Bud Dupree- OLB Kentucky 

6-4.1, 257, 32.5" Arms, 

11'6 Broad! 42" Vert!

(O 4.56), 4.47 SS, 7.49 3-C,

Outside Rusher. Part II


I'm not going to do a lot here. I have a ton of game notes and a very long two-for Tape. You can really see everything you need to see in the Tape section, except him putting his hand down in the dirt. He has an elite burst and short arms. I think he is best as a 3-4 OLB. However, he did show an elite blast off with his hands in the dirt this season. He also went into a four point stance sometimes, and he showed some suddenness off the snap. His short arms don't bother me as much because he is so strong. He is a 269-pound rush who was as smooth and athletic as any rusher in the Draft. Then he got his weight down to 257 for his Proday to add to his speed. It is scary to think of him even more quick and athletic.

He has some impressive stats for his four years in the SEC. He has garnered 23.5 Sacks, and 37 TFL on 247 career tackles. He also has garnered 4 FF, 1 FR, 5 PBU, and 1 INT. He had a great season last year and got better every season. He garnered 7.5 Sacks and 12.5 TFL on 74 tackles, to go along with 1 INT, 2 FF, and 1 PBU. He has a lot of experience dropping into coverage, but does not have good instincts in coverage.

He is smooth dropping in coverage but not as aware as I'd like. He has a lot of experience, but he tends to guard a spot and doesn't pick up a player enough. He will eye the QB, and shift to either side when he sees the QB staring down a receiver. But that looks like what he was coached to do. On Tape, he lined up as a slot corner and covered the WR on a short Out. He has great strong hands that he can use to toss OTs around. 

He has more experience at D-End than I remembered. So 4-3 teams have more Tape of him doing what they want than I thought. And he can really explode off the snap from a 3-point stance. That only makes him more valuable if 3-4 DCs and 4-3 DCs can see what they want him to do on Tape. Like the way he can slip inside the TE and hit the RB is special.

When he lines up as a 4-3 D-End he can burst inside right off the snap and barely be touched. He is such an impressive athlete. He showed he could power through the TE and hit the RB in the leg at the LOS. Such a nice burst off the snap and speed around the corner when he is at D-End. Not super sudden, but continually fast. He can set the edge with some power and pop as well. 

He doesn't look like he is 269-pounds, but he sure can play like it sometimes. There are not a lot of guys with his speed, leverage, and athleticism who are listed over 260. He has great heavy hands that he can use to consistently toss the ORT aside. Does a nice job chopping the ORT's hands off his shirt, and bursting inside to the QB. He plays in a bit of a controlled defense, but when they let him take off he gets to the QB quick. He does take bad angles on plays away sometimes.

He will run himself past the QB as he tries to avoid the Tackle gabbing him. He is so good at turning speed to power. Or stopping and using his body torque to shove the blocker past him and cutting back in the rush. He is so quick rushing off the edge. He can skip past blockers. Nice two hand shoulder jam. He can look like he is getting faster the further up field he gets. I can't help comparing him to Khalil Mack when I see him on the field. I just love how he moves out in space after the ball. Blockers just can’t keep their hands on him.

His biggest negative appears to be a low score on the Wonderlic. 

S. Carolina: He was terrific in the goal line stand against S. Carolina. On 1st down, He lined up between Corey Robinson and two TEs outside of him. He was in a two-point stance, but scrunched up as low as the two TEs with their hand down. He let the first TE slice in front of him a little. And then powered between the two and stuffed Davis low and under the pile like a DT. It was practically the same play on 2nd down. He sliced inside with the tight end diving at his feet on a chop block. Davis lowered his head, and Dupree lowered it more and took him out. I thought those two plays were huge for him. He comes up big on the goal line and in big situations.

