Christian McCaffrey-RB 

Stanford- 5-11, 204, 3-Cone 6.57! 

(O) 4.48! 4.22 SS! 37.5" Vert, 

10'1" Broad, 30" Arms, 10 Reps  

Pretty Fly For A White Guy. 


Terrific Slot receiver. Great punt returner. Great Kick Returner. "He’s a jack of all trades guy," a scout said. "He can catch, be your returner and give you 15 snaps a game. He’s not a workhorse. I would think second round." He is elite out in space with the ball in his hands, and can leap over the pile on the goal line.

Reads the Center well, and can go to either side off his block on Dives.  "The guy just does special things every single week and his team rallies around him," Stanford HC Davis Shaw said. "You have some situations where a guy gets all the publicity and there could be some resentment, these guys love the fact that Christian is a work hard, team first guy, so they want him to have success as well." He just keeps finding a way down field. It is amazing how many times he cuts in a single run sometimes. 

He has elite balance and COD with the ball in his hands. "The best thing about Christian, you get the same thing every single game. All he’s got every single play," Shaw said. "He tries to make every single play a touchdown, but he doesn’t sacrifice what we are trying to do on offense. So it’s not about being selfish, it’s about maximizing every single touch." He can do it all in the offense.

He will motion to the slot and run pattern like slot WR. "Something I really pride myself on is not just being a running back that can catch the ball but if I move out to the slot, I become a receiver," McCaffrey said. "If I move out to X or Z, I become a receiver and not just a running back. I really try to pride myself on route running, catching and being able to be a mismatch anywhere on the field." He can make the CB miss with a hop cut inside, off the short catch outside. 

He can line up outside on the sideline as a WR. "I don’t think there’s anyone else that can do all the things I can: running between the tackles, outside, pass protecting, playing X, Z, slot, and doing a lot of things in the return game as well," McCaffrey said. " I think that’s what sets me apart." He can burst himself wide open on the corner with a great stop and go. He will turn his shoulders back to QB to sell it, and then he is gone. 

He takes some big hit inside. "Football is a game of very very quick decisions and reactions," Shaw said. "You don’t have time to think. And if you’re not mentally and physically trained to react in those situations and play a physical and brutal game, as this is, I don’t know that you can play it at a high level. We’re going to tackle and we’re going to hit, and it’s going to be hard-nosed football on Saturday’s, which means we have to do that on Tuesday and Wednesday." He is so good at making guys miss. 

Great sudden shoulder shimmy, where it looks like he is bursting out side, and then he is instantly cutting up field. "Trying to say he’s going to get more yards than he did last year, that’s not what I’m talking about," Shaw said. "I’m talking about a young man who is just maturing. He’s a year older. He hasn’t started taking classes in his junior year. So his body is still maturing. He’s stronger. He’s faster. He knows the offense better." No one runs through more shoestring tackles than McCaffrey. 

When he hops over the top he looks like a hand glider soaring over the ocean. "You know [he'll be compared] to Marshall Faulk, but I see him more like Brian Westbrook," a scout said. "He is a change-of-pace back and a returner. He will make some plays, but I don't think he can be your No. 1 guy." Runs with great pace and patience. 

He knows when to slow to set up his blockers, and when to take off. "Don't make the mistake of comparing him to Reggie Bush. I don't think he is nearly as explosive or as dynamic as Bush was when he came out of USC," an executive said. "With that being said, I think we saw how NFL teams used Bush as a pro. I think you do the same thing with McCaffrey. I don't see him carrying the load. I see him catching the ball out of the backfield or getting the ball on some gadgets. I might be wrong, but I just don't see him as a full-time guy." He made three guys miss on a little outside run hop-cutting inside and outside at the line against USC. 

He is just a pure freak. "Those two coaches called me at halftime," Shaw said about when he sent two guys to scout him in high school. "They said, 'Oh my God, this kid is unbelievable. He's the most competitive, toughest, most aggressive running back we’ve seen in years. This is our guy.'" There is no one in this Draft who is as good as he is on short yardage, and then can go outside and break down a CB as the X or Z, and break open downfield by 10-yards. 

