Christian WestermanOG ASU

6'3 1/2", 298, (O) 5.17, 

33 1/2" Arms, 34 Reps!

34" Vert, 8'2" Broad,

4.71 SS, 7.69 3-Cone,

Pulling Himself Into the 2nd.


Westerman is a pumped up guy, who really looks the part. He shows some nice suddenness hopping back to pull around the OG. Moves nicely and smoothly forward to second level. He has such nice heavy hands in pass pro. When a rusher gets his inside shoulder he can punch him to the ground. When he gets too high he will lose his balance. He has to play in balance, or he loses the block and his man makes the play.

He is so strong inside. Great strength in the upper body. He is an athletic guard who is great at blocking on the move. Zone blocking coaches will love him. Nice burst off the snap. I like his balance in contact moving backwards. Nice hand placement in blocks. He is an old school guy, who you line up and let him bang heads until the game is over. He is weight room strong, but can loose balance on the field.  

He will sit up high in Pass Pro sometimes on 3rd and long. It shows the defense that they are passing, but on 3rd and long it also isn't a surprise. He will struggle against smaller speed rushers inside. He doesn't do it all the time, but when he puts his strength together with his technique he can be a beast. His pro potential is in his hands. The more he uses his heavy hands, the more he looks like an NFL OG. The more he grabs shirt the more he looks like a Day Two pick.

Does a nice job when no one rushes his lane of jabbing to either side. Uses his feet and hands together nicely in pass pro sometimes. He can get to the second level quickly and shadow the ILB to slow him. He needs to grabs his shirt and hold on, and not dance with him in space. Nice job with power blocks. When he get his hands inside and grabs shirt he looks like an NFL OG. No stickiness in his hands. I don't see how he plays in the NFL if he can't sustain blocks longer.

Good hitter. When the OLT is holding a guy he gives a great pop with his hands. Then he can get to the second level and get a great violent pop on the LB. Pushes DTs up with both hands, but rarely holds on. When they escape, he can get back in front of them and hit them again. Excellent job helping the OLT in pas pro. He has some heavy hands to pop rushers sideways. He will pull to the right on play action and give the OLB a nice shove. 

Nice job sliding to the right, and can take out the LB violently. Good screen blocker. He can put a DT on skates. Plays better in the 2nd half, grabs shirt better. Great double team blocker, who kills guys when the OLT is holding their shirt. Nice shoulder club before he turns outside on screen. He jams rushes on both side of him in one rush when no one rushes his lane. 

Additional Notes:

USCHe will let go of a rusher with his hands, and hit with his shoulder pads. He has to stop doing that. He is not a sticky blocker. He can punch the LB on the second level and knock him right off his feet. When he is punching or grabbing he is at his best. Plays too high running outside. Upper body strength is not matched by his lower body. He keeps his hands out wide in pass pro too much. It looks like he has to chicken wings his arms sometimes when he is moving backwards. He gets popped back on runs away a little too easily. Not a great cut blocker. Goes up to a two-point stance on passing downs. Needs to grab shirt with his hands more. Struggles with quick change of direction by LBs he is trying to block. Needs to grab shirt out in space. 

Westerman Vs A&M 2015:

He does a nice job latching onto the power rusher, and washing him past the QB as he shuffles sideways (:42). He gets into the DT nicely, but can lose his balance when the DT retreats too quickly (:55). Nice stubbornness at the Point. He impacts the DT up, but not out of the play. However, the RB gets by no problem (1:07). This is really as good as it gets at the Point (1:29). Watch him get inside the DT, and power him sideways out of the play like a crab.

This is why he could be a great one. Watch him catch the DT after a great blast off, and turn and Seal him so smoothly (2:10). The DT puts speed to power, and gets Westerman's inside shoulder. Then watch a Westerman throw him to the ground (2:18). He consistently pushes guy up, and then their leverage is gone (2:33). Again, he gets the DT up and out of balance, and then subtly seals him (2:47). But Westerman got too high, and the big DT tossed him aside and got in on the tackle.

Here he is sitting up in a two-point stance, which looks a little weird for an OG. He is not as good in a two point stance. That was his worst block of the game. Of course, it was against Garrett in the rush and he is a freak (3:00). Nice impact right off the snap. He pops him past the OLT. That is a great block (3:21). This is another great block. See how he helps hold the DT with one hand. Then impacts the linebacker as he reads run and attacks the line (3:30). He does a great job latching on in pass pro, and doesn't let go (3:40). The more he uses his hands the more I like him.

I just love how he impacts the DT and seals him so smoothly (4:08). He gets knocked back by an inside shoulder club, but then recovers and washes him out of the play (4:34). I like the lateral burst off the snap, but he turns inside instead of to the blitzer. But watch the recovery as he shoves him past the QB (4:44). In the NFL you will be beat, and recovering the block is essential.

He has some meanness to him (5:00). He pulls outside and seals the CB  inside (5:57). He just seals guys so naturally (7:24). He leads with his shoulder and not his hands. He is always at his best when he plays with his hands extended (7:35). This is nice. He pulls to the opposite side on the playaction. Watch his feet as he shuffles sideways in front of the rusher (7:44). Okay, I think you get a nice feel for who he is and his potential. 

Westerman Vs A&M:



Westerman's Official Bio:

Three-year letterwinner at ASU
Two-time All Pac-12 honoree, including 2015 All-Pac-12 Second Team
Appeared in 26 games over three seasons with 25 starts
Part of the foundation of an offensive line that paved the way for back-to-back 1,000-yard rushers
An absolute force in the weight room, named to the annual Bruce Feldman's "Freak List"
A violent punch off the line of scrimmage and great positioning made him one of the premier guards in the conference over the past two seasons.

Started all 13 games at left guard
All-Pac-12 Second Team
Associated Press All-Pac-12 Second Team
Phil Steele’s Postseason All-Pac-12 Second Team
Earned the team's prestigious Randall McDaniel Outstanding Offensive Lineman Award
Paved the way for the Devils' rushing attack that amassed nearly 2,700 yards, including 1,000-yard rusher Demario Richard
Helped a Sun Devil offense that ranked in the top 25 in first downs per game and in the top 30 in explosive plays (plays of 20+ yards).

Started 12 games at left guard
All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention
Helped create holes for ASU's running backs, led by D.J Foster, who had a career year with more than 1,000 rushing yards
Played a pivotal role in the Sun Devil offense recording a 91-percent conversion rate on red zone trips (12th in the nation) and scoring 37 points per game (16th in nation)

Saw action in his first game as a Sun Devil against Texas Tech in the Holiday Bowl
Spent the year on the scout team getting ready to take on a starting role in the 2014 season
Provided depth to a senior offensive line

AUBURN (2011-12):
Redshirted in 2011
Was limited due to an injury in 2012 but appeared in two games with one start at left guard

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