Adam Shaheen- TE Ashland 

6-6, 278, 7.09 3-Cone, 4.38 SS,

(O) 4.79, 33.5" Arms, 24 Reps!

10'1" Broad, 32.5" Vert, 



He showed a lot of potential as a blocker. He can block the small Division II LBs, and then shove them inside, and Drag outside in a flat pattern. He showed some sudden in his shoulders twisting outside in pattern. But it is so tough to tell, because he played at such a lower level of competition, but he looked like an elite TE prospect moving around the field last season. He looked like Gronk running past defenders in coverage. But Division II competition will make guys look faster and quicker.

He bounced around a little before Ashland, so he decided to declare early. "I'm 22 already, so it's not like I'm only in my third year of college," Shaheen said. "I've been in college for four years, and I've had two good seasons. I have an opportunity right now. My biggest thing was the door is open, to try to get my foot in and let's go. You can think of a scenario where I stay another year and everything goes perfectly and my draft stock goes up. I have an opportunity right now, and I want to take it. I just kind of sat back and listened to every different opinion and idea and thoughts." He dominated in record breaking fashion at Ashland for two seasons.

He will also get his degree at Ashland. "We've got to celebrate the fact that he's had an unbelievable football career here," his HC Lee Owens said. "I don't know how he could have done any more. And the fact that he's going to get his degree is big. And we're going to be rooting for him. His legacy here is pretty big. We're proud of the fact that he was here, and look forward to the great things he's going to do at the next level." He has some smarts, and he shows it on the field.

He can catch the deep pass over his head like Gronk. "I am not too sure how to respond to people comparing me to Gronkowski," Shaheen said. "I actually went to a football game the fall of that year, and it just put a bug in me that was like, 'you know what, no matter what I’ve gotta do, I’ve gotta do it.' The rest is history, as they say." He even kind of sounds like Gronk.

Now Gronk was getting open 20 to 30 yards downfield easily at Arizona, which is a long way from Ashland. When I got to his Tape he showed he could pancake the smaller guys. He had a block where he held off the puny OLB with one hand, and popped the DE to the ground (or he fell down I'm not really sure). 

He gained over 80-pounds in college. "[I devoured] a lot of Chipotle burritos, a lot of burritos," Shaheen said. "No, in all honestly it was a lot of burritos. But it was a ton of consistency, going in and doing one hard week of training and then lazy the next. It was a year and a half to two years of constant 'sorry, guys, I can't hang out. I gotta go eat.'" He's even kind of funny like Gronk.

He was a very late developing athlete. He a very nice inside move when lined up out wide. He lined up standing up a lot in the slot and outside. Catches the ball smooth and naturally dragging across the field. He can run the out and up and get open over the top of the lower level of competition. Very impressive running patterns. He still needs a little work, but he has that instinctive knack for getting open in patterns.

He had a drop in the gauntlet. He can really move on the field. He did not look out of place with all the FBS TEs at the Combine. "I wanted to play football and get on the field. "It turned into that because I have worked to get in this position," Shaheen said. "It’s going to be completely different. That’s the biggest knock on me playing Division II [was] am I able translate my game to the next level? I think I have the size, speed and athleticism. With the right coaching, it’s going to be a good opportunity for me." He has some smooth natural hands. He can catch the ball on the 3rd level.

He will double catch the deep ball away from his body sometimes. Not always the best inline blocker. He will stand up when he misses his block inline sometimes. Chaser who will follow his man after he misses the block, instead of looking for someone else to block that he can reach. He showed some heaviness in his hands shoving off his initial burst. He can have trouble getting to the 3rd level to block. When he burst off the snap low, he can impact the DE and shake his whole body with the impact. You have to wonder how good of a blocker he will be after he is in an NFL weight room for a few years.

He was the shocking surprise of the NFL Combine, as he looked, and caught the ball, like Gronk running deep down the field. "He's a great kid, a super student," his college coach said. "So I had every reason to welcome him. But I had no idea if he could even play much for us. He was rail-thin when I first met him." He has some potential as a blocker.

He is a gem who was hidden away at some place called Ashland. He went there as a 210-pound rail thin basketball player, who knew he had to covert to football if he wanted to play professionally. "They had great facilities," Shaheen said. "My father and I liked Coach Owens. I was looking for a place to play football." If he went to Alabama he'd be fighting Howard for the first TE taken. 

He runs by the Division II guys going down the Seam. He is sometimes triple teamed later in games. Runs nice patterns angling across the field. Naturally gifted athlete, who just started playing football in college, and seems to have a natural feel for the game. He has some quicks in his shoulder running the short Out. He had elite production at a smaller level. 

In 2016 he garnered 16 TDs: In just two seasons as a starter, Shaheen became the top tight end in Eagle football history, and one of the best in the history of NCAA Division II. In 2016, he caught 57 passes for 867 yards and a school-record/Division II tight end single-season record 16 touchdowns."

