*Chandler Jones

OLB/DE Syracuse

6-5 3/8, 266, 35.5” Arms! S-1.60

7.07 3-C! 4.38 SS! (4.85), 4.87 (O), 

 35" Vert, 10" Broad, 22 Reps,




Fighting For The Forth.


Okay Pats fans sorry about the lateness. I actually had both Hightower and this Profile done by 9:AM yesterday. Of course I hadn't edited it yet, or put in the HTML file, and then edit it, and then post it. It can take me as long or longer to post it as it does to write it. However, as I was congratulating myself on a job well done, all hell broke lose. But by 5:PM things had calmed down, and I went back to copy and paste the words into FrontPage, and the file was gone. I got up at 6:AM to write the two profiles and the Document they were on was gone. 

So naturally in the calm and rational way I live my life, I freaked out. I couldn't finish the Second Round Mock, and I couldn't find the Jones-Hightower file. Then my wife came in at 5:30 and reminded me it was time for my sons baseball practice. For some bizarre and unexplainable reason I was made Manager of his "Coach Pitch" team. How crazy is that? I hate baseball. This weekend was suppose to be my Christmas? Yet there I was hitting dingoes to 6-year olds with visions of lost profiles dancing in my head, and yelling at the Kids, "Can we get One out for football sakes!" While wondering why the football gods were being so cruel to me (Although, we did actually get two outs in the scrimmage:-).

So I quit. That's right, in my profile you can now put quitter (Bite me;-). So I didn't get to the watch the Draft last night. I didn't get to finish my Second Round Mock. I didn't get to finish my First Round Review. I didn't get to Post my two profiles, but I did get to hit dingoes to 6-year old in the freezing cold like it was December 25th instead of My Christmas. I watch just enough of the Draft to see the Pats send poor Troy Brown up to the plate so they could inexplicable Draft some-5th-Round-guy-named-Wilson, in the second (are you kidding me?). So I shut off the TV before they could trade up for a Punter. Apparently, yesterday, I was visited by the ghost of Christmas past like Bill Murray, and she only seemed interested in punching me in the face.

So I wake up this morning, hoping for renewed peace, love, and presents under the tree. And I got my gun in case the Ghost of Christmas past showed up again. Instead. I saw the BB had given me Jake Bequette for Christmas, and for all you faker and posers out their the Patriot's fanland (Mr. Draft my ass;-), I had the Pats taking Bequette in the 3rd Round. That's right Pats fans I had that pick. Jake Bequette to the Patriots with pick 93. Granted, they traded back to pick 90, but I am the man! 

Suddenly the sun came out and it was Opposite Day. I flicked on the DVR. I had kept the Fight For Hunger Bowl on the DVR. I started watching some-5th-Round-guy-named-Wilson make some plays against UCLA. He looked pretty good on Special Teams as well. I started to see I could make a positive profile of this guy fairly easily. He was injured and couldn't Participate in the Combine, but he has some skills. He is fast on the field, and shows some flash. I know I am a BB suck-up, but the more I watch him the more I like him. Plus, I found to tapes of him put up on UTube my a Pat's fan named Mathew. Thank you Mathew!  

I often say that I live against the laws of physics, because bizarre and unexplainable things often happen to me.  I sit at the computer this morning, and there is the Jones-Hightower file right in the 2012 Folder I put it in. I swear to all the football ball on Christmas weekend that it wasn't there yesterday, and I check about ten times. SO there it was, and here it is:

To get Chandler Jones without giving up one on their coveted 2nd Rounds picks has to be seen as the steal of the Draft. “I thought we had a good day today,” BB wildly understates at his conference call-. “As usual, the draft always takes some interesting twists and turns. You just never know how it's going to go, but as the players came off the board we were able to execute a couple trades there and still hang onto our two second round picks, which I thought if we moved up I wasn't sure that we would be able to do that, but it worked out that way. Nick [Caserio] really did a good job of handling those.” The move up to get Jones without give up 48 was Nick Carerio’s finest moment as a Patriot.

