Bryce Love

RB Stanford

5-10, 196, (U) 4.35 Forty?

19 Reps at 345-Pounds?

Fighting For Respect. 


Love Vs TCU.

He takes it a little slow at first, to follow his blockers. But when he finds a lane and puts his foot in the ground he has an elite burst upfield. He gets a lot of attention from the defenses, and he played half the season with the high ankle strain, and he still dominated. He broke McCaffrey's single season rushing record. Very smart about following his blockers and just taking the cloud of dust when that is all that is available.

He won the Lombardi trophy last season. "When you challenge Bryce Love with something, he will go obsess over it and turn that weakness into a strength," Shannon Turley said. "He will not allow it be a liability." Which is for toughness, resilience, performance, character, and leadership.

He is so tough. You have to be tough to play in the NFL, but him playing on the dreaded high ankle sprain and limping on and off the field ten times a game, and still running like a work horse is as impress toughness as I have seen. Great short yardage runner. It is amazing for such a small track guy how great his eyes, instincts, and toughness are. Terrific job spinning off tacklers. 

Great quick feet. He has a little herky-jerky in him. But he is at his best slashing through a lane, and taking it outside. He cruises around for a while. Then he blasts off through the line and runs for a 69-yard TD, while being chased by TCU's fastest player, for his 13th TD rush of over 50-yards, which is another FBS record. He is the most dynamic weapon in this Draft.

His balance, burst, and leg strength are uncanny. He gets angry when he is hurt, and the coaches take him out. Tough SOB, who played most of the season with the dreaded high ankle sprain. Great lateral burst to make guys miss at the line. He has more lateral burst than given credit. He is the closest RB to Barry Sanders I have ever seen. He is very good at blitz pick up. He gets real low, and knocks the blitzer up and out of balance.

Love Vs TCU:

Love Vs UCLA.

He does a good just curling against the grain to get extra yards. Great quick hop cuts that he uses to change direction. He can run power, and follow the FB into the hole. Every time you look up he is running 20-yards downfield. Great cutback runner. He makes DBs look slow on the 3rd level. He has a nice stop and go move at the line when there is nothing, and he can find a tiny crease for five.

"When he did NFL combine-style agility tests and cone drills as a freshman, you'd see a blur and then he'd have to touch the line and he'd be stuck there, like you pressed pause," the Stanford weight lifting coach Turley said. "That's the force reduction, when you stop. You have to train this into people. It's not natural. Now I don't see blur, stop, blur. Now all I see is blur."

Great change of pace runner. He has top top-speed, but he knows when he has to gear down and gear up. He will get to the line with good speed, and then when he sees a lane outside he has elite speed. This guy might be as good as Barkley. Barkley has better size and strength, but Love is better speed and ability to change gear while reading the defense. 

Love Vs UCLA:

 Love Vs Fighting Irish.

He plays special teams and will block on punt returns. Great quick feet cutting back in the backfield. He can only be contained for so long. Then they run him outside and he is over 20 yards down field in a flash. Then he bursts up the middle for ten. 

He is known as a guy who takes notes on the football field, like he does in the classroom. "[My] understanding where the crease might be, and understanding how you're gonna hit it if the D-line slips this way or that way," Love said. "Understanding the little things like that just results in a comfort back there, and through that comfort you're relaxed, and not in a rush, so to speak." Best eyes running at full tilt in the Draft.

I hate that back toss to Love, to run up the middle. He had to come out of the game every couple of runs against ND, because of his high ankle sprain. They will motion him into the slot, and then run a reverse, and he is dangerous when they do that. Great vision to cut back, when defenders over protect the sidelines. He looks like he is going to break it almost every time. Elite acceleration. Great stiff arm. He can shove the Safety to the ground with a vicious stiff arm.

Love Vs ND:

Love Vs USC:

He runs so low to the ground that he is more difficult to tackle than you'd think (:01). Great quick feet, and tricky quick bursts make him tough to handle in traffic. He is short, but consistently shows the power to run through tackles (:14). You cannot tackle him by his over-sized thighs.

I hate that odd toss backwards Toss play. But he is a great sprinter who plays with elite field speed. Those are three USC DBs he is running away from like they are OLs (:59). He tough to stop moving forward once he is going (1:38). Great eyes. He is elite at reading his blockers (1:38). Watch him read the defenders out to wide, as his OLs pull outside. He sees the three blockers on the 2nd level behind his outside blockers. Watch the great cut back into the middle, where the three blockers are, to get to the 3rd level. 