I think he can hit the QB in the NFL. He has great size to play OLB in a 3-4. Plus, he showed he could get inside on the toughest of situations and stuff the run. He also had another great play against South Carolina. They had a bad snap over the QBs head. The QB chased after it. He bolted after him, and saw the ball between his legs. He dived on top of his legs and ripped the ball out to recover the fumble inside of S. Carolina's ten. That is his game. He has great hustle and awareness in the field. He sees what needs to be done and does it. Then the refs take it away. The QB never had the ball and it was obvious, and they reviewed it and wimped out. Kentucky started going more 4-3 against S. Carolina and he put his hand down most of the 2nd half. He sets the edge nicely.

FLA: He is so quick getting to the opposite side of the line on runs away. Plays with his head up, and is very conscientious of watching the ball. He can chase the WR out of bounds on a WR screen. He is very field fast. He uses his speed to turn the corner so smoothly. He drops back in coverage too much. It is like the DC watched tape of Khalil Mack, and copied his role from the play book. I tell you one thing, Florida was very consciously running to the opposite side he lined up on every time. He goes into a four point stance sometimes on 3rd and long. He is the guy FLA doubled, and they kept waggling Driskel out to opposite side. He forgets to protect his body sometimes. He get so intent on the QB that he doesn’t always seem to see blockers coming, and he takes some big hits by some big guys.

Additional Notes:

He got his 20th career Sack in the first quarter against Miss St. He also had another sack in the first quarter. Prescott ran what may have been an Option, and Dupree came in and crushed him behind the LOS. He had a lot of Sacks taken away from him this past season because he played a lot of Option QBs. They scored that as a TFL. But I hate that. If you tackle the QB behind the LOS it should be a Sack, even if he is clearly running. When you tackle an Option QB behind the LOS, especially on the road in the SEC, the Stat guy likes to give Bud more than his fair share of tackles for losses.

He plays a lot like Khalil Mack and seems to drop as much as he rushes, and soon it feels like he is dropping too much. He is so good at turning and tracking down the QB when he runs, and tracking him down from behind. He can turn and charge the WR after he catches the ball, and wipe him out. He swooped in and tackled Prescott with a vicious hit that caused the interception at the end of the first half to keep Kentucky in the game. 

He uses his hands so well to hold off the blocker, and then grabs the RB as he slashes by. Great strong hands when grabbing a blockers shirt. I think he has the strongest hands of any passrusher in this Draft. Great push-pull that can devastate the ORT, and shot him towards the ball carrier.

Arkansas: Electric speed rushing OLB. He can get low, set the edge, and foot tackle the RB. Looks much smaller than 6-4 269 that he is listed at, and he certainly moves on the field like a much smaller player. He can use his hands to toss the tight end aside and get in on the tackle. Uses his hands and feet nicely to hold off blockers. Gets up field to set the edge quick and low. He can shuffle inside with shoulders squared nicely. Great athlete who can really move on the field.

Moves from side to side while Smith stays as blind side 5-Tech. Gets low and can use his arms to hold the point physically. He can cover the tight end in the flat, read the screen, and burst past him to hit the RB. Smart hyper player. Does not look out of place in coverage. Turns speed to power on ORT. He can impact him with his speed and hands, knock him back, and hunt down the RB on the Draw. Great initial burst when he puts his hand down to rush. He plays so low that he can take a hit from the ORT on the side and hold his ground until the RB tries too run by him. Great quick inside move that can make ORT whiff.

Bud Dupree Vs Mississippi State:

Bud is lined up at OLB. You start to see the power in his hands as he gains the outside shoulder of the OLT. Then stops and torques him past him as he goes inside. Smith lines up at 5-tech. He gets the outside shoulder of the ORG, pushes him, and Rips past him to the QB (:04). They like to line up Smith right in front of the ORG. Watch how little he looks against the big ORG. But he holds up the point. The OG seals him a little so he can't make the tackle, but he held up against the huge OG (:14). Dupree got hit by the big OLT and I lost him in the traffic