I got a little too excited by all the pre Draft hype, and moved him up to my 7th ranked player. Plus, just by coincidence had him going 7th the Jags. He has such a great frame to rush the passer in the NFL. He looks to me like he has Pierre-Paul-type potential, though he is a very different player. "I wouldn't put a label on myself. I'm not going to sit here and say, ‘Oh, I flip the switch on and off.'" He said. "The way I play, I'm relaxed. That's how I play better; I don't know if you guys watch film. I'm not going to sit here and call myself a beast or I'm untamed or all that. I don't get into that at all. I'm the same person all the time. I know when it's time to play and when it's time to sit here and talk to the media." He is still more of a physical D-End then Paul, who is more of a quick twitch D-End.

He has such a great burst off the snap, as shown by his 35” Vert and 10 foot flat Broad Jump! A guy his size shouldn’t be able to burst of his legs like that. His 4.87 wasn’t he best Forty at the Combine. However, his measured quickness matched his burst. He ran an extremely impressive 7.07 3-Cone at the Combine. For a 6-5, 266 pound D-End that is almost unheard of. He almost matched that quickness stat in the Short shuttle with an impressive time of 4.38. getting to the QB is much more about hands (35.5”arms), burst (Vert and Broad jump), and Quickness (7.07 and 4.38). He was in the top two or three guys in these measurements at the Combine. Really the only guy you said out measured him was Bruce Irvin, and he does have near his size or long arms.

Now I know Combine Stats are controversial, but each stat does hold meaning. Not as much meaning as what he does on the field. But players who have certain measurements have succeeded in the NFL, and players with certain measurements have consistently failed in the NFL. You can argue the aberrations all day, but I’ll stick with the Freak Factor. He measured out with a lot of similar traits to a Bear named Peppers “Julius Peppers is a great player," Jones said at his Presser. "Oliver Smith is another great guy that I kind of model my game after. They have the same kind of playing style.” Of course, the more important than the Combine measurements is that he hasn’t played like Peppers on the field (yet;-).

I thought he projected as the top OLB/DE/Passrusher in the Draft. He is still more promise than production, but he as all the physical traits BB wants in a D-End. He is the prototype D-End BB has been searching for in the Draft for a decade (much to the chagrin of Pat’s fans;-). He is 6-5, 266 pounds, and has been measured in the 4.6’s in the Forty. And I can’t overstate this enough, 35.5” Arms!

BB wants read and react rushers. That is impossible to do if an O-Linemen gets his hands in your shirt. He wants guys who attack blockers going up, and shooting those hands out. He wants burst and arms extended off the snap. Plus, he has to be smart. He as to read run, pass, misdirection, Screen, Counter, or trickeration instantly. Because he wants his Edgerushers to engage the blocker before they make their moves. So the longer you sit there with your arms extended, the more time the O-Line has to get his hands into your shirt. It’s not rocket science. It’s basic physiology. Having 35.5” Arms gives him a measurable advantage over all the O-linemen in the NFL with shorter arms, which is 99% of all O-Linemen.

He hasn’t quite learned how to take advantage of that yet, but he showed some flashes. He showed a lot of flashes of greatness at Syracuse. "In college, I was double and triple teamed a lot," he said today at his Presser. "It's funny that you brought that up. I have no expectations as far as what's going to happen to me at this level. I was told about it. My brother plays for the Ravens. But I really don't know until I get out there. As far as me being a rookie, my job right now is to know my role. Take whatever I can from whoever, anyone from Dant'a Hightower to all the veterans on that defense and front seven. For me being a rookie, I'm just going to be a sponge and just learn what I can. As far as my jacket, like I said, I didn't know I was coming here and my brother didn't have a full suit that fit me. He had suits but his suits stopped like right here [at my elbow]. So I was like, you know what, ‘I'm going to go without the jacket. You just give me a shirt and I'll just roll it up. Give me some jewelry and I'll be fine." He sometime could Jam his inside hand into the chest of the OLT and charge and reach out for the QB with his other spider arm. That is an unstoppable move. The more he can make that move the greater he will be.

Plus, he is so young, “Well yeah, I think, you know, any player at that age still has room to develop and mature as an athlete” BB answered when asked if he though Jones would grow into his body. “I don't know. We'll see. He's a pretty well put together kid. I don't think he's going to be 295 [pounds] if that's what you're asking. I wouldn't say that, but could he gain five or 10 pounds? I don't know. We'll see. Put him in the program and work with him. He trains pretty well. He's a pretty well-conditioned athlete. I don't know. We'll see.” He is still growing into his body, add his technique as a rusher, but mark my words, it is all there. Everything BB wants in a passrusher physically and mentally he has. Now he just has to capitalize on all that promise.

