*Chandler Jones

OLB/DE Syracuse

6-5 3/8, 266, 35.5Ē Arms! S-1.60

7.07 3-C! 4.38 SS! (4.85), 4.87 (O), 

 35" Vert, 10" Broad, 22 Reps,





All that Heaven Will Allow.


Jones is a little high cut and looks a little awkward sometimes, but he is an exceptional athlete. He looks like he doesn't always play in balance, but then just when you think he is going to fall down, he spins with remarkable agility. Reminds me a little of Pierre-Paul. He is a little high cut, and all knees and elbows, and his lack of production is worrisome. Plus, like Pierre-Paul he will be drafted on promise and not production, as both were seriously lacking anything resembling production. But, at least he has 10 career Sacks in three seasons as compared to Pierre-Paul's puny six. However, he also has 27 career TFL and 147 career Tackles.   

Long legged, sometimes looks uncoordinated stiff hipped, but then makes some exceptionally athletic move. However, he has spider arms, and I think had the longest arms at the Combine, 35.5Ē arms is amazing. He has to add weight and strength in the upper body. He looks like an undersized 5-Technique to me at the Combine. There is a lot of clay there, but right now he is all knees and elbows. He can sink his and get low. He has such long longs he has to keep those knees bent and hips low. Does not look natural in open field. Stiff hips.

The talent is there, you can see, just like Pierre-Paul, but there is a bust factor as well, just like P-P. He has to improve his instincts and football smarts, and he could develop into an excellent D-End, just like P-P. He doesnít get the most out of his exceptional gifts. He often misreads or his instincts are wrong, and he gets himself out of position, and then makes a wildly athletic move that guys size just can't make. It is as amazing and annoying as any prospect in this Draft. However, if he puts it all together in the NFL he could be something special.

All the parts are there, but has is not all there yet. He shows everything you want to see from a Willie McGinest hybrid DE/OLB in a Pats 3-4. He has that look and feel, and lower body power. He played primarily as a 3-4 D-End, with a nice burst and power to the outside. He has heavy hands and can give some jolting shots to blockers. His ability to use his amazing 35.5" arms to keep blockers off his body. He plays with such excellent violence shedding blockers. He also get up higher than almost anyone in this Draft to knock down the ball, and can grab the pass out of the air and get the INT. 

We donít have much film of him in coverage, but here is no doubt he has the athleticism and can read the QB. McGinest wasnít very good in coverage either, but he was long, tall, and could read the QB, which was more than good enough. His huge reach and consistency at getting him arms when he sees the QB throwing can be disruptive to the QB as well. 

He has some work to do on technique as well. He has this huge gift of spider arms, and doesn't play with his arms extended with more consistency. When he extends his arms, even one arm, he renders O-Tackles helpless. 

He has that Freak Factor that some teams want to take just another roll of the dice on, and hopefully come up Pierre-Paul. He'll make you crazy, as he does everything right. Then misses the ball-carrier. Then he'll do everything wrong. And somehow, he'll make an explosively athletic move that maybe nobody else in this Draft can do, like a thief in the house of love coming up busted (sorry, have Bruce flashbacks again;-). And sometimes, just sometime, he combines smarts, instincts, and his freak factor, and creates a play that is all that heaven will allow

This a guy 3-4 teams are going to be gong crazy for in the final third of the First Round. He has that versatility that 3-4 coaches love. The big question is can he play standing up as a 3-4 OLB. Or, should he bulk up and be that rare 5-Technique D-End who can harass the QB. Either way, 3-4 D-Coordinators will be fighting to draft him.

Chandler Jones Vs West Virginia  

This is one of the reasons he worries me. He looks so awkward changing direction. Ans sometimes plays too high. He has to chicken wing his elbows to turn that corner. But, he makes the play. That is a nice athletic play for a 6-6 D-End (:02). Here he is at 5-technique, though he is really lined up inside the OLT. Which you are seeing more and more as the three D-Linemen in an Odd front scrunch up into the middle of the line. I'm not the biggest fan of this use of a passrusher, like Whitney Mercilius. It is to easy to double these guys. See how he blast off the line and right into the OG, and then steers him into the OT. I am very impressed with him splitting the double team (:10). He is a lot stronger than I remembered.

Here he is in an Odd front again, but he is outside the OLT shoulder in a 7-Technique. He uses his hands with nice violence and a vicious club, and what should have been a Rip. Instead of rushing behind the QB, which is the worst place on the field to be, according to the Saints almost new HC Bill Parcels (:33). I question his instincts. This is a prime example. He burst past the OLT and Set the Edge, and looks like he is going to jump onto the QB and/or RB, and figure out who has the ball later. Instead? He doesnít really do much. Then the RB is charging up field. But again, that suddenness and change of direction, as he stops and chases after the RB (:35). He seems to worry me and impress me on almost every play. Nice strength, Nice fight. He sees the inside run, and gets real nice push on the OLT (:48). However, he doesnít make the play. 