Bud drops into coverage in the flat. He plays it a little tentative in space as the QB hits the RB in front of him. This allows the RB to get by him. Smith battles the bigger OG to a stand still. Which is usually a loss. However, this is why I like Smith so much. He sees the QB throwing and starts to get space with his long arms pushing off the ORG. Then he uses the hit by the OLT to separate. He bolts out to the flat behind Dupree, and somehow hits the RB. But he misses the wrap up (:22). When Smith is allow to one-gap he can be a force. His size and burst is such an asset (:32). He bursts through the Gap as OLG blocks down on the DT, and the OLT takes Dupree. He finds the RB and takes him down for a TFL. That was a great defensive play by Smith.

They bring up a blitzer. Dupree is able to split between the OLG taking on Smith, and the OLT taking on the Blitzer. Bud bursts into the backfield and makes the QB panic. He tries to wiggle around him, but watch the elite change of direction as he spins back and dives on his legs. I think that is one of those Sacks that they called a TFL because the QB was running. ONE (:38). Smith has an interesting play as well. He gets jammed back by the OLG. But then he shoves him off as the QB panics away form Dupree. He turns up into the OC and forces the QB to slow down enough for Dupree to Sack him. Sometimes it is those second and third effort plays that help teammates get stats that are so important. 

They will also line up Dupree outside on the opposite side of Smith in order to give them some heat on both edges. Dupree was a the OLB this past season who bounced from side to side. While Smith was a 5-tech, who stood up as an OLB edgerusher. Dupree gets chopped, and tires to crawl to the RB and almost makes it. Then he gets up and almost gets in on the tackle on the opposite side of the line (:48). Smith gets washed outside by the much bigger OLT. Then he stops as the RB cuts back. He charges him, and takes him out with a great hit by a 290 pound 5-Tech. This is one of those 2nd and 3rd effort plays that defy logic.

Smith stays at 5-Tech. He takes the wrong shoulder of the OG. Bud bursts inside and takes the wrong shoulder as well (:57). They move Bud back to the Blindside. He clearly has QB responsibility on the Option run. He tracks him though the traffic for another Sack turned into a TFL for some stupid reason. TWO. As you would expect. Smith gets in a fist fight inside with the OLT, and gets stuck. Then he somehow punch him off his body, and hustles outside to jump on top of the QB. Another 3rd level effort that defies logic (1:05). They decide not to block Smith inside for some reason. So he shuffles down the line and reads the option. Then he hits the RB with 290-pounds of pure force (1:14). Like a lot of 3-4 OLB, Dupree has to line up more as a slot corner than edgerusher. He stays outside with the WR, and then pushes him off to get in front of the RB. 

Bud is back on the strongside. He fakes the rush, and drops back into the zone. He has a lot of experience in coverage. With Dupree dropping Smith gets extra attention. He tries to go inside, but sees the OLG coming over. Then he tries to get outside but it is too late (1:22). Here is Bud lined up on the seam as a slot corner. He is in straight up man on the slot receiver. He focuses on him so much he sees the RB coming up field late as he cuts away from him. So he hustles to get in front of the RB. I just love how he moves on the field. It must be noted that is a 270-pound man who moves as smooth as any OLB in this draft (1:35). Smith gets past the outside shoulder of the OLG right at the wrong time. Then he shed him instantly and gives chase.

Dupree goes into his sprinters stance like he is coming. Watch this explosion off the snap. He is past the ORT before he can get his hands up. That is awesome. then he jams the RB as he cutback in front of him. Watch the explosive leap at the QB. I don't know how the QB got that pass off. A lot of Combine freaks can't play to their elite athleticism. Dupree does (1:43). Dupree zone drops. He locks his eyes on the QBs but doesn't adjust his drop to the side the QB is looking. He splits the two receivers, and then goes and gets the WR after the QB throws to him on a Slant. He needs to read the QB better in his Zone drop (2:04). Dupree sets the edge, but gets stuck on the block (2:12). Smith comes back in. He gets stuck in the middle of four blockers as the RB bounces it outside (2:21). Smith rushes himself out of the play (2:29). Nice play by Dupree. He starts to cover the tight end. Then redirects to the QB. Then sees the hand off and goes and gets the RB. He reads things so fast out on the edge.

