Bradley Chubb- Edge NC ST

6-4, 269, (O) 4.65, 

24 Reps, 34" Arms! 7.37 3-Cone

36" Vert, 10'1 Broad! 4.41 SS

Wrecking Ball With A Brain. 


Chubb is the man. "If you compare him to Derek Barnett, he has similar production but he is a much more explosive athlete," a scout said. "I think he is way ahead of Landry as a pro prospect." He is a freak of nature who turns the corner on OT's like a runaway train going around a bend, unless it falls it is hitting everything in sight.

He was unblockable against FLA ST. "Size. Motor. Competes," a scout said. "Sack production." He kept making the OTs look like kids.

He was a true bully on the field. "He’s not as good as Myles Garrett," a scout said, "But would’ve been in the conversation to be the second best defensive end last year." I would disagree with that guy. Chubb had better success against the better teams, instead of visa versa like Garrett.

I don't have a lot to say about Chubb. If you couldn't see the greatness when he played then you should go watch another sport. Elite power, explosion, instincts, smarts, hands, and ferocity. He nearly beat that FLA ST kid back to the track team. I have never an edge guy hit the QB as much as he did to that young QB in one game.

He is so quick and athletic that he will sometimes burst or shuffle inside so fast that he'll the let the RB break back outside. Elite initial explosion off the snap. He is like a wrecking ball with computerized brain for accuracy. I have never seen an Edge Guy with his burst past OLs, with such accuracy, bend, and destructive purpose.

He can destroy the OLT with his burst and hands and get the RB in the backfield. He has incredible speed to chase the RB to the opposite side of the line when they run away from him. I love how he fights off OLs, as he turns to chase a WR down field on the opposite side of the field. Reads it quick on stack and shed, when they try trickeration, once he spots the tricks he can shed the OLT as quick as anyone I've seen. Very powerful DE. 

He had the most deconstructive game, against FLA ST, that I have ever seen. Ever! AND I SAW REGGIE WHITE PLAY IN COLLEGE. They will line him up at OLB. He can drop, and can tackle the RB catching the ball out of the backfield in space. His explosion to knock the OLT back and off his feet, and then swim-rip inside to sack the QB is unbelievable. He is better than Jonathon Allen. He was voted team captain. 

Additional Notes:

Syracuse: Great hands on the shoulder club rip. He will disappear sometimes, and then suddenly he is flying in and destroying the QB. He just keeps hitting the QB play after play. Crushing hitter that makes ball carriers check their body parts as the stumble back to the huddle. Not just heavy hands, he has smart and ultra quick ninja hands that render OT's helpless. Elite f-ing power. He stunted inside against Syracuse, and swam through the OLG and OC into the QB, like a hippo through a river.

Louisville: He can Dip inside the OLT faster than anyone in this Draft. He will zone drop in Odd fronts. He played a lot more standing up against Louisville than I saw before. It is unbelievable a guy with his size and strength can play OLB. He reminds me of Bruce Smith. They switched him up around, inside outside, standing up, hand down, and even drop him. He was on the kick block unit against Louisville.

BC: Why would a QB ever roll out to his side? He is such a force in the rush. I love how he uses the impact of the chip to shove the ORT almost off his feet, and then cut inside to sack the QB, and like he did against BC. Plus he knocked the ball out of the QB's hand. He is only one Sack away from tying Mario Williams NC ST record of 25.5 career Sacks. Then he got half a sack in the 3rd to garner 25 on his career. He also got in on another sack in the 4th, which should have tied him at 25.5.

Combine: He is an amazing freak athlete. To run 4.66 at 269 is a great number. He moves like a linebacker out in space. He was incredibly fast and quick in club rip drill. I'm not sure you want him too, but he could play OLB in a 3-4 and would have no trouble dropping. Explosive in stack and shed. Nice burst in COD drill. He was in the hybrid drills. He looked like a DE. 

Chubb Vs FLA ST 2017: 

He made a play against FLA ST was incredible. He rushed up field at the 33, and rammed the ORT back to flush the QB. Then he shoved him off, and turned and chased after the young QB who had to bail. Then he Incredibly caught him at the 22 from behind, and punched the ball out as he dived on top of him (1:57 and 2:54). Then he got up and chased the friggin' ball! The ball bounced all the way to the one yard line, and Chubb IMPOSSIBLY came out of the pile with the ball (2:32). That is the most incredible play I have ever seen a D-end make, never mind a 275-pound D-End. He is my top D-end in the Draft now. You have to see that play to believe. The heart, the hustle, the passion and instincts it took to make that play is amazing.

He has a great Rip to the QB (4:29). Then he sacked the QB with less than 20-seconds to go in the 1st Half to stop FLA ST from getting the TD, and was forced to kick the field goal. He makes the plays on defense that wins games. 

He plays like he hates QBs (5:09). He was unblockable against FLA ST. He kept hitting the QB. On 2nd and Goal they left him unblocked? So he worked down the line in perfect form, and into the backfield to hit the RB for the TFL (5:28). Then on the next play he beat the ORT to his outside shoulder on a great speed rush, and flushed the QB (6:02). Then chased the QB to the line, and hit him before he could score and punched the ball out.