Again, he does a phenomenal job getting himself into nice position, but then fails to make the play. Everything he does right up to tackling the RB is First Round talent ability. Comes off the snap nicely, and reads the run. He hops behind the OLT and gets inside the FB. That is an exceptional play. However, he doesn't use his long arms and hands to keep the FB off, but still runs through his chop block with an excellent display of leg strength. Then he is right next to the RB, but doesnít tackle him (:58). It just troubles me.

This is his odd rounded inside move. He reads Screen, and spins around awkwardly looking like he lost his balance, but he didnít. Then he does a flying drop kick unto the RBís knees (Maybe New Orleans would be a good fit 1:12;-). Again, equally impressive physically as it is concerning as to what he was thinking?

He has nice power. He gets up and under the OLT. He gets him moving backwards, but then doesnít extend the arms. However, he elbows the OLT in the head and knocks his helmet off nicely. Again looking like he worked his way out of the play (1:34). This is what is so impressive about his guy. He always looks awkward to me, but watch this spin. He spins out of the hockey fight, and spots the QB, and bursts onto him with a great hit. That was a great play (1:41). He shows that balance, athleticism, penchants for violence, and burst in one play. Then he shows the power that makes Pat's fans drool. This is why teams see him as a 3-4 nightmare; Who might be able play OLB and D-End in a 3-4. Watch the power as he gets under the OLTís pads and Bulls him into the QB (1:48). He comes off low and gets his hands onto the OLTís shirt and helmet buttís him. Then it is pure power to the QB (1:58). Iíd still like to see him extend his arms after the Butt. Is that knit-picking?

This is what I like. He makes that weird inside move like he is Stunting, but he is not. He makes the same move as last time, and Helmet Butts the OLT, (2:07), then extends his arms. He has such nice long arms, it he could learn to use them in the passrush more he would be so much more effective. He sees the OLT has him and the QB is in trouble, so he stops and spies the QB. Then bats the ball down. That was a very nice play, where he was physical, smart, and made the right play (2:07). Which is something he doesnít do all the time. The more he can do all three together the better a player he is going to be.

That is another nice move. He actually creates a Corner inside the OLT. He gets his inside shoulder and tries to Rip him to the QB, then picks up the double from the RB. That play usually results in an incompletion, but the QB made a nice throw (Hey, thatís two plays in a row I was impressed without any misgivings 2:17;-). Here he is in coverage, and he actually reads the play nicely. He spots the Screen on the opposite side of the field and tries to get over there (2:29). Most of the time, passrushing is about relentlessness. 

I can criticize him all day, but I wonít say that he doesnít give good effort. He makes a nice rush. He gets a nice blast off the line and gets the OLT moving backwards 8-yards behind the LOS. But gets stuffed, and picks up the double (2:41). Then impressively, he keeps fighting when it looks like the play is done. He finds a way to fight through the double to the QB. That was more of a coverage rush, but here was no give-up in that play (2:48). That play right there now makes him think I like him more than I worry about him.

Tries to TTC, but gets stuffed. However, as he is wont to do he continues fighting and uses is power, leverage, and the OLTís momentum against him. He shrugs him off and finds a lane to the QB (2:57). Just when it looks like he is going to hit the QB he gets washed. I always misread this guy. When I think he is doing good he does something bad. When I thing he is doing bad, he does something good (3:09). RDE, this is why he worries me. He does a remarkable job reading the play before everyone else. He sees that run and hops back while everyone else on the D-Line is going the wrong way. He flows down the line and stays in front of the RB. I am about to brag about good he is, and then he spins to nowhere (3:25). He just drives me crazy. 

Beautiful inside move, but he forgot2 his responsibly and gives the RB a Lane (3:33). Again, he reads it right. You can see him take off and feel something is wrong. The QB swings the ball out to the RB. Jones spins around, and gets way outside to make the play. Just when I think he screwed up again. He spins and makes a great play. He crushes that Runningback (3:43). This is an interesting move. He gets the OLTís shoulder and then uses a very physical Swim move where it looks like he punches the OLT in the gut, but it is a Swim. Right here (4:03). Then he uses his impressive power to bull the double team from the OG and the OLT straight back (4:05). Until he finally splits the double. That is very impressive. Then highlights follow.

