Amari Cooper- WR Alabama 

6-1 1/2, 209, (U 4.42), (O 4.47),

3.98 SS!! 6.71 3-C! 

34" Vert, 10'Broad, 

Smooothest Runner In The Draft.


Amari Cooper is one of the elite players in this Draft. His ability to get open running patterns is the best in this Draft. He had one of the best statistical seasons a WR has ever had. He had the best stats of any WR in the FBS last year. He had an incredible 1,727 yards and 16 TDs on 124 catches in the SEC in 2014. As impressive as his outlook was coming into the season, he exceeded all expectations; No WR has come out more ready to run NFL patterns than Cooper. He plays with the speed and elite quickness of a small slot receiver. But then he showed up at the Combine at 6-1, 211-pounds. I really thought those were great numbers for him.

OUTLOOK: A candidate for the Bilenikoff Award that is presented annually to the nation's top wide receiver ... preseason All-American ... played in 26 career games, making 16 starts and catching 104 passes for 1,736 yards and 15 touchdowns ... injuries slowed the start of his sophomore season, but he came on in the second half of the season to catch 45 passes ... produced arguably the best season for a wide receiver in program history as a freshman when he garnered Freshman All-America honors ... broke the school record with 11 receiving touchdowns while breaking Julio Jones' freshman records for receptions (59) and receiving yards (1,000) ... anchors the Alabama receiving corps in 2014 as a junior.

He was flying down field against A&M. Making catches all over the place. Leaping up high for one, and catching a beautiful 30-yard TD pass. He is slick, quick, and fast. He gets open all over the field. He was the best WR in college football last year, and some think he has the potential of Julio Jones. I saw two games this year when he was the best player in all of college football that week. Not only did he have those great games, but he is consistent as well. He didn't really have a game where he sucked all season.

He is so good getting up on any crossing patterns. Then he breaks out side for a first down. Then Boom! he is open 50-yards down field for a TD. He is amazingly proficient and burning CBs short on deep patterns and taking the top off of defenses. 

He has been the best WR in college football after four weeks. He gives good effort blocking on the edge. He is so fast on the field. Curls inside and gets those hands ready quickly. He has that suddenness in his shoulders that you look for. Hands catcher, who snags the ball out of the air all over the field. He still needs a great forty time to go as early as he deserves. He just gets himself open running great patterns. When they put him in the slot he can look untouchable. Reads zone and man like a Pro. He knows where the open spots are in a zone and runs to them. He just keeps getting open running smart patterns. He gets open deep, underneath, down the seam, he just gets open everywhere. 

FLA: Great subtle fakes on deep patterns. He just knows how to play. He has that extra gear when the ball is going over his head. He was awesome in the first half against FLA. He had 175 yards and a TD on 7 receptions. Plus, he had about a 50-yard bomb kneed out of his hands as he fell (and he had a 32-yard reception taken away for illegal formation on the first play of the 2nd half). That wasn't his game line, that was his first half line. He was as good a football player as I have ever seen in that half. Then he comes out to start the 2nd half again, and grabs an 11-yard catch, both catches burning Hargrove. He tracks the ball so well. He runs under it with one hand on the defender and catches it. He caught a 20-yard TD pass out of bounds in the 3rd quarter as well. Then he had a 17-yard TD pass called back for pass interference on the same drive. Which would have given him another 50-yards receiving. He is such a good blocker for his teammates deep down field. I just like everything about him. Then he goes up in the Endzone and goes and gets it over Hargrove for his second TD. Hargrove was all over him, and he went up and took. He is such a great player.

Miss ST: Alabama started lining him up in the backfield to make it harder to double him. Finally got his fist catch for positive yards in the 2nd quarter. He getting a lot of attention from the defense. He had a nice grab over the head of the CB in the endzone against Miss ST for the first TD of the game. Then he skies up over two DBs for 2nd amazing TD. My 2 keys to game: Cooper had 6 catches for 67 yards a TD in the 1st half, and Dak was 9 of 19 for 92-yards and INT, 24-yards rushing. Cooper had another big drop against Miss ST.

