Baker Mayfield- QB Oklahoma

6 5/8", 215, (U 4.81), 3-Cone 4.28! 

9'3" Broad, 29" Vert, 

4.28 SS, 30 1/4" Arm, 

I Don't Get It. 


I don't get it. He played in a system that doesn't translate to the NFL. He played in a Conference where QBs don't translate to the NFL. He did almost nothing in college that he will do in the NFL. He never went under center until he went to the Senior Bowl, and looked like a confused crab trying to figure out how to drop from under center sideways. He never turned his back to the defense. He didn't appear to read the Safeties.

It takes years for QB's from Red Raider programs to learn to do the simplest NFL concepts. Like running play action, turning your back to the defense. Then turn back and finding the safeties, read it, and then making the correct throw. Just look at the two QBs who started in the NFC Champ Game Foles and Keenum. They both took five years to develop into NFL QBs after playing in that horrible system, like Mayfield. Plus, the OC had to add college concepts, like RPOs, to make him comfortable.

If Mayfield goes in the top ten? He is not going to be given 3 to 5 years to develop, and he will break under the pressure. He will turtle against NFL defense. He will bust. 

I just don't get what people are watching sometimes. And I've made plenty of scouting mistakes. But Mayfield turned the Senor Bowl into a circus, and I have no problem with him showing up late at the Senior Bowl. I don't have a problem with him leaving early. I do have a problem with him leaving during the game. How did he get a flight? Did he have a seat on a plane reserved before the the Senior Bowl was played, so he knew he was leaving during the game? 

Just like he did at Texas Tech, he bailed on his teammates in 2013. "When I got hurt, there was no communication between me and my coach," Mayfield said in 2013. "When I got healthy, I didn’t know why I wasn’t playing right away. At that time, we were losing a couple games in a row. I was still clueless as to why I wasn’t playing. That was really frustrating for me because I started the first five games and we won. So, I just didn’t really know exactly what he was thinking or what the situation was." It wasn't his fault, it never is, it was his coaches fault. 

He also wanted to blame it on TCU for some reason. "I like Baker Mayfield. I think he's a good kid and that's what disappoints me," TCU coach Gary Patterson said way back when. "If Baker Mayfield wants to blame TCU for 128 BCS schools not offering him a scholarship, that's fine. But ask Kliff Kingsbury why he didn't offer him a scholarship at Texas Tech. Ask about Baker's dad. He's an arrogant guy who thinks he knows everything. If people knew the whole story, they might not have a great opinion of Baker or his father." Everything always becomes all about him, and everyone else is to blame.

Like in the last game of the season. He finally had his chance to show everyone what he could do against a real defense, because they don't play defense in the Big 12. He stepped onto the field in 4th quarter and let his teammates down play after play. When it was his time to really show it against an NFL style defense, he turtled. He turtled in the 4th quarter of that Playoff game against Georgia's legit NFL-like defense.

And don't forget that he was a 6th year senior. "Instead of allowing all walk-ons to transfer regardless, the reps amended the original proposal, allowing only walk-ons without written scholarship offers from their original schools to transfer without losing a season of eligibility," Trotter wrote. " If the walk-on elected to transfer after being offered a scholarship from the original school, then the player would face the league's same eligibility restrictions that apply to scholarship players." How did he end up in college for six years? What was that all about? The NCAA changed the rules just for him to be allowed to play in 2017.

He is not a 22-year old kid. No one seems to see that as a red flag either. And it wasn't just a redshirt. He had a ton of trouble and shenanigans in college. It was problem after problem that was someone else's fault. His character was constantly question the past six years. It wasn't one or two incidents. It was constant over six years. That does not an NFL quarterback make. 

And don't give me this Drew Brees crap. Brees is the exception to the rule. QBs his size do not succeed in the NFL. Except for the rare white rabbit. How many QBs have become NFL stars who were his size since he came into the NFL? Come on take a guess. It' not hard. Just one. Only one 6-foot-nothing QB has done it since Brees enter the League in 2001,and was Wilson. Those two guys are the outliers. One was a 2nd, and the other a 3rd. Not in the 1st, and certainly not top ten. If you start drafting for the exceptions to the rule you are going to look like a fool.

I just don't get it. I have never seen a QB with so many read flags, that are usually so beloved by Draftnics. I just don't know what they are watching. The comparison to Manziel is legit. But not just the good. His character is not as bad as Manziel's (which was destroyed by addiction). But his is closer than guys want to admit. I think it is too close for a QB to be successful in the NFL. 