He has the burst and the long arms to turn the corner, but he has to do it more consistently this is just excellent hustle. He almost gets to the QB, and then almost gets to the RB the QB threw to (4:27). Inside guy. He takes the odd inside move again, and gets the pressure that forces the bad throw (4:38). Here he is top of the screen. You get a real good look at his odd inside move. He give a little Jab-Step right, like a basketball player, and then bursts inside. This is another great play. He gets popped by the O-Guard. Sees the throw, spins (like he always does when he impresses me;-). Then chases down the RB from behind in a great hustle play (4:58). That your big 5-Techiinique making a play on the little scat back 10-yards down field.

This is what we wants to see. The speed and burst around the Corner. Here he is looking like an OLB. Great burst, Speed, and TTC. If that hadnít been a quick pass to the opposite side it would have been a Sack (5:11). Just another hustle rush (5:24). He powers his way into the double, and powers the OG and OLT back again (5:26).

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= nhrBNt85BZc

Chandler Jones Vs Pitt 

I was so impressed by his first Tape that I wanted to watch another. I was very unimpressed with him in my memory. However, McShay swears by this guy so I gave him another look. So here is a second look at, um. My other look? I think? I also think this is interesting (though it's probably more of a commentary on me and other pundits than on prospects;-). I was so much more positive on the second Tape then the first. I really didn't like Jones when I was doing the first Tape, and I really liked him doing the second Tape a few days after watching that first Tape. This happens to everyone. When you really like a prospect it is unconsciously easy to be positive. When you don't really like a prospect it is unconsciously easier to see the negatives.

I was so impressed with him against WVU. His size, speed, and agility, along with those spider arms, 35.5Ē Arms! I wanted to make sure I saw what I saw, so here we go again. Here he is just using his long arms and powerful legs to bull the OLT back (:09). He comes off a little stiff, but he always looks awkward to me (:12). He has 35.5Ē arms. Check out his inside arm extension as the OLTís hands canít reach his shirt, right here (:15). That, is what he needs to do much more consistently in the NFL. If you are a Patís fan you saw a lot of this last year from the big fat passrushers.

He chases the ball to the right, and gets a little confused when he sees a little guy run past him, as he probably had backside contain and lost it (:19). I like how he gets low and hits the OLT with his long arms, and is always driving him backwards. Tell me he doesn't look like a Patís passrusher here (:25). He gets a nice burst off the snap, gets he hands on the shirt and helmet butts him. This is what will make him special in the NFL. Watch how he extends his inside arm into the OTLís chest and drives him backwards with one-hand, as he sets his sight on the QB with the other (:32). If he can do that in the NFL he is going to make a lot of money. Remember he is playing primarily in a read and react 3-4, and he plays it just like BB coaches it. Iíd like to see him standing up a little (or at least one play;-).

Here he is crushing the puny O-Guard, who is helpless against his long arms, straight back into the Quarterback. That play has to make BB drool. Would you like to add an interior Passrusher like Justin Tuck circa 2007 to the Patís passrush (:37)? Oh! He is lined up outside the OLTís shoulder, I though he was more inside. Watch this lateral burst, boom he is into the O-Guard then gets his arm extended. He always looks a little awkward to me and almost out of balance, but watch the Spin back inside and into the QB (:44). I love this burst. Check out how he buries the TE, but canít keep his balance and the RB is able to squirt behind him (:52). But you have to love the explosion off the snap.

4-3 D-End, he gets a nice blast off the snap, but itís a screen. He does a nice job trying to jump into the pass lane (1:00). He is a tough kid. He takes a shot to the face and keeps the O-Tackle moving backwards (1:05). They are starting to go to the opposite side. First run (1:11), then pass (1:18). Stumbles and then explodes into the double team, but gets Sealed inside as the QB panics and charges outside (1:26). This is what we want to see. Watch how he uses his hands, and not just his long arms, to chop the O-Tackles hands off his shirt and hit the QB (1:31). Wow! You can really see him use his great burst and quickness to crush the double. The little RB was looking to get a block in, but he flew right past him (1:36). And when he hits a QB, he Hits a QB.

Wow! Watch this burst inside. He leaves the OLT standing still (1:42). Sets the Edge with his long arms. Stays dancing with him a little to long, but then watch the power as he finally shrugs him off (1:50). This is a terrible rush, he lets the two RBs beat him up on the edge. But watch the suddenness in his shoulders as he bursts off the Line, that is what you are looking for (1:55). 3-4 D-End. Okay, that was a wacky play.