Missouri: he hand two nice catch and runs in opening drive of SEC Champ game. Then lined up for a jet sweep for 1st down to start 2nd drive. Called back, but nice run. Caught a nice pass dragging across the middle on 3rd down. Cooper got his 7th pass of the game by Cooper to start 2nd quarter. He is killing Missouri. Sims fumbled twice, but no incompletions in 1st quarter. 

Ohio ST: He scored the 2nd TD in the first playoff game. He came inside like he was blocking on the playaction, and then bolted outside with such explosion he was 5-yard open in the endzone. He has such nice hands. He can catch the pass on this shoestrings without sliding to the ground.

A&M: Amari Cooper has gotten dinged up a little. He struggled for a couple of game. Plus, he is getting a lot of attention. He only had two catches against Arkansas. But Alabama threw to him early and often against A&M. It is not a surprise Alabama got up early. When they get the ball to Cooper they win. He made the very average Blake Sims look like he could play in the NFL. He has unbelievably elite breaks in patterns, and that showed at the Combine when he ran the top Short shuttle time of all WRs, and was top five in the 3-Cone Drill.


Amari Cooper Vs Tennessee:

Not all players play to their Combine numbers. Cooper does. He is the smoothest runner in this Draft. He looks likes he is jogging down field, but when you look at the pedestrians he passes he looks like he is speed skating past his fans. He doesn't look fast, but just watch this speed with the ball in his hands. He beats everyone (:01). He flies across the formation. He catches it looking back, and you can se some snap in his shoulders as the turns up field. I love how he slows a little, gives little stutter step that slows everyone a little, and then shows his great burst again getting up to full speed (:19). He puts on the Jets, and you can just see him laboring for the first time to fly past the last DB. He has such great competitive speed.

He shows some nice speed to power hitting the CB. However he doesn't hold on and the CB makes the tackle (:41). He runs an In. He uses a little hop step in traffic and break inside (:50). He is so good at running patterns. He give a little shoulder and foot inside, and then burst up field. The Corner is already beaten. he burst up field, and then turns back to the QB. He also has some of the smoothest hands in the Draft. The pass is off. It is a little in front of him. Watch how he snaps his great hands out and catches the quick pass out in front of him (1:01). That is not as easy a catch as he made it look .

That is another off throw that he made look easy. He leaps in the air and pulls down the bullet over his head with his hands extended and continues forward with the ball in his hands like he catch it in stride. He has has the smoothest combination of hands and feet (1:09). He is the best in this draft at using the pattern to get open. He runs a simple post. He gives a quick stutter-step. Than watch the one cut explosion. He sticks his outside foot outside the CB, and then explodes inside. The CB is helpless as he runs past him  (1:22). He turns inside to see the QB as he breaks inside, and you can see he is four yards open for the speed and burst he has running in pattern. Then he explodes up into the air and grabs the ball already running before he hits the ground as he snaps his head around to spot the safety coming.

This is interesting. He lines up in the slot. He is not a good blocker. He should be better. You can see he uses that quick hop he like to use in patterns to get position on the CB, and gives him a great hit. But then he doesn't grab short at all or try to keep his position (1:38). Back in the slot. He runs a fast flag pattern and has to curl it a little. He doesn't look that fast, but watch how he runs by the DB like he is a pedestrian. Then he makes the great catch, digging it out of the dirt (1:48). Again nice initial hit on the block, but then does grab shirt or try to sustain the block in any meaningful way (2:11). I was shocked by his size as the Combine. He plays like a much smaller guy. I could believe he is 6-1 211. He runs patterns a smaller guy, but he also blocks like a smaller guy. He is going to have to clean that up a little. 

