Adrian Clayborn

De Iowa

6-2 5/8, 281, 4.13SS! 



 All Arm Team.


Clayborn should have come last year. He was as dominate his Junior season as any D-End in 2009. Last season, not so much. He still plays with his great natural strength, leverage and hands, and has that knack for making the big plays at the big times. But he looked fat and out of shape. His great all out hustle was missing. And he kept coming up winded and visibly trying to catch his breath. If he gets himself back in shape and drops some weight and played with the relentlessness he should in 2009, he will be the steal of the Draft at this point. He and Von Miller were my top two rated defensive players in this Draft before the season started. Struggled badly early in the season as he was fat and out of shape. He looked like he had an injury, and couldn’t get back into shape. He has kept his power with the extra weight, but lost some speed and his great burst off the line. Still a great hand fighter, and his slap-Rip to the outside is still one of the best moves in College Football. His lack of conditioning really showed against Missouri in the hurry up offense. Still able to hustle to the outside and stop the sweep. Still a power house when he Stunts inside and knocks the OG five yards back, which is why I think he fits as a 5-technique D-End. Still fights inside against the run. He still has that nasty inside spin move. Still has that knack for making the big play when his team needs it the most. However, GMs will have to find out why he let himself fall apart last season, was it character or injury?  

In 2009 he was neck and neck with Cameron Heyward as the most powerful D-End in the Draft:

Here he is coming off the snap low, mean, and arms extended. Boom, that is just a power shove on Carimi and he tosses him aside. I love how he grabs the RB with one leaping hand and rips him to the ground. Just pure leverage and power (:55). Look ho wlean he is as he stands over Carimi and growls at his cheap shot;-)

What made him so special is that he wasn't just all leverage and power, he was lean, mean, and quick. Leaving him unblocked was folly, and he was quick enough to burst inside on any RB (1:35). This is the guy I wanted the pats to draft. An outside Rip is stuffed, so he stops an punches Carimi, and Carimi is down and he is Sacking the QB. 

This is just nasty. He comes off the line and just instinctually gets his hands up and into Carimi, who is blcoking down on the D-Tackle. He sees the off tackle run to the other side and is down the line in a flash to crush Clay (1:47). He doesn't make the play, but he doesn't allow the RB to get outside of him. He rides Carimi out to the flat and then just throws him down (2:22). 

Setting the Edge. He ride Carimi out to the edge, Sheds him like a crazy ex-girlfriend and then hits, punches, and throws Clay to the ground (3:10). 




He just gets blown off the line like he never played D-End against Carimi (:02). Bigger fatter and weaker in 2010. Here he is getting blown off the line again (:14). He still has a nice burst to the edge, but once he got the edge he lost the fight. I don't mean to be so harsh, but he was so good in 2009, I just don't know what happened. In 2009 he would have chopped his hands off and Ripped into the QB (:23).

he does a good job at the point of attack, but I would have liked to have seen him make a play on the ball (:33). There he is protecting the edge with a little meanness (:41). He just gets into Carimi's pads and won't move back or off the edge at all (:55).

This is the guy from 2009. He gets punch, but leans into Carimi and extends his inside arms so Carimi can't get his big mitts on him. Then he just Rips around the Corner. Toughness, power, and quickness, that is what defines his game (1:06). This is beautiful. Power on power, boom, arms chop to the Rip, and then he still has the lean and strength to slap that ball away bitches (1:20). You can really see the chop on Carimi's arm here, and the final burst to reach the ball (1:28). 

This is what make shim great power and finesse. He shimmey-shimmey-shakes his shoulders and shudder steps inside, punches and chops, and then burst around Carimi (1:36). Watch the great hands as he kung fu's his way around the Corner (1:44). He read the play wrong, and got trapped behind Carimi, so he did the best he could and played the LOS spy (1:52). This is the Clayborn I loved to watch on film. He was such strong hands. He Push-Pulls Carimi right to the ground, and that is not easy to do! This is not a security guard in training he did that to, that is a 1st Round pick he did that to. Then, with Carimi still in his feet, he just stops the RB dead grabbing him from behind like a child and pulls him backwards start down on his head (2:06).

Here he is starting to look tired. Resting on one knee, and barely getting the corner (2:16). His great burst looks gone as he completely stalemated by Carimi (2:27). Still looking beat, and that is barely a rush (2:38). He is just blown off the line (2:54). he is tired and worn out and is already moving backwards before the Te gets there to hit him (3:05).

Well rested after sitting on the bench for a while, this is the blast off the line that I thought would make him a top ten pick, and he just misses another strip sack (3:18). He just can't shed Carimi (3:26).

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