Remember Pat’s Fans, production matters. However, the NFL Draft is all about promise. The players who improve the most from the day they are drafted until they get to old to improve (like me;-) are the ones who succeed in the NFL. He gets it. He has a role model who has already shown him that he has to outwork everyone to improve or die in the NFL, “Yeah, actually my brother Arthur [Jones] has taught me a lot going through this whole draft process,” Jones said. “He was basically telling me that the way I carry myself off the field, I'm not just representing myself, I'm representing the organization. I feel like having a brother that's in the NFL is a great advantage.” His two brothers give him a great advantage in this process. 

In fact, If I were him I would go live with “Bones” Jones and work on some hand fighting everyday. "Both of my brothers were happy," He said about being Drafted. "My brother, Jon, the light heavyweight champion, he threw water on me. I don't know if you guys saw it on ESPN, but there was water all over my gray hoody. He was smiling from ear-to-ear. Everybody was happy. As far as the distance, my mother was actually crying the few nights leading up to the draft because she didn't know where I was going to go. I could be in Texas, I could be in California. But it's a three-hour drive. How close it is from my hometown, I could have driven here and this press conference would be over. But my whole family is happy. They're very supportive. I just thank God for them." He has the master hand fighter as a brother who can help him learn to use those 35.5" weapons. 

Being in the NFL is about constantly improving. The Draft is way more about promise and potential than what you did in college. Andrew Luck and RGIII are not NFL QBs. Everyone will shocked if they don't turn out that way, but that is because we are projecting their promise to what they will be in three or four years. The player that improves the least will be the player who is the bust. None of these guys are ready to play in the NFL. You just hope they improve enough to find role come Opening Day.

I went a little crazy on the afternoon before the Draft, but when both Rex Ryan and BB think he is the best rusher in the Draft, you have to stand up and take notice. When the Jags War Room seems to be enamored with his as well, then the kid has to have something.

When you have a prospect like Jones, you are projecting him into the player he will be in three years. He will have to continue to improve at a rapid rate to be the player that BB and I (how’s that for pompous;-) think he will be. “Yeah, I hope we've improved, but we'll see” BB agreed with me at his Presser (just in case you didn’t think I could get more pompous;-). “We haven't put them in a Patriots uniform yet, so we'll see how they do once they get into our system and learn what to do and we'll see how they develop. I think both guys have been good players in their systems. They're both smart. They're high quality guys. They've been productive in their systems. Hopefully they'll be able to do that for us too. We have a lot of good players they have to compete with and we'll see how it turns out.” It should be very exciting watching these two guy grow into roles that could help carry us to another Super Bowl victory.

He has so many things BB looks for, including versatility. “To be honest with you, I'm just excited to be in this defense" Jones Said. "I have no idea where I'm going to play. I'm going to play wherever coach tells me to play and I'm just ready to learn this playbook.” I think I know where he'll play. 

He should go and start watching some film of Willie McGinest. "In high school, I didn't really watch film," he said in his Presser today. "I didn't watch film at all. Making the transition from high school to college, I started to watch more film. Making the transition from college to the professional level, just watching football in general. If I'm watching football and I see ‘X' and ‘Y' team and I see a guy go around the corner and make a play, I say, ‘Oh, let me rewind that. Okay, that's nice. Let me try to add that to my game.' So I wouldn't say a specific name, but just you know if I see something good, I try to add it to my game and try to put it in my repertoire." I'll give you a specific name, "Willie McGinest". That is who he reminds me of, and that is the role he is going to be filling. 

I love his versatility. A lot of Draftnics looked at him and didn’t know what they were seeing. When I watched him play, I saw Willie McGinest. "There were different schemes where I played with my hand down and hand up," he said. "I feel like personally I probably could play both." Just like Willie. He might not have looked the best, but BB moved McGinest all over the defense and he flourished playing multiple position in multiple schemes, and with his hand down and standing up. “In college I played at every position; I played at almost all positions. Making the transition to the NFL, my biggest thing right now is just to learn this defense and get that brotherhood bond with the rest of the guys on that defense.” I just see Jones developing perfectly into the multiple roles that McGinest played.