He just stops on Digs he is wide open because CBs fear his deep speed so much (2:12). He was not smooth there. that was a nice herky-jerky pattern that kept the CB moving backwards in fear. The he breaks outside and is wide open. he catches it so smoothly. He has his head up back looking at where he can run quicker than any other WR in this Draft. Watch how he plants a foot and just stops. That is the elite change of direction that he uses to get open in patterns (2:41). Here he is blocking on the edge (3:14). The thing that really bothers me about his blocking is the fake hustle. He hits the DB, bounces of, and then kind-ah runs towards him, but not really enough to catch him. You can see him grab onto the CB here and hold his shirt and arm. So he can use his hands to sustain blocks. To me that is his biggest flaw. The fake hustle blocking after he really has stopped blocking for his teammate.

This is a great move on the playaction. Watch him slow and turn like his is blocking. Then the elite burst as he takes off suddenly downfield like a rocket. The pattern is unstoppable (3:28). He shows some nice shimmy-shimmy-shake in his feet and shoulders in pattern (3:38). The CB lines up way too far Off. He reads and breaks off the pattern (3:50). he loves that inside one foot fake inside, and then explode outside. I love that he can do it on both sides (4:02). He gets open running patterns better than any other WR in this Draft. He wins at the LOS with his release better than any other WR in this Draft. He gives his one cut fake outside, and the uses his elite explosion in pattern to Burst past the outside shoulder of the CB and he is gone. The past is too high. He reaches out with one hand and can't bring it in. He has the same flaw as Coates. He isn't great at leaping high in the air to snag the ball out of the sky. You think with his ???" vertical leap he could sky up and snag that ball in the air. But like Sammie, he is a guy who uses his feet to get to the ball not so much his leap.

This really some his quickness and burst in pattern. He bursts inside to runt eh CB. Then watch the suddenness with his instant burst back outside that huffs and puffs and knocks the Corner down. He is the best in this Draft at running patterns to get open in this Draft (4:17). he uses his feet and great subtle quickness tot get the CB's outside shoulder (4:27). He curls over the middle and is wide open for the 1sst down (4:36). And he ends the Tape with his best block of the game (4:50). He moves inside. Gets position on the LB. Gets his hands on his short and holds an moves his feet. He has the ability to block he just too often chooses not to.

Smith Vs Wisconsin:




Amari Cooper's Official Stats:

OUTLOOK: A candidate for the Bilenikoff Award that is presented annually to the nation's top wide receiver ... preseason All-American ... played in 26 career games, making 16 starts and catching 104 passes for 1,736 yards and 15 touchdowns ... injuries slowed the start of his sophomore season, but he came on in the second half of the season to catch 45 passes ... produced arguably the best season for a wide receiver in program history as a freshman when he garnered Freshman All-America honors ... broke the school record with 11 receiving touchdowns while breaking Julio Jones' freshman records for receptions (59) and receiving yards (1,000) ... anchors the Alabama receiving corps in 2014 as a junior.

SOPHOMORE (2013): A target of double teams and bracket coverage throughout the 2013 season ... finished with 45 catches for a team-high 736 yards in seven starts and 12 games played ... 28 of his catches converted Alabama first downs ... had 15 explosive plays (15 yards or more) and four touchdowns ... averaged 16.4 yards per catch ... totaled 36 catches for 636 yards and four scores in the final eight games of the season ... missed the Colorado State game due to injury. Virginia Tech: Hauled in four receptions for 36 yards, with a long of 18 yards and two explosive plays. Texas A&M: Caught two balls for 34 yards, with a long of 21 yards that moved the chains for the Tide. Ole Miss: Did not start, coming off the injury ... caught three passes for 28 yards, including a 12-yard reception that converted a first down. Kentucky: Came off the bench and caught three passes for 64 yards ... his long play was a 42-yard catch and run ... two of his catches went for first downs. Arkansas: Registered three catches for 65 yards and his first touchdown of the season - a 30-yard strike from AJ McCarron ... all three catches produced first downs. Tennessee: Dazzled on the second play of the game, scoring a 54-yard touchdown on a wide receiver screen pass ... finished with five receptions for 75 yards. LSU: Hauled in three passes for 46 yards, including a long of 21 ... all three catches converted first downs for the Tide. Mississippi State: Made four catches for 45 yards (long of 19) ... three of his four receptions converted first downs. Chattanooga: Corralled in a 38-yard touchdown pass from McCarron on the first-team offenses last play of the game early in the fourth quarter ... finished with three grabs for 42 yards ... converted two first downs. Auburn: Produced his best numbers of the season with 178 yards on six catches ... hooked up with McCarron for the longest play in Alabama history, a 99-yard scoring strike in the fourth quarter ... earned Alabama Offensive Player of the Week honors. Oklahoma: Hauled in a season-high nine catches for 121 yards ... had three explosive receptions of 15 yards or more including a long of 53 yards.