He is so good at running up the middle, finding a little pocket behind his blockers, and just following the train. "He's one of the best players that ever played college football," Shaw said. "I mean, they numbers say that, and when you watch the film it's saying it. Did he really do that? Did he really break the rushing record in three quarters for the school? Did he really break Barry Sanders' record with a game to go in the season? Those are astronomical things." Played some Wildcat QB, and will lower his head for a cloud of dust.

Consistently makes something out of nothing. One of the best at following his blockers that I have seen. Great vision running at full speed. One of those guys with rare instincts that seemed to make him make the right cut in traffic every time. I always think of him as a speed guy, but he is a tough short yardage runner. He can bounce off a blocker, redirect and lower his head on 3rd and 1. Then he was suddenly uncovered on a wheel route down the sideline for a 57-yard touchdown. He might be the best example of an NFL RB now, as the NFL turns to a pass first second and third League. 

Some don't see him as a full time back. "He will make some plays, but I don't think he can be your No. 1 guy," a scout said. "I don't see him carrying the load. I see him catching the ball out of the backfield or getting the ball on some gadgets." The scout compared him to Bryant Westbrook. 

But he is the most versatile RB in this Daft. "We think McCaffrey can absolutely see 12-plus touches per game, and displayed skills between the tackles as well as creating big plays. Contact balance will be a major skills teams need to make a decision and evaluation on." He can line up in the Slot and run Slot guy patterns like his dad, and not an RB just curling outside or inside.

After a season of injury, he made the correct decision to come out. "We understand that this was a very difficult decision," Shaw said. "For three years Christian has not only been a great player, but a great teammate as well. We wish him great success at the next level, as we continue our preparation for the Sun Bowl." He is ready for the NFL.

He got injured against Washington State. "McCaffrey did get banged up," Shaw said. "But there was no reason to put him in late in the game. We just left him out. We'll see how he is during the course of the week." Which ended his junior season prematurely. 

Additional Notes:

Combine: 10 Reps- He comes from great stock. He got 30 touches a game for almost two years. Runs with great patience to let his lineman block. Elite natural cutter. He just seems to do everything so naturally. Elite feet and hips in COD. Great quick hands catch the bad pass over his head. Great natural hands. He looks like a WR going out in patterns. 

McCaffrey Vs Cal:

He can be such an electric back. He has some great instincts and amazing COD that makes him deadly in space. Watch this cut back. He saw that Cal had over pursue to the Strongside. Watch the suddenness in his shoulders as he stopped and burst back in a flash. Then he used his great speed to beat two defenders to the corner, and turned up field (:51). He cut back behind his blocking QB to run past midfield. That is why he is going in the 1st.

Shovel Pass. Watch the great quick burst forward that made the first guy miss, and then the instant burst to the left that made the second and third guy miss. Then he powered over a forth, but got creamed by two DBs (1:16). He is so fast through the hole when he can just follow his blockers (1:31). He ran plays the way they are drawn up most of the time.

This is why he is NFL ready (1:16). He saw the DE get the OLT's outside shoulder. Watch the little chip that told every defender watching that he was blocking. But he slid off as the screen was being set up. He caught it with his back to the line. Watch how smooth he turned back around and burst forward. Then the quick feet that made the first guy miss. The great cut back that took the guy behind him into the OLT, and made the second guy miss in front of him. But watch the second laterally burst that made the 3rd guy, who had him dead to rights, whiff completely. Then the Safety saw him peeking at the opposite sideline. Watch the elite burst up field that made the forth guy miss. He might be the most dangerous guy in space in this Draft.

Watch the quick snap to the left before the hand off. Then the elite burst through the hole. Then it was a racing to the corner (2:05). Again, watch the great burst into the hole, and the little gallop over the trash (2:42). Watch the patience as he bobbed and weaved behind his blockers (2:49). He stepped up into the hole, and rammed the DT right in the gut to stop his rush (3:34). Then he snuck out to the flat and was wide open. That was spectacular pass pro that should have been more.

One thing he does a ton is fake around the pocket like he is going to block, and then sneak out for the pass. I don't like it, but it can be effective sometimes (3:41). Watch how quick he read the cut back lane (4:06). But this is what separated him from most other humans. Watch the elite suddenness in this cutback that made three guys miss. That is just amazing. Then he showed his long speed running away from the DB. 

