Ron Brace

Nose Tackle Boston College-

6-3, 329, 37 Reps, 

5.3, 28" 

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My Review Of Ron Brace:


I had Ron Brace going in the 1st Round to the Steelers, and i had him as my 34th rated player. He is a steal at pick 40. The Pats needed a back up NT, and a possible replacement for Free Agent to be Vince Wilfork. Brace is as strong, stout, and stubborn against the run as any player in this Draft. He was made to be a 2 down Nose Tackle. He is an immovable object right in the middle of the LOS. He gets low and plays with amazing leverage and strength. You just can't move him, never mind trying to run at him. I can't wait to see him lined up next to Wilfork in goal line and very short yardage situations, who is going to run up the middle on these two guys? He is one of the strongest players in this Draft in the lower body and the upper body. He uses great hand placement, upper body strength, and strong hands to control O-Linemen. If he gets his big mitts on an O-lineman first he is very skill and bending him to him will. However, do not look for finesse in this guy. If he had even the slightest hint of finesse or passrush ability he would have been a top 20 pick. What he is, is a big, ugly, mean, nasty, aggressive, inline run stuffer. In other words, he is the best pure Nose Tackle prospect in this Draft. I absolutely love this pick! he may not ever get 100 Tackles in a season, but he is just the kind of player the Pats need. This season he will occupy 2 or 3 blockers on running downs, give Wilfork a break, and maybe even start a game or two if Wilfork gets injured. What more can you ask from a 2nd round pick?      

BB During the Draft:

"Brace from BC who can play inside on the D-Line."

BB Saturday after Day One:

"The two big kids, Brace and Vollmer. Brace is an inside player, big man, powerful, explosive. So he gives a good element of size and power."


Brace in a pure bull in a china shop D-Tackle, who make a lot of money if he could add even a hint of finesse. Right now it's hard to see him as more than a 2 down Nose Tackle. Has enough quickness to fool an O-Lineman. If he could just add a move or two to his arsenal of push-pull and a bullrush. However his game is power, and that is why he will be drafted early. He can extend his arms and push any O-Linemen into the backfield with enough consistency to make him dangerous. Good hand placement. 

Ron Brace #34, if there (to hedge against Wilfork…I don’t believe he’ll get the big bucks no matter how much the media says how irreplaceable he is… he’s not getting 40 million guaranteed here)

I think this is hilarious. I have been thinking about the 2nd Round a lot lately, and I the more I think about it the more I thought about the more I thought that the Pats can't pass on Brace at 34. Brace is big strong immovable object in the middle of the line, who offers almost no passrush. That sounds like a Nose Tackle to me. The Pats have done a good job of addressing needs on the outside and off the line. I think they will be addressing more needs along the line than people think right now. They need some help on the O-Line, and, like you said, the Wilfork issue. If we lose Wilfork, now, we are screwed. And I cannot say with certainty he will be here next year. He has already said he is looking for big bucks. Miami, the Jets, Cleveland, Denver, and KC will all be looking for NTs. How much is it worth to those teams to not only acquire an All-Pro NT, but to also take him away form the Pats. If they don't work out an extension this season, I think it's 50-50 or less Wilfork is on the team next season. That is a terrifying thought. However, if they have Ron Brace, who will also have a year in the system, they will not be anywhere near as bad off. Plus, Wilfork really has no back up. He has some D-Ends who step in and play NT, but they are not anywhere near fulltime NTs. Also, whether they take Brace or not, we will learn a lot about how confident BB is at signing Wilfork. If they pass on him,, than I say BB believes they will be able to sign Wilfork, and some kind of deal is in the works. If they take Brace or Hood in the 2nd, or Terrence Taylor, or Roy Miller late, than you can bet they are nervous about Wilfork's contract.  

A big run stuffing D-Tackle. Pure power player, who would be much more effect if he could add a passrush move or two.