2015: Ashland's breakout offensive standout as a redshirt sophomore...Set a new program standard for tight ends with 70 catches, also good for the highest total for any tight end at any NCAA level in 2015...Added 803 yards and 10 touchdowns receiving...Following the season, earned American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Division II Coaches' All-America, honorable mention All-American, College Sports Information Directors of American (CoSIDA) Academic All-American Division II second team, Don Hansen All-Super Region Four second team, Division II Conference Commissioner's Association (D2CCA) All-Super Region 4 second team, CoSIDA Academic All-District, All-Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference first team and GLIAC All-Academic Excellence Team honors.

They really like him to pull forward and try to block the FS on the 3rd level. It is not always pretty, but he gives good effort trying to grab the much smaller and quicker guys out in space. Nice job sliding inside on zone blocks. He can move very well to either side to block. I love his foot work blocking, when he is moving outside to block a guy on the edge.

College Career: Shaheen played one year of college basketball at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. In 2014, he transferred to Ashland University and joined the football team as a walk-on. During his career he had 129 receptions for 1,755 yards and 26 touchdowns. After the 2016 season, Shaheen entered the 2017 NFL Draft.

Proday: "Shaheen (6-6, 278) stood on all of his numbers at the combine, but was put through a brisk workout that had everyone talking," Bryant wrote. "So much so, he left his pro day with private workouts set up with six teams: Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Philadelphia, Dallas and Tennessee."

Game Notes: He lined up in line a lot, and also outside like a Split End and Flanker. He showed some speed in his release off the line. But of course one of his problems, or elite abilities, is that he got down field as fast as some of his WRs. He has great ball skills. You can really see him use his basketball abilities to go up and get the badly thrown ball from all angles. He goes up and pulls it down over defenders like it is a rebound. He can also spin back and grab the ball thrown behind him. Then he can be deadly with the ball in his hands. 

Shaheen Vs Wayne State:

He played on a small school level so it can be tough to judge. You see him more get in the way here, more than make a block (:01). He got forward fast, but struggled to block the smaller DB in space (:15). He slid left in the zone block, saw that the ORT had the DE, and then took off to the 3rd level and took the OLB out of the play (:30). He showed great ball skills. He dragged over the middle and turned back to the QB (:39). The QB threw it behind him. Watch how quick he snapped around, and caught the ball thrown behind so naturally. I always say those are the hardest catches to make.

This is a nice pattern. He jammed the Safety coming down hill with his hands, like he was blocking. Then broke outside wide open (:52). Here he is lined up outside line an H-back. He went and blocked the DE on the edge (:59). Then watch the great second block. The OLB twisted behind the DE. Sheehan kept one hand on the DE, and then jammed the OLB in the chest with his other hand. That is a great double block.

He did a great job playing with his arms extended, even when he was running patterns (1:04). This is a great zone block at the point. He slid to the DE outside. Then the DE disengaged him. Watch the effort, as he got his hands back on the DE, and drove him back with enough force to open a cutback lane for the RB (1:11). Another great block (1:27). Watch the great form and feet, as he stayed light on his feet to block one guy, and then slid beautifully outside to cut off a second.

He did a nice job getting out to the 3rd level to block the safety (1:39). I love the speed he ran patterns with (1:46). He got a good block, but can't sustain it. He has to learn to grab shirt. His biggest flaw so far has been his inability to grab shirt at all. He used his hands and feet perfectly to get into position to block and then shoved and didn't grab at all (1:54). Blocking on the backside (2:12). Ouch (2:22). You don't see that a lot. It looked like he saw the ball too late. 

He is still learning when to nudge the smaller cover guy off as well (2:47). You can see the feet and agility here against the smaller blitzer (3:01). This was his best one on one block of the game (3:01). Watch him use his hands and feet together nicely in what is really a pass block (3:36). Lined up outside like a WR (3:01). Watch the physical pattern, through the over aggressive play of the DB. Sheehan was forced to change direction three times as the DB grabbed him with the constant pass interference. He kept grabbing him. Then watch the smooth easy catch after he took a beating getting downfield. That is how he usually caught the ball. He is at his best when he can go up and grab the ball like it is a rebound.

He goes over the middle and is triple teamed (4:15). As the rain came thundering down, you really get to see him do every kind of block you will need him to do in the NFL. He still has some work to do with his hands on grabbing shirt and holding onto blocks until the end of the play. But you can see he has all the physical gifts you need to get almost anywhere on the field and make blocks.

And of course the reason I have him so highly rated is that he can run patterns like Gronk sometimes. Watch this great out and up that leaves him wide open. Watch the easy adjustment as he caught the pass thrown behind him (5:30). He was always trying to make blocks for his teammates (5:01). You can actually see him grab some shirt here (5:59). He has no trouble running through the double team like Gronk (6:25). Now this is Division II not the NFL. So he is more the Division II Gronk. Watch this pattern as he angles outside and chases the ball naturally through the double team. Then the ridiculous and speed and ability to run after the catch by a 6-7 guy. 

He also went on to have more than a few great blocks in that game.