First, watch the odd toss back. What was that? What made him special was that he has these rare right angle cuts that as just deadly (4:32). Watch the lateral hop outside, and the explosion straight up field through the line. He was through the 2nd level as instantly as anyone in this Draft.

He can run with some power. Watch him hide behind his blockers for a flash. Then the great burst upfield again, where he shoved a defender down. Then he ran through three guys, and lowered his head into a forth, and kept going for a few more yards (4:47). Watch the great cut back at the line that gave him a lane to the endzone (5:28). That is just great vision and instincts. I mean, the snap in his shoulder to go from moving laterally, and then right-angle up field instantly is astonishing. 

McCaffrey Vs Cal:

Christian McCaffrey Vs Washington:

Okay, you saw the spectacular, now you can see him grind. He should have chipped on the rusher (:09). Watch his quick little burst around in traffic in the backfield, like he was doing the 3-Cone (:17). He will pass block, and can be very good at it, but he can be inconsistent. Watch his great form as he picked up the blitzing Safety with his hands (:27). He was such a great slasher. He followed his FB, and cut off his block. He got to the second level with some patience and speed (:34). You have to be able to block in pass pro to be in on passing downs in the NFL (:52). He stepped up to pick up and the blitzer, and the blitzer fell down. So he went over and helped him stay down.

This is a good Tape, because this was the best defense he faced last season. This was as close to an NFL defense as you will see in college. He has elite instincts in the open field. He was about to be grabbed by the blitzer, and watch the great quickness and agility as he spun out of it in a flash (1:02). Then he saw his QB blocking outside. So he juked inside, and watch the elite lateral burst outside, that trapped four guys inside. And you can say what you want, but he is one tough SOB. Watch this hit by the LB and Sydney.

They liked to run out of the I a lot (1:19). He couldn't find anyone to block, so he went to the second level. Watch the elite turn outside to pick/block the LB (1:30). He showed such great patience at the line. Ducked low and found a crack. He bounced out, and got four when there was nothing (1:40). He was deadly out of the backfield (2:17). He made the first guy miss. Then he cut back behind a blocker to make the second guy miss. He was then hit by three defenders, broke free, and dived forward. That was an incredible run.

They went into the I, everyone knew McCaffrey was getting the ball. Watch the nice cut, off the FB's block. Then he lowered his head as three big defenders were looking to do him harm (2:27). The screen was a little slow developing. He had to catch the ball in more traffic than you want. But he turned up field and got more than it looked he would (2:41). You have to remember that Washington's defense was every bit as good as Alabama's, and maybe better. This was the number one or two defense in the FBS last year.

Watch the nice hit on the giant DT in pass pro. He is much stronger than he looks (2:49). He followed the pulling guard perfectly (2:58). Watch the great blitz pick up that knocked Baker to the ground. A lot of people think he is a 1st Round FS (3:07). Running the Draw the way it was drawn up (3:27). He spotted the blitzer coming from the edge (3:37). He stepped up nicely, but lowered his head a little. He hit him just hard enough so he couldn't sack the QB. Not his best block, but it was the blitzer from the other side that got the QB.

This is great. He stepped inside. Watch the great hit that knocked the DE out of his rush after he beat the ORT. That is why he can step in and play as a rookie (3:47). Another aspect that will get him drafted in the 1st is that he can step into the slot and run patterns like a Slot-WR. Watch the great burst to the second level (3:56). Back in the slot. Watch how he weaved behind his blocker to get what he could get (4:14). He is such a smooth natural hand catcher. You can tell his dad was an NFL WR.

He ran the toss. He jumped over two guys with great agility, but the third was just able to grab his foot (4:23). He missed the stunter that hit his QB (4:31). He tried to follow his lead blocker, but got hit from the side. Watch the great strength and balance to run through the DT. Then the eyes and instincts and he ran past three defenders, and cut back to the second level (4:43). Then he straight armed the LB sneaking up behind, and dragged three defenders, and the ref, past the marker. That was an elite NFL run.

Here we go. Play action into another block on Baker. But once Baker saw he didn't have the ball he took off, as McCaffrey looked back for the ball (5:03). Back in the Slot. He slowed and faked like he was going to block. Than watch the nice burst over the middle. He had some snap in his shoulders there. Then he took his eyes off the ball as he knew the LB was coming (5:13). Watch the great blitz pick up in the hole (5:19). He knocked Baker right off his feet.