He knows when to lower his head and take the cloud of dust (2:31). I love that little skip move in the backfield he uses to get to the crease his eyes see (2:43). You cannot tackle him by the thighs! Then watch the elite feet to break another tackle and get outside (3:10). He has a little spin move to make guys miss (3:36). Love how he weaves through the line through the slightest crack (3:50). Terrific stop and go move to hop to the side (4:19). Best RB in this Draft. Way better than Sony Michel.

Miller Vs UConn:

Miller Vs UCLA:

Top of the screen. He went all the way across the field, and caught the ball through the double team. He took two huge hits and couldn't hold on (:07). Bottom of the screen. Nice burst outside on the pattern (:16). Bottom of the screen. I don't like a lot of the patterns he runs in this spread offense (:28). But this is against UCLA. They should be a much more talented team.

He is just not super dynamic with the ball in his hands. I mean, he is good. But I don't think he is great (:37). I love his speed, instincts, and hands in deep patterns. He is not just a waterbug (1:00). Watch the release that got his him into his pattern quickly. Then the great head and shoulder fake and the inside jab. I love how he ran deep patterns (1:47). Then he just laid out for his QB and held on again. 

And just in case you thought the one handed grab against UConn was a fluke, watch him do it again on the opposite sideline against USF. That is the other great one handed catch I saw him make (1:23). Watch the great job stepping inside and the quick burst outside to get the CB's outside shoulder, and Ferguson was instantly throwing the ball (1:36). Then he outran the CB and the Safety for another deep TD.

Look at the deep throw by Ferguson. You cannot place it any better than that (1:47). He just ran a short Post to get open over the middle. He has that nose for the endzone. He had to jab the ball out to score his second TD (1:53). He was just so good at running patterns to the third level, and watch the feet and balance as he tip-toed down the sideline (2:33). He has that knack for running simple patterns to get open (2:48). Then he showed some elusiveness in the open field.

Watch the great move, and burst inside that got him five yards open. Than the hands and balance to pirouette around and snag the pass thrown behind him. He made the great catch look easy again (3:14). He has that knack for making the big plays at the big time (3:34). He has that knack for getting the 1st.

He gave a good hit on the block, but he DB got back into position. But I like how he went back and tried to block him some more (3:45). That was some great balance and elusiveness to get a few yards (3:55). He slipped, and then slipped off two tacklers. Then showed some speed to turn the corner. 

Miller Vs UCLA:

Lover's Official Bio:

As a Senior (2018) 
• Athlon Preseason All-America First Team Offense
• Sporting News Preseason All-America First Team