Additional Notes:

If you think Mayfield can play in the NFL than the only QB you can compare him too is Brees. He is very similar to the young Brees coming out of Purdue. He has similar size, athleticism, and arm as the Senior Purdue QB. But not the brain. 

Mayfield is the funest QB in College Football to watch. "Regardless of what anyone chooses to do in their life, this is an inspirational story," OK Athletic Director Joe Castiglione said. "I really do believe it's a simple yet powerful-inspiring story for an aspiring athlete, musician, dancer, anyone in life to think about what opportunities they have. The naysayers they may face. The constant pervasive rhetoric around what you can't do, and yet you can find a way to bring strength to what you can." But I don't trust the brain and personality enough to take him. He is off my Board.

But he won the Heisman. "All he wanted was a chance," Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley said. "All he wanted was a chance to be the starting quarterback [in high school]. All he wanted was a chance to be the starting quarterback at Texas Tech, Oklahoma and to earn scholarships. When he's had those chances in his life, he's proven himself." He has a chance to be a Drew Brees-type super surprise as an NFL QB. Very similar talent.

I hope he does it. "You've got to be self-confident," Mayfield said. "With social media and all sorts of things in today's day and age. There's a lot of negativity. And there's something to be said about having good-old confidence in yourself, and having a true belief. It's about facing adversity, embracing mistakes and being upfront about it and moving forward and being better in the future." But he is a cross between Brees and Manziel, and whichever side of his brain wins will determine if he is an NFL QB, or a total coach and GM firing bust. I can't get any fairer than that.

Baker lacks size and character issues, and both came into play in the Champ Game against Georgia. "That’s the million-dollar question," Kirby Smart said. "I don’t think you are going to contain this guy. He can escape when he wants to escape. So you have to invite him to stay. He can make throws from the pocket or you have to flush him out and have someone athletic enough to get him on the ground." He took a giant hit late in the game, and wasn't able to recover.

You have to respect the Manziel comparisons, a little. "Johnny Manziel acted like the world owed him something. On the other hand, Mayfield was a walk-on and has remained hungry," Ourlad's Shonka said. "[He] is electric and brings a rare combination of athletic ability and accuracy. Quarterbacks have to have good decision-making ability and accuracy, and Mayfield has both of those skills." Then when things got really tight, in the Playoff game, he tightened up as well. 

He didn't have the character to come through in the biggest game of his career, and looked overwhelmed and confused late in the 4th (though he might have been concussed by the big hit). "He’s really elite. I think it goes up in that category beyond Johnny Manziel when it comes to creativity with the ball," Smart said. "He can make all the throws from all the angles. It’s not just the scrambling; it’s the fact that when you get to him, you sometimes still can’t get him down. He’s strong. He’s built on his lower body like a running back. It’s like having a wildcat quarterback who can throw it really good. His release and finding guys open, has really been amazing. It creates a lot of dynamic for us." I don't trust him, but some one will. 

Ohio State: He will look at two WRs, and then take off. Loves to look right, and then snap over to the left and throw at the receiver whether he is covered or not. It seems to be a planned play. Love the way he throws the ball. I do not believe he is an NFL prospect at all, but he does have some Brees in him. He is so small. But he can really throw the ball on the run. He understands what to do with the ball. Great feet and instincts in the pocket. He can really moving around to keep the play going, and not just taking off and run.

TCU: Nice job finding his 2nd receiver. He throws with some nice velocity and accuracy down the middle. He has amazing accuracy deep down field when moving to his right. Loves to throw the In routes right over the middle. He threw a beautiful pass in the back of the Endzone for a TD. Great job finding he relief valve RB. Likes to look to one receiver on one side, and snap over to the other side and hit his second look.

Senior Bowl: He does that horrible clap thing to call for the snap. That has really hurt QBs coming into the NFL who did that in college. He doesn't audible, check, and have a cadence. He is going to take some time to adjust to the NFL, just as far as the mechanics of running an NFL offense, and communicating to his teammates before the snap, which is something he does not do. Ha had never called a play in the huddle before the Senior Bowl.

Mayfield has made himself a top ten QB. He will not get past the Jets at Six. He is a guy who can excel as the eye of the hurricane, with chaos swarming all around him. He is great at finding options on the move. He ran run multiple play actions, and then lob it over the line for the easy looking reception.

Texas: He has the arm. But his size is a detriment in the NFL. However, he is great throwing on the move, which he will have to do in the NFL. He can fire a rocket 20-yards downfield on the run going to his right. He can really put it on his WR hands 30 to 40 yards downfield. He runs a great play action, while looking downfield with the ball in the RB's chest. Then he can pull it back and hit the WR on the corner pattern. 