Smith gets jammed inside and his teammate falls on his leg. It looks he was injured (2:36). They have to bring Bud back in quickly. He stays in his technique with the Option run fake. He sees the QB is keeping the ball. Watch the great second burst up field right at the QB. Smith gets stuck at the LOS against the bigger blocker. Then he finally pushes him back too late (2:49). I love how low Dupree gets in his stance. He has elite explosion off the snap. Watch his blast off into the RB that forces the QB to pull the ball back out and bail. Smith gets stuck on the backside, and slowly works his way over to the RB (3:07). It is fun to see Smith as a stand up rusher. He jacks the OLT up with a nice burst and his two handed punch. Then the gets inside and makes the QB panic (3:16). Unfortunately for the QB Smith drove him into Dupree who just broke free on the other edge. This makes the QB try to redirect again, and Smith goes and gets him and the stat guy can't take that Sack away from Smith.

Smith has such great hands. He uses his hands to shove off the OLG. Then he gets doubled by the OLT. He punches the inside shoulder of the OLT with his inside hand. Then turns his shoulders, and gives a great punch to the OLT's inside shoulder with his outside hand this time, which frees him to get his hands on the QB (3:25). You can see Dupree is coming, but he gets washed out of the play. Same with Smith (3:37). This is a slick rush by Dupree. He delays a little, which forces the OLT to take the Blitzer. Then he spots the QB and charges him. Watch the explosive tackle as he crushes the QB. Which causes the bad throw and interception (3:45). This play really shows the best of both players (3:56). Watch Smith on the other side. He bounces inside right before the snap, and appears to get himself trapped between the OLG and OLT. First he pushes off the OLT, and torques himself to the OLT outside shoulder. Watch the power in his hands as he tosses the OLT to the ground and rams into Dupree ramming into the QB. That looks like stat guy might give them both a half Sack for that one. So Bud has tackled the QB behind the the LOS three times for a .5 Sack, LOL (which is very funny, or it's very late and I am getting very giddy;-). THREE.

Smith comes off the snap late sometimes it can be a little weird. But he makes a nice late Rip to the corner. Meanwhile Dupree turned speed to power and jammed the ORT up. Then watch the great hands as he pulled him down, and almost zips around him for another QB hit in the backfield (4:09). You can see Dupree's great blast off the snap there. He is a full step ahead of everyone else. But he can't turn the corner and gets punched in the face as well. Smith tries to get the outside shoulder on the OLT, and ends up on the wrong side (4:21). They bring them back together on the Strongside. But they both go outside as the RB goes inside (4:31). Smith does a nice job fighting off the OLG with his great hands, but gets tripped up by a teammate (4:40). Dupree gets stuck on the backside.

Dupree has a nice rush. Watch the speed to power. Then the nice club that shook the ORT and allows him to turn to the QB. Smith gets a late blast off again. He splits the OG and OT and gets hit by the RB (4:49). One thing Dupree does well is slice inside on Dives. That is an NFL talent. Smith gets sealed by the big OLT (5:09). I love this play. Watch the great explosion as he goes and gets the RB running the option to the opposite side. That is just great on field speed. I love how he moves on the field (5:23). This is also a special play for Smith. He has been fighting all game. Then he makes the OLT miss with his burst and hands and goes and gets the RB. That is one of the plays that makes me think he can play some OLB as well as be an inside rusher for a 3-4 team.

