can block two guys on one play. He plays with some serious nasty in the run game. He lines up inline and blocks in line as well. But he will also line up in the slot standing up. He has okay speed going down the seam for a TE. But he is not going out run anyone, but he moves well for a TE. 

Additional Notes:

TCU: He is a good blocker, and a bit of a trouble maker. Not a lot of speed. He can get over physical and play through the whistle a little too much. But most NFL teams love that. Love his hands. He is a natural hands catcher. He will also line up the slot. He can get open on the break inside in a post pattern from the Seam. I like his burst out of break in pattern to create some separation. 

San Diego: He has an odd Rip release off the line that gets him physically into pattern through the DE, and slows his rush as well. He is a good receiver sneaking out wide off the line. Terrific blocker. You can see him do every kind a block you want a TE to do in the NFL on Tape. He can really snag the ball. He has some nice moves off the line to get into pattern. He is a true tight end who lines up inline, blocks inline, and runs patterns from inline. 

Fighting Irish: He gets out quick on the OLB blocking. Nice natural hands. He has no trouble catch the ball a little behind with his arms extended. He is terrific Redzone target. Ouch! He is a great mean and nasty blocker. He can make every kind of block you need. He looks like a TE, but he blocks in the run game like a 3rd Tackle.  

Combine: I thought he was a little overrated. He was inconsistent when I watched him. He can go up high in the endzone, and snag the high lob. He looks like a natural athlete. No trouble catching the ball over his head down the seam. He kept his hands high and tight in blocking drill. No drop in 2nd gauntlet. Smooth hands catcher in gantlet. Nice sharp cut on the In. Great feet on comeback. He can track the deep ball, and catch it naturally. 

He had great leg explosion numbers in the Broad Jump and Vertical Leap. 7-seconds flat 3-Cone and a 4.4 SS are great numbers for the best blocking Tight End in this Draft. Plus, I though he showed those quickness number in breaks in patterns. He does not get open with speed. But he does use some quick breaks to create some separation in patterns. 

Dalton Schultz Vs UCLA:

Great blocker. Watch him block down on the DE, knock him off his feet sideways, and then continue to the second level to block the LB. Not many TEs can make that double block. None in this Draft (:01). He has a quick release off the line into pattern (:08). But he is an inline blocker first (:15). He chipped the hip, but missed the block. However, his man did not make the play. I love how he is on the ground trying to crab his way up with his eyes on his assignment furious that he missed the block.

He used his great burst off the line to take violent advantage in run game. Watch him not just pancake the DE, but pancake him inside on the outside run, and create a great traffic jam inside. You cannot block inline better than that (:29). Not great hand placement (:38). But watch the great fight on the edge that eventually allowed Love to get outside. That is the kind of obsessive blocker that BB loves.

That is the best two defender block I have seen from a TE, ever. Watch him get inside position on the DE, and half block, half get in the way, and half rip past him to the 2nd level so he can block the LB (:46). He will also line up as an H-back. He gets across the line okay, but speed will always be a bit of a problem in the NFL (:54). He has great soft hands, and has no trouble looking back to catch the ball thrown behind him. 

Nice pattern. He showed some quick feet, and had a nice break inside. But you can see the defense really ignored him in the passing game (1:08). Terrible release, where he seemed to awkwardly double start off the line (1:16). He has a great burst off the line when lines up inline. Nice pattern to weave through the defenders (1:24). Explosive outside from inline blocking position (1:32). He put the OLB on skates off his initial explosion, but couldn't sustain the momentum once the burst wore off. His eliteness is all about his initial leg explosion. Otherwise he is a Number Two TE.

Nice lateral quicks into a nice shoulder block. He does have some agility moving outside (1:40). Nice block with arms extended out in space to give Love the outside lane (1:49). I really like how he runs that In pattern from the slot (1:58). Great goal line blocker (2:10). Watch how he used his inline leg explosion to take the legs out of two big DLs. That was the best goal line block by a tight end I ever saw. 