Kansas: He will still stare down one WR, and still throw it to him when he is doubled. He still seems to be a two and run QB. Still rarely looks at third receiver. He still locks onto his first option too much. He can look off his WR, and then hit the TE. He made a great throw on 3rd down to his third option on the opposite seams from his first option. If he can consistent move his eyes through his progression, he has a chance to succeed in the NFL. Though he has not done that yet.

Mayfield Vs Georgia 2018: 

He does throw like Drew Brees sometimes. "I’m not going to talk about Baker," Andrews said. "That’s for Coach Riley to talk about. These last two practices have been some of the best practices that we’ve had all year in terms of sharpness and energy. The guys are ready to play. These practices have been energy filled and passionate and guys flying around. It was really good to see." His best hope is that someone sees him like Drew Brees. 

He went to his forth look in the 2nd against Georgia, and found Marks going down the Seam. That may have been the pass that convinced me he might be an NFL QB if he can control his nuttiness. Smart enough to run out of bounds when he keeps it. 

He is a good sneaker on short yardage. He is not a bad receiver either. He caught a TD pass in the Champ game against Georgia. He did a good job looking off the WR he wants to throw to, but he did it for four or five times, and it looked like a designed play to me. Nice job looking at the RB in the flat, and then turning and throwing to the WR down field from him. 

When he goes to his second option quickly he completes it consistently (but that was a pre-designed play). He still falls back to his first two looks, and then takes off. He is a two-read and run guy, and those guys don't translate. Though he did start to go to his third look against Georgia and then take off. He might be slowly turning into an NFL QB. 

He is a small pumped up guy, and he can get hurt by a big hit. He took a semi-cheapshot, he got knee in the ribs, by the DT who was pushed from behind, in the 3rd in the champ game (4:51). This was the key play of the game. He never recovered from this play. He had the lead, and his play disintegrated, and he gave up the lead and the win with INTs in the 4th. He fell apart in the 4th quarter after he took a big hit. 

He misfired on the next throw, which was on the next series. Then he overthrew Andrews going down the seam, and it was intercepted by the FS. If he wants to be a winner in the NFL, he has to be able to take hits better, by much bigger guys.

After the big INT and cheapshot, Baker came back out and after two runs, he completed a pass to the TE, but it was called back for a hold. They continued to run the ball, even though they were down, on the next series. Then he threw an incomplete on the first pass. He finally hit a WR deep down the sideline on a Slugo. Then he took off for a long scramble to get his composure back. Then threw for the game tying TD.

He struggled with pressure right up the middle, and can panic (4:53). They like to run plays where he fakes one way and goes the other (5:01). He can struggle with accuracy when he has to take his eyes off the defense for any reason (5:09). He runs a great play action. But when he takes his eyes off the defense he can struggle to find his guys (5:23). He is a two-read QB, so when he first read on play action is not open he has to take off.

Se he looks right, and then snaps to a specific spot/player going down the Seam on the other side, like his play action to the RB. When he can't throw to that second option, or his first real read, he really struggles (5:35). Nothing he could do there (5:54). He took a big hit, and threw an INT on the next play (6:11). He looks to the right, then watch how he spots his second option and his head never turns again as he follows Andrews dragging in front of him (6:34). Two read QB.

Fakes to one side, to get the Safeties and LBs going in the wrong direction, and then go to the other. Those plays are planned plays (6:58). Two reads, and then takes off. But he does a great job running for time, and goes back to his first read, the FB on the deep cross. That was a terrific throw (7:07). I read somewhere that he completed almost 20% of his passes on screens or Bubble screens (7:24). Those almost 100% competitions in Red Raider offense. If you take 15 points off his competition percentage (not 20), for those passes he won't be throwing in the NFL, that is a 55% completion percentage. 

A play action where he almost turned his back to the defense, but did turn his head away from the WR, and an easy throw on a quick Out. He missed (7:32). Two reads. He may have went to his third, and missed (7:38). The look to one side and then snap back to the other play, but he got pressure up the middle and couldn't recover again (7:44). He never turned his head from the outside WR (7:52). He threw it right to the CB. Ever since the big hit by the DT, he has struggled horribly. He threw two INTs, one TD, and a bunch of incomplete passes. 

He dumped it off to his third option (8:02). He found his second option dragging down the LOS (8:08). I just don't think that is an NFL QB's tape.

