DJ Moore- WR Maryland

6', 210, 9" Hands, 31 5/8" Arms, (U 4.43, 4.48), (O) 4.42, 15 Reps, 39.5 Vert, 11' Broad, 6.95 3-Cone 4.07 SS, 11.18 60-Yard,  

Bigger Than Imagined. 


He is a fast guy that I thought was overrated. But the more I watched him the more I liked him. I left him out of my ratings because I thought he was forced up a little, and I wanted to see what he did at the Combine. He was a different player at the Combine. He has elite character. He talked an O-Coordinator. He could have an interview with BB like Deon Branch had, and he could fall in love and take him at 31. 

He is bigger than I thought. He is also very well built. Looks a little like Pats WR, or an RB. He can really move on Tape. I thought he played fast. He is a weight room junkie. He literal caught over 1/2 of the passing yards at Maryland last year. He had 80 catches for 1,033-yards, while Maryland QBs only combined for 1940-yards. That is just incredible. He caught over 2/3 of the starting QBs yards (1,313), and over half of their TD passes (he had 8 and the QB's combined for 15). You have to try to not be impressed with those stats.

That is stunningly impressive. I think he might run the best patterns in the Draft. He had to run himself wide open, because his QBs got worse and worse as the season went on. Half of them couldn't throw into a goalpost never mind a tight window. He was playing with the least effective QBs in the FBS, and still garnered over a thousand yard. What he did last season, throw rate and percentage of yards caught, has never been done before. 

He was listed at 5-10, and showed up at the Combine 6-foot tall. "I knew how tall I was," Moore said. "Having it listed at 5-10 raised some flags, but that’s not how tall I really was." He was said to be a 4.5 guy, and showed up and ran a top five Forty at a very impressive 4.42. 

Not only was he top five in speed at the Combine, he was top 5 in five categories. I don't care where you drink your beer that is impressive. "Once the ball gets in my hands I just become a different person," Moore said. "I’m a playmaker. Find the seams in the defense and just go make a play." He was top five in the explosion drills: Vertical Leap and Broad Jump. 

But most importantly for Pats fans he was top five in three of the four quickness and WR break drills in the Short Shuttle and the 60-Yard Shuttle. "You want big and fast, the ability to get in and out of a break," Seahawks GM John Schneider said. "The ability to catch the ball in competitive situations. The ability to run after the catch, and the ability to block," He also got a sub seven in the 3-Cone with an impressive 6.95. 

I think the Pats need a WR in this Draft. If BB agrees, Moore has all the combine numbers he wants his WR to have. You expect players to surprise at the Combine with their numbers, but when a WR shows a better size speed ratio than he is listed at (which is always the opposite), he is going to go up a Round or two. I was going to jam him somewhere in the 2nd, so the only place left to go is in the 1st.

He has great hands and catches everything. He is terrific at creating separation with coverages shifted to his side. He comes back to the ball like a rocket with DBs trailing behind him. I like the way he runs routes. He knows how to run routes to create separation, and catches everything. You can see him, not just play, but be very effective in the slot. He is terrific getting open deep and dragging over the middle from the slot. 

He has some nice suddenness in and out of break in his patterns. "I know [Maryland HC] well over the years of scouting, and he says absolutely fantastic things about [DJ]," Ravens Joe Hortiz said. "As good of a player he is, he’s an even better person." He will explode in the NFL, because the QBs that were throwing to him sucked.

He was catching passes from his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string QB. "They said enjoy the process and just continue doing what I’m doing, working hard," Moore said. "In the NFL, there’s going to be something you have to do every day." When you look at his stats, that is incredible. 

He is a great playmaker with the ball in his hands. "Once the ball gets in my hands, I just become a different person, like a playmaker," Moore said. "Just go out there and make the plays that are out there, find the seams in the defense and just go make a play out of it." He is built like an RB, and plays with that strength.

He has all the intangible you want. "He’s so consistent," Maryland HC D.J. Durkin said. "He works, nothing affects him, doesn’t say much, doesn’t get up and down. Whether he’s caught 10 passes in a game or caught one, he’s the same guy." His coaches rave about him. 

He never complained when QB after QB went down, and it got worse and worse. "Whether up or down, whatever is going on, he’s the same guy,” Durkin said. "That speaks to the type of player, type of person D.J. is. He’s accountable. You know what you’re going to get from him every day." That is a team player. 

He is being compared to Steve Smith. "That’s a great comparison. Being compared to him, that’s something that’s going to stay with me," Moore said. "He brought passion to the game, physicality, and he had the speed to do whatever. Having that comparison will make me go 10 times harder." He looked more and more like a First each week. 

DJ Moore Vs Northwestern:

He might be the best in pattern in this Draft. He had to run himself wide open all the time. Simple Post route, look how wide open he got on his break inside. That is 5-yards of separation in pattern (:05). He lined up primarily on the QB's right. Watch the fake outside with the the jab step, and then the great burst inside (:10). When he tried to break inside, the CB was so burnt that all he could do is grab and hold him. You can see what a great physicality he has, pushing the holding DB off on replay. He is a very physical WR on the field.