He looked for someone to block, and when he couldn't find anyone, he slipped out into the Flat. When the QB had to move because of the pressure, he spotted McCaffrey and hit him. He always seemed to catch the ball naturally (except last time). Then he was just deadly out in space (5:37). He made the 1st guy miss with a spin. Then made King miss with a great cutback, and got the 1st.

He faked the block, and then hopped back for the screen. He caught it on the move. He tried to burst to the second level, but got cut by the LB (5:47). He stepped up to block. Then you can see he though he was free to take off. But saw the LB coming and stoned him (6:02). Another great blitz pickup (6:26). Then it was just desperation time. 

McCaffrey Vs Washington:

McCaffrey' Official Bio:

As a Junior (2016)
• CoSIDA Academic All-American of the Year
• Third Cardinal ever to win award
• CoSIDA Academic All-America first team
• Sixth Cardinal to earn multiple Academic All-America honors, first since 1993-94
• Sporting News All-America second team (athlete)
• Walter Camp All-America second team (running back)
• AP All-America second team (running back)
• FWAA All-America second team (running back)
• USA Today All-America second team (running back)
• All-America second team (running back)
• CBS Sports All-America second team (running back)
• FOX All-America first team (all-purpose)
• FOX All-America first team (running back)
• Pac-12 All-Academic first team
• All-Pac-12 first team (running back)
• All-Pac-12 honorable mention (return specialist)
• Wuerffel Award finalist
• Paul Hornung Award finalist
• Walter Camp Player of the Year watch list
• Maxwell Award watch list
• Rotary Lombardi Award watch list
• Paul Hornung Award watch list
• Maxwell Award semifinalist
• Doak Walker Award semifinalist
• preseason All-America first team (all-purpose) 
• preseason All-America first team (kick returner)
• preseason All-America preseason first team (punt returner)
• preseason All-America preseason second team (running back)
• Phil Steele preseason All-America preseason first team (running back)
• Phil Steele preseason All-America preseason third team (punt returner)
• Phil Steele preseason All-America preseason third team (kick returner)
• preseason Pac-12 Player of the Year
• preseason All-Pac-12 first team (running back)
• USA Today preseason All-Pac-12 preseason first team (running back)
• USA Today preseason All-Pac-12 preseason first team (kick returner)
• Phil Steele preseason All-Pac-12 preseason first team (running back)
• Phil Steele preseason All-Pac-12 preseason first team (kick returner)
• Athlon preseason All-Pac-12 preseason first team (kick returner)
• Athlon preseason All-Pac-12 preseason first team (all-purpose)
• Athlon preseason All-Pac-12 preseason third team (punt returner)
• First nationally with 211.6 all-purpose yards/game
• Fourth nationally with 145.7 rushing yards/game
• First in Pac-12 Conference
• Seventh nationally with 1,603 rushing yards
• First in Pac-12 Conference
• 183.87 career all-purpose yards/game, most of any active FBS player
• Over 28 more than next closest player
• 6,987 career all-purpose yards, second-most of any active FBS player
• Over 1,800 more than next closest junior
• One of two active FBS players with at least 3,500 career yards rushing and 1,200 yards receiving
• 19 100-yard rushing games since start of the 2015 season, tied for most in FBS over that span
• Only Stanford player ever with 2,000+ all-purpose yards in consecutive seasons
• 33 career touchdowns, ninth-most in Stanford history
• School-record 284 yards rushing vs. Cal, most ever in 119-year history of the Big Game
• Seven career games with 300+ all-purpose yards
• 200+ all-purpose yards in 19 games since start of 2015 season
• One of three players in past 20 years with over 700 all-purpose yards against the same opponent in a two-game span (vs. USC in 2015 and 2016)
• 22 rushes for 126 yards and two touchdowns, seven receptions (career-high) for 40 yards vs. Kansas State
• Two touchdowns of 35 or more yards (only one such touchdown run in 2015)
• 41-yard fourth-quarter rushing touchdown sealed win
• 97-yard punt return touchdown called back due to penalty
• 31 rushes for 172 yards and one touchdown vs. USC
• Three receptions for 66 yards, including 56-yard touchdown catch
• One of three players ever with 700+ all-purpose yards vs. same opponent in two-game span
• LaDainian Tomlinson (1990-00 vs. UTEP)
• Marqise Lee (2011-12 vs. Oregon)
• 26 rushes for 138 yards, two catches for 13 yards at UCLA
• 12 rushes for 35 yards, five catches for 30 yards in one half of action vs. Washington State
• Five kickoff returns for 144 yards
• 21 rushes for 92 yards, two catches for 26 yards vs. Colorado
• 225 all-purpose yards at Arizona
• 169 yards rushing and two touchdowns
• Four catches for 27 yards and one touchdown
• 24-yard punt return
• 241 all-purpose yards vs. Oregon State
• 199 yards rushing and one touchdown
• 218 all-purpose yards at Oregon
• 135 yards rushing and three touchdowns
• Five catches for 52 yards
• 317 all-purpose yards at Cal
• School-record 284 rushing yards and three touchdowns
• Most rushing yards in 119-year history of the Big Game
• 90-yard touchdown run
• 271 all-purpose yards vs. Rice
• 204 yards rushing and one touchdown
• Two catches for 23 yards and one touchdown