Shaheen Vs Wayne ST:

Shaheen Vs Northwood:

He seemed to start off games a little slow in the blocking department (:01). I love how he keeps his body square when blocking. Then watch the agility as he shoved off and spun outside (:15). The Wayne State game was more of a run blocking game because of the weather. This was much more of a passing game, and he played much better in this game (:30). Here he is lined up as the Slot guy. He got to the second level and took out the Sam. Watch the technique as he bends his knees and used his long arms and hands violently. You already see that he is using his hands to grab more.

He showed more versatility in this game. Lined up outside as the Flanker or Z. He blocked the DB on the WR-screen much more effectively this time (:41). Here he was lined up as the Split End or X (:53). You can see his very long arms blocking here (1:00). Watch the slide as he led the blocker inside on the reverse. Then the slide as he moved outside to block. But then he didn't play to the whistle. You could see he thought the two DBs tackled the Flanker in the backfield (1:00). He protected the inside on the Draw, and let the DE chase the QB (1:27). Excellent pass pro on the edge (1:32). Great seal block (1:39). He plays with his hands and feet in balance as well as any TE in this Draft. 

H-back. That was a very finesse crack back block that turned into great pass pro (1:45). Nice Rip in pattern (1:58). Nice initial block on the Draw, but he needed to turn him more (2:40). He snuck out, and got himself open under the coverage (2:49). Nice block in the middle (3:00). Excellent pass pro, maybe his best so far (3:04). Slot guy. He does a nice job using his speed to cross in front of the DB. Then he ran past him (3:10). Watch how he used his inside hand to hold off the DB. Then he spun and adjust to the ball behind him. He leaped up a took it like it was a rebound. He is at his best when he can leap up and rebound the ball over the WR.

He dragged over the middle. Watch the smooth natural hands as he caught the ball turning back to the QB (4:03). He went up field, slowed as he cut out, and then cut up deep on the Up (4:19). Watch how naturally he extended his arms out to catch the ball in full sprint. There are not a lot of 6-7 guys who can do that (4:30). Then he was inline blocking (4:50). That is what TEs do. They catch the 50-yard TD and then the next play they are blocking.

Nice seam route. He broke open just a little, but the QB couldn't throw over the triple team (4:03). Watch the swim, as he tried to get inside to block for his teammate (5:20). Seal block (5:25). Lined up outside as the Flanker. He ran a nice post, and caught it on the Seam through contact (5:50). Nice pass pro against the much smaller guy (6:10). This was an excellent block. (6:31). He struggled a little in this game getting to the 3rd level to block the safety. He got out there this time, and turned him out of the play. 

Nice Out pattern. He can run patterns to get open (6:55). He showed some nice fight zone blocking outside here (7:18). Great jerk route. Watch the agility as he spun back in front of the small LB, and walled him off with his body. No trouble catching through contact at all (7:36). Watch the catch as the ball was thrown a little behind him on the LB's side (7:44). It was always good when he sustained his block to the whistle (7:55). His biggest negative so far is that he doesn't always hold the block until the whistle. 

Great job holding the block to the whistle on the play action pass (8:01). Another great effort blocking to the whistle (8:07). That was another great game for him, but up 31 to Zip it's all blocking from here (8:22). Well, maybe not. You can just see his quick feet making his move on the Out, and he caught it through contact again (8:30). He burst down the Seam wide open (8:39). Great double move. When his feet started truckin' and he looked back, you could see it coming (8:50). He burst up past the DB, and grabbed the TD smooth and easy. That was a pattern he can win with in the NFL.

Shaheen Vs Northwood:

Shaheen's Official Bio:

2015: Ashland's breakout offensive standout as a redshirt sophomore...Set a new program standard for tight ends with 70 catches, also good for the highest total for any tight end at any NCAA level in 2015...Added 803 yards and 10 touchdowns receiving...Following the season, earned American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Division II Coaches' All-America, honorable mention All-American, College Sports Information Directors of American (CoSIDA) Academic All-American Division II second team, Don Hansen All-Super Region Four second team, Division II Conference Commissioner's Association (D2CCA) All-Super Region 4 second team, CoSIDA Academic All-District, All-Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference first team and GLIAC All-Academic Excellence Team honors.

2014: As the Eagles' No. 3 tight end, caught two passes for 85 yards in nine games...Both catches came in the final two games, both on the road - a 42-yarder at Grand Valley State in Week 9 and a 43-yarder at Michigan Tech in Week 10.

High School: Averaged 19 points and 10 rebounds per game as a senior on his way to garnering All-Ohio Capital Conference honors...Posted career-highs of 44 points against and 20 rebounds against Licking Heights High School in 2012-13...Also earned All-OCC and second-team all-district accolades as a football player.

Personal: Played as a true freshman on the Pitt-Johnstown men's basketball team in 2013-14, averaging 13.2 minutes, 5.5 points and 3.1 rebounds in 26 games.

YR    G   NO  YDS   AVG    TD   LG   AVG/G
2014  9    2      85       42.5      0     43    9.4
2015 11  70    803      11.5    10     76    73.0
TOT  20  72    888      12.3    10     76   44.4

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