As a Junior (2017)
• Doak Walker Award winner
• Lombardi Award winner
• Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year
• Touchdown Club of Columbus Jim Brown Award
• Unanimous All-America
• 10th in Stanford history
• Fifth under head coach David Shaw
• AFCA All-America first team
• AP All-America first team
• Walter Camp All-America first team
• The Sporting News All-America first team
• FWAA All-America first team
• USA Today All-America first team
• CBS Sports All-America first team
• The All-American All-America first team
• All-America first team
• Phil Steele All-America first team
• All-Pac-12 first team
• AP All-Pac-12 first team
• Phil Steele All-Pac-12 first team
• Pac-12 All-Academic honorable mention
• Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week (Sept. 25)
• Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week (Oct. 2)
• Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week (Nov. 13)
• Rose Bowl Game Player of the Week (Sept. 25)
• Rose Bowl Game Player of the Week (Oct. 2)
• Walter Camp Football Foundation Offensive Player of the Week (Oct. 2)
• Athlon Sports Offensive Player of the Week (Oct. 2)
• Maxwell Award Player of the Week (Oct. 2)
• Heisman Trophy finalist
• Walter Camp Player of the Year finalist
• Maxwell Award finalist
• AAU Sullivan Award semifinalist
• Sporting News midseason All-America
• USA Today midseason All-America
• midseason All-America
• midseason All-America
• AP midseason All-America
• First among Power 5 conference running backs:
• Rushing yards - 2,118 [Stanford record]
• Rushing yards/game - 162.9
• Rushing yards/attempt - 8.05 [third in Stanford history]
• 100-yard rushing games - 12 [Stanford record]
• 20-yard rushes - 30
• 30-yard rushes - 24
• 40-yard rushes - 15
• 50-yard rushes - 13 [FBS record]
• 60-yard rushes - 7
• Consecutive games with a 30-yard rush - 13 [FBS record]
• Consecutive games with a 50-yard rush - 11 (Nov. 26, 2016 - Nov. 4, 2017) [FBS record]
• Consecutive games with a touchdown - 12 (Nov. 26, 2016 - Nov. 18, 2017)
• Consecutive games with a rushing touchdown - 11 (Aug. 26 - Nov. 18, 2017)
• 2,118 rushing yards
• Second nationally and first among Pac-12 players
162.9 yards/game
• Second nationally and first among Pac-12 players
• 8.8 points/game
• 21st nationally and fourth among Pac-12 players
• 19 rushing touchdowns
• Fifth nationally and second among Pac-12 players
• Fourth-best single-season total in Stanford history
• 8.05 yards/rush
• Fourth nationally and second among Pac-12 players
• Third-best single-season total in Stanford history
• 165.5 all-purpose yards/game
• Third nationally and first among Pac-12 players
• Set single-season record with Cameron Scarlett as top rushing tandem (2,507 yards) in school history
• 180 yards rushing and one touchdown on 13 carries (13.8 yards/rush) vs. Rice
• 160 yards rushing and one touchdown on 17 carries (9.4 yards/rush) at USC
• 184 yards rushing and two touchdowns on 13 carries (14.2 yards/rush) at San Diego State
• 263 yards rushing on 30 carries, 69-yard touchdown vs. UCLA
• Third-most single-game rushing yards in school history
• School-record 301 rushing yards on 25 carries (12.0 yards/rush), three touchdowns vs. Arizona State
• Eighth-best single-game rushing total in Pac-12 history
• 175 yards rushing after contact
• 1,088 rushing yards through five games are fourth-most by any player in FBS history
• Garrett Wolfe (1,181 in 2006), Marcus Allen (1,136 in 1981), Byron Hanspard (1,112 in 1996)
• More rushing yards (1,088) than 111 FBS teams through five games
• 11th running back in FBS history to gain 1,000 yards in his team's first five games
• Others include Marcus Allen, Barry Sanders, Ricky Williams and Leonard Fournette
• Fastest Stanford running back to gain 1,000 yards rushing (fifth game, 87 carries)
• Previous Stanford record holder Christian McCaffrey gained 1,000th rushing yard in eighth game of 2015 (163rd carry)
• 12th running back in Stanford history with at least 2,000 career rushing yards
• 217.6 rushing yards/game through five games were more than 100 FBS teams, including 14 of AP Top 25
• 11 longest runs through five games totaled 591 yards
• Only one other Power 5 player had more than 591 rushing yards through Sept. 30 (Oregon’s Royce Freeman - 592)
• 542 yards rushing after contact through five games would have ranked seventh nationally for total rushing yards
• 564 combined yards rushing against UCLA and Arizona State, third-most over two-game stretch in Pac-12 history
• Second game with 250 or more rushing yards, equaling total of rest of FBS players
• Joined USC's Reggie Bush as only Pac-12 players ever with 250 or more rushing yards in consecutive games
• 152 yards rushing on 20 attempts and one touchdown at Utah
• 68-yard rushing touchdown
• 147 yards rushing and two touchdowns on 17 attempts vs. Oregon
• 115 yards rushing and two touchdowns on five carries in the first 4:23 of the game
• Tied school record with ninth consecutive 100-yard outing
• 5-yard rushing touchdown
• 67-yard touchdown
• Ninth straight game with rushing touchdown of 50 or more yards
• Only one second-half rushing attempt
• 52-yard touchdown run at Washington State
• FBS-record 10th consecutive game with 50-yard rush
• 10th consecutive game with a rush of 50 yards or more
• 9.6 yards/rush ranked first among Heisman-winning running backs through eight games
• 166 yards on 30 attempts vs. Washington
• Three rushing touchdowns
• Washington allowed only three rushing touchdowns entering game
• Washington entered game with nation's top defense
• 30th rushing attempt yielded 35 yards
• 101 yards rushing and one touchdown vs. Cal
• Ninth 100-yard rushing performance in 10 games
• Set FBS single-season record with 11th run of 50 yards or longer
• Did not play final 11:43
• 125 yards rushing vs. Notre Dame
• Finished regular season with 1,848 yards rushing
• 10th 100-yard rushing performance
• FBS-record 13th consecutive game with at least one 30-yard rush
• 125 yards rushing on 22 attempts vs. USC (Pac-12 Championship Game)
• 52-yard rush
• One rushing touchdown
• 145 yards rushing on 26 attempts vs. TCU (Alamo Bowl)
• 69-yard rushing touchdown