Mayfield Vs Georgia:

Mayfield's Official Bio:

CAREER NOTES: Finished career ranked second in FBS history in passing efficiency rating (175.4; OU's Sam Bradford holds record with a mark of 175.6), third in yards per attempt (9.7), tied for fourth in touchdown passes (131), fifth in total offense (15,690 yards) and seventh in passing yards (14,607) ... set FBS record for consecutive games with at least two TD passes (each of his final 27 contests) ... owns Big 12 career records for yards per pass attempt, consecutive games with at least one TD pass (40) and touchdowns responsible for (153) while ranking second in league's history in passing TDs, passing efficiency rating and total offense, third in passing yards and total offense, sixth in completion percentage (.685) and completions (1,026), and seventh in passing attempts (1,497) ... ranks first in OU history in career completion percentage (.698; Sam Bradford ranks second at .676), career passing efficiency rating (189.4; Bradford ranks second at 175.6) and touchdowns responsible for (138) ... ranks second in OU history in passing yards (12,292), TD passes (119), completions (808), attempts (1,157), 300-yard passing games (20), 400-yard passing games (4) and total offense (13,185) ... holds OU record for consecutive passes without an interception (200) ... finished OU career 33-6 as a starter and registered a 5.7 touchdown-to-interception ratio as a Sooner (119 to 21).

2017: Unanimous first-team All-American (AFCA, AP, FWAA, Sporting News, Walter Camp) ... OU's sixth Heisman Trophy winner ... also won Maxwell Award, Davey O'Brien Award, Manning Award, Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award, Walter Camp Player of the Year Award, AP Player of the Year and Sporting News Player of the Year ... finalist for the Unitas Golden Arm Award and Burlsworth Trophy ... selected as Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year and named to All-Big 12 First Team by league's coaches ... played in all 14 games with starts in 13 contests ... set single-season OU record with four Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week awards ... led FBS in completion percentage (.705), points responsible for (296) and yards per pass attempt (11.5) ... set OU single-season record for total offense (4,938 yards) ... finished second in school-single season history in completion percentage and touchdown passes (43) while ranking third in passing yards (4,627) ... completed 23-of-35 pass attempts for 287 yards and two touchdowns with one interception against Georgia in College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Rose Bowl while also catching first career pass for a TD ... named the Most Outstanding Player at the Big 12 Championship after throwing for 243 yards and four touchdowns on 15-of-23 passing and running for 65 yards on six carries against TCU (12/2) ... threw for 281 yards and three touchdowns on 14-of-17 passing in reserve against West Virginia (11/25) ... completed 20-of-30 passing for 257 yards and three touchdowns at Kansas (11/18) ... threw for 333 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions on 18-of-27 passing and ran for 50 yards on 11 carries against TCU (11/11) ... set program records with 598 passing yards (387 in first half also set OU record), 589 yards of total offense and threw for five touchdowns on 24-of-36 passing at Oklahoma State (11/4); also ran for a score to earn Walter Camp Player of the Week and Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week honors ... passing yardage total at Oklahoma State was sixth-best in Big 12 history and total offense was eighth-best ... threw for 281 yards and four touchdowns on 22-of-34 passing and ran six times for 20 yards and another score against Texas Tech (10/28) ... named Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week after posting the seventh-highest total offense output in school history with 479 yards (410 passing, 69 rushing), throwing for two touchdowns and running for two more at Kansas State (10/21) ... threw for 302 yards and two touchdowns with one interception on 17-of-27 passing and ran for 27 yards on seven carries against Texas (10/14) ... completed 24 of 33 passes for 306 yards and two touchdowns and ran 11 times for season-high 57 yards and another score against Iowa State (10/7) ... recorded 283 yards and three touchdowns on 13-of-19 passing and ran eight times for 30 yards at Baylor (9/23) ... threw for 331 yards and 4 TDs on 17-27 passing against Tulane (9/16) ... named Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week for the second week in a row after throwing for 386 yards and three touchdowns on 27-of-35 passing in a win at No. 2 Ohio State (9/9) ... earned Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week honors after completing 19-of-20 passes for 329 yards and three touchdowns in first half (did not play in second half) against UTEP (9/2); completed first 16 passes of the game to set a school record for consecutive completions to begin a game.