He just consistently ran past the OLT's outside shoulder, which is so impressive because he is such a big strong Base End (6:06). Nice job grabbing the ORT, and sliding inside to get in front of the RB, dragging the ORT against his will the whole time.

He is so great at shoving off the OLT and going and finding the RB to either side laterally, and then bursting forward and making the tackle. He is so slippery as he reads the QB using fakes, and then he slaps off the OLT's hands and finds an angle off the play action double by the RB. He will over rush and get beat by the Draw. 

Great inside burst into the swim, to hit the QB as he throws. He is so quick to the QB it is incredible. Great hands, technique, and explosiveness will make him a top ten pick. He is the best DE I've seen so far this season, and maybe last. 

When he hits a QB, even a tough QB, he can hurt him. He makes the hits on 3rd down that causes the punts. He dominated the FLA ST QB like I've rarely seen. He must have hit that QB a dozen times. That was the most dominate game by a D-end I have ever seen.

Chubb Vs FLA ST:

Chubb Vs South Carolina:

Amazing burst into the backfield. He can blast off and cruise past the OLT before the TE can crack him back, and slam into the RB (:01). When he gets the OLT's outside shoulder, he power Rips right to the QB (:33). He will rush up field sometimes and shove the RB out of his pattern first (:40). Nice power stacking and shedding (:48). Great rip from either side (:56). Great strength. He can hold off two TEs, one with each hand, as he reads the play. Then shed and get the RB on the inside run (1:23). Are you watching this? He is just incredible. If those were his game highlights he would be a 1st Round pick, but that was just the 1st Quarter!

Elite explosion inside when he keys run. He can leap inside the OLT with an elite burst, and slam into the RB on dive in the backfield. (1:52). Nice job stunting inside, and grabbing the OLT, and getting a hand up in the QBs face (2:30). He can stalk the QB while holding off the OC. Then take him down on the option run. Nice job using his long arms to hold the point.

He plays all out all the time, but they seem to sub him in and out a lot. Great job using his hands and long arms to shed the double, and burst inside to hit the RB. Great Rip from either side (3:11).  He is such a great athlete, who is also smart, and has great instincts. He is simply incredible. If you can't figure that out from the last two Tapes? Than you need to turn in your Draftnic Card.

Amazing burst off the snap, and then he gets so low in the Rip, and he is by the OLT. I like to see him counter more, but OLT's just can't handle his initial bursts and hand chops, clubs, and slaps. Nice job setting the edge on inside runs, and protecting the outside. When they let him burst to the edge he just runs by Tackles. He can chip the TE, and still beat his teammates up field to the QB's depth. They will have him drop a little sometimes, and spy the QB. 

Landry Vs Maryland 2016:

Chubb's Official Bio:

AS A SENIOR (2017):
• Ranks 12th in school history with 34 career tackles for loss. His 16 career sacks rank 10th on the all-time list.

AS A JUNIOR (2016):
• Ended the season ranked fourth in the FBS in tackles for loss (22) and second in the ACC. He was the national leader at the end of the regular season.
• 22 tackles for loss was the second-best mark in school history. Only No. 1 NFL draft pick Mario Williams had more in a season for the Pack.
• Ranked fourth in the league and 19th nationally in sacks (10.5). That mark tied for third on the Wolfpack single-season list.
• Named the team’s Defensive MVP for 2016.
• A third-team All-ACC performer.
• Had a season high four TFLs in the win at Syracuse.
• Named the ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week for the Notre Dame win and was a second-team All-ACC performer.
• Elected a team captain for the season.
• Chosen to wear Mario Williams’ honored No. 9 jersey.
• Added 25 lbs in the past year.
• Named to the preseason watch list for the Bednarik Award.

• Started every game at defensive end, he was the second-leading tackler on the squad with 69 stops, ranked second in tackles for loss (12) and in sacks (5.5).
• Co-recipient of the team’s Carey Brewbaker Award for defensive lineman of the year.
• Named the ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week for the Boston College game after he led the team in tackles with nine in the win. He also tallied five tackles for loss - tied as the 10th best mark in school history.
• Team leader for 2015 with three forced fumbles.
• Moved to defensive end during 2015 spring drills and quickly moved up the depth chart. 

• Talented young linebacker who saw action mainly on special teams, from scrimmage in three contests.

Sacks Fumble Blkd
Date  Opponent Solo Ast Total TFL Yds No. Yds FF Qbh
9/2/2017 South Carolina 1 4 5 2.0 3 0 0 0 0
9/9/2017 Marshall 6 1 7 3.0 16 1.0 11 0 0
9/16/2017 Furman 0 2 2 0.5 1 0.5 1 0 1
9/23/2017 atFlorida State 5 2 7 3.0 14 2.0 13 1 0
9/30/2017 Syracuse 3 5 8 3.5 24 2.0 20 0 2
10/5/2017 Louisville 2 4 6 2.0 9 1.0 4 0 2
10/14/2017 atPitt 2 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 2
10/28/2017 atNotre Dame 5 3 8 3.0 6 1.0 1 0 0
11/4/2017 Clemson 3 5 8 1.5 2 0 0 0 2
11/11/2017 atBoston College 6 3 9 5.0 23 2.5 16 2 0
11/18/2017 atWake Forest 3 2 5 0.5 1 0 0 0 0
11/25/2017 North Carolina 4 2 6 2.0 5 0 0 0 0


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