That is a great Swim move inside. Again, the pieces are there. He just has to put it all together (2:15/16). 3-4 D-End and another nice Swim over the OG (2:22). I like this play. Watch how he Slants inside with nice balance. He sees the play go outside, and changes direction instantly and gets outside. However, he sometimes looks like he lacks some instincts, which you hope is cured with more experience (2:27). 3-4 D-End. He sees the RB sneaking outside and stones him, which forces the QB to throw the ball away. Just when I say his instincts stink, he makes a nice instinctual play (2:34). Another nice burst upfield on a bit of a trick play. He gets lost in the middle, but at least gets his hands up and tries to get back into the play (2:42). Short rush, and he tries to get up and swat the ball but just misses (2:49). He can look athletic as well as awkward.

This is what makes me smile, when he uses his hand arms correctly. Watch him get into the OLT, pops him, and then extend his inside arm and power towards the QB with one-arm (3:00). He gets Sealed, shrugs off the Seal and gets hit by two more guys and knocked down. However, anytime a D-End is triple teamed, that is a win (3:05). 3-4 D-End. This is as good as it gets for BB. He Set the Edge with his long arms and forces the RB inside. But what makes it great is that he then Shrugs off the O-Tackle and makes the tackle (3:10). 3-4 D-End. Oh my. That, is all that heaven will allow. He Slants inside to free up the two outside blitzers, and then Shrugs off the puny O-Tackle and hammers the Runningback (3:18). Watch this lateral explosion inside. That is big time gentlemen.  (3:23). Watch the great leverage, agility, and power, as he sees the RB cutback and uses the OLT momentum to change direction and go back crush and the RB (3:26). That is what BB is looking for.

3-4 D-End. He does a nice job chopping the OLTís arms. with his spider arms. Any time he chops, slaps, or clubs the O-Tackles arms down, he is improving (3:30). Very nice blast off. He is up and past the OLT before he can touch him. Then watch the great Turn into the RB as he crushes him again. That is big-time! (3:37/38). Another great Blast-off and Turning the short Corner into the Runningback, but the QB kept the ball on the option (3:45). Hockey fight (3:50/51). He slants inside on a call. They run a Draw. This play makes you nuts as the RB runs behind Jones (3:54). But watch the agility as he Spins back to the outside and almost snags himself a Runningback.

Wow! That, is all that heaven will allow. Just sit, watch, and enjoy (4:03). He uses his hands to beat the O-Tackle early. Sees the RB sneaking out of the backfield, and actually shows some nice reading ability, and then it is all freakish athleticism as he leaps up for the INT (4:15). You have to love this snag (4:22). Watch him take on the pulling Guard. That is a nice physical play (4:30). He uses a nice burst, shoves off the OLT, and Turns the Corner (4:37). Gets caught in the Double (4:47). Slants inside. Gets control of the OLT. Reads the play. Sheds and gets into position to hit the RB (4:54). That really is a BB 3-4 D-End play.

Blasts past the OLT, and really doesn't even slow down as he flies through the TE, and hits the QB (5:00). That is real nice. He splits the Double team lock and hits the QB with all that heaven will allow (5:10). I believe they call that getting skinny.

Doesnít get a lot done, but again shows his promise. He burst inside. Shoves off the OLT with one arm, sees the trick play, and boom, (5:14). Watch this COD as he redirects to the new QB (5:17). He does his odd burst inside thing, and then gets caught in a hockey fight (5:23). Great burst off the line that gets the OLT off balance, and then he can just toss the OLT past him as he redirects to the QB (5:31). This is a nice agile move. He does his odd burst inside thing, and then watch the agility as the OLT tries to Cut him (5:37). He actually Swim over the Cut-block, and gets a hand up into the QBís face. That is just a terrific play.

He gets into two hockey fights with the OLT (5:44). Sheds the OLT on a Screen (5:53). Not really in the play (5:59). He shows nice feet and agility working down the line (6:05). He gets in front of the play and reads the option right, but is too far inside to keep contain (6:14). This is a very important play. He reads Screen and covers the TE nicely, and forces the QB to throw the ball away. He does not look out of place in coverage on the edge at all (6:20). Smart player, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. He got beat by the Option play once, and then plays it absolutely perfectly the second time. (6:26). That play might be the most important play on this Tape, because he is a Freak athlete. And his Freak Factor is only limited to how well he can learn how to play and hone his instincts. This play shows he is smart enough to learn from his mistake on the fly, and there is nothing more important then being able to learn from your mistakes. With the 31st pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the New England patriots selectÖ (Okay, so they trade down again, sue me. I'm trying to find a guy BB will think is all that heaven will allow, sit at 31, and take for all you whiney hate trading down Pat's fans;-).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= ftx60vRJyYg


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