Seven Things From Sunday

The Monday Edition



By Tom Mahoney

1. Tom Brady

If you weren’t in awe of what Brady did Monday night than there is something wrong with you. After he hit Welker for 99-yard he had 511-yards passing with 5 plus minutes left in the game.

When the announcer announced that he had over 500-yards, I was in awe. I thought immediately that it had to be an NFL record. I had never heard of a guy passing for over 500-yards in a single game. I was shocked that 4 or 5 other guys had done it, and that Norm Van Brock had 554 (I’m doing this by memory so you have to cut me some slack if my stat are wrong, although I still have the game on DVR and could check;-).

I think throwing for 500-yards in a single game is as awe inspiring as throwing for 50 Touchdowns. We are in a special era in Patriots history. So enjoy watching this great QB and this great coach working together, because Rome will fall as all thing must.

2. Braggadocio

The Pats kicked ass on Monday night, and I think too many toadies were bragging how they predicted it. To predict a win in Miami in September is folly. To predict a blow out in Miami in September goes against the reason of history. To say you predicted that Brady would have an awe-inspiring night even for him in Miami in September is pushing it. Getting lucky and calling it are two different things.

They needed what you could the 5th best performance by a QB in the history of the NFL to win by double digits. Predicting that does not you a gambling maven, it makes you an example of why you shouldn't gamble. Of course, if I had predicted it I would have been bragging from here to Sunday as well (but that is something completely different;-).

Just a few facts to ruin your ride.

Just for the record, the New England Patriots have never won in Miami in September until this past Monday. Losing in seven attempts: 2001-L, 2000-L, 1996-L, 1994-L, 1984-L, 1983-L, and 1973-L. Plus, the Boston Patriots never won in September as well (of course the Boston Patriots never played in Miami in September;-). BB is the first New England Head Coach to beat Miami, in Miami, in September in their 51-year history. So bragging about that pick is a little bit near sighted.

In addition, BB is also the first Patriots head Coach to coach the Patriots to a victory in Miami, in October. They have won the last three: 2010-W, 2007-W, and 2003-W. Before then they lost six straight: 2002-L, 1998-L, 1992-L, 1990-L, 1976-L, 1971-L.

Not only was Monday nights win exceptional beyond anything we have seen around here in a while, it was literally another historic win for BB, because it was another thing a BB coached team has done that had never been done before in Patriot's history.

Braggadocio part two: 

A Football Life. Great show did you see it? Did you see when BB talked about Wally Pip? Just like me a few weeks ago when I was talking about Solder replacing Light. Hey, great minds think alike.

3. Now is the autumn of our discontent.

Ocho, I love you, but you gotta start catching some balls. I know, you’re just learning a new language, and you’re also trying to learn to read it backwards as well, because learning a new offense is like learning a new language. Plus, the Pats offense is like nothing he has done in his entire career. By all accounts he was like me, he got a number he ran the route. Now he gets a route, and he has to read the defense and run a different number accordingly. That is the opposite of what he is used to doing.

Plus, no offseason, no OTAs, and no working with the coaches and Brady for a few months before Training camp. I get it brother. But it’s time to catch the ball and at least lineup correctly. Because right now you have no place in the Power Spread, and that is the Pats biggest weapon. It completely destroyed Miami’s offense, in Miami, in September. The ability to shift in and out of a spread formation and a power formation without substituting is going to make D-Coordinators cry at night. 

If you can’t get on the field for that awesome formation than they’ll be no more awe for you. And if you don’t start catching the ball soon, winter is coming.

4. The Power Spread

Last season I was in awe of the Power Spread. Monday they brought that formation to a whole new level. With Gronk the First and Hernandez on the field with two WR, and a RB. They can do some many things it’s scary.

Fast breaking up the line in that formation gave the Dolphin defense asthma. They actually used that formation to use the heat and humidity again Miami, in Miami, in September. That is awe-inspiringly amazing.

I have some heard some alleged Pats fans over the past few days that didn’t think that win was impressive. Well let me just say that if you didn’t think that win was impressive then you are an idiot. They went into the heat and humidity of Miami, in September, and wore that team out. The Pats, awesomely, were worlds better than Miami, in Miami, In September in the 4th Quarter, and not just offensively, but defensively as well. That defines the word awesome.

5. Mayo

Mayo had a better game than people are saying. He hit Henne three times, and didn’t just hit him but took him to the ground. If he had arrived a split second earlier he could have had three sacks.

To me, sacks are little overrated. If you have Linebacker that knocked the QB to the ground three times in one game that is a good day. Yes, if had had two or three Sacks instead of just three knock-downs it would have been a great day. But in a game full of split seconds that make the difference between good and great a total of one second can be more important than it should.

6. D-Line

Another game and another example of why BB is the best. He shuffled the D-Tackles in and out of the lineup all game. By the 4th quarter that was really starting to pay some dividends as the D-Linemen started killing Henne.

Again, a game in Miami, in September is different from other games. Extraordinary measures have to be made to create a victory. On offense it was the Power Spread. On defense it was the D-line rotation to keep the biggest of the big uglies fresh. 

7.  2 for 14 on 3 rd down

Stats sometimes lie. If you make a team go 2-14 on 3rd down you are going to blow them out most of the time. I have been saying the biggest problem last year was 3rd conversions given up by the defense. The worst in the League. When you hold a team to less than 25% 3rd down conversions, you are dominating them on 3rd down.

However, Miami had some pluses in their favor. They were got a lot of 1st downs on 1st and 2nd down. At one point in the 2nd quarter they got 4 or 5 straight 1st downs. Plus, Miami kicked a field goal on 4th down, so they didn’t really stop them.

In addition, Miami went 4 of 5 on 4th down. So their record was 6 for 19 on 3rd and 4th downs with a field goal, and if you minus the five 4th down attempts that had to occur by definition after 3rd down, you get 6 for 14 with one field goal, that is 42.8% conversion on 3rd and 4th downs.

However, I guarantee you that if they hold offenses to under 25% 3rd down conversions, they will blow every other team out this season. As most no other team this season will not go 4 of 5 on 4th downs.



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