As a Sophomore (2016)
• All-Pac-12 honorable mention
• Set single-season record with Christian McCaffrey as top rushing tandem (2,386 yards) in school history
• Third in school history with 7.05 yards/carry
• Ninth in Pac-12 in rushing yards/game (65.2)
• 12 games played (missed opener vs. Kansas State due to injury)
• 111 rushes for 783 yards and three touchdowns
• Eight catches for 83 yards and one touchdown
• Five kick returns for 47 yards
• 51 yards on 11 carries vs. USC
• 51 yards on five carries (10.2 yards/carry) at UCLA
• One carry for three yards, one catch for five yards at Washington
• Two catches for 14 yards, and five rushing yards vs. Washington State
• Game-high 161 all-purpose yards, 130 rushing yards on 23 carries (5.6 yards/carry), game-winning seven-yard touchdown run and two-point conversion at Notre Dame
• 24 yards on three carries (8.0 yards/carry) and five receiving yards vs. Colorado
• 78 yards on 12 carries (6.5 yards/carry) at Arizona
• 89 yards and one touchdown on nine carries (9.9 yards/carry) vs. Oregon State
• Five carries for 82 yards (16.4 yards/carry) at Oregon
• 10 carries for 43 yards at Cal
• Seven carries for 111 yards (15.9 yards/carry) and one touchdown vs. Rice
• 21 carries for 119 rushing yards, one catch for 49 yards and a touchdown vs. North Carolina (Sun Bowl)

As a Freshman (2015)
• 14 games played
• 29 carries for 226 yards and two touchdowns
• 15 catches for 250 yards and one touchdown
• 498 all-purpose yards
• 35.6 all-purpose yards/game
• Career debut at Northwestern
• Two catches for 135 yards, 93-yard touchdown catch vs. UCF
• One catch for 21 yards at USC
• Five rushes for 40 yards vs. Arizona
• Two catches for 28 yards vs. Washington
• Two catches for 25 yards at Washington State
• Three rushes for 58 yards, 47-yard touchdown run at Colorado
• Two rushes for 56 yards, 48-yard touchdown run vs. Cal
• Three rushes for 33 yards vs. Notre Dame
• Two rushes for 13 yards vs. USC (Pac-12 Championship Game)
• One rush and one reception vs. Iowa (Rose Bowl)

The Love File
• Prepped at Wake Forest (N.C.) under head coach Reggie Lucas
• Four varsity letters in football, three in track and field
• Four-star recruit by Scout, Rivals, ESPN and PrepStar
• Nation’s sixth-best all-purpose back by Rivals, 11th by 247Sports
• Nation’s 18th-best running back by ESPN, 21st by PrepStar, 39th by Scout
• North Carolina’s sixth-best recruit by Rivals, eighth by ESPN and PrepStar, 10th by Scout, 20th by 247Sports
• 6,425 career all-purpose yards
• 5,372 career rushing yards, 71 touchdowns, 114.3 yards/game, 10.5 yard/rush
• 20 career receptions for 475 yards and seven touchdowns
• 37.9 yards/kickoff return on 12 career returns
• 2,259 rushing yards and 38 touchdowns as a senior
• Led team to pair of regional titles
• 2014 all-state
• 2014 all-conference
• 2014 North Carolina Shrine Bowl
• 2014 4x100 state champion
• 2009 USATF Youth Athlete of the Year
• USATF 11-12 year-old boys national record holder in 100m (11.64), 200m (23.37) and 400m (50.75)
• USATF 13-14 year-old boys national record holder in 100m (10.73) and 200m (21.83)
• 2014 Cap 8 Conference MVP
• 2014 Wake Forest Stallion Award
• 2013 U.S. Army All-Combine
• 2013 Cap 8 all-conference first team
• National Achievers Honors Society
• National Honor Society
• National Beta Club
• Distributive Education Clubs of America
• Cap 8 Academic All-Conference
• Watkins Award finalist
• Time Warner Scholar Athlete
• Raleigh Athletic Association Scholar Athlete
• WRAL Extra Effort Award
• Born in Raleigh, N.C.
• Full name is Jonathan Bryce Love
• Son of Christopher and Angela Love
• Father played football and ran track at South Carolina
• One brother, Chris
• Uncle, Reggie, played football at North Carolina
• Enjoys video games and reading
• Majoring in human biology

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