I think he might actually be a little too big, if that is possible. Willie was able to play pretty consistently at around 255-360. You have to be quicker than quick, and faster than fast to get to the QB in this NFL. “Whatever weight Coach Belichick wants me to weigh, that's what I'm going to strive hard to weigh when I come in and set foot on the scale for the first time” Jones said when asked about his weight. “But I have no idea where I'm going to weigh or what weight I'm going to be, whatever coach wants me to weigh, that's what I'm going to try to weigh.” 255 to 260 is probably going to be the answer.

The trait both these guys have that makes they so rare is that they are big and strong in the run game, but also have that knack for hitting the QB. “I met Dont'a Hightower at the Combine,” he said when asked about his new teammate. “And we joked around a little bit and we said ‘What if we were to land on the same team?' and it actually happened, so I can't wait to see him tomorrow.” Plus, they both are amazingly physical player like Willie. Yesterday was one of those days that changes the fates of Franchises. These tow players have just changed the fate of the Pat’s Franchise, and I’m saying right now they help Brady and BB get the Forth.

Jones has a lot of work to do. However. He got A’s in Character, Smart, and work ethic. If you don't think he, "gets it". Just ask him if he's a Pats fan? "I was always a Patriots fan," he said at his Presser today, "always been a Patriots fan. Very successful team. But when I got the call, words can't explain the way I felt. Going into it, I didn't know if I was going to laugh, didn't know if I was going to cry, didn't know if I was going to faint. But if you guys watched the pick on TV, I was smiling from ear-to-ear. You guys can tell, I'm really happy to be here, really." That's good enough for me. Let the fight for the Forth begin now. 

I kept the Tape's I made of him in the Pre-Draft TOM's Tape. I didn't really think there was anything to add to that:

Chandler Jones Vs West Virginia  

This is one of the reasons he worries me. He looks so awkward changing direction. Ans sometimes plays too high. He has to chicken wing his elbows to turn that corner. But, he makes the play. That is a nice athletic play for a 6-6 D-End (:02). Here he is at 5-technique, though he is really lined up inside the OLT. Which you are seeing more and more as the three D-Linemen in an Odd front scrunch up into the middle of the line. I'm not the biggest fan of this use of a passrusher, like Whitney Mercilius. It is to easy to double these guys. See how he blast off the line and right into the OG, and then steers him into the OT. I am very impressed with him splitting the double team (:10). He is a lot stronger than I remembered.

Here he is in an Odd front again, but he is outside the OLT shoulder in a 7-Technique. He uses his hands with nice violence and a vicious club, and what should have been a Rip. Instead of rushing behind the QB, which is the worst place on the field to be, according to the Saints almost new HC Bill Parcels (:33). I question his instincts. This is a prime example. He burst past the OLT and Set the Edge, and looks like he is going to jump onto the QB and/or RB, and figure out who has the ball later. Instead? He doesn’t really do much. Then the RB is charging up field. But again, that suddenness and change of direction, as he stops and chases after the RB (:35). He seems to worry me and impress me on almost every play. Nice strength, Nice fight. He sees the inside run, and gets real nice push on the OLT (:48). However, he doesn’t make the play. 

Again, he does a phenomenal job getting himself into nice position, but then fails to make the play. Everything he does right up to tackling the RB is First Round talent ability. Comes off the snap nicely, and reads the run. He hops behind the OLT and gets inside the FB. That is an exceptional play. However, he doesn't use his long arms and hands to keep the FB off, but still runs through his chop block with an excellent display of leg strength. Then he is right next to the RB, but doesn’t tackle him (:58). It just troubles me.

This is his odd rounded inside move. He reads Screen, and spins around awkwardly looking like he lost his balance, but he didn’t. Then he does a flying drop kick unto the RB’s knees (Maybe New Orleans would be a good fit 1:12;-). Again, equally impressive physically as it is concerning as to what he was thinking?

He has nice power. He gets up and under the OLT. He gets him moving backwards, but then doesn’t extend the arms. However, he elbows the OLT in the head and knocks his helmet off nicely. Again looking like he worked his way out of the play (1:34). This is what is so impressive about his guy. He always looks awkward to me, but watch this spin. He spins out of the hockey fight, and spots the QB, and bursts onto him with a great hit. That was a great play (1:41). He shows that balance, athleticism, penchants for violence, and burst in one play. Then he shows the power that makes Pat's fans drool. This is why teams see him as a 3-4 nightmare; Who might be able play OLB and D-End in a 3-4. Watch the power as he gets under the OLT’s pads and Bulls him into the QB (1:48). He comes off low and gets his hands onto the OLT’s shirt and helmet butt’s him. Then it is pure power to the QB (1:58). I’d still like to see him extend his arms after the Butt. Is that knit-picking?