Great seal block, and even though Love went inside he still held on (2:15). Nice initial burst off the line. I like how he leaned into the LB outside, and then broke inside to get wide open (2:31). That was a little better speed down the seam (2:38). Even better speed down the seam (2:47). Another great block (2:54). I love this block. He goes low and almost knocked the LB off his feet. Then they both got up, and Schultz grabbed him and blocked him again. He is obsessive about his blocking assignments.

Pattern run too slow (3:14). He got to the second level. Found someone to block. Great hand placement. Great grip on shirt to hold the block (3:29). Nice backside block, sort of (3:35). Terrific inline pop and seal (3:56). He will miss sometimes. But he blocks through the whistle, and went obsessively back for that third and forth attempt to block (4:04). He is just not going to get a lot of passes thrown his way (4:11). But he can run patterns to get himself open (especially when he is ignored by the secondary;).

He has some burst on breaks inside. And if you throw it to him he will catch it, even with an LB in his face looking to do him harm. Then he will fight like a bulldog for the First (4:23). Nice block on the safety on the 3rd level. That is not an easy block for a TE (4:39). He is an excellent Redzone receiver (4:46). But he is an even better Redzone blocker. Can you say "pancake"?

Absorbs initial pop, then turns, pivots, and seals in pass pro (5:01). Great pop up in outside seal block (5:08). Great seal block on the 2nd level (5:15). Great grip on the LB on 2nd level. He sustained the block that sprung Love outside for a long time (5:20). He is the best blocking TE I have ever seen.

Sneaky receiver in the Redzone. See how he clamped on in play action, and then released the LB to go get the QB. That is a great play action pattern for a TE (6:14). Elite reaction to the ball in the air, and ball skills. That is an impossible TD catch right there. How he got that hand under the ball and curled it up I'll never know. But that was a TD catch, and replay did prove it. That was the best TD catch from last season that no one ever saw. He is a great Redzone receiving threat. 'Nuff said.

Shultz Vs UCLA:


Shultz's Official Bio:

As a Senior (2017)
• All-Pac-12 first team
• Pac-12 All-Academic second team
• John Mackey Award watch list
• 13 games played
• 22 receptions for 212 yards and three touchdowns
• 9.6 yards/reception
• Two catches for 41 yards vs. Rice
• Two catches for seven yards, including one-yard touchdown at USC
• One catch for 16 yards at San Diego State
• Three catches for 15 yards and a touchdown vs. UCLA
• Three catches for 46 yards vs. Arizona State
• Three catches for 29 yards at Utah
• One catch for eight yards vs. Oregon
• Two catches for 19 yards at Oregon State
• Two catches for 15 yards, including 12-yard touchdown vs. Notre Dame
• One catch for eight yards vs. USC (Pac-12 Championship Game)
• Two catches for eight yards vs. TCU (Alamo Bowl)

As a Junior (2016)
• All-Pac-12 honorable mention
• Phil Steele All-Pac-12 preseason first team
• Athlon All-Pac-12 preseason first team
• John Mackey Award watch list
• 13 games played
• 23 catches for 222 yards and one touchdown
• One catch for eight yards vs. Kansas State
• Two catches for 20 yards vs. USC
• Three catches for 24 yards at Washington
• Two catches for 12 yards vs. Washington State
• One catch for 17 yards at Notre Dame
• Two catches for 15 yards vs. Colorado
• Two catches for 17 yards at Arizona
• One catch for two yards vs. Oregon State
• Four catches for 38 yards at Oregon
• One catch for nine yards at Cal
• Two catches for 41 yards vs. Rice
• Two catches for 19 yards vs. North Carolina (Sun Bowl)

As a Sophomore (2015) • Game-by-Game Statistics
• Pac-12 All-Academic honorable mention
• 14 games played
• 10 catches for 121 yards and one touchdown
• 12.1 yards/catch
• One catch for six yards at Northwestern in career debut
• Three catches for 40 yards at USC
• One catch for 22 yards vs. Washington
• Two kick returns for 38 yards at Washington State
• Two catches for eight yards, six-yard touchdown catch at Colorado
• One catch for 17 yards vs. Oregon
• One catch for 22 yards vs. Notre  Dame

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