As a Sophomore (2015):
• NCAA single-season all-purpose yards record holder (3,864)
• Only FBS player to lead team in rushing and receiving yardage
• Associated Press Player of the Year
• First winner in Stanford history
• First non-Heisman Trophy winner since 2009
• Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year
• Pac-12 Championship Game MVP
• Rose Bowl Offensive Player of the Game
• CoSIDA Academic All-America first team
• CoSIDA Academic All-District
• Sports Illustrated College Football Player of the Year
• Player of the Year
• Hornung Award winner
• Jet Award winner
• Chic Harley Award winner
• Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Amateur Athlete of the Year
• Heisman Trophy finalist
• Maxwell Award finalist
• Doak Walker Award finalist
• Walter Camp Player of the Year finalist
• Consensus All-America
• AFCA All-America first team (running back)
• FWAA All-America first team (kick returner)
• Associated Press All-America first team (all-purpose)
• Sporting News All-America first team (running back)
• Walter Camp All-America second team (kick returner)
• Walter Camp All-America second team (running back)
• All-Pac-12 first team (running back)
• All-Pac-12 first team (return specialist)
• Associated Press All-Bowl team (all-purpose)
• Walter Camp National Player of the Week (Nov. 22)
• FWAA National Offensive Player of the Week (Oct. 20)
• Pac-12 Special Teams Player of the Week (Nov. 23)
• Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week (Oct. 19)
• midseason All-America first team
• Phil Steele All-Pac-12 preseason second team (punt returner)
• Athlon All-Pac-12 preseason second team (all-purpose/punt returner)
• 2,019 rushing yards [school record]
• 144.2 rushing yards/game
• 6.0 yards/rush [seventh-most in school history]
• 337 rushing attempts
• Eight rushing touchdowns
• 11 100-yard rushing games [tied school record]
• 645 receiving yards [team high]
• 45 receptions [team high]
• 46.1 receiving yards/game [team high]
• Five receiving touchdowns [team high]
• One 200-yard rushing, 100-yard receiving game
• Two 150-yard rushing, 100-yard receiving games
• Three 100-yard rushing, 100-yard receiving games
• 1,070 kickoff return yards [third-most in school history]
• 28.9 yards/kickoff return [fourth-most in school history]
• One kickoff return touchdown
• 130 punt return yards
• One punt return touchdown
• Two pass completions for 39 yards and two touchdowns
• Three 100-yard rushing, 100-yard receiving games
• 90 points scored
• 171 all-purpose yards at Northwestern
• 166 all-purpose yards vs. UCF
• 249 all-purpose yards at USC
• 115 yards rushing
• 303 all-purpose yards at Oregon State
• 206 yards rushing 
• First 200-yard rushing performance by a Cardinal since 2009 
• First 300 all-purpose yard performance by a Cardinal since 2009 
• First back-to-back 100-yard rushing performance by a Cardinal since 2013
• 260 all-purpose yards vs. Arizona
• First career rushing touchdown 
• Two kickoff returns for 98 yards, including 67-yarder
• 369 all-purpose yards vs. UCLA
• (Then) school-record 243 yards rushing on 25 carries 
• Tied school record with four rushing touchdowns 
• All-purpose yards total fell 10 short of school record 
• 96-yard kickoff return
• 300 all-purpose yards vs. Washington
• 109 yards rushing on 23 carries, one touchdown 
• 112 yards receiving on five catches, one touchdown
• 50-yard touchdown reception
• First Cardinal with 100+ rushing and 100+ receiving yards since 1991
• 136 all-purpose yards at Washington State
• 107 rushing yards on 22 carries
• Sixth consecutive 100-yard rushing performance
• 30-yard fourth-quarter run set stage for game-winning field goal
• 220 all-purpose yards at Colorado
• 147 rushing yards on 23 carries
• Tied school record with seventh consecutive 100-yard rushing performance
• 28-yard touchdown pass
• Stanford's first non-quarterback to throw a touchdown pass since 2009
• 244 all-purpose yards vs. Oregon
• 147 rushing yards on career-high 33 carries and one touchdown
• Eighth consecutive 100-yard rushing performance
• Five catches for 42 yards
• Set single-season school record with 2,418 all-purpose yards
• 389 all-purpose yards vs. Cal
• Broke Stanford's single-game all-purpose yards record set in 1990
• School-record ninth consecutive 100-yard rushing performance
• 24 rushes for 192 yards
• 49-yard touchdown reception
• Three kickoff returns for 148 yards, including 98-yard touchdown
• 228 all-purpose yards vs. Notre Dame
• Exceeded 3,000 all-purpose single-season yards
• Set Pac-12 single-season all-purpose yards record
• Eclipsed Reggie Bush's mark of 2,890 set in 2005
• 94 yards rushing
• 109 kickoff return yards
• 461 all-purpose yards vs. USC (Pac-12 Championship Game)
• Set NCAA record for single-season all-purpose yards (3,496)
• Rushing (10), passing (11) and receiving (28) touchdowns
• 207 rushing yards
• Third 200-yard rushing output
• 105 receiving yards
• Second 100-yard receiving output
• 120 kickoff return yards
• Fourth 100-yard kickoff return output
• 29 punt return yards
• Second 100-yard rushing and 100-yard receiving output on the season
• Two of four in FBS on the season
• 368 all-purpose yards vs. Iowa
• Rose Bowl record for all-purpose yardage
• Fourth-most all-purpose yards in NCAA bowl history
• 146 all-purpose yards after contact 
• 172 yards rushing on 18 attempts
• 105 yard receiving on four catches
• 75-yard touchdown reception, second-longest in Rose Bowl history
• First player in Rose Bowl history with 100 yards rushing and receiving
• 63-yard punt return for touchdown
• First four touches totaled 121 yards