This is what I like. He makes that weird inside move like he is Stunting, but he is not. He makes the same move as last time, and Helmet Butts the OLT, (2:07), then extends his arms. He has such nice long arms, it he could learn to use them in the passrush more he would be so much more effective. He sees the OLT has him and the QB is in trouble, so he stops and spies the QB. Then bats the ball down. That was a very nice play, where he was physical, smart, and made the right play (2:07). Which is something he doesn’t do all the time. The more he can do all three together the better a player he is going to be.

That is another nice move. He actually creates a Corner inside the OLT. He gets his inside shoulder and tries to Rip him to the QB, then picks up the double from the RB. That play usually results in an incompletion, but the QB made a nice throw (Hey, that’s two plays in a row I was impressed without any misgivings 2:17;-). Here he is in coverage, and he actually reads the play nicely. He spots the Screen on the opposite side of the field and tries to get over there (2:29). Most of the time, passrushing is about relentlessness. 

I can criticize him all day, but I won’t say that he doesn’t give good effort. He makes a nice rush. He gets a nice blast off the line and gets the OLT moving backwards 8-yards behind the LOS. But gets stuffed, and picks up the double (2:41). Then impressively, he keeps fighting when it looks like the play is done. He finds a way to fight through the double to the QB. That was more of a coverage rush, but here was no give-up in that play (2:48). That play right there now makes him think I like him more than I worry about him.

Tries to TTC, but gets stuffed. However, as he is wont to do he continues fighting and uses is power, leverage, and the OLT’s momentum against him. He shrugs him off and finds a lane to the QB (2:57). Just when it looks like he is going to hit the QB he gets washed. I always misread this guy. When I think he is doing good he does something bad. When I thing he is doing bad, he does something good (3:09). RDE, this is why he worries me. He does a remarkable job reading the play before everyone else. He sees that run and hops back while everyone else on the D-Line is going the wrong way. He flows down the line and stays in front of the RB. I am about to brag about good he is, and then he spins to nowhere (3:25). He just drives me crazy. 

Beautiful inside move, but he forgot2 his responsibly and gives the RB a Lane (3:33). Again, he reads it right. You can see him take off and feel something is wrong. The QB swings the ball out to the RB. Jones spins around, and gets way outside to make the play. Just when I think he screwed up again. He spins and makes a great play. He crushes that Runningback (3:43). This is an interesting move. He gets the OLT’s shoulder and then uses a very physical Swim move where it looks like he punches the OLT in the gut, but it is a Swim. Right here (4:03). Then he uses his impressive power to bull the double team from the OG and the OLT straight back (4:05). Until he finally splits the double. That is very impressive. Then highlights follow.

He has the burst and the long arms to turn the corner, but he has to do it more consistently this is just excellent hustle. He almost gets to the QB, and then almost gets to the RB the QB threw to (4:27). Inside guy. He takes the odd inside move again, and gets the pressure that forces the bad throw (4:38). Here he is top of the screen. You get a real good look at his odd inside move. He give a little Jab-Step right, like a basketball player, and then bursts inside. This is another great play. He gets popped by the O-Guard. Sees the throw, spins (like he always does when he impresses me;-). Then chases down the RB from behind in a great hustle play (4:58). That your big 5-Techiinique making a play on the little scat back 10-yards down field.

This is what we wants to see. The speed and burst around the Corner. Here he is looking like an OLB. Great burst, Speed, and TTC. If that hadn’t been a quick pass to the opposite side it would have been a Sack (5:11). Just another hustle rush (5:24). He powers his way into the double, and powers the OG and OLT back again (5:26).

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= nhrBNt85BZc

Chandler Jones Vs Pitt 

I was so impressed by his first Tape that I wanted to watch another. I was very unimpressed with him in my memory. However, McShay swears by this guy so I gave him another look. So here is a second look at, um. My other look? I think? I also think this is interesting (though it's probably more of a commentary on me and other pundits than on prospects;-). I was so much more positive on the second Tape then the first. I really didn't like Jones when I was doing the first Tape, and I really liked him doing the second Tape a few days after watching that first Tape. This happens to everyone. When you really like a prospect it is unconsciously easy to be positive. When you don't really like a prospect it is unconsciously easier to see the negatives.

