Jonathan Cooper

OG North Carolina

6-2, 311, 33” Arms, 35 Reps!

5.07 (O), 27" Vert, 9' Broad,

4.84 SS, 7.78 3-C,




Making 'em Quit.


Cooper is excellent pulling forward and grabbing the LB. He can move laterally with the LB, and then hop to his side and Seal him. That is not an easy block for a 300 pounder to make while racing sideways with a 230 pound LB. Plays in balance with his hands and feet beautifully, especially when a LB is blitzing up the gut. He has no trouble stoning blitzers. 

He is a great Seal blocker. Powerful drive blocker. He can drive the DT 5-yard back. Comes off the Line low and turns the D-Tackle with nice power and technique. Very nice feet in pass protection. He can kick-step back to the edge outside the OLT to help out. Does a nice job chipping on the Screen, and then getting outside and chopping a LB. When he plays with a wide base and arms extended he can stone rushers. 

Very smart guy who makes all the line calls, and even tells the young QB what the play is when it is changed from the sideline. With his smarts, power, and hands I have no doubt he will be a starting Guard in the NFL. He is just deadly pulling out to his right. When he doubles on a block, he will often drive the D-Lineman backwards past the blocking of his teammate. It is very impressive to watch. I really like how he chips and gets to the second level and takes out the ILB. He is such a powerful drive blocker. He won’t go top ten because he is an O-Guard only, but he will not make it out of the teens. 

He needs more consistency. He needs to use his hands better to latch onto defender and not let them go. Struggle to sustain blocks sometimes (At least against NC ST he needed to;-). His size worries me. He looks a little short on the field, but it might just be that he plays with such excellent knee bend. However, his long arms help to make up for his lack of height. I want to see his real height and arm length at the combine (6-2 33" Arms;-). 

He can really move on the field. His ability to get out and hit smaller targets with help him a lot. A-P All-American. Nice smooth feet. Changes direction well. Did not look as good as I thought he would pulling to his left, but he did snap the ball in drills at the Combine. Quick feet coming out of snap. Finesse hands. Anticipated a little in mirror drill. 

He has extremely quick hands and feet in Pass Protection. He really struggled early against NC ST. Then started to put it together by the 2nd quarter. Thank goodness he started dominating again. I was worried I didn’t see what I knew I saw. He really struggled against NC ST in the first half. He some times whiffs on the second level, but when he pulls outside and hit the DB, he crushes them with interesting impacts. He gets his hands out a little wide, and does this weird move where he keeps his elbows out high and tries to turn the DT. It looks like a Hold to me, but it is never called. He is very effect stalemating the DT when he does that.

Jonathon Cooper Vs V-Tech:

I'm probably only going to do the 1st Half. I won't to finish Sylvester and Cooper tonight. So I figure a Half each is better than two Halves of one. He is the Left Guard. He doesn't change positions. He will sometimes Kickstep out to the edge and help the Right Tackle or the Left Tackle, but otherwise he is the OLG only. He drops back in nice position. Knees bent arms up, and the D-Tackle drops on the Zone Blitz (0:01). Here he is popping out to the right edge on the play action. The ORT Brannon blocks down on the D-Tackle like it is a run, and Cooper protects the edge. He catches the OLB easily (0:10). That is a nice block with a lot of intricate footwork. Watch him pivot to the outside and turn like he is pulling to lead the RB to the outside. Then stopping and flow easily into PP. 

He moves inside nicely on the double team. You can see his hands latched onto the D-Tackle's shirt, and he isn't letting go (0:21). He is in a two-point stance on 3rd and long. He makes it look so easy sometimes. Watch him bring his arms up and into the shouderpads, and they just stop as everyone else on the lines moves behind them  (0:29). This is where he is very effective. He hops outside the OLT with terrific agility. Then he dives into the dirt, and appears to miss the cut block (0:38). However, by diving into the dirt right in front of the outside defender, he blocked the path of three blockers. That may have been more accidental than on purpose, but that was a great three for one block.

Tough to see what happens here. He Seals the D-Tackle to the outside perfectly. However, he doesn't latch on well enough and the DT escapes and gets in on the tackle. He doesn't always latch on with consistency (0:49). He blocks the D-Tackle on the Screen and then tries to sneak out to the flat. The DT reads it so he tries to Cut him. he doesn't Cut him, but the DT can't get around his body squirming on the ground (1:00). You can see him here making the line calls. They had a young QB starting for the first time this year. So he took over all the calls, and even made the audibles when they were called in from the sideline. O-Linemen in the NFL have to have the smarts. He has the smarts (1:08). Then he just stones the guy at the LOS. When he latches on with his hands and quick feet. The defender cannot chop him off. Watch the DT shove, fight, and try to go side to side, and Cooper refuses to let go and keeps shuffling his feet. 