As a Freshman (2014):
• National Football Foundation High School National Scholar-Athlete finalist
• 13 games played
• 796 all-purpose yards (300 rushing, 251 receiving, 154 punt return, 91 kickoff return)
• 61.2 all-purpose yards/game
• Two receiving touchdowns
• Seven tackles
• 122 all-purpose yards in career debut vs. UC Davis
• 52-yard touchdown catch on first career touch
• Three punt returns for 60 yards, including 41-yarder
• Three tackles on special teams
• Four rushes for 29 yards, one catch for 12 yards vs. Army
• One catch for 12 yards at Washington
• One catch for 18 yards at Notre Dame
• Three rushes for 28 yards, two catches for 25 yards vs. Washington State
• Two kickoff returns for 38 yards at Arizona State
• Three rushes for 19 yards, two catches for 52 yards and 42-yard touchdown vs. Oregon State
• One kickoff return for 29 yards at Oregon
• 111 all-purpose yards vs. Utah
• Eight rushes for 77 yards, three catches for 10 yards, two kickoff returns for 24 yards
• Three rushes for 19 yards, two catches for 34 yards at Cal
• 11 rushes for 64 yards, one catch for 21 yards at UCLA
• Team-high 138 all-purpose yards vs. Maryland
• Seven rushes for 57 yards, four punt returns for 81 yards


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