I was so impressed with him against WVU. His size, speed, and agility, along with those spider arms, 35.5” Arms! I wanted to make sure I saw what I saw, so here we go again. Here he is just using his long arms and powerful legs to bull the OLT back (:09). He comes off a little stiff, but he always looks awkward to me (:12). He has 35.5” arms. Check out his inside arm extension as the OLT’s hands can’t reach his shirt, right here (:15). That, is what he needs to do much more consistently in the NFL. If you are a Pat’s fan you saw a lot of this last year from the big fat passrushers.

He chases the ball to the right, and gets a little confused when he sees a little guy run past him, as he probably had backside contain and lost it (:19). I like how he gets low and hits the OLT with his long arms, and is always driving him backwards. Tell me he doesn't look like a Pat’s passrusher here (:25). He gets a nice burst off the snap, gets he hands on the shirt and helmet butts him. This is what will make him special in the NFL. Watch how he extends his inside arm into the OTL’s chest and drives him backwards with one-hand, as he sets his sight on the QB with the other (:32). If he can do that in the NFL he is going to make a lot of money. Remember he is playing primarily in a read and react 3-4, and he plays it just like BB coaches it. I’d like to see him standing up a little (or at least one play;-).

Here he is crushing the puny O-Guard, who is helpless against his long arms, straight back into the Quarterback. That play has to make BB drool. Would you like to add an interior Passrusher like Justin Tuck circa 2007 to the Pat’s passrush (:37)? Oh! He is lined up outside the OLT’s shoulder, I though he was more inside. Watch this lateral burst, boom he is into the O-Guard then gets his arm extended. He always looks a little awkward to me and almost out of balance, but watch the Spin back inside and into the QB (:44). I love this burst. Check out how he buries the TE, but can’t keep his balance and the RB is able to squirt behind him (:52). But you have to love the explosion off the snap.

4-3 D-End, he gets a nice blast off the snap, but it’s a screen. He does a nice job trying to jump into the pass lane (1:00). He is a tough kid. He takes a shot to the face and keeps the O-Tackle moving backwards (1:05). They are starting to go to the opposite side. First run (1:11), then pass (1:18). Stumbles and then explodes into the double team, but gets Sealed inside as the QB panics and charges outside (1:26). This is what we want to see. Watch how he uses his hands, and not just his long arms, to chop the O-Tackles hands off his shirt and hit the QB (1:31). Wow! You can really see him use his great burst and quickness to crush the double. The little RB was looking to get a block in, but he flew right past him (1:36). And when he hits a QB, he Hits a QB.

Wow! Watch this burst inside. He leaves the OLT standing still (1:42). Sets the Edge with his long arms. Stays dancing with him a little to long, but then watch the power as he finally shrugs him off (1:50). This is a terrible rush, he lets the two RBs beat him up on the edge. But watch the suddenness in his shoulders as he bursts off the Line, that is what you are looking for (1:55). 3-4 D-End. Okay, that was a wacky play.

That is a great Swim move inside. Again, the pieces are there. He just has to put it all together (2:15/16). 3-4 D-End and another nice Swim over the OG (2:22). I like this play. Watch how he Slants inside with nice balance. He sees the play go outside, and changes direction instantly and gets outside. However, he sometimes looks like he lacks some instincts, which you hope is cured with more experience (2:27). 3-4 D-End. He sees the RB sneaking outside and stones him, which forces the QB to throw the ball away. Just when I say his instincts stink, he makes a nice instinctual play (2:34). Another nice burst upfield on a bit of a trick play. He gets lost in the middle, but at least gets his hands up and tries to get back into the play (2:42). Short rush, and he tries to get up and swat the ball but just misses (2:49). He can look athletic as well as awkward.