Dupree gets fooled by the play fake. But then turns and flies down the sideline to get another hit in on the QB (5:34). You can see some suddenness in Smiths burst up field. But watch the elite explosion of Dupree as he bursts sideways up field past the ORT like he is sleeping. He makes the QB panic instantly, and tries to squeeze through a hole that isn't there as he fumbles the ball (5:45). Robinson turns this play into the Keystone Cops, and runs all around the field like a chicken with his head cut off. Until he runs into the awaiting hands of Dupree (5:52). Dupree covers the RB out of the backfield (6:12). Smith gets stoned at the line by the double team block.

Dupree watches the RB coming out of the backfield. He has to do a better job adjusting to the guys out in patterns. He needs to hop onto the RB there, and not leave him wide open five yards away. Smith impacts the OLT. Then he turns on some power and shoves the OLT back as he works to the quarterback (6:24). Smith guesses the wrong side and takes the wrong shoulder of the OG. But you have to love how he retreats off the block, and moves laterally through traffic to get in front of the RB again (6:57). Dupree holds his position on the edge. I'd like to seem him set it better there, but he holds his position and makes the tackle.

I love how low Dupree gets in his two point stance. I see him as is a pure 3-4 OLB, even though he lined up and rushed as a D-End a lot as well. How does a 3-4 Team like New Orleans pass on him. He works through two blocks on the edge to get in front of the RB, and then gets stuck out in the Flat, but he does take Robinson out of the equation for the QB (7:05). They stand Smith up. I think Smith is as versatile as Dupree. I think Smith can play D-End in a 4-3 on the strongside. Plus, his best value will be for a 3-4 team like Dupree, where his versatility can really shine. He always looks a little undersized against the OLT. But he has elite hands. Watch him burst up field. He gets his hands on the OLT's shirt. Controls him, and then pulls himself past with the pure power in his hands. Then the great bend as he turns into the quarterback. That is a great rush that he can do consistently on the edge. He is such an underrated edge rusher, and he showed that at the East West game as well.

Then they move him back inside to 5-Tech. That has to be frustrating Pats fans, as I was plotting to give him to the Pats in the 4th. He gets stuck on the OLT on the backside. You don't see that very often, Dupree gets stuffed inside (7:14). Dupree moves onto the Seam like he is going to take the Slot WR, but I don't buy it. He is too far inside. Then he steps outside as they motion into trips and he has to drop into coverage. This was excellent. The inside receiver crossed in front of him and he picked him up and took him out of the play. That was great coverage by Dupree (7:21). They keep Smith inside again. He slows his rush to get in front of the RB Robinson, and is taken out by the play action. However, he still is able to get to the OLG's outside shoulder and take some depth out of the pocket with second and third effort.

OMG. They let Smith stand up to rush, and he panics at the last second and tries to put his hand in the dirt, lol. This is interesting. Dupree puts his hand in the dirt. Watch this great burst around the quick corner, and he thunders into the RB and takes him down. He might have a better blast of with a hand in the dirt (7:30). Oh, he took on the FB not the RB (7:40). Dupree is back up. Both Smith and Dupree are such under rated prospects. They can look like they are stuck and the play is over, and then one or both of them do something special. Watch Dupree get stuck on the edge. Dupree pulls the ORT shirt down a little to get him off balance, and then watch the torque as he tosses the ORT three yards back and almost right off his feet (7:46). Smith continues his elite hand fighting. He gets the OLT moving backwards. Then shoves him off with his heavy hands, and opens the inside gate to the QB. That was an awesome display of powerful hands by both rushers.

Dupree Zone Drops. Smith comes off the snap late. But is still able to jam the OLT back and get a hand up in the QB's face which helped to cause the bad pass that nearly killed his WR, lol. Was that a great crash into the WR or what (7:55). It is interesting to see Dupree with his hand down. He gets stuck at the LOS by the double team, and shows how hit the quarterback. Now that is a knack for hitting the quarterback, lol. Was that finally another .5 Sack. FOUR (8:05)? They get Smith back in. But both misplay the short yardage run. You don't see that very often.  (8:21). They both misplay the short yardage run again. I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you, shocked (8:28). Dupree tries to get up field and gets sealed by the OLT, and Smith lets the OLG hold him outside (8:46). Dupree squares his shoulders to play the Option run. Then he sees the QB is going to throw. Watch this burst outside to hit the RB in the flat (8:51). That is great burst and speed.

