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The André Smith Proday was the third or forth stop on the pitiful "I'm a nice guy" propaganda plane ride. Benching 225 pounds 19 times is pitiful for a power O-Tackle. And once again he displayed the self-delusional decision making that has taken him form The top prospect to middle of the road prospect, when unleashed his t-shirt from the gravitational pull off his belly, and ran a 40-yard dash with pitiful man-breasts twirling in the wind like twin propellers. Between all the bullshit flying around and his twirling breasts I half thought he was actually going to take off and fly. Does anybody believe any of this?   

Andre Smith is in a freefall. As I chronicled in my Feb. 25th blog. First he is suspended for Alabama's Bowl game, allegedly because he was meeting with agents. Then he shows up at the Combine on Thursday and gives a bizarre press conference, where he practically brags about not starting to work out yet because he was searching for an agent. Than he just up and leaves on Saturday without telling anybody he was going, and we don't know how many meetings, interviews, and examinations he blew in his exodus. A huge part of the Combine process is the mental test, seeing how these young men stand up to intense harsh nonstop pressure. André has failed that mental test with 100% certainty. I cannot call what he did at the Combine anything but stupid. Everybody of any consequence in the NFL is at the Combine studying these young men, and he just spit in all their faces. They have been calling the Combine the most important job interview of their lives! Can you imagine going for a job interview and brag about how terrible your work ethic is and then just getting up right in the middle and walking. Do you think you would be hired? You'd be considered a mental case, and not an applicant. Just plain stupid. If he falls down to 23, I would not want the Pats to Draft him, and I think he is a heck of a football player.  

Monster run blocker. In the second half against Mississippi ST, he had one of the most dominate performances I've ever seen from a college player. He just destroyed everyone they put in front of him. Alabama ran behind him and beat that defense mercilessly, and ran the clock out. I like him more as an OG than an OT. I don't like the way he move backwards. He has a very short set, an OG set, and in pass protection he usually sets the same depth as the OG. The further backwards he moves the less natural he looks. However, when he gets his big mitts on the defender he is done. He can just catch passrushers and envelope them, something that is not as easy on next level. He is at his best when he is moving forward. Dominate run blocker. Can get low and drive his man to the ground. Can turn and shade defender when the ball is run to the other side.