This is what makes me smile, when he uses his hand arms correctly. Watch him get into the OLT, pops him, and then extend his inside arm and power towards the QB with one-arm (3:00). He gets Sealed, shrugs off the Seal and gets hit by two more guys and knocked down. However, anytime a D-End is triple teamed, that is a win (3:05). 3-4 D-End. This is as good as it gets for BB. He Set the Edge with his long arms and forces the RB inside. But what makes it great is that he then Shrugs off the O-Tackle and makes the tackle (3:10). 3-4 D-End. Oh my. That, is all that heaven will allow. He Slants inside to free up the two outside blitzers, and then Shrugs off the puny O-Tackle and hammers the Runningback (3:18). Watch this lateral explosion inside. That is big time gentlemen.  (3:23). Watch the great leverage, agility, and power, as he sees the RB cutback and uses the OLT momentum to change direction and go back crush and the RB (3:26). That is what BB is looking for.

3-4 D-End. He does a nice job chopping the OLT’s arms. with his spider arms. Any time he chops, slaps, or clubs the O-Tackles arms down, he is improving (3:30). Very nice blast off. He is up and past the OLT before he can touch him. Then watch the great Turn into the RB as he crushes him again. That is big-time! (3:37/38). Another great Blast-off and Turning the short Corner into the Runningback, but the QB kept the ball on the option (3:45). Hockey fight (3:50/51). He slants inside on a call. They run a Draw. This play makes you nuts as the RB runs behind Jones (3:54). But watch the agility as he Spins back to the outside and almost snags himself a Runningback.

Wow! That, is all that heaven will allow. Just sit, watch, and enjoy (4:03). He uses his hands to beat the O-Tackle early. Sees the RB sneaking out of the backfield, and actually shows some nice reading ability, and then it is all freakish athleticism as he leaps up for the INT (4:15). You have to love this snag (4:22). Watch him take on the pulling Guard. That is a nice physical play (4:30). He uses a nice burst, shoves off the OLT, and Turns the Corner (4:37). Gets caught in the Double (4:47). Slants inside. Gets control of the OLT. Reads the play. Sheds and gets into position to hit the RB (4:54). That really is a BB 3-4 D-End play.

Blasts past the OLT, and really doesn't even slow down as he flies through the TE, and hits the QB (5:00). That is real nice. He splits the Double team lock and hits the QB with all that heaven will allow (5:10). I believe they call that getting skinny.

Doesn’t get a lot done, but again shows his promise. He burst inside. Shoves off the OLT with one arm, sees the trick play, and boom, (5:14). Watch this COD as he redirects to the new QB (5:17). He does his odd burst inside thing, and then gets caught in a hockey fight (5:23). Great burst off the line that gets the OLT off balance, and then he can just toss the OLT past him as he redirects to the QB (5:31). This is a nice agile move. He does his odd burst inside thing, and then watch the agility as the OLT tries to Cut him (5:37). He actually Swim over the Cut-block, and gets a hand up into the QB’s face. That is just a terrific play.

He gets into two hockey fights with the OLT (5:44). Sheds the OLT on a Screen (5:53). Not really in the play (5:59). He shows nice feet and agility working down the line (6:05). He gets in front of the play and reads the option right, but is too far inside to keep contain (6:14). This is a very important play. He reads Screen and covers the TE nicely, and forces the QB to throw the ball away. He does not look out of place in coverage on the edge at all (6:20). Smart player, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. He got beat by the Option play once, and then plays it absolutely perfectly the second time. (6:26). That play might be the most important play on this Tape, because he is a Freak athlete. And his Freak Factor is only limited to how well he can learn how to play and hone his instincts. This play shows he is smart enough to learn from his mistake on the fly, and there is nothing more important then being able to learn from your mistakes. With the 31st pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the New England patriots select… (Okay, so they trade down again, sue me. I'm trying to find a guy BB will think is all that heaven will allow, sit at 31, and take for all you whiney hate trading down Pat's fans;-).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= ftx60vRJyYg


Chandler Jones Career at Syracuse by Syracuse:

Position: Defensive End
Height: 6-5
Weight: 265
Class: Senior
Hometown: Endicott, NY
High School: Union-Endicott HS

At SU:
Three letters ... Member of the 2010 Spring Athletic Director's Honor Roll.