FRESHMAN (2012): Earned consensus Freshman All-America honors from FWAA, Sporting News,, and ... started the final nine games while playing in all 14 ... selected to the SEC All-Freshman team by the league coaches ... led Alabama with 59 receptions for 1,000 yards and 11 touchdowns ... the 11 touchdowns broke the 62-year-old record of Al Lary (10 in 1950) ... broke Julio Jones' freshman records (58/924) with 59 receptions for 1,000 yards ... his 59 receptions rank sixth in program history while his 1,000 yards is tied for the fourth-best single-season mark ... had a team-best 41 receptions (69.5 percent) that resulted in first downs and 29 explosive receptions of 15-plus yards or longer ... caught at least four passes in nine of the final 11 games of the season ... averaged 6.3 receptions (19) for 342 yards in the final three games of the season (Auburn, Georgia and Notre Dame) ... his 4.21 catches per game ranked ninth in the SEC while his 71.43 receiving yards were sixth in the league ... had five 100-yard receiving games, including four in the final five games of the year ... Alabama offensive player of the week following the Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas A&M and Auburn games. Michigan: Made a 15-yard reception in his collegiate debut against the Wolverines. Western Kentucky: Caught two passes for 12 yards in win against the Hilltoppers. Arkansas: Had two catches for 46 yards, including a 20-yard touchdown from AJ McCarron. Florida Atlantic: Caught four passes for 65 yards (long of 23). Mississippi: Grabbed a season-high eight passes for 84 yards and two touchdowns ... scored on a 16-yard catch and again on a 12-yard reception. Missouri: Accounted for 41 yards receiving on four catches ... caught 27-yard pass and converted two first downs. Tennessee: Set an Alabama freshman record with 162 receiving yards on seven receptions ... snared two touchdowns on grabs of 23 and 42 yards ... also had a 30-yard touchdown catch called back for illegal procedure ... had one tackle on special teams ... posted first 100-yard game of his young career (second multiple-TD performance) ... long catch of 54 yards saw him high-point the ball over a defender and come down in stride for added yardage ... six of his seven receptions resulted in a first down and three went for 23-plus yards. Mississippi State: Caught four passes for 47 yards in his third straight start ... had two receptions for first down and two of 15-plus yards, including a long of 25. LSU: Started but did not have a catch. Texas A&M: Earned Alabama offensive player of the week honors after catching a team-high six passes for game-high 136 yards ... hauled in his sixth touchdown of the season on 54-yard strike from McCarron. Western Carolina: Led team with two receptions for 50 yards, including a 36-yard strike from McCarron to the one-yard line. Auburn: Accounted for a game-high five receptions for 109 yards and two touchdowns ... long catch was a 37-yard touchdown. Georgia: His 45-yard touchdown reception with 3:15 remaining in the game proved to be the difference in 32-28 win over the Bulldogs in SEC Championship Game ... matched his season high with eight receptions (128 yards). Notre Dame: Had two touchdown grabs - his fourth-multiple-touchdown game of the season - to go along with six receptions for 105 yards ... five of his catches converted first downs for the Crimson Tide and three counted as explosive plays of 15 yards or more ... the 105 receiving yards gave him 1,000 for the season, only the fourth wide receiver (fifth time) in school history to break the 1,000-yard barrier.


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