Hey BB! He also played in the slot! Watch the quick feet before the break. He fooled me, I though he would break inside (and I watched this game on TV;). But look at the separation he created in the slot, on a simple Out cut. He was five yards open in the Redzone (:39). Then he ran with power and purpose and got into the Endzone for the big TD through the facemask penalty. That is as good as it gets for a slot guy. Replay: he ran a 7-yard pattern, and was 5-yards open. 

He can catch the ball through contact (1:08). He is dynamic with the ball in his hands. He runs underneath and catches the ball behind his blockers. Then runs through three defenders, jukes a forth, and he is gone (1:14). I love how he slowed up a little to let his blockers catch up, and then cut behind him. He has great smarts and field awareness. 

He knows when to go down. Three defenders were about to kill him (1:39). He can make the first guy miss off the catch with quickness (1:46). He runs between the two zoned up DBs. Then curls around in front of the inside one. He knows how to get open in pattern, and that was such a great example of that (2:07). He dragged down the line and caught it right in front of the LB (2:16). Watch the great juke that left the LB flat footed, and then rolling on the ground. Then he outran the second defender that had him dead to rights, and scooted right over him. The third LB had to finally whip him out of bounds. He has such a great blend of speed and quicks, and he is built like an RB and runs strong like an RB. 

Watch the nice inside break, and then the inside arm extended to give him some space to separate. He knows how to run physical patterns to get open. It is not just speed and and explosion with him (2:26). He took the outside shoulder of the CB like pie (2:33). The CB had to freak and bail. So Moore broke back and was 10-yards open. 

He tried to run through the hold, but it wasn't called (2:48). He ran past the zoned up QB, and broke open on the Post. Then he caught the 45-yard pass with his hands through all kinds of contact (2:55). Watch the break inside that spun the DB, and gave him the inside lane. He ran under the ball, and the CB tackled him as he caught it. That is an NFL catch. 

Redzone, were quick separation is imperative. He lined up in the slot (hello). He ran to the corner on the Fade. Watch the easy hands as he snagged the ball way up over his head. That is a great goal line pattern (2:42). He was two or three yards open in less than 10-yards of field. 

Moore Vs Northwestern  2017:

Moore Vs Minnesota:

Alright BB, watch the speed from the slot. He just ran by the CB in Off, and took his outside shoulder (:05). He curled himself open through the zone. He knows how to find the holes in the zone (:12). The QB finally threw him the ball and it was a grounder to 2nd (:18). He took the outside shoulder, then punched the CB in the shoulder like an edgerusher (:24). He fought off the CB to catch it. Watch the physicality of this catch on replay. 

He got the inside shoulder of the CB on the skinny post (:44). He ran that odd WR screen. He turned up field, and almost broke a tackle for a another big one on that play (:53). Watch the burst and speed to make it look like he was going deep. Then the physicality to pop the CB back and comeback wide open (1:05). That is an NFL route.

He lined up in the slot, and sunk into the hole in the zone (1:11). Then ran that drag route down the line as well. He did not have a lot of variety in routes. Which I suppose is what happens when you go through eight QBs in one season (1:17). You can see him weave inside a little, then outside a little before he broke inside on the deep post (1:24). He runs patterns with nice subtlety. 

I like the inside post with his arm (1:43). Dude, that is totally pass interference (1:49). There it is. He can and will block. And that was from the slot (1:56). He brings great speed to the slot. Watch the out and up. He got outside position, but was not open. So he went up and took the ball (2:05). Watch the slow motion suddenness in his break that left the CB going the wrong way (2:16). Then the dip in the shoulder, and hand fighting as he turned up field. Watch the late separation as he faded backwards for the ball, and the great leap to go up and get it. 

He took the inside shoulder of the CB with a burst that made the CB almost fall down (2:37). Another nice block on the edge. If you want to play WR on the Pats you have to block (2:44). In the slot, and he used his physicality to get opened (2:52). In the slot. Watch the explosion on the break inside to create just enough separation (2:58). Then he snapped his hands up, and snagged it. 

Watch the great burst inside in the short space (3:03). Nice comeback route that left the CB helpless (3:20). Back in the Slot. Watch how he sinks, uses his quick feet, and burst outside (3:28). Watch the quick separation with his feet and shoulders (3:34). He found a little space as a relief valve (3:46). He saved the QB a hit. 