Senior Year (2011): All-BIG EAST First Team selection… Started all seven games he played ... Against Wake Forest, made five tackles, including a half sack for a loss of three yards ... Did not play against Rhode Island, USC, Toledo, Rutgers or Tulane due to injury suffered against Wake Forest ... Against West Virginia, earned BIG EAST Defensive Player of the Week honors after recording six solo tackles, including two sacks for a loss of 19 yards, and broke up a pass... Against Louisville, had five tackles, including four solo and one sack for a loss of six yards, and a pass break up ... Against Connecticut, had six tackles, including five solo and one sack, and forced two fumbles ... Against South Florida, recorded four tackles, including three solo … At Cincinnati, had eight tackles, incuding seven solo ... At Pittsburgh, had four solo tackles, including two for a total loss of four yards, and one interception, which he returned 32 yards.

Junior Year (2010): All-BIG EAST Second Team selection ... Phil Steele’s All-BIG EAST Third Team selection … Started all 13 games ... Tied for 32nd nationally and fourth in the BIG EAST with 0.25 forced fumbles per game ... Tied for 14th in the BIG EAST with 0.33 sacks per game ... At Akron, recorded a pair of total tackles and a pass breakup ... At Washington, had four total tackles and a pass breakup ... Against Maine, posted seven tackles, including a pair of sacks for a loss of 15 yards and forced two fumbles ... Against Colgate, he had seven total tackles, including an assisted tackle for loss ... At South Florida, tallied five total tackles, including one for a loss of yards ... Against Pittsburgh, had four tackles and a quarterback hurry ... At West Virginia, had eight tackles, including six solo stops and pair of sacks for 14 yards, and a pass breakup ... At Cincinnati, had two tackles and a quarterback hurry ... Against Louisville, made three tackles, including six solo stops and a pair of sacks for 14 yards, and a pass breakup ... At Rutgers, had six tackles, including two for a loss of yards ... Against Connecticut, had four tackles, including one for a loss, and forced a fumble ... Against Boston College, recorded an assisted tackle and a quarterback hurry ... Against Kansas State in the Pinstripe Bowl, recorded four tackles including three solo stops and one tackle for a loss of yards.

Sophomore Year (2009): Phil Steele All-BIG EAST Third Team and National All-Freshman Second Team selection … Played in all 12 games, including eight starts … Against Minnesota, recorded four tackles, including one tackle for a loss of yards, and a quarterback hurry … At Penn State, recorded an assisted tackle … Against Northwestern, posted two tackles, including first career sack … Against Maine, had three solo tackles, including one for a loss of yards … Against South Florida, posted three tackles, including one for a loss of yards … Against West Virginia, had two solo tackles, including one for a loss of yards… Against Akron, tallied five tackles, including one for a loss … Against Cincinnati, had four tackles … At Pittsburgh, had eight tackles … At Louisville, posted a career-best 10 tackles, including seven solo … Against Rutgers, had four solo tackles.

Freshman Year (2008): Did not play in any games.

High School: 2007 SuperPrep All-Northeast selection … Rated the 12th-best prospect in New York by SuperPrep … 2007 PrepStar All-East Region selection … Listed as the eighth-best prospect in New York by Scout.com … Played for New York in the 2008 NIKE NY-NJ All Star Classic … 2007 Football NYSSWA All-State Class AA First Team Defense and first-team All-Metro honoree after recording 75 tackles, seven sacks, two forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries … Also helped lead a defense that limited opponents to 14.4 points per game and held four foes to seven or fewer points in 2007 … Competed in three consecutive Section 4 Championship … Averaged a team-best 17.4 yards per reception as a tight end … High School Coach: Shane Hurd.

Personal: Chandler James Jones … Born in February 1990 in Rochester, N.Y. … Son of Camille and Arthur Jones … Two brothers, including Arthur, a fifth-round NFL Draft selection by the Baltimore Ravens who was a Syracuse defensive tackle, and Jon, a UFC fighter … Majoring in child and family studies in the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics.

Jones's Career Statistics
Year Games Tackles Assists Total TFL Sacks Int. FF FR
2009 12 33 19 52 10.0-24 yds. 1.5- 5 yds. 0-0 yds. 0 0-0 yds.
2010 13 38 19 57 9.5-36 yds. 4.0-29 yds. 0-0 yds. 3 1-0 yds.
2011 7 30 8 38 7.5-39 yds. 4.5-34 yds. 1-32 yds. 2 0-0 yds.
Totals 32 101 46 147 27.0-99 yds. 10.0-68 yds. 1-32 yds. 5 1-0 yds.



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