2016: One of five Heisman Trophy finalists (along with teammate Dede Westbrook) and finished third in voting ... also one of three finalists for the Maxwell Award (college player of the year) and Davey O'Brien Award (quarterback of the year) ... repeat winner of Burlsworth Trophy (most outstanding player who began career as a walk-on) ... named to All-Big 12 First Team ... quarterback of first team to ever go 9-0 in regular season Big 12 play ... threw for an average of 305.0 yards per game and amassed 40 touchdown passes against eight interceptions (5.0 ratio) ... set FBS single-season pass efficiency rating record with a 196.4 mark (the previous record was 191.8; next highest Power 5 figure in 2016 was 167.5) and also ranked first nationally in completion percentage (70.9) and yards per pass attempt (11.1; only one other player was above 9.9) ... ranked second nationally in yards per completion (15.6), fourth in points responsible for (21.5 per game) and sixth in passing TDs (40) ... ranked fourth nationally with 22 completions of at least 40 yards ... accounted for at least four touchdowns in seven of team's nine Big 12 games (three in the other two contests) ... led Big 12 in conference play in passing TDs (31; next most was 27; third most was 20), completion percentage (.735; next best was .641) and pass efficiency rating (208.9; next best was 158.8) ... threw for 319.6 yards per league contest and also ran for 139 yards and six scores in conference play ... threw at least four TD passes in four straight games (Oct. 15 through Nov. 3) ... his 21 pass TDs from Oct. 15 to No. 12 are most in school history for a five-game span ... named Davey O'Brien Quarterback of the Week after going 27-of-36 through the air for a season-high 545 yards (nine shy of OU record) and a school-record seven TDs in a 66-59 win at Texas Tech on Oct. 22 ... finished with 564 yards of total offense against the Red Raiders (eight shy of his own OU record) while averaging 20.2 yards per completion and 15.1 yards per attempt ... his 266.3 passing efficiency rating against Texas Tech was the best in school history among players with at least 30 throws ... threw for 323 yards against Houston (Sept. 3), 390 vs. Texas (Oct. 8), 346 vs. Kansas State (Oct. 15), 328 at Iowa State (Nov. 3) and 300 vs. Baylor (Nov. 12).

2015: Sporting News Player of the Year ... winner of Burlsworth Trophy (nation's top player who began career as walk-on) ... named first-team All-American by Sporting News and Walter Camp Football Foundation ... chosen as Second Team All-American by AP and FWAA ... selected as Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year and an All-Big 12 First Team honoree ... finalist for Davey O'Brien Award, Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award, Manning Award and Walter Camp Player of the Year Award ... semifinalist for Maxwell Award ... started all 12 games ... completed 26 of 41 passes for an OU Orange Bowl-record 311 yards and a TD vs. Clemson ... threw for 180 yards and two touchdowns on 17 of 25 passing and ran 11 times for 77 yards and another score in Big 12-title-clinching win at Oklahoma State (11/28) ... completed 9 of 20 passes for 127 yards and two touchdowns and ran 10 times for 42 yards (did not play in second half due to injury) against TCU (11/21) ... passed for 270 yards and three touchdowns on 24 of 34 passing and ran for another score and 76 yards on 15 carries at Baylor (11/14) ... tossed three touchdowns on 23 of 31 passing for 342 yards and ran for 27 yards on 10 carries with another score against Iowa State (11/7) ... threw for 383 yards and four touchdowns on 27 of 32 passing at Kansas (10/31) ... completed 15 of 22 passes for 212 yards and two touchdowns against Texas Tech (10/24) ... set career high with five touchdown passes on 20 for 27 passing with 282 yards and ran nine times for 33 yards at Kansas State (10/17) ... completed 20 of 28 passes for 211 yards and a touchdown against Texas (10/10) ... threw for 320 yards and 3 TDs on 14 of 25 passing against West Virginia (10/3) ... set a school record with 572 yards of total offense (487 passing, 85 rushing) against Tulsa (9/19) ... also threw four touchdowns on 32 of 38 passing and ran for two scores on 13 carries vs. Tulsa ... also threw for 187 yards and three touchdown passes on 19 of 39 passing and ran for 46 yards and another score on 14 carries at Tennessee (9/12) ... made Oklahoma debut against Akron (9/5) and set OU record for passing yards in a season opener with 388 on 23 of 33 passing with three touchdowns and no interceptions (added six rushes for eight yards and another score).

2014: Named one of Oklahoma's Scout Team Offensive Players of the Year ... sat out season due to NCAA transfer rules after spending his freshman season at Texas Tech.

2013 (AT TEXAS TECH): College Football News Freshman All-America honorable mention ... Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year ... played in eight games (seven starts) ... completed 218 of 340 passes for 2,315 yards, 12 TDs and nine INTs ... pass completions and attempts were most by a Big 12 freshman quarterback since OU's Landry Jones in 2009 ... threw for 413 yards on 43 of 60 passing with four TDs and added a rushing TD in career debut in season opener at SMU (8/30) ... named Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week and earned multiple national player-of-the-week awards for his performance in season opener.

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