Moore Vs Minnesota:

DJ Moore Bio:

2017 Big Ten Receiver of the Year
2017 First Team All-Big Ten
2017 Phil Steele Second Team All-American
2017 Associated Press First Team All-Big Ten
2017 Athlon Sports First Team All-Big Ten
2017: Rated the top wide receiver in the Big Ten according to Pro Football Focus - College
2017 First Team All-ECAC
2017 Biletnikoff Award Watch List
Career: Has made 35 straight starts dating back to 2015 - tops among all offensive Terps ... Has a catch in 33 consecutive games - longest streak in Big Ten ... Has caught a pass from eight different quarterbacks in career, including four in 2017 (Pigrome, Hill, Bortenschlager, Brand).

Current Maryland Ranks:
1st - Single-season receptions (80 - 2017)
3rd - SIngle-season receiving yards (1,033 - 2017)
4th - Career touchdown receptions (17)
t-4th - Single-season touchdown receptions (8 - 2017)
5th - Career receptions (146)
6th - Career receiving yards (2,027)

As a Junior (2017): Started all 12 games, posting 80 catches for 1,033 yards and eight touchdowns ... Set the Maryland single-season record for receptions with 80, despite having four different quarterbacks during the season due to injuries ... Became just the third player in Maryland history to record 1,000 receiving yards in a season ... Became the first FBS player to record a 1,000 yard receiving season without a quarterback on the team throwing for 1,500 yards since Hakeem Nicks for North Carolina in 2008 ... Finished the regular season as one of three players in FBS with 80 catches, 1000 receiving yards and eight receiving touchdowns ... Also posted 1,247 all-purpose yards, including 153 punt return yards ... Had eight catches for 76 yards in snowy conditions at #22 MSU (11/18) ... Caught five passes for 37 yards vs. Michigan (11/11) ... Totaled eight catches for 75 yards at Rutgers (11/4) ... Had four catches for 77 yards and a touchdown vs. Indiana (10/28) ... Posted career-highs in receptions (12) and yards (210) vs. Northwestern (10/14), while catching two touchdown passes. His 12 catches and 210 yards were both 6th-most in a single-game in program history ... Totaled eight catches for 90 yards and a touchdown at Minnesota (9/30) ... Caught career-high eight passes for 83 yards, including a 20-yard touchdown vs. UCF (9/23) ... Matched career-high with seven catches and two touchdown receptions against Towson (9/9), totaling 97 yards ... Caught a career-high seven passes for 133 yards and a TD at #23 Texas (9/2), eclipsing 1000 career receiving yards in the process.

As a Sophomore (2016): Started all 13 games, leading the team in receiving yards (637), receiving TDs (6) and yards/catch (15.5) ... Averaged 15.3 yards/play - the most among all Big Ten players ... His six touchdown catches were the most in a single-season since Stefon Diggs (2012) ... Also led the team with 15 kick returns for 334 yards (22.3 avg) ... Had three catches for 40 yards vs. Boston College (12/26) ... Caught six passes for 124 yards, including a spectacular 92-yard touchdown catch, at Nebraska (11/19). The TD tied for the second-longest in MD history ... Caught two passes for team-high 66 yards at #2 Michigan (11/5) ... Had five catches for 81 yards at Indiana (10/29), including a highlight reel touchdown catch that was #2 on SportsCenter's Top 10 plays ... Notched four catches for 61 yards and a TD vs. Michigan State (10/22) ... Caught two passes for 19 yards and a touchdown vs. Minnesota (10/15) ... Posted career-highs in catches (6), receiving yards (147) and touchdowns (2) at FIU (9/9). Named to All-Week 2 Team ... Caught four passes for 37 yards against Howard (9/3).

As a Freshman (2015): Appeared in all 12 games, closing the season with 10 consecutive starts ... tied for team lead with three TD recptions and ranked second in catches (25) and yards (357) ... his three TD catches were the most for a Maryland true freshman since Stefon Diggs in 2012 ... caught a pass in eight straight games and 11-of-12 in 2015 ... made collegiate debut against Richmond (9/5), catching two passes for 23 yards ... scored first career touchdown against Bowling Green (9/12), scoring on a 42-yard pass ... caught three passes for 47 yards agaisnt USF (9/19) ... snagged two passes for 17 yards vs. Michigan (10/3) ... hauled in three passes for 64 yards at #1 Ohio State (10/10), including a career-long 52-yard touchdown reception ... caught three passes for 24 yards vs. Penn State (10/24) ... caught one pass for 5 yards at Iowa (10/31) ... totaled two receptions for 51 yards and a touchdown vs. Wisconsin (11/7) ... caught one pass for 10 yards at #14 Michigan State (11/14) ... caught three passes for 25 yards vs. Indiana (11/21) ... made career-high four catches for 49 yards at Rutgers (11/28).

Career Highs:
100-Yard Receiving Games - 2 (last at #19 Nebraska, 11/19/16)
Receptions - 6 (at FIU, 9/9/16)
Receiving Yards - 147 (at FIU, 9/9/16)
Long Reception - 92 yards (at Nebraska, 11/19/16)
Touchdown Receptions - 2 (at FIU, 9/9/16)

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