This is why so many scouts see him as a top ten pick. Watch the right jab into the DT. Then he turns to the rusher engaged with the OLT. Boom! He knocks him to the ground with his heavy hands (1:23). He just calmly stones the rusher with his hand, feet, and long arms (1:33). Stones him again, easy as pie (1:42). Back in the two point stance. Watch this punch. He has such heavy hands. He punches this guy up, with two jabs, and he goes down (1:51). False Start (2:01). I like this block here. He is so cute at getting one hand on an inside rusher, while setting up the outside rusher. (2:15). He stick his big mitts into the chest of the DT. The OC comes over to help, and he pops the outside rusher fighting the OLT. I really like how he can spot the rusher on his sides with the corner of his eyes. That is not easy to do in a football helmet. 

He turns inside the DT on the slant block. He tries to get out to the ILB, but the DT latches onto him and drags him down from behind. Which worked perfectly as it was an Option and the QB saw the whole D-Line follow Cooper so he kept it (2:27). Here he is Pulling to the outside on the Toss. He catches the LB who got inside the block, and wipes him out (2:36). Nice Seal block. Then the DT spins to rip Cooper hands off of him, and tries to break free, but Cooper keeps on fighting (2:46). He's just in the Zone now. Here he is in a nice hand fight. Punching, jabbing, and countering. All while sitting perfectly in his pass protecting stance (2:55). This is another block I like. He burst forward to run block. I think he is much better suited to a power running team, then these shotgun shenanigans he ran at UNC (3:07). He gets inside position on the DT, which not easy to do. He pops him up, but the DT reads it, and is charging down field. So he takes him out with a nice Cut block. 

Fires off low, but not low enough as the DT gets under him (3:19). So they try it again with the quick snap. He gets the job done the second time (3:28). Watch him get lower this time. The DT dives under him, so he just dives on top and creates a dam that defenders on the strongside can't get through (3:43). I really like how he Pulls to his right. He hops outside the LOT, spots the OLB. Gets his big mitts on with with his arms extended, and drives him to the sideline. It doesn't; get any better than that (4:03). I'm starting to enjoy this Tape. 

Turns and Seals the DT again. You can see his arms extend and his hands latched onto the shirt as he spins the DT around so effortlessly. The great ones make it look easy (4:12). Two point stance in pass protection. He just catches him, and latches on. Reanchors like it is nothing, and doesn't allow him to move an inch (4:21). The great ones can make it look so easy. 

I like how he sits patiently in his stance after the snap and waits for the big DT to come to him. He owns the DT now (4:33). He seals him effortlessly. I'm not sure I need to watch any more, do you? The DT is done. He has defeated him in the 2nd Quarter (4:44). Well, the DT got pissed and shoved him down, after he was long beat. Let's see how much fight he has left in him. This is a terrific block. He hops around the OC and finds the D-End slanting inside. Watch him punch the D-End up. However, he gets his hands outside the Pads, which you can see. Then he turns and Seals him with a great fight (4:53). The DT is barely able to move (5:03). I like how he threw Cooper down to show a little fight a few plays back, but he is done. Cooper has taken it out of him. 

Watch him Trap block on the defeated D-Tackle and collapse the Line. That is another example of why so many have him as a top ten pick (5:13). Amazing. He powers the DT back. However, the DT has inside position on him. Then he just twist him around with great torque from his hands, hips, and feet. That is all power, leverage, and strength (5:20). That is pure want-to. He beats the guy into the turf. Okay, let's see if the DT gets some gas at Halftime. It might just be conditioning.

He gets little chip on the DT, then gets out to the LB nicely, the LB dismisses him, but he continues to the third level anyway (5:30). I don't know. Either the coaches are lining him up away from Cooper, or the DT is too scared to get near him (5:42). Cooper makes a bad decision here. He pops out to the DT lined up like a 5-Technique, and opens a hole for the two blitzing ILB. He is to smart to make that mistake. 

No the DT wants nothing to do with Cooper. He tries to avoid him again here, You have to be impressed with that (5:52). Okay, I'm done (6:01). He wants nothing to do with Cooper anymore. Cooper has made that guy quit. He has to chase him down field to block him. What more is there to say after that?

Cooper Vs V-Tech: j4S5bcc0HQ0


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