Smith is standing up again. He gets pushed back at the point. Then he sheds and hustles outside to get in front of the RB (8:59). You can really see Dupree's elite blast off here. Smith also gets a great blast off as well (9:12). Well that was very interesting. Those are two of the most underrated rushers in the Draft. Dupree tackled the QB behind the LOS four times in this game, and was only given one Sack by the stat guy. That seemed to happen to him a lot last season.

Dupree Vs Miss ST:


Dupree's Official Bio:

All-SEC second team by AP, Phil Steele's College Football (2013)
* All-SEC third team by College Sports Madness (2013)
* Sophomore All-America second team by CollegeFootballNews.com (2012)
* All-SEC third team by Phil Steele's College Football, CollegeFootballMadness.com (2012)

Standout performer has earned All-SEC mention each of the last two seasons ... Has played both end and linebacker throughout his career, a testament ot his combination of size, strength, speed and athleticism ... Also has a knack for making the big play ... Finished in the top 10 in the SEC in quarterback sacks each of the past two seasons ... Often seen putting in extra work after practice to further develop his skills ... Has added approximately 15 pounds over the last year through his work in the weight room ... Has played in 35 games, starting 26 consecutive ... Has made at least three tackles in every game he has started ... Had a unique experience in May as he spent a week in Ethiopia on an educational/service trip.

2013 (Junior): Finished second on the team with 61 tackles, adding a team-best 9.5 tackles for loss and seven sacks ... Also forced two fumbles and had three quarterback hurries and a pass breakup ... Finished the season sixth in the SEC in sacks ... Posted a career-high 13 tackles against Mississippi State with one sack and two tackles for loss ... The 13 tackles were the most by a UK defensive lineman since game-by-game records were available back to 1993 ... Started all 11 games he played and had a tackle-for-loss or a sack in eight of the 11 games.

2012 (Sophomore): Started all 12 games ... Totaled 91 tackles, 10th in the SEC ... Made 12.5 tackles for loss and 6.5 quarterback sacks, seventh in the league in both categories ... Had a season-high 12 tackles vs. WKU ... Also hit double figures with 10 tackles at Tennessee, including a career-best three tackles for loss ... His eight stops in the win over Samford featured a career-high two sacks.

2011 (Freshman): Played in all 12 games, starting the last three ... Made 21 tackles, 14 of which came in his three starting assignments ... High of five tackles came at Vanderbilt and Georgia ... Had 2.5 quarterback sacks, one vs. Ole Miss and VU, plus a shared sack in the win over Tennessee ... Added two pass breakups and a fumble recovery.

Bud Says ... I wear uniform number 2 because: I'm trying to be number 1 but I am working like I am number 2 ... Other than the NFL, my dream job is: entrepreneur ... I couldn't live without my: family ... If I could witness any event, past, present or future, it would be: to see how Jesus helped people in person ... My favorite part of game day is: the feeling after a win ... Something people might not know about me is: I love dogs ... What's the best advice you've ever received? Don't worry about what people think.

Defense G Solo Asst. Total Sacks/Yds TFL/Yards FF FR P Def Int/Yds
2011 12 12 9 21 2.5 / 14 2.5 / 14 -- 1 2 --
2012 12 54 37 91 6.5 / 63 12.5 / 79 -- -- 1 --
2013 11 35 26 61 7 / 48 9.5 / 54 2 -- 1 --
2014 12 45 29 74 7.5 / 44 12.5 / 62 2 -- 1 1 / 6
TOTAL 47 146 101 247 23.5 / 169 37 / 209